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                              Credit Union News
                       A publication of the Florida Credit Union League                                February 2000 w Vol. 9 - No. 2

FCUL launches updated website                                                                      CUPAC bitten by the

                                                                                                    Millennium Bug
The Florida Credit Union League is very           Journal and Credit Union Times. Your local
pleased to announce the launch of its new         weather and Wall Street market updates are
and improved website—                also on the home page.
Check it out and you will find FCUL has                Another useful link available is the
provided information on just about any-           Credit Union VILLAGETM site. The Credit
thing you could possibly need to know             Union VILLAGETM is intended to serve the
about the League plus links to many other         information and product needs of credit
informative sights.                               union professionals and volunteers. One
     Right away you will notice the League        click will let you search for information and
Education Calendar has a prominent position       resources dealing with: government

                                                                                                     see story on page 6
on the home page. Credit union professionals      agencies; finance and economics;
and volunteers will be able to learn about        technology; political sites; libraries; and
conferences; find out when they are being         much, much more. And, you’ll want to check
held and in what cities; and register for the     out all the retail sites linked to the Credit    Filene study sheds new light

conference online. Soon the registration fee
will be able to be paid online.
                                                  VILLAGETM site.
                                                       This is just Phase One of the rebirth of
                                                                                                   on credit unions vs. banks
     In the Florida Focus section, a daily        the FCUL website. We’ll have plenty of new       Research findings from a study commis-
news update of Florida news stories that          and exciting must-see things added during        sioned by the Filene Research Institute has
Florida credit unions will want to read will be   the next several months. But, for right now,     found that households that use both a bank
posted. Also, news pertaining to credit           you’ll be able to access plenty of informative   and credit union and predominantly use a
unions will be easily accessed through the        and entertaining links. Just remember from       bank have higher income and wealth than
links to CUNA’s News Now, Credit Union            the FCUL home page you’ll be able to:            households that use a credit union predomi-
                                                                                                   nantly. The study pokes a hole in two
                                                                            continued on pg. 2     general perceptions about credit unions and
                                                                                                   statements often made about credit unions:
             Florida Credit Union League Service Group                                             1) that credit union members are more afflu-

              Department Spotlight                                                                 ent than bank customers, and 2) that people
                                                                                                   are exclusively members or non-members of
                                                                                                   credit unions.
  Editor’s note: The Florida Credit Union News has featured a FCUL Service
  Group department each issue for several months. The February spotlight is                             The Filene study was authored by
  CUMortgage Support Services, Inc., non-conforming loan program.                                  Jinkook Lee, an associate professor in Retail
                                                                                                   and Consumer Sciences at the University of
       Have you ever had to tell one of your credit union members that you’d                       Tennessee, and William A. Kelly, Jr., Direc-
  like to help them with a mortgage, but that it was impossible considering                        tor of the Center for Credit Union Research,
  their less than stellar credit history? Certainly you would help them if you                     University of Wisconsin. The authors noted
  could. CU Mortgage Support Services and FCUL Service Group, Inc.,                                that previous comparisons have created mis-
  have developed a program so that credit unions can offer their members                           understandings about who credit union
  non-conforming real estate loans.                                                                members are and what their financial status
       Some of the features of the CUMSS non-conforming real estate loan Joel Funchess             is. They concluded by saying that
  program are: a wide range of sources who have agreed not to cross-sell your members              misperceptions can lead to improper public
  on other financial products; Internet underwriting so answers can be obtained within             policy and also can lead to wasted marketing
                                                                      continued on pg. 8           resources in credit unions.
                                                                                                                             continued on pg. 4
                                                            President’s Column
                                                   President’s Column
   Florida Credit Union League
Board of Directors                                 Utilizing the web to the max

