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					No: 102 July/August’08

Europe’s Entertainment Destination Bodrum
                                                               18th year
                                                               no: 101 May/June’08

                     Last Emperor Returns
                     Bye USA, welcome China!

                     This century’s super power will be Chi-
                     na. After our impressions at Shanghai,
                     Hong Kong and Beijing in the last three
                     months, we foresee that new patron of
                     the planet will be China. World’s leading
                     economists’ common idea is that China
                     is rapidly growing. Beside the basic eco-
                     nomic indicators as the increasing volume in export, productivity,
                     excess foreign currency, UNWTO reports announced at the travel
                     exhibitions held at the mentioned cities show the reality of China in
                     tourism industry as well. China, with close to 1,5 billion populati-
                     on, is registering itself as a World giant of the last century.

                     Countries or entities that cooperate with China will win.

                                                                             Suat Töre

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4   July/August’08
Minister to Promote Istanbul in Hungary
    Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister traveled to Budapest, Hungary on Thursday.
According to reports, Gunay will hold talks in Hungary to promote Istanbul as European
Capital of Culture in 2010. Gunay will travel to Pecs; the fifth largest city of Hungary
that has been selected to be the European Capital of Culture in 2010 sharing the title
together with Essen and Istanbul. Gunay will hold talks with authorities so that European
Capitals of Culture for 2010 Istanbul and Pecs organize joint exhibitions. The European
Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for a period of one year
during which it is given a chance to showcase its cultural life and cultural development.

Turkey Opens Arms to Arab Tourists
    After years of focusing on holidaymakers from western Europe
and Russia, Turkey’s tourism industry is slowly discovering a new
type of visitor keen to spend generous amounts of time and money
in Turkey’s coastal regions, cultural sites and bazaars: the Arab
family. “Turkey is attractive because it is a Muslim country and
a very green country,” said Timur Bayindir, president of Turkey’s
Touristic Hotels and Investors Association. “You can find mosques
here, and compared to Arabia, the climate is cool.”Cuneyt
Mengu, owner of Mercan Turizm, a Turkish tour operator working
with visitors from Arab countries, said the advantages go both
ways. “Turkey is only a short trip for [Arab tourists], the weather
is nice, and they can go shopping. And they spend more money
in Turkey than Europeans.” It is easier for Arabs to get visas for
Turkey than for holiday destinations in Europe, tour providers
and others said. The growing distrust towards Muslims in the
West since the terrorist attacks in the United States, Britain and
Spain over the past seven years has also contributed to making
Turkey more attractive to Arab visitors. “Arabs don’t feel like
foreigners in Turkey,” Mr Mengu said. “Nobody looks down
upon them here.” Last year, Turkey’s tourism ministry counted
704,000 visitors from such Arab countries as Saudi Arabia,            to explore the cool and green regions around Bursa and Abant
the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria and           in north-western Anatolia, the Black Sea region, as well as the
Iraq, up from 560,000 in 2006, according to the ministry’s            classic holiday regions of Bodrum, Marmaris and Antalya, where
website. That was a rise of more than 20 per cent.That is still       most of the European visitors spend their holidays, Mr Mengu
a small percentage of the 23.3 million foreign visitors Turkey        said. There has been no culture clash on Turkey’s beaches,
received last year, nearly half of them flying in from European       with scantily clad tourists from Europe and conservative Arab
countries. About 2.5 million came from Russia. But the growth         families getting along without a problem, Mr Mengu said. “In
rate for Arab visitors was higher than the overall increase of        Bodrum, the Arabs also wear bikinis,” he said. While the number
17.8 per cent. Prospects for a further rise this year are good,       of Arab visitors in Turkey is still low, there are many things the
said Sedat Kutlu, president of the Turkish-Arab Businessmen           country can do to attract more tourists from that part of the world,
Association. Last year, 30,000 Arab tourists visited the area         Mr Mengu said. “Turkey should start a PR campaign for Arab
around Mersin and Adana in southern Turkey, Mr Kutlu said,            tourists, like Malaysia did,” he said. An increase in the number
“This year, we expect twice that number.”Mr Kutlu echoed Mr           of small and exclusive boutique hotels around Istanbul would also
Mengu’s observation that Arab visitors are interested in Turkey’s     help, Mr Mengu said. Trends in international tourism show that
rich cultural heritage and are willing to spend more money than       neighbouring regions are essential for a country that wants to
tourists from Europe. “Arab tourists go for a family holiday, they    establish itself as a destination, Mr Bayindir said. “For example,
visit the bazaar. European tourists don’t leave their hotels,” Mr     visitors from France and Germany were very important for Spain
Kutlu said. “That’s why we have to find ways to attract rich Arab     as a tourism country because they could get there easily,” he said.
tourists.”Many European tourists come to Turkey on all-inclusive      For Turkey, this means it has to do more for potential guests from
packages, sometimes paying less than €300 (Dh1,750) for a             surrounding regions, including the Arab peninsula, he said. “We
weeklong holiday. Arab tourists are different, Mr Bayindir said.      have to look after our neighbours,” Mr Bayindir said. A further
“They come with the whole family, which can mean 10 people            increase in the number of tourists would also be welcomed by
or so,” he said. “So they don’t take one room, they take three        traders in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. “They have more money than
rooms. And they tend to stay longer than Europeans. Money is          others,” said Suleyman Ertas, general secretary of the bazaar’s
not an issue for them.”Turkey’s main competitors in wooing Arab       trader association. Arabs are looking for jewellery and carpets
tourists are Egypt and Lebanon, destinations that are also close      in particular when they visit the bazaar, Mr Ertas said. “But they
to Arabian countries and offer fine weather. In Turkey, most Arab     drive a hard bargain.”
tourists visit Istanbul and its environs, but some have also begun

6    July/August’08
Foreign Media Feel Istanbul
     Istanbul, the only city that is situated on two continents and become capital of 4
empires is charming its guests with its history, nature and touristic attractions. Turkish
Culture & Tourism Ministry Promotion Directorate General reported that 55 foreign
media delegates including journalists, columnists, writers and gourmands visited
Istanbul under a project “Feeling Istanbul” Media delegates from Austria, China,
Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Britain, Poland, Japan, United Arab
Emirates, Ukraine, Finland, Israel, Bulgaria, Denmark, Belgium, USA, Germany and
Switzerland visited Istanbul’s famous historical and touristical sites and were hosted
in the most popular facilities of Istanbul. Delegates charmed with what Istanbul
offers for its guests. During their stay in Istanbul they have visited Topkapi Palace,
Hagia Sofia Museum, Basilica Cistern, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul Modern and
Istinye Park.

Saint Paul Year Celebration Started
     The “Year of Saint Paul”, as declared by Pope Benedict XVI, began with a
ceremony in the southern province of Mersin’s Tarsus town on Saturday. Activities
as part of the “Year of Saint Paul” started with a prayer at the Saint Paul Church.
Benedict XVI has declared June 2008-June 2009 the year of St. Paul in celebration
of the 2,000th anniversary of the saint’s birth. Saint Paul was an Apostle of Jesus
Christ and lived in Tarsus for a long time. The Vatican declared Tarsus as a site of

Turkey Introduced Museum Card
     Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry in cooperation with Association of Turkish
Travel Agencies (TURSAB) launched “Museum Card“ to draw more attention of people
towards museums. A special event organized at Istanbul Archeology Museum to
announce the Museum Card (Muze Kart) with the participation of Turkish Culture and
Tourism Minister Mr. Ertugrul Günay and President of TURSAB Mr. Basaran Ulusoy.
The Museum Card can be used by only Turkish citizens and will be valid for one year,
people who want to use it, will be able to renew it. The card gives unlimited access
to 185 museums and 130 ruin sites throughout Turkey for one year. The card is only
YTL20. Ministry aims to increase awareness of Turkish people towards Turkey’s rich
history, culture and looks forward to receive their support in protection those valuable
assets. The card will also ease to collect visitors’ numbers as well as will help ticket

Turkey to Host International Festival of Ancient Theatres
     Turkish western province of Izmir will host the second
international festival of ancient theatres in the summer of 2009
under the aegis of the State Theatres. Lemi Bilgin, director-
general of the State Theatres, reported that the first festival would
take place in Greece this summer. Bilgin added that they have a
theatre train project. A train will travel from Ankara to Stuttgart,
Germany, via eight countries. State Theatres will greet audience
in those countries during the journey to stage some theatre
plays. Another project is the ship theatre project that will put into
practice in 2010. A number of theatres in Europe will take part in
this project. Bilgin added that Turkish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian
theatres have worked on the Hurrem Sultan project this year. The
play will be staged in Bulgaria this season. It will be performed
in Turkey and Ukraine next season.

8    July/August’08
Turkish Movies Promoted in United States
     Turkey is promoting its movie industry in the United States. A number of old and new Turkish movies will be screened in
Washington D.C. in an event that was opened at a reception on Tuesday. Turkish movie stars Hulya Kocyigit, Sener Sen, Ozgu
Namal and Mahsun Kirmizigul attended the reception. “Eskiya” (Bandit), a film by Yavuz Turgul; “Takva” (A Man’s Fear of God), a
film by Ozer Kiziltan; and “Beyaz Melek” (The White Angel), a film by Mahsun Kirmizigul; were on the screen at the Goethe Institute
on the first day o f the event organized with the support of Turkish Television & Movie Filmmakers Union and Turkey’s Ministry of
Culture & Tourism. The films will later be screened in New York. “Pars Kiraz Operasyonu” (Pars Operation Cherry) by Osman
Sinav, “Iklimler” (Climates) by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, “Gelibolu” (Gallipoli) by Tolga Ornek, and “Yasamin Kiyisinda” (The Edge of
Heaven) are the other films to be on the screen on Wednesday and Thursday. “Eskiya”, “Takva”, “Beyaz Melek”, “Iklimler”, and
“Yasamin Kiyisinda “ have won international awards.

Turkey Becomes a Favored Country for Hollywood Films
     Famous directors Paul Verhoeven and Mario Kassar’s trip to          preparations for filming
Turkey and decision to shoot the film ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’          have been completed.
in Topkapi Palace has led many film companies to offer to shoot          Çelik said Verhoeven and
films in the country. But Turkey needs to create better tax incentives   Kassar plan to come to
to really benefit from this opportunity Hollywood production             Turkey with film company
companies, some of the largest in the motion picture industry,           Metro Goldwyn Mayer
have taken a recent interest in shooting films in Turkey, with           to make a film and the
recent offers to shoot five significant film projects in the country.    team will likely begin
New production offers started to come after Paul Verhoeven, the          shooting the film at the
famous director of movies such as “Basic Instinct” and “Robocop,”        end of December or in
and Mario Kassar, the producer of “Rambo” and “Terminator,”              February.      “Verhoeven
visited Turkey and decided to shoot the film “The Thomas Crown           said they would start in
Affair” here, according to information provided by the general           February, or March at
director of cinema and copyrights, Abdurrahman Çelik. The film           the latest, so if we make
companies that wish to shoot in Turkey are now in talks with             laws until December,
Turkish companies and are beginning to the visit areas where             we will get much benefit
they plan to work, he said. As many countries, including Britain,        from it.” Çelik noted that
Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Malta, Romania and the                 Verhoeven and Kassar
United States, have created tax deductions in order to encourage
producers to shoot movies on their soil, Turkey is beginning
to take similar action. The specific arrangement regarding tax           shown in a Hollywood film, it will be a huge promotion,” he
deductions will be presented to the Turkish Parliament once more         added.

    Turkish food companies will participate in “Summer 2008 Fancy Food & Confection Show”
in New York, the United States between June 29th and July 1st. A statement by the Office of the
Turkish Commercial Attache in New York announced that Turkish Foreign Trade Undersecretary
Tuncer Kayalar would attend the inauguration of food show in New York. 28 Turkish food
companies with pistachio and olive oil promotion groups will take part in the fair. 2,500 American
and foreign companies will attend the 54th Fancy Food Show in New York. Almost 20,000 buyers
are expected to visit the show.

Rally of Turkey Held in Antalya
    Thousands of enthusiastic WRC fans flocked to the tourist city of Antalya
for the Rally of Turkey that hosted the fastest drivers and crews in the world
between 12-15 June. World famous drivers race among the natural beauties
and unique history of Antalya and Kemer region. At the eighth round of the
2008 FIA World Rally Championship, six manufacturer teams attended the
event BP Ford Abu Dhabi team driver Mikko Hirvonen has won Rally Turkey
after a nail-biting finale that went right to the end of the final stage. Hirvonen
successfully defended his overnight rally lead, fending off enormous pressure
on the final 31km Olympos stage from his team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala, and
Citroen Total driver Sebastien Loeb.

