2010 app booklet by zhangyun


									       34th annual
 Nevada police & fire games

       August 10th through 14th, 2010

             Las Vegas, Nevada

                 Hosted by

        orleans hotel & casino

    The Nevada police athletic federation
           Las vegas, nv 89102


              HOST HOTEL
Orleans Hotel & Casino, host hotel for the 2010 Nevada Police and Fire Games, is located at
4500 W. Tropicana. Please call 1-800-675-3267 or (702) 366-7111 for reservations. Guests are
encouraged to book reservations on line. To receive the special group rate, members will need to
enter the assigned Reservation ID: 0NPFC08 through the Hotel’s web site:
www.orleanscasino.com/groups. You must identify yourself participating in the Nevada Police &
Fire Games if registering by the phone. The hours of operation for Monday through Friday is 6:00
a.m. to 11:00 p.m; Saturday and Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Rates are $32.00 Tuesday through
Thursday, $72.00 for Friday and Saturday, per room, per night, for single or double occupancy, plus
room tax (12%). The charge for an additional person, up to three persons in a room, is $15.00 per
night. Children age 14 years may share a room with their parents at no additional charge. Photo
Identification will be required upon check-in. Guestrooms must be occupied and registered to at
least one adult, who is 21 years of age or older. All guests will be required to post a $100.00 security
deposit via a credit card to secure their individual room accounts. Non-Smoking rooms are limited.
There is a mandatory $5.00 per room, per day, Resort Fee, allowing access to the Fitness Center, in-
room coffee, unlimited local and 800 calls as well as free High Speed Internet Access in the business
center. Deadline for reservations is July 7, 2010. You must indicate you are participating in the
Nevada Police and Fire Games to get this rate. Check in time is 3:00 p.m. and check out time is
12:00 p.m. The hotel accepts all major credit cards for the deposit.


                                            CAR RENTAL
Budget Rent A Car is the official car rental for the Nevada Police and Fire Games.         Facilitations provided
for website links. Attendees can book their vehicles through the reservation hotline 702-730-0100, or through
Budget Rent A Car’s marketing department in the Las Vegas office by calling 702-730-0133, or on line at
www.budgetvegas.com or www.nvpoliceandfiregames.com. Attendees must use the code “LCRGAME10” in
order to guarantee these rates. Phone reservations are guaranteed the rental rates listed below. To qualify for
these rates the customer must identify themselves with the event. Rates extend one week prior to and after the
event. Rates apply to pick up and return to LAS VEGAS ONLY.

Car Class                                            Daily                                 Weekly
Economy                                               26.89                                119.99
Compact                                               28.89                                119.99
Intermediate                                          30.89                                139.99
Full Size                                             33.89                                154.99
Premium                                               37.89                                174.99
Luxury                                                54.89                                219.99
Mini Van                                              51.89                                219.99
Sport Utility                                         51.89                                219.99
12 Passenger Vans                                    109.00                                549.00

 It is very important you read the following instructions. The information is for your
         benefit and to assist us in hosting the most successful Games possible.
                          REGISTRATION INFORMATION
                       Registration will be at the Orleans Hotel
                               The schedule is listed below:
Registration will be.                                            Times are as follows:
Tuesday, August                                                   8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday,                                                        6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Thursday,                                                         6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday,                                                           8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday,                                                         9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

You will be asked to show your picture police or fire dept. identification when
registering, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Spouses must show some form of identification,
i.e…. a copy of husband/wife’s ID, A form of identification to participate in the games
will be furnished at registration and must be shown to the coordinator when requested.
                      ENTRY FEES

Entry fees are $55.00 for the first sport and $5.00 for each additional sport. Please do
not send cash, fees must be paid by check or money order. Credit cards are also
accepted. For those who sign up on-line, we have now added PayPal for your use.

The deadline for applications is July 23, 2010 .

A late fee of $10.00 will be added for all entries received by mail
after the deadline date. A late fee of $25.00 will be added if signing
up at registration. NO EXCEPTIONS.

                                   ADDITIONAL FEES
There will be additional fees for some sports. These are to be included when you pay your entry fee.
The only exception is the buy-in for the Poker event.
 Added Sport Fee                                                                           $5.00
 Late Fees (if received by mail after deadline)                                           $10.00
 Late Fee (if signing up at registration)                                                 $25.00
 Basketball (Court Fee)                                                                    $5.00
 Bowling ($12 for team, $12 for doubles, $12 for singles, $3.00 for                Total: $39.00
 all events)
 Golf                                                                                     255.00
 Pistol (per event)                                                                       $10.00
 Poker Buy-In (to be paid at the event,                                             Fri: $100.00
                                                                                    Sat: $100.00
 Power Lift & Bench Press (per event)                                                       5.00
 Rifle (per event)                                                                        $10.00
 Skeet (per 100 bird event)                                                                30.00
 Sporting Clays                                                                            35.00
 Trap (per 100 bird event)                                                                 30.00

Returned checks: A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.
Refunds: Refunds will be honored if you are unable to participate because of a job
related problem such as days off cancelled, transfer, or an injury or illness. Proof of the
injury/illness would have to be submitted along with a written letter or e-mail request
for refund.

Please send entries to:              Nevada Police Athletic Federation
                                     P O Box 42548
                                     Las Vegas, NV 89116

Phone:                       1-800-863-9676, 702-259-6350, 702-259-6351
Fax:                         702-259-6352
E-Mail:                      npafnv@aol.com
Website:                     www.npaf.net

APPLICATIONS: The application form can be found on page 11 of this booklet or on our web site.
Go to the “application” link, select Option 1 or Option 2. If choosing Option 1, type in the
information, print it out and either fax the application to 702-259-6352 or mail it to the listed address.
If you use Option 2 (the e-mail process), please do not fax it after e-mailing unless we request you
do so as this creates duplicates. Call our 800 number or e-mail us to make sure it was received.
Your entry fee is NOT PAID until your credit card is processed after we have received the e-mail
and run the card through the machine. Please make sure you have filled out the application
completely, signed the waiver on the back and enclosed your entry fee. If you are e-mailing the
application, please type your name on the waiver form. Make sure you have entered your address
and ZIP code, credit card number and the expiration date on the application.

A roster form is also furnished and this must be filled out by the team captain and submitted with his
packet. There is a space on the application for your shirt size. Please make sure you check the
right size, we will not be able to make changes.

This year we have joined FaceBook and Twitter, so you can check there for updates, changes of
venues, or other information relative to the Games

AGE INFORMATION: You must indicate your age on the application form. You may participate in
a lower age division, provided you have indicated this request on your application. You may NOT
compete in two or more different age categories for the same event. The youngest member of your
team (doubles/relay) indicates the age division you will participate in.

The age categories are as follows:
   C-1        C-2        C-3        C-4         C-5         C-6        C-7         C-8         C-9
  21-29      30-34      35-39      40-44       45-49       50-54      55-59       60-69      70 & up

AWARDS:        Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

ELIGIBILITY:           See Page 7.


Team captains are responsible for filling out the team roster (see page 13)
Roster must be received by the deadline or that team will not be allowed to participate.
Be sure to list all team members
Players may only be on one roster of the same sport
Team captain and/or coach must fill out an application. Non-playing coaches or team captains do not
have to pay entry fee.




Fees can not be transferred from one team member to another unless the whole team’s fees have been
paid by one check or money order. If new team members are brought on to replace other players, the
team captain must contact our office with the changes, then submit a new roster showing the new
members and who they are replacing. Team members cannot make these changes themselves.
Competitors who are unable to attend will forfeit their entry fees.

NOTE:           A 10% discount will be given to teams of 10 or more players IF the team captain
sends in all the team’s applications, roster, and a TEAM CHECK in one packet before the deadline
of July 23 , 2010.

Rules for Team Sports:

       1. Each player must submit a completed application and a signed waiver
       Players are only allowed to play in one category – unless otherwise indicated
       Players need to submit only one application no matter how many different sports he/she will be
       competing in.

