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									T H E   S P R I N G   H I L L   C O L L E G E   M A G A Z I N E   |   SUMMER 2009
                                   From the President
    The Spring Hill College
     Volume 3, Number 2                                                       in Mobile that has continued for these
                                                                              162 years;
                                                                                   I find that legacy in the vision
            Editor:                                                           of Fathers Donnelly and Smith,
                                                                              who had the courage and the sense
   Lindsay Hughes, MLA ’08
                                                                              of righteousness to break with the
                                                                              traditions, opening the doors of the
                                                                              College to women and people of color
        Art Director:                                                         in the early 1950s.
       Margaret Broach                                                             I find that legacy in any number
                                                                              of faculty – Jesuit and lay – who
                                                                              challenge every student to be his best
       Photography:                                                           but are always present and supportive
                                                                              in moments of crisis. Tom Cronin,
       Margaret Broach             Dear alumni and friends:
                                                                              Chief, Father Yancey, Dr. Mack, Betty
       Seth Laubinger ’02                                                     Hudgens and Sam Betty, to name but
         Keith Necaise                  By the time you read this letter,     a few. These people created a legacy
                                   Father Richard Salmi, S.J., will have      of openness, excellence and care that
                                   assumed the responsibilities of the        continues to this day in people like
        Contributing               presidency of Spring Hill College, and     Drs. Don Culberson, Jo Forstrom, John
                                   I will be enjoying a lazy summer back      Switzer, Father Viscardi and many
                                   in Wisconsin with friends and family.      others. This legacy is true to our Jesuit
     Sergio Castello, Ph.D.        But before I leave, I must write you one   tradition dating back to the mid-16th
          Greta Sharp              last time to thank you for the honor       century. More than any other Jesuit
        Caroline Smith             of serving as president of Spring Hill     university in this country, Spring Hill
          Jim Stennett             College for these last 12 years.           College most closely resembles the
                                        As a way of bringing closure to       original small liberal arts college St.
                                   my presidency, I have visited many         Ignatius envisioned when he sent a
          President:               of your cities around the country,         team of men to Messina in 1548 to
                                   celebrating the great legacy of Spring     found the first Jesuit college. In a word,
   Rev. Gregory F. Lucey, S.J.
                                   Hill College. We are celebrating not       as a new president 12 years ago, I
                                   just the success of the last few years,    inherited a great legacy, a legacy true to
                                   but more importantly the legacy of         our Jesuit tradition.
        Director of                the College that began in 1830, the             In preparation for my interview
   Communications &                legacy that alumni experienced on the      for this position, I had lengthy
 Institutional Marketing:          Hill, and the legacy that students are     conversations with the leadership
                                   experiencing today. It is that legacy      team. When I finished those
           John Kerr               that drew me to Spring Hill, and that      conversations, I was deeply concerned
                                   has made it such an honor to be the        about the future of the college, so I
                                   president of Spring Hill College. What     asked Father Rewak, my predecessor,
     The Spring Hill College
                                   is that legacy?                            “Is this job doable? Can Spring Hill
            Magazine                    I find that legacy in the vision of   College ever flourish again?” He said,
 is published three times a year   Bishop Portier, who in 1830 founded        “Yes, it is doable.” At age 64, I could
         by the Office of          the College on the highest ground          have made a case to my superior for
Communications and Marketing.      in the region and wrote to the City        a far less demanding position, but
                                   Council that the College would be          instead I welcomed the challenge of
                                   open to students of all faiths, and        ensuring that the rich legacy of Spring
         Comments                  that those faith traditions would be       Hill College would not only endure but
                                   respected and honored;                     even flourish.
     should be addressed to:            I find that legacy in the vision of        Blindness can be a blessing. Had
     Lindsay Hughes, Editor        Bishop Quinlan, who had the will to        I fully understood the condition of
  Spring Hill College Magazine,    bring the College back from the ashes      the College, I would probably have
       4000 Dauphin Street         of the fire of 1869;                       declined the opportunity. Only several
     Mobile, AL 36608-1791              I find that legacy in Father          years later did I realize the level of
                                   Gautrelet, who with his fellow Jesuits     skepticism that was out there about
(251) 380-2289 or (877) SPR-HILL
                                   took over a failing school in 1847 and     whether this was indeed a doable job.           began the tradition of Jesuit education    Judy McKinney ’72 signed a
pledge form for a modest gift for the        fundraising.                                Mathematics and a Jesuit residence to
restoration of the Chapel. As she                 At the urging of John Barter we        have a totally rebuilt campus.
handed me the pledge, she said, “I           sought federal funding for the library            No doubt, I will be remembered
would not have done this five years          and received $7.6 million. John and         as the “builder.” That will be fine with
ago.” “Why?” I asked. She responded,         Mary Lou have both been leaders on          me if the rebuilding of the campus is
“After visiting the College with my          the Board and are among our most            seen as critical to ensuring that the
daughter and seeing the condition of         generous donors.                            legacy of Spring Hill College flourishes.
the campus, I did not see how Spring              Skip Viragh saw the vision and         Without these facilities, we simply
Hill could survive.” When Judy               responded more generously than              could not realize the mission of the
and Mary Ann visited the college,            anyone in the history of the College.       College. When I think back to Judy
the natural beauty of the grounds            His gifts transformed not only the          McKinney’s words, I realize that Judy
was overshadowed by boarded-                 landscape of the center of the campus,      was saying more than the campus is
up buildings; the needed deferred            but the financial landscape of the          unattractive; she was saying we could
maintenance was twice the value of the       College as well. His contributions,         not effectively educate with those
endowment, and only 200 freshmen             including gifts from his foundation,        facilities. So, we have done more than
enrolled in the fall of 1996.                now exceed $17 million.                     rebuild a campus; we have positioned
      As I look back on my first                  Nan Altmayer, you could say,           ourselves to continue the legacy for the
year, I am extremely grateful to             adopted this abandoned child and            next century.
Arthur Outlaw ’51, who, despite              has helped wherever and whenever                  The legacy of Spring Hill College
his knowledge of the finances of             needed, from support for students           is stronger today than ever. In the
the college and his awareness of the         affected by Katrina to the establishing     words of our mission statement, Spring
skepticism of others, made the largest       of a chair in literature and the naming     Hill College is better able to offer our
gift in the history of Mobile. He gave       of buildings.                               students a thorough preparation for
the College $3 million in a single                John Burke ’63 and Kevin Burke         professional excellence, and to more
stroke of a pen. Arthur’s action was         ’66 made a naming gift for the library      effectively awaken the mind and spirit
more than a gift; it was an affirmation      in honor of their parents.                  of our students to the pursuit of truth
of his belief in the legacy of Spring Hill        There are many more who have           and to the ever-deepening appreciation
College and of his confidence that this      stepped forward with wealth and             of the beauty of creation, the dignity
job was doable.                              wisdom to ensure that the legacy of         of life, the demands of justice, and the
      The legacy of Spring Hill College      Spring Hill College will continue to        mystery of God’s love.
is flourishing today because alumni          transform the lives of students through           If Father Salmi asks me, as I
and friends joined in a partnership          the experience on the Hill.                 asked Father Rewak, “Is this job
along with an ever-stronger faculty               Often people say to me, “You           doable?” I will say, “Yes, it is doable,
and staff and a first-rate leadership        must be so proud of what you have           but only if you are able to build on
team. More families made Spring Hill         accomplished at Spring Hill.” I find        the partnerships we have begun; only
their college of choice. The Board of        my response in the Gospel story about       if alumni and friends have the will
Trustees became passionate about             Jesus getting into the boat and telling     to build on the past; only if families
ensuring the legacy of the College.          Peter to lower the nets. Peter explained    continue to make Spring Hill their
First, they funded Transition 2000 by        to Jesus that they had fished all night     college of choice.”
raising $2 million from themselves           and caught nothing, but reluctantly               Thus, I leave you with a challenge.
to enable me to hire an ever-better          he lowered the nets and caught the          I challenge each of you to celebrate
leadership team and to fund priority         biggest catch of his life. Luke says that   the legacy of Spring Hill College by
needs. Secondly, they took seriously         Peter and all of his companions were        continuing your partnership in this
their responsibility for the governance      astonished; Peter fell on his knees and     great legacy.
and support of the College.                  said to Jesus, “Depart from me for I am           Again, thank you for the
      For example:                           a sinful man.” What has happened at         opportunity to have served as
      Andy McLaughlin ’53 brought            the College is truly astonishing; I am,     president, and thank you for
his accounting expertise, enabling us        like Peter, more astonished than all        partnering with me in the governance
to make better financial decisions;          the rest and feeling blessed far beyond     and the support of Spring Hill College.
and he made a commitment to better           what I deserve.                             God bless each of you.
learning space through funding for the            From 1990 to 2010, we will have
renovation of Quinlan Hall.                  built, renovated or restored 26 of the      Sincerely,
      Jim McKinney ’69 urged the             29 buildings on the campus. That
Board to make use of tax-exempt              represents an investment of more
bonds, so we could move forward with         than $120 million. When the Student
the rebuilding of the campus while           Center is complete next spring, we will
building our endowment through               only need a Center for Science and          Rev. Gregory F. Lucey, S.J.