10 July/August’08
“Pinhole Photographs” at Istanbul Modern
   Istanbul Modern Art Museum is hosting “Pinhole Photographs” mind. Under the guidance of their teacher, a handful of young
exhibition featuring works by 33 young photographers who use students from Adana proved that photography requires brains
the “pinhole” technique based on the 2500-year-old Camera and commitment rather than expensive equipment. Students in
                                                               other schools initiated photography workshops by using the
A.S. and curated by Engin Özendes, the exhibition is comprised same technique. The “Pinhole Photographs” exhibition at Istanbul
of 67 photographs that recall a historic period in the art of
photography. The exhibition will be open between 17 June and
24 August 2008 at the Istanbul Modern Photograph Gallery.
Visa Renkli Ufuklar, Mas Matbaa and Marshall are among
the exhibition supporters. Originally created in 2006 at the

Tepebas High School through the efforts of Turkish Language and
Literature teacher Nuri Gürdil, the photography workshop set an
example for other schools in the city. The project soon spread

counties of Adana. Unable to provide the necessary equipment, the
students participating in Turkish Language and Literature teacher
Nuri Gürdil’s photography workshop resolved this problem by
working with Pinhole technique, the most primitive version of the
photographic camera that is based on the principles of Camera
Obscura. In this endeavor, they created Pinhole devices by using
punctured cans and similar objects. All 33 young photographers
featured in this exhibition produced equally striking images
with the help of light sieved through the tiny holes punctured       Modern Photograph Gallery brings together the works of 33
on the surface of cans. In terms of both style and composition,      young students enrolled in various primary and secondary schools
which is very hard to create with a pinhole, they demonstrated       across Adana, who are dedicated to the art of photography and
a skillful use of light in the photographs they captured. The ways   use the same technique that a number of photographers across
in which they chose to express their efforts emphasized that what    the globe choose to employ.
indeed captures the image is not the camera, but the creative

Serbian Railways to Connect Belgrade to Istanbul
     New train routes will be established this summer between        between July 12 and August 28 and every day between August
Belgrade and the two main cities on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast,      29 and September. Trains will leave Serbia’s capital at 8:40am
Varna and Burgas, and Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, the Serbian   and arrive in Burgas at 6:05am on the following day. Return
Railways company reported. The direct train from Belgrade to         tickets cost 72.40 euro for second class and 108 euro for first
Varna, Bulgaria’s second biggest city, will run between June 9       class. The trains to Turkey are daily, leaving Belgrade at 8:40am
and September 7. It will leave Belgrade daily at 9:10pm and          and arriving in Istanbul at 8:25am on the following day. Return
arrive in Varna at 5:55pm on the following day, according to         tickets cost 88 euro for second class and 132 euro for fisrt class
the Serbian newspaper Danas. Second-class return tickets for the     Travellers who wish to buy sleeping-cart tickets have to pay an
route cost 79.60 euro and 119.60 euro for first class. Trains        additional fee: 6 and 9 euro for the second and first class tickets,
between Belgrade and Burgas, located on Bulgaria’s southern          respectively, to Varna and Burgas, while the charge for Istanbul
Black Sea Coast, will operate between on Thursdays and Fridays       is 9.40 and 14 euro for second and first class respectively.

Istanbul is 6th Richest                                              Foreign Tourist Arrivals on Rise
                                                                        Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism announced that Turkey

European City                                                        received 7,3 million tourists in the first 5 months of 2008, a 15
                                                                     percent increase compare to last year. According to the statement
  Istanbul ranked the 6th among the richest European cities,         of the Ministry, number of visitors from the Organization for
                                                                     the Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD)-member
a book published by Istanbul Chamber of Trade (ITO) said.
                                                                     countries rose by 15.11 percent and number of visitors from
ITO’s book “Turkey and Istanbul in the World” said Istanbul
                                                                     east European countries climbed by 14.99 percent. German
with an income of 145 billion USD ranked the 6th among
                                                                     tourists topped the list of foreigners who preferred Turkey for
European cities and 34th in the world cities. Istanbul would
                                                                     their vacation. They accounted for 17.51 percent of total number
probably rank the 5th among the richest cities of Europe and         of foreign tourists visiting Turkey. They were followed by Russian,
27th among the world cities in 2020, the book stated.                British, Bulgarian, Iranian, Dutch, Georgian, French, Ukrainian
                                                                     and Greek tourists.

                                                                                                                 July/August’08       11
Trabzon and Gumushane Promoted in Indonesia
      Trabzon and Gumushane are promoted in Indonesian
daily ‘The Jakarta Post’ with an article by Sudibyo M. Wiradji.
Turkish Embassy Tourism Information Office organized a fam
trip to Turkey’s Black Sea Region for journalist from Indonesia,
Malaysia, Brunei. The article published at the newspaper as
follows: While Istanbul with its Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and
Tokapi Palace continues to lure tourists from far and wide, other
cities or regions in Turkey’s Black Sea coastal area boast tourist
attractions that have promising prospects, providing alternatives
in tourist spots. Trabzon and Gumushane, both in the eastern
Black Sea region, are among Turkey’s regions beyond Istanbul
that are making massive efforts to promote their tourism potential
worldwide, with historic remains and natural beauty being their
main selling points. Both Trabzon and Mushane are blessed with
dramatic landscape, plateaus, flora and fauna. Located in a
strategically important region, Trabzon is said to be one of the
oldest trade and port cities in Anatolia (Anadolu in Turkish) - a
geographic region bounded by the Black Sea to the north, the
Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west and          besides cultural and tourist spots, he said. The festival features
the bulk of the Asian mainland to the east. Western travelers           paintings and photographs exhibitions, folklore demonstration,
have been known to refer to Trabzon as the mystic city of the           debates, jazz and chamber orchestra, poetic nights, local plays,
East, thanks partly to its colorful history. Historically, Trabzon      sports activities. The mayor also said that more accommodations
was founded by Turkish tribes who reached the Black Sea                 ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts, guesthouses and
region via the Caucasus before being ruled by Millets, Persians,        hostels were now available to accommodate the rising number
Romans, Byzantium and Kommens respectively. The importance              of tourist to Trabzon. Meanwhile Gumushane, which means
of Trabzon not only comes from its strategic location between the       House of Silver, is a city on the historical silk-road between China
West and East trade route but also its very rich urban and cultural
heritage. “Trabzon, apart from Istanbul, was the first city to issue
the publication of city almanac and the city newspaper in 1869.
And it was in Trabzon where the first medical magazine Hekim
was published in 1908,” a book on Trabzon issued by Trabzon
City administration says. The Black Sea coast, especially the
eastern Black Sea region, with Trabzon as the major city, is
among regions in Turkey with a growing tourist industry thanks to
continuous efforts by the local tourism office to promote its tourism
potential worldwide. Trabzon is Turkey’s 61th province with an
estimated population of 1,061,055. Mehmet Volkan Canalioglu,
the mayor of Trabzon City, disclosed in his office recently that
out of the average 20 million tourist arrivals to Turkey per year,
around 1.5 million visit Trabzon City. The mayor was upbeat
about the upward trend of tourist arrivals to Trabzon, attributing
the increase to rising advertisement placements, invitations for
domestic and foreign tour operators and tourism writers to visit
Trabzon over the last several years. Official statistics show that
in 2006, 477,665 foreign and 1,196,214 domestic tourists                and Trabzon. It is called House of Silver because Gumushane
visited Trabzon, contributing around US$95 million to the city.         is rich in silver mines. Gumushane is situated in the inner area
“Last year, tourists from Far East countries started to come to         of the eastern Black Sea region, surrounded by Bayburt to the
Trabzon, too,” he said. Foreign tourists like to visit Trabzon not      east, Trabzon to the north, Giresun to the west and Erzincan
only due to its mild climate, which is not too hot in summer, but       to the south. Gumushane Governor Envier Salihoglu said that
also because of its rich historical heritage and natural beauty,        aside from having unique flora and fauna, Gumushane also
he said. Mehmet cited Sumela Monastery, Ataturk Pavilion,               offers caves, plateaus, waterfalls and ancient cities. According
Ayasofya Museum, Gulbaharhatun, Ortahizar Mosque, Trabzon               to the governor, Gumushane was established in 3000 BC and
City Walls and the Girls’ Monastery as historical sites worth           constituted a mosaic of ethnic groups. On the list of Gumushane’s
visiting. The mayor also said that the first International Trabzon      recommended tourist spots are the ancient cities (antic kentler)
Culture and Art Festival was held in 2005 as part of the city’s         of Sulemaniye, Santa and Olucak; fountains such as Daltaban
efforts to boost tourism in the region. “The festival is one of         Cesmesi; mosques like Suleymaniye Camii; tombs like Cagirgan
the most attractive events in Trabzon and it is held annually,          Baba Turbesi; plateaus like Zigana Tourism Markezi; Gumushane
starting September,” he said. Sister cities of Trabzon, namely          houses; Saricicek Village Rooms; waterfalls like Tomara Selasi;
Rizhao city in China, Batumi city in Georgia, Sochi City in the         natural lakes like Limini Golu; bridges like Tohumoglu Koprusu
Russian Federation, Szigetvar city in Hungary and Travenik City         and caves like Karakace Cave. Envier said that Karaca Cave
in Bosnia-Hezeggovina take part in this festival with their local       is the center of attraction in Gumushane. “When you go there
musicians and folklore groups. Throughout the three-day festival,       in order to see the cave, you approach it via old residential
visitors are given the chance to see historical parts of Trabzon        centers,” he said.

12 July/August’08
Istanbul to be a Music Capital in July
     Istanbul will be a music capital in July by hosting many         Kravitz, who sold 20 million albums, will take stage at Turkcell
famous musicians and groups including Metallica, Judas Priest,        Kurucesme Arena on July 30th. Within the scope of the 15th
Massive Attack, Def Leppard, Marcus Miller, Pink Martini, and         International Istanbul Jazz Festival, Herbie Hancock will take
Lenny Kravitz. On July 5th,                                           stage at Cemil Topuzlu Open-air Theater on July 2nd and at
Alanis Morissette will take                                           Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall on July 3rd. Pink Martini will once
stage at Parkorman within the                                         again meet with their fans at Cemil Topuzlu Open-air Theater,
scope of Masstival 2008 music                                         Caetano Veloso will give a concert at Cemil Topuzlu Open-
festival. Grammy-award winner Morissette’s “Little Jagged Pill”       air Theater on July 10th and Raul Midon will give a concert at
album sold over 33 million across the world. She is known with        Istanbul’s new shopping center; Istinye Park on July 14. For other
her songs “Hand In My Pocket”, “You Learn”, “Ironic”, “Head           performers and program of the festival, please visit
Over Feet”, “Forgiven”, “Uninvited” and “Thank You”. On July          caz/english Marcus Miller and Tower of Power band will take
6th, Parkorman will host 70’s rock band Whitesnake. British rock      stage on July 3rd. Nnenna Freelon and Ivan Lins will perform at
band Def Leppard will also take stage on July 6th at Parkorman        Archeology Museum on July 8th. Omara Portuondo, last member
within the scope of Masstival 2008. For more information about        of Buena Vista Social Club, will perform at Sepetciler Kasri on
the Masstival 2008, please visit On July            July 9th. Rufus Wainwright will perform at Hagia Irene Museum
13th, Parkorman will host a trip-hop band Massive Attack. The         on July 8th. Legend of the Dance Music; Bob Sinclar will perform
band won awards with its albums “Blue Lines”, “Protection” and        in Istanbul for the first time at Parkorman on July 29th. Bob sinclar
“Mezzanine”. Its song “Unfinished Symphony” took place in top         is a Grammy Award-nominated French record producer, House
ten best songs ever in Britain. Massive Attack gave a concert         music DJ, remixer and owner of the label Yellow Productions.
                             in Turkey in 2003. Famous heavy
                             metal group; Judas Priest will give
                             its first Istanbul concert at Turkcell
                             Kurucesme Arena on July 13th.
                             Metallica, which sold 120 million
                             albums across the world so far and
is known as the most popular cult band of the world, will give its
third stadium concert in Turkey at Ali Sami Yen Stadium on July
27th. Metallica gave concerts in Istanbul in 1993 and 1999.
On July 23rd, Cemil Topuzlu Open-air Theater will host Greek
musician Haris Alexiou. Four-time Grammy award winner Lenny

Istanbul Jazz Festival
    Organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts under the sponsorship
of GARANTI BANK, the 15th International Istanbul Jazz Festival starts with the
opening ceremony at the Esma Sultan Palace, on the evening of July 1. Concerts
of the 15th International Istanbul Jazz Festival that will be held between 2 and
16 July 2008 will be spread across various venues in the city. Cemil Topuzlu

Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Nardis Jazz
Club and Istinye Park will be hosting the festival concerts this year. Acting as
a host to the greatest living artists of classic and contemporary jazz in Istanbul
for the past fourteen years, the International Istanbul Jazz Festival will be once
again the destination of world famous musicians this year. The Festival is hosting
Herbie Hancock, a jazz icon who has shaped the music history, with two special
concerts under the sponsorship of Dockers® San Francisco. A star with 20 million
albums sold worldwide and 4 consecutive Grammy awards for “Best Male Rock

on the evening of Wednesday, July 30. Another surprise of the Festival is the
one of the greatest names of pop, jazz and R&B, the seven-time Grammy winner
Al Jarreau… In a concert sponsored by Emirates, Jarreau will be performing his
repertoire from this year’s album “Love Songs” as well as his other classic songs
at the Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre on the evening of Wednesday, July 16.
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, writer, human rights defender and among the most
powerful voices of Brazilian music, five-time Grammy winner Caetano Veloso is
one of the most special guests of the festival! Caetano Veloso’s concert at the
Open Air Theatre on Thursday, July 10 is one of the concerts that should not be
missed. A musician who has worked closely with jazz masters like Miles Davis
and David Sanborn for many years, world famous bass virtuoso Marcus Miller
will be at the Open Air Theatre on the evening of Thursday, July 3.