       2. Alcohol/Drugs: Unlawful controlled substances are prohibited at any and all events.
       Alcoholic beverages will only be allowed at locations where it is sold by the venue.
       3, Unsportsmanlike conduct: Competitors displaying unsportsmanlike conduct may be
       disqualified from the competition. If a competitor is disqualified, there will be no refund of
       his/her entry fee.

    Competitors will be limited to six individual events, relays not included
    An individual may only compete in one age group for a relay event
    Relays must be indicated on the competitor’s application

NOTE: If a sport has less than ten (10) competitors, the event will be cancelled after this year.

                                ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA


  1. Sworn peace officers as defined in NRS 169.125, and certified fire fighters who have been
     employed FULL TIME for at least four (4) months.

  2. Spouses of Peace Officers and Fire Fighters;

  3. Retired Peace Officers; Retired Fire Fighters.

  4. Non-commissioned employees who are employed full time for at least four (4) months with a
     law enforcement agency or fire department approved by the Nevada Police Athletic Federation
     Board of Directors. Spouses of non-commissiond employees are not eligible to participate.

  5. Retired non-commissioned employees as described in the listed categories..

     1.      Police Departments
     2.      Sheriffs’ Departments
     3.      Highway Patrol
     4.      Parole & Probation
     5.      Federal Law Enforcement agencies: FBI, IRS, US Attorneys, US Border Patrol, etc.
     6.      State law enforcement agencies: Gaming Control Board, Attorney General, Juvenile
             Court Services, Prison & Detention, etc.
     7.      District Attorney’s office
     8.      Military Police
     9.      Homeland Security
     10.     Air Marshals
     11.     State, County, and City Fire Departments
     12.     U.S. and Federal Fire Marshals
     13.     U.S. Park Rangers & U.S. Dept. of Forestry

                          GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES

The Grievance Committee is comprised of the Coordinators of the Event(s) and the Board of Directors
of the Nevada Police Athletic Federation (NPAF). The Board of Directors will decide the outcome of
the grievance, should the Coordinator(s) be unable to resolve the problem.

The procedures for filing a grievance during the Nevada Police & Fire Games are as follows:

   1. The grievance will be filed in a timely manner. Any grievance filed after the games have
      ended, may not be considered if an attempt for resolution was not made in a timely manner
      after the occurrence.

   2. Present the Coordinator(s) with the grievance, i.e….illegal players, cheating, failure to follow
      the rules of the sport, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.

   3. The Coordinator(s) will contact the subject(s) involved and attempt to resolve the grievance

   4. If the coordinator(s) cannot resolve the problem, the grievant shall submit a written grievance
      to a member of the Board of Directors. There will always be at least one or more Board
      members present in the Registration area.

   5. A board meeting consisting of the Board of Directors of the NPAF will be called. There must
      be a quorum present to resolve the grievance. If a quorum cannot be present, the grievance
      will be resolved as soon as possible, or at the next scheduled board meeting of the NPAF. It
      may be necessary for the Board to have all subjects involved available, either in person or by
      telephone, including the Coordinator(s).

   6. After the Board of Directors has reached a decision, the Coordinator(s) and the subject(s)
      involved will be notified in writing.

   7. Should the Board of Directors find in favor of the grievant, any and/or all the following
      resolutions could be invoked:

          a. If a medal(s) was awarded, it will be returned to the Coordinator or Board of Directors.
          b. The medal(s) will then be presented to the next competitor/team in line.
          c. If the Board of Directors should feel the grievance justified, the subject(s) could be
             banned from participating in future Nevada Police & Fire Games.
          d. The entry fee(s) would not be returned

The above procedure has been approved and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Nevada Police
Athletic Federation dba as the Nevada Police & Fire Games.

                  2010 NEVADA POLICE & FIRE GAMES
                         SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
                                      TUE WED THU      FRI    SAT
                  EVENT               8/10 8/11 8/12   8/13   8/14
REGISTRATION                           X     X    X     X      X
ARCHERY ***(See event page)
BASEBALL                                       X   X    X      X
BASKETBALL – MEN’S OPEN 5 ON 5                 X   X    X      X
BASKETBALL – MEN’S OPEN 3 ON 3                          X
BASKETBALL – MEN’S OVER 35 3 ON 3                  X
BASKETBALL – WOMEN’S OPEN 3 ON 3                   X
BENCH PRESS                                                    X
BILLIARDS                                      X   X    X
BOWLING                                            X    X      X
BOXING                                                         X
CYCLING                                            X    X      X
DARTS                                                   X      X
FLAG FOOTBALL                                      X    X      X
GOLF                                           X   X    X      X
ICE HOCKEY *see below for dates
PAINTBALL                                  X
PISTOL                                                  X      X
POKER                                                   X      X
POWERLIFTING                                                   X
RIFLE                                              X
SKEET (See event page)**
SOCCER                                             X    X      X
SOFTBALL - COED                                    X    X      X
SOFTBALL – MEN’S OPEN                              X    X      X
SOFTBALL – MEN’S OVER 35                           X    X      X
SOFTBALL – WOMEN’S OPEN                            X    X      X
SPORTING CLAYS (See event page)**
SPORTS SUBMISSION WRESTLING                             X
TRACK & FIELD                                  X   X
  5K RUN                                                                             X
  TRAP (See event page)**
  VOLLEYBALL                                                               X
****Bass Fishing will be held: Mon, 5/3, Tues, 5/4
***Archery will be held
**Skeet, Sporting Clays, & Trap will be held: Wed, 5/5, Thu, 5/6, and Fri, 5/7
*Ice Hockey dates will be held

                                 SPORTS VENUES

            SPORT                    LOCATION                      ADDRESS
Archery                            Las Vegas Archers     Mt. Springs Archery, Mt. Springs
Baseball                                 TBA
Basketball – Men’s Open 5 on 5   Heinrich Family YMCA           4141 Meadows Ln
   Men’s Open 3 on 3             Heinrich Family YMCA           4141 Meadows Ln
   Men’s Over 35 3 on 3          Heinrich Family YMCA           4141 Meadows Ln
   Women’s Open 3 on 3           Heinrich Family YMCA           4141 Meadows Ln
Bass Fishing                          Lake Havasu
Bench Press                          Orleans Hotel              4500 W Tropicana
Billiards                               Cue Club                  953 E. Sahara
Bowling                              Orleans Hotel              4500 W Tropicana
Boxing                           Barry’s Boxing Gym              2664 S Highland
Cycling                           Blue Diamond area
Darts                                  King Tut’s              6139 W. Charleston
Flag Football                    Brown Middle School           4203 Channel 10 Dr.
Golf                                     TBA
Ice Hockey                       Fiesta Hotel & Casino           2400 N. Rancho
Paintball                          Premier Paintball            1400 N. Rampart
Pistol                           LVMPD Pistol Range               7600 E. Carey
Poker                                Orleans Hotel              4500 W Tropicana
Powerlift                            Orleans Hotel              4500 W Tropicana
Rifle                                    TBA
Skeet                                    TBA
Soccer                                   TBA
Softball - Coed                          TBA
   Men’s Open                            TBA
   Men’s Over 35                         TBA
   Women’s Open                          TBA
Sporting Clays                        TBA
Sports Submission Wrestling       Orleans Hotel              4500 W Tropicana
Track & Field                 Las Vegas High School        Sahara and Hollywood
5K Run                             Outlet Mall        Las Vegas Blvd. & Warm Springs
Trap                                  TBA
Volleyball                     Dula Recreation Ctr.   Bonanza & Las Vegas Blved No

                            NEVADA POLICE & FIRE GAMES APPLICATION
NPAF ID #                            (for office use only)

LAST NAME                                   FIRST NAME                                    INITIAL       DOB     GENDER

                                                                                                    /     /   M   F
HOME ADDRESS:                               CITY:                       STATE:        ZIP:              HOME PHONE:

AGENCY:                           WORK PHONE:                      HIRE DATE:                PERSONNEL I.D. #

                                         EMPLOYEE:                                                  GUEST:
SHIRT SIZE:       SMALL:        MEDIUM:                 LARGE:         X-LARGE:              2X-LARGE:       3X-LARGE:
     AGE             C-1      C-2          C-3        C-4         C-5       C-6                 C-7       C-8    C-9
  CATEGORY          21-29    30-34        35-39      40-44       45-49     50-54               55-59     60-69 70 & UP
HEIGHT:                       WEIGHT:                          BOWLING AVERAGE:                   GOLF HANDICAP:
ADDED FEES                                          AMOUNTADDED
                                                    AMOUNT ADDED FEES                                            AMOUNT
Late Fees (if received after deadline)                   10.00 Pistol (Per Event)
                                                         10.00Pistol                                                 10.00
Late Fees (if signing up at registration)                25.00Poker
                                                         25.00 Poker fee is paid at the door both nights)           100.00
Added Sport Fee                                              5.00Power
                                                             5.00 Power Lift                                             5.00
Basketball (Court Fee)                                       5.00Rifle
                                                             5.00 Rifle (Per Event)                                  10.00
Bench Press                                                  5.00Skeet
                                                             5.00 Skeet (Per Event)                                  30.00
Bowling (Per Event)                                      12.00 Sporting Clays                                        35.00
Bowling (All Events)                                         3.00Trap
                                                             3.00 Trap (Per Event)                                   30.00
Golf                                                    255.00
TEAM NAME                      CODE     SPORT               COACH/PARTNER         FEES:

VISA___ MASTERCARD___ AMERICAN EXPRESS_____                                                      Entry Fee _______$55.00
DISCOVER______                                                                            Added Sport Fee _____________
PAYPAL______                                                                              Added Event Fee _____________
CARD #___________/_____________/___________/__________                                             Late Fee _____________
EXPIRATION DATE:_____/_______               CVI #__________                                 Total Fees Paid _____________
For Office Use Only                                                                   Confirmation #
Date Received: _____/_____/______     Check #                                             Amount Received:
Fees Paid By:                                                            for            Amount Received
Date Refunded:_____/_____/______                  Check #                                 Amount Refunded:
Reason for Refund

I have read and understand the waiver________________________________________Date_______________________
                           GENERAL RELEASE OF LIABILITY

For and in consideration of the granting of permission to participate in the Nevada Police and Fire
Games hosted by the Nevada Police Athletic Federation, City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas,
City of Henderson, Clark County Recreation Department, and any such other event site which may
be used in and around the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Clark County areas,
the undersigned, on behalf of himself/herself,, his/her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns,
hereby fully releases and discharges now and forever the Nevada Police Athletic Federation d.b.a.
Nevada Police and Fire Games, City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson,
Clark County Recreation Department, et al, for damages which said undersigned and above-named
successor now have or may have after the signing of this agreement, against the afore-mentioned
organizations and the successors arising out of any bodily injury of any sort or nature suffered by the
undersigned by reason of voluntary participation in any of the activities of the Nevada Police and
Fire Games. All participants in any event of the Nevada Police and Fire Games assume all risks in
the games, including, specifically, but not exclusively, the danger of any malfunction of equipment,
etc., and agrees that the Nevada Police Athletic Federation d.b.a. Nevada Police and Fire Games and
entrants, shall not be liable for injuries which may result.

The undersigned has read this release and fully understand it and acknowledges full responsibility
for any injuries, damages, or losses that he/she may incur. This release is freely and voluntarily
executed by the undersigned and not as a result of any inducements, promises or representations
made by any party.


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING: _____________________________________

                   NAME: (Please print legibly):_________________________________________

                   Date: ____________________________________________________________

                     TEAMS OR DOUBLES ROSTER




1                                               2

3                                               4

5                                               6

7                                               8

9                                               10

11                                              12

13                                              14

15                                              16

17                                              18

19                                              20

NOTE: Indicate which event you are entering below. If you are entering more than one team event,
Please fill out a separate roster for each team and/or doubles event.

Softball            Bowling Div.          Basketball                Baseball
Coed                Men’s Master          Men’s Open 5 on 5
Men’s Open          Men’s Open            Men’s Open 3 on 3         Bass Fishing
Men’s Over 35       Men’s “A”             Men’s Over 35 3 on 3
Women’s Open        Men’s “B”             Women’s Open 3 on 3       Flag Football
                    Women’s Master
                    Women’s Open          Soccer                    Paintball
                    Women’s “A”
                    Women’s “B”           Ice Hockey                Volleyball

