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AP* Calculus                                                                        AP* Chemistry
Date:            June 20-23, 2011                                                   Date:           June 27-30, 2011
Session:         #256652                                                            Session:        #256659
Time:            8 a.m.- 5 p.m.                                                     Time:           8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Location:        High Plains Room                                                   Location:       Coronado Lab
Fee:             $450 for contracting districts                                     Fee:            $450 for contracting districts
                 $1,000 for non-contracting districts                                               $1,000 for non-contracting districts
AP* Calculus                                                                        AP* Chemistry
Course Description                                                                  Course Description
This session is specifically designed to assist interested teachers in building a   The Chemistry Institute will focus on exam construction and grading, teach-
successful AP* Calculus AB course. The week will include:                           ing strategies and teaching content/review of material in Chemistry. Included
    Analysis of the current curriculum                                              in the institute will be:

    Examination and discussion of various teaching strategies that reflect the          What and how much content, laboratory and assessment is needed for a
    current philosophy and goals of the course                                          quality program

    An overview of the AP* program                                                      Student test taking skills to improve achievement
    Suggestions for pacing and sequencing of concepts                                   Demonstrations
    A study of numerous AP* level problems                                              Laboratory (a minimum of 3 laboratory periods)
    Activities with graphing calculators (T1-84+, T1-89)                                Encouragement of post-institute networking among participants
    Review of the AP* Exam including format, scoring standards, and student             Special topic material on equilibrium
    Discussion of the grading process from the perspective of an AP* Reader
    An overview of resources and materials available to AP* teachers
Teachers should bring a graphing calculator and a USB memory                        Richard Schwenz
stick with them.                                                                    Richard Schwenz is a professor of general chemistry and physical chemistry
                                                                                    at the University of Northern Colorado. He has read the AP* Chemistry Free
James Howell                                                                        Response questions for the last ten years and been a table leader at the read-
                                                                                    ing. He is a College Board endorsed consultant for the Western Region in
James Howell is currently employed by the Dallas Public School District as an       chemistry. At UNC, he has worked with pre-service and in-service high
AP* Honors Mathematics teacher. He has received the Dallas Foundation Out-          school teachers in developing their content knowledge skills.
standing Teacher Award for the past two years. Mr. Howell has been a College
Board Consultant for the past nine years and an AP* Reader for both the AB
and BC Calculus exams for the past six years.

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