                                                                                                                   July/August’08 13
111-Year Taste Started with 1897 and Cafe Piruhi
    Turkey’s best Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine open its two new
place 1897 and Cafe Piruhi in Akaretler. With its decoration, worked in this project. Personnel uniforms
garden and modern lines, 1897 and Cafe Piruhi will serve are tailored by famous fashion designer
their guests “Fine Turkish Dining” in newly restored Akaretler-
                                                                        by Viki Saban, Chief Administrator of 1897
600 of Ottoman-Turkish cuisine, will continue its conventional
and elegance catering concept in its new place, “1897, which
is named after the establishment year. You shall visit any hour the Executive Chef sticking to centennial
and have a good time in 1897, which presents the privilege to recipes of Middle Asia, Seljuk and Ottoman is quite ideal for
dine under the light canopy of a 100-year-old bay tree, in a 500- those seeking for conventional tastes in a historical site. There
metersquare garden in spring and summer seasons. 1897 is smart are different recipes of various regions of Turkey and special
place selected for business and special meals with its garden-bar game meals in this selective menu, bearing the sign of quality,
designed for those to enjoy Istanbul at its limits. 1897, which bears
                                              the signs of last period
                                              architecture concept of rank among worlds leader cuisines. Stuffed faux wine leaves with
                                              Ottoman, and whose sour cherries, Grilled Quail with Wine Leaves, Duck meat baked
                                              inner architecture is with fruits, Mahmudiye with Honey, Terkib-I Çesidiye are among
                                              made by Nihat Sami the specials. Creamed Zerafet, Baklava with Orange, Profiterol
                                              Erül and architectural with Chocolate and Tahini are some of our desserts after an
                                              applications by Hami dream meal. Cafe Piruhi, is presenting an ever live, younger and
                                                                        more vivid place with its menu that revolutionize today’s café
                                              aura with its eye- concept, decoration of special rooms, tables and gardens for
                                              catching         modern drinking tea on historical Akaretler pavements in Springs and
                                              and simple designs. Summers. In Cafe Piruhi where you may find conventional Turkish
                                              The place, with its breakfast, homemade hot dough-nuts, and a much faster service,
                                              conventional Ottoman- Stinger Soup, “Piruhi” served with herbs and cooked walnut
                                              Turkish        patterns, and tomato sauce, which is the cafe is named after, Homemade
                                              pictures,      furniture,
                                              objects and geometrical Sandwich with Chicken in Çerkez Style, Quail Salad, Baked
                                              lines has also rooms Duck Salad and Goose Meal are among the favorites. The most
                                              that    have    different standing dessert among all-star desserts is Mash with Lemon and
                                              features. Artists such Strawberry as well. 1897 is open on weekdays and weekends
                                              as sculptor Malik Bulut from 11.30 am to 01.00 am. Besides, Cafe Piruhi starts serving
                                              and university lecturer early for working people at 07.30 am and is open until 24.00
                                              in ceramics department pm. Address: Süleyman Seba Cad. No 40.42.46 Akaretler
                                              Lerzan Özer and Ali Phone: (0 212) 227 42 43 pbx

Ferry Service to Start Between Bodrum and Samos
    Ferry service was launched between Yalikavak port of Turkey’s coastal
Bodrum town and the Greek island Samos. A ferry named “Bodrum Express
Lines”, carrying 35 passengers including numerous Greek officials, travelled
                                       from Samos to Yalikavak port on
                                       Saturday. Speaking to reporters upon
                                       the ferry’s arrival, Thanos Stulianos,
                                       deputy governor of Samos, said that a
                                       regular ferry service would be initiated
                                       between Yalikavak and Samos in an
                                       effort to boost commercial and cultural
                                       relations between Turkey and Greece.
                                       The ferry trips between the two ports
                                       will start next week, officials said.
                                       Yalikavak is a town near Bodrum in
                                       Mugla province, in the Aegean coast
                                       of Turkey. It is 18 km to Bodrum and
                                       located at the north eastern tip of the
                                       Bodrum peninsula. It is an important
                                       tourist resort. Samos is a Greek island
                                       in the North Aegean Sea.

14 July/August’08
                   Number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals To Istanbul
                  Turkey                Istanbul             Change      Change
                                                            compare compare to
                                                             to 2007 previous year
                                                            (Monthly) (Cummulative)
                2007      2008        2007           2008
  January    714.425 782.786       314.762       357.203         13,5         13,5
  February   787.048 896.482       361.563       432.019         19,5         16,7
  March    1.099.960 1.305.297     462.047       550.350         19,1         17,7
  April    1.520.954 1.647.903     552.535       582.779          5,5         13,7
  May      2.287.645 2.748.364     586.550       691.454         17,9         14,8
  June     2.774.076               554.267       668.851         20,7         15,9
  TOTAL    9.184.108 7.380.832 2.831.724 3.282.656

                                               • Ahmet Seymen is the new General Manager of ByOtell Istanbul as
                                                   of June 1st.
                                               • Director General for Promotion;                    has been
       Istanbul Culture and Tourism                appointed as the Vice     Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism.
Directorate announced that Istanbul                                                                                       Ahmet Seymen
welcomed 3.2 million foreign tourists          •                has been appointed to Park Hyatt Istanbul – Maçka
in the first six months of 2008. Most of           Palas as Director of Sales.
the foreign tourists arriving in Istanbul
in 2008 came from Russia (14.9 %),             •                        named Director of Sales and Marketing of
                                                   W Hotel Istanbul.
followed by Russians (6.8 %) and French
& British (4.8 %), Americans (4,7%)            •                  has named General Manager of Polat Tourism.

                                               •               has been appointed to Dedeman Buyukcekmece
                                                   Hotel & Spa as General Manager.

                                               •                   has been appointed to The Marmara Hotels as
                                                   General Coordinator.

                                               •                  has been appointed to Dream Hill Hotel in Maltepe,
                                                   Istanbul as General Manager.

                                               •                named Sales & Marketing Manager of The
                                                   Greenpark Hotels Kartepe.

                                               •                has been appointed to Dedeman Hotel ile as
                                                   General Manager.

                                               •                     has been appointed as the General Manager of
                                                   Mardan Palace.

                                               •                   has been appointed as General Coordinator of Hopel
         FREE Subscription                         Group.
 If you would like to receive daily            •                  is the new LSG Sky Chefs, General Manager Turkey.
    Focus on Travel Newsletter,                •               has been appointed to Susesi De Luxe Resort & Spa
        please fill the form                       as General Manager.

            in this link:                      •                   has been appointed Gloria Hotels & Resorts as
                                                   Assistant Sales & Marketing Director.

ExporamaShow 2008 – All about event marketing!
         The      Mediterranean                                      Exhibit Systems, Event Equipment, Event Design and Decoration,
special event for Exhibitions,                                       Promotion Services, Incentives, Travel, Accommodation, Printing
Conferences and Corporate                                            and Publishing, Logistics and Security, Event Technology,
Meetings – Exporama Show                                             Organizations and Trade Associations.ExporamaShow expects
is coming back for its second                                        all Marketing Managers, Export Managers, Exhibit Managers,
edition, following the success of its inaugural organization         Meeting Planners, Communication and Public Relations Executives
in December 2006. The biennial special event for all event           from the whole range of industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical
professionals (, that is organized by           and service companies to attend the event and meet major
Exporama Crossmedia is to be held from December 6 to 9, 2008,        industry companies, find innovative, turn-key solutions and be
at HELEXPO Palace exhibition and conference centre in Athens,        updated on the latest trends, products and services in Exhibitions,
Greece.Main goal of the exhibition is to bring together all key      Conferences and Corporate Meetings. In December 2006,
enterprises and major members of the Greek and international         over 160 exhibitors showcased their products and services to
exhibition, conference and meetings industry and once again be a     ExporamaShow’s visitors, in approximately 9,000sq.m. of
communication platform and source of effective business contacts     exhibiting space. Their overall presence was remarkable and
between sellers and buyers, industry suppliers and event managers.   the vast majority of participations were of high aesthetic and
The event is structured upon a dual basis, the exhibition and        quality standards. ExporamaShow’s exhibitors made a number
the seminar section, providing both networking and educational       of appointments with the 80 foreign buyers that were invited and
opportunities to its participants. Once again, ExporamaShow          fully hosted by the organizers. The buyers that participated in the
will have full support of a number of important international and    VIP & Hosted Visitors’ Programme came mainly from Europe, as
Greek organizations, including IFES - International Federation of    well as the United States and Asia. ExporamaShow was attended
Exhibition & Event Services, IAEE - International Association of     by approximately 2,200 registered trade visitors, which is
Exhibitions and Events, and HAPCO - Hellenic Association of          considered a good starting point for the event’s future editions.
Professional Congress Organizers. Exhibitors at ExporamaShow         The high-quality profile of visitors was unanimously recorded,
will cover a wide range of industry sectors such as Exhibition       with regard to their capability to influence or their power to make
and Event Organizing, Venues, Exhibition Stand Production,           buying decisions on event products and services.

    A travel fair that covers a substantial market like Hong Kong and also the fast
growing markets of China and Asia, that brings direct contact not only with travel
trade but also corporate buyers, that combines effectively professional and public
days, each of which with its own success! The travel expo, ITE & ITE MICE, offer
the above to the international travel trade for promoting and expanding their
businesses and contacts in Asia. UNWTO ranked Hong Kong the world’s 14th
by outbound expenditures in 2006. Macau and Hong Kong are China’s cities
with the highest GDP per capita. The Guangdong province, which is China’s export base, is being known as Asia’s fifth dragon.
They have a combined population of around 100 million and there has been a building boom of convention centers and other
facilities in the region, underlining the strong travel and MICE demands. The 23rd International Travel Expo Hong Kong (ITE) will
be held from June 11 to 14, 2009, while the 4th MICE, Business & Incentive Travel Expo (ITE MICE) from June 11 to 13, both at
the newly expanded halls 3 of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (HKCEC) which include the present halls 2, 5 and
two newly built halls to a total of 6 halls. The travel expo in Hong Kong is among those few trade fairs in Asia that maintain two
professional days. This year ITE & ITE MICE drew 12900 trade and corporate visitors, up 10.7%. Among them, 20% came from
mainland China and 15% from abroad mostly from Asia; 6800 are travel agents or tour operators and 3700 corporate visitors
Unique in Asia is the concurrent holding of ITE mainly on leisure and ITE MICE on business and MICE travel. Since the concurrent
holding in 2006, corporate visitors have been increasing by times, reflecting the great benefits from synergy. Public visitors of ITE
& ITE MICE, who totaled 57500 this year, are seasoned and sophisticated travelers. Survey at the fairground found respectively
63% and 9% traveling in FIT or tailored made groups; 37% made three or more and 33% made two overnight leisure trips in the
past twelve months; 39% with university education and 30% post secondary so many are likely professionals or in management
positions. These quality visitors are attracted by the highly international profile of exhibitors of ITE & ITE MICE. Our 655 exhibitors
this year came from 50 countries and regions, and of the 43 official pavilions present over half of them from Africa, Americas,
Europe and the Middle East. In fact, over 80% of our exhibitors are from outside Hong Kong. Increasingly, more exhibitors bring
travel products on themes like hot spring & spa, family travel, cruise, adventure, golfing, skiing, diving and culture etc. Organized
by TKS Exhibition Services Ltd, ITE & ITE MICE are supported by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), Hong Kong
Tourism Board (HKTB), Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC), event industry
associations and international chambers of commerce in Hong Kong and neighboring cities, and work closely with travel trade
associations in Asia. The Official Air, Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair, and the Official Rail, MTR, sponsor our hosted buyer
program. “We are pleased that exhibitors gave high mark to our Expo this year, especially on quality of the buyers. But that does
not mean we can be complacent”, said KS Tong, Managing Director of TKS. One improvement welcomed by all exhibitors is to
place in next year all parts of ITE & ITE MICE in halls in the same floor, as by then new halls in HKCEC will become operational. In
recent years, ITE and ITE MICE have been housed in two different floors due to physical limitation of the venue.

