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The Brooklyn Bee


									                                                The Brooklyn Bee
                                          Monthly Newsletter of the Quilters’ Guild of Brooklyn

                                              January, 2007 Volume 14, Issue 5

PO Box 180414♥Kensington Station♥Brooklyn♥NY♥11218-0414♥718/633-9326♥
                       We’re on the Web!!!! See us at:

                              Presidents’ Letter
                       Happy, New Year to everyone. I hope you had a wonderful
      2006             holiday season. I was just thinking about our last meeting in
                       December. Madi Appel showed us how to make fabric books. She
                       gave us lots of great ideas. It got me thinking, how about a quilter's Alphabet
                       Book? Mine would go something like this:

                                      •   A - is for angelina, we iron at will
                                      •   B - is for bobbins we always fill
                                      •   C - is for chocolate we like to keep handy
                                      •   D - is for dentist, we eat too much candy
   Saturday                           •   E - even stitches - well, at least we try
January 20, 2007                      •   F - our fabrics are piling high
9:45 am – 11:00 am                    •   G - is for gifts, these days we make many
  Board Meeting                       •   H - is for housework (I don't do any)
11:00 am – 1:00pm
                                      •   I - we iron our fabrics with ease
 General Meeting
                                      •   J - my favorite fabrics are Japanese
   Our January                        •   K - our knots are hidden in batting
    Vendor is                         •   L - is for lace - let's all take up tatting!
 Prints Charming                      •   M - is for Moda, a fabric devine
                                      •   N - is for our favorite nine-patch design
 Color Concepts –                     •   O - the Olpha rotary cutter's a winner
   Lecture and                        •   P - Pizza - it's what we're having for dinner
 Discussion with                      •   Q - is for quilters, that's you and that's me
 Daniel McDonald                      •   R - for retreat - the best place to be
                                      •   S - is for sewing machines, we have many
                                      •   T - is for time, we haven't any
                                      •   U - is for urban, we live in the city
                                      •   V - velvet crazy quilts are pretty
                                      •   W - wearable art is a new trend
                                      •   X - marks the spot where we end
                                      •   Y - old fashioned yo-yo's can be fun
                                      •   Z - zippidy doo dah, I'm done!
                       Emily Dickinson need have no fear of me. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing
                       everyone at the January meeting, when Daniel McDonald will give a
                       lecture/discussion on Color Concepts. Let's see, A - is for aqua, the color of the
                       sea, B - is for……….
                                     ON THE PROGRAM 2006-2007
                                     January      Color Concepts - Daniel McDonald (lecture/discussion)
                                     February     ABC Frenzy
                                     March        No Program
                                     April        Workshop and Demonstration with Susan Contento
                                     May          Members Marketplace – Sell your stuff!
Members News                         June         Potluck – bring a salad or dessert

Marcie Brenner’s daughter has
announced her engagement.
                                     ON THE PROGRAM IN JANUARY
Kathy Clarke will become a           COLOR! COLOR! COLOR!
grandmother in July.
                                     And not a minute too soon! What better backdrop
Founding QGB member,                 for an adventure in color than the wintry palette of
Lorraine Jenkins, passed             a January afternoon? Join us immediately after the
away on December 15th, 2006.         general meeting for an informal discussion on color
Our members extend their             theory with printmaker, painter, teacher and design
heartfelt condolences to             consultant, Daniel McDonald. In this presentation,
Lorraine’s family and friends.       Dan will lay down a foundation upon which we can
                                     build in subsequent sessions, to be scheduled as interest indicates, to
                                     continue to broaden our understanding of color by working out color
                                     “problems.” Topics will include the color wheel, complementary colors
JANUARY VENDOR:                      and analogous hues. If you have a quilter’s color wheel tool, bring it
Prints Charming Fabrics -            along, but it is not required. We will receive an assignment to work on
Claudia Menendez                     for the next session. If you are like most quilters, you can’t get enough
                                     help with color. Many thanks to member Martha McDonald for
Prints Charming has been in          suggesting to her husband Dan that he treat us to his very special
business under my ownership          understanding of this subject which never ceases to fascinate and
for 13 years and is a full service   challenge quilters.
quilt show booth. We always try
to offer all the latest and          ABOUT DANIEL MCDONALD
greatest fabrics, patterns,
notions and kits at a reasonable     A New Yorker by birth, Dan grew up in Queens. received his MA in fine
and fair price. We are well          art at Hunter and BA in fine art at Queens Colleges as well as at SUNY
known for our Japanese fabrics       Farmingdale. He currently resides in Brooklyn with wife Martha and son
and our great quilted purses         Garrett.
and accessories. If you have a
particular request, contact          In his artist’s statement Daniel says that in retrospect, he sees that the
Claudia Menendez at                  direction of his work has been to, in the words of Kasimir Malevich,            “…free art from the burden of object.” Daniel strives for a pure and
                                     simple aesthetic and a spontaneous approach to his art. His work has
                                     been widely exhibited in galleries in the New York area. In addition to
Items for 2008 Show                  his personal work as an artist, Dan has been an Art Director for almost
Raffle                               30 years; some of Daniel’s corporate clients may include The New York
We have the basket for the           Times, New York Magazine, Cahners Publishing. He currently provides
2008 Show raffle. It is not too      design and color consultation to Juan Valdez Coffee Bars and to
early to start collecting the        Integrated Printing and Graphics, a complete creative resource for web
items to put in the basket. So       and print mediums, as well as having served for 10 years as Corporate
next time you go shopping for        Art Director of Marketing at F. Schumacher & Co., for fabrics, furniture
fabric consider buying an extra      and carpet. Daniel has taught color theory on the university level for
fat quarter, an extra yard or a      twenty years and currently teaches several courses in color, drawing
fun tool to put in the basket.       and painting in The New School at Parsons School of Design, along
                                     with private instruction.

