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									The Challenger
                                                                                                                               Mission Statement
                                                                                                                        The Arc of east central Iowa empowers people
                                                                                                                        with intellectual and related disabilities to
                                                                                                                        engage in lifelong opportunities to live,
                                                                                                                        learn, work and play with dignity, freedom
  The Arc of eAsT cenTrAl IowA newsleTTer                                                                               and full inclusion in their communities.

Advocate for Natural Supports                                                                                           July 2010 • Volume 58 • Issue 7
“Natural supports” means personal relationships                                                                                  In This Issue:
that increase the quality and security of the life of
                                                                                                                        Director’s Desk                      pg 2
a person. These might include, but are not limited
to, families, friendships, association with fellow                                                                      2010 State Conference                pg 3
students or employees, and relationships developed                                                                      Volunteer Spotlight                  pg 3
though involvement in groups, organizations,                                                                            GetAway and Group Fees               pg 4
and other civic activities. Natural supports can be
                                                                                                                        Paperwork Reduced - GetAways         pg 4
thought of as a network that one has cultivated and
refined over time and which helps sustains them in                                                                      Consumer Corner                      pg 5
everyday life.                                                                                                          Golf Thank You                       pg 6
So, what does “natural supports” really mean? To                                                                        Calendar of Events                   pg 7
answer this, look at yourself and think about all the                                                                   Employee News                        pg 8
people in your life—friends, family, co-workers and                                                                     Membership and Volunteers            pg 9
acquaintances. Relationships with these people are
your natural supports! Typically, genuine natural                                                                       State Award Winners                  pg 10
supports are developed in a community without much forethought. Most people tend to                                     Summer Picnic                        pg 12
naturally form mutual relationships that will enhance their quality of life.

 “... first, acceptance and inclusion          Natural supports for a person with a disability
                                               should be no different than the supports that
 of everyone must be ingrained in
                                               each of us enjoy and rely on everyday. But first,
 the community’s culture…”                     acceptance and inclusion of everyone must be
                                               ingrained in a community’s culture to allow for
these supports to work. If not, people who are already marginalized will remain so. An “Out of
sight, out of mind” attitude will not allow the nurturing of adequate natural supports for people
with disabilities. We must embrace full acceptance of others and we must advocate for full
inclusion in our community.
Paid services and supports such as Respite
and Supported Community Living offered
at The Arc are not natural supports. They
                                                        Mark Your Calendar                                               OPEN YOUR HEART
may, however, lead to the development of          Kernels ..................................................July 17
genuine natural supports. While we believe        game starts 6:35 pm
that caregivers truly care about the people
they serve, the supports they provide are         Garage Sale
based on basic needs that are necessary for       Drop off .......................................... July 16-17
an individual to live, work and play in their     sale ................................................... July 22-23
community. The natural supports come when
                                                  Picnic / Journey of Hope
we can accept others.
                                                  Daniels Park .............................July 20 - 5:30
We are more alike one another than we are
different and we should all have the same         Crafts for a Cause Sale AND Summer
opportunities. Please do your part to help        Day Camp Variety Show ...............July 23
educate others about the benefits of full         Jefferson high school Auditorium
                                                                                                                        DONATE TODAY
inclusion in our community. Your influence        Craft Sale ........................................ 11:30 am
at your workplace, in your neighborhood           Variety Show .................................12:30 pm
and elsewhere will help bring about a truly
inclusive community.
                                                   Open Your Heart - Change a Life
Page 2                                                                                                           July 2010

         Board of directors
                                                   FROM THE DIRECTOR’S DESK . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Iris Muchmore         President
    Dawn Svenson          Vice President           Happy Independence Day! It is a very busy time at The Arc. Summer Day
    Sara Todd             Secretary                Camp is in full swing. Almost 150 participants are enjoying a structured,
    Doug Nelson           Treasurer                safe place to have fun and to socialize. The day care programs (BASICS,
    Doug Walters          Past President           OASIS and CHOICE) are as busy as ever and help families remain
    Rick Blackwell           Kris Larson             If you haven’t responded to the summer mail campaign, please do! The
    Brandon Blietz           Mike Myers            donations that we receive help underwrite scholarship and supply items
    Eric Christoffersen      Anne Nugent           like craft materials, snacks, wipes and other essential items to support the
    Craig DeWulf             Roshni Patel
                                                   daily needs of 150 kids!
    Sara Griffin             Pat Stepanek
    Maggie Hodgson           Roger Weiss
                                                     I want to thank everyone who helped with the 20th annual golf outing.
    Mark Hudson              Larry Wright          It is an awesome event and The Arc so appreciates all the companies and
    Darrin Keller            Cindy Zenk            individuals who pay to play and ultimately assist The Arc with its critical mission. A special
    Linda Langston                                 thanks to Cargill, Rockwell, United Fire and Toyota for their significant sponsorships. Their
                                                   support is much appreciated.
                                                     What a busy month ahead for everyone associated with The Arc! There is the annual picnic
         Planned Giving                            for individuals, families and friends on July 20th. A special part of that evening is the arrival
There are several opportunities available for      of the young fraternity brothers who are riding their bikes across the United States to promote
you to help The Arc, while gaining tax and         awareness of intellectual and related disabilities. Called the Journey of Hope, these men will
income benefits for yourself and your loved        be at the picnic and will interact and entertain everyone! Please come out in support of these
ones. Consider the following:                      great college guys.
Cash: A pledge often allows                          Independence in America was born on July 4, 1776. Although most of us have enjoyed
a larger gift if it is given over                  many freedoms, there are citizens who still struggle to get a job, use public facilities, or use
a period of time.                                  transportation. Those folks with disabilities still come up against challenges every day. While
                                                   July 4, 1776 is an important day, so is July 26, 1990. Twenty years ago the Americans with
Stocks, bonds or other                             Disabilities Act was signed into law. This act states that people CANNOT be discriminated
forms of securities: Securities that have          against because of a disability.
appreciated in value offer attractive tax             Come out to Arc Night at the Ballpark and the ADA celebration on July 17th. Enjoy a Kernels
advantages.                                        game and celebrate an event that has made tremendous change in the last 20 years.
Real estate: If you are hesitating to sell            And if you have never attended The Arc Summer Camp Art Sale and Variety Show – you
some real estate due to potential large            have to come! Mark your calendars for Friday, July 23rd. Come at 11:30 for the craft sale and
capital gains taxes, you may transfer the          stay for the show (starts at 12:30). You will be glad that you did!
property to The Arc and derive substantial            Have a great July, be safe and be involved!
Life insurance: A life insurance policy that
has outlived its original purpose may be           Delaine Petersen
assigned to The Arc whether it is paid up,         Executive Director
partially paid up or is a new policy.
Gifts through your will: You may consider
                                                    New Fiscal Year! - New Mission Statement! - New Strategic Plan!
                                                   The Arc, like many other non profit agencies, runs its budget on a calendar that starts on July 1
leaving your assets in Trust, assigning the
                                                   and ends on June 30. So…on July 1, 2010 our new year starts. And what a start this year will
income to one or two beneficiaries with the
remaining principal going to The Arc.
                                                     First, we expect that this will be a very difficult budget year. Revenues in the State of Iowa
Other forms of giving: This can include            continue to run slow and that has a ripple down effect on any agency that provides services
life income plans and trusts, family business      paid for with government money. But with a strong membership and the support of the
gifts and commemorative or memorial gifts.         community The Arc will do its best to meet the needs of our consumers.
There are a variety of plans that can bring          Second and this is EXCITING! At the May 24, 2010 the board of directors approved a new
immediate benefits.                                mission statement for The Arc of East Central Iowa. Here it is!
Ask your legal or financial counsel to determine   The Arc of East Central Iowa empowers people with intellectual and related disabilities
which plan is best for you. With proper            to engage in lifelong opportunities to live, learn, work and play with dignity, freedom and
planning you can receive the best benefits for     full inclusion in their communities.
your personal objectives, while supporting The       Third, the board is nearly finished with a three year strategic plan. It has four major goal
Arc. For more information on planned giving        areas. In the next few weeks, each goal area will be refined and used as a road map to
please contact Jody Bridgewater at ext. 1045 or    build The Arc’s success through 2013. In 2013 The Arc will celebrate its 60th anniversary.                            The strategic plan will help us get to that anniversary in meaningful ways for people with
                                                   disabilities. Watch the August issue for an outline of the goal areas.
Page 3                                                                                                                      July 2010