  Bob Beskovoyne, CCUE, Chairman                   By the time you read this column, the Florida have to have a web page that DOES SOME-
             District #4 Director                  Credit Union League’s new and improved THING. And that’s what we set out to do
                Martin FCU                         Internet web site will be up and running. For here at the FCUL.
     Laida Garcia, 1st Vice Chairman               those of you that are into cyber communica-           Our redesigned Internet site will allow
             District #5 Director                  tions you should be pleased with the                      you to register for each and every
            Florida Central CU                     new look.                                                 conference that we sponsor, includ-
 Melba Jordan, CCUE, 2nd Vice Chairman                   When the Internet began to take                     ing the annual convention. In addi-
             District #2 Director                  off a few years ago most businesses,                      tion, we will feature on our home
           State Employees CU                      government agencies and associa-                          page the latest news from the busi-
     Trudy Prince, CCUE, Secretary                 tions immediately created a web site.                     ness world, including live stock
             At Large Director                     And, for a while, these sites served                      market updates, and a daily list of
                                                                                             Guy M. Hood
      Central Florida Healthcare FCU               their owners well. They gave infor- President/CEO Florida news for you to check out.
       Wendell Brooks, Treasurer                   mation about the business or agency,                      We also will have a link to the
             At Large Director                     gave names and addresses of the principles Weather Channel that will allow you to check
       Pinellas County Teachers CU                 in the business and generally acted like an the weather in your town or any other loca-
         Charles Wesley Atkins                     electronic brochure. As web designers got tion (might be handy for traveling plans).
             District #1 Director                  more accomplished, and it became easier to You will also be able to check out the latest
           Emerald Coast FCU                       design web sites, most of these Internet news affecting credit unions through three
         Randall J. Mims, CCUE                     pages became more and more polished. But, sources, CUNA’s News Now, Credit Union
             District #3 Director                  they still were little more than electronic Times, and Credit Union Journal. As an
        Florida State University CU                brochures.                                       affiliate, you will also be able to look at the
          Barbara Harris, CCUE                           Merchants discovered that they could monthly Florida Credit Union News, in-
             District #6 Director                  sell their products via the web and informa- cluding the current issue and issues dating
             South Atlantic FCU                    tion dispensers began to disseminate news back to last July.
                 Jim Wagy                          and information in lightning fashion. The             All in all, I think you will be pleased with
             District #7 Director                  Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal the appearance and functionality of the new
               Tropical FCU                        showed that the Internet was a highly effec- FCUL web site. I hope you will check it out,
               Chris Brooks                        tive means of relaying news. So, it was no bookmark it, and let us know what you think
                                                   longer enough just to have a web page, you about it.
             At Large Director
         Monsanto Employees CU
                                                                                                                                continued from pg. 1
          Barry Hughes, CCUE
             At Large Director
      IBM Southeast Employees’ FCU                 New website launch-- continued
                Tom Napier
             At Large Director                     wClick directly to Florida news headlines, updated at least every day, more often if necessary.
            Sunshine State CU                      wCheck out the latest financial market news
           Jim Weibert, CCUE                       wSee what the weather in your home town will be or anywhere in the United States
             At Large Director                     wRead the latest news affecting credit unions from CUNA, Credit Union Times and Credit
         Community Educators’ CU                   Union Journal.
                                                   wExplore and discover all the conferences and schools planned by the Education Department.
 The Florida Credit Union News is a monthly
                                                   Sign up online for the ones you want to attend.
 publication of the Florida Credit Union League.   wDiscover other links and updates to learn more about FCUL and its activities.
 For business information or subscriptions,            The League hopes the new site will be one Florida credit union professionals and
 write the Florida Credit Union League, call       volunteers will want to visit daily. Let us know what you would like added to the website
 (800) 342-1266, or e-mail       by clicking on the “Email FCUL” button, and we will do our best to accommodate each
         President: Guy M. Hood                        As an incentive to search the new site, the FCUL Service Group has hidden a
       Managing Editor: Mark Ivester               “Millennium Bug” somewhere on the site. The first 20 persons to find the bug, click on the
         Editor: Grace Potter Freni                graphic and send us their name and credit union, will receive a CUPAC raffle ticket for a
                             chance to win a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle. See Millennium Bug story on page 6.
                                                                   FCUL employees and immediate family are not eligible.