The Eternal Feminine
   • Dates: December 1, 2006 – January 30, 2007
   • What: Exhibit of works by Susan Schrott (quilter), Kariann Price (sculpture and jewelry) and Sandra
      Smith (mixed media)
   • Location: Gallery 225 at the 14th Street Framing Gallery, 225 West 14th Street (between 7th and 8th
   • Hours: Mon: 10:00am – 7:0 pm; Tues–Sat: 10:00am – 6:00pm
   • Cost: Free to the public
   • More Information: or 212-691-8156
   • The works by Susan Schrott will be special interest to quilters. Her award winning art quilts have
      appeared in various publications and are among numerous private collections. For more information
      about Susan, you can visit her website:
Syncopated Threads: Feel the Rhythm; See the Music, Harlem Girls Quilting Circle
   • Dates: Jan 14, 07. 1-5pm
   • Location: Strivers Gardens Gallery 300 W 135th St, Harlem, NY 10030
   • More Information: 212-491-0503

A January Trunk Show and Sale of Quilts
   • Dates: January 24th through 27th
   • What: Trunk show of old and new quilts to benefit AmeriCares. Exhibits, fashion show, seminars, etc.
   • Location: United House Wrecking, 535 Hope Street in Stamford, Ct.
   • More Information: call Rita @ 203-348-5371.
Winter Warm
   • Dates: December 15, 2006 – February 9, 2007
   • What: New quilts by members of Quilters of Color Network of New York, including QGB member,
       Lynette Baker
   • Location: Hudson Guild Elliott Center, 441 West 26th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
   • Hours: Tuesdays through Fridays, 11:00am – 6:00 pm
   • Cost: Free to the public
   • More Information: For more information about the Hudson Guild, visit the Hudson Guild Website: For more information on the Quilters of Color Network of New York visit their
9/11 National Tribute Quilt and Midwestern Amish Quilts
   • Dates: On continuous view
   • Cost: Museum entrance fee: $9.00 ($7.00 seniors). Free admission Fridays 5:30 – 7:30.
   • Location: American Folk Art Museum, Lincoln Center Branch, 2 Lincoln Square (Columbus Avenue
       between 65th and 66th Streets), New York City
   • More Information: See the American Folk Art Museum's Website:
The Quilt Fest of New Jersey
   • Date: Thu – Sun, March 1 – 4, 2007
   • Presented by: Mancuso Show Management
   • Location: Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, New Jersey
   • More Information:
Urban Inspirations Quilt Show
   • Date: March 24 – 25, 2007
   • Location: Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T), 27th Street & Seventh Avenue, New York City
   • Sponsored by: Empire Quilters, New York City
   • See the 2007 Show page of for complete information.