On the cover:
“Warehouse Sale—Join the Frenzy!”
Oil on canvas
Chrissy Gregg ’09

            Retirees say farewell
                     to Spring Hill
     The college said goodbye to four retirees this
spring: Lynne Sciple, secretary to the fine and
performing arts department; Joy Striplin, secretary
to the philosophy and theology division; Dr.
Carol Harrison, professor of nursing; and Dr.
David Sauer, professor of English.
     Sciple worked for Spring Hill for 10 years.
She is looking forward to enjoying retirement
                                                           From left, Joy Striplin, Lynne Sciple, Dr. Carol Harrison and
with her husband, as they await the birth of
                                                            Dr. David Sauer. Photo by Keith Necaise.
their first granddaughter. “The years 10 years
I have spent at Spring Hill College have been
challenging and educational for me. The overall                 Sauer, who has been named Professor Emeritus,
Christian attitudes and friendliness of faculty             has served as a member of the English faculty since
and staff have made this an extremely pleasant              1972. Retiring from the classroom allows him more
environment in which to be employed,” Sciple said.          time to focus on his scholarly writing, he said. In
“I will miss all of the friends I have made at              March Sauer published his study “David Mamet’s
Spring Hill College and will remember them with             Oleanna” with Continuum. He recently published
fond memories.”                                             articles on August Wilson, written with his wife,
     Striplin has served the college for 30 years.          Janice, and Mamet (both for Cambridge), and Henrik
“I started in August 1979 and have enjoyed every            Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” for a centennial celebration
minute of my 30 years … and will actually miss              of Ibsen’s life.
not being here,” Striplin said. “I have been treated            “Fortunately, the college has granted me
so well and made to feel kind of special – a real           Emeritus status, so I’ll still be able to keep my office,
morale booster.”                                            work in the library, and see colleagues and students
     Harrison, who has been named Professor                 regularly,” he said. “Now, however, I’ll be more free
Emerita, is the founding chairperson of the Spring          to write.”
Hill College nursing program. Originally, she                   Sauer said he is confident he is leaving the
came to Spring Hill in 1994 as a new program                English department in good hands, including
development consultant and prepared the                     six younger faculty members, “all of whom show
groundwork for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing           so much enthusiasm for teaching and for cura
program. She became the first faculty member in             personalis and the Jesuit ideals. … As a result, I am
nursing and, as division chairperson, recruited all         sure my work at Spring Hill will be continued by this
of the members of the college’s nursing faculty.            younger generation.”
     Once the undergraduate nursing program was                 Dr. George Sims, provost and vice president
firmly established, Harrison recognized the need to         for academic affairs, said Sauer has been an
prepare professional nurses for the role of Clinical        exemplary teacher, scholar, advisor and colleague.
Nurse Leader and became both champion and                   “Altogether, his work adds up to this: for 37 years,
the leader in establishing the Master of Science in         having Dr. Sauer as a professor has been one of the
Nursing program. Throughout her years of service,           quintessential experiences that distinguishes a Spring
 Harrison has been a faculty leader, serving on every       Hill College education and transforms Spring Hill
  standing committee and leading the faculty on             College students,” Sims said.
    ceremonial occasions like commencement as
      grand marshal.

                                      Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                                     3

      Students develop project to aid in college search process
                                                                                 Integrated communications major Alyse
                                                                             Granier ’10 and psychology majors Colby
                                                                             Melvin ’10, Anna Pate ’10 and Justin Phares
                                                                             ’10 developed Just4Students, an outreach
                                                                             project aimed at high school freshmen,
                                                                             sophomores and juniors.
                                                                                 Granier, Melvin, Pate and Phares
                                                                             organized College Night, a free interactive
                                                                             presentation on March 30 for high school
                                                                             students and their families. The event covered
                                                                             topics such as applying to college, selecting
                                                                             the best school, finding scholarships, and
                                                                             navigating the college transition process.
     From left, Dr. Rachel Peltier, Anna Pate, Alyse Granier, Colby Melvin,
         Sharee Broussard and Justin Phares. Photo by Keith Necaise.         College Night connected high school students
                                                                             with college students, who shared their
    experiences and actively engaged students and families in their college planning.
        “It’s an opportunity I wish I had in high school to learn from college students who understand high
    school students and to offer their personal experience,” Pate said of College Night.
        Under the guidance of faculty advisors Sharee Broussard, communication arts instructor, and Dr. Rachel
    Peltier, assistant professor of psychology, the students followed two separate curricula for communications
    and psychology research. The independent study involved research, planning, execution, program
    development, community service, evaluations and a final public presentation. The students presented their
    project to other students, faculty and staff at Celebration of Our Learning (COOL) Day on April 22.

                   Students present positions on global warming
        During the spring semester,
    a select group of students participated
    in an interdisciplinary course on
    the environmental impacts and
    causes of global warming. Students
    were divided into three groups and
    assigned differing policy positions
    regarding appropriate responses to
    global warming. Each group produced
    a collaborative paper and presented
    their position to the SHC community
    on COOL Day, or Celebration
    of Our Learning.

                                                      Justin Zimmerman ’09 and Erin Feeny ’10 present their position on global warming.
                                                       Photo by Keith Necaise.

4                                            Spring Hill College • Summer 2009
Nuns renew vows in St. Joseph Chapel
     Sister Yen Le and Sister Thu Do renewed their religious            Altmayer Lecture 2009
vows during a Mass at St. Joseph Chapel on April 19.
The Very Rev. Mark A. Lewis, S.J., provincial of the New
Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus and former Spring
Hill history professor, presided over the ceremony and was
instrumental in organizing the sisters’ program.
     Following a personal visit to campus in 2006 by
Archbishop Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet, the Rev. Gregory F.
Lucey, S.J., extended the offer of a Spring Hill education
at no cost for the sisters from the financially distressed
Archdiocese of Hanoi in Vietnam. Spring Hill College was
awarded a $20,000 grant from a private foundation to help
fund the sisters’ education. Le and Do arrived on campus in                 From Left, Nan Altmayer, Dr. Margaret Davis
                                                                             and Rev. Michael Williams, S.J.
2007 and will return to the Congregation of the Lovers of
                                                                             Photo by Keith Necaise.
the Holy Cross in Vietnam upon graduation in 2010.

                                                                            Dr. Margaret Davis, professor of English and the
                                                                        2007-2009 Altmayer Chair in Endowed Literature,
                                                                        presented on April 28 “‘Once Upon a Time’ Will
                                                                        Speak to the Heart.” Davis, center, is surrounded by
                                                                        Nan Altmayer, who endowed the chair, and the Rev.
                                                                        Michael Williams, S.J., the 2009-2011 Altmayer Chair.

                                                                       SHC establishes American Medical
   Sister Thu Do and Sister Yen Le. Photo by Keith Necaise.
                                                                       Student Association
Center for Academic Excellence                                              Students at Spring Hill College have formed a chapter
to open in the fall                                                    of the American Medical Student Association. Pre-health
                                                                       students Casey Butler, John Koch and Patrick Van Hoose
      The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) will                    were instrumental in the establishment of the SHC chapter,
open its doors to students when classes resume in the                  which now boasts about 20 members, with a strong
fall semester. As an academic department, the CAE will                 representation by the freshman and sophomore classes.
support services for both writing and quantitative reasoning           The chapter will meet biweekly, have invited speakers, and
across the curriculum for students of varying ability levels.          engage in community service projects.
The center will be housed in the Marnie and John Burke                      The American Medical Student Association is the
Memorial Library.                                                      oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-
      The CAE will also provide individualized services for            training in the United States. According to the association’s
students who are the first in their families to attend college.        Web site, AMSA is a vital force of future physicians who
Peer tutors and faculty members will provide students with             believe that patients and health professionals are partners
opportunities to become active and critical thinkers. To               in the management of health care and that access to high-
serve a diverse student population, tutoring for writing and           quality health care is a right and not a privilege. At AMSA,
math will be offered in both individual and group settings.            activism is a way of life. Student idealism is transformed
      Faculty coordinators for the center are Tracey Childs,           into meaningful public service, innovation and institutional
English instructor and academic student advocate; Sandy                change.
Mayo, assistant professor of teacher education; and Marcy
Trianosky, English instructor.

                                                     Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                                 5


      Commencement on Saturday, May 9 brought a                  Elizabeth C. Desimone received the Toolen Award,
year of “Renewing the Face of the Earth” to a close.        presented to the graduating senior who has achieved
      Mary Frances Charlton, elected orator by the          the highest grade-point average during the entire
class of 2009, delivered the farewell address. In it she    course of study.
acknowledged that she would be hard-pressed to think             The Ignatian Awards, the highest student awards
of a more fitting theme for the year.                        bestowed by the college, are presented to one
      “While, of course, the theme ‘Renewing the Face       graduating woman and one graduating man who
of the Earth’ contains an obvious environmental call        have fulfilled best the ideals of Jesuit education for
to action, I believe that the integrity of the idea of      scholarship, leadership and service during their four
‘renewal’ in this theme goes much further,” she said.       years at Spring Hill College. This year’s recipients were
      Throughout the spring semester Charlton               Kristen Speeg and Chad Boykin.
said she witnessed her peers being accepted to                   The Rev. Edward B. Moody, S.J., Teacher of the
graduate schools, medical schools and law schools;          Year Award was presented to Dr. Patricia Harrison,
making commitments to the Jesuit Volunteer Corps,           professor of history.
AmeriCorps and Teach for America; and receiving job              Dr. David Sauer, professor of English, received the
offers in various professions.                              Dawson Research Award for displaying excellence in
      “At Spring Hill we have experienced something         scholarly work.
else,” Charlton continued. “We have experienced how              The William J. Rewak, S.J., Award, presented to
in the context of love and community, even adversity        faculty or staff members who represent in a significant
and uncertainty can function to beneficently transform       way the Jesuit ideal of service, went to Debbie May,
us. These values of love and community that have been       director of financial operations and a member of the
instilled within us are instruments that have prepared      graduating class (MBA); and Ellen Richardson, secretary
us and will continue to help us live truly worthy lives     for the admissions office.
and to stand strong in the face of uncertainty.”                 Christopher Williams, president of the class of
      Charlton quoted St. Ignatius of Loyola: “Even in my   2009, presented the class gift, a flag to fly above the
most passionate activism, and even in my relationships      Arthur R. Outlaw Recreation Center.
with those who I love the most, I am so quick to                 The college awarded honorary degrees to
think of myself first. May I learn to ignore my selfish       Stephanie Russell, executive director for mission and
instincts, which objectify and dehumanize those I am        identity at Marquette University; the Rev. Charles
called to serve, and give without hesitation to the         L. Currie, S.J., president of the Association of Jesuit
utmost measure.”                                            Colleges and Universities; and Dr. Regina M. Benjamin,
      She reflected, “In my understanding, St. Ignatius      founder and CEO of the Bayou La Batre Rural Health
didn’t mean for us to ignore our own comforts, desires      Clinic. Benjamin delivered the commencement address.
and individual accomplishments. He meant for us to               Lucey also received an honorary degree at Honors
realize that we cannot fulfill our own humanity without      Convocation on April 22. “Over the last few months
striving to serve the human community, a community          I have joked with several of the seniors that since I
that through what we’ve been given today can be             am also leaving the college this year that we would
renewed as well.”                                           graduate together,” Lucey said. “Little did I know that
      Several graduates and members of the Spring Hill      I too would be wearing a doctoral hood from Spring
community were recognized at commencement for               Hill College on this, my last official appearance as
their outstanding achievements and service.                 president of the college.”