2 Florida Credit Union League 2000
CUNA Mutual
                                                2000 Convention theme and schedule in brief

A highlight of major                            The 66th Annual Florida Credit Union League                                               The

product features
                                                Convention and Exhibition will be June 1-3,

                                                2000, at the Orlando World Center Marriott.                                               artwork
                                                The Convention and Expo provide credit                                                    feature
Protect your consumer loan portfolio            union leaders with an excellent opportunity                                               real
     The two most important parts of a          to exchange ideas, hear renowned speakers                                                 Florida
collateral protection insurance program are                                                                                               credit
                                                and learn about the latest in credit union                                                union
the insurance protection and the tracking       technology and services. This years theme                                                 professionals.
service provided. “For years, CUMIS             is “Strength from Within” which reminds us
Insurance Society, Inc., has been the leading   that whatever strength we have rests with
collateral protection insurer in the credit     our credit union members.
union industry and Stewart Associates                The three-day event is packed with
Incorporated has been the leading tracker,”     educational sessions specifically designed
says Gary Kirkindoll, CUNA Mutual Product       to address critical credit union issues. Social   Orlando Magic/RDV
Manager, Collateral Protection, in the          opportunities also abound with the annual         Sports, is the closing key-
Lending Enterprise. “Recently, CUNA             golf tournament and walk-a-thon; Friday           note speaker. Pat enjoys
Mutual and Stewart Associates formed a          Night Fever silent auction and dance; and         a widespread reputation
strategic alliance. As a result, the CUNA       the annual dinner and closing entertainment.      in worldwide sporting
Mutual Collateral Package of Protection              The keynote speaker                          circles, but many also con-
brings credit unions the very best qualities    for the Opening General                           sider him to be one of the
of both organizations. Together, our aim is     Session is Dr. Bob Arnot,                         country’s premier motiva- Pat Williams
to give credit unions a superior way to         one of America’s most                             tional and humorous
protect themselves from damaged and             recognized names in the                           speakers. He is a successful author, basket-
uninsured collateral losses.”                   medical and health profes-                        ball manager and has 19 children—15 of
     For credit unions, the CUNA Mutual         sion. Now the chief medi-                         which were adopted from around the world.
Collateral Package of Protection means more     cal correspondent for                                  Last but not least, the FCUL Exhibition
coverage options, more capabilities and more    NBC’s Dateline and To- Dr. Bob Arnot              is one of the largest and best credit union
opportunities to safeguard loans. It also       day, he brings vital health                       expos in the country. Last year, more than
means unique, customizable program solu-        and medical information into America’s liv-       100 exhibitors were available to share the
tions, sophisticated collateral tracking and    ing rooms, often circling the globe to get the    latest in products and services.
claim payment features, state-specific com-     most up-to-date reports. Dr. Bob has pub-              For more information about the Con-
pliance manuals and thorough on-site train-     lished five books and lectures on topics          vention schedule and speakers, contact
ing, as well as responsive, professional ser-   such as being your best at any age.               Corinne Henningsen at (800) 342-1266 ext.
vice and technology to help credit unions            Pat Williams, the senior executive vice      325, or for information about the Exhibition,
work smarter and more efficiently. “Whether     president of the NBA Basketball franchise         contact Grace Potter Freni at ext. 312.
your credit union wants a fully tracked pro-
gram with force placement, or a non-tracked
program with Blanket Insurance coverage
or an Immediate Issue policy source for the     Five common website compliance errors

borrowers you know do not have insurance,       *from an article in “Keystone Extra” published by the Pennsylvania Credit Union League.
our Collateral Package of Protection has the
right program for you,” said Kirkindoll.        Many credit unions are finding their website      wShare rate is not quoted as APY (annual
                                                and e-commerce programs to be very                percentage yield)
Flood Protection Also Available                 valuable and profitable marketing tools.          wThe Equal Housing logo is not displayed
          Through its Stewart Associates        However, mistakes made unknowingly by             with mortgage loans
division, CUNA Mutual offers credit unions      webmasters are often quickly noticed by           wLoan rates are not quoted as APR (annual
and their members single-source conve-          examiners. The following is a list of the five    percentage rate)
nience for flood insurance protection and       most common mistakes on CU websites               wCredit card disclosures are not formatted
accurate flood determination through the        according to Steve Rodeman, general               correctly.
Total Trac-FloodSM Compliance program.          counsel for Safeway Northwest Central                 Rodeman believes many irregularities
“More and more credit unions are joining        Credit Union in Beaverton, Oregon*:               could be avoided if “the compliance people
the program,” said Kirkindoll. “To date, we     wThe official NCUA sign and insurance             were brought into the loop and consulted”
                         continued on pg. 11    statement are not properly displayed              before a website is posted.