                                     Jo-Ann & Me                         anything else. To go in is to
                                     by Mark Grashow                     face the dreaded question that
                                     Sheri Saltzberg’s Husband           all quilter’s husbands fear. We
                                                                         break into a cold sweat. Our
                                     When my wife first got into         hearts begin to pound. The
                                     quilting I was delighted. It was    blood drains from our bodies.
                                     nice to see her so excited about    We delay going back to avoid
                                     something and totally devoted. I    the question, but we know it is
                                     supported her 100%. My son          hopeless. We find our wives in
       DEAR BEA                      and I even converted a small        one of the back aisles; they are
Dear Bea,                            bedroom into a quilting room;       always standing there; holding
                                     complete with a cork wall and       up fabric. And then the question
As a new quilter who is rapidly      tons of shelving and storage        comes…“Do these colors
building up a stash, how can I       space. What I didn’t expect was     match?”
stay in control of the stash?        that my wife would bring
Thank you.                           another woman into our lives.       Web Review
Tangled in Fabric                    And as every quilting husband
Dear Tangled,                        knows, the woman I’m talking
                                     about is Jo-Ann.
A recurring theme for quilters is
how to manage their stash and        Now Jo-Ann, while being a
believe me, there are no easy        quiet woman and respectful, I
answers. I have found that           find quite demanding. She
folding my fabric to a uniform       insists that we visit every store
size works best for me. This         she owns. It doesn’t matter if      By Kirsten Fisher
system works whether you             it’s the one in Staten Island or
have ¼, 1/2, 1 or 2 yards of         near exit 33 on route 95 or even    Quilt- Pro System.
fabric. First, fold your fabric      the one on the way to Boston        If you own a PC this website
selvage to selvage evenly.           when we’re in a hurry – Jo-Ann is for you.
Your first fold will yield a piece   insists we stop in. She doesn’t     Not only do they have some
of fabric that is 22 x 36 inches     offer us coffee or cake or          free download patterns but now
wide (typically, fabric is 44        anything. She insists that we       they also have a free 30-day
inches wide). Fold again the         “Just have a look”.                 trial period for the 1-2-3 Quilt
same way. The second fold will                                           design software. You can
                                     It’s gotten to a point that I’m     download the program, they
give you a piece that is 11 x 36     unable to pass a Jo-Ann’s. We
inches. Fold again and you will                                          even give you the download
                                     have a computer printout in the     time and what systems your PC
have a piece that is folded          car that lists every Jo-Ann’s in
down to 5 ½ x 36 inches. Now                                             needs to run on. After having
                                     the country. There is a definite    tried the program for 30 days
take your fabric and fold it         tugging of the wheel as I
lengthwise. The first fold will be                                       you will have a much better
                                     approach an off ramp near a         sense if this is a program you
5 ½ x 18 inches; the second will     Jo-Ann’s. The car seems to be
be 5 ½ x 9 inches. You now                                               want to invest in. The design
                                     possessed by quilting geniis. I     program does come for the Mac
have stacks, whether is ¼, ½, 1      am helpless. The car eases off
or 2 yards of fabric, that will be                                       but the free trial download is
                                     the road on its own. Next thing I   only available for the PC for the
approximately 9 x 5 ½ inches.        know we are in a mall and Jo-       time being. The company
You can then stack these neatly      Ann’s looms ahead.                  informed me that they are
with the folded edge facing you                                          working on a free Mac
                                     Once at Jo-Ann’s, the big
and you arrange them in                                                  download and I will keep you
                                     question is “Do I go in?” The
categories that will suit your                                           posted then is becomes
                                     best plan is to go off and do
needs, for example, floral,                                              available.
                                     something else. Have a little
colors, stripes, etc.                                                    As always, if you, while surfing
                                     breakfast. Find a Home Depot
                                                                         come across an interesting
Have fun folding!                    and buy something you don’t
                                                                         quilting website, let me know by
                                     need. Get gas. Check the tire
                                                                         e-mailing me at
                                     pressure. Do something else;
MEET THE QUILTER                     at a quilt show with Madonna         member of the Quilter’s Guild of
By Madeleine Appell                  Conner, Aleta Marino, Maryann        Brooklyn”.
                                     Erickson just to mention a few
                                     of our guild members. Since          If you know of a Member of our
                                     Sarah was the driver with a van      guild who you would like to see
                                     and familiar with the Amish          featured in the “Meet the
                                     area’s quilt spots, the group put    Quilter” column please contact
                                     new meaning to the saying,           Madeleine Appell at
                                     “shop ‘til you drop”. The first
                                     night Friday, at midnight
                                     madness she bought 120 yards
                                     of fabric!!! The total fabric
                                     purchase Sarah alone was
Sarah Vinson                         about 300 yards. Of course,
Sarah Vinson is one of our           she had a specific project in
most helpful and friendly            mind! Her biggest challenge
members. She shares with us          was keeping her husband from
her quilting journey. She has        finding out about the quantity.      A Call for Quilts
always been a lover of most          She found a way; the bag she         from Kirsten Rohrs, QGB
arts and crafts. She is simply       was traveling with had zippers       member and features editor at
awed by what the human mind          that allowed the bag to become       Fons and Porter’s