    Two Badgers were selected as Male Athletes of the Year.      winning goals, and total points per game as a senior. He was
    Price of Dallas, Texas, was the lone senior on the 2008-     selected as a 1st team member of the All Conference squad
09 Badgers basketball team. Despite starting the year with a     in both 2007 and 2008. In his senior year, Sean was named
knee injury, he emerged as the team’s leading scorer with 433    1st team All District 4 in the College Division of the ESPN
points scored. Price finished his career as the 13th leading     The Magazine Academic All American awards.
scorer in Spring Hill College men’s basketball history with a         Women’s basketball player Christie Ybarra received
total of 1,468 points and an average of 13 points per game.      the GCAC’s Champion of Character Award in recognition
    Over the past two seasons, Simpson has scored all of         of her numerous hours of volunteer work in the Mobile
the game-winning goals recorded by the Spring Hill College       community. The men’s basketball team was recognized by
men’s soccer team. The Ballwin, Mo., native was also the         the NAIA as the school’s Champions of Character Team
team’s leading scorer each of the past three seasons and         Award winners for their work with Feed the Children and
ranked in the NAIA Top 50 in goals scored per game, game-        Habitat for Humanity.

For the latest Badger news visit
Men’s Basketball Makes                                           The men made the quarterfinals before falling to 13th-
                                                                 ranked Xavier University 6-0.
Run to GCAC Finals                                                    The women’s 3rd-place regular-season finish earned
     The 2008-09 Spring Hill College men’s basketball team       them a bid into the semifinals where they faced the
finished the season as one of the hottest teams in the NAIA,     University of Mobile with a spot in the NAIA National
winning 11 of its last 13 games and advancing to the Gulf        Championship Tournament on the line. The Lady Rams,
Coast Athletic Conference (GCAC) Championship game.              however, prevailed 5-4.
     Head Coach Robert Thompson’s Badgers won an                      Following the tournament, sophomore Lynne Fritscher
overtime thriller over Xavier University (La.) 77-74 in          of Covington, La., was named to the All Conference team
the conference quarterfinals and then faced archrival the        in singles. She was undefeated in singles play and recorded
University of Mobile in the semifinals. The Badgers defeated     shutout 6-0, 6-0 wins on three occasions.
the Rams 68-60. Nationally ranked LSU-Shreveport would                The men’s and women’s golf teams each finished second
eventually win the conference crown 67-58.                       to the University of Mobile at the GCAC Championships.
     Following the season, both guards, senior Jeremy Price      The men finished the 54-hole event with a +39, 903 while
of Dallas, Texas, and junior Marcus Coleman from Wilmer,         UM closed out the two-day championship with a +34, 898.
Ala., were named to the All Conference team; and Coleman         The women’s 36-hole match ended with Mobile on top +92,
was named an Honorable Mention NAIA All American.                668 to the Badgers’ +109, 685.
     Price ended his career as the Badgers’ 13th best all-time        The Lady Badgers softball team struggled to a 15-32
scorer with 1,468 points scored. Coleman was the second          overall record, but proved they could play with the top
best long-distance shooter in the NAIA for the second            teams in the country with upset wins over 15th-ranked
consecutive season and averaged 3.9 3-point baskets per          Mobile, No. 7 William Carey, and a doubleheader sweep
game.                                                            of No. 23 William Penn University. Freshman shortstop
                                                                 Monica Zeringue from Destrehan, La., was named to the
Spring Sports Wrap-Up                                            All-Conference team by the GCAC coaches following the
                                                                 season, despite moving from centerfield to infield halfway
     The women’s basketball team closed out its first season
                                                                 through the season.
under Head Coach Ray Fron with a disappointing 7-22
                                                                      The baseball team finished the 2009 regular season with
record, but the stage was set for a stronger 2009-10 season.
                                                                 a breakeven 26-26 record. Right fielder junior Ryan Hall of
Senior center Keisha Forbes from Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., was
                                                                 Fort Myers, Fla., set a new school record by scoring 5 runs
named to the All GCAC team for the second consecutive
                                                                 versus Loyola University (La.) on April 3, when he also tied
season; and sophomore guard Kristi Ybarra of Gulf Shores,
                                                                 the school mark for hits in a game with 5. Hall scored 56
Ala., was named a Daktronics-NAIA Scholar Athlete.
                                                                 times in 2009, surpassing Gary Andrews’ mark of 54 runs in
Forbes finished her four-year career as the 12th leading
                                                                 1986. Sophomore Brad Holstein from New Orleans knocked
women’s scorer in SHC history with 1,217 points scored.
                                                                 in 64 RBIs to pass Jeff Burg’s mark of 54, set in 1993.
     Men’s and women’s tennis each reached the semifinals
of their respective conference tournaments this season.

                                              Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                                 9
Spring Hill
     to the
operating costs have positioned Spring Hill to not only      Plus, the class is made up of 42 percent men,
weather this downturn, but to come out of the crisis as      compared to 38 percent in 2008, which helps to
a stronger, more efficient institution.”                     balance the enrollment.
    The Commonfund reports that it could take five                Not all enrollment news is positive, however.
years before the college’s endowment recovers from the       Retention is slightly down, and the college is seeing
current recession, Shirazi said.                             a decrease in the number of on-campus residents.
    “That’s a concern for not only this year but for         Pochard said about 25 returning students have
future years – how long it’s going to take before we         indicated that they will commute from home in the
get back to where we want to be,” she said. “I want          fall rather than live in the residence halls. “Every
to stress that this isn’t a one-year plan for us. We’re      student’s room and board is about $10,000. So, if those
looking at it as a five-year plan.”                          25 students come back, but they don’t live on campus,
    Steve Pochard, dean of admissions and financial          that’s potentially $250,000 out of the revenue stream,”
aid, points out that ensuring the financial sustainability   he explained.
of the college is a collaborative effort, and admissions          Ramona Hill, associate provost of graduate and
is only one piece of the puzzle.                             continuing studies, said adult students typically wait to
    Despite concern about how the economy would              register until closer to term, so the college is unable to
affect enrollment, the projected number for the              project fall enrollment in those areas.
incoming freshman class is 370 students, 20 more than             As with admissions, the development office has
budgeted. The college is also on target for transfer and     experienced ups and downs over the past year. The
readmitted students – about 45 students.                     total number of people supporting the college has
     University Research Partners, the research              decreased less than 3 percent as of early May, but
division of Royall & Company, released a March 2009          “because of their personal economic situations, their
update to its report “Higher Education Enrollment            gifts may not be as large as they have been in the past,”
and the Economy.” A survey of high school seniors            Overbey said. The college has seen the largest decrease
revealed that 54 percent plan to attend college in their     in major gifts – five- and six-figure donations, he said.
home states, to relieve some of the financial burden on           On the other hand, gifts from donors at the
their families.                                              President’s Club level and below, collectively
     As predicted, the incoming freshman class reflects      known as the Spring Hill College Fund, are not down
an increase in students from the Southeast and local         significantly, Overbey said. “It’s gratifying that people
areas, and a decrease in students from the Midwest,          are doing what they can to support the college,”
the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. “Everybody               he said.
forecasted that students are going to stay closer                 Overbey is confident that the outlook for fiscal
to home,” Pochard said. “And, I think the economy            2010 is brighter than 2009. “We’re seeing some signs
is far worse in the Midwest and Northeast than it is         that the economy is getting better, and we’re hearing
down here.”                                                  positive comments from our donors,” he said. “I don’t
     The projected numbers for enrollment take into          think fiscal 2010 will be where fiscal ’08 was, in terms
account students who make their college decision over        of support, but I do see it better than ’09.”
the summer, as well as students who have made their               The college is grateful to alumni, friends, parents,
deposits but decide not to attend Spring Hill. But,          faculty and staff, corporations and foundations that
Pochard explained, “Students who are deposited are           have supported the college through good and bad
more likely to come this year than last year or the          economic times, Overbey said.
year before. The economy is such that we don’t                    “Each one of you enables us to provide the Spring
have as many students who are deposited at two               Hill experience for our students,” he said. “Every
or three schools.”                                           gift – every bit of support – has an impact that is
     In spite of the challenges, admissions counselors       meaningful.”
have been able to recruit an exceptional freshman
                                                                    Editor Lindsay Hughes is Assistant Director of
class, Pochard said. The average high-school grade-
                                                                      Communications at Spring Hill College.
point average is 3.5, and the average ACT score is 25.