                                                                                              Florida Credit Union League 2000 3
   News from You
                                                                                                                          continued from pg. 1
                                                  Central Florida Chapter
                                                  hosts golf tournament                             Filene study continued
                                                        The FCUL Central Florida Chapter of              The basic findings of Lee and Kelly’s
                                                  Credit Unions is hosting a golf tournament        study are that households, which use a
                                                  April 8, 8:30 a.m., at the Eastwood Golf Club     bank and not a credit union, have higher
                                                  in Orlando. The cost is $70 per golfer. For       income and wealth than households that
                                                  information about the tournament or to reg-       use only a credit union. Of the households
                                                  ister a team, call Michelle Truman at (407)306-   that use both a bank and a credit union,
                                                  6030 or Tammy Douglass at (407)282-6039 or        those that use a bank predominantly have
                                                  Jim Weibert at (407)690-2328 ext. 28. Lunch       higher income and wealth than those that
                                                  will be provided after the tournament.            use mostly a credit union. In general, the
     Wesley Atkins has left his position as                                                         authors found, households that use both a
CEO of Emerald Coast Federal Credit Union                               Rob Hatefi has              credit union and a bank have higher in-
in Port St. Joe to take over the management                        joined the staff at              comes and more wealth on average than
and CEO position at Bay Credit Union in                            Sarasota Costal Credit           households that use only a credit union or
Panama City. Kenneth Weimorts, who is                              Union as Vice President          only a bank. This is consistent with their
currently the Assistant Manager of Emerald                         of Lending. He will be           finding that as households accumulate
Federal Coast Credit Union will be stepping                        responsible for all as-          wealth, they often increase the number of
up to the Manager/CEO position at Emerald                          pects of consumer lend-          institutions they use.
Coast Credit Union.                                                ing. Prior to joining                 Bankers had often cited earlier studies
                                                                   Sarasota Costal Credit           that stated that credit union members have
     Suncoast Schools Federal Credit                  Rob Hatefi   Union, Rob was Vice              more income and wealth than non-credit
Union, through its Suncoast for Kids non-                          President of Operations          union members. Lee and Kelly said using a
profit foundation, recently presented a gift      at Oregon Employees Federal Credit Union.         simple comparison like that doesn’t tell the
of $10,000 to the Ronald McDonald House                                                             whole story. Their survey divided the re-
of Southwest Florida in Fort Myers. Ronald             Jax Navy Federal Credit Union has re-        spondents into five categories: 1) Bank
McDonald House helps provide temporary            opened a branch located on Cecil Field al-        Only (56%); 2) Predominantly Bank (19%);
lodging, meals, comfort and care for pediat-      though the U.S. Navy no longer occupies           Predominantly Credit Union (12%); Credit
ric families needing these services, regard-      the base. Terry West, President/CEO of Jax        Union Only (6%); and Unbanked (use nei-
less of their ability to financially contribute   Navy FCU, said this re-opening is part of the     ther) (7%). By using this methodology, the
to their stay.                                    redevelopment efforts in the Cecil Feild area     authors were able to develop what they feel
                                                  and is important because they have many           are real-life results in a dynamic market.
                                                  members living in the Cecil Field area.
     On Jan. 4, 2000, Bob Milligan, Comp-                                                           Southeast Corporate
troller of Florida, approved an amendment to
                                                       Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union