and hand together can create.        larger so of course she
In her own words, “I consider        unzipped them all and stuffed
myself a copy cat since I am         the fabric in the very bottom
basically a visual learner that      and her clothes went on top.
can make much of what I see or       Problem solved until her
can learn how. It amazes me to       husband tried to pull the bag
see a person what can create         out of the van. He wanted to         Marianne Fons was my first
something in their mind and          know if she had rocks in the         quilting teacher back in 1991
then have the ability to bring it    bottom of the bag. A great           and has been a friend and
to hard copy. That is talent         weekend was had by all!              mentor ever since. That
greatly appreciated whether it is                                         summer, I flew out to the
                                     Sarah has worked for the             Sievers School of Fiber Arts on
painting, made of wood or
                                     telephone company for 23             Washington Island, off the tip of
stained glass.”
                                     years and her current title is       Wisconsin's Door County, to
Many years ago on vacation in        Commercial Representative            take a 5-day quilt
Amish Country in Pennsylvania,       and Instructor. She enjoys the       course/learning vacation with
she was inspired to go home          teaching very much. Working          her. It was a wonderful
and learn how to quilt. She had      full time with a family and very     experience and completely
taught herself to knit and           large house to take care of          turned me on to quilting and
crochet, so she figured she          does not leave much time for         hand stitching. The staff at
could teach herself to quilt also.   quilting. She can’t wait to retire   Sievers had never met anyone
NOT! However, after taking           and devote more time to her          from Brooklyn before and it was
several classes, she was well        quilting.                            my first trip to the Midwest. By
on the way to a very rewarding                                            the end of five days, they all
                                     The guild has helped to
phase in her life. Thanks to                                              said I sounded exactly like
                                     broaden her color palette which
wonderful instructors, Marcie                                             them!
                                     was very limited. Show and Tell
Brenner and Judy Speezak,
                                     is awesome and has inspired          I highly recommend taking a
their patience and easy manner
                                     her to try projects outside of her   class at Sievers--it is a
helped her over the hurdles of
                                     comfort zone (Traditional). Last     welcome contrast from our
making flat seams and
                                     but not least, the interaction       rushed, urban lives to such a
matching corners.
                                     with all our wonderful friendly      rural paradise. Check out their
The most memorable quilt             and caring members is so             offerings at
related experience Sarah has         important to her. In her own The
was the weekend spent in PA.         words, “I am so proud to be a        dorm is a converted barn (one
side has a loft with weaving full-   has some of the best and most        Members bring sewing
size looms) that looks out onto      original of any I've seen. We        machines, irons, and ironing
a meadow, with the                   are particularly interested in       boards, as well as pins,
studios/classrooms across the        pictorial quilts (animals, food,     scissors, etc., and we set up
street. They offer a wealth of       people, cars, planes, flowers,       assembly lines to knock out the
courses from May through             holiday themes, landscapes,          quilts. We’ll have sign-up
October, including quilting,         etc.) for the monthly "Art of        sheets at the January meeting
basketry, paper-making,              Quilting" feature.                   for people who can bring
knitting, spinning, dyeing,                                               equipment.
felting, beading and weaving.        Please send or email photos or
Each side of the island has a        scans of your quilts to me if you    The Guild supplies fabric and
different kind of beach and the      would like to submit them for        batting (and pizza). We have
peace and tranquility are            potential publication in Love of     some fabric on hand, but we
amazing. Scandinavians,              Quilting (no promises however).      can use more, especially pieces
mainly from Iceland, settled the     My contact information is:           large enough for backs. Even if
island and their ancestors are       Kirsten Rohrs Schmitt, 2688          you can’t stay to work, please
still farming there.                 Fox Road, Baldwin, NY 11510,         consider looking through your
                                     516-297-7667, email:                 stash and making a contribution
Since that idyllic summer         of fabric or floss for tying.
experience, I continued to take      m. I recently got married and
courses with Marianne and her        my husband Roland and I have         If you have ABC fabric or quilt
business partner Liz Porter at       a new house on Long Island to        sandwiches at home that you
various quilt shows around the       unpack. However, I hope to get       just haven’t gotten around to,
country. Katherine Montague          to a QGB meeting soon to             here’s your chance to move
often joined me, traveling to        catch up with everyone in            them along. If you’ve never
Virginia, Iowa, Vermont, and         person. Thanks, Kirsten              made an ABC quilt but would
Maine. We had a ball and                                                  like to, come learn how we do
learned how to piece string                                               it.
stars, identify Civil War-era
                                                                          The Frenzy is fun. It’s a good
fabrics and patterns, and
                                                                          way to meet some of your
perfected our hand quilting
                                                                          fellow quilters and a chance to
                                                                          help kids in need. We hope to
Marianne knew that I had been
                                     ABC Frenzy in February               see you there.
working as an editor and writer      Join the Frenzy
in magazine publishing for           The ABC Quilts Committee
many years in NYC and last           invites all our Guild members to
May, hired me to be a                stay after the February meeting
contributing features editor at      to help complete baby quilts for
Love of Quilting. The magazine       donation.
is based in Winterset, Iowa, and     As most of you know, the Guild
I get to fly out every now and       collects quilts at every meeting
then for meetings. They have a       (they’re the ones displayed on
wonderful quilt store on the         the railing by the entrance) to
town square (go in October for       distribute to babies and children
the covered bridge festival), an     in need in our local hospitals.