      Volunteer Spotlight                          2010 State Conference                                 When You are a Member
Many of us view
                                               Helping community groups understand their
                                               power as citizens, voters and advocates
                                                                                                         of The Arc, You Can:
retirement as a                                was the main focus at The Arc of Iowa
                                                                                                              •	 Qualify to serve on our board of
time to kick back                                                                                                   directors
                                               Conference on May 13th and 14th. The
and relax, but that                            conference was hosted by The Arc of Cedar
                                                                                                              •	 Participate in committee work that
is not the case for                                                                                                 promotes The Arc
                                               Valley in Cedar Falls.
Scott Seibert. He                                                                                             •	 Take advantage of networking
sees retirement                                The first featured speaker was Dee Dee Eberle.                       opportunities with other members
as an opportunity                              She is an advocate, author, and the sister of                  •	 Help others understand the
to give back to                                an individual with an intellectual disability.                       importance of inclusion in our
the community                                  She talked about ways to make sure that                              community
in a very active way. After nearly 30 years    individuals with disabilities are treated equally              •	    Promote progressive legislation to
with the City of Cedar Rapids, Scott retired   and fairly and the process of getting involved                       protect rights and improve services
on March 31st as the Assisted Housing          in influencing legislative initiatives. She                          for people with disabilities
Program Supervisor.                            discussed the process that advocates can go               The Arc’s membership is important to our
                                               through to ensure that their voices are heard at          viability – Please join today.
Scott decided it was time to reconnect with
                                               both the state and federal levels.
The Arc. He was actively involved in the
70s and 80s and served as The Arc board
president in 1984. Within days of retiring
                                               The second speaker was Derrick Dufresne. He
                                               is the founder and senior partner of Community
                                                                                                          DONATE A CAR
he was knocking on The Arc’s door wanting
to know how he could make a difference by
                                               Resource Alliance (CRA) and has been
                                               offering insightful training and consultation
                                                                                                          CHANGE A LIFE
volunteering his time and talent.              services since 1982. His main theme at the                    Tax Deduction
                                               conference was “Loneliness Kills.” Derrick
With the 20th annual golf tournament
                                               talked about how people need to feel a
                                                                                                               Free Towing
gearing up, Scott’s decision to become a
                                               connection with other people even if their
volunteer was timely to say the least. He
eagerly began working on sponsorship
                                               circles might be very small. He also talked                  1-877-272-2270
                                               about how individuals with disabilities need to
for the tournament and was immediately
                                               be a part of the community and have natural
successful in obtaining a beverage sponsor
                                               supports in addition to the paid staff they may
as well as several prize donations. He
                                               have. The world works on connections. No                   Identify The Arc of East Central Iowa
plans to assist with membership as his next
                                               connections means one is more likely to be                 and we will receive 90% of proceeds.
endeavor. In his spare time Scott continues
                                               depressed, isolated and lonely.                           Program administered by Melwood Co.
to participate in triathlons.                                                                              in cooperation w/The Arc of the US
Scott and his wife Terrie’s involvement
with The Arc is that of concerned citizens.
If you are interested in meaningful                                           Cindy Dircks
                                                                                                         High End Wheelchair Available
                                                                              President                  For Sale - Quantum brand Electric Wheelchair.
volunteer opportunities contact Jody
                                                                                                         It has a removable and adjustable headrest and
Bridgewater at 319-365-0487 ext.1045                                          East Central Iowa Autism
                                                                              Society                    can be tipped back. The cost new was $10,000.
                                                                              Cedar Rapids, IA           The current owner paid $5000 second hand and
  ADA* 20th Anniversary                                                                                  used it for 2 years. Needs two new batteries
                                                                                                         – cost $205 each. Asking price $1,000. Good
 Arc Night at the Ballpark
                                                Chapter Line: 319-431-9052
                                                Home: 319-363-4287         condition. It was working fine when last used.
              Saturday, July 17th               Cell: 319-310-2687      Call Juanita Hotchkiss at 377-1923.
      4 pm Picnic, 5:30 pm Unity March,
            6:35 pm Kernels Game                    Employers and Housing Providers Can Not
         Veteran’s Memorial Stadium,             Discriminate Against Individuals With Disabilities.
             950 Rockford Rd SW                     If you feel you have been treated unfairly, call the Civil
Tickets in The Arc’s section must be                Rights Commission to file a complaint. (319) 286-5036
purchased on or before July 9th. The price
is $6.50 per person. After July 9th, tickets                   • There is no cost involved
                                                               • Anyone may file a claim of discrimination
may be purchased at the Kernels box office,
                                                                 as long as certain conditions are met.
however tickets in The Arc’s section may be
                                                               • All inquiries and complaints are kept
limited. To buy tickets, call Tara at                            confidential                                            425 Second Street SE, Suite 960
365-0487 ext. 1044.                                                                                                         Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
*American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA)                      The Civil Rights Commission                                         319-286-5036
passed in 1990.                                     is a neutral fact-finding administrative agency.           
Page 4                                                                 family network                                                                 July 2010