                                          Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                               15
Alumni reconnect
at Homecoming on the Hill
Hill education encouraged Heather      to another university, he attended    Jack Schuessler ’73. The National
Backes ’04 to look at her personal     Spring Hill at his father’s           Alumni Association presented Fr.
and professional life and see how      insistence. “It grew on me,” he       Lucey with an original oil painting
she could be of service to others.     said with a laugh. He passed          by Eugenia Foster ’66 that depicted
“It presented me with a foundation     along a love of the college to his    all of the campus projects that took
for how to make sure faith is an       family: three of Gambel’s children    place during his term.
integral part of my life,” she said.   attended Spring Hill.                      Also that night, the Reunion
    At the Golden Badger Dinner,            “It’s a school that makes you    Cup was presented to the class
Pat Burke ’59 pointed out that         feel at home regardless of how long   of 1959 for having the greatest
while the class of 1959 came from      you’ve been away,” said Joe Clarke    participation – 48 percent – in
around the globe – New Orleans,        ’59.                                  financially supporting the college.
Chicago, Guatemala, England                 Friday night’s Mobile Bay        The President’s Cup, awarded
– they all shared a love for one       Boil is always a popular event.       to the class raising the greatest
another and the college. In addition   Alumni spread across Library          amount of money, went to the
to regular campus reunions, the        Field enjoying live music, endless    class of 1989 for its gift of $59,547.
class also meets annually. Burke       crawfish and favorite college         In total, Spring Hill alumni raised
said Rev. Thomas Cronin, S.J., was     memories. The years spent at          $283,613. Colleen O’Brien ’89,
integral in keeping them together.     Spring Hill College gave Chris        Burke and John Zollinger ’89,
“He was our mentor, our buddy,”        Cheever ’89 friends for life. “I      president of the National Alumni
he said. “He became our friend; but    think this place is a great mix of    Association, presented the check to
before that, he was our teacher, our   people,” he said.                     Fr. Lucey.
confidant.”                                 The weekend’s highlight
    It’s the easy familiarity of       was the annual Saturday night
Spring Hill’s campus community         homecoming celebration. Featured
that Charlie Gambel ’59                speakers were Stebor, Charmane
appreciated. With a full scholarship   May ’72, Jim McKinney ’69 and

                                        Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                             17
Spring Hill College presents several honors
annually to outstanding alumni and non-alumni
who, through various acts and achievements, have
shown their commitment to Spring Hill College
and their communities. We encourage you to take
a few minutes to nominate outstanding individuals
who deserve recognition in these areas.

Ignatian Award

Karopczyc Award

Gautrelet Award

Athletic Hall of Fame

In adherence to the award descriptions,
I hereby nominate:

Date Submitted:
Class (if known):

Zip Code:
Professional Affiliation:

For the Following Award(s):

Reasons for Nomination:

Submitted by:
City/State/Zip Code:
Phone:                              Class:

 Please detach and send this completed form to:
           Office of Alumni Programs
              4000 Dauphin Street
               Mobile, AL 36608
   Or, complete online at

 If you have questions about any of these awards,
       please call the Alumni Office toll-free
                 at (877) SPR-HILL.
                                                                                   Patrick ’79 and Mariterese Greene ’80 Balthrop.
                                                                                    Photo by Keith Necaise.

                                                                By Caroline Smith

     Patrick J. Balthrop Sr. ’79
     speaks on ethics and leadership
                                                                          By Caroline Smith

         “Never lose your passion or compromise your           Balthrop told current students in attendance
     integrity,” advised Patrick J. Balthrop Sr. ’79,      at the luncheon, “If you are willing to outwork
     president and CEO of Luminex Corporation, one         the next person, you will succeed. And never,
     of the 25 fastest-growing technology companies in     ever make the mistake of thinking that you have
     America.                                              ‘arrived.’ Each day is new, and you have to earn it
         Luminex has also been recognized for best-        each and every day.”
     in-class corporate governance and ethics by               For Balthrop these are words to live by. He
     Institutional Shareholder Services. Because of his    has had much success in his career, which can
     stance on ethics in business and this distinguished   sometimes become a balancing act between work
     recognition, Balthrop was asked to speak at           and family. When asked to define his personal
     the Spring Hill College Ethics and Leadership         success, Balthrop responded, “Having a loving
     Luncheon on April 23. During Homecoming               and dynamic marriage and a loving and healthy
     Balthrop and his wife, Mariterese Greene Balthrop     relationship with my three children. They are truly
     ’80, ventured back to the Hill for the first time     my joy.”
     since 1980.

20                                        Spring Hill College • Summer 2009
    Balthrop and Mariterese met on her third day       turbulent business times, Balthrop spoke of
on campus. Balthrop said it was like being hit by a    his father, John Edward Balthrop ’40, and the
thunderbolt when he first saw her, and he is struck    influence he had on him as a child. “What I
by this thunderbolt every day since.                   learned as a kid was the importance of integrity
    When Balthrop and Mariterese were married,         and the importance of saying what you mean,
they moved to Pensacola, where Balthrop was            meaning what you say, and keeping your
born and raised. He graduated from Spring Hill         promises,” he said.
College with a B.S. in biology and went to work            Balthrop also talked about there being
in a lab in Pensacola. When a visiting salesman        moments of truth for everyone. “In that moment
asked if he would be interested in another job,        of truth you have to make the best decision,” he
Balthrop jumped at the opportunity. The company        said. “Base your decision on doing the right thing.”
was Abbott Laboratories, based in Chicago, and             He discussed the ramification of the events of
he began his journey with them in 1981. “$16,000       10 years ago with companies like Enron and the
and a company car was like winning the lottery,”       issues surrounding today’s big businesses receiving
he said.                                               bailout funds. For any of these circumstances
    Balthrop stayed with Abbott for 20 years and       Balthrop said it all comes down to the personal
moved cities on several occasions throughout his       decision.
time with the company. Balthrop was in sales and           “I think most business people are
marketing with Abbott until 1989 when he made          fundamentally honest, hardworking, ethical
the move to general management. After his time         people. The reason you hear about these cases is
with Abbott, however, he felt it was time for a        the same reason you hear about fires and murders
change. In 2002 he took on the role of president       when you turn on the news,” he said of the
of Fisher Healthcare where he was challenged to        availability bias. He continued, “It affects people’s
optimize Fisher’s performance.                         confidence in their fellow man and themselves.”
    In 2004 Balthrop was recruited to join Luminex         So, for Luminex, “Making the right decisions
Corporation, a small, publicly traded life science,    along the way to put the company in the position
molecular diagnostics and biotechnology company.       we are in has been very important.” Balthrop
He was faced with the challenge of restructuring       explained further, “I think people get up every day
the company to facilitate growth and profit. “The      and choose to come to work. And many of them
company wasn’t profitable when I got there. There      are counting on the company and the person who
was no real strategy so we built one to redirect the   leads the company to do what we’re able to do, like
financial strategy toward growing the company          send our kids to school. That is something I take
long-term,” he said.                                   very seriously.”
    For Balthrop this meant the company                    “It is most important in my view to remember
needed to be executing the appropriate financial       that each and every one of those decisions is
discipline, and focusing on basic ideas such as        made by a person. The power of institutions like
research and development, and actually getting         Spring Hill College, with that in mind, is in the
the products on the market. Responsible financial      responsibility of the people that teach the business
management, which Balthrop said has never been         leaders of tomorrow,” Balthrop said. “In the future
more important than today, has played a large role     it will be even more important that Spring Hill
in Luminex’s being both profitable and debt-free.      continue to deliver the messages that they’ve been
“These days to have that type of financial position    delivering over the past several decades.”
is a very nice thing,” he said.
    In his discussion about the opportunities               Caroline Smith is Associate Director of Alumni
and challenges facing ethical leaders in today’s                   Programs at Spring Hill College.