the by-laws of the St. Lucie County Credit
Union to change its name to St. Lucie Com-        has named Patricia Denmark as its manager
                                                                                                    Annual meeting invitation
munity Credit Union. The change was made          of the Lutz/Land O’Lakes branch.                  Southeast Corporate would like to invite its
to reflect the current field of membership as                                                       members to its 25th Annual Business Meet-
a community credit union.                                                                           ing on Wednesday, March 29, at 7 p.m. EST.
                                                       Richard J. Skaggs, Vice President of         The meeting will be held at the Radisson
                                                  Lending and Branch Operations at Vista            Hotel, located at 415 North Monroe Street,
     Credit union pioneer passes away--Earl       Federal Credit Union was recently elected         Tallahassee, Fla.
Hampton, a founding director of Florida           chairman of the Consumer Credit Counsel-               Two positions are subject to election to
Aircraft Federal Credit Union, passed away        ing Service of Central Florida, Inc.              the Board of Directors. In accordance with
Monday, January 17 at the age of 80 in Lake                                                         the bylaws of Southeast Corporate Federal
Park. Earl served his credit union for 42               Bucky Sebastian, CEO of GTE Federal         Credit Union, the Nominating Committee
years, including more than 22 years as            Credit Union took part in a nationwide sat-       has submitted the following nominees to
chairman, among other duties. In addition,        ellite broadcast dealing with prompt correc-      serve a three-year term on the Board: John
Earl served all of Florida’s credit unions for    tive action sponsored by CUNA, the CUNA           L. Blount, President/CEO, Central Florida
more than 15 years as a member of the FCUL        Mutual Group and U.S. Central Credit Union.       Postal CU and Ronald D. Gracie, CCUE,
Board of Directors.                               The three-hour broadcast was hosted by            President/CEO, Coastline FCU.
     Mr. Hampton helped found Florida Air-        nine state CU Leagues and several indi-                For additional information regarding
craft Federal Credit Union in 1958.               vidual credit unions.                             this year’s meeting, call (800)342-0203.

4 Florida Credit Union League 2000
                                  Regulatory Compliance

                    Regulatory Update
                 B        ill Berg, CCUE, Director of Credit Union Development and Regulatory Support, brings regulatory
                          changes to your attention through this column. Ifanyone has questions or suggestions for additional
                          topics, call (800)342-1266 or (850)576-8171, FAX to (850) 574-6374 or e-mail
Prohibition on Management Interlocks
between Depository Institutions revised
                                               gested that the regulations have a more
                                               general description of those services.
                                                                                                  interest on these accounts may be accrued
                                                                                                  in the account, paid directly to the investor,
   NCUA revises its rule regarding man-                                                           or paid into a separate account from which
                                               HMDA Threshold Increased to $30 Million
agement interlocks. The final rule con-                                                           an investor may make withdrawals. The
                                                  Annually the Fed is required to adjust the
forms to recent statutory changes, mod-                                                           final rule is effective January 26, 2000.
                                               HMDA (Regulation C) asset-size exemp-
ernizes and clarifies the rule, and re-
                                               tion threshold for depository institutions         Notice of application period for
duces unnecessary regulatory burdens
                                               based on the annual Consumer Price Index           participation in the Community
where feasible, consistent with statutory
                                               for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Work-          Development Revolving Loan Program
requirements. The Depository Institution
                                               ers. This adjustment reflects changes for             NCUA will accept applications for partici-
Management Interlocks Act (the Interlocks
                                               the 12-month period ending in November.            pation in the Community Development Re-
Act) generally prohibits financial institu-
                                               Depository institutions with assets of $30         volving Loan Program for Credit Unions
tion management officials from serving
                                               million or less as of December 31, 1999 are        (the Program) throughout the calendar year
simultaneously with two unaffiliated de-
                                               exempt from data collection in 2000.               2000, subject to availability of funds. Appli-
pository institutions. The Interlocks Act
                                                                                                  cation procedures for qualified low-income
exempts credit unions and, therefore, in       NCUA Board passes resolution on
                                                                                                  credit unions are set forth in Part 705 of the
the case of credit unions, only restricts      Predatory Lending
                                                                                                  NCUA Rules and Regulations. The pur-
interlocks between credit unions and              NCUA Board agreed to work with state
                                                                                                  pose of the Program is to assist officially
other institutions - banks and thrifts and     regulators to “review issues of mutual inter-
                                                                                                  designated “low-income” credit unions in
their holding companies.                       est and concern related to effective regula-
                                                                                                  providing basic financial services to resi-
   The final rule reflects the new thresh-     tion of predatory mortgage lending.” The
                                                                                                  dents in their communities by providing low
old amounts so that a management offi-         resolution states the Board’s support for
                                                                                                  interest loans and deposits. The loans/
cial of a depository organization with total   the state regulators “in their efforts to review
                                                                                                  deposits granted during 2000 will be sub-
assets exceeding $2.5 billion cannot           mortgage lending practices of credit unions
                                                                                                  ject to a 2 percent annual interest rate.
serve at the same time as a manage-            as they relate to other types of lenders in
ment official of an unaffiliated depository    order for the states to determine:                 Equal Housing Lender Posters
with total assets exceeding $1.5 billion.         ·To what extent, if any, credit union mem-         These posters are required to be posted
The final rule adds a mechanism providing      bers in their states are being victimized by       in the main office and each branch office
for periodic adjustments of the thresholds.    predatory mortgage lenders.                        where real estate related loans are made.
                                                  ·To what extent, if any, credit unions in       To obtain copies of poster NCUA 1582 for
Real Estate Brokerage Reinstated as
                                               their respective states can provide alterna-       federally chartered credit unions, call the
Permissible CUSO Activity
                                               tive mortgage programs to alleviate the            NCUA at (703) 518-6340 or request copies
   This final rule, which took effect De-
                                               need of members to utilize the services of         by writing to: National Credit Union Admin-
cember 27, 1999, reinstates real estate
                                               those who engage in predatory mortgage             istration, Attn: Publications, 1775 Duke
brokerage services as a permissible
                                               practices; and                                     Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
credit union service organization (CUSO)
                                                  ·What, if any, regulations may be war-             To obtain copies of poster HUD-928.1 for
activity. Because the existing real estate
                                               ranted at the state or federal level to more       state chartered credit unions, call HUD at
brokerage CUSOs do not appear to
                                               effectively regulate the possibility of preda-     (800) 767-7468 or request copies by writing
present a safety and soundness risk and
                                               tory mortgage lending by credit unions or          to: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
there are sufficient safeguards in place to
                                               what regulations, if any may need to be            Development, Customer Service Center
deal with potential conflicts, the Board is
                                               revised or withdrawn that may conflict with        Room B-100, 451 7th Street SW, Washing-
reinstating real estate brokerage ser-
                                               the effectiveness of the individual state’s        ton, DC 20410. Copies of HUD-928.1 can
vices as a permissible CUSO activity.
                                               efforts to prohibit predatory mortgage lend-       also be obtained online by going to
   At the last Board meeting, NCUA Board
                                               ing in their respective states.”          Once there, click on
Member Yolanda Wheat indicated the
agency’s need to restructure regulations       NCUA Final Rule on Secondary Capital               “Search.” Then click on “Select a category”
on CUSOs. Mrs. Wheat stated that cur-             NCUA issued a final rule amending its           and select “Item Number.” In the “Search
rently CUSO regulations present those          regulation regarding secondary capital ac-         For” box enter 928.1. Then follow the order-
services that CUSOs could provide in an        counts in low income designated credit             ing instructions.
item by item format. Mrs. Wheat sug-           unions (LICUs). The final rule states that            Include the number of copies needed
                                                                                                  when requesting copies in writing.

                                                                                              Florida Credit Union League 2000 5
  Governmental Affairs
CUPAC bitten by the Millennium Bug                                                                            ADVOCACY

T                                                                                                      F
The Millennium Bug referenced in the above          w Anyone who
headline is not the unpleasant Y2K bug, but         wishes          to
                                                                                                        Florida’s credit unions maintained their politica
an adorable Volkswagen Beetle. CUPAC is             purchase a raