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					                                                                                                         Introducing the
5-in-1 uNIversAl tire display

The flagship of the new Continental Tire GOLD
Showroom Concept, this stand was custom-designed
exclusively for Continental Tire. One, two, three, or
four tires display on a single main structure, allowing
the flexibility to fit any sales floor layout. Adjusts to
accommodate various tire sizes and widths. Easy to

Examples of the display configurations available with                                                    From Continental Tire North America, Inc.
this tire stand are pictured below. Use the layout that
best fits your showroom.

                                                                                Continental Tire North
                                                                                America, Inc.
                                                                                1800 Continental Blvd
                                                                                Charlotte, NC 28273

showroom concept
The Continental Tire showroom concept is a complete sales
floor enhancement package. With this all new showroom
concept, you can choose to enhance your showroom with
a simple 1-tire stand or revamp the entire look of your
showfloor. The basis for the showroom concept is to allow
you to customize your product selection and presentation.
From the universal tire stand that adjusts to hold 1, 2, 3
or 4 tires, to the valance system can be custom-ordered
in increments of 4 feet, the components give you the
opportunity to arrange the showfloor how you see fit.
The goal is to enhance the look of your store and drive

For more information on the showroom component
concept or to inquire about order procedures, please
contact your Continental Tire account representative.

illuminated polAr
motion sign
The illusion of constant motion
is created by a special process,
making this colorful illuminated                             perimeter                                                                            illuminated
wall sign a real attention                                   vAlANCe                                                                              3-sIded light
grabber. Large format image is                               system                                                                               box
changeable.                                                  Instantly                                                                            Unique custom
                                                             transforms                                                                           design features brand
                                                             showroom walls                                                                       identification on all sides.
                                                             with colorful                                                                        Unit hangs full view in
                                                             informative graphics and vibrant extruded valance                                    window with back side of
                                                             rails. Modular inter-connecting 4 ft. long segments.                                 sign facing sales floor.
                                                             Pre-formed 90° corners allow system to fit any floor
                                                             plan. System hangs from any ceiling style.
                                                                                                                    tire WAll
                          custom meNu                                                                               Displays 5 tires
                          board                                                             backlit                 on a welded
                          Designed exclusively for                                          3-dImeNsIoNAl           steel frame
                          Continental Tire. Molded in                                       logo sign               structure that
                          high impact plastic. Large                                          Dimensional brushed   mounts to flat
                          21” x 33” work area. Comes         aluminum finished die cut individual letters are       wall surfaces.
                          complete with two full letter      highlighted with amber LED lighting that creates a     Adjustable tire
                          fonts and personalized             highly visible wall sign that accents any showroom.    “cradles” pivot up to 60° for optimum presentation.
                          appliqué.                                                                                 Shown with optional overhead light kit.

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