                                                             Location: Heinrich Family YMCA, 4141 Meadows
ARCHERY                                                      Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
Date:                                                        Coordinator: Andre Carter
Time: 9:00 a.m. to finish each day                           Phone: Cell – (702) 370-1688
Location: Las Vegas Archers, Mt. Spring Range                E-mail: aclexus@cox.net
Coordinator: Greg Yager
Phone: 702-828-3013, Cell-702-283-1048                       Fees: $5.00 Court Fee
E-Mail: G6110Y@lvmpd.com                                     Information: Event is limited to 10 teams on a first
Information: Fri: 14 field, 14 Hunter, Sat: 900 round.       come, first serve basis. All 3 on 3 basketball teams
9:00 a.m. start time. Directions to the site: take I-15      must report to the event facility between 12:00 p.m. and
south to Route 160 (the Silverton exit), take 160 west to    12:15 p.m. on the day of the event. Failure to comply
Las Vegas Archers, approx. 19 miles. There is a big          will result in the team's disqualification from the event.
silver gate on the left. If you pass the Mt. Springs         There is a maximum of six (6) players per team.
Saloon, you went too far.                                    Numbered jerseys required. Each game is running 20
Code: 40A01                                                  minutes.
                                                             Code:               12A02
Date: Wed, 8-11;Thu, 8-12; Fri, 8-13; Sat, 8-14              BASEKTBALL-MEN’S OVER 35 3 ON 3
Time: 9:00 a.m. each day                                     Date: Thu, 8/12/10
Location: .TBA                                               Time: 1:00 p.m.
Coordinator: Mike Maines                                     Location: Heinrich Family YMCA, 4141 Meadows
Phone: (Cell) 702-370-6443;                                  Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
E-mail: mdkamaines@cox.net.                                  Coordinator: Andre Carter
Information: The tournament is based on eight (8)            Phone: Cell – (702) 370-1688
teams in each division. Rules will be available at           E-Mail: aclexus@cox.net
registration. The designated hitter and extra hitter rules   Fees: $5.00 Court Fee
will be in effect. Each team will get three games            Information: This event is limited to 10 teams on a
chosen randomly. These three games will seed the top         first come, first serve basis. All 3 on 3 basketball teams
six teams for medal round play.                              must report to the event facility between 1:00 p.m. and
Code:              11A01                                     1:15 p.m. on the day of the event. Failure to comply
                                                             will result in the team's disqualification from the event.
BASKETBALL-MEN’S OPEN 5 ON 5                                 Maximum of six (6) players per team with only one (1)
Date: : Wed, 8/11; Thu, 8/12; Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14           player over 6'4" on the court at a time. Participants'
Time: 9:00 a.m. each day                                     driver’s license will be used to settle height disputes;
Location: Heinrich Family YMCA, 4141 Meadows                 therefore, all players must bring the valid driver's
Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89107                                 license to ALL games. Failure to present driver's
Coordinator: Andre Carter                                    license upon request will result in disqualification of
Phone: Cell – (702) 370-1688                                 that player and forfeiture of all games played with
E-Mail: aclexus@cox.net                                      ineligible player(s) with no refunds of any fees.
Fees: $5.00 Court Fee                                        Numbered jerseys required. Each game is running 20
Information: Event is limited to 24 teams, on a first        minutes.
come, first serve basis. Twelve (12) player maximum          Code:               12A03
roster. Round Robin play, single elimination
tournament. The number of scheduled days may vary            BASKETBALL-WOMEN’S OPEN 3 ON 3
depending on number of teams. Teams must report to           Date: Thu,8/12/10
the event facility between 9:00 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. on        Time: 9:00 a.m.
the day of the event. Failure to comply will result in       Location: Heinrich Family YMCA, 4141 Meadows
the team's disqualification from the event. Numbered         Lane Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
jerseys required.                                            Coordinator: Andre Carter
Code:              12A01                                     Phone: Cell – (702) 370-1688
                                                             E-Mail: aclexus@cox.net
BASKETBALL-MEN’S OPEN 3 ON 3                                 Fees: $5.00 Court Fee
Date: Fri, 8/13/10                                           Information: Event is limited to 10 teams, on a first
Time: 12:00 p.m.                                             come first serve basis. All 3 on 3 basketball teams must
                                                             report to the event facility between 8:00 a.m. and 8:15
a.m. on the day of the event. Failure to comply will      198 LBS       14B07        165 LBS      14B27
result in the team's disqualification from the event.     220 LBS       14B08        181 LBS      14B28
Maximum of six (6) players per team. Numbered             242 LBS       14B09        198 LBS      14B29
jerseys required. Each game is running 20 minutes.        275 LBS       14B10        199 +        14B30
Code:              12A04                                  308 LBS       14B11
                                                          SHW           14B12
                                                          Senior Master (56 yrs. And over)
                                                          114 LBS       14C01        97 LBS       14C21
                                                          123 LBS       14C02        105 LBS      14C22
                                                          132 LBS       14C03        114 LBS      14C23
                                                          148 LBS       14C04        123 LBS      14C24
Date: Mon, 5/3; Tue, 5/4
                                                          165 LBS       14C05        132 LBS      14C25
Time: Safe light
                                                          181 LBS       14C06        148 LBS      14C26
Location: Lake Havasu, AZ
                                                          198 LBS       14C07        165 LBS      14C27
Coordinator: Craig Klatt, Kent Bitsko,
                                                          220 LBS       14C08        181 LBS      14C28
                   Mike Dailey
                                                          242 LBS       14C09        198 LBS      14C29
Phones: H-720-399-0624; C- 702812-0008
                                                          275 LBS       14C10        199 +        14C30
                                                          308 LBS       14C11
E-mail: c1052k@lvmpd.com
                                                          SHW           14C12
Information: Team tournament, two persons per boat.
Boats will not be furnished. Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd,
and biggest fish. Option pot for big fish, big striper,   BILLIARDS
and total weight. Day 1, Day 2, and Overall. Rooms        Date: Wed, 8/11, Thu, 8/12, Fri, 8/13
will be available at Lake Havasu Ramada Inn, 271 S.       Time: 9:00 a.m. each day
Lake Havasu Ave., Phone: 800-528-5169.                    Location: Cue Club, 953 E. Sahara.
Code:              13A01                                  Coordinator: Tom Johnson,
                                                          Phones: Work-702-229-3194
                                                          E-mail: T3171J@lvmpd.com
                                                          Information: Events will be 8 Ball – race to five; 9
Date: Sat, 8/14/10
                                                          Ball – race to five; Straight – 50 points per game with
Time: Weigh-ins will be going on throughout the
                                                          75 points to the finals. This will be a double
week; 8:00 a.m. for meeting; 8:30 a.m. for warm ups,
                                                          elimination tournament. Persons not registered for the
9:00 a.m. competition begins.
                                                          billiard event will not be permitted to participate.
Location: Orleans Hotel
                                                          Brackets will be prepared following the close of general
Fees: $5.00
                                                          registration. Billiards will start promptly at 0900 hrs.
Coordinator: Jason Auschwitz
                                                          Players not present 15 minutes after the games have
Phones: (home) 702-456-7559,
                                                          begun are automatically placed in the losers bracket.
                    (cell) 702-408-5919
                                                          Players not present to start their game in the loser’s
E-mail: bigjay54@hotmail.com
                                                          bracket will be eliminated.
Information: Bench press will be held in conjunction
                                                          Code:            Men
with power lifting. Please go to the power lifting
information for details.                                                   Women
Code:           Men          Women                                       15A01                    15A21
Open Division (21 yrs – 39 yrs)
114 LBS         14A01        97 LBS 14A21                 BOWLING
123 LBS         14A02        105 LBS 14A22                Date: Thu, 8/12; Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
132 LBS         14A03        114 LBS                      Time: 9:00 a.m. for all three days. Singles must
                14A23                                     be finished by noon.
148 LBS         14A04        123 LBS 14A24                Location: Orleans Bowling Lanes
165 LBS         14A05        132 LBS 14A25                Coordinator: Darren Heiner, Kevin Johnson, Bob
181 LBS         14A06        148 LBS 14A26                DeHoedt
198 LBS         14A07        165 LBS 14A27                Fees: $12.00 for each event, $3.00 for the All Events
220 LBS         14A08        181 LBS 14A28                Information: This will be a scratch tournament with
242 LBS         14A09        198 LBS 14A29                four divisions for both men and women based on
275 LBS         14A10        199 +      14A30             2008-09 league book averages. Women bowling with
308 LBS         14A11                                     men will be bowling in the men’s division.
SHW             14A12                                          1. Each competitor must enter a division as
Master Division (40 yrs – 55 yrs)                                  indicated below based on his/her 2008-2009
114 LBS         14B01        97 LBS 14B21                          USBC league average. Bowlers who do not
123 LBS         14B02        105 LBS 14B22                         have a book average may use a current USBC
132 LBS         14B03        114 LBS 14B23                         league average with a minimum of 21 games
148 LBS         14B04        123 LBS 14B24                         as of May 30, 2009. Bowlers who have no
165 LBS         14B05        132 LBS 14B25                         established average as outlined above with
181 LBS         14B06        148 LBS 14B26                         bowl in the “A” Division.
    2.    2. Doubles and team divisions will be based      BOXING
          on the combined averages of the bowlers. (see    Date: Sat, 8/14/10
          the table below)                                 Time: Weigh-in: 8:00 a.m. Bouts: 7:00 p.m.
     3. All mixed doubles will compete in the Men’s        Location: Barry’s Gym
          division.                                        Coordinator: Pat and Dawn Barry
     4. Lane assignments will be scheduled by the          Phone: 702-368-2696
          coordinators and/or bowling staff prior to       Information: All entries must be at weigh ins or will
          competition.                                     not be allowed to compete. No exceptions!! All