                                      Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                        21
Criders Honor
Father Through
Endowed Scholarship

deacon in the Archdiocese of Mobile; and he and                The Criders have three children: Andrew ’06,
his wife, Theresa McGonagle, 69, have worked               who graduated with a B.A. in English; Amanda ’08,
throughout their lives in various Catholic parishes,       who graduated with a B.A. in studio art; and Carlye,
schools and charities.                                     who plans to attend culinary school. “We’re the poster
    “They exemplify what people can do when they           family for the liberal arts,” Theresa said.
are looking to serve God and serve others,” Curt said.         In their first conversation about the scholarship,
“Theresa’s father is getting older, and I wanted to find   the Criders determined that they could not afford it.
a way to honor him because of my love for Theresa          “And, we can’t afford an endowed scholarship,” Curt
and my love for her sisters.”                              insisted. “But, what we can do is afford to give some
    For Theresa, the oldest of five McGonagle              money today, and afford to give some money next
daughters, going to college meant finding scholarship      month, and next year. We’re not so much endowing
and financial aid to cover most of the expenses. A         a scholarship today; we’re planting an acorn.”
native of Fairhope, Ala., Theresa attended Spring Hill         Theresa said discussions with Dr. Samantha
on the prestigious Miller-LeJeune Scholarship, which       Church, assistant to the vice president of development
covered room, board and tuition. “I thought Spring         and annual programs, helped them to realize the
Hill was out of my reach, because it was expensive, in     possibility of funding an endowed scholarship.
my mind. But, the opportunity to come to a Catholic,       “We didn’t have five figures to plop down today—
Jesuit school was a big plus,” she said. “Had I not had    or six or seven, as some other donors do,” Theresa
the scholarship, I probably would not have been able       said. “But, we have been very fortunate and blessed
to attend Spring Hill.”                                    in our own lives that we do have some disposable
    Curt attended Strake Jesuit High School in             income, small or large.”
Houston and, as a National Merit Finalist, was                 Curt stressed that the rewards for giving are
awarded a full scholarship to Spring Hill. He majored      immeasurable. “It makes everyone richer when
in chemistry and now works as a managing consultant        you have good people out there living and loving,”
for Rolta TUSC, a global provider of information           he said of Spring Hill’s graduates. “You may not be
technology solutions. As a student, he was editor of       able to afford everything you want to give right now,
the Springhillian and general manager of the radio         but that doesn’t mean you can’t give right now. You
station. Before changing majors to English, Theresa        can give some now and some later, and help Spring
majored in biology. The pair were active in theater as     Hill mold and influence the people who will graduate
part of the Yenni Players.                                 to mold and influence our world. Theresa and I want
    “We both had friends in very disparate areas—          to help make it possible for Spring Hill students to go
the sciences and theater,” Theresa said. She and Curt      out and be those good people like Deacon Joseph and
enjoyed being involved in such a diversity of campus       Mrs. McGonagle.”
activities, regardless of their majors. “When you go
to a big university, you’ve got to make a decision
about which things you are going to participate in,”
Theresa said, “but at Spring Hill you can get a taste
of everything.”
    Theresa and Curt started dating the summer
before her sophomore year. Curt graduated in May
1983, and the couple wed the following Saturday. The        For information on contributing to the Joseph P. McGonagle
Rev. James Lambert, S.J. ’59, their chemistry professor,      Scholarship Fund, or on applying for the theology book
advisor and friend, co-officiated the ceremony.               award, contact Dr. Samantha Church at (251) 414-3208
Lambert, now a pastor in Grand Coteau, La., attended                           or
their 25th wedding anniversary celebration last year.
    “I think a lot of my memories of Spring Hill have
to do with relationships with the faculty and my close
friends,” Theresa said. “We’re still good friends with
a number of people who were in our wedding, and we
touch base every year.”

                                        Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                                23

                                                                    1 Baton Rouge
                                                                      Neil Favre ’06, Aracely Favre ’05 and Missy Cresson ’93 chat at Drusilla’s.

Visit Flickr                                                        2 Miami
                                                                      Miami young alumni gather to bid farewell to Father Lucey.
for the SHC Alumni Photo Gallery                                    3 St. Louis                                       From left, Pat Postal ’76, Mary Reedy ’75, Jimmy Dunn ’79, Maureen Guzy ’71,
                                                                      Connie Postal ’75 and Mike Reedy enjoy the Mardi Gras event in St. Louis.

       Baton Rouge                                                    Miami
       On March 12, 2009 more than 40 alumni, parents and             More than 45 alumni, parents and friends attended
       friends gathered at Drusilla Seafood Restaurant for            the Celebrating a Legacy event in Miami, Fla., on Jan.
       Celebrating a Legacy: A Farewell to Father Lucey. The          24, 2009. The event was held at the Olga & Carlos
       atmosphere was wonderful, and the company was even             Saladrigas Art Gallery on the campus of Belen Jesuit
       better. It was a great way for Father Lucey to say thank       Preparatory School. Guests wished Father Lucey
       you and goodbye.                                               well during his final year as president of Spring Hill
       A special thanks to Drusilla Seafood Restaurant and
       to the host committee: Harold ’57 and Claire Bahlinger,        New Orleans
       David ’93 and Melissa ’93 Cresson, David ’83 and Denise        On Feb.15, 2009, 80 alumni gathered at the house of
       ’85 Hatcher, Price ’47 and Shirley LeBlanc, Michael ’88        Amy ’90 and Billy ’89 King to watch the Krewe of
       and Kelley Olinde, Chris ’91 and Krista ’92 Valluzzo, Eric     Carrollton and the Knights of King Arthur. It was a
       ’91 and Ceci Waguespack, and Brad ’94 and Danielle             great time to celebrate the Mardi Gras season with good
       Zito.                                                          friend. Thank you to the Kings for opening their home.
       Chicago                                                        St. Louis
       On Feb. 6, 2009 more than 40 alumni and friends                On Feb. 27, 2009 the St. Louis chapter held a Mardi
       celebrated Mardi Gras at Stanley’s in Chicago. Alumni          Gras party benefiting the Daniel C. Aubuchon
       enjoyed drinks and hors d’oeuvres as they reminisced           Memorial Scholarship Fund.
       about their Mardi Gras days on the Hill.

       Cincinnati                                                     A special thank you to Mary ’75 and Mike Reedy who
                                                                      opened their home to more than 100 alumni, parents
       More than 20 alumni got together on Jan. 31, 2009 to
                                                                      and friends. The event was a great success.
       celebrate the Mardi Gras season at the home of Kerry
       ’97 and Jay ’96 Vollmer. Everyone enjoyed the festive          Thank you to the other event hosts, including Maureen
       occasion. A special thanks to the Vollmers for offering        Guzy ’71, Sue Aubuchon, Ellen ’94 and Doug Dolan,
       their home to the group.                                       Mary Beth ’87 and Jim ’79 Dunn, Lynn ’77 and Raoul ’77
                                                                      Robichaux, and Connie ’75 and Pat ’76 Postal.
       More than 40 alumni and friends gathered at the home
       of Charlotte ’93 and Mike ’92 Henderson on Feb. 7, 2009.
       Everyone had a wonderful time, and they were able to
       raise more than $1,700 for the Memphis Scholarship
       fund. We extend our appreciation to the Hendersons for
       opening their home to the alumni.

  24                                              Spring Hill College • Summer 2009
                  1940s                           books. One is a novel he has written of
                                                  the 1960s and ’70s. The other, which he is
                                                                                                   Language (ESL) and GED education. She
                                                                                                   also completed training with One World UV
Joe Verneuille ’46 retired in 1981 after 37       compiling and editing with the cooperation       as a facilitator for world peace workshops.
years of Federal Service and resides happily      of the Milwaukee Art Museum, consists
with his wife, Marie Sutton, in Sacramento,       of winning poems in recent art and poetry        Marie Simonet Revere ’65, retired, lives
Calif. They have one daughter who                 contests there, including one he wrote.          in Encinitas, Calif., and has four children
graduated from law school at the University                                                        and nine grandchildren. She volunteers
of California Davis and is a practicing           Manfred Hummel ’59 retired in July               for the National Alliance on Mental
attorney in the Sacramento area.                  2002. He and his wife, Margaret, moved           Illness, teaches Family-to-Family classes,
                                                  to Massachusetts in 2005 to be near two          and conducts state trainings for teachers
Claude Boudreaux, S.J. ’49 is now a fully         grandchildren. Since January 2007, they          of the course. Marie would like to hear
retired Jesuit.                                   have two more grandchildren in California.       from her classmates. E-mail her at
Henry L. Wright ’49 is 86 years old,                                1960s
plays golf four or five times a week, and                                                          Dr. Denis E. Hruza, Ph.D. ’66 retired after 40
                                                  Lynn AuCoin Durel ’62 has relocated to           years as a chemist with International Flavors
occasionally shoots his age.
                                                  Northern Virginia to be closer to family.        and Fragrances. He and his wife, Anne, will
                  1950s                           She retired from the University of Miami
                                                  as an associate professor of psychology.
                                                                                                   be able to spend more time traveling. Denis
                                                                                                   can also devote more time to duck decoy
Richard Gibbens Robichaux ’51 recently            She is pleased to report that she sold her       carving, already having won 29 ribbons at
received the Citizen of the Year Award            house in Coral Bales and has bought              the Ward World Carving Championships.
in Thibodaux, La. He has been writing             a foreclosed house in Arlington.                 They have one son, Denis Jr., who resides in
articles for the paper for 10 years, has                                                           Fort Meyers, Fla.
produced three CDs of his piano music,            Dennis Malcor ’62 and Scott Malcor are
and a CD of the local Bayou Dixieland             proud grandparents of Emily Scott Malcor,        Steve Kelly ’66 is working on a project
Band. Richard and his wife have been              born March 25, 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland       involving the concert Joan Baez gave at
married for 55 years; they have four              to Patrick and Tina Malcor. They have a          Spring Hill College on May 7, 1963.
children and eight grandchildren.                 4-year-old son, Nicholas. Patrick is CEO         He would like to hear from alumni who
                                                  of a logistics company in Zurich. Their          were present at the concert. Contact him
Thomas Randolph “Randy” Tardy ’54                 daughter Nancy is an assistant district          at or Stephen Kelly,
worked in broadcast and public relations          attorney and has an 8-year-old son,              Dye Family Professor of Music, Carleton
for 25 years, followed by a 25-year career        Edward John; and they live in Macon, Ga.         College, One North College Street,
as business and transportation writer for                                                          Northfield, MN 55057.
the “Democrat-Gazette.” He now serves as          Jim Hill ’64 was recently elected to the rank
president of the Arkansas River Historical        of Fellow in the American Association            Len ’66 and Jean ’67 Pinkley are proud
Society based in Catoosa, Okla.                   for the Advancement of Science, which is         grandparents of Michael, 5, Cecelia, 4, and
                                                  considered a Lifetime Achievement Award.         Leo Drendel, 2, of Charlotte, N.C. Len has
Fr. Daniel J. Sullivan, S.J. ’55 received the     He was honored for his contributions to the      retired after practicing OB-GYN in Amory,
Bene Merenti Medal last March from                understanding and chemotherapy of viral          Miss., for 31 years. Jean has retired from the
Fordham University, for 40 years of service       and bacterial keratitis. Jim has had 38 years    Amory Main Street manager position. Len
on the Biological Sciences faculty. During        of continuing biomedical research funding        recently earned a Master of Pastoral Studies
his time at Fordham he had a one-year             by the National Institutes of Health and         from Loyola University New Orleans and
Fulbright Research Fellowship to Nigeria,         National Science Foundation.                     assists the pastoral minister of St. Helen
and sabbaticals at other agricultural                                                              Parish in Amory.
institutes in South America and India.            Charles B. Lowry ’64 has stepped down
                                                  as dean of libraries at the University of        Rev. Edward B. “Ted” Arroyo, S.J. ’67 has
Kateri Baker ’58 has lived in Pace, Fla., since   Maryland after 12 years. During a three-         been appointed by Jesuit Superior General
1994. She has three daughters, one son and        year leave of absence, Charles will serve as     Adolfo Nicolas, S.J., to serve as the next
nine grandchildren. Her husband, Rob,             the executive director of the Association        rector of the Jesuit community at Spring
passed away Easter night, April 12, 2009,         of Research Libraries in Washington, D.C.        Hill College.
from a bout with cancer.                          He will return to UM in 2011 to teach and
                                                  conduct research in the iSchool where he         Dan Short ’67 and his wife, Carol
Dr. Peter McNamara ’58, Professor Emeritus        is a professor.                                  McCain, live in Oklahoma City, Okla.
at the University of North Carolina,                                                               Mustard Seed Development Corp., their
recently completed his fifth poetry               Jo Chimento ’65 has lived in Granada             nonprofit ministry, recently marked its
collection, “A Respectful Distance.”              Hills, Calif., for the last 34 years. He is      eighth year in North Highlands, a low-
Besides making poems, he is a lyricist/           married, with two married daughters and six      income neighborhood in Oklahoma City.
librettist and translator of selections from      grandchildren. Joe is a supervisor for quality   Affordable home ownership, after-school
Pablo Neruda, Frederico Garcia Lorca and          control at Flavor Producers Inc. He will         tutoring, literacy, education equity
Blanca Castellón.                                 retire in September.                             advocacy, and citizen good-neighbor
                                                                                                   training are among their efforts. Visit their
Andrew Clark ’59 is a Milwaukee writer            Louise Perret ’65 recently earned her            Web site,,
and editor, currently working on two              teaching certificate in English as a Second      to get involved.

                                                    Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                                               25
     Richard Walker Sr. ’67 spent last May in          resident of New Orleans, MK is active            Asperger’s syndrome, a high-functioning
     Ireland on the Dingle Peninsula with his          in its recovery efforts.                         form of autism. His first two books were
     son, Richard Walker Jr. ’90, daughter-in-law                                                       about Mexican-Americans in South Texas,
     and granddaughter. Also spending time             Albert Charlton ’71 has retired after            one an adult on death row, the other a
     with him was his sister, Gingy Whitman            teaching English for 33 years in the New         Chicano teenager trying to avoid the
     ’69. Rick’s wife, Gail (Andrews) ’69, died        Orleans area. His focus now is investing         violence around him.
     suddenly in December 2008 after a short           in the stock market. Albert was recently
     illness. Rick lives in Long Beach, Ind., by the   at Spring Hill for the funeral of Rev. Daniel    Carol Segner Koster ’76 lives in Mandeville,
     shores of Lake Michigan. Out of retirement,       Creagan, S.J. ’51, for whom he worked during     La., with husband, Rich, and 13-year-old
     he is employed with Acosta Sales and              his four years at Spring Hill.                   son, Michael. Michael is entering seventh
     Marketing, a food broker headquartered in                                                          grade at his parochial school, where he plays
     Jacksonville, Fla. He is involved with the        Mary Ann (Martin) Graf ’71 and 15 SHC            the trumpet for the Archdiocesan Band,
     Wal-Mart stores division.                         alumnae visited Charleston, S.C., in             and is a First Class Boy Scout. Rich works
                                                       March 2008 to celebrate the 60th birthday        for WVUE-TV Fox 8 in New Orleans as a
     Holland Sullivan ’68 has been with Merrill        of Judi (Tierney) Sherry ’71. The group          graphic designer. Carol volunteers at her
     Lynch for the last 25 years in downtown           included Peggy (Seban) Wellington ’72,           son’s school and at her parish’s Perpetual
     Dallas, Texas. Holland runs a wealth              Suzanne (Hansom) Montgomery ’71, Mary            Adoration Chapel as a committed Adorer.
     management advisory practice. For the             Anne (Rice) Lefoldt ’71, Suzzie (Torrado)
     last five years, the Consumers Research           Carmody ’72, Mary (Long) Rodgers ’72, Ann        Stephanie Scaritt Dempsey ’76 is living in
     Council of America has certified him as           (Shay) Gril ’72, Diane (Gustafson) Caver ’71,    Bogota, Columbia with her husband and
     one of America’s Top Financial Planners.          Maureen (Gamp) Guzy ’71, Pam (Haggerty)          son after a three-year posting in Ankara,
     He lives with his wife of 35 years, Cynthia       Moses ’72, Dianne (Dwyer) McGarry ’71,           Turkey. She was the school liaison
     Little Sullivan, in North Dallas. His son,        Dorothy (Hare) Beattie ’71, Kathy (Bloom)        officer for the George C. Marshall School
     Holland A. Sullivan Jr., graduated from Yale      Durel ’71 and Chris (Bowes) Canton ’71. Mary     for two years in Turkey and won Civilian
     University in 2001 and Baylor Law School          Ann, Judi, Mary Anne, Kathy, Chris, Peggy,       of the Year for her work with the parents,
     in 2004.                                          Ann, Suzzie, Mary, Maureen, Sue (Lemon)          military and international community
                                                       Aubuchon ’69, Kate (Ribordy) Weinreich           of the school. Stephanie is looking for
     Ernesto F. Travieso, S.J. ’68 is vice president   ’72 and Johneen (Skremetta) Goltermann ’70       Badgers in Columbia and can be reached
     for development and alumni relations at           visited St. Augustine, Fla., in spring 2009.     via e-mail at
     Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in Miami,         They were all friends at Spring Hill and
     Fla., and president of the ILAC Foundation        several were in the same sorority, Gamma         Joseph Teahan ’77 has a daughter, Caitlin,
     in the Dominican Republic. After being            Gamma Gamma.                                     who completed her sophomore year at
     director of international relations for Latin                                                      Spring Hill. Caitlin is pursuing an internship
     America at Vatican Radio in Rome, he is in        Wally Maughn ’71 and Marty Maughn                at Disney in Los Angeles. Joseph’s wife
     Miami writing a page in “La Vox Catolica”         announce their son, James Maughn, a              accepted a position as department head of
     Arcdiocese of Miami and contributes to            2009 graduate of Milton High School in           the Graduate School of Social Work at Barry
     EWTN Radio for all Spanish-speaking               Alpharetta, Ga., has signed a baseball           University in Miami, Fla., her alma mater.
     countries. Fr. Travieso has written two           scholarship to play for the Badgers next
     books in Spanish, “En la Busqueda de la           year. James was a starting pitcher for Milton.   John Hefferman ’78 is the musical director
     Felicidad” and “Para no Ser un Rinoceronte                                                         for Carnival Cruise Lines. He lives in Miami
     Mas.” His first book has been translated          Kevin McCaffrey ’72 is a producer/writer/        with his Pekingese, Yaz.
     and recently published as “In The Pursuit         director based in New Orleans. His half-
     of Happiness.”                                    hour documentary TV program, “We Live            John F. “Jeff ” Roorda ’78 lives in Houston,
                                                       to Eat: New Orleans’ Love Affair with            Texas. He has three sons: Jack, 20; Nic,
     Ed McMahon ’69 and Sherry (McIver)                Food,” which aired regionally on PBS,            18; and Alex, 13. Jack is at Spring Hill,
     McMahon ’67 are now grandparents.                 was a finalist for the James Beard               class of 2011, in honors engineering, Nic
     Their daughter, Megan, gave birth to              Foundation Award for culinary                    is an incoming freshman at Spring Hill on
     Liam Christopher Davis on Aug. 4, 2007.           excellence in the category of broadcast          baseball and academic scholarships. Jeff is
     Sherry is in her 13th year as a school            media, national and local. Kevin’s Web site      celebrating 30 years in the Steel Industry. He
     counselor at St. Camilius Catholic School         is                            enjoys golfing, traveling and fishing.
     in Silver Spring, Md. Ed has been awarded
     the Charles Fraser Chair on Sustainable           Richard Bienvenu ’74 started a blog, www.        Ken Stickney ’78 won the American Society
     Development at the Urban Land Institute , about the music,          of Newspaper Editors’ Distinguished Writing
     in Washington, D.C.                               food, events, culture and everyday life in       Award for Editorial Writing. Ken, managing
                                                       New Orleans. Richard had his classical           editor of “The News-Star” in Monroe, La.,
                        1970s                          singing debut at the annual Bach Around          won for a collection of editorials written
                                                       the Clock Festival in New Orleans and            in 2008.
     MK Wegmann ’70 has been invited to                is studying with renowned voice teacher
     a White House briefing for artists and
     organizers. MK is president and CEO of
                                                       Mona Bond at Loyola University.                                    1980s
     National Performance Network in New               Francisco Stork ’75 recently published his       Michael Giolando, D.D.S. ’80 is head
     Orleans, which supports the creation and          third novel, “Marcelo in the Real World,”        basketball coach and director of athletics
     touring of contemporary art. As a lifelong        a novel for young adults about a boy with        and wellness at Loyola University of New