  Paperwork Reduced for
        Getaways                                                         The Arc of East Central Iowa
Good News. Effective July 1 , Getaway
                                                             NIGHT WITH THE CEDAR RAPIDS KERNELS
Releases will be signed annually, at each
consumer’s Annual Meeting, instead of being
signed for each individual Getaway. This will
cut down our paper, copying and postage                                                                Saturday, July 17th at 6:35 pm
costs, and will save you time!
                                                                                                           Gates open at 5:35 pm
 GetAway and Group Fees                                                                                TICKET ORDER DEADLINE:
Effective July 1st, all consumer fees for
Groups and GetAways activities must be paid
                                                                                                             Tickets purchased by
for in advance. When you sign-up for one of                                                                   Friday, July 9th - $650
these activities, you will receive an invoice                                                            After July 9th purchase tickets
for the fees associated with the activity. These                                                          directly from the Kernels at
fees will be billed in the month prior to the                                                                     regular price
scheduled Group or Getaway and must be paid
for on or before the due date on the invoice.
Due dates will vary depending on the date of
the activity. Non-payment of fees by the due
date may result in replacing your consumer’s
slot with someone on the waiting list.
As an example, July 1st you will sign up for
August Groups or Getaways. You will receive
a bill in the mail in the middle of July with
a due date scheduled prior to the activity.
August activities must be paid for by the due              Stay after the game for the
date to assure that your slot is reserved.
                                                           fabulous Fireworks Show!
If you have any questions please contact
Group/Getaway Coordinator, Leah Schaefer
at extension 1016 or contact your Service and
Support Coordinator.                                       Yes! Count us in for The Arc Night at Veterans Memorial Stadium
                                                                 Saturday, July 17th at 6:35 pm - Gates open at 5:35 pm
                                                        We want ______ tickets at $6.50 each = _________ total
                                                              Please include payment with this form and return Orders to
                                                                        The Arc Office. Cash or checks accepted
                                                             Please make checks PAYABLE to CEDAR RAPIDS KERNELS
ActivStyle ARC Ad           0

                                                                                                                             The Challenger
                                       Offering a Full Range of Brand                                                    A monthly publication from
                                                                                                                      The Arc of East Central Iowa
                                       Name Home Medical Products                                                      680 2nd Street SE, Suite 200
                                       Incontinence        Diabetic         Urology                                      Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
                                       Ostomy              Enteral          Wound Care Supplies                       319.365.0487 ·
                                       Gloves              Aids for Daily Living…and More!
                                                                                                               Send us your news! Deadline for submission
                                       ActivStyle bills Medicaid, Medicare and most other insurance.            is the 1st of every month. All submissions
                                                                                                                    are subject to edit. Please send your
                                          Brian J. Barnes                                                      materials to Bill Leefers at the address above
                                                                         Cell: 319.270.8428
                                                                         Ph: 800.651.6223, ext 3202                       or
Page 5                                                          consumer corner                                                               July 2010

