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									                                  EICSL - Eastern Inter-Club Ski League
                                  The Great Ski and Ride Clubs of New England
                                  and all the sports in the other 3 seasons
                                  The Eastern Inter-Club Ski League (EICSL) is an organization promoting recreational skiing,
                                  boarding and racing through clubs primarilly from the Greater Boston Area and with mem-
                                  bers from all over New England. Many of our clubs have lodges in the Mount Washington
                                  Valley area of New Hampshire from which members enjoy year-round sporting and social
                                  activities individually and through the league, in addition to skiing and winter outings.
                                  We’re more than just a ski league!

k,he www.eicsl.org to learn about our clubs, discounts (including gear, lift tickets & restaurants), race program,
trips and other programs. Fill out the membership inquiry form and we’ll help you find a club and new friends!

    Ace Ski and Board Club                  Fall River Ski Club *f                    Randolph Ski Club*
    www.aceskiandboardclub.org              www.eicsl.org/fallriver.html              www.randolphskiclub.org
    Contact: Jean O’Donnell                 Contact: Bob Brisson                      Contact: Susan Sklar
    E: wienerin1900@yahoo.com               E: brisson01@comcast.net                  E: sklar_susan@yahoo.com
    P: 978-692-4113                         P: 508-674-2481
                                                                                      S-Kimos Ski Club*
                                            Innitou Ski Club*
    Ala-Bye Ski Club *f                                                               www.skimos.com
    www.ala-bye.no-ip.org                   Contact: Ini Tomeu                        Contact: Membership Chair
    Contact: Barbara McCarthy               E: membership@innitou.org                 E: membership@skimos.com
    E: bmccarthy115@verizon.net
    P: 978-762-7324                         Lawrencian Ski Club*                      Ski-Bees Ski Club*
                                            www.eicsl.org/lawrencian.html             www.ski-bees.com
    Abenaki Ski Club *f                     Contact: Jeanette Surette                 Contact: Mike Lanigan
    www.eicsl.org/abenaki.html              E: jeanettesur@comcast.net                E: mlanigan@emc.com
    Contact: Maria Rocco
                                            Makusue Ski Club*                         Ski-Wheelers Ski Club*
    E: maria_rocco@yahoo.com                www.makusue.org
    P: 781-894-3991                                                                   www.skiwheelers.org
                                            Contact: Chris Barbagallo
                                                                                      Contact: Susan Orsato
    Blitzschnell Ski Club                                                             E: susanorsato@yahoo.com
                                            P: 339-927-1484
    Contact: Clark Linehan                  Massa-Schussers Ski Club*                 Stoneham Skidaddlers
    E: csl@linehan-photography.com          www.schussers.org                         Ski & Sports Club*
    P: 978-281-3903                         Contact:Valerie Nardone                   www.skidaddlers.org
                                            E: membership@schussers.org               Contact: Anne Marie Tierney
    Brettl-Hupfers                          P: 978-764-2805                           E: tierney@peoplepc.com
    Ski & Sports Club*                                                                P: 617-571-1301
                                            Melrose Hickory Hawks
                                            Ski Club*                                 Wedeln Ski Club*
    Contact: Carrie Haesloop
                                            www.hickoryhawks.org                      www.wedeln.com
    E: carrie226@gmail.com
                                            Contact: Shawn Martin                     Contact: Membership Chair
                                            E: shawn_martin@comcast.net               E: membership@wedeln.com
    Brockton Ski Club *f
    www.eicsl.org/brockton.html             Mr. Rogers Ski Club                       * Indicates that the club owns a ski lodge
    Contact: Tim Tobin                      http://home.comcast.net/                    in the Mt. Washington Valley area.
    E: tobin5@comcast.net                   ~dmacp/mrsc/index.html
    P: 617-749-3831                         Contact: Nancy Morrison                   *f Indicates a family club. Minimum age
                                            E: nancyjmorr@hotmail.com                    requirements on a club-by-club basis.
    Clipped Wings Ski Club*                                                              Many other clubs allow children on a
    www.clippedwings.org                    Polecats Ski & Sports Club*                  limited basis including to participate in
    Contact: Lynn Rodriguez                 www.polecatskiclub.com                       the league race program. Check with
    E: cwscmember@yahoo.com                 Contact: Chrissy Jewell                      the individual club for their policy.
                                            E: polecatskiclub@hotmail.com

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