16 July/August’08
     The 35th GTM Germany Travel Mart 2009 will be held at             and international tourism
the Hanseatic City of Rostock.Between 10 and 12 May 2009               professionals. Around 350
the spotlight will fall on the products, packages and services         service providers from the
of the German tourism industry. Participants from around               hotel, inbound tourism and
the world and suppliers from Germany will meet during the              entertainment    industries,
biggest B2B marketplace for incoming tourism to Germany. The           local and regional tourism
attractive evening events in and around Rostock provide great          organisations, holiday and
opportunities for networking. GTM 2008 was organized 27-29             city break tour operators
April in Munich’s Olympic Hall by German National Tourism              and transport companies
Board, Bayern Tourismus Marketing and its partners. During the         will promote at GTM 2009.
travel mart, Munich celebrated the 850th birthday with domestic

     The inaugural ITB Asia, October 22-24 in Singapore, has           exhibitor companies from over 40
announced partnerships with three specialist travel trade events       countries meeting with up to 3,000
that will give attendees access to four leading events in one trip     visitors including buyers. In all,
to Singapore. Within four days, in the same location of Suntec,        5,000 travel industry delegates are
Singapore, delegates can attend a travel distribution, marketing       expected. “If you want travel industry
and technology event, a corporate travel event, a MICE event,          niche sector focus, we have it,” said
and a general travel trade show and convention. The main event         Dr Martin Buck, director of Messe Berlin (Singapore) which is
is ITB Asia, October 22-24. The Web in Travel (WIT) event              organizing the inaugural ITB Asia. “If you prefer access to a
takes place October 21-22. The Association of Corporate Travel         large variety of general travel trade products and quality buyers,
Executives (ACTE) has organized two morning sessions October           we also have that.”The four-in-one concept allows travel industry
23-24. Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) inaugural           generalists to boost their understanding of niche segments, which
Asian Meetings and Events Conference takes place October               often offer higher yields and dynamic growth. “Holding Web in
23-24. The ITB Asia Convention, where the latest travel industry       Travel back-to-back with ITB Asia gives both events a great leg
issues and trends are discussed, takes place on the mornings of        up,” says Siew Hoon, producer of the technology event. “WIT-ters
October 23-24. Delegates to ITB Asia are eligible for discounts        get access to a large travel fair and ITB Asia delegates get access
or member rate prices for the three niche events. Delegates to the     to a conference focused on one of the most dynamic segments in
three niche events can enter ITB Asia’s main exhibition hall, social   the Asian travel and tourism industry.”
and media events at no charge. ITB Asia will feature up to 500

    Vietnam’s tourism has plans to strongly promote the country’s      meetings of these ministers with
sea tourism in the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2009 (ATF 2009),                partners from China, South Korea,
which will take place in the capital city of Hanoi next year, the      and Japan. In addition, there will
Culture, Sport, and Tourism Ministry said. Minister Hoang Tuan         also be meetings of ASEAN airlines
Anh told the Daily on Sunday that the organizing committee would       among other activities.           During
organize a tourism conference under the theme of Ecological Sea        the forum, the TRAVEX tourism fair
Tourism in ATF 2009, which will go under the theme “ASEAN              will also take place at the Vietnam
Tourism - Striving for A New Height”. “We see the forum as a           Exhibition Fair Center in the capital
chance to promote the country’s tourism to foreigners and will use     city. This is the first time the country organizes the annual forum
Halong Bay as a strong point for the theme,” he told the Daily after   of the ASEAN tourism sector. The organizing committee estimates
presiding a meeting last week in Hanoi to prepare for the forum,       1,500 international participants will join the event, including
which will take place in the city from January 5 to 12, 2009. Anh      around 400 international tour operators, and travel agents, and
said that in the meeting, the committee would organize sea tours       other media organizations from around the World. At the forum
for the forum’s participants. “This is a big change to promote         there will be some joint declarations, and project the ASEAN’s
potentials, and a beautiful image of the country’s sea tourism to      tourism development. The forum’s organizing committee has
tourism officials and international travel companies,” he said. The    established eight sub-committees for the forum. The first activities
regional forum will comprise official meetings such as ASEAN           to prepare for ATF 2009 started in the ATF 2008 that took place
tourism task forces, meetings of ASEAN tourism ministers, and          in Thailand’s Bangkok this January.

                                                                                                                   July/August’08 17
A Bavarian Experience- GTM
                         GTM organized 27-29 April in Munich’s Olympic Hall by German National Tourism Board, Bayern Tou-
                     rismus Marketing and its partners. Munich celebrating its 850th birthday this year, welcomed national and in-
                     ternational tourism professionals colorfully. About 370 exhibitors were showcase their products and services.
                     About 350 exhibitors from the German travel industry and more than 600 international buyers and journalists
                     had business at the workshop at the GTM. International journalists and buyers had Bavarian experience this
                     week thanks to the 34th Germany Travel Mart held in Munich and Augsburg, Germany. Lufthansa Turkey
being the Chapter of GTM in Turkey brought 4 buyers and 4 media delegates to attend GTM this year. The 35th GTM Germany
Travel Mart 2009 will be held at the Hanseatic City of Rostock. Between 10 and 12 May 2009

18 July/August’08
July/August’08 19
Pow Wow Las Vegas Breaks Records
                          More than 5,300 travel professionals attended TIA’s international Pow Wow held in Las Ve-
                       gas between May 29- June 4. 1,325 buyers from 70 countries, 3,565 U.S. delegates, a record
                       of 325 international media, 85 domestic media, International Advisory Committee members,
                       Visit USA Committee members and U.S. Commercial Service officers attended 40th Annual
                        International Pow Wow in Las Vegas. U.S.suppliers with 1,182 booths promoted their products
and services. 53,000+ appointments at 20 minutes each are pre-scheduled. That means a minimum of 15,000 hours
in sales negotiations to purchase travel to and within the U.S. Some 99,1% of all mutual requests were scheduled. TIA
estimates more than US$3,5 billion in travel to U.S. over next 3 years will result from contracts negotiated at Internati-
onal Pow Wow. TIA estimates 10% or US$350 million of that will be for travel to Las Vegas and Nevada. Pow Wow
next year will be held in Miami at May 2009.

20 July/August’08
July/August’08 21
ITE & ITE MICE 2008 - Record Numbers of Quality Visitors
                          The 22nd International Travel Expo Hong Kong & the 3rd MICE, Business & Incentive Travel
                      Expo was successfully closed on 15 Jun 2008. A record number of 12900 trade and corporate
                      visitors and 57500 public visitors attended ITE MICE and ITE this year, which respectively repre-
                      sent increases of 10.7% and 8.5% over last year. The Travel Expo in Hong Kong is among those
                      few travel fairs in Asia that maintain two full days for trade and corporate visitors, and the rema-
                      ining two days open to the public. Geographically, 20% of trade and corporate visitors came
                        from mainland China and 15% from abroad. By sectors, “travel agents & tour operators” and
“corporate visitors” numbered respectively 6800 and 3700, and accounted for around 53% and 28.7%. Corporate
visitors this year increased by 37%, and such strong growth, no doubt, results from the synergy from the concurrent
holding of ITE and ITE MICE. In fact, in the past three years since the concurrent holding was first launched, the number
of corporate visitors grew by times when compared to the figure of 900 in 2005. There were also over 300 hosted
buyers, with about two third from mainland China and the rest from abroad. Besides individual meetings, sellers could
also meet hosted buyers at Buyers-Meet-Sellers sessions. The next ITE and ITE MICE will be held from June 11 to 14,

22 July/August’08
July/August’08 23
July/August’08 25
     Czech Airlines –
the largest national
carrier in the new EU
member countries, in
terms of the number of
passengers carried. In 2006, the Airline carried a record 5.5
million passengers. Since 2001, it has been a member of
SkyTeam, one of the leading global airline alliances. Czech
Airlines currently offers connections to 108 destinations in
43 countries worldwide. The fleet comprises 50 aircraft –
ATR 42s/72s, Boeing 737s, and Airbus A310/A319/A320/
A321s. In the first half of 2007, Czech Airlines ranked first in
on-time flight performance, among the 26 member airlines
of the Association of European Airlines (AEA).
Passenger Carriage Results
In 2007, Czech Airlines aircraft carried more than 5.6
million passengers, even when ACMI leases are taken into
account. With a comparable capacity, their number grew
by 2.7 percent year on year. In 2006, Czech Airlines carried
a record 5.5 million passengers, and 5.2 the year before.
Czech Airlines charter flights carried 797,300 passengers
last year. Foreign clients accounted for 40 percent of last
year’s charter carriage.
Istanbul flights:
The former Czechoslovak Airlines flew to Istanbul for the
first time on 19 April 1947. The route was then served by
the legendary Dakota DC-3. Today, on the route, the Airline
deploys modern Boeing 737 jets, for up to 162 passengers.
Czech Airlines’ service to Istanbul is used primarily by
entrepreneurs and managers. Many of those passengers
coming from Istanbul carry on from Prague on Czech
Airlines connecting flights, primarily to Western Europe,
on the evening service to Germany, London, Madrid, and
Scandinavia. In the summer season Czech Airlines adapted
the departure time for the Istanbul-bound flight to better
serve passenger demand.           Compared to the present
arrangement, when the planes take off in the evening and
return from Istanbul the next morning, the flight take off
from Prague at 11:40 local time, landing in Istanbul at 15:10
local time. It fly back at 16:10 local time, landing in Prague
at 17:55, to enable transferring passengers to make the
evening departure.
Czech Airlines – the Most On-Time Airline in Europe
Czech Airlines flights are the most on-time of any airline
in Europe. This is according to the Association of European
Airlines (AEA), which last year ranked Czech Airlines as
number one out of the 26 major airlines in the AEA in terms of
its aircraft departing on schedule. The airline is particularly
proud of these results which, unlike arrival statistics, airlines
can have a significant degree of control over.

 Czech Airlines –Turkey Office
 Cumhuriyet Cad. 105
 Merkez APT Elmadag
 34437 Istanbul
 Telephone:+90 212 230 48 32
 +90 212 230 38 52
 Fax : +90 212 230 83 26

   Relax, rest, work or freshen up – Lufthansa lounges worldwide afford frequent travellers as well as First and Business-Class
passengers a welcoming opportunity to unwind away from the busy airport environment. Up to 2013, Germany’s leading carrier in
investing around 150 million euros on refurbishing its lounges at destinations in its global route network. “We never stop working

General Manager of Lufthansa Turkey. “Investment in lounge enhancement underlines our objective of offering premium and
status customers a dedicated service so as to make their flight with Lufthansa as pleasant as possible.“ Lufthansa opened a new
Senator and a new Business lounge only recently at Cologne/Bonn Airport. They are located centrally in the new Departures
and Arrivals concourse, and accommodate 170 guests on a total of 800 square metres of floor space. At other German airports,
passengers will soon be enjoying new or refurbished lounge facilities. The lounges at Hamburg Airport are, for one, currently
undergoing renovation and expansion; the work there is due to be completed in the summer. In the new Terminal area at Frankfurt
Airport, a completely new lounge concept is evolving between Piers C and D. On completion, passengers will be able to board
their flight at the new gates from two levels. The upper level is reserved exclusively to passengers flying First or Business Class as
well as status customers. A new Senator Lounge, linked to priority gates and based on the design of Lufthansa Business lounges,
is also in the offing. The enhancements are
not confined to Germany – work is also in
progress on improvements to lounges at
Lufthansa destinations elsewhere in the
world: Expansion and modernisation of the
existing lounges is moving ahead at New
York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. Additionally,
at a new third level, an exclusive area strictly
for First-Class and HON Circle customers
is being created. Completion is scheduled
for year-end 2008. Existing facilities at
Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris are also
being renovated and expanded. The work
there is due to be completed in spring 2009.
Conversion work and new projects are also
envisaged in Mumbai as well as at further
international airports.
Lufthansa lounges around the globe
For passengers in its global network,
Lufthansa has set up more than 60 lounges,
worldwide, encompassing total floor space
of more than 22,000 square metres. Depending on their booking class and                              Turkey General Management
customer status, Lufthansa passengers can choose between three types
                                                                                 Büyükdere Cad.122
– First-Class, Business or Senator lounge – to spend their pre-flight time Özsezen Is Merkezi C Blok Kat.5
in comfort, relaxing or working. Moreover, Lufthansa passengers can also 80280 Zincirlikuyu - Istanbul
utilise more than 600 lounges operated by Star Alliance and other partner Telephone +90-212-315 34 00
airlines: All in all, Lufthansa offers premium customers a lounge network Fax +90-212-266 57 02
ranked among the biggest in the world.                                 

                                                                            and every seat television monitor.
                                                                            1999: Airbus A330-200 introduced with video
                                                                            cassette players in Business Class seats –
                                                                            first airline in the world to feature these in
                                                                            both First and Business Classes. First airline to install the new
                                                                            Sicma seats in the A330-200 First Class cabins with the special
                                                                            feature of the electronically operated privacy hood.
                                                                            2000: Launch customer for Airbus A380 with its host of new in-
                                                                            flight features. Expected delivery in 2008.
                                                                            2003: Emirates is the first airline in the world to operate the new
                                                                            ultra-long range Airbus A340-500 and deploy more than 600

                                                                             Corporate Name:             Emirates or Emirates Airline
                                                                             Owned by:                   Emirates is wholly-owned by the Government of Dubai, but is recognised as an international
                                                                                                         airline of the UAE. The airline is run on a commercial basis and receives no financial
                                                                                                         support, financial guarantees or protection from the government, which operates an
                                                                                                         unconditional open skies policy in Dubai. Despite this, Emirates has been profitable in all
                                                                                                         but its second year of operation.