    Fun and Free Respite
                                  Consumer Corner   Consumer of the Month                               4th of July Word Search
                                                  Melissa Brooks Age: 21 – went to
       Service Ideas                              Riverside Casino for the first time in May!          C    V    J    Q   L    V    I     F     R   G
There are many more options for fun and
                                                                                    Melissa            O    O   V     F    I   E   R      S     A   Q
free Respite service ideas during the summer.
                                                                                    Brooks has
Think about checking out some of the                                                                   E    D   N     V   B    E    T     L     N   T
                                                                                    just finished
following ideas!
                                                                                    school at the      U    T   N     G   E    A    F     I     T   N
    ☼	 Summer Reading Programs at your                                              Transition         L    B   Z     D   R    E   D      D     H   Q
         local library                                                              Center and
    ☼	   Farmer’s Markets                                                           will volunteer     B    G   O     D   T    E   R      G     V   W
    ☼	   Fireworks displays                                                         at Mercy           I   M    N     O   Y    O    S     H     K   Y
    ☼	   Nature trails                                                              Hospital
    ☼	   Splash pads                                                                and work at        S    I   E     J   Q    L   O      S     D   Q
    ☼	   Disc Golf / Frisbee Golf Courses         Options this fall. She is saving her money           F    I   R     E   W O      R      K     S   S
    ☼	   Free Kids Movies at Collins Road         to go on trips with Camp Courageous – the
         Theatres in Cedar Rapids                                                                      G    X   E     E   D    A   R      A     P   U
                                                  Wisconsin Dells and Florida Keys are next on
                                                  her list. She also loves Miley Cyrus and got        BLUE           CONGRESS           FIREWORKS
                                                  to recently see her in concert. Melissa likes       FLAG           FREEDOM            LIBERTY
    Thought of the Month                          to watch Cake Boss and other TLC shows.             PARADE         RED                WHITE
                                                  She has a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do and
 The most wasted of all days is one without
 laughter.            ~ E. E. Cummings~
                                                  loves Special Olympics gymnastics. Here are                        July Funnies
                                                  Melissa’s favorites of the month:
                                                  Favorite Thing to do with your Family?              Why were the early American settlers like ants?
                                                                                                                      Because they lived in colonies.
                                                  Play with my dogs, watch TV, go to movies,
          Autism Society                          shopping, going out to eat, bowling, and
                                                                                                      Where was the Declaration of Independence
          Summer Picnic                           vacations.
                                                  Favorite Arc Event? Summer Day Camp                 signed?
                                                                                                                                        At the bottom.
This year, the East Central Iowa Autism           and Planet X GetAways.
Society’s annual picnic will be on July           Favorite Summer Treat(s)? Shaved Ice Cones.
10th from 12:00 pm-4:30 pm at Tucker              Favorite Book? Miley Cyrus’ Life.                   What’s the difference between a duck and
Park in Hiawatha. Tucker Park has a splash        Favorite Summer Activities? Going to the            George Washington?
                                                                                                       on a bill!
pad for little water lovers, and a very nice      pool, Camp Courageous, Adventureland, and            One has a bill on his face, the other, his face
playground set. The picnic is potluck style,      hanging out with friends.
so please bring your own main dish and            Favorite Snack? - Ice cream, cookies and gum.
something to share. If you child’s diet is        Favorite Ice Cream/Popsicle Flavor?                 What is Uncle Sam’s favorite snack?
                                                                                                                                         Fire crackers.
Gluten Free/Casein Free, please bring those       Any kind.
items as well. It is always helpful to label as                                                       Knock, knock.
such. What a great way to try some new diet        Do you want to share your favorites with us?       Who’s there?
friendly dishes and exchange recipes. Tucker       Contact Katie at or call       Handsome.
Park is located on B Ave in Hiawatha. Please       319-365-0487 ext. 1041 and we may feature          Handsome who?
call Cindy at 431-9052 or 310-2687 with any        you, your jokes, or recipes in an upcoming issue   Handsome candy to me, please!
questions.                                         of The Challenger!

                                Travel Your Horizons with
                                                                                                           Patriotic Dump Cake
                         The Guided Tour, Inc.                                                         1 can cherry pie filling
   Providing Vacation                                                                                  1 cup fresh blueberries
                                                                      7900 Old York Road
                                                                               Suite 111-B             19 ounces pkg. white cake mix
   Experiences for
                                                              Elkins Park, PA 19027-2310               1 cup butter, melted
   Persons with                                                              215.782.1370              1 cup chopped nuts (optional)
   Developmental                                                        fax: 215.635.2637
   and Physical                                                E-mail:                Directions:
   Challenges since 1972                                                   In a 9x12” greased pan, layer the
                                                                                                       ingredients in the order listed. Bake at
    Irv Segal, DCSW, LSW                                        Ariel J. Segal, MSW, LSW               325°F for 45 minutes.
    Director                                                              Assistant Director
Page 6                                                          Thank You                                                     July 2010

                                       20th Annual Golf Tournament
                                       We would like to thank the golfers and our many sponsors for partnering with us for another
                                       great golf tournament. 128 golfers hit the links and despite Mother Nature shortening the play,
                                       a good time was had by all.
                                       As one of our primary fundraisers for the year, you really do make a difference in the lives of
                                       individuals with disabilities by participating in this event.

                                                  EVENT SPONSORS
         Cargill - Title                        United Fire - Driving range    Pepsi Americas - Beverage
     Rockwell Collins - eagle                Douglas Horton DDS - hole In one Texas Roadhouse - Dinner
                                             Toyota of Cedar Rapids - Beverage

T-box Sponsors                         Prize Sponsors                   Prize Sponsors
ALL SECURE                             Advanced Systems                 Panera Bread
Appleby & Horn                         AFLAC                            Pierson’s
B.G. Brecke Inc                        Andrew Shaeffer                  Pita’z
Bohr Dahm Greif & Associates PC        Dayna Parker                     Red Frog
Buresh Construction                    AXA Advisors                     Riverside Casino & Golf Resort
Cedar Memorial                         Banker’s Trust                   St Luke’s Hospital
Clifton Gunderson                      Beef O’Bradys                    Second Story Promotions
Communication Solutions                Blue Lagoon Car Wash             Simply Divine Premiere Chocolatier
Cornerstone Press                      Brucemore                        Sub King Deli
Creative Software Services, Inc.       Carri Davis Designs              Sudz Car Wash
Duball Electric                        Cedar Rapids Bowling Center      Theatre Cedar Rapids
Fosters Heating & Air Conditioning     Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival    United Insurance
Health Solutions                       Cedar Rapids Kernels             United Parcel Service
Holley’s Shop for Men                  Coffee Emporium                  US Bank
Involta                                Coral Ridge Mall                 Veridian Credit Union
Iowa Blood & Cancer Care               CRANDIC                          Victor’s Place
JDE Construction                       Deb’s Ice Cream                  Wildlife Habitat
Johnson & Legislador, PLC              Delaine Petersen                 Zins
Justice Electric                       Karen Moore
King’s Materials, Inc                  Doriene Loomis                   Volunteers
Leap Frog Graphics                     Duchess Cleaners                 Julie Pence      Leah Shaefer
Mercy Medical Center                   Dupaco Community Credit Union    Kathleen Aller   Mary Craven
Modern Piping                          Farmers State Bank               Karen Moore      Laura Sellers
Office Express                         Holley Shop for Men              Jim Messina      Renee Schulte
Pratt Audio Visual &Video Corp.        Huntington’s Restaurant          Herb Nuebauer    Tyson Nuebauer
Primus Construction                    Iowa Speedway                    Cindy Smothers   Tyler Smothers
Quaker Oats
Renee Schulte - State Representative
                                       Jumer’s Casino
                                       Leah Schaefer
                                                                        Golf Committee
                                                                        Carey Buresh     Matt Evans
Roland Wilbert Funeral Service         Little King Deli                 Stu Haker        Polly Horton
RSMcGladrey                            Marion Maid Rite                 Cheryl Mrstik    Sheryl Phelps
Sadler Machine Co Inc                  Marriott (Cedar Rapids)          Scott Seibert    Dave Verhille
Schimberg Co                           Meadowridge Driving Range        Cindy Zenk
Security Coverage                      Orchestra Iowa

