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					                                                                                            special theme issue

                                                                                            Facial hair

                                                                                                 volume 41
                                                                                                  issue 4a
                                                                                                july 2, 2010
Something to Say                                           How to dive
Jack Beal, who remains anonymous…                          By Madison Richards

Facial hair. Not so taboo for today’s Daily Double.        Start by doing sitting dives. Sit on the edge of the
Did you know that in Massachusetts, you are                pool or surface you are on, then go into the water as
legally required to have a license to wear a goatee.       if you are diving. Once you get this down, you can
This isn’t really enforced anymore, but it still is        do knee diving. Kneel on the pool deck with one
applicable. For instance, if Ian were to be driving        foot on the edge, and the other leg back in a kneeling
to camp one day, and got pulled over by the police         position. Look at your foot that is on the edge the
(this is hypothetical), they could arrest him for          WHOLE time. I cannot stress this enough! Then go
wearing a goatee. That is, until he flashes his official   into to the water as if you are diving, once again I
Massachusetts State Goatee License. I’m pretty sure        have told you this. If you are feeling confident with
that very few people actually have one, but you never      this type of diving, do the regular dive where you are
know. I’d call the officials and see if you can secure     standing up. Do the same as you did with the knee
a license for a goatee, ‘cause you never know when         dive except this time, you have to stand up! Look
you might get convicted for wearing a goatee.              at your feet then lean and… DIVE! There now if
                                                           you follow these steps you will be able to do perfect
                                                           dives. It worked for me so it will probably work for
Ten ways to dive into fun!                                 you. If not…. well that’s too bad.
By Hailey Scatchard
                                                           WARNING: Do not dive into shallow water because,
1. Dive into a pool on a hot summer day                    well, you could get hurt… Special thanks to my
2. Dive into a comic book                                  friend Hailey for teaching me these steps. Thanks
3. Dive into music by making music with                    Hailey!
common everyday objects
4. Dive into the world’s most puzzling question
and see how many licks it takes to get to the               The World’s Longest Beard
center of a Tootsie Pop                                     By Sarah Rosenberg
5. Dive into your inner self and write a
biography                                                           Hans Langseth holds the world record
6. Dive into dance and learn the “Thriller” dance           for the longest beard. At 17.5 feet long, it is the
7. Dive into the fascinating world of tongue                longest beard EVER in history. He died in 1927
twisters and create a few                                   at 81 years old. His beard can be seen at the
8. Dive into the future and create road trip games          Smithsonian Institution. Currently, the longest
for your next road trip                                     beard in the world on a living person is Shamsher
9. Dive into boredom and write poems and songs              Singh’s, at 6 feet long. He’s still got some ground
about your boredom                                          to cover before he catches up.
10. Dive into facial hair!
Summer’s out - diving and swimming                        What facial hair are you?
By Sam Trust Litchman                                     By Andrew Bruggeman and Caroline Body

Diving in the pool is something most people like to       Chose A, B, C, or D for each question, then go down to
do. When you dive, sometimes the lifeguard says,          the bottom and see what you got the most of. It will say
“No diving.” Now what that means is when you are          what facial hair is best for you.
in the pool you can only dive when you’re in the
deep end. Also, when you’re in the pool, you can’t        1. How cold are you in the winter?
go to the bathroom especially when you are diving              a. Very cold
now that would be just crazy, don’t you think? Here            b. Cold
is a little story about diving.                                c. Very warm
                                                               d. Warm

                                                          2. Do you think facial hair is attractive?
Once upon a time, when a little princess saw a
                                                               a. No
couple of mams in the bottom in the pool she
                                                               b. Depends on the person
decided to jump in and get them. Then, once she
                                                               c. Depends on the gender
was in the mams started to go away. So she held her
                                                               d. Yes
breathe some more and stuck her hand in the drain.
Her hand was stuck! Who was going to rescue her?
                                                          3. What color is your hair?
She was yelling, “Help, help!” but from above it was
                                                              a. Bald
really hard to hear. So then the lifeguard said, “Every
                                                              b. Blonde
one out of the pool, we have a emergency!” So
                                                              c. Brown
everybody who was in the pool got out of the pool
                                                              d. Black
as fast as they could. And then one of the lifeguards
called 911 and another jumped in and started to tug
                                                          4. Does anyone in your family have facial hair?
on the princess’ feet. It was really hard to get the
                                                               a. Yes
princess out. Finally, the lifeguard got the princess
                                                               b. No
out and when the ambulance got there, they wrapped
a big big Band-aid around her hand. And yes, she
                                                          5. Are you a man or woman?
was okay, but there was a lot of action around the
                                                               a. Woman
pool that day. The end.
                                                               b. Man

                                                          Mostly A’s: Goatee
                                                          Mostly B’s: Sideburns
                                                          Mostly C’s: Mustache
                                                          Mostly D’s: Beard

                                                          By Betsy Soloway-Aizley!

