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									                                                                                  March 16, 2010

            Codex Committee on Food Labelling – Electronic Working Group on Proposed
            Draft Recommended Principles and Criteria for Legibility of Nutrition Labelling

                                   FINAL LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

Country/        Name                 Affiliation and Contact Information
Argentina       Ing. Gabriela        Email:
                Catalani             Email:
Australia       Kylie Jonasson       Assistant Secretary
                                     Research, Regulation & Food Branch
                                     Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
                Eva Mehakovic        Director, Food Regulation Policy Section
                                     Food and Healthy Living Branch
                                     Australian Government Department of
                                     Health and Ageing
                Codex Australia      Email:
Canada          Kathy Twardek        National Manager
                                     Fair Labelling Practices
                                     Canadian Food Inspection Agency
                                     Phone: (613) 773-5489
                                     Fax: (613) 773-5603
                Charmaine Kuran      Senior Policy Advisor
                                     Bureau of Nutritional Sciences, Nutrition Evaluation Division
                                     Bureau des sciences de la nutrition, Division d'evaluation en nutrition
                                     Food Directorate
                                     Health Canada
                                     Sir Frederick G. Banting Research Centre
                                     Ottawa ON K1A 0K9
                                     Phone: (613) 957-1783
                                     Fax: (613) 941-6636
Chile           Emilio Matas         Coordinador Subcomité Etiquetado de Alimentos
                Abellá               Codex Alimentarius de Chile
                                     Phone: 56-2-3519548
Cuba            Doris Hernández      Director of Quality and Technology
                Torres               Email:
                José Fu Wong         Analyst of the fishing industry
European        Jerome Lepeintre     European Commission

Commission                       Health and Consumers Directorate-General
                                 Tel: ++32-2-299 37 01
             EC Codex Contact    E-mail:
             Helen Lee           European Commission
                                 Health and Consumers Directorate-General
                                 Tel: ++32-2-299 86 68
France       M. Emmanuel-        Ministère de l'économie, des finances et de l'emploi
             Chrys LARGE         DGCCRF - Bureau C3
                                 59, boulevard Vincent Auriol
                                 75703 PARIS CEDEX 13
                                 Tel: +33 1 44 97 32 24
                                 Fax: +33 1 44 97 30 37
             France Codex
             Contact Point
Germany      Gerhard Bialonski Head of Unit 314
                               Bundesministerium für Ernaehrung,
                               Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz
                               Rochusstr. 1
                               53123 Bonn, Germany
                               Tel: +49 (0) 228 99529-4651
                               Fax: +49 (0) 228 99529-4947
Indonesia    Tetty H Sihombing Director of Food Products Standardization
                               National Agency of Drug and Food Control
                               Republic of Indonesia
                               Tel: +62-21-42875584
Ireland      Paula BarryWalsh  Senior Superintending Veterinary Officer
                               Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
                               Agriculture House
                               Kildare Street
                               Dublin 2, Ireland
                               Tel: + 353 1 6072648
             Anne-Marie Boland Senior Executive Regulatory Affairs
                               Food Safety Authority of Ireland
                               Lower Abbey Street
                               Dublin 1, Ireland
                               Tel: +353 1 8171300
Japan        Megumi Haga       Deputy Director

                                 Food Labeling Division, Consumer Affairs Agency
                                 Tel: +81 3 3507 9220
                                 E-mail: <>
              Yuichiro Ejima     Deputy Director
                                 Food Labeling Division, Consumer Affairs Agency
                                 Tel: +81 3 3507 9221
                                 E-mail: <>
Korea         Eun-Ju Lee         Duty director
                                 Tel: 02-380-1311
              Jong-Wook Kim      Duty director
                                 Tel: 02-380-1311
              Hwang-Mok-Ok       Scientific officer
                                 Tel: 02-380-1311
              Youn-Sung Oh       Position : Senior researcher
                                 Tel: 02-380-1311
              Eun-Jeong Kim      Position : Senior researcher
                                 Tel: 02-380-1726
Malaysia      Norrani Eksan      Senior Principal Assistant Director
                                 Food Safety and Quality Division
                                 Department of Public Health
                                 Ministry of Health Malaysia
                                 Level 3, Block E7, Parcel E
                                 Federal Government Administration Centre
                                 62590 Putrajaya, Malaysia
                                 Tel: +603 8883 3511
                                 Fax: +603 8889 3815
              Malaysia Codex
              Contact Point
Mexico        Michelle Vizueth   Codex Contact Point Mexico
              Chávez             Dirección General de Normas
                                 Secretaría de Economía
                                 Tel: +(52)(55) 5729-9480
Netherlands   Inge Stoelhorst    Senior Policy Officer
                                 Ministry of Health, Welfare and sports
                                 Tel: 031 3405658
                                 Fax: 031 3405554