26                                                       Spring Hill College • Summer 2009
Orleans. He was selected by the Louisiana       Gunn Bente Olsen ’85 is living in Columbia,      employed as an elementary special education
Association of Basketball Coaches as            S.C., with her 8-year-old son, Sebastian.        teacher with the Mobile County Public
2009 Small College Coach of the Year and        She is the executive director of development     School System.
was named by the Gulf Coast Athletic            at Columbia College.
Conference as 2009 GCAC Athletics                                                                                  1990s
Administrator of the Year.                      Thomas F. Boleky ’86, a trial attorney
                                                at the law firm of Corboy & Demetrio in          Shaw Matthews ’90 and Ruth (Crane)
Tim O’Connor ’80 is practicing emergency        Chicago, was recently elected to a three-        Matthews ’92 announce the birth of their
medicine at Le Bonheur Children’s               year term on the board of directors of the       daughter on April 4, 2008.
Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Maurine              Les Turner ALS Foundation, a nonprofit
Bishop O’Connor ’80 is an oncologist.           organization devoted to the treatment and        Simon Condron ’91 and Deborah (Gareau)
Maurine and Tim celebrated their 25th           elimination of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis     Condron ’93 welcomed their first daughter,
wedding anniversary on April 28, 2009.          (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig’s              Avery Marie, on April 14, 2009. The family
Their daughter, Erin, attends the University    disease. Tom represents individuals and          resides in Orlando, Fla., where Simon is a
of Alabama, majoring in engineering.            their families in serious personal injury and    hospitalist and Deborah teaches high-school
                                                wrongful death litigation.                       English.
Karen Campbell ’81 was married to
Johnny William Adams Jr., on Oct. 18,           Karen Charnock ’86 and Jeff Charnock             Sheila Birrane Albers ’92 is married to Steve
2008, at St. Edwards Catholic Church in         are proud to announce their son, Edward,         Albers of St. Louis. Steve and Sheila have
Nashville, Tenn., by Fr. Joseph P. Breen.       made his First Holy Communion on                 two boys, John, 8, and Tommy, 3, and are
                                                March 29, 2009.                                  expecting their third child in September. She
Walter A. Bell ’83 was appointed chairman                                                        is the principal of Harmony Middle School
of the Swiss Re America Holding                 Jerry Roden ’86 was recently appointed           in Overland Park, Kan.
Corporation on Sept. 1, 2008 in New             to serve on the board of trustees of Indian
York. On July 1, 2008 he was elected to the     River State College. Jerry operates a criminal   Kate DeWitt Darden ’92 opened a
board of directors for Bermuda Monetary         defense law firm on Florida’s Space and          marketing/branding consulting practice,
Authority in Hamilton, Bermuda.                 Treasure Coast, which focuses exclusively        The Darden Group, in May 2009. The firm
                                                on DUI defense.                                  helps small businesses build their brands
Kathleen Gorman ’83 received her Master                                                          and grow sales through strategic planning,
of Divinity from Iliff School of Theology       Mellie Boagni-Watson ’86 lives with              implementation and sales development.
on June 6, 2009. She is working as a hospice    her two daughters, Lillie and Camille,           Her Web site is
chaplain for Vista Care Hospice and lives       in Lake Village, Ark. She has been
in Denver, Co.                                  named chairman of the Arkansas Rural             Kevin O’Gorman ’92 and his wife, Elizabeth,
                                                Services Commission. Mellie works for            announce the birth of their daughter, Olivia
Richard Patrick Reynolds ’83 is a corporate     the University of Arkansas Medical               Tep O’Gorman, born Feb. 13, 2009. Kevin
attorney living in Hingham, Mass., with his     Sciences Delta AHEC as director over             was recently promoted to the position of
wife, Colleen Scanlon Reynolds, and their       Southeast Arkansas.                              associate superintendent for instruction
2-year-old son, Finley Patrick Reynolds.                                                         and accountability for Aiken County Public
                                                Andrea Trader ’88 lives in northern              Schools in Aiken, S.C. Kevin, Liz and their
Alex Stevens ’83 married his wife, Stephanie,   California with her husband of almost 15         two daughters reside in Aiken.
on Nov. 29, 2008. They have two sons,           years, Chip. Andrea has a son, Nicholas, 12,
Cheyne, 15, and Alex III, 13. After four        and daughter, Corrine, 8. She recently went      Gretchen (Heinze) Hardman ’92 married
years as director of operations for Pine        back to work as a pediatrician at a small        J. Christopher Hardman in June 2008.
Jog Environment Education Center, Alex          community clinic.                                The couple resides in Callaway, Md.
recently became the director for the Palm                                                        Gretchen works in Waldorf, Md., as the
Beach County Community Food Alliance.           Robert M. Harrison ’89 serves as finance         executive director of the Community
                                                director with Crossroads of America              Foundation of Charles County.
Steve ’85 and Terri (Remich) ’85 Kinsey will    Council, Boy Scouts of America in
celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary        Indianapolis, Ind., generating approximately     Brian A. McBride ’92 is a senior account
in June. Steve and Terri live in Fairhope,      $6 million to develop quality programs for       executive at PSC Industrial Outsourcing,
Ala., with their two children, Thomas, 18,      youth in 25 central Indiana counties.            LP, an industrial-service organization. Brian
and Ashley, 15. Thomas is an incoming                                                            and his wife, Gina, have been married for
freshman at Spring Hill, and Ashley will be     Fr. Mark Hun ’89 serves as pastor of Holy        13 years and live in The Woodlands, Texas,
a sophomore in the IB Program at Fairhope       Rosary Catholic Church in Nashville, Tenn.       with their two children, Nicholas, 9, and
High School. Steve is practicing general                                                         Veronica, 8.
surgery in Baldwin County and his office is     Leanne Berg ’89 was recently inducted
located in Foley.                               into the Upsilon Sigma Alpha Chapter             Kristin LeRibeus ’94 and her husband,
                                                of Chi Sigma Iota, Counseling Academic           Bryson, welcomed their first child, Aidan
Marney Skinner ’85 has joined Edward Jones      and Professional Honor Society. She was          Wynn, on Sept. 21, 2008.
as a financial advisor in the Naples/Ft.        also named Outstanding Graduate Student
Meyers, Fla., area.                             in the area of school psychometry at the         Brian ’95 McGranahan and his wife, Amy,
                                                University of South Alabama. Leann is            welcomed daughter Alexandra Sophia,