                                               THANK YOU
Shive-Hattery Inc
Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC
Solum Lang Architects llc
Steamatic of Cedar Rapids
Strategic Financial Solutions
True North Companies
Page 7                                                                 calendar                                                    July 2010

GROUPS                                 GETAWAYS
BUMPER BOWLERS - Mondays               Linn County Fair                               THE ARC SUMMER GARAGE SALE
July 12, 19, 26 Time: 6 - 8 pm         July 9 @ 6pm-July 11 @ 12pm
Location: Westdale Bowling Center      16 Teens & Adults-42 hours
Ages: 10 and up                        Program Fee: $10.00
JAMMIN’ - Tuesdays                     Splash Pad/Picnic
                                                                                       DROP-OFF ITEMS
                                                                                       Friday, July 16th • 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
July 6, 20 - Time: 6 - 8 pm            July 17 @ 9am-5pm                               Saturday, July 17th • 8:00 am – Noon
Location: The Arc                      16 Kids & Teens-8 hours                         We need Furniture, Toys & Household Goods.
Ages: 10 and up                        Program Fee: $5.00                              Bring your new or gently used items. Please NO
MOVIN’ & GROOVIN’ - Tuesdays           Kernels Game                                    CLOTHING.
July 13, 27 Time: 6 - 8 pm             July 17 @ 6pm-July 18 @ 4pm
Location: The Arc                      16 Teens & Adults- 22 hours                     SALE DATES
                                                                                       Thursday, July22nd • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Ages: 10 and up                        Program Fee: $7.00
                                                                                       Friday, July 23rd • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
PIZZA & A MOVIE-Wednesday              Bowling Mania
July 7 Time: 6 - 9 pm                  July 24 @ 9am-5pm                               LOCATION
Location: The Arc                      16 Kids, Teens, & Adults- 8 hours               218 4th Avenue SW
Ages: 18 and up                        Program Fee: $5.00                              Cedar Rapids
                                                                                       4th Avenue & 3rd Street SW
PIZZA & BINGO-Wednesday                Swimming Pool/Picnic                            (Enter building from alley)
July 28 Time: 6 - 8 pm                 July 30 @ 6pm-July 31 @ 4pm
Location: The Arc                      16 Teens & Adults-22 hours
Ages: 15 and up                        Program Fee: $7.00
HEALTHY CHEFS - Thursdays              Kernels Game
July 1, 8, 15 ,22, 29 Time: 6 - 8 pm   July 31 @ 6pm-August 1 @ 4pm
Location: The Arc
Ages: 10 and up
                                       16 Kids & Teens- 22 hours
                                       Program Fee: $7.00                              You are invited......
July 9, 23 Time: 6 - 9 pm              POWESHIEK COUNTY
Location: The Arc
Ages: 7 and up
                                       July 10 Time: 6-9 pm
                                                                                       Crafts for a Cause Sale
SPORTS MANIA-Friday                    Cooking Club                                                         AND
July 16 (Kernels Game) 6:30-9:30pm     July 13 & 27 Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: Meet @ Arc
Ages: 10 and up
                                       GetAway                                             Summer Day Camp
                                       Brooklyn Races
July 10, 24
                                       July 24 @ noon - July 25 @ 10:00 am                   Variety Show
                                       Program Fee: $10.00
Location: Christ Episcopal Church      SUMMER NIGHTS                                   Jefferson High School Auditorium
Time: Ages 3 – 6 8:30 - 11:30 am       Tuesday & Thursday 6-8:30 pm
      Ages 6 – 12 1 - 5pm              July 6 Bowling Night $5                                          Friday, July 23rd
RELAXIN’ - Saturday                    Location: Bowladrome                                     Crafts Sale starts at 11:30 am
July 10 Time: 1 - 5 pm                 July 8 Disc Golf Free                                   Variety Show Starts at 12:30 pm
Location: The Arc                      Location: Lake Nyanza @ Miller Park
Ages: 10 and up                        July 13 Cooking Club** $4
BENTON GROUP- Saturday                 Location: Immanuel Lutheran Church
July 10 Time: 1 - 5 pm                 July 15 Pool Party* $4
Location: Braille School               Locations: Aquatic Center
Ages: 5 and up                         July 20 Video Game Night Free,
MEETINGS                               Location: CDC – Iowa Valley CC
                                       July 22 Game Night at Grinnell College
FFLO - July 13, 11:30 am,
Longbranch                             Free, Location: Grinnell College JRC
Foundation - July 22, 5:30 pm          July 27 Cooking Club** $4
Finance - July 23, 7:30 am             Location: Immanuel Lutheran Church
RD Meeting - July 26, 4:45 pm          July 29 Golf Driving Range $5                     Certified Medicare Home Health Agency
Board Meeting - July 26, 5:30 pm       Location: Ahrens Park Driving Range               139 40th St. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Please mark your calendar for The
Arc of East Central Iowa’s Annual
                                       *Pool Party Group times are 5:30-7:30.
                                       If you have a pass to the pool, your program
Meeting - 6:00 pm on Sept 27th.        fee will be $0.
                                       **Cooking Club times are 5:30-7:30.
Location to be announced.
 Page 8                                                              employee news                                                                  July 2010

