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					     Contents for No. 15, ‘Shipping 6 Ships Lost Wrecks Etc’
             Shipwreck – St. Malo (17th April 1995)
Updated 27th August 2008

1. JEP, 18/04/1995 – Special issue – 16 pages of reports and pictures on Easter
   rescue drama as French ferry hits rocks off Corbière. Including: “Snatched
   from the sea” – 300 saved; “Taking a dangerous corner” – Saint-Malo
   apparently taking “dangerous corner” (Harbourmaster Roy Bullen) [see box
   file “Shipping 10 Harbours & Anchorages 1-49”, no. 43, for JEP article on his
   retirement] between Corbière Lighthouse and small reef further out in bay,
   reserved for experienced pilots (although French skipper Philippe Penau does
   qualify as experienced); “Commission of inquiry to be set up” – Team of
   inspectors arrive from France; “Announcement in French was followed by
   silence, says archivist” – Museum archivist Catherine Burke, a passenger on
   ferry, thought at one stage it was going to sink; “Grainville teacher pleaded
   with elderly to climb into lifeboats” – Peter Knight had to plead with some
   passengers to leave stricken vessel, as heavy swell made it hard to transfer to
   liferafts; “A timely exercise” – Previous September‟s mock evacuation at sea
   helped emergency services with real disaster; “In the shadow of Corbière” –
   Relecting on how 1,000+ people have lost their lives in the seas around Jersey
   since the Lighthouse was built in 1874; “How Channiland came to local
   waters” – history of Saint-Malo’s founding company; “A quiet morning‟s
   yachting?/fishing? Not yesterday” – Eyewitnesses give their accounts;
   “Emergency training pays off in treatment of passengers” – Training exercises
   in recent years enabled rapid mobilisation of support agencies on land (re.
   three rescue sites: 1) on the car ferry Isle of Man, which brought in 136
   passengers; 2) helicopter pad outside Elizabeth terminal where suspected
   lower limb and spinal injury patients were flown in; 3) Albert Pier, where
   passengers were brought in on the St. Helier lifeboat and the Trident Five);
   “Selfless act of day-trip sisters” – Yvonne Thorncroft and Sandra Smith
   clambered over liferafts in an effort to leave those nearest the ferry free for the
   elderly; “Fifty-three are taken to hospital as the shock and the cold take their
   toll” – Post-trauma counselling needed as hospital copes well; “Why weren‟t
   we told?” The Fire Service begin internal inquiry to find out why they weren‟t
   contacted during the rescue operation, as Harbourmaster Roy Bullen defends
   decision to call only the most appropriate services. Plus, how help came from
   England and France; “I‟m proud of him, says mother of helicopter winchman”
   – Jerseyman Roy Gallichan the navigator and winchman aboard Portland air
   sea rescue service helicopter, which airlifted five injured people to safety;
   “There was this almighty shudder…” – Teacher Hannelore Toelle and Dr
   Erica Lifsches describe the experience as rather frightening – but say nobody
   panicked; “Salvation” – double-page spread of photos from the rescue
2. “Harbour ban on ferry captain” (JEP, 19/04/1995) – French skipper of stricken
   St. Malo ferry banned from entering Jersey harbours until outcome of accident
   investigations by the UK and French authorities; “Police to seek new ticketing
   procedures” – difficulties in accounting for all the passengers on the
   catamaran suggests need for change in ticketing procedures; “Sightseers cause
   traffic chaos” – hundreds of sightseers who descend upon St. Aubin‟s Bay to
     see beached ferry cause traffic chaos in St. Brelade; “Police scour beaches for
     luggage and equipment” – police search Island‟s beaches for missing luggage
     which may have been washed ashore; “Labour calls for major rethink on
     catamaran safety” – Shadow Transport spokesman Michael Meacher seeks
     wide-ranging review, in light of concerns that official review will not be
     widely available because it is a States of Jersey inquiry; “Some passengers
     receive post-trauma counseling” – Department of Health‟s psychology team
     administer counseling.
3.   “The Saint-Malo: Questions, queries and quotes” (JEP, 20/04/1995) – Police
     Headquarters receive calls from all over the world within hours of ferry
     disaster; “St-Malo salvage claim lodged by tug firm” – Claims are lodged as
     questions are raised about who is entitled to share in salvage cash from
     crippled £3.5m catamaran. Finnish tug charter operator Esa Sillanpaa lodges
     claim after one of his tugs aids towing operation; “A new kind of legal
     practice” – Philip Sinel & Co place advertisement in JEP unambiguously
     inviting passengers who were on catamaran to contact law firm for advice – an
     activity known as „ambulance chasing‟.
4.   “Law Society to discuss firm‟s Saint-Malo advertisement” (JEP, 20/04/1995)
     – We are not „ambulance-chasing‟, says Advocate; “Saint-Malo to be towed to
     French shipyard” (JEP, 25/04/1995) – Salvage teams try to „make French ferry
     fit to be towed to Cherbourg shipyard for repairs; “„Luck was on our side‟”
     (JEP, 22/04/1995) – Harbourmaster Capt. Roy Bullen reflects on fateful day:
     “Many people did a marvelous job and they ought to be properly recognised”.
5.   “Report to remain confidential” (JEP, 27/04/1995) – States emergency
     planning officer Ian Dulake says that report on incident will not be made
     public; “On tow” – Photo of St-Malo ferry being towed to Cherbourg shipyard
     by a Dutch salvage tug; “Ferry rescue skipper receives award from Guernsey
     Bailiff” (JEP, 18/06/1996) – Capt. Peter Falla, master of first vessel on scene
     to provide help, the MV Sea Cat Isle of Man, receives prestigious award from
     Guernsey Bailiff Sir Graham Dorey – the Marine Society Thomas Gray
     Memorial Trust award; “Condor rescue captain wins royal praise” (JEP,
     27/09/1996) – Captain Peter Falla to receive award from HRH the Princess
     Royal: the Lady Swaythling Trophy.
6.   “Memories of a great escape” (JEP, 17/04/1997) – Tracy Audrain looks back
     at the accident, as a sculpture is unveiled at Corbière to commemorate the
     rescue of 307 people.
7.   “Statue unveiled to mark ferry rescue” (JEP, 18/04/1997) – The unveiling of
     the statue to commemorate the Channiland rescue in 1995, by sculptor Derek
     Tristam; “Two years on… Corbiere sculpture marks rescue” (JEP,
     17/04/1997) – About 100 people gather to witness unveiling as former Senator
     Tony Chinn praises the efforts of everybody involved at the time.

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