                                                  Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                                              27
     born March 10, 2009. Brian recently             April 17, 2009. She is welcomed by older        Vanessa Cranston-Hava ’02 married Stephen
     received his MBA from the University of         sister, Gabrielle.                              Hava on April 24, 2008 on Grace Bay Beach
     Tennessee. Amy, Brian and Alexandra live                                                        in Turks and Caicos. Vanessa is a Certified
     in Cleveland, Tenn.                             Kevin Kistner ’99 announces the birth of        Public Accountant employed with Entergy
                                                     his son, Max Robert Kistner, born on April      Corporation in New Orleans. The couple
     Laura (Richard) ’95 and John ’96 Braham         1, 2009 at Saint Vincent Mercy Medical          resides in Harahan, La.
     welcomed daughter Mary Claire, born Feb.        Center in Toledo, Ohio. Kevin resides with
     18, 2008. She joins her sister, Madeleine,      his girlfriend, Andrea Ansted, in Toledo.       Amber L. Houston ’02 and Christopher J.
     and brother, John Paul. The Brahams reside      He is the executive producer at the NBC         Nappi were married on Feb. 14, 2009 at St.
     in Opelousas, La., where John is the director   affiliate.                                      Joseph Chapel. The couple is expecting their
     of religious education at Opelousas Catholic                                                    first child in late November 2009.
     School and Laura is a family physician.         Jason R. Swenk ’99 is co-founder and chief
                                                     CEO of Solar Velocity. Under Jason’s            Andrew “Andy” James Hughes ’02 married
     Mara Ford ’95 and Billy ’96 Hodes welcomed      direction, the company has received             Meghan Jill Hamblet on Sat., May 9, 2009,
     their eighth child, Dorothy Theresa “Dory,”     numerous awards, including Best Place to        at the Historic Dubsdread Country Club
     on Jan. 16, 2009. Billy, 12; Maggie, 11;        Work, Innovative Company of the Year,           in Orlando, Fla. Andy works in the office
     Matthew 9; Lucy, 8; Francie, 5; Danny, 2;       Top 10 Most Dependable Web Design Firm          of student involvement and leadership at
     and Charlie, 1, are very excited about their    in the Southeast, and Top 25 Business in        Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla.
     new little sister.                              Atlanta. Jason has competed in Ironman
                                                     Triathlon competitions and is an avid           Charlie Sokolash ’02 married Shelby
     Timothy D. Carter ’96 celebrated five years     racecar driver. He resides in Atlanta with      Mason at the Dallas Arboretum on May
     of marriage to his wife, Amanda. Their          his wife, Kimberly, and son, Luke.              9, 2008. Their wedding party included five
     daughter, Addison Elise, is 1 year old.                                                         Spring Hill graduates, Sonya Sokolash ’05,
     Timothy lives in Olive Branch, Miss., and is                     2000s                          Joe Pappalardo ’02, Bobby Bourgeois ’01,
     employed by a national healthcare company                                                       Russ Tibbits ’01, and Mike Chapman ’02.
     as vice president of sales.                     Lynn Rush ’00 is happy to announce her          The couple resides in Plano, Texas, where
                                                     engagement to Phil Frisby. The couple will      David is employed with McDavid Acura
     Lauren (Letchworth) Hayden ’96 and              wed at Nativity BVM Cathedral in Biloxi,        as the new car sales director.
     Robert Hayden announce the birth of their       Miss. on Jan. 9, 2010.
     daughter, Margaret Ruth, born on Nov.                                                           Bethany Garner ’03 married Robbie G.
     12, 2008. She was welcomed by big brother,      Gregory Logush ’01 and Jennifer Logush          Tomlin on April 18, 2009, at Corpus Christi
     Thomas, 2. The Hayden family resides in         welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their         Catholic Church in Mobile, Ala.
     Memphis, Tenn.                                  family on Jan. 24, 2009. Madelyn Christine
                                                     Logush was 6 pounds, 15 ounces and 19 ¼         Elizabeth Catherine McIntosh ’03 married
     Jim Fry ’97 is working on his doctorate in      inches long.                                    Harish Chawla on November 8, 2008, in St.
     interdisciplinary education for educational                                                     Joseph Chapel. The couple resides in North
     leaders at Saint Joseph’s University in         Hilary Frobish Marse ’01 graduated May          Bethesda, Md. Elizabeth graduated from
     Philadelphia. He is an adjunct faculty          15, 2009 with an MBA in finance from the        Georgetown University School of Medicine
     member for the SJU’s graduate education         University of New Orleans.                      in May 2009. In June she begins a residency
     program and at Neumann College. Jim                                                             position in pediatrics at Georgetown.
     also teaches high-school chemistry, marine      Theresa Bertucci Truxillo ’01 and her
     science and theater at Malvern Preparatory      husband, Ryan, welcomed son Owen                Kate Peters ’03 married Chris Daniel on
     School. He was promoted to the position of      Matthew on Feb. 4, 2009. Owen was               Sept. 1, 2007. In attendance were SHC
     director of student activities.                 welcomed by big brother Brendan, 4, and         alumnae Kate Titford ’03, maid of honor,
                                                     big sister Camille Claire, 2. The Truxillos     Frannie Meehan ’03, Diana Scalici ’03, and
     Erin S. (Haynes) Reed ’97 celebrated the        reside in Metairie, La., where Ryan is a        Coreil Ryder ’03. The couple resides in St.
     first birthday of her daughter, Addison         family practice physician and Theresa runs      Louis, where Kate is executive assistant to
     Haynes Reed, and third birthday of her          a stationery and art business, Hello World      the publisher of the “St. Louis American”
     son, Patterson Thorne Reed, on April            Designs (            newspaper. The couple is expecting their first
     11. Erin, her husband of six years, James,                                                      child in November.
     and children reside in Louisville, Ky. Erin     Jamie Algie ’02 was married to Ben Wilson
     recently returned to her journalism career,     on May 2 on the campus of Spring Hill           Emily (Ferrill) Rios ’03 and her husband,
     freelance reporting for the CBS station in      College. Attendants included Alicia Bauer       Gus Rios, welcomed son William James Rios
     Louisville (WLKY-TV).                           Grelle ’02, Stacy Angle Boue ’02 and Jill       on March 27, 2009. Will weighed 7 pounds,
                                                     Wren Halsrud ’02. The couple resides in         15 ounces and measured 21.5 inches.
     Susan (Jersa) Knese ’98 and her husband,        Huntsville, Ala.
     Lenn, welcomed their identical twin                                                             Sara King Seabourne ’03 married Mark
     daughters, Isabella Lucia and Chloe Marie,      Tiffany L. Anderson ’02 married Shane           Seabourne of Vernon, B.C., on July 19,
     on April 12, 2008. They reside in St. Louis.    Anderson on Sept. 27, 2008 at Perdido           2008. She recently moved to Seattle, Wash.,
                                                     Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Ala. They         and received a promotion to business
     Jennifer Hartrich-Schriver ’99 and husband      reside in Gulf Shores, Ala., where Tiffany is   development manager at Modis.
     Charles Schriver announce the birth of          a case manager for Baldwin County Mental
     their second daughter, Sophia Rose, on          Health Center.

28                                                     Spring Hill College • Summer 2009
Amber Atnip ’04 was married on May 16,          Patricia Beukenkamp Weinacker ’04 and           Lorie Thibodeaux ’08 is working on her
2009 to William Ryan Russell in Nashville,      husband, Paul K. Weinacker Jr., welcomed        master’s degree in health administration
Tenn.                                           their second daughter, Rose Etty, on Oct.       at University of Missouri-Columbia. This
                                                6, 2008. Rose joins 4-year-old sister, Cora     summer Lorie has an internship with VA
Allison Clark ’04 is project manager for        Sophia.                                         Northern Indiana Health Care System.
the BG Group Sustainability Report
2008 at corporate headquarters in the           Kathryn E. Alsip ’05 earned a Master of Arts
UK. She returns to Houston mid-2009 as          in forensic psychology in 2007 from the
communications specialist, predominately        Chicago School of Professional Psychology.
managing corporate campaigns, events and        She is working on her doctorate in clinical
internal communications. View the report        forensic psychology at Nova Southeastern
at                         University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. She will
                                                marry Bryan Cook on June 27, 2009.
Ernest “Ernie” Digmon ’04 is manager
at Hurricane Brewing, Mobile’s only             Rebecca Alsip ’05 graduated in May from
microbrewery.                                   medical school at Western University of
                                                Health Sciences College of the Osteopathic
Margaret M. Feeney ’04 and William S.           Medicine of the Pacific, outside Los Angeles.
Gorilla won the spring 2008 Connecticut         Rebecca will begin her family medicine
Collegiate Business Plan Competition in         residency in July at Spartanburg Regional
the Graduate Student Personal Business          Medical Center in Spartanburg, S.C.
category for ETG Hardware. Margaret is an
MBA student at University of Connecticut        Kate Browning ’05 graduated in 2008 from
School of Business. She resides in Fairfield,   Ave Maria School of Law, located in Ann
Conn.                                           Arbor, Mich. She practices law in Mobile
                                                with her father, Richard E. Browning ’77.
Kevin Kononchek ’04 and Ann Marie               They specialize in workers’ compensation,
(Bradley) Kononchek ’04 proudly announce        personal injury and Social Security
the birth of their daughter, Avery Lindley,     disability.
born on November 4, 2007 at St. Vincent’s
Hospital in Birmingham, Ala. Avery              Donald A. Hawkins, S.J. ’06 has served as
weighed 8 pounds and was 21.5 inches long.      pastor of Holy Name of Jesus Church in
The family resides in Hoover, Ala.              New Orleans since May 2007. He recently
                                                gave a talk on the history of the New
Robert C. Matthews, Esq. ’04 and Alicia         Orleans Province at a national Jesuit
Matthews are pleased to announce the            gathering at Santa Clara University in
birth of their second son, Cooper. Robert is    California.
a member of the Corporate Transaction/
Real Estate and Business Litigation practice    Gregory M. Schram ’06 has been promoted
groups of the firm Lyons, Pipes & Cook,         to the New Orleans District Office of the
P.C., and was recently appointed to serve       Railroad Retirement Board.
on the board of advisors and staff for the
YMCA.                                           Ashley “Nikki” Eschmann-Wild ’07 gave
                                                birth to Aiden Nikolaus on July 22, 2007.
Courtney Pike ’04 is co-author of the book,     She will marry Trey Ledet in Metairie, La.,
“How to Say It On Your Resume: A Top            on Aug. 8, 2009.
Recruiting Director’s Guide to Writing the
Perfect Resume for Every Job.” Courtney         Kerrie McNamara ’07 and Christopher
was promoted to director of operations at       Jernigan ’07 were married at St. Joseph
JobBound, a career consulting company           Chapel on May 16, 2009. They recently
headquartered in Chicago.                       bought a house in the Cottage Hill area in
Chelsea Williams Ranger ’04 has been living
in Atlanta since finishing graduate school in   John Calderone ’08 is an accountant with
2007. She and her husband, Tobias Ranger,       Wood, Singleton, Hicks & Haisten CPAs in
married in March 2009 in Orange Beach,          Mobile. He was married to Mandy Forbes
Ala. They are expecting their first son in      in September 2008. John is working on his
September. After he arrives, the couple         master’s degree at the University of South
will move to Tobias’s hometown of Oslo,         Alabama. He also helps his wife and her
Norway.                                         sister run their newly opened boutique,
                                                Polish, in Bel Air Mall.

                                                 Spring Hill College • Summer 2009                                                         29
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30                                       Spring Hill College • Summer 2009
  Budapest, Vienna & Prague Discovery
Featuring a Danube River Cruise aboard the luxurious
                                  MS Amadeus Royal

                                 October 10-20, 2009
    Approximately $2,995 per person, plus airfare and
                  V.A.T., based on double occupancy.

Discover three of the finest capitals in Europe on this
 unique travel adventure and exceptional travel value.

              Swiss Alps & the Italian Lakes
                                 October 11-19, 2009
    Approximately $2,995 per person, plus airfare and
                  V.A.T., based on double occupancy.

   Literary luminaries in the 19th century heralded the
idyllic treasures of Switzerland and Italy in praise-filled
  travelogues. Since then, not much has changed in this
                                 pristine part of Europe.

                        It’s not how much we
                      give but how much love
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                            – Mother Teresa
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