    Employees Requiring                                                                                           Welcome New Employees
                                                       Assembling, Sorting, Packaging & More!                    Jeff Werning has
     Medical Attention                                                                                           joined The Arc as
Employees must report all work-related                                                                           Program Director. He
injuries and accidents immediately to their                                                                      has an undergraduate
supervisor and then follow the steps listed                                                                      degree in biology and
below:                                                                                                           a Masters degree in
     1. Call office (if during business hours)                                                                   social work. Most
          or the pager to report the incident              The final piece to your                               recently, Jeff was
     2. If injury warrants medical attention,           business’s workforce puzzle.                             employed by Linn
          employees are instructed to use                                                                        County as the coordinator of the Linn County
          St. Luke’s Workwell Clinic or St.         3750 Williams Blvd SW, Suite 400 • Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
                                                                                                                 Youth Shelter. An avid sports fan, Jeff enjoys
          Luke’s Emergency Room – 830 1st                                319.892.5800
                                                                                                                 watching and attending sporting events,
          Ave. NE, 319.369.8153. Using any                                                                       particularly cheering on the Hawkeyes and
          other medical facility in the CR area       Birthday Celebration                                       the Cubs. He and his wife, Carla, have two
          may not be reimbursable.                Please join us wishing the following Arc                       daughters, Jacy (7) and Ava (5). Please join
     3. If an injury occurs outside of Cedar      employees a Happy Birthday this month:                         us in welcoming Jeff to The Arc.
          Rapids area, go to the nearest          Amber Howe, Samantha Smothers, Michelle
          Emergency Room/clinic                   Stade, Shelby Rohan, Caryn Fry, Amanda                         Lizz Kascel has joined The Arc as the
     4. Fill out incident report                  Severson, Joshua Davidson, Virginia                            Finance Specialist.
     5. Meet with representative of Human         Stallman, Casey Kujawa, Alicia Milonas,                        She was previously
          Resources to assist with worker’s       Tammi Medberry, Christopher Poole, Tracy                       employed with REM
          compensation report                     Spicer, Sarah Gorman, Emily Wibe, Molly                        Iowa. She held the
                                                  Hoeger, Sharon Schanbacher, Ashley Harris,                     position of direct
                                                                                                                 service provider,
Late Paperwork MUST be                            Laura Stephenson, Sheila Schmidt, Theresa
                                                  Werner, Amy Licher, Carrie Fite, Danielle                      office assistant
 turned in Immediately                            Wiese, Carolyn Crouch, Danielle Ammeter,                       and most recently
If you have any outstanding Respite, SCL          Andrea Green, Megan Even, Linda Shields,                       administrative
or other paperwork, we Need It Now so we          Jody Poohl, Regina Hamilton, Ashley                            assistant. Outside of work, Lizz spends most
can close out our fiscal year ending ON June      Wagner, Julianna Offerman, Michala Corsaut,                    of her time with her three year old daughter,
30th. The Arc and its families rely on accurate   Gina Larison, Amanda Shea, Greg Fahnle,                        Ashlie who likes playing on playground
reporting of hours submitted by direct care       Elizabeth Hayes, Raymond Bookmeier,                            equipment at city parks. Among other duties,
staff. Our reimbursement is based on this.        Hannah Smith, Janice Schindler, Judith                         Lizz will be processing payroll for over 450
                                                  Woods, Judith Reyes, Sandy Munson.                             Arc employees. Please stop by the office and
          Did You Know                                                                                           say ”HI” to Lizz.
Your name, DSP number and DSP level
                                                     Camp Lee Mar

MUST be written on your time sheet. We                                                          
                                                                           P LE E M
have too many employees to try to guess                                 AM         AR           
who you are. In order to ensure accurate and

                                                                                                                             ,   ,
                                                                                                          Ariel J. Segal, MSW LSW Executive Director
timely pay, please include all of your personal
information on your time sheet.                                                                           Camp location:
                                                                                                          450 Route 590, Lackawaxen, PA 18435

  Mileage Reimbursement                                              A        Founded in 1953       id
                                                                                                          Office :

                                                                         Sp                         K     805 Redgate Road, Dresher, PA 19025
Effective July 1, 2010, The Arc will pay                                   ecia                 ial
                                                                                  l Camp For Spec
                                                                                                          Phone: 215.658.1708 Fax: 215.658.1710
the Iowa Department of Human Services
mileage reimbursement rate of 31¢. Please                           A Special Camp for Special Kids
note this when completing your expense
reimbursement form and thanks for your
      Service Recognition
The Arc would like to recognize and
congratulate the following employees:
1 year of Service: Ashley Atkinson, Lynda
Gallagher, Heather Nicholson, Sheryl Cline,
Maria Trefz
5 years of service: Cathy Buck
10 years of service: Stephanie Boss, Amy
Page 9                                                                                                     July 2010