New Zealand     Jenny Reid           Assistant Director (Science)
                                     New Zealand Food Safety Authority
                                     Wellington, NZ
                                     Tel: +64 4 894 2582
Norway          Nina Lodrup          Senior Adviser
                                     Norwegian Food Safety Authority
                                     Tel: +47 23 21 67 86
                Norway Codex         Email:
                Contact Point
Poland          Bozena Plawska       Specialist
                                     Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
                                     The Department of Agricultural Markets
                                     30 Wspolna St., 00-930 Warsaw, POLAND
                                     Tel: 0048 22 623 10 49
                                     Fax: 0048 22 623 24 54
                Poland Codex         Email:
                Contact Point
Saint Vincent   Haydeen Charles    Standards Officer
and the                            St.Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards
Grenadines                         Campden Park Industrial Site
                                   P.O Box 1506, Kingstown, St. Vincent. W.I
                                   Tel: (784) 457-8092 (wk)
                                        (784) 530-6830 (cell)
South Africa    Antoinette Booyzen Email:
                Malose Daniel      Email:
Spain           Ángeles Ortega     Subdirección General de Calidad del Consumo
                                   Instituto Nacional del Consumo.
Switzerland     Awilo Ochieng      Codex Alimentarius, International Nutrition and Food Safety Issues
                Pernet             Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA
                                   Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
                                   Division of International Affairs
                                   Schwarzenburgstrasse 165, CH-3097 Liebefeld
                                   Tel: +41 31 322 00 41
                                   Fax: +41 31 322 95 74
Thailand        Panpilad Saikaew   Standards Officer
                                   Office of Commodity and System Standards
                                   National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards
                                   50 Phaholyothin Road, Ladyao, Chatuchak

                                     Bangkok 10900, Thailand
                                     Tel: (662) 561 2277 ext 1426
                                     Fax: (662) 561 3373; (662) 561 3357
                Thailand Codex       Email:
                Contact Point
United States   Barbara Schneeman Director, Office of Nutrition, Labeling, and Dietary Supplements
of America                          Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
                                    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
                                    Tel: 1-301-436-2373
International   Christophe Leprêtre Manager, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs
Chewing                             International Chewing Gum Association
Gum                                 c/o Keller and Heckman LLP
Association                         523 Avenue Louise, B-1050 Brussels
                                    Tel: +32 2 645 50 60
                Rick Mann           Email:
International   Helen Falco         Advisor
Council of                          c/o American Beverage Association
Beverages                           1101 Sixteenth Street, NW
Associations                        Washington, DC 20036, U.S.A.
                                    Tel: (202) 463-6750
                                    Fax: (202) 659-5349
International   Cary Frye           Vice President of Regulatory Affairs
Dairy                               International Dairy Foods Association
Federation                          1250 H Street, NW Suite 900
                                    20005 Washington, DC
                                    Tel: +1 202 220 3543
                                    Fax: +1 202 331 7820
                Sandra Tuijtelaars  Nutrition Officer
                                    International Dairy Federation
                                    Diamant Building, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80,
                                    1030 Brussels,
                                    Tel: +32 2 706 86 50
                                    Fax: +32 2 733 04 13
International   John Allan          Manager, Regulatory and International Affairs
Frozen Food                         American Frozen Food Institute
Association                         2000 Corporate Ridge, Suite 1000
                                    McLean, VA 22102
                                    Tel: 703.821.0770
                                    Fax: 703.821.1350

International   Jean Claude RUF    Coordinator for the Scientific and Technical Department
Organization                       Tel: +33 144948094
of Vine and                        Fax: +33 142669063
Wine                               Email:
World Sugar     Richard Cottrell   Director-General
Research                           70 Collingwood House
Organisation                       Dolphin Square, London SW1V 3LX
                                   Tel: +44 (0)20 7821 6800
                                   Fax +44 (0)20 7834 4137

 Codex Committee on Food Labelling – Electronic Working Group on Proposed
 Draft Recommended Principles and Criteria for Legibility of Nutrition Labelling

                                 Final Timeline

Completed, September 15, 2009    Letter of invitation to join the eWG sent to member
                                 countries and observers

Completed, October 15, 2009      Expressions of interest to participate in eWG

Completed, October 21, 2009      Reminder sent to eWG members to respond to CL

Completed, November 15, 2009     Responses to CL 2009/15-FL received

Completed, January 8, 2010       Draft Discussion Paper containing draft redrafted
                                 Principles and Criteria sent to eWG members (text
                                 was redrafted taking into account comments
                                 received in response to CL 2009/15-FL)

Completed, February 8, 2010      Comments on Draft Discussion Paper and draft
                                 redrafted text received

Completed, March 4, 2010         Draft Final Discussion Paper containing redrafted
                                 Principles and Criteria sent to eWG members
                                 (document was revised to incorporate comments
                                 received in response to draft discussion paper)

Completed, March 11, 2010        Comments on Draft Final Discussion Paper and
                                 redrafted text received

Completed, March 16, 2010        Final Discussion Paper containing redrafted
                                 Principles and Criteria sent to Codex Secretariat
                                 for distribution and consideration at the 38th
                                 session of CCFL in May, 2010


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