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									Signs Of Cheating

When you are within a relationship it is indeed very difficult to differentiate what is
cheating and what is an entirely normal behavior. Of course, it would be very convenient
to believe the latter, however, you also do not want to be in a state of denial when dealing
with the situation. Therefore, just like looking at a piece of painting, you need to be able to
step back and look at the bigger picture.

By evaluating certain signs that your partner is cheating on you, you can definitely save
yourself some grief of feeling like an idiot when all the red flags have been surrounding
you. Here are some common sample scenarios that may help you save some face and get a

1.) Out of reach: When your partner says he or she will call you back and never did, then
you try to reach him or her but the phone, by some unexplained phenomenon, gets turned
off frequently, it means that something fishy may be going on. He or she may not want to
be disturbed.

2.) Long hours at work: Work is the most convenient justification and explanation to any
circumstance where a cheating partner may not want to be asked too many questions about
his whereabouts. Many cheating partners find it easy to use work as a scapegoat because
it’s easier and it earns them good impressions that they are hardworking people. Yes,
hardworking, alright. Perhaps, working someone else even harder!

3.) Something Fishy: When mutual friends act weirdly around you there is definitely a
reason for that. If they change the topic when you enter the room, or seem uncomfortable
when you are around, then chances are they may have been discussing the affair before
you came in.

4.) A new Facebook account: There’s only one reason why a committed partner would
create a new Facebook account behind your back, this is to meet “Friends” he or she
doesn’t want you to ask about. Facebook, or any other online dating sites, is the easiest and
most popular way to meet new love interests. So if you bump into a familiar account with
his or her photo on it and it says “single” on the Basic information box, then you can bet
there’s truly some level of cheating involved.

5.) Strange Phone Calls: If you pick up the ringing phone and nobody talks on the other
line then it gets cut off, and this happens most of the time, there’s a big possibility that it’s
the other party who is calling to see if your partner picks up. They don’t bother to talk
because if it’s not his or her voice they hear, all they have to just really do is to hang up.

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So don’t fool yourself into believing that it’s always a wrong number a few nights in a row
at 11pm.

6.) Heavily Tinted Car: If your partner suddenly has an urge to tint his windshield darker
than usual and he or she has never had a problem with that car’s windows for a decade and
a half now, then you might want to probe more about this idea. Unless your partner is a
newly-discovered celebrity or a member of the mafia clan, this idea may be a big cheating
sign. Generally, cheaters do not want to inconvenience the other party by having him or
her dock for 5 kilometers until they reach the local motel joint.

7.) Stops wearing the wedding ring: The removal of the marriage band is the most classic
symptom of a cheater. So do not even think twice about looking into the matter. Not unless
from the onset you and your partner have had the arrangement that the wearing of wedding
rings is optional, then there’s really nothing to fear.

8.) Buys new underwear: If your partner suddenly looks like he raided the nearest Calvin
Klein outlet, or if she looks like she has more lingerie than a Victoria’s Secret model, then
you better consider investigating. A newly discovered sex life outside of your bedroom can
push your partner to impress the new partner by showing off new sets of underwear.

9.) Sleeps with the cell phone hidden under the pillow: A cheater knows that his or her cell
phone is his or her closest link to the other woman, or man. Therefore, cheaters are very
careful in guarding these controversial little electronic gadgets with their lives. If your
partner used to just leave his or her phone scattered in the house, then suddenly begins to
heavily safeguard it like an Alcatraz jail warden, then there’s something really fishy going

10.) Talks in the other room: When your partner begins to secretively whisper when he or
she is talking on the phone, or when he or she transfers to the other room when talking on
the phone, then it is a great indication that he or she doesn’t want you to hear the
conversation. Perhaps your partner is trying to pacify his or her other love interest for not
showing up the other day when you asked him to accompany you to the grocery store, or
that he or she is trying to explain why he or she couldn’t get out of the house as of the

11.) Spick and span inbox: If you are used to your partner being a very sloppy and messy
email inbox keeper then you suddenly discover it to be as clean as a housekeeper’s house,
chances are he or she has been deleting the things they don’t want you to see. If you have
had access to his or her inbox then you might as well check the trash items then, if your
partner careful, you may discover some useful items there.

12.) A sudden facial glow: According to studies, when a person is having more sex than he
or she is used to, physical indicators will definitely show. A facial glow, a change of

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bodily scent, a firmer and more toned gluteal area (buttocks) and a more developed chest,
for women. This is due to the hormones being produced more than usual.

13.) Stops having sex: The ultimate cheating giveaway is when your partner stops having
sex or suddenly rarely gets physically involved with you. The reason for this is guilt. Sex
is the ultimate expression of emotional feelings in a romantic relationship and if there is
any change in the quality, length, time and interval of your sexual intimacy than what used
to be normal, then perhaps it can be safe to consider that your partner has some emotional
detachment from you, predisposed by an affair.

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