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					                                            ΣΤΔ Sigma Tau Delta
                                    The International English Honor Society
                                          Marshall University Chapter

                                                 Application Form

  Eligibility Requirements

       undergraduate: minimum of two college courses in English language or literature (excluding
         ENG 101, 102, 201H, 302); minimum 3.0 GPA in English and overall; must have completed 45

       graduate: must be enrolled in English MA program; have completed six credits of graduate work
         or the equivalent, and have a minimum GPA of 3.3.

For More Information Contact:
Sigma Tau Delta Faculty Advisor
Dr. John Young
CH 461

 Membership Application Information

(as you would like it to appear on your membership certificate)

Student ID Number:


Permanent Mailing Address:


E-mail Address:

Telephone Number:

One-time national organization dues are $37.00; please submit with this form.
Cash or credit cards cannot be accepted; check payable to Sigma Tau Delta.
Cashier’s check preferred; a personal check will take several weeks to process.
We will verify membership requirements and will return applications that do not qualify.

     Please return completed form and dues to: CH 346, Department of English