                                                          Diving is a fun sport, and I think you should try to
                                                          dive if you have not. You should know that it looks
                                                          really easy but it is really hard. But like I said before
                                                          it is really fun! It is important to know that diving is
                                                          something you should only do in the deep end of the
                                                          pool. You usually dive when you are on swim teams.
                                                          You could dive if you wanted to get a ring in really
                                                          deep water!
Why does Walker always watch the Daily              The Ice Cream Social
Double class in period 5?                           By Elizabeth Napier
By Julia Chase
                                                    The ice cream social was really fun. Everyone met new
         Why does Walker ALWAYS come in             people, the ice cream/Italian ice was delicious, and before
and watch the Daily Double class in period 5?       long, most people were dancing. If you didn’t go you
It’s his free time. He could be doing something     missed a lot of fun. One of CRCAP’s most fun events: the
awesomely fun, like chasing ants wearing            ice cream social.
pants. Or he could be watching a moose kissing
a goose. Or he could also be doing the most
FUNEST thing in the world which is meeting
Elmo! I think it is because we are SOOOO cool!

By Caroline Allieri and Toni Abate

        You may be surprised, but phobias are not
genetic and you’re not born with them. Phobias
often create after a traumatic event during early
childhood. These phobias are usually specific
phobias. A social phobia is another kind that
usually occurs between the ages of 15 and 20.
Here is a list of random phobias… they are pretty
weird, but very interesting.

Algophobia — Fear of pain. “Please don’t hurt
Clinophobia — Fear of staying in bed. “There                  A Poem for the Fourth of July
are monsters in my bed!”                                      By Mikki Janower
Pediophobia — Fear of dolls. “No, the bitty baby
is attacking me!”                                             They say
Arachibutyrophobia — Fear of peanut butter                    There’s no camp on Monday
sticking to the roof of your mouth. (No                       For Independence Day.
comment.)                                                     The day
Xenophobia — Fear of foreigners. “Stay away                   Our Founding Fathers
                                                              Signed the Constitution
from the man with the beret!”
                                                              Making America
Porphyrophobia — Fear of the color purple.                    A free country.
“What does blue and red make? Oh no…”                         But that’s the fourth of
Triskaidekaphobia — Fear of the number 13.                    July.
“11, 12, ummm, 14.”                                           Monday is the
Lachanophobia — Fear of vegetables. “Oh no…                   Fifth.
not the spinach!”                                             I don’t want to
Pogonophobia — Fear of beards. “OMG, it’s                     Celebrate
Dumbledore! Get him away!”                                    On Monday.
Peladophobia — Fear of bald people. “Their                    I think
heads are just so shiny, it’s so scary!”                      One day here
                                                              At camp
                                                              Means more than
Sources:                                                      A thousand                  Independence Days.
                                                         Chuck                              By Hannah Iafrati

                                                                  In my personal opinion, the best show on
                                                         television currently is the action-comedy Chuck on
                                                         NBC. The premise of the show is this guy, Chuck
                                                         Bartowski (Zachary Levi), is just a normal person
                                                         who works at the “Buy More” (the show’s spoof on
                                                         “Best Buy”) until one of his old friends sends him
                                                         an e-mail that has government secrets. Somehow
                                                         he downloads these secrets into his head, which
                                                         plunges him into a spy world chock full of intense
                                                         moments, romantic issues, and hilarious missions.
                                                         Chuck must also be protected by a gorgeous CIA
                                                         agent, Sarah Walker (played by Australian movie
Where Counselors Are Going     By Alex Martiros          star, Yvonne Strahovshi) and an all-American-
For the Fourth of July     and Hannah Packman            tough-guy NSA agent, John Casey (Adam
Usually campers are asked where they are going for                Although it is officially an action-comedy,
Fourth of July. We decided to switch it up and ask the   I believe it to be the best part of every genre,
counselors instead… we didn’t get everyone though!       which is why everyone likes it. Want action pact
    • Maria is going to NYC and several BBQ’s            spy mission, kick butt battles, and explosions?
    • Owen is going to Rhode Island                      It’s got that. Want a funny back and forth between
    • Rachel is going to New York                        characters, stupid klutziness, and witty lines? It’s
    • Skip is going to Cape Cod where he will have       got A LOT of that. But it’s also dramatic scenes, an
        Skip’s firework extravaganza, which by the       awesome line-up of character, and loads of rocking
        way, is very safe!                               songs for its soundtrack like “Tape Song” by the
    • Ben is going to the his family’s pulled pork       Kills. It has been renewed for a 4th season, so catch
        extravaganza                                     up on your Chuck, today!
    • Harrison is hangin’ at home
    • Andrew W. is going to Westwood                     Gay Marriage
    • Alanna is going to Rhode Island                    By Jon Tarutis
    • Jay is going to New Hampshire, which, if you
        didn’t know, is where he lives                           Most states do not allow homosexuals,
    • Tom is hangin’ at home                             or gays, to marry. (Being gay is when you like
    • Toby is going to North Haven, Maine                someone of your gender.) This is not fair. The
    • Walker is going to the RED SOX GAME!               constitution clearly states that all men were created
Fun fact: Claudia, who is a camper here at CRCAP, is     equal. Well, we sure aren’t treating them fairly if
right now on her way to Belgium—which we thought         we won’t let them marry the ones they love. If a
was very cool!                                           man’s wife dies, he gets her money and belongings
                                                         automatically. If a gay man’s husband dies, he only
                                                         gets the money and belongings if it states that in
   Feelin’ it                                            the will. And people can fight a will. They can say
   By Betsy Soloway-Aizley!                              that the will is misinterpreted, and that it means
                                                         something different. Shouldn’t a gay man inherit
   Have you ever had the feeling when you are            his partner’s belongings automatically? Well, if we
   really tired and mad at yourself for being so         let them marry, that would happen. Many far-right
   tired? Oh well, that is what I am feeling now         Christians are against gay marriage. But didn’t
   but then I thought and then I said to myself I        Jesus teach us to be kind to one another? It is just
   will write about feelin’ it!                          morally right to give these people rights that most
                                                         of us take advantage of.
                                      The Moustache and the Beard
                                      By Elizabeth Magnan

