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10 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse


									10 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

Cheating or infidelity could cause a major trauma in a relationship. It is an abusive use of
trust endangering the bond between not only you and your spouse but also your
relationship with friends and family.

When you lie to your spouse, you lie to yourself, your children, your family and friends as
well; because to keep a secret, you have to isolate everyone out of it.

However, infidelity by nature is not meant to be kept hidden for a long time. Minor
circumstances and behavioral change would give you away, probably sooner than you

So here are some tell tale signs of a cheating spouse.

1. The Total Make-Over: Sudden physical grooming like going to the gym, buying a new
set of fashionable clothes, wearing an expensive cologne, etc. are signs that there is
something “not right” in this scenario.

The moment your spouse looks like he is going to a prestigious awards night on his way to
work is just a wee bit too suspicious to ignore.

2. The rocky intimacy: when your spouse lacks the appetite or interest in your usual
sexual adventures is another clue to be mindful about.

This could be the other way around, if your spouse is too eager to please you in bed than
the usual regularities means that he is making an extra effort to cover up his tracks.

This is the same when he touches you more often than usual during breakfast or dinner or
when you are just washing the plates are signs that something really is going on.

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3. Late night excuses: When after dinner he suddenly remembers he has a business
meeting in the middle of the night, when your spouse spends too long a time in the internet
especially at night, when he gets text messages and “wrong number” phone calls or replies
with his back on you. This could be strong indications of cheating.

4. Going the extra mile: when work meetings take place in another city or state, often
over the weekend and even far too often at that.

5. Unwarranted anger: when you spouse throws a fit when you ask him even the most
trivial of questions like; how was his weekend, or why does he have to go to another city
for a meeting, etc. This behavior indicates that he does not want his private affairs being
scrutinized, and that you should just leave him alone in his business.

6. The non-committal comments: This is the opposite of the above indicator. Usually
when being asked he would fidget or pretend to do something while in conversation with
you. He will then give off un-interesting comments about his day, his work, and how tiring
it is to be away from home often, etc.

Usually, the guilty spouse would then change the topic somewhere along your line of
interest. This tactic is to divert your interest towards yourself and not to him.

7. Uneasiness: When you go out for dinner and he is restless, often checking the people
around, constantly looking at the door, or going to the restroom every 10 minutes are signs
that he does not want to be seen with you or he is avoiding a chance encounter with his

8. Unbalanced checks: If you notice a drastic amount of money withdrawn from your
checking account. More often than not, a cheating spouse is clumsy when he spends his
money, leaving trails of unwarranted credit card bills and payables.

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9. Going straight to bath: He goes straight into the shower when he gets home, or, if he
separates his laundry from yours after taking them off. Scents and perfumed oils are hard
to get rid of, thus, he could be spending quite a time scrubbing himself clean.

10. Talk is cheap: When he makes simple degrading comments about your weight, your
hair and how you look. This abuse is commonplace for a cheating spouse to do. He is
unconsciously making comparisons between you and his affair.

Sometimes, he may also show a lack of interest in things that you do or your appearance.
The more distant he is to you, the better for him to do his whims.

These are just some simple signs of a cheating spouse. Individual signs could be ignored,
but collectively, these signs are footprints leading to a path of a major crash in a
relationship. Be keen , be wise and be strong in dealing with this situation.

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