online business, a PBS               We sometimes contribute
television series and the            farther a field as well: last year
magazine--quite an empire!           we sent several boxes of quilts
Click onto                           to Texas to be distributed to for            victims of Katrina.
free patterns, quilter's blogs,
articles and online shopping.        Once a year we ask members
                                     to stay after a meeting so we
We are always looking for great      can work together to finish as
quilts to feature and Brooklyn       many quilts as possible.
Quilt Retreat Thru the             an exchange of ideas and short      Our Favorite Tools
                                   cuts, and everyone has a
Eyes of a Virgin Quilter           different take on the subject.
                                   There were newbies (like
                                   myself), the veteran and
                                   everything in between. But the
                                   common interest is the
                                   I am beginning to enjoy this
                                                                       By Susan Contento
                                   stage of my life and hope to
By Pauline Picone (biker and
                                   hone my quilting skills as I have   Over thirty women attended the
                                   in biking. The experience of the    recent retreat. Many of them
Quilt retreat! Well as I kept      retreat was very eye opening        were kind enough to answer my
hearing that phrase I wondered     and showed me an art form           questions about their favorite
what it could be? Do I go and      filled with women with such         tools. There were several
find out or do I just keep         passion and ability – it opened     duplications. The 6 inch by 12
wondering? Well at the             a world of possibilities to me.     inch ruler is a favorite, as is the
September Guild meeting I          The women were willing to           rotary cutter. Victoria is very
signed the papers. I guess I       share their skill, notions and a    fond of her new iron, and Linda
would soon get the answer to       willingness to help. I THANK        McNeely loves her Rowenta
my question.                       YOU ALL FOR THAT AND                travel iron. Linda Maikish is
                                   FOR THE POSITIVE                    very thrilled with her magnetic
In December on Thursday            RETREAT EXPERIENCE.                 pin holder. I’m sure any of us
morning the sun was shining                                            who have spilled a box of pins
and my new quilt friend Linda      I am so fortunate to be part of
                                                                       on the floor can relate to this
picked me up. We were off on       two wonderful groups – Harley
                                                                       one. For those who have never
our new adventure. She was a       owners and the Quilters’ Guild
                                                                       seen it, a magnetic pin holder is
newbie too. We loaded up the       of Brooklyn – different, but the
                                                                       usually of a bright color to make
car thinking, we are taking too    same.
                                                                       it easily visible; if you hold it
much. We would find out later                                          upside down over a pile of pins
                                   Please allow me to say Thank
how naïve we were. The day                                             on the floor, it picks them all up.
                                   You to my teacher and mentor,
was bright, sunny and full of
                                   Sarah Vinson and also to
anticipation. We were on our                                           Diana Goldwasser appreciates
                                   Lorraine and Linda for all of
way to a new life experience. I                                        her stencils for hand quilting,
                                   their help. They took someone
started to compare this trip to                                        and Lorraine has recently
                                   who never sewed and are trying
many of my biker (motorcycling)                                        acquired a quarter-inch foot;
                                   to turn me into a quilter. They
adventures. I think when you                                           undoubtedly that’s why her
                                   share their skill with such
have a hobby you should                                                mystery quilt was so beautifully
                                   patience. If it were not for
experience every aspect at                                             done! Marie Luongo sings the
                                   Sarah’s teaching and patience I
least once, or fall in love and                                        praises of her very sharp
                                   would never have kept trying. I
keep returning.                                                        scissors. Incidentally, scissor
                                   LOVE YOU LADIES!!!!!!!!!
                                                                       sharpening and realignment
Our first stop was a quilt shop,                                       can be done at a store called
                                   Until next time. See you in my
just like stopping at Harley                                           Panda, on 38th St., between 7th
                                   mirrors with my quilted scarf
dealers; I soon learned that was                                       and 8th Aves. in Manhattan, on
                                   blowing in the breeze.
just the start of the Quilt shop                                       the north side of the street,
visits. I learned that quilting                                        closer to 8th Ave. I recently had
frenzy and buying trips to                                             my daughter’s dressmaking
shops, meals and very little                                           shears sharpened and
sleep would be the norm.                                               realigned for the princely sum
I started to think and compare                                         of $3.00. They also sell all kinds
biking events and quilting. They                                       of professional equipment for
are the same, but the main                                             sewing.
focus is different. They have a                                        Bonnie is in love with her
lot in common – friends formed,                                        Brooklyn revolver. No, this is
not a gun. It is a rotating cutting   Recipes from Chef Frank             the curry powder. Some people
mat, making it easy to cut on             may not like a sweet soup like
several sides of the piece of                                             this; add a bit of vinegar to tone
fabric by rotating the mat,                                               the sweetness down.
similar to a “lazy Susan.” Other
companies make similar                                                    Treasurer’s Report
rotating mats. Jody finds a
chopstick very useful for turning
corners. After seeing her
project of holly leaves and
berries, I can certainly
understand why.