       May Membership                         Thank You for Your Support                                   May Volunteers
Visionary: Loreta Fowler                      General Donations: John & Lynn Yundt,             Thank you to all our volunteers. We appreciate
Arc Angel: Tom & Sonja Penaluna, Thomas       John & Marian Greenlee, Amanda Scott,             what you do for The Arc. Volunteer hours for
Penaluna - D.A.D. Manufacturing Inc, Steve    Judith & Patrick Baird, Rotary of Cedar           May totaled 935.5
Wells - United Insurance Agencies             Rapids, Kathy Shelton, Doris Fry, Ellen           Volunteers: Pete Larson, Bryan King, Board
Arc Builder: Pat & Judy Baird, Dupaco         Mouw, Junior League of Cedar Rapids,              of Directors, Iris Muchmore, Randy Rings,
Community Credit Union, Scott & JoAnne        Frontier Natural Products Co-op.                  Executive committee, Dawn Svenson, Cindy
Carbaugh, Eric & Ann Hearn, Heath & Sue       Memorial for Paula Ford: Coleen & Joseph          Zenk, Rich Murphy, Dr. Jasper, Dawn King,
Mihal, Robert & Dorothy Pool, David &         Peterson, Kathleen Snell, Hatch Development,      Morgan Phelps, Carrie Minor, Heather Fisher,
Mary Rater, Dan & Melody Rockwell, Herb       John Flad, Marcia Smies, Mercy Home Care,         Daniella McCoy, Kristy Marxen, Kati Davis,
& Marilyn Schaefer, Richard & Pamela          Jeanne Wampler, Elizabeth Debrower, Dianna        Abbie Covenah, Kirby, Jefferson J-Hawks,
Steinke, Dave & Lynn Strang, Ted & Cathy      Fallon, Carol Valencic, Donald Swanson,           McGruff, Ricochet, Mr. Earth, Bernie, Mr.
Townsend, Dr. Tim & Sue Winegarden, Lisa      Patrick & Ann O’ Brien, Delaine & Pete            Leprechaun/Collin Frost, Adam Brower,
Sweet                                         Petersen.                                         Therapy Dogs, JJ Cook, Transition Students/
Arc Supporter: Ann Bunn, Conrad & Mary        Memorial for Richard Moon: David &                Staff, Carey Buresh, Amanda Baccam, Nancy
Rolland, Larry & Deb Philipp                  Patricia Lynch, Svava Chapman, Delaine &          Rife, Mandy McReynolds, Lee Boelyn, Scott
Family: Kelly & Josh Aydelotte, Jan & Paul    Pete Petersen, Theresa Christoffersen, Donald     Schulte, Tom Larson, Scott Seibert, Alyssa
Boettcher, William & Kathie Cink, Harvey      & Suzanne Wilkinson, Vivian Coote, DW &           Mayer, Kris Larson, Mary Craven, Kathleen
& Ellie Denlinger, Gary & Sandee Devries,     Therese Roth, Rex & Kathy Eno, James &            Aller, Jim LeMaster, Mary & Ed DeWees,
Linda Druschel - McDowells, Jeannette &       Nancy Seifert, Robert & Kathleen Durbin,          Myron & Arlene Olson, Sue Hartung, Laura
Brian Fauchier, James & Jo Ellen Haddad,      Ann & James Hoffman, Katherine Murphy.            Baldus, Gretchen & Leah Wright, Tara
Richard & Linda Harvey, Denise Henderson,     Memorial for Melvin Erickson: Rita Breitbart      DeWolf, Kristin Roberts, Maria Sanchez-Masi,
Maggie & Bill Hodgson, Dave & Kay             Memorial for Vera Stephensen: Rita Breitbart      Kim Kram, Ann Oleson, Katie Goldberg,
Karsten, Scott & Jan Ledvina, Jim & Laure     Memorial for Marian Wrzesinski:Rita Breitbart     Kristin Hardy, Stephanie Frederickson,
Peters, Charles Plunge, Laurisa Sellers,      Car Donation: Ellen Mouw                          Nicole Ridge, Andrea McVay, Liz Wardinski,
Krista Kronstein & Emily Steeples, Bob &                                                        Emily Ernst, Mindy Sorg, Emma Sorg, Greta
                                                                                                Gustafson, Ingrid Gustafson, Mary Sellers,
Jane Stolen, Terry & Kelly Von Lehmden,             Membership Goals                            Laura Sellers, CR Jaycees, Cindy & Randy
Jake & Amanda Weaver, Keith & Kathleen
Wilson, David & Nancy Wittenburg               The Arc gains its strength and effectiveness     Dircks, Jim Messina, Jennifer Goodwin,
Individual: Chad & Denise Arp, Charles         in advocacy from our membership                  Tom Jantscher, Jen Winter, Gerald Kneeland,
Becker, Cecelia & Steven Behan, Roger &        numbers. Help us grow strong!                    Kevin Hasler, Lynette Markofski, Maggie
Debbie Bussey, Doug & Sharon Deklotz,                                                           Wright, Jodi Pyle, Chad Kroulage, Mike
                                                  May 2010 Membership Statistics                Daniel, Christy Berger, Kyle Gassman, Alane
Jaclyn Dougherty, Andrew Eells, Rosemary
Gabe, Kathleen Hernandez, Sheila Lehman,          New                              4            Wessels, Terry Simmons, John Windolf,
Gary Olson, Lisa Perry, Joann & John              Renewal                         64            Brad Thomason, Dane Sorenson, Sue Lutz,
Schneiter, Judy Shaffer, Gary Shea, Kathy                                                       Cory Handfelt, Connie Chapman, Clayton
                                                  Total Membership               825
Shelton, Sue Then, Michelle Tressel, Dennis                                                     Cubbage, Matt Hansen, Dodie Easton, Doug
& Leann Wagner, Darrell Wever                                                                   Horton, Dan Rockwell, Ron Gonder, Frank
                                                                                                Varvaris, Dale Rettenmeier, RJ Easton, Ann
                                                                                                Nugent, Mark Hudson, Linda Langston,
                                               Thank you to HR Green Company                    Craig DeWulf, Doug Neumann, Elizabeth
  Ask your employer to consider
                                                and Ryan Companies for their                    Hill, Jordan Smalley, Kenzy Lewis, Gracie
 hiring individuals of all abilities.                                                           Gabriel, Ford Gabriel, Doug Nelson, Kristin
                                                 many hours of work on the
                                                  United Way Day of Caring.                     Schaefer, Pat Stepanek, Jeff Corrigan, Emily
                                                                                                Syverson, Shannon Dirks, Amelie Hanlon,
                                                                                                Beth Anderson, George Morrison.

                                                               REM Iowa Developmental Services
                                                        Providing Pre-Vocational and Day Habilitation
                                                     services for individuals with developmental disabilities
                                                   1220 Industrial Ave. Suite A., Hiawatha, IA 52233 (319) 378-9333
                                                   616 1st Ave. NE., Mt. Vernon, IA 52314 (319) 895-8035
 Page 10                                                                                                         July 2010