                                                                             Launched:                   25th October 1985

                                                                             HO Address:                 PO Box 686, Dubai, UAE.
   Emirates is the first airline in the world to commercially launch                                     Tel: +971 4 295.1111 Fax: +971 4 295.5817

an inflight mobile telephone service, affording even greater                 Websites:        ;
convenience to passengers wishing to stay connected while                                     
travelling. The innovative airline will be investing some US$27                               
million to fit its fleet with the AeroMobile system which ensures
                                                                             Chairman & Chief            His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum
that passenger mobile phones operate at their absolute minimum               Executive, Emirates
power, thereby allowing their safe use on the aircraft. A second             Airline & Group

Emirates aircraft, a Boeing 777-300, has already been installed              Senior Management:          Maurice Flanagan, Executive Vice Chairman, Emirates Airline & Group
                                                                                                         Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline
with the AeroMobile system and will be in operation very shortly.                                        Gary Chapman, President Group Services & Dnata
Emirates Airline, the largest customer for the A380 superjumbo,
                                                                             Fleet Size                            Aircraft                  In Service                     On order
today announced it will receive the first of its 58 A380 aircraft on                                     AIRBUS
order from Airbus’ Hamburg facility on 28th July 2008. The 58 A380s
                                                                                                         A330-200 (RR)                         29                             -
on Emirates’ order book are worth US$ 18.8 billion at current list                                       A340-300 (GE)                         8                              -
prices. Air travellers will be able to experience Emirates Airline’s                                     A340-500 (RR)                         10                             -
state-of-the-art A380 aircraft for the first time on 1st August, when                                    A350-900 (RR)                          -                            50
                                                                                                         A350-1000 (RR)                                                      20
the airline launches its first A380 commercial service from Dubai                                        A380-800 (GP7200)                     -                             58
to New York JFK. The 14-hour non-stop flight will also be the first-                                     A310-300F                             3                              -
ever commercial A380 service to The Americas. Emirates Airline’s                                         BOEING
                                                                                                         777-200 (RR)                          9                              -
16,000-plus uniformed staff are to be given a sharper, more                                              777-200LR (GE)                        4                              6
business-like look with the introduction of a brand new uniform.                                         777-300 (RR)                          12                             -
Carrying forward the strongest components of the existing iconic                                         777-300 ER (GE)                       34                            37
                                                                                                         777-F (GE)                            -                              8
outfit, the new, stylish and contemporary look will be unveiled when                                     747-8F (GEnx)                         -                             10
the airline receives its first A380s over the next months. The cabin                                     747-400F (GE)                         4                              -
crew assigned to Emirates’ flagship aircraft will be the first to wear                                   747-400ER F                           3                              1
                                                                                                         TOTAL                                116                           180*
the new uniform.                                                             *Not including options
In-flight Innovations:
                                                                                                         99 destinations in 62 countries spanning six continents.
Emirates’ drive to ensure maximum comfort for our travelling                 Destinations:               These are:
passengers extends right into the field of in-flight entertainment           Middle East:                Amman, Bahrain, Beirut, Damascus, Dhahran, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat,
and communication. Having secured a number of onboard industry                                           Riyadh, Sana’a, and Tehran.

firsts since its launch in 1985, the airline provides one of the most
                                                                             Americas:                   Houston, New York, Sao Paulo, Toronto,
comprehensive and state-of-the-art audio-visual services in the
skies. New innovations and refinements are being implemented on              Europe:                     Athens, Birmingham, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Hamburg, Istanbul, Larnaca,
                                                                                                         London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Malta, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, Munich,
a regular basis.                                                                                         Newcastle, Nice, Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Zaragoza and Zurich.
Here are some highlights:                                                    Indian subcontinent:        Ahmedabad, Mumbai (Bombay), Bangalore, Chennai (Madras), Cochin, Colombo,
1992: First airline to install personal video systems in all seats in all                                Delhi, Dhaka, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Kolkata, Lahore, Peshawar and
classes throughout its fleet - First Class seats had video cassette
players.                                                                     Indian Ocean:               Malé, Mauritius and Seychelles.

1993: First airline to equip entire Airbus fleet with in-flight              Africa:                     Abidjan, Accra, Addis Ababa, Alexandria, Cairo, Casablanca, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe,
phones.                                                                                                  Johannesburg, Khartoum, Lagos, Nairobi, Tripoli and Tunis.

1994: First airline to equip entire Airbus fleet with in-flight fax          Far East:                   Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Nagoya, Osaka, Seoul,
machines.                                                                                                Shanghai, and Singapore.

1996: Boeing 777 introduced - this featured 17 video channels,               Australia & New Zealand:    Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.
22 radio channels and two external cameras beaming pictures of
take-off, landing and en route scenery directly to the cabin screens         Cargo-only cities:          Amsterdam, Barcelona, Djibouti, Eldoret, Gothenburg, Hahn, Lilongwe, Prague, Taipei,
                                                                                                         Toledo and Zaragoza.

                            channels of in-flight entertainment, the                              ness and economy class
                            widest choice in the skies. Its US$8 million                          2002 Emirates SkyCargo started freighter charter B747-200F type
                            ice (information, communication and                                   aircrafts of 10 tones.
                            entertainment) system features over 140                               July6, 2003 Emirates launches 5th service between Istanbul and
                            movies on-demand, 70 TV channels, 350-                                Dubai by adding Sunday flights
                            plus audio channels and over 40 in-flight                             March02, 2004 Emirates started to fly on Tuesdays and later on
games – more entertainment than on any other airline.                                             with the addition of Saturday’s daily flights between Istanbul and
In an industry first, an image of the night sky complete with twinkling
                                                                                                  Dubai started.
constellations, is shown on the ceiling panels of the A340-500,
helping passengers adjust their internal ‘body clock’ and reduce                                  2003-2005 SkyCargo started scheduled freighters B747-200F on
jetlag. First airline to offer live BBC news headlines on its aircraft.                           top of the passenger flights cargo capacity.
2004: On the A340-500, Emirates introduces WiFi hotspots to allow                                 July 2005 Emirates SkyCargo launched 5 times weekly freighters
passenger to check email from their own laptops.                                                  of A310-300 F aircrafts on top of the passenger aircrafts and the
2006: Personal in-seat email and SMS installed throughout the                                     weekly 12 flights is still valid.
fleet, in all classes.                                                                            March 01, 2006 Emirates launches B777-300 aircrafts with 427
2008: First airline to offer onboard mobile telephony in collaboration                            seating capacity and ICE entertainment systems between Istanbul
with AeroMobile.                                                                                  and Dubai
Emirates is the world’s third most profitable and among the 20
                                                                                                  Istanbul- Dubai
largest international airlines and one of the fastest growing. It
                                                                                                    Passenger        Frequency    First       Business         Economy   Cargo
is based in Dubai, one of the few cities in the world that pursues                                  Aircraft                      Class       Class            Class     Capacity
an open-skies policy, with more than 120 airlines in free and fair                                  B777-300ER       Daily        None        42               385       20-22
competition.Emirates operates services to 99 cities in 62 countries                                                                                                      tonnes
in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian
subcontinent, Asia-Pacific and South America. Emirates continues
                                                                                                   SkyCargo(freighter)       Frequency        Cargo capacity
adding new destinations to its route network, Cape Town was the
                                                                                                   A310-300F                 5 times weekly   37,5 tonnes
first new destination added in 2008. Calicut (India), Guangzhou
(China) will both commence on 1st July 2008, Los Angeles on 1st
September, and San Francisco on 26th October. Emirates flies                                      Turkey Services
between Istanbul-Dubai with 427 seated Boeing 777-300 aircrafts                                   Emirates currently operates daily services between Istanbul and
every day. Emirates currently has 116 aircraft in its rapidly growing                             Dubai, including Cargo services 5 times weekly and cargo capacity
fleet – a mix of 106 Airbus and Boeing passenger aircraft and 10                                  of the passenger flights are used. Emirates is using “Isbank loun-
freighters. Emirates also firmed up orders on the eight A380s for                                 ge” for its passenger at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Emirates caters
which it had signed letters of intent earlier this year, and placed                               to passengers from different ethnic preferences on flights from
firm orders for an additional three of the double-decker aircraft,                                Istanbul to Dubai and onwards. Emirates has wide range of na-
bringing its total firm order for the A380s to 58.                                                tionalities employed as cabin crew and also Turkish nationalities
                                                                                                  are serving on Emirates world wide flights. EK 122 departs from
 Emirates Group                                    2007-08                         2006-07
 Revenue                                        US$ 11.2 billion                US$ 8.5 billion
                                                                                                  Atatürk Airport at 07:25 pm and arrives at Dubai on 00:40 am next
 Net profit                                     US$ 1.45 billion                US$ 942 million   day EK 121 departs from Dubai at 02:30 pm and arrives 05:55 pm
 Airline                                                                           2006-07
 Revenue                                        US$ 10.8 billion                US$ 8.1 billion
                                                                                                  Istanbul Atatürk Airport.
 Net profit                                     US$ 1.37 billion                US$ 844 million
 Passengers carried                               21.2 million                   17.5 million
 Passenger seat factor                               79.8%                          76.2%
 Cargo carried (tonnes)                            1.3 million                    1.2 million
 Employees (end of financial year 2007-08)   35,286 (Group); 25,760 (Airline)

 DESTINATIONS SERVED                         99 IN 62 COUNTRIES
 2007 New routes                             Venice - launched 1st July 2007
                                             Newcastle - launched 1st September 2007
                                             Sao Paulo – launched 1st October 2007
                                             Ahmedabad – launched 29th October 2007
                                             Toronto – launched 29th October 2007
                                             Houston - 3rd December 2007
 2008 New routes                             Cape Town – launched 30th March
                                               Kozhikode [Calicut] – 1st July
                                               Guangzhou – 1st July
                                               Los Angeles – 1st September
                                               San Francisco – 26th October

Turkey Milestones
July31, 1987-1993 Emirates launches 2 times weekly services to
Dubai from Istanbul sharing with Frankfurt. The service was with
B727 capacity of 187 seating. Emirates Istanbul office started wor-
king with 11 employees
1993 Emirates launched flights 3 times weekly from Istanbul to                                              Emirates Turkey Office
Dubai with A300-600 capacity of 266.                                                                        Rezervation: 0212-315 45 45
1997 The service increased to 4 times weekly between Dubai and
Istanbul Monday-Wednesday-Thursday and Friday.
October 01, 2001 Emirates started to fly between Istanbul and Du-                        
bai with A330-200 aircrafts with seating capacity of 285 with busi-