                                      Once in a lonesome face Moustache and
                                      a Beard lived. They both lived happily
                                      on the lower side of the Nose and were
                                      quite happy. Moustache lived on under
                                      the nose and above the Lips road and
                                      Beard lived on under the Lips street.
                                      The two were great friends, but one day
                                      Moustache went missing. Beard lived all
                                      alone and became a wild and scraggly
                                      little thing, but one day a Moustache
                                      wondered back to under the nose and
                                      above the lips road and all was well
                                      again. But then a new problem arose.
                                      Dr. Lips was in the way of making the
                                      two friends best friends. So they called
                                      up their friend Mr. Hair to get hold of
                                      the duck tape. The three of them worked
                                      hard and after a long five minutes SNAP
                                      a piece came off. Mr. Hair held the role
                                      of tape watching the two friends place the
                                      piece over the lips. Until later when the
                                      person actually woke up were the friends
                                      able to talk. Well sort of. THE END

Mike’s Morning   — a true story (to be continued!) by Olivia Garrahan.
Diver/facial hair word-search                       Mustaches on a Stick
By Marissa Leeman                                   By Olivia Garrahan
R  E  K  O  W  N  F  E  G  Z  S  K                  If you have ever had seen one of those mustaches on a
O  Q  M  K  X  S  H  N  Z  C  D  J                  stick, like the mask on a stick at the masquerade balls,
Z  M  S  O  B  C  I  E  U  P  A  M                  you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then
A  Q  F  Y  A  M  A  B  R  B  Z  F                  here’s a little picture of one:
R  Q  G  T  M  F  A  G  G  P  E  D
Z  P  S  I  U  D  Y  O  E  P  J  C
M  U  W  K  I  Z  A  W  L  N  L  M
M  S  R  V  R  T  A  A  B  N  D  K
P  H  I  E  E  T  V  Q  B  M  R  C
F  N  V  E  E  H  S  Y  U  O  A  C
G  I  R  R  F  M  O  F  T  H  E  K
D  O  G  N  I  V  A  H  S  S  B  K
Beard           Stubble
                                                    If you hold it up to your face it makes you look like
Diver           Mustache
                                                    you have a mustache. They are made out of wood, but
Scuba diving    Razor                               some are made out of fudge. Most are the typical (not
Shaving         Water                               really) curvy mustache. These came from masquerade
Goatee          Swimming                            balls, which originated in Italy. They were most
                                                    popular in Venice. A masquerade ball is a costumed
                                                    public festivities, with costumes of Venetian fashion.
A Riddle about Beards                               The parties spread throughout Europe, then started to
By Becca Phillips                                   become popular in Colonial America.

                                                    Here’s where the mustaches come in. Part of Venetian
How is it possible to shave three times a day and
                                                    fashion was the popular masquerade masks, shown
still grow a beard?
 beard.                                             below:
 other men 3 times a day, but still grow your own
 Answer: If you were a barber you could shave

                                                                          You can probably see how the
                                                                          mustaches and masks look
                                                                          alike. All of these things were
                                                                          all originated in Italy (which I
                                                                          said before). Let’s all thank Italy
                                                                          for mustaches on a stick! (What
                                                                          would we do without them?)

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