                                                Loneliness and Isolation Kills
What is the future for public funded services and supports for people with intellectual disabilities?
Services for people with disabilities in their homes and community have proved to be the best alternative to an institutional setting. Not only
are community and home based services the least expensive, they also are the most civilized. With community and home based services,
individuals are able to stay in their communities, close to friends and family and still receive necessary public assistance. This means that local
opportunities in areas of employment, recreation and community involvement are available to people with disabilities. They are a part of our
community. They shouldn’t have to be isolated.
In the foreseeable future, we believe there will be less public money available for services for people with intellectual disabilities. This is due
to federal, state and local government budget cuts, increased paperwork requirements and a nationwide trend to limit or reduce entitlement
programs. Most individuals who get services now will continue to get their basic services. Many who are on a waiting list will have to continue
waiting. Those that do not qualify to receive public funded services include many children and adults with an autism diagnosis.
Does this mean we have to go backwards? Can we make lemonade out of lemons? What alternatives are available to encourage inclusion in our
communities? What do we do? What will happen?
Positive changes in local, non government funded disability supports will not happen without a fully educated and involved community.
Advancing our collective responsibility to include all people with disabilities in our community will necessitate more local awareness and
support. We think that going forward our community will need:
    •	 More volunteers to expand local supports
    •	   More grassroots advocacy and awareness
    •	   A better community understanding of diversity
    •	   More natural supports for people with intellectual disabilities
    •	   Effective loneliness/isolation prevention programs
People with disabilities are more like everyone else than different and should be considered as valued members of our community. Spread the
    •	 Insist that policy makers understand our community needs. Call, write or e-mail your state representative and senator about your
    •	 Encourage people you know to understand diversity, special needs and the community’s responsibility to include everyone.
    •	 Join The Arc to increase your exposure to people with disabilities and their needs and to collectively influence policymakers.
We can be a better community by using private support and volunteer involvement to “fill-in” where public funds are lacking. Just because
some people will not receive government paid services doesn’t mean they have to go without. We can work on ways to give our energy to those
who need and deserve it. Loneliness and isolation can kill. Please get involved.

                              State Award Winners
Two individuals that won an award from The Arc at our                                               “We know that equality of
Annual Awards Ceremony on April 26th went on to win on
the state level. Collin Frost received the The Bill Sackter
                                                                                                    individual ability has never
Self-Determination/Self Advocate Award from The Arc. This                                           existed and never will, but
award recognizes an individual with intellectual disabilities                                       we do insist that equality
who has demonstrated, through his/her talents and abilities,
                                extraordinary and meritorious
                                                                                                    of opportunity still must be
                                success.                                                            sought.”
                               Ron Steele, KWWL anchor,                                                      -- Franklin D. Roosevelt
                               received the Media Excellence
                               award from The Arc at our
                               Awards Ceremony. Ron went
                               on to win this award at the
                                                                                                    “Being disabled should not mean
                               state level, also. This award                                        being disqualified from having
                               honors outstanding media efforts that create better community        access to every aspect of life.”
                               understanding of disabilities and individuals affected. It also
                               recognizes reports, programs, news stories in television, radio,
                                                                                                                  -- Emma Thompson
                               and print. Congratulations to Collin and Ron for a job well
                               done. We are proud of you!
 Page 11                                                                                              July 2010

           Participate in Your Child’s Educational Plan                                           “We, the one’s who are challenged,
Get ready for the next school year. Each school district has an Area Education Agency that
exists to help parents and teachers with their child’s/Student’s Individual Education Plan
                                                                                                  need to be heard. To be seen not as
(IEP). The program, called PEP, which stands for Parent/Teacher Partnership, is available to      a disability, but as a person who
help parents and educators understand, prepare for and monitor a child’s IEP to ensure the best   has, and will continue to bloom. To
outcomes for the child. Think of PEP as a spice to “pep-up” your child’s educational potential.   be seen not only as a handicap, but
Why would someone call PEP?                                                                       as a well intact human being.”
For parents, help on:                                                                                               -- Robert M. Hensel
    •	 How to prepare for your child’s next IFSP or IEP meeting
    •	 Parent/student rights and responsibilities
    •	 Transitions
    •	 Information on service and support groups
    •	 Workshops and conferences
    •	 Resources available to check out
    •	 Other parents to network with
For Teachers and Associates, assistance including:
    •	 Conferences, support groups, workshops and newsletters
    •	 Someone to work with or support individual parents in the process
    •	 Resources on specific disabilities or disability awareness
    •	 Tools to prepare for IEP meetings
You can contact the Grant Wood AEA PEP program at 319-399-6702 or the Grant Wood AEA
at 641-844-2469 for more information.
An excellent resource on the IEP and PEP can also be found at:
                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                        Address Service Requested                 PAID
                                                                                                                             Cedar Rapids, IA
                                                                                                                             Permit No. 313

680 2nd Street SE, Suite 200
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401-2015
Member of The Arc of Iowa & The Arc of the United States

       staff contact information
      The Arc of East Central Iowa:
            executive director                                                                                            A Partner Agency of:
    Delaine Petersen       ..... 1012            Serving individuals with intellectual and developmental
                                                 disabilities and their families since 1953.
             respite scheduling
            Please call ext 1016
             service & support
    Alina Divine           ...... 1065           This Challenger was collated and folded by Challenger Volunteers.
    Brad Dockendorf        ...... 1064
    casey wells           ...... 1062
    Dayna Parker           ...... 1017
    emily steeples          ...... 1053
    Gary olson
    Jacki Dougherty
                           ...... 1030
                           ...... 1028
                                                                  ANNUAL SUMMER PICNIC
    Jayme Blomme
    Jeff werning
                           ...... 1001
                            ...... 1024                               JOURNEY OF HOPE
    Kelly Aydelotte        ...... 1009                                  Tuesday, July 20th - 5:30 - 7:30 pm
    leah schaefer          ...... 1016
    stephanie Boss         ...... 1043                                  Daniels Park - Pavilion near the splash pad
    Tara cornelius        ...... 1044                                   Oakland Road and H Avenue NE
    whitney Alber          ...... 1022                                  Cedar Rapids, IA
                 operations                                             Come join the FUN! A group of young college men
    Denise henderson ...... 1039                                        (Journey of Hope) will be at the picnic. They are riding
    Doriene loomis         ...... 1054                                  across America to promote awareness for disabilities.
    Katie sellers          ...... 1041                                  Come out to meet these great guys and share in the fun.
    lizz Kascel             ...... 1040
    rita Breitbart          ...... 1010                                 The Arc will furnish the meat and paper goods. Everyone
    Tiffany hebert         ...... 1010                                  who attends is asked to bring: chairs, blankets and food
    Tom Doermann           ...... 1038                                  to share as listed below.
            resource development
    Bill leefers           ...... 1023
    Judy Junge             ...... 1063                                    Last name starts with           Serving for 8
    Kyle schramp           ...... 1021
             the arc foundation
     Jody Bridgewater     ...... 1045
     E-mail: First letter of first name + last
                                                Please RSVP the number attending to Kyle at
       example:                           or 319-365-0487 ext 1021

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