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					                                      JOB QUESTIONNAIRE                                 Ref.MS-JQ-010/01-008

    Name of Job Holder:                                                      Employee No.

    Cost Center                                                     Location

    Job Title                                                Job Title of Immediate Supervisor/Manager

    The purpose of this questionnaire is to revise the existing job description or to create a new one. By
    completing this questionnaire, the HR department will analyze this information, draft a proposed job
    description and send it to the concerned department manager for final review & approval.
    Please keep the following points in mind as you complete this questionnaire:
           Respond to the items thoughtfully and completely so that someone not familiar with your job can get
            a clear idea of what it involves.
           Avoid using jargon, acronyms or abbreviations.
           Focus on the job itself not your performance. The purpose is Job analysis not Job Holder.
           Describe your job as it presently exists, not as it was in the past or as it might be in the future
    When you have completed the questionnaire, print it and if its possible discuss it with your immediate
    supervisor / manager for his/ her review. This will give both of you the opportunity to discuss the
    questionnaire before signing and returning it to HRD.

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. If you have any question or concern please feel
    free to contact HRD.

    Section 1                                Major Duties
    In order of importance, list your major job duties.

                                 JOB QUESTIONNAIRE                          Ref.MS-JQ-010/01-008


















    Section 2                     Position Related Experience & Education

    Check the minimum level of education a person is required to have in order to perform your job
    (not necessarily your education level).

           High School

                                   JOB QUESTIONNAIRE                          Ref.MS-JQ-010/01-008

          Bachelor’s degree
          Master’s degree
          Doctoral ’s Degree
          Other (e.g. training, certifications) please specify:

    List the preferred (but not required) level of education or training.

    Indicate the minimum total number of years of experience in your field that is required to do your
    job. This may or may not equate to your personal experience level.

          No experience (i.e., capable person could quickly learn to do this job)
          Up to & including 6 months
          More than 6 months up to 2 years
          More than 2 years up to 5 years
          More than 5 years up to 10 years
          More than 10 years

    Section 3                               Scope of Responsibility

    This question measures the managerial responsibility (direct and indirect) for achieving results
    through people. Check the single statement that best describes your job.

          No supervisory or lead responsibility
          Responsible for up to 5 person
          Responsible for 5 to 10 person
          Responsible for 11 to 25 person

                                     JOB QUESTIONNAIRE                          Ref.MS-JQ-010/01-008

         Direct supervision over a department, involving responsibility for result in term of budget
          management, methods of work, policy development and personnel issues.

    Section 4                             Organizational Relationships

    Please fill in the chart below as it applies to your job. Start with your job (shaded) and then
    complete the other jobs.

    Next Management Level                                                                         Name

    Immediate supervisor/ Manager                                                                 Name

    Your Job                                                                                      Name

    List the job titles directly report                                                           Title & No
    to you and indicate the number                                                                Title & No
    of employees in each job                                                                      Title & No
                                                                                                  Title & No.

    Section 5                               Work Environment

    Identify your normal work environment; mark all that apply.
        Office environment
        Heavy lifting
        Loud noise
        Health and Safety hazards
        Other( specify)

                                  JOB QUESTIONNAIRE                            Ref.MS-JQ-010/01-008

    Section 6                             Employees Comments

    In the space below, please provide any additional information that is significant to your job.

    Job Holder Name:                                         Manager/Supervisor Name
    Employee No

    Signature & Date                                         Signature & Date

    Once again, thank you for completing the job profile questionnaire. Please return it to HRD.


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