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					Oncology Research at the VMTH
   Basic Science Research
        Graduate students and faculty are researching the
         following areas
           Cancer Epidemiology as it relates to
             lymphoma, skin tumors, pediatric cancer,
             mesothelioma, and gastrointestinal cancer
           VMDB refined for MUMS classification
           Diagnostic Biomarkers for bladder cancer and
           Nuclear medicine and imaging of solid tumors
             including lymphoma
           Developmental therapeutics – in vitro and in
             vivo preclinical assessment of novel therapies
           Photoacoustic identification of tumor cells in
             lymph nodes
           NEWS mutation assessment in Standard
Oncology Research at the VMTH
   Current Clinical trials ( client-owned   pets):
        Satraplatin – new oral platinum chemotherapy agent
        Elsamitrucin – novel injectable chemotherapy agent
         with lesser toxicity than similar drugs
        Intralesional yttrium and holmium - new
         radiopharmaceutical technique to treat bone cancer
        SPI-1620- novel drug to increase blood flow (and drug
         delivery) to tumors
        mTOR inhibitor to treat bone cancer that has
         metastasized to lung
        Inhalant chemotherapy for primary and metastatic lung
        rhIL-2/IL-12 targeted therapy of melanoma
        Proteomic cancer screening – studies to identify
         biomarkers for earlier cancer detection
        Comparative endoscopy- collaboration with Med
         School to refine minimally-invasive tumor excision
Translational and Comparative Oncology

    National Consortium Membership and
       Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium –
        translational research/clinical trial consortium
        under the NCI umbrella
       Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics
        Consortium – MU is one of seven institutions
        selected to participate in this biospecimen
        repository development