     5. Team event will consist of four (4) people.        fighters must report 60 minutes prior to fights. All
     6. Competitors will bowl five (5) games in each       family members, friends, and outside public are
          event: team, doubles, and singles.               welcome and are encouraged to attend, but strictly
     7. Bowling fees will be paid with your entry fee.     forbidden to interfere with bouts or scheduling thereof.
     8. All medalists’ averages will be individually       NO PROS, past or present, will be allowed to compete.
          verified. Any false information will result in   Weight classes will be adjusted to keep all contestants
 disqualification of the individual, doubles partner       within a 10 lb. spread. All bouts will be made with
and team members. Any changes will be filed with the       consideration of age, weight and experience. Boxers
Games Board of Directors, which may result in              with five (5) or more bouts are classified as “Open”.
immediate expulsion for the individual, partner, and       All equipment will be USA approved and USA rules
team members.                                              will govern. All bouts will be three rounds and all
Men’s Average for Team:                                    rounds will be two minutes in duration. Boxers under
Division            Average           Team Total           160 lbs will wear 14 oz. gloves; boxers over 160 lbs.
Master              200-Above         800 & above          will wear 16 oz. gloves. All females are welcome to
Open                190 to 199        760-799              compete, however, all females must wear and provide
“A”                 165 to 189        660 to 759           themselves with a chest protector and must sign a
“B”                 164 & below       659 & below          waiver stating she is not pregnant at this time. All
Men’s Averages for Doubles            Doubles Total        USA rules will also be enforced for females as they are
Master              200 & above       400 & above          for males. Females can only box other females. All
Open                190 to 199        380 to 399           bouts are final, no exceptions. No food or drink of any
“A”                 165 to 189        329 to 379           kind allowed in venue. Events will be Open (prior
“B”                 164 & below       328 & below          experience) and Novice (no experience). Boxers over
Women’s Averages for Team             Team Total           the age of 35 will have to compete as Masters. These
Master              190 & above       760 & above          classes will be for both male and female boxers.
Open                170 to 189        680 to759            Code:              Men               Women
“A”                 150 to 169        600 to 679           Open               17A01             17A21
“B”                 149 and below 596 and below            Novice             17B01
Women’s Averages for Doubles          Doubles Total                           17B21
Master              190 & above       380 & above
Open                170 to 189        340 to 379           CYCLING
“A”                 150 to 169        300 to 339           Date: Thu, 8/12, Fri, 8/13, Sat, 8/14
“B”                 149 & below       298 & below          Time: 8:00 a.m. each day
Codes:                                                     Location: Blue Diamond area
                    Men’s             Women’s              Coordinator: Robin Brown
Master Div.         Ave. 200 +        190+                 Phone: Pager-702-813-4419
Team                16A01             16A21                E-mail: rdbrown@cox.net
Doubles             16A02             16A22                Information: All races start promptly as 8:00 a.m.
Singles             16A03             16A23                Coordinator will be at the venue at 7:00 a.m. Allow
All Events          16A04             16A24                approx. 30 minutes driving time from the Strip
Open Div.           190-199           170 - 189            area. Blue Diamond is located off SR159, a 30-45
Team                16B01             16B21                minute drive from the Strip and down town Las Vegas.
Doubles             16B02             16B22                Go south on I-15, and take the Blue Diamond off ramp.
Singles             16B03             16B23                Go west, Blue Diamond will be on your left. Take the
All Events          16B04             16B24                second left into town to the park. The park will be the
“A” Div.            165-189           150 - 169            staging area for all cycling events. You can also take
Team                16C01             16C21                Charleston Blvd. Go west on Charleston for about 14
Doubles             16C02             16C22                miles, past the Red Rock area, to Blue Diamond, turn at
Singles             16C03             16C23                the first right turn into town to the park. Helmets are
All Events          16C04             16C24                mandatory. Race routes for the time trial, road race,
“B” Div.            164-Under         149-Under            and mountain bike will be announced at a later time.
Team                16D01             16D21                Thursday: 10.5 Mile Time Trial: A 5.5 mile out and
Doubles             16D02             16D22                back, with climbing on your way out and descent
Singles             16D03             16D23                coming back; smooth face course on SR159, wide
All Events          16D04             16D24                shoulders that were recently widened. The start and
finish will be on SR159 and the only turn is the               Saturday,8/15: Singles cricket, doubles cricket. Steel
turnaround area that has traffic control. No turning into      tips will be used.
Blue Diamond for the finish.                                   Code:              Men             Women
Friday, 35 Mile Road Race: Approximately 35 miles              Singles 301        19A01           19A21
course using SR159 out of Blue Diamond..                       Doubles 501        19B01           19B21
Saturday, Mountain Bike 15 Mile Cross Country                  Cricket Singles 19C01              19C21
Race: Approximately 16 mile mountain bike race using           Cricket Doubles 19D01              19D21
an 8 mile loop of 90% single track desert riding.
Staging is at the park, the start/finish line will be at the   FLAG FOOTBALL
Clark County Fire Station in Blue Diamond, about two           Date: Thu, 8/12, Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
blocks from the park.                                          Time: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. (exact time to be
OPEN DIVISION:                                                 determined based on amount of team registered)
Open Class is for racers that hold a Cat 1, 2, or 3            Location: TBA
license with US Cycling or Expert mountain bike                Coordinator: Matt Trzpis
NORBA license. Riders of this level will race each             Phone: W-702-486-3180; C-702-232-3912
other, not missing into the age groups. This will be for       E-Mail: mtrzpis@dps.state.nv.us
all 3 events. Open Class will use the code listed below.       Information: All teams will be placed into brackets
Code:                                                          for round robin games. The top two from each bracket
Men                                                            will go to the medal round. The final round will be
Women                                                          completed on Saturday. Each team is guaranteed at
Mountain Bike 15 Mile Cross Country Race                       least three (3) games during the course of the games.
C-1                18A01                  18A21                Should there be less than four teams registered, the
C-2                18A02                  18A22                games coordinator reserves the right to alter the format
C-3                18A03                  18A23                of the medal round and/or to alter the schedule for the
C-4                18A04                  18A24                tournament. Eight (8) players per team on the field at
C-5                18A05                  18A25                one time. Teams will be responsible for their own
C-6                18A06                  18A26                numbered jerseys, one in a light color and one in a dark
C-7                18A07                  18A27                color. Teams will also bring their own flags.
C-8                18A08                  18A28                Code:              20A01
C-9                18A09                  18A29
10.5 Mile Time Trial                                           GOLF
C-1                18B01                  18B21                Date: Wed, 8/11; Thu, 8/12; Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
C-2                18B02                  18B22                Time: 8:00 a.m. each day
C-3                18B03                  18B23                Fees: $255.00 plus entry fee. This includes green fees
C-4                18B04                  18B24                and cart for 4 days of golf and the awards banquet on
C-5                18B05                  18B25                Saturday after the finish of the event.
C-6                18B06                  18B26                Location: TBA
C-7                18B07                  18B27                Coordinators: Eric Holyoak, Paul Osuch,
C-8                18B08                  18B28                Phones: 828-4467
C-9                18B09                  18B29                E-Mail address: e3713h@lvmpd.com
35 Mile Road Race                                              Information: All four days will be shotgun start
C-1                18C01                  18C21                beginning at 8:00 a.m. each day. Limited to the first
C-2                18C02                  18C22                200 golfers on a first come first serve basis. The
C-3                18C03                  18C23                deadline for entries will be July 15. If your
C-4                18C04                  18C24                application is received after that date, an added late
C-5                18C05                  18C25                fee of $25.00 will be accessed. Individual handicap
C-6                18C06                  18C26                bracket, age bracket, net and gross, and 2 man teams
C-7                18C07                  18C27                format. Participants will play 4 different courses.
C-8                18C08                  18C28                Awards and lunch will follow on final day at 1:00 p.m.
C-9                18C09                  18C29                Current handicap card required for this event. If
Open                                                           participant doesn’t have a current handicap card, he/she
All Age Groups 18D01                      18D21                must provide the coordinator(s) 10 score cards signed
                                                               by a course pro, the handicap will be calculated by the
DARTS                                                          coordinator at registration. USGA rules apply unless
Date: Fri,8/13; Sat,8/14                                       modified by local rules.
Time: .7:00 p.m. both days                                     Code:              21A01
Location: King Tut’s
Coordinator: Mike Bunker, Andrew Peralta                       3X3 ICE HOCKEY
Phone: W- 702-828-3730                                         Dates: TBA
E-mail: m653b@lvmpd.com                                        Times: To be announced
Information: Friday, 8/14: Singles 301, straight on,           Location: Fiesta Hotel & Casino Ice Rink,
doubles off. Doubles 501: straight on, doubles off.                      2400 N. Rancho
Coordinator: Phil Merges, Allen Hanners                    matches must be carried on body. NRA Rules and
Phone: (702) 682-2815                                      classifications apply. All PPC matches will be NRA
Cells: Phil – (702) 682-2815;                              matches. Scores will be sent to NRA, $1.00 per each
            Allen: (702) 533-2316                          score required at the range per NRA. Teams to be
E-mail: phillipmerges@HOTMAIL.COM                          declared prior to shooting All score cards will be
Information: The tournament will consist of 3 on 3         signed or shooter’s scores will not be valid. Range
Ice Hockey with teams consisting of six (6) players.       open by 7:00 a.m. each day with relays starting at 7:45