Micki has splurged on a Tutto
rolling suitcase, which she           Quilters Soup                       At the time of our meeting we
loves because it is very sturdy       (AKA Curried Fruit Soup)            had approximately $10,000 in
for carrying her machine to                                               the bank. The majority of our
retreats, and also has lots of        1 small white onion, chopped        membership renewals have
space for storage. She didn’t         1 small Granny Smith apple,         been deposited. We expect just
mention that it also comes in         chopped                             a few more to trickle in during
great colors!                         2 tbsp peanut oil or ghee           the course of the program year.
                                      3-4 tbsp curry powder, or to        Martha Musgrove has been
My personal favorite has              taste                               doing a terrific job selling
recently become my new                1 1/2 cups vegetable stock or 1     advertising space in the
Omnigrip (not Omnigrid) ruler.        can vegetable broth                 Newsletter. Do remember to
This series of rulers has the         1 can coconut milk (not 'cream      support our advertisers and tell
markings in green, and is             of coconut')                        them where you saw their ad!
coated with something which           3-4 medium bananas                  And please don’t forget to cash
helps keep the plastic from                                               your checks and submit your
sliding on the fabric. You don’t      In a saucepan, sauté the onion      bills, receipts in a timely
need to use those sandpaper           and apple in the oil until the      manner.
dots any more. Next time              onions are translucent. Add the     Good wishes for a Happy and
JoAnns has a sale, be sure to         curry powder and sauté until        Healthy New Year
stock up!                             the curry begins to become          Sheri Saltzberg, Treasurer
                                      fragrant. Add the stock (or         Submitted 12/18/06
Well, that’s it for this month.       broth), the coconut milk and
Stay tuned, though, because an        bananas. Simmer for 10-15
upcoming article will be on ideal     minutes. Using a submersible
sewing rooms. I’m sure we can         blender (or transferring the
think of a few things to add to       contents of the pot to a
that. Please email me at              blender), puree the mixture until                smooth. Put back on the stove
Thanks.                               and simmer for another 10
        Susan                         minutes and correct seasoning       Do you love to do counted
                                      with salt and white pepper.         cross stitch work? I have some
                                                                          books and supplies that I'd love
*Editor’s Note – Anyone who                                               to give to someone with a
has attended a fall or spring         Serve in bowls with chopped
                                      toasted peanuts, toasted            passion for counted cross
retreat is sure to have met Chef                                          stitch. If you are that person--or
Frank – friend to quilters. This      coconut or chopped green
                                      onion as a garnish.                 know that person--please let
month Chef Frank has                                                      contact me.
contributed a recipe that we
retreaters have coveted. Please       NOTES:
                                                                          Lyn Hill 718 636-6299 or
look in future Bees for more          If you want more of a 'kick' to
wonderful recipes for quilters.       the soup, add a bit of ground
                                      cayenne pepper when you add