                                                                           direct and the remainder stopover at Limnos.
                                                                           In addition, yet another weekly flight was
                                                                           added to the route Thessaloniki - Chania. On
                                                                           October 14th, OA was the only company that
                                                                           introduced a Youth / Student fare to 13 cities
                                                                           in its Domestic network, for passengers between the ages of 17 and
                                                                           24, at a price of 40 euros (80 euros return). On December 8th, OA
                                                                           introduced Internet Check-In. Passengers travelling on Domestic
                                                                           flights without luggage can be issued an electronic boarding pass,
                                                                           and ensure their seat on the plane without waiting at the Check-In
                                                                           Year 2006 found Olympic Airlines supporting a world-wide television
                                                                           event: OA was the Official Carrier of the 51st Eurovision Song
    Olympic Airlines began operating in its current form on December       Contest, which was held in Athens on the 19th and 21st of May. On
12th 2003, following the integration of all Olympic Airways and            August 9th, yet another destination was added to the OA network.
Olympic Aviation flight operations by Macedonian Airlines, which           The Greek island of Kalymnos, which is famous for its sponge
was renamed to Olympic Airlines, and until then only performed             divers and rock climbing, became directly connected to Athens
charter flights. The internationally recognized “rings” logo and the       International Airport with daily flights. Kalymnos is OA’s 36th
experienced and highly trained flight staff of Olympic Airways and         Domestic destination and the eighth in the Dodecanese Prefecture.
Olympic Aviation were transferred to Olympic Airlines. Olympic             The number of OA passengers choosing to make an electronic
Airways was founded on April 6th 1957, following the acquisition           reservation through Olympic’s website rose dramatically, up to
of “TAE - Greek National Airlines” by Aristotle Onassis. The first         50% more than the previous year. On September 4th, OA proudly
OA flight was carried out at dawn on that day, from Athens Airport         welcomed the Greek National Basketball Team on special OA
“Hellinikon” to Thessaloniki, with a DC-3 aircraft flown by captain        flight 4728 from Tokyo, after winning the Silver Medal in the World
Pavlos Ioannidis. The new company had few means at its disposal:           Basketball Championships held in Japan.
just 15 Douglas DC-3s and DC-4s propeller-driven aircraft and              2007
865 employees. The passion and ambition of the Greek shipping              On April 18th, Olympic Airlines announced the extension of its Code
magnate would soon make OA a synonym for excellent service and             Share agreement with Cyprus Airways on the Thessaloniki - Paris
a symbol of Greece. Olympic became the Country’s most important            route, as well as the new route Heraklion - Larnaca. On April 29th,
ambassador, to the ends of the earth, charting a course that is            a new service was launched to connect Northern and Southern
impressive.                                                                Greece. An ATR-42 took off from Thessaloniki headed for Kalamata.
2004                                                                       Kalamata became OA’s 37th Domestic destination. On May 16th,
Year 2004 is a landmark for Greece and Olympic Airlines: Greece            OA was certified for the second time after 2005, according to the
organized the Games of the 28th Olympiad. As a Grand Sponsor of            IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), confirming the Company’s
the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”, OA transported in August 631,226          continued commitment to flight safety and quality passenger
passengers, many of whom were athletes. The company carried out            service. On June 6th, yet another Boeing 737-400 was added to the
8164 flights with an on time performance of 92.7%.On June 1st,             OA fleet. On July 5th, a new agreement between OA and American
Olympic Airlines announced its collaboration with Cyprus Airways           Express was concluded, to convert the daily purchases of regular
and Hellas Jet. This new collaboration offered the public nine             passengers into free flights with Olympic. The OA winter schedule
daily flights from Athens to Larnaca, as well as daily connections         for 2007-2008 includes more frequent flights to major Balkan cities,
between Thessaloniki and Cyprus. In addition, OA spread its wings          while flights to Dubai become almost daily. Year 2007 closes with
to Paphos, while in collaboration with Hellas Jet, frequencies to          the absolute predominance of the e-ticket and Olympic web services
Manchester were doubled to 4 flights a week. Since June 17th, OA           showing a huge leap in demand, while electronic reservations show
flies daily to Berlin-Tegel, while on the 30th of the same month, the      an increase of 91%, compared to the previous year.
Olympic Airlines fleet was increased with the addition of yet another
Boeing 737-300. On a special flight on July 5th, an OA Airbus A340-
300 brought back from Lisbon the Greek National Football Team,
European Champions of EURO 2004. On October 27th, OA increased
connections to London with a further two flights from Athens to
Gatwick, twice a week. On November 10th, a further 3 weekly flights
to Bucharest and 2 to Sofia were added, while the Athens-Istanbul
route is serviced twice daily.
In 2005 Olympic Airlines, recorded a significant increase in
passenger traffic. Specifically, in the first half of 2005, an increase
in International passengers of 12.3% (+184,939 passengers)
was noted and an increase in income of 14.6%, compared to the
equivalent period in 2004. Total passenger traffic, for both Domestic
and International networks, rose to 3,345,628 passengers (period
JAN-JUL 2005) compared to 3,227,851 for the equivalent period in                                    Airlines SA
2004. The international network was strengthened, with increased
frequency of flights from Athens to Alexandria, Belgrade, London                 Olympic Airlines SA –Turkey Office
(Gatwick), Milan and Tel Aviv. In the Domestic network, two further              Cumhuriyet Caddesi 171a, Harbiye- Istanbul
flights a week were added between Thessaloniki and Mytilene. The                 Telephone: +90 212 2967575 - Fax: +90 212 2322173
new flights raised the weekly frequency of flights to 10, of which 5 are

   SWISS is adopting a mould-breaking new seating concept for its         SWISS Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer
intercontinental Business Class cabins. The new seats – the first         Christoph Beckmann. “SWISS continues
of their kind anywhere in the world – will be gradually installed         to invest in adding value for its customers.
throughout the SWISS long-haul fleet from spring 2009 onwards.            And the rightness of our strategy is fully confirmed by our business
The new seating will give SWISS Business travellers a “bed above          results: we have seen above-average growth in the use of our
the clouds” which is fully reclinable and two metres long. The            Business and First Class since our quality drive began; and this
lie-flat seats will also set new benchmarks with their air cushion        has further strengthened our position and our profile as a genuine
feature, which allows seat hardness to be set for each seating            quality airline.”
position to meet individual wishes and needs. The new SWISS               Seat unveiling with Lauriane Gilliéron in the new SWISS Lounge
Business cabin should be installed aboard around a third of the           The new SWISS Business Seat made its début today in the
carrier’s long-haul fleet by the end of next year.                        appropriately impressive surroundings of the new SWISS Senator
SWISS’s consistent pursuit of its ongoing quality drive will soon         Lounge at Zurich Airport. The new seat was unveiled by actress and
be delivering tangible benefits for SWISS Business customers in           former Miss Switzerland Lauriane Gilliéron.
the form of a unique new seating concept for the carrier’s long-          The redesigned and expanded SWISS Senator Lounge continues the
haul aircraft. The new SWISS Business Seat offers optimum travel          concept adopted for the SWISS airport lounges already opened in
comfort. The seat can be fully reclined to a lie-flat position offering   Zurich, Geneva and New York. The three-class lounge concept – for
a “bed above the clouds” that is two metres long. And that’s not          Business Class, Miles & More Senators and First Class travellers –
all: the new seat also features a world first in the form of an air       puts a firm emphasis on “SWISSness” to implement this aspect of
cushion that extends throughout its length. Hard as a futon, soft as      the SWISS corporate identity. The Jurassic limestone walls lend a
a water bed or any level in between: the choice is the customer’s.        particular note and blend superbly with the furnishings, which have
The new seat boasts further extras, too, such as an integrated            been provided by the reputed Vitra design house.
massage function, USB and iPod sockets and a bigger 16:9-format           The modernisation and expansion of SWISS’s Zurich airport lounges
inflight entertainment screen. The new SWISS Business Seat is             will be completed with the opening of the new Business Class Lounge
also a further consistent element in the SWISS corporate identity.        in time for this summer’s European Football Championships, of
The new seats and their arrangement will also offer a high degree         which Switzerland is co-host. And here, too, SWISS will be putting
of privacy and mobility within the cabin. Virtually all the seats will    clear accents on quality and design.
have direct aisle access, putting every traveller next to an aisle for    Green gains as well
loadings of up to 90%.                                                    The new SWISS Business Seat is probably the lightest of its kind.
New comfort highs for the entire long-haul fleet                          The air cushion alone makes the new seats some four kilos lighter
                                                                          than they would be with conventional foam padding. The weight
                                                                          reduction will save SWISS over 650 tonnes of kerosene a year, and
                                                                          this in turn will lower the company’s annual CO2 emissions by over
                                                                          2 000 tonnes.

Work will begin next spring on installing the new SWISS Business
Seat throughout the SWISS long-haul fleet. The new Airbus A330-
300s which will join the fleet from 2009 onwards will all feature the
new seats. In addition to the innovative new seating concept, their
entire interior will be consistently aligned to customer needs. The
Airbus A340s, the biggest aircraft in the SWISS fleet, will also be
equipped with the new SWISS Business Seat. Under the current
schedule, around one-third of the SWISS long-haul fleet should be
fitted with the new SWISS Business cabin in 2009. A large proportion
of the fleet will be refurbished in 2010; and all SWISS Business
customers should be enjoying a truly excellent inflight seating and
sleeping experience on all SWISS long-haul flights by 2011. “We
are extremely proud to have helped develop this global seating              Swiss International Air Lines
innovation, together with several hundred of our customers,” says           Turkey Office
SWISS CEO Christoph Franz. “And we are particularly delighted to            Büyükdere Cad. No: 122 Özsezen Is Merkezi C Blok
be the first airline in the world to offer these substantially-enhanced     Kat: 5 Esentepe 34394 Istanbul Turkey
levels of on-board seating and sleeping comfort.” “Our new SWISS            Telephone : + 90 212 354 99 05
Business Seat is a further consistent step in our ongoing quality           Fax        :+90 212 354 99 02
drive that has been under way for more than three years now,” adds

Air Malta and Turkish Airlines Sign Codeshare Agreement
   Air Malta and Turkish Airlines have signed an agreement by which Turkish Airlines will codeshare
on Air Malta’s twice weekly flights between Malta and Istanbul. The codeshare agreement is
expected to pave the way for further cooperation between the two airlines in the near future. This
was announced today during a press conference held at Air Malta Head Office given by the
airline Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Brock Friesen and Turkish Airlines Executice Vice President
Commercial, Mr. Orhan Sivrikaya. The joint code allows Turkish Airlines to use their own flight
numbers on flights operated by Air Malta. Through this agreement both Air Malta and Turkish Airlines passengers can thus
avail themselves of a broader choice of connections that will be developed via Istanbul to and from other destinations in
Turkey and Turkish Airlines’ network beyond. The introduction of the first codeshared flights will commence this summer.
Speaking at the news conference, Dr Friesen said, “Today is another milestone for Air Malta. This agreement will give both
airlines’ passengers full service treatment, seamless travel arrangements and enhanced network connections. We expect that
this agreement will lead towards a more comprehensive agreement in the near future where Air Malta will further enhance
its network connections beyond Istanbul through Turkish Airlines’ extended route network in Asia, the Commonwealth of
Independent States (CIS), the Far East and Middle East. Future developments are expected to include a re-structured Air
Malta schedule on the route and more Air Malta flights to the Turkish Capital. Turkish Airlines, a Star Alliance member,
have established themselves as a quality airline in the region and this falls perfectly into Air Malta’s strategic plans to tap
into the new emerging Asian, Far East and CIS markets. This codeshare will further assist the development of the already
excellent business links between Malta and Turkey.” Mr. Sivrikaya said, “Expanding our relationship with Air Malta through
this codeshare agreement is another step in our efforts to develop co-operations with the leading airlines throughout the
World. As the flag carrier of the Europe’s eastern border country we are sure that this partnership with the national airline
of the country at the central part of Europe and Mediterranean will bring both airlines many additional benefits, as well
as increasing opportunities to our passengers through Air Malta’s wide network and numerous destinations especially in
Mediterranean region”. Air Malta is rapidly enhancing its range of code-share partners on specific routes with other quality
airlines increasing and improving its destination network. Both Air Malta and Turkish Airlines share the same reputation and
commitment towards their customers such as superior service and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction. These attributes
makes them ideal partners. It is particularly relevant that this cooperation is established this year – Turkish Airlines’ 75th
Anniversary and Air Malta’s 35th. Both Air Malta and Turkish Airlines are members of IATA - the International Air Transport
Association and AEA - the Association of European Airlines.

THY Sign Code-Share Agreement with ANA
   Turkish Airlines (THY) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) of Japan
signed a code-share agreement. According to Turkey’s national
carrier code-share operations between THY and ANA -- a member
of Star Alliance -- would begin as of July 1, 2008. Within the
framework of Turkish Airlines/All Nippon Airways Code Share
Agreement, THY would be the only carrier on Istanbul-Kansai and
Istanbul-Narita flights and All Nippon Airways would market these
Turkish Airlines flights by putting its own code and flight number,
the statement said. ANA, is an airline headquartered in Tokyo,
Japan. It operates services to 49 destinations in Japan and 22
international routes.

Indonesian Flag Carrier Teams Up with Turkish Airlines
   Flag carrier Garuda Indonesia on Wednesday forged partnership with Turkish Airlines to
expand their market network in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Under a agreement signed
on Indonesia’s Bali resort island, the two companies will jointly launch promotion to boost people
traffic between Turkey and Indonesia. The agreement signed by Garuda president Emirsyah Satar
and Turkish Airlines president Candan Karlitekin also calls for cooperation in plane maintenance
and overhaul. Since there are no direct flights between Indonesia and Turkey, air passengers
heading for Indonesia will use Turkish Airlines planes and switch to Garuda planes during the transit in Singapore. “This
cooperation has great potentials to boost passenger traffic between the two countries because it offers unique and valuable
tourist attractions,” Emirsyah said.

32 July/August’08
Transit Passengers Tour Istanbul While Waiting for Flights
   Turkish Airlines’ (THY) transit passengers, who come from abroad and change flights in Istanbul, can tour the city instead of
waiting for the next flight at the airport. THY offers its transit passengers the opportunity to rest at a hotel or tour the historical
places of the city with a guide while waiting for their connection flights in Istanbul. In order for the transit passengers to benefit
from this opportunity, passengers travelling in business class should have an at least 7-hour waiting period prior to their
connection flights, while those flying in economy class should have a waiting period of 10 hours minimum, THY officials said.
The “guided Istanbul tour” scheduled for transit passengers start at 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. every day. The passengers
can visit Istanbul’s famous historical places such as the Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Sultanahmet
Square (Hippodrome), Galata Mevlevihanesi (Galata Mevlevi Dervish Lodge), Ayasofya Museum (Hagia Sophia) and the
Archeology Museum within the framework of the tour.

Antalya Helicopter Tours to be Launched Soon
   A new partnership Medair and Calypso Helicopter aims to develop a previously untapped market in Turkey: helicopter
tours along the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya with almost 8 million tourist arrivals is the ideal base for providing service along
the Mediterranean coast. The new service that started on June 1 and will end on October 1 will be catering tourists and
business people wishing to travel to specific destinations, like between the hotel and the airport or touristic destinations like
Pamukkale or just sightseeing along the coast. “1,500 euros per hour, the price for renting an helicopter, might be expensive,
but the helicopters are able to carry several passengers at the same time, and there is no other better way to float around the
sky” said Etem Emre Yildiz, sales and marketing director of Medair.

