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                       JUNE 2011                                         Freshen Up Your Car Payment!
     ATa                                     Insight Credit Union knows everyone loves

 GLANCE                                      that new car smell! That’s why we’re offering
                                             special refinance rates as low as 2.99% APR
                                             when you refinance your current auto loan
        SAVE THE DATE!
                                             from another financial institution - you can
     2011 Cruise for a Cause
                                             also     enjoy       90-fresh        days      of    deferred
Insight Credit Union’s 5th Annual Cruise
for a Cause will be held on Saturday,
                                                    Stop by your local branch and speak with a Money Coach about lowering your car payment
November 5, 2011.           This year’s
motorcycle poker run will benefit Hope       today! Or visit to apply online. We’re sure you’ll love your new lower
For The Warriors®. The mission of Hope       car payment even more than that new car smell! Hurry, this offer ends July 31, 2011!
For The Warriors® is to enhance quality      To qualify for the rate of 2.99% APR you must autodraft your loan payment from your Insight Credit Union checking account. No other
                                             discounts may apply. 2.99% APR is for members with a credit score of 680 or above who refinance their vehicle from another financial
of life for U.S. service members and         institution. Maximum term of 60 months. Loan application subject to a $30 Application Fee. Approved loans subject to a $74.75 Lien
                                             Recording Fee. All new checking accounts must be verified and approved through ChexSystems. Loan subject to normal underwriting
their families nationwide who have been      guidelines. Interest accrues from the date of contract. Special offer does not apply to refinancing existing Insight Credit Union auto loans.
adversely affected by injuries or death      Offer ends July 31, 2011.