The ice will be split (east-west) into three sections.     a.m. The last relay will be no later than 12:00 p.m.
This will allow six teams to play at the same time.        each day with awards and prizes starting at 1:00 p.m.
Each game will last 20 minutes (running time). Each        Food and beverages are available in the surrounding
team will play three games in a row each day. Upon         area.
completion of the 3 on 3 tournament the top two police     Codes:
teams (plus one player) will combine and play the top      Semi-Auto PPC               24A01
two fire teams (plus one player) in a full ice Charity     Semi-Auto Combat            24B01
Police/Fire Ice Hockey Games.                              Revolver PPC                24C01
Goalies will be share (contact Phil Merges for details)    Revolver Combat             24D01
Teams are to register at http://www.npaf.nethtml as
soon as possible.                                          POKER
Code: 42A01                                                Date: Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
                                                           Time: 7:00 p.m.
PAINTBALL                                                  Location: Orleans Hotel
Dates: Wed. 8/10/10                                        Entry Fees: _____per night. Buy-ins will be $______
Time: 6:00 p.m.                                            with no re-buy for both Friday and Saturday. The buy-
Location: Premier Paintball                                ins will be paid at the door
Coordinators: Jason Rodriguez, Samuel Mendoza              Coordinator: Al Alcalde
Phones: (Samuel) 702-480-2735                              Phone: 702-528-6868
         (Jason) 702-612-1421                              E-mail: aalcalde@social.rr.com
E-Mail: s6897m@lvmpd.com,                                  Information and Fees: The poker tournament will be
                                                           No-Limit Hold-em with a $____ buy-in for each night,
j6905r@lvmpd.com                                           with no re-buy. First buy-ins will be taken until 8:00
Information: Open paintball will be the only event         p.m. Space is limited so be sure to get your application
with seven (7) players on each team. Depending on the      in early. The hotel is offering a hosted bar to all
number of teams, the top four teams will advance to the    players. Please pre-register and be sure to bring your
medal round. Game time is forfeit time. Field paint        ID to the tournament.
must be used, please do not bring your own. Directions     Code:
to the venue will be available at registration.            Friday                 Saturday
Code:                 41A01                                No Limit Hold-em No Limit Hold-em
                                                           PKR01                  PKR02
Date: Fri, 8/13: Sat, 8/14                                 POWERLIFTING
Time: 7:00 a.m. each day; briefing & registration from     Date: Sat. 8/14/10
7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., Relay 1 starts at 7:45 a.m.        Time: Weigh-ins will be going on all week; lifters’
Location: LVMPD Pistol Range, 7600 E. Carey                meeting at 8:00 a.m., warm ups at 8:30 a.m.
Coordinator: Rich Fletcher, James Goodwin                  competition begins at a.m. 9:00 a.m.
Phone: Rich: W-702-262-2910, C– 702-300-6880,              Location: Orleans Hotel
James: W-702-671-5706                                      Coordinator: Jason Auschwitz
E-Mail: r4511f@lvmpd.com                                   Phone: (home) 702-456-7559; (cell) 702-408-5919
Fees: $10.00 for each event entered, plus entry fee.       E-Mail: Jason’s: bigjay54@hotmail.com
Fees utilized for prizes.                                  Fees: $5.00
Information: NRA rules and classifications. Pre-           Information: All competitors must weigh in, NO
registration, no late entries accepted at the range. Ear   EXCEPTIONS. You only need to weigh in one time.
and eye protection is required. Classified shooters        USPF Rules will apply. A lifter may enter both the
must show there NRA classification card. If you do         power lift and the bench press event. A lifter’s bench
not have a classification, you will be placed in the       press will also count for the power lifting portion of the
Open classification. Teams will be declared at the         meet. This is a raw meet. No bench shirts. Lifters
range before each match begins.                            must wear a singlet or guy shorts and a t-shirt. T-shirts
Friday will be semi-auto events. All semi-auto events:     must be tucked inside the shorts. Weight belts are
combat match, duty weapons, ammo and equipment;            highly recommended. Wilk’s Formula will determine
Semi-auto PPC, 150 rounds, semi-auto combat, 60            best lifter. Special awards will be awarded for overall
rounds. Saturday will be revolver events: combat           best lifter and best bench press. Top three (3) teams
match 2” to 6”, duty ammo and equipment. No fanny          will receive a medal. Three (3) or more lifters are
packs or angle holsters. All equipment on combat           required to form a team.
Code:           Men                Women                    Matches: Open Patrol Rifle; Open Long Range Rifle;
Open Division (21 yrs. – 39 yrs)                            Limited Patrol Rifle; Limited Long Range Rifle.
114 LBS       25A01         97 LBS 25A21                    General Rules: Any safe center fire rifle can be used.
123 LBS       25A02         105 LBS 25A22                   Slings, bipods, cheek rests, shooting mats, shooting
132 LBS       25A03         114 LBS                         jackets, etc., can be used depending on classification.
              25A23                                         All stages will start from the standing position with rifle
148 LBS       25A04         123 LBS 25A24                   held at port arms. No equipment may be added or taken
165 LBS       25A05         132 LBS 25A25                   off of a rifle during a match, i.e….adding a bipod for
181 LBS       25A06         148 LBS 25A26                   the prone stage. No supports such as shooting sticks,
198 LBS       25A07         165 LBS 25A27                   sand bags or packs may be used. Shooters may use
220 LBS       25A08         181 LBS 25A28                   spotting scopes but cannot have spotters assisting.
242 LBS       25A09         198 LBS 25A29                   There are no alibis. Any failure to complete the
275 LBS       25A10         199 +    25A30                  required number of rounds will result in the loss of
308 LBS       25A11                                         those points. Cease fire will be called when time
SHW           25A12                                         expires, any late shots will be penalized – 5 points +
Master Division (40 yrs. – 55 yrs)                          loss of highest scoring round per late shot. Target
114 LBS       25B01         97 LBS 25B21                    misidentification (rounds on wrong target) - -5 points
123 LBS       25B02         105 LBS 25B22                   for second round + loss of round value; DQ for 3 or
132 LBS       25B03         114 LBS 25B23                   more rounds on wrong target. This is cumulative for
148 LBS       25B04         123 LBS 25B24                   the match-not per stage.
165 LBS       25B05         132 LBS 25B25                   Scoring will be per B27 marking rings. Ties may be
181 LBS       25B06         148 LBS 25B26                   decided in one of four ways depending on time.
198 LBS       25B07         165 LBS 25B27                   For copy of the rules and ties information call or e-mail
220 LBS       25B08         181 LBS 25B28                   our office. Directions to the range will be available at
242 LBS       25B09         198 LBS 25B29                   Registration.
275 LBS       25B10         199 +    25B30                  Codes:
308 LBS       25B11                                         Open Patrol Rifle                         27A01
SHW           25B12                                         Open Long Range Rifle                     27A02
Senior Master (56 yrs. And over)                            Limited Patrol Rifle                       27A03
114 LBS       25C01         97 LBS 25C21                    Limited Long Range Rifle                  27A04
123 LBS       25C02         105 LBS 25C22
132 LBS       25C03         114 LBS 25C23                   SKEET
148 LBS       25C04         123 LBS 25C24                   Date: Wed, 5/5
165 LBS       25C05         132 LBS 25C25                   Time: 8:00 a.m. for singles, 10:00 a.m. for doubles,
181 LBS       25C06         148 LBS 25C26                   Location: TBA
198 LBS       25C07         165 LBS 25C27                   Fees: $30.00 per 100 targets plus entry fees
220 LBS       25C08         181 LBS 25C28                   Coordinator: Dave Crunden
242 LBS       25C09         198 LBS 25C29                   Phone: Dave-702-339-7268
275 LBS       25C10         199 +    25C30                  Information: Events: Skeet singles will be at 8:00
308 LBS       25C11                                         a.m.; Skeet Doubles will be at 10:00 a.m. Skeet less
SHW           25C12                                         than 20 Ga. will be at 8:000 a.m. All events will be
                                                            squaded with 5-man teams prior to shooting, unless
RIFLE                                                       names are drawn by the coordinators. This will be
Date: Thu, 8/12                                             decided prior to the event being shot. Due to potential
Time: 7:00 a.m. to finish                                   conflicts with the two ranges, it is suggested you
Location: TBA                                               contact the coordinator for updates prior to making
Coordinator: George Donelson                                travel arrangements. Ammunition is available for
Phone: 702-285-2274                                         purchase at both gun clubs. NSSA rules will govern
Cell: 702-303-1727                                          the events.
E-mail: g6508d@lvmpd.com                                    Code:
Information: The ranges are approximates and may be         Event #1 – Singles                  28A01
silightly different on the day of the competition due to    Event #2 – Doubles                  28A02
physical limitations of the facility. The correct, actual   Event #3 – Less than 20 Ga.         28A03
ranges will be posted at the target line.
Classifications: Open-Any Sighting system, bipods/          SOCCER
monopods                                                    Date: Thu, 8/12; Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
Limited-Iron sights only (no Aimpoint or other zero         Time: 6:00 P.M. TO 11:00 P.M.
magnification device allowed). No bipod/monopod.            Location: TBA
Teams-(provided there are minimum of 3 teams                Coordinator: Jeremy Jacobs
2 Person team per classification/match, i.e. ..Open,        E-mail: jeremymj@earthlink.net
Patrol Rifle, Limited Long Range Rifle, etc.                Information: 20 person maximum roster, 11 players
4 Person team per classification.                           on the field which includes the goalie. Double
elimination or pool play, depending on the number of         Information: 65 minute time limit on each game.
teams. 10 point scoring system, two running clocks,          Added hitter will be utilized, 6’ to 10’ arc; round robin,
games may end in a tie. Semi-final games will                double elimination for finals. There will be a
immediately go into two 5-minute overtime periods.           mandatory coach’s meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Thu,
Teams will immediately go into FIFA penalty kicks to         8/13, at the host hotel, room or location to be
determine the winner. The championship game will             announced. Guiding body: NSA Rules.
consist of two 35 minute halves with two 5-minute            Code:              30A03
overtime periods. In case of a tie, followed by FIFA
penalty kicks if no winner is determined at the end of       SOFTBALL – WOMEN’S OPEN
the overtime period. FIFA rules will apply with the          Date: Thu, 8/12; Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
exception as noted in the tournament rules. The              Time: 4:00 p.m. each day
referee's decisions stand in all cases with no appeals or    Location: TBA
protests.                                                    Coordinator: Gino Camiletti, Mark Binko
Code:              29A01                                     Information: Teams will go to the bracket for