AnadoluJet to Increase Frequency
    Turkish Airlines’ LCC that operates within Turkey announced that due to meet with increasing number of passenger numbers as
well as high demand to flights, the carrier will increase its network frequencies from June 23. According to a written announcement
from Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet will increase its number of flights from 304 to 370. According to new weekly schedule, 21 flights
to Izmir will increase to 28 flights,21 flights to Antalya will increase to 26 flights,7 flights to Van will increase to 14 flights,7 flights

will increase to 4 flights,2 flights to Kahramanmaras will increase to 3 flights.AnadoluJet will also start Ankara – Denizli flights. The
carrier will fly 3 times (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) in a week between capital and Denizli.

Atlasjet Restarts Flights to regular flights between
 Turkish low cost carrier, Atlasjet is restarting
Istanbul and the northern Iraqi city of Arbil from June 29. The flights will
initially run five days a week, with the possibility of being increased to six
days a week depending on demand, said the report, adding that the airline
plans to transport 3,000 passengers monthly. CRJ-900s and Airbus A319s
will be flying between the two cities.

PIA Starts Istanbul – Amsterdam Flights
    Airep announced that Pakistan International Airlines will fly between
Istanbul and Amsterdam on Tuesday and Friday from July 4, 2008. Flights
will depart from Istanbul at 11.00 and arrive Amsterdam 13.30. Return flight
from Amsterdam will take off on 14.50 and arrive Istanbul at 19.30. The
round-trip fares start from €110.- exc. Taxes. Pakistan International Airlines
will depart from Istanbul for Islamabad at 20.10 and arrive 04.25. In
return plane will depart at 07.00 from Islamabad and arrive Istanbul at
10.00. The round-trip fares start from €390.- exc. Taxes.

                                                                                                                     July/August’08 33
    Deloitte, one of the most professional service firms in areas related to international
consulting, auditing, tax, institutional finance and institutional risk, analyzed the
results of STR Global Hotel Benchmark Survey. The results show that European Hotels
achieved a mere 1.1 percent increase in their revenues with 68 euros per room
this year. Meanwhile, the results of the survey reveal that the hotels in Ankara and
Istanbul achieved a remarkable double-digit increase concerning their revenues per
room for the first four months of this year. Average revenue per room for hotels in
Ankara increased by 35.4 percent, while hotels in Istanbul achieved a 35.3 percent
hike with respect to the average revenue per room. Istanbul, which will be European
Capital of Culture along with Hungary’s Pecs and Germany’s Essen in 2010, is
expected to develop its profile. It is anticipated that the average revenues of hotels
in Istanbul per room will increase with this development.

     On the north of Turkey’s mythological Mount Ida, developed on the skirts of
Alexandria Mountain; Club Aphrodite is listed at the Eco Hotels ot the World guide
that is created to showcase the most environmentally-friendly hotels in the world.
All the hotels featured at the guide have been personally selected by its editors to
ensure that they meet the standards required to be considered an eco-friendly hotel.
Hotels cannot pay for inclusion nor do they accept commissions on bookings in that
way we can stay totally independent and objective. Club Aphrodite is a village that
gives travelers history and mithology within the surrounding nature that harbours the
different delicasies of various cultures all in the comfort of your home. Club Aphrodite
offers a total capacity of 48 hotel rooms, 23 Suites and 18 grand suites that can
welcome up to 250 guests. Tennis on tartan paved courts, basketball, squash, fitness
and weight rooms are at the service of the guests who want to include sports to their
natural and healthy leisure. Sauna, massage, Turkish Bath are the added values. You may enjoy Aphrodite Discoteque for some
fun. Swimming pool and the private beach are waiting for those who want to enjoy the sun. As your children are discovering the
nature, you may enjoy health and sports together.

     IHG announced it has signed an agreement to open two new hotels
in Istanbul - including Turkey’s first Holiday Inn Express. The agreement,
with Turkish real estate investment company ORA Istanbul Real Estate
Investment and Development Co. (“ORA”), will bring the total number
of IHG hotels in the country to 11* - seven of which are in Istanbul. IHG
signed a 20-year management contract with ORA to develop a 281-
room Crowne Plaza and a 146-room Express by Holiday Inn in Istanbul’s
Bayrampasa district. Both hotels are due to open in the first quarter of
2010.The announcement comes the same week IHG opened its 263-
room Crowne Plaza Ankara. The Crowne Plaza Istanbul Bayrampasa
and the Holiday Inn Express Istanbul Bayrampasa are being developed
as part of ORA Istanbul Urban Entertainment Center, an entertainment,
retail and exhibition complex located between the city centre and the
airport. “Turkey is among the fastest growing tourism markets in the
world, particularly Istanbul, its largest city. The opening of these two
hotels in Istanbul, as part of such a key development for the city, will
make these properties a strong addition to the IHG portfolio - it’s great
to see the first Holiday Inn Express coming to Turkey. We are delighted to be working with ORA which brings great local knowledge
to the development,” said IHG Chief Operations Officer Europe Division Robin Wicks. “We are delighted to be working with IHG
on this project and have no doubt the combination of high service standards, strong location and comprehensive range of facilities
will ensure the hotels greatly appeal to the discerning traveller,” said ORA Executive Board Member, Mr Ahmet Ulug.
* Of the 11 hotels in Turkey IHG has:

As well as the seven Istanbul hotels, IHG has hotels open or in development in Ankara, Antalya, Bursa and Izmir.

34 July/August’08
                  TERRASSU Project, realized by Besken Insaat,
             which offers a life as free and fine as water itself,
             awaits those who want to own their imagined living
             areas, at Hebil Bay, Bodrum. Hebil Bay is probably
             the last spot of the Bodrum Peninsula, which has not
             lost its lucid blue sea and fertile soil, where birds’
             songs can still be heard. The sea is still crystal clear

at Hebil Bay, Nature is still generous... Hebil Bay is at a distance
where the colors offered by modern life are easily accessible...
And TERASSU is located at the most beautiful part of this bay...
TERASSU is a modern living area established on an area of
16,000 square meters, which brings together the sea, sand and
green areas... In the TERASSU scenery, the sea is close enough
to touch, while the green landscape is unique to live in joyfully.
TERASSU brings together three different living areas: TERASSU
Hotel, Terassu Pool Houses and TERASSU Garden Houses...
TERASSU Hotel offers its guests the warmth they find in their own
homes with its rooms that unite with the blue of the Aegean sea.
With its 2,500 square meter private beach, sunbathing terrace
                                                                        living area. TERASSU Garden Houses, comprising 12 villas, offer
facilities, and special hotel services, TERASSU Hotel offers its        living areas surrounded by a green landscape with garden areas
guests a special and unforgettable vacation. Every comfort is           varying between 300 and 350 square meters and large terraces.
made available to the guests in all rooms where every detail is         In TERASSU Garden, which is enchanting with its immense
considered for the guests to have a comfortable stay. The hotel         scenery, houses are encircled by private gardens... Residents
has a beach cafe and a beach bar, besides an Italian restaurant         of TERASSU Pool Houses and TERASSU Garden Houses, all of
and the famous fish restaurant “MEY.” The beach of TERASSU              which are residences, will benefit from the housekeeping, room
Hotel welcomes its guests with the perfect shore and clear blue         service, fitness and spa services of the hotel as if they were hotel
sea of Hebil Bay. Offering water sports and diving facilities as        guests. In the project, where residents will also benefit from the
well, TERASSU Hotel will make its guests have an unforgettable          hotel’s car park, security and technical services, administration
holiday. Houses with a Residence Concept… TERASSU Pool                  will be in the hands of a professional team responsible towards
Houses almost unite with water, being established on an 800             the hotel management. Thanks to these services, it is ensured
square meter pool. At each of the 7 TERASSU Pool Houses, the            that residents have a comfortable and luxurious vacation.Life at
terraces reaching on the pool bring the lucidity of the water to the    TERASSU begins in June 2008.

on July 2nd to evaluate Turkish tourism season. Ahmet Barut, chairman of

these increase is around 18-19 percent in touristic destinations. “Especially
in Antalya, Mugla, Izmir and Istanbul, the sector grew 18-19 percent in the
first half of 2008. This is a very pleasing development. We expect to end this
year with 27 million tourists. Our expectation at tourism arrivals for 2009 is
to host 30 million tourists” Barut said.

                                                                                                                    July/August’08 35
    Dedeman Tourism Investment organized a press conference on
Wednesday to announce its new hotel plans. Dedeman Holding Chairman
Murat Dedeman (middle), Dedeman Holding CEO Murat Eroglu (left)
and Dedeman Tourism Investment General Manager Tamer Yürükoglu
attended the press conference. Yürükoglu said at the conference that
Dedeman hospitality at their hotels will continue at 8 new hotels one in
Iran and Azerbaijan and six hotels in Turkey.Dedeman Tourism Investments
will increase its number of properties to 28 by the end of 2009 with
the introduction of new hotels; Dedeman Shiraz Iran, Dedeman Baku,
Dedeman Bostanci Istanbul, Dedeman Gebze, Dedeman Gaziantep
Hotel & Convention Center, Dedeman Cavlak Thermal & Spa, Dedeman
Çesme and Dedeman Zonguldak. Yürükoglu added that Dedeman will
have 5,589 rooms and 11,451 beds with the opening of 8 new hotels.
Eroglu said that Dedeman welcomes new hotels; Dedeman Princess
Sofia and Dedeman Trimontium Princess Plovdiv hotels in Bulgaria and

year’s celebrations Harem Hotel invited Australian James Lee Stanley for
the Bruce Airhead show. Guests also excited with the shows of circus artist
Kerem Eser. Guests enjoyed delicious food prepared by Harem Hotel

   Harem Hotel has celebrated its 43rd birthday. President of TUROB and owner of
the hotel Mr. Timur Bayindir hosted a birthday party on June 17 with the participation
of tourism industry professionals. The birthday party has also another theme. It was
a Welcome to Summer party. Harem Hotel and its valuable management hosts
tourism professionals annually by the pool of the hotel and celebrate the upcoming
summer season.

  Titanic Business Hotel Istanbul – Asia has opened its doors on June 1st, 2008.
The 5-star property has 192 rooms and designed in the light of the “Business”
hotel concept in a manner to meet the expectations of the congresses and the
businessmen. The Titanic Business Hotel offers meeting facilities with state-of-the art
equipments at its 23 meeting rooms, 1100 pax ball room. You have also organize
special events by the swimming pool which can serve for 400 people. The hotel
has offers guests to relax at TITANIC Wellness and Ocean Spa that situated on
3550sqm area.

  Turkish hotelier Sudi Özkan, CEO of Princess Group, has opened a Crowne Plaza
Hotel in Belarus. According to daily Milliyet, Sudi Özkan has restored Svisloch Hotel
that was known as the most liked hotel of Stalin for US$50 million and constructed
Minsk’s largest casino within the hotel. Svisloch Hotel is constructed in 1938, heavily
damaged during World War II. The hotel that hosted Stalin many times is now
operating as Crowne Plaza. Beside the hotel and casino, world famous Italian
restaurant; L’Risacca will operate with 800sqm area.

36 July/August’08
Setur Duty Free wins Istanbul SGI Airport Contract
    Turkish duty free retailer Setur Duty Free, part of the Setur Service   are glad to work with one of
Turistik Group, has captured the 20-year duty free contract at              Turkey’s most distinguished
Istanbul’s second airport, Sabiha Gökçen International. Malaysia            business establishments” said
Airports Holdings, Limak and India’s GMR Infrastructure has won             Yetik Mert, CEO of Istanbul
the bid to expand and operate Sabiha Gokçen airport for 20                  Sabiha Gökçen International
years. The consortium will operate the existing terminals at SGIA.          Airport Investment Development and Operation (ISG), speaking
It will also construct a new integrated domestic and international          at the signing of the agreement. He added: “Setur is a leading
terminal capable of handling 10 million passengers per annum.               company in duty free retail operations with a service record of
The new terminal that will house 4,500sq m of duty free space,              almost 50 years. I have every confidence that Setur’s service
3,300sq m in Departures and 1,200sq m in Arrivals will be ready             quality will help enhance the passenger experience at Istanbul
by 2009. The existing international terminal building has 324sq             Sabiha Gökçen, and thus contribute to our efforts to become a
m in Departures and 71sq m in Arrivals. Setur, which operates               leading airport not only in Turkey, but also at a global level.”
duty free outlets at Istanbul Atatürk International Airport as well         Üstün Özbey, General Manager of Setur Servis Turistik A.S.
as various border checkpoints, plus ports and inflight shops, will          expressed his delight at winning the tender and the opportunity
make an infrastructure investment of €10 million in the stores. The         of a 20 year-long partnership with the consortium. He said that
product portfolio at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Duty Free, operated             Setur’s experience of almost 50 years in duty free operations,
by Setur, will include wine and spirits, tobacco, fragrances and            combined with the vision of its new partner, would create a first-
cosmetics, as well as fashion accessories and electronics. “We              class environment for duty free shopping.