                                                                or other protection for sensitive information. The
                     Janice Jamison Hairston                    committee is looking for someone to manage the
                     415 Wallingford Terrace
                        Union, NJ 07083                         Storage Bin: Currently the guild is paying about
                                                                $1300.00 a year for storage. Maybe the bins could
                                                                be cleaned out and we would keep only those items
                     email                   that can be used. Also, the guild would like to find
                                                                a “lucky” guild member with space in their
 Longarm Machine Quilting    Teacher   Presentations
                                                                Survey: Lenni gave us an overview of the survey
 MINUTES - QUILTERS’ GUILD OF BROOKLYN -                        results. She will be publishing the information in
    BOARD MEETING – November 18, 2006                           the newsletter over the next several months,
                                                                perhaps in a monthly column or “tidbit”.
Present: Carol Sullivan (Co-President), Kristen
Fisher (Co-President),Linda Maikish (Secretary),                Respectfully submitted, Linda Maikish
Carol Lieberman, Sarah Vinson, Robin Engelman,
Micki Segel, Kathi King, Sheri Saltzberg                        Volunteers Need
(Treasurer), Lenni Apel, Madonna Connor, Madi                   Our sister guild the Empire Quilters has graciously
Appell                                                          offered us a table at their quilt show Urban
                                                                Inspirations. The Show will take place on Saturday,
Actions Taken:
                                                                March 24 from 10 to 6 and Sunday, March 25 from
Approval of minutes: Approved.
                                                                10 to 4. We can use this opportunity to sell our
Treasurer’s Report: There is $8,440.75 in the                   raffle tickets. To do so we need volunteers to sit at
bank. All of the fines and the rent have been paid              the table. This is a great chance to be part of a
and we are up to date. The treasurer has asked                  great show without having to travel too far.
that bills be presented in a timely manner. In the              Please let Kirsten Fisher or Carol Sullivan know if
future there will be a cut off date after which you will        you can help. You can call us or e-mail.
not be reimbursed.                                              There will also be a sign-up sheet at the guild
By-laws: A copy will be sent to Micki Segel to be
included in the December minutes so a vote can                  Quilters Night Out - At
take place in January.
                                                                Horus Café- more sign-ups
2008 Show: In the future we hope to form two                    will be taken at the January
groups within the Guild. One will be responsible for            meeting. The date is the
the show and the other for the meetings throughout              Wednesday (January 24)of the
the year. This is better for tax purposes and is a              week following our meeting.
method used by other guilds.
Kathi King, Madi Appell, Carol Sullivan and Carol               20 people (quilters and their guests) signed up
Lieberman have formed a committee to look into                  already! So come join the fun
                                                                Your Host – Martha Musgrove
venues for the 2008 show. Along with Metro Tech
they will be looking at Floyd Bennett Field.
Computer: Madi Appell, Robin Engelman, Micki
Segel and Lenni Abel formed a committee to look                                Marilynn Gipson, Quilter
into another e-mail service. The current service                                477 Jefferson Avenue
limits the number of e-mail addresses and has in                            Brooklyn, New York 11221
the past turned our newsletter e-mail into spam.                                    718-443-0922
Web Site: There was also discussion about what                        Provider of Long Arm Quilting Services
information to put on the web site and the need to               Let us quilt your quilt or join our “Quilt your Own
update the web site in a more timely manner.                     Quilt” Workshop or our Fabric Dye Workshop
Some of the information could require a password
December Retreat Photos

     Jody makes dolls                    Barb makes Christmas Cards

  Jennifer makes a Big Bag      Carol can make bags with her eyes closed

Kirsten Rohrs and her husband

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