SOFTBALL - COED                                              the tournament There is a 65 minute time limit,
Date: Thu, 8/12, Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14                        round robin tournament, single or double elimination
Time: 4:00 p.m. each day                                     for finals depends on number of teams. 11" ball will be
Location: TBA                                                used. Added hitter will be utilized, 6 ft. to 10 ft. arc.
Coordinators: Gino Camiletti, Mark Binko                     No limit on number of teams. Only bats deemed legal
                                                             by the NSA may be used. There will be a mandatory
Phone: 702-671-3925 / 702-499-2090
                                                             coach's meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Thu, 8/13, at the host
E-mail: G7749C@lvmpd.com /                                   hotel, room or location to be announced. Guiding
M8227B@lvmpd.com                                             body: NSA Rules.
Information: Limited to 20 person teams: 10 men and          Code:             30A04
10 women. 65 minute time limit; mat will be used.
Round robin with top teams advancing to double               SPORTING CLAYS
elimination. Run rule in effect. 150 ft. line in outfield.   Date: Fri, 5/7
11" and 12" ball will be used. Men and women may             Time: 10:00 a.m.
use only bats deemed legal by the NSA. All Coed              Location: TBA
                                                             Fees: $35.00 for 100 Target Sporting Clay Event
teams will go to either an “A” flight or “B”                 Coordinator: Dave Crunden,
flight bracket based upon pool play. There will              Phone: Dave: C-702-339-7268.
be a mandatory coach's meeting 11:30 a.m. on Thu,            Information: Ammunition will be available for
8/13 , at a the host hotel, room or location to be           purchase. NSCA rules will govern this shoot. All
announced.                                                   events will be squaded with 5 man teams prior to
Guiding body: NSA Rules.                                     shooting. Individual medals will be awarded to five
Code:              30A01                                     classes (top 3 in each class). Team medals will be
                                                             awarded to the top three teams. It is suggested that you
                                                             contact the event coordinator prior to the event for any
                                                             updates and any additional information regarding this
Date: Thu, 8/12; Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
Time: 3:00 p.m. each day
                                                             Code:               31A01
Coordinator: Chris Leveque
Phone: Work: 702-229-4176, Cell-702-400-4585                 SPORTS SUBMISSION WRESTLING
E-mail: t3629w@lvmpd.com                                     Date: Fri, 8/13/10
Information: This will be a round robin tournament,          Time: Weigh-ins begin at 5:00 p.m.; matches
double elimination for “A” bracket and single                             begin at 6:00 p.m.
elimination for “B” bracket. No limit on number of           Location: Orleans Hotel
teams. Bats used must be deemed legal by the NSA.            Coordinator: Jon Gentile
There will be a mandatory coach's meeting 11:30 a.m.         Information: Weight divisions will categorize all
on Thu, 8/13, at the host hotel, room or location to be      wrestlers. Females will compete in a separate division
announced, NO SHOW, NO PLAY!! Guiding body:                  and are encouraged to participate. Participants will
NSA Rules.                                                   compete in weight class and through two rounds, 3
Code:             30A02                                      minutes each. A one minute break will be allotted in
                                                             between rounds. Participants may wear t-shirt of
                                                             uniform in competition. Winner of each match will be
                                                             decided by submission. Judges' decision or referee
Date: Thu, 8/12; Fri, 8/13; Sat, 8/14
                                                             stoppage. There will be a review of specific rules and
Time: 3:00 p.m. each day
                                                             demonstration prior to tournament. All participants
                                                             must be on time for weigh-ins. All wrestlers must have

a mouth piece and an athletic supporter (protective        50M Run C-4        35A04   35A24
cup).                                                      50M Run C-5        35A05   35A25
                                                           50M Run C-6        35A06   35A26
Weight Classes:                                            50M Run C-7        35A07   35A27
MEN'S: 114 lbs - 122; 123 lbs - 131; 132 lbs - 147;        50M Run C-8        35A08   35A28
148 lbs - 164; 165 lbs. - 180; 181 lbs - 197; 198 lbs -    50M Run C-9        35A09   35A29
219; 220 lbs - 241; 242 lbs - 274; 275 lbs - 307; 308      100M Run C-1       35B01
lbs & above.                                                                  35B21
WOMEN'S: 97 lbs - 104; 105 lbs - 113; 114 lbs -            100M Run C-2       35B02   35B22
122; 123 lbs - 131; 132 lbs - 147; 148 lbs - 164; 165      100M Run C-3       35B03   35B23
lbs - 180; 181 lbs - 198; 199 lbs & above                  100M Run C-4       35B04   35B24
Code:             Men               Women                  100M Run C-5       35B05   35B25
                  32A01             32A21                  100M Run C-6       35B06   35B26
                                                           100M Run C-7       35B07   35B27
TRACK & FIELD                                              100M Run C-8       35B08   35B28
Date: Wed, 8/11; Thu, 8/12                                 100M Run C-9       35B09   35B29
Time: TBA                                                  200M Run C-1       35C01   35C21
Location: Las Vegas High School                            200M Run C-2       35C02   35C22
Coordinator: Roger Rasch, Tony Morales, Jill               200M Run C-3       35C03   35C23
Fetterman, David Cherry                                    200M Run C-4       35C04   35C24
Phone: 702-303-2578                                        200M Run C-5       35C05   35C25
E-mail: Tony a3943m@lvmpd.com;                             200M Run C-6       35C06   35C26
          Jill: steelerzfans@yahoo.com                     200M Run C-7       35C07   35C27
Information: Deadline for signing up for Track &           200M Run C-8       35C08   35C28
Field events will be Tue, 8/11. The only exception will    200M Run C-9       35C09   35C29
be relay racers who will be allowed to sign up on race     400M Run C-1       35D01   35D21
day. Competitors allowed maximum of six (6) events         400M Run C-2       35D02   35D22
and two relays. Preliminary heats will be run at the       400M Run C-3       35D03   35D23
discretion of the officials. Unless announced, all heats   400M Run C-4       35D04   35D24
are final. Competitors may use their own implements        400M Run C-5       35D05   35D25
after approval of the field judge. 1/8" pyramid spikes     400M Run C-6       35D06   35D26
must be used if spikes are worn. These are available at    400M Run C-7       35D07   35D27
$2.00 per set. All events are "trackside entry" at the     400M Run C-8       35D08   35D28
Clerk of the Course desk. First call for an event will     400M Run C-9       35D09   35D29
occur 1/2 hour prior to the event's schedule time.         800M Run C-1       35E01   35E21
Second call for an event will occur 15 minutes prior to    800M Run C-2       35E02   35E22
the events scheduled time.                                 800M Run C-3       35E03   35E23
The schedule will be as follows:                           800M Run C-4       35E04   35E24
Wednesday,                                                 800M Run C-5       35E05   35E25
1900 - Long Jump (all ages men & women)                    800M Run C-6       35E06   35E26
1900 - Shot Put (All ages men & women)                     800M Run C-7       35E07   35E27
1900 - 100M                                                800M Run C-8       35E08   35E28
2000 - High Jump                                           800M Run C-9       35E09   35E29
2000 - 800M                                                1500M Run C-1      35F01   35F21
2030 - 300M Int. Hurdles                                   1500M Run C-2      35F02   35F22
2100 - 400M Run                                            1500M Run C-3      35F03   35F23
2130 - 4x100m Relay                                        1500M Run C-4      35F04   35F24
Thursday,                                                  1500M Run C-5      35F05   35F25
1900 - 50M Run                                             1500M Run C-6      35F06   35F26
1900 - Discus (All ages men & women)                       1500M Run C-7      35F07   35F27
1930 - 110m High Hurdles                                   1500M Run C-8      35F08   35F28
2000 - 200M Run                                            1500M Run C-9      35F09   35F29
2000 - Javelin (All ages men & women)                      4x100 Relay C-1    35H01   35H21
2030 - Triple Jump                                         4x100 Relay C-2    35H02   35H22
2045 - 1500M Run (men & women                              4x100 Relay C-3    35H03   35H23
2115 - 4x400 Relay                                         4x100 Relay C-4    35H04   35H24
                                                           4x100 Relay C-5    35H05   35H25
Codes:                                                     4x100 Relay C-6    35H06   35H26
                                                           4x100 Relay C-7    35H07   35H27
Men                                     Women              4x100 Relay C-8    35H08   35H28
50M Run C-1                  35A01        35A21            4x100 Relay C-9    35H09   35H29
50M Run C-2                  35A02        35A22            4x400M Relay C-1   35J01   35J21
50M Run C-3                  35A03        35A23            4x400M Relay C-2   35J02   35J22
4x400M Relay C-3        35J03   35J23   Javelin – C-2                 35T02            35T22
4x400M Relay C-4        35J04   35J24   Javelin – C-3                 35T03            35T23
4x400M Relay C-5        35J05   35J25   Javelin – C-4                 35T04            35T24
4x400M Relay C-6        35J06   35J26   Javelin – C-5                 35T05            35T25
4x400M Relay C-7        35J07   35J27   Javelin – C-6                 35T06            35T26
4x400M Relay C-8        35J08   35J28   Javelin – C-7                 35T07            35T27
4x400M Relay C-9        35J09   35J29   Javelin – C-8                 35T08            35T28
Big Man’s Relay         35K01           Javelin – C-9                 35T09            35T29
Long Jump C-1           35L01   35L21   Pole Vault C-1                35U01            35U21
Long Jump C-2           35L02   35L22   Pole Vault C-2                35U02            35U22
Long Jump C-3           35L03   35L23   Pole Vault C-3                35U03            35U23
Long Jump C-4           35L04   35L24   Pole Vault C-4                35U04            35U24
Long Jump C-5           35L05   35L25   Pole Vault C-5                35U05            35U25
Long Jump C-6           35L06   35L26   Pole Vault C-6                35U06            35U26
Long Jump C-7           35L07   35L27   Pole Vault C-7                35U07            35U27
Long Jump C-8           35L08   35L28   Pole Vault C-8                35U08            35U28
Long Jump C-9           35L09   35L29   Pole Vault C-9                35U09            35U29
High Jump C-1           35M01   35M21   Discus C-1                    35V01            35V21
High Jump C-2           35M02   35M22   Discus C-2                    35V02            35V22
High Jump C-3           35M03   35M23   Discus C-3                    35V03            35V23
High Jump C-4           35M04   35M24   Discus C-4                    35V04            35V24
High Jump C-5           35M05   35M25   Discus C-5                    35V05            35V25
High Jump C-6           35M06   35M26   Discus C-6                    35V06            35V26
High Jump C-7           35M07   35M27   Discus C-7                    35V07            35V27
High Jump C-8           35M08   35M28   Discus C-8                    35V08            35V28
High Jump C-9           35M09   35M29   Discus C-9                    35V09            35V29
Triple Jump C-1         35N01   35N21
Triple Jump C-2         35N02   35N22   5K RUN
Triple Jump C-3         35N03   35N23   Date: Sat, 8/14/10
Triple Jump C-4         35N04   35N24   Time: 7:00 a.m.
Triple Jump C-5         35N05   35N25   Location: Outlet Mall, Las Vegas Blvd & Warm
Triple Jump C-6         35N06   35N26   Springs
Triple Jump C-7         35N07   35N27   Coordinator: Roger Rasch, Tony Morales, Jill
Triple Jump C-8         35N08   35N28   Fetterman, David Cherry
Triple Jump C-9         35N09   35N29   Information: Sign up for the race begins at 5:30 a.m.,
300M Low Hurdles C-1    35P01   35P21   5k starts at 7:00 a.m. Runners are to meet in front of
300M Low Hurdles C-2    35P02   35P22   the Nike Building on the east side of the building.
300M Low Hurdles C-3    35P03   35P23   Code:                        Men              Women
300M Low Hurdles C-4    35P04   35P24   C-1                          36A01            36A21
300M Low Hurdles C-5    35P05   35P25   C-2                          36A02            36A22
300M Low Hurdles C-6    35P06   35P26   C-3                          36A03            36A23
300M Low Hurdles C-7    35P07   35P27   C-4                          36A04            36A24
300M Low Hurdles C-8    35P08   35P28   C-5                          36A05            36A25
300M Low Hurdles C-9    35P09   35P29   C-6                          36A06            36A26
110M High Hurdles C-1   35R01   35R21   C-7                          36A07            36A26
110M High Hurdles C-2   35R02   35R22   C-8                          36A08            36A28
110M High Hurdles C-3   35R03   35R23   C-9                          36A09            36A29
110M High Hurdles C-4   35R04   35R24
110M High Hurdles C-5   35R05   35R25   TRAP
110M High Hurdles C-6   35R06   35R26   Date: Thu, 5/6
110M High Hurdles C-7   35R07   35R27   Time: 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m.
110M High Hurdles C-8   35R08   35R28   Location: TBA
110M High Hurdles C-9   35R09   35R29   Fees: $30.00 per 100 bird event plus entry fee
 Shot Put C-1           35S01   35S21   Coordinator: Wally Pinjuv, Dave Crunden
Shot Put C-2            35S02   35S22   Phones: Wally - 702-812-0199, Dave – 702-339-7268
Shot Put C-3            35S03   35S23   Information: Events:
Shot Put C-4            35S04   35S24   Trap Singles will be at 8:00 a.m.; Trap Handicap will be
Shot Put C-5            35S05   35S25   at 10:00 a.m.; and Trap Doubles will be at 12:00 p.m.
Shot Put C-6            35S06   35S26   All events will be squaded with 5-man teams prior to
Shot Put C-7            35S07   35S27   shooting, unless names are drawn by the coordinators.
Shot Put C-8            35S08   35S28   This will be decided prior to the events being shot. Due
Shot Put C-9            35S09   35S29   to potential conflicts with the two ranges, it is suggested
Javelin – C-1           35T01   35T21
you contact the coordinator for updates prior to making
travel arrangements.
ATA Rules will govern this event.

Event #1 – Singles
Event #2 – Doubles
Event #3 – Handicap

Date: Fri, 8/13
Time: 8:00 a.m. to finish
Location: Dula Recreation Center
Coordinator: Chris Henn
Information: Open Volleyball will be the only event,
with 6 players on each team. This will be a round robin
event depending on the number of teams with top four
teams advancing to medal rounds. Game time is forfeit


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