TUI Listed 17 Hotels from Turkey
     Seventeen Turkish hotels have been listed among the world’s            Hotel Lara Resort Spa&Suites, Cornelia de
100 best hotels in a poll conducted by one of the world’s                   Luxe Resort (Belek-Antalya), Gloria Serenity
largest tourism operators, the German-based Touristik Union                 Resort (Belek-Antalya), Hotel Delphin Deluxe
International, or TUI. “The poll was conducted among the 35                 Resort (Alanya-Antalya), Hotel Delphin
million guests who traveled with TUI last year from Jan. 1 to               Palace (Lara-Antalya), Hotel Marmaris Park
Dec. 31. Seventeen hotels from Turkey were chosen among                     (Içmeler-Marmaris-Mugla), Hotel Melas Resort
the world’s best 100 hotels, and they will be presented with the            (Side-Antalya), Hotel Papillon Ayscha (Belek-
world’s most prestigious tourism award, the ‘TUI Holly,’” said              Antalya), Hotel Papillon Zeugma (Belek-
Melih Yetis, products and contracts director for TUI. He said that          Antalya), Hotel Yetkin (Alanya-Antalya), Iber Hotel Sarigerme
13 Turkish hotels had been given the same award the previous                Park (Sarigerme-Mugla), Magic Life Kemer Imperial (Kemer-
year. The names and locations of the 17 hotels included in TUI’s            Antalya), Robinson Club (Çamyuva-Kemer), Antalya Robinson
list of the world’s best hotels are as follows: Amara Beach Resort          Club Nobilis (Belek-Antalya) and Robinson Club Pamfilya (Side-
(Side-Antalya), Barut Club Hotel Hemera (Side-Antalya), Barut               Antalya).

See 5 Countries by 1 Tour
    Prontotour introduced an affordable
tour to Belgium, The Netherlands,
Luxembourg, Germany and France.
The tour with prices starting from €649
give you chance to see Europe’s most visited Benelux countries
and gives you a chance to experience their cultural and historical
values.The tour covers visits to Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg,
Paris and Cologne.

Estonians Can Travel to Turkey                                              Intra Moves to New Office
without a Visa                                                                   Intra Tours, Turkey’s leading
                                                                            DMC specialized in Italy and
    From July 12, 2008 Estonian citizens will be able to travel to
Turkey without a visa and stay there for up to 90 days within six           Latin market, celebrated the
months. According to the new visa agreement, from July 12 the               move to new office with an
order for holders of diplomatic passports issued by Estonia and             Office Party on July 8th. Around
by Turkey will change as well – holders of diplomatic passports             150 travel professionals including President of TUROB- Istanbul
of the two countries will be able to stay without a visa in the
                                                                            Touristic Hotels & Investors Association Mr. Timur Bayindir, and
other country for up to 90 days within six months instead of
the current visa-free period of 30 days. The relevant diplomatic            General Manager of TUROB attended the Intra Tours’ party. The
notes were exchanged by Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and the                 new address of Intra Travel is: Ergenekon caddesi 100/603
Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul on                Sisli – Istanbul Tel: 0212 234 1200, 219 1925.
March 18.

                                                                                                                       July/August’08 37
                                              Europe’s Entertainment
Fashion, Dance, Romance & Love                                       beaches and villages are available to enjoy. No other area on
                                                                     the Turkish Aegean coast provides the visitor with the opportunity
                                                                     to experience traditional Turkish life only a few minutes away
                                                                     from the hustle and bustle of a modern tourist center.

Bodrum a lively, popular holiday resort on the Aegean Sea,
renowned in antiquity under its ancient name, Halicarnassus.
It’s a town of white houses hung with flowers rising tier on tier
against a green hill overlooking a dazzling blue bay quarded
by the great medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes.
Bodrum has an incredibly rich past. Its position in or near so
many of the great civilisations and events of ancient history also   Nearest beach to Bodrum and just 3 km. away. It is now a self
makes Halikarnassos - Ancient name of Bodrum - an important          contained resort with hotels, shops, bars, discos, banks and
centre. Bodrum is one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan and         everything the tourist needs for 24 hours of non stop fun. Gümbet
sophisticated holiday resort in Turkey. At any time of the day       is also one of the most popular water sports centers with water-
and night, there is always something going on here. One of the       skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, etc. available. The popularity of
unique features of Bodrum as a holiday resort is that in addition    Gümbet has also generated nightlife and the streets of Gümbet
to the active recreational opportunities available by day and        vibrate till dawn with the music from fashinoble bars, discos and
the unequaled Bodrum nightlife, so many more tranquil bays,          street side-cafes

38 July/August’08
Bitez                                                              Turgutreis

Bitez just 7 km west of Bodrum, in the bay next to Gumbet. The
winds are favorable for windsurfing and several water sports.
The beach is sandy, with plenty clubs for sunbathing, The only     18 km from Bodrum and named after the famous Ottoman admiral
Turkish Delight (Lokum) to be made on the peninsula is made here   Turgut Reis. It is a small town in its own right and combines a
in a factory .Dolmuses leave for Bitez every 20-30 minutes from    compact town center with several beaches and all amenities for
the main bus station in Bodrum.                                    tourists. An ideal surfing place. Regular buses connect Turgutreis
Ortakent and Yahsi                                                 with Bodrum, and in high season coaches for Istanbul and Ankara
                                                                   leave from the Turgutreis bus station.

Ortakent & Yahsi is the next bay to Bitez following the peninsula
round to the west and just 13 km from Bodrum.. There is a very
long and sandy beach which is popular with families. There are
several beach side cafes providing inexpensive meals and snacks Kadikalesi is next to Turgutreis and offers some of the finest
throughout the day. There is also camping space. The village of holiday resorts.
, which means ‘Midtown straddles the main Bodrum-Turgutreis
road. The village is unremarkable except for the distinctive 17th Gündogan
century ‘tower houses’ unique to the area and built for defensive
purposes. In the early spring the village hosts an annual camel
wrestling festival.

                                                                                                              July/August’08 39
Only a few minutes West of Yalikavak a place that can                 22 km from Bodrum and closest points to Cos (Greek Island)
be really called peaceful. It is little village which is still more   Winds here are ideal for windsurfing. This is one of the safest
or less unspoiled despite the holiday developments on the             beaches for children on the peninsula. There are several cafes
surrounding hills. Here in the North of the peninsula a fresh         and a tiny harbor. Camping facilities and a couple of small,
breeze often comes . A reason why many surfers prefer this bay.       inexpensive pensions for independent travelers.
Gümüslük                                                              Torba

24 km from Bodrum and protected from modern development               This little village is hiding in a charming little bay. Located
due to Myndos, an ancient site. Gümüs is the Turkish word             at North of Bodrum Torba is the nearest and first village of
for Silver. The simple charm of the village has survived the          Bodrum town. It is only active during the summer months,
influx of tourism. Rabbits are raised on the island at the end        but due to the generally high quality of the holiday home
of the causeway a short paddle away. There are many                   developments is a pleasant and relaxed place to visit. There are
seaside fish restaurants. A tranquil village. This is the ideal       also the remains of a Byzantine monastery.. Ferries to Didim
spot for peace and quiet, with the added advantage of                 -Didyma- leave from Torba harbor across the Gulf of Güllük.
many excellent fish restaurants along the small waterfront,
where you can sit comfortably next to the gently lapping sea.
Yalikavak                                                             Göl-Türkbükü

18 km from Bodrum, small but developed town, busy
center and a harbour where visiting yachts and fishing                Golkoy and Turkbuku are two fishing villages we will mention
boats moor cheerfully together and offers everything                  in one, because they are close to each other. These delightful
required. There are many seaside cafes, restaurants and               spots are the favorite retreats of many well-known Turkish artists,
hotels. An old olive press is converted into a showroom for           actors and entertainers who enliven the many small bars and
kilims, carpets and jewellery where visitors are welcome.             restaurants at night. Several of the more popular restaurants are
Akyarlar                                                              run by Istanbul couples who have fled the big city.

40 July/August’08




                                                      Viktualien Markt

City Palace’


                                     Schleißheim        Nymphenburg


Milli    Tiyatro


                       Wertach       Lech

                                     Leopold Mozart

44 July/August’08

46 July/August’08
July/August’08 47
48 July/August’08
July/August’08 49
  Kaan Tulga Park Hyatt Istanbul – Maçka Palas satıș müdürü olarak atandı.
  Tugba Parscan Best Western Khan otel Antalya satıș ve pazarlama müdürlüğüne geçti.
  Nedret ˙olako lu Melissa Garden otel genel müdürü oldu.                                        New Focus Eylül / Ekim Sayısı
  Bige rer Uluslararsı Istanbul Biennial’nin direktörlüğüne getirildi.
  ˙elenk Bafra, Temmuz ayında Fransa’da düzenlenecek olan “Saison de la Turquie en
  France” in artistik koordinatörü seçildi.
  TAV ‘in strateji direktörlüğüne Dr. Waleed Youssef getirildi.
  Ayla Mirmahmuto lu Bakanlığın yatırımlar ve ișletmeler dairesi bașkanlığına atandı.
  Goril Berntsdatter Turkey Contracts Manager of the Thomas Cook Northern Europe.
  Mette Bartholdy Thomas Cook Antalya müdürlüğüne atandı.
  Hakan Balcan, AFM sinemalarında göreve bașladı.

  Zazie ikinci șubesini Bağdat Caddesi’nde açtı.
  Anemon otelleri’in yeni halkası Afyon’da açıldı.
  Barcel Eresin Topkap otel, 7- 27 Temmuz tarihleri arasında Latin Amerika Yemekleri
  Festivali düzenliyor.
  ˙ nar otel’in La Delicatesse’teki kahvaltıları büyük ilgi çekiyor.
  S rmeli İstanbul bahçe içerisindeki havuzunda yoğunluğunuzu atarken, Brasserie
  menüsünün özel yaz lezzetleriyle bulușturuyor.
  Balmumcu’daki TAO Restaurant&Club’ Istanbulluların yeni mekanı.
  Baia Lara-Antalya minimalist dizaynı ve modern çizgileriyle Mayıs 2009’dan itibaren
  Antalya Lara’da hizmete giriyor.
  Bodrum’un yeni tesisi Terassu otel Hebil Koyu’nda hizmete girdi.
  Xanadu Resort Otel 8. yılını kutladı.
  BYOTELL bünyesindeki BY BEAUTY ESTET K ve G ZELL K MERKEZ en son teknolojik
  cihazları, uzman hekimleri , tecrübeli estetisyenleriyle ve kișiye özel tedavi yöntemleriyle
  hizmet veriyor.
  La Boutique Alko lar BodrumTorba’da, Haziran ayında açıldı.
  İstinye Manzarası ve Deluxe Otel Konforu L IST stinye Suites ile sunuluyor.
  Gaziantep’in üçüncü 5 yıldızlı oteli olan The Anatolian Hotel hizmete girdi.

  Egyptair Star Alliance’in 21. üyesi oldu.
  BA Fransız havayolu L’avion’u satın aldı.
  Pakistan Havayollar ile İstanbul’dan Amsterdam’a uçușlar basladı.
  Lufthansa Miles & More’un 15.yılında üye sayısı 15 milyon kișiye ulaștı.
  T rk Hava Yollar 75.kuruluș yıldönümünü 19-20 Mayis’ta kutladı
  AA ile ABD’ye Business Class uçanlar iç hatlarda First Class uçuyor.
  Qatar Airways, 30 milyar doları așan 200 uçak sipariși ile büyümeyi sürdürüyor.
  Air France ve Delta Havayollar arasında imzalanan ortak girișim anlașması imzalandı.
  Germanwings yaz sezonunda İstanbul’un yanı sıra Antalya, Ankara, İzmir’e de uçuyor.
  Lufthansa’nin 2008 ilk altı ayında yolcu sayısı 28 milyon kișiyi aștı.

  Phone&Go ve Intra organizasyonu ile İtalyanlar Bodrum’a gelecekler.
  Intra Tours Ergenekon Cd.Setat Ticaret Merkezi No:100/603 Șișli adresindeki yeni ofisine
  Pronto Tour vizesiz Yunan adaları gemi turları büyük ilgi görüyor.
   los Travel Kușadası ve Uludağ”da bulunan Akfen Club otellerinin 5 yil boyunca ișletmsini
    ger Tour 2008-2009 programına Mısır’ı da aldı.                                                                 - Dünyadaki tüm turizm örgütlerinin
  TUI ve Neckermann’dan sonra Alltours da kıș sezonunda fiyatlarını % 4 arttırıyor.                                  Adres, tel,fax, web ve e-mail adresleri.
                                                                                                                     - Türkiye ile turizm ilişkileri olan
                                                                                                                       50 ülkenin tüm turizm bilgileri
                                                                                                                      1000 turizm etkinliğinin tarih ve
                                                                                                                            başvuru adresleri…
                                                                                                                           gibi bilgileri bulacağ

50 July/August’08
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