in the line of duty.      Hope For The
Warriors® actively seeks to ensure that
the sacrifices of wounded and fallen
warriors and their families are never
forgotten nor their needs unmet.
                                                                                Don’t be green with envy!
For more information, please visit           Insight Credit Union is offering a special loan                             sticker or a print out from the internet, that                  rate discount on all new and used auto loans                                the “green vehicle” you want to purchase gets
Sponsorship opportunities are available.     for fuel-efficient vehicles. Purchase a new or                              30 highway miles per gallon and we’ll give
For more information about how you           used vehicle that gets                                                                                         you a great, low rate
can get involved with Cruise for
                                             30 highway miles per                                                                                           plus you may be
a Cause, contact Donnie Adamczyk
at   407.659.2762    or   via   email   at
                                             gallon (mpg) or more                                                                                           eligible to receive            and we’ll offer you a                                                                                          90-days           deferred
                                             special interest rate                                                                                          payments.
                                             discount of 0.50%                                                                                                     Don’t be green
                                             APR* off when you                                                                                              with envy because
       CHANGE IN TERMS                       autodraft your loan                                                                                            your        friends        are
         NOTIFICATION                        payment from your Insight Credit Union                                      driving around in a fuel-efficient car with
Effective June 27, 2011, Insight Credit      checking account – that’s a rate as low as                                  more        green        in     their      pockets.         Call
Union has increased the amount it will       2.99% APR!*                                                                 407.426.6000 or toll-free 888.843.8328 or
make available on deposits subject to a
                                                    Qualifying for this rate discount is easy!                           visit and apply for a
next day availability hold to $200.00.
This means that if the credit union holds
                                             Just bring in proof, whether it’s a window                                  Green Auto Loan today!
                                             *The rate of 2.99% APR reflects a 0.25% APR fuel-efficient auto discount with proof of fuel efficiency of 30 mpg highway or more on new
the funds from a deposit it will make at     auto loans with an additional 0.25% APR auto loan discount when you autodraft your loan payment from your Insight Credit Union checking
least $200.00 available for withdrawal       account. No other discounts may apply. 2.99% APR is the lowest possible auto loan rate. All new checking accounts must be verified and
                                             approved through ChexSystems to be eligible for the 0.25% APR autodraft discount. Loan subject to normal underwriting guidelines. Your
by the next business day after the date      actual rate will be customized based on your credit characteristics. The rate of 2.99% APR is available for the highest credit tier on autos
                                             with a fuel efficiency of 30 mpg highway or more with autodraft. Special offer does not apply to refinancing existing Insight Credit Union auto
of deposit.                                  loans. Interest accrues from the date of contract. Offer ends July 31, 2011.
PRESIDENT’S                                                            Enjoy summer! Skip your loan payment!
                                                           Insight Credit Union is helping you make the most of the sunny season by letting you skip
                                                           your loan payment with Skip-a-Pay!
      POINT                                                     If you have a checking account, and a loan with us and your loan payments are made
                                                           through autodraft, you can now skip-a-payment. For a small fee of up to $25 per skipped
                                                           payment, you can take a break from that monthly bill and use the extra cash to make a splash
                                                           this summer.
                                                                To get started skipping, simply go to, login to Insight Online
                                                           and click on the Skip-a-Pay button. It’s that easy!
                                                           You must have an Insight Credit Union checking account, and your loan payment must be set up to autodraft from your Insight Credit
                                                           Union checking account for that loan type to be eligible to skip-a-payment. This offer does not apply to Real Estate Loans, Lines of
                                                           Credit, Leases, Share/Certificate Secured, Credit Cards, Business Loans, Fresh Start or New Beginnings loans. Normal interest will
                                                           continue to accrue, and your skipped payment will be added to the end of your loan term. This payment will result in an extension of the
                      George R. Davis                      maturity date and will increase the Finance Charges disclosed on the original promissory note. There will be a $25 fee for Direct loans
                                                           (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L9, L35, L41 and L42) and a $15 fee for Indirect loans (L31, L32, L90, L91, L94 and L95) that will apply to skip-
                                   President/CEO           a-pays processed online. An additional fee will apply for skip-a-pays processed in person, at a branch or through the mail. The
                                                           processing fee will increase the loan’s APR. All loans must be current and in good standing prior to skipping a payment. Loan must be
                                                           on the books for at least six months to be eligible for skip-a-pay. Each loan type may be skipped only twice during a twelve month period.
       As consumers, we all benefit greatly from
debit cards by having increased buying power,
convenience and security. Retailers also receive
tremendous benefits when accepting debit cards
for payment, including higher sales, lower costs           Teachers deserve more credit – extra credit even!
and guaranteed payment. By paying the small
interchange fee to the bank or credit union that
                                                           At Insight Credit Union, we want to help make teachers’ summer more carefree with an extra
issued the card, retailers avoid the hassle, cost          paycheck in their pocket.
and risk of handling checks and currency. And by                 If you are a teacher or educational support employee, you can receive up to $2,000 – up
having the funds immediately transferred                   to the amount of your most recent paycheck – to use this summer for whatever you want.
electronically, they avoid the risk of any fraud that
may occur.                                                 That’s a payment amount of about $167 per month (or less depending on the amount you
       The interchange income received by Insight          borrow) and it’s paid back in just 12 months with no interest. Teachers increase your GPA with
Credit Union is then used to cover the cost of             a little R&R this summer! We have the cash to help you do it!
operating and maintaining credit and debit card                  • 0% APR*
programs that the credit union offers. Interchange
income also allows us to offer products such as                  • Up to $2,000** for Summer Break!
Free Checking and Incentive Checking.                            • Pay it back over 12 months – that’s a payment of $167 per month*** or less!
       Last year, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank                 • 90-days deferred payments**** – so no payments until you’re back to school!
Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
[PL 111-203]. One of the Act’s provisions allows           A Summer Break Loan is as easy as 1-2-3:
the Federal Reserve to regulate and cap                        1. Be a member of Insight Credit Union
interchange fees on debit cards. On July 21st, the             2. Direct deposit your net paycheck into an Insight Credit Union account
new limits to interchange fees take effect and
retailers and their shareholders stand to receive an           3. Provide a pay stub from your school to verify employment
estimated $14 billion dollars in added profit.                 You’ve worked hard all school year – now get the extra credit you deserve! Don’t be
Unfortunately, they are the only group that stands
to benefit from this new regulation.                       tardy! Stop by your local branch or call 407.426.6000 or toll-free 888.843.8328 to speak to
       Lower interchange fees mean less                    a Money Coach about a Summer Break Loan today! Or visit to
interchange income for the credit union. To                apply online.
compensate for this loss in interchange income on
                                                           *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Open to qualifying educators and school employees (copy of pay stub may be required). Membership,
debit card transactions, many banks and credit             as well as direct deposit of net paycheck into an Insight Credit Union savings or checking account, is required. Approved borrowers
unions like Insight are being forced to either reduce      must qualify under Insight’s standard personal loan underwriting guidelines. Offer valid June 1, 2011 through August 31, 2011. **Loan
expenses in other areas to make up the difference,         amount cannot exceed that of the educator’s net paycheck amount; maximum amount $2,000. ***Average payment of $167 is for a
                                                           loan amount of $2,000 over a 12 month period. ****This offer is subject to credit approval and loan disbursement.
eliminate beneficial products such as our Free
Checking account, or begin charging for other
services such as printed monthly statements.
       One way for us to reduce expenses is to
reduce the number of monthly statements we print
and mail to members. By converting a majority of
                                                                              Let Our Mortgage Experts Help You
our members to eStatements, we are not only                Whether you’re thinking it’s time for a new home, looking to buy your very first home, or
reducing expenses, but more importantly we’re              already own that perfect home, your Money Coach is here to help! At Insight Credit Union,
helping to secure your private information at the          we offer a wide variety of highly competitive mortgage products, and a staff of knowledgeable
same time.        eStatements are faster, more
convenient, and best of all free! It is our hope that      and friendly professionals who can guide you through your options every step of the way.
by reducing the expense of printing and mailing                 Did you know Insight Credit Union now offers FHA and VA Mortgages? That’s right!
monthly statements, we will be able to continue            Federal Housing Administration or FHA Mortgages are ideal for first-time homebuyers
offering the same quality products you’ve grown
accustomed to without charging a fee.
                                                           seeking a lower down payment and lower closing costs. Veterans Administration or VA
       Managing your money wisely is the                   Mortgages are also available to qualified members with maximum loan amounts up to $417,000.
cornerstone of our mission. We are doing our best               Already own your dream home? A home equity line of credit can be a great way to finance
to make decisions that will provide you with the           a wide variety of major purchases. The home equity line uses the equity in your home and can
best products and services while keeping your
money safe and secure. Thank you for allowing
                                                           be accessed at your convenience with checks or in person.
us to serve your financial needs. We sincerely                  Please contact a Mortgage Specialist at 407.426.6000 or toll-free 888.843.8328 ext. 16040
appreciate your support and your business.                 for information about our mortgage products, the application process, and much more!

                                                                                                     Our Mission Statement is to provide exceptional service and improve
                                                                                                     our members’ financial lives. To accomplish this, we will maintain
                                                                                                     earnings and reserves which promote sound growth and encourage
                                                  P.O. Box 4900                                      member confidence.
                                                  Orlando, FL 32802-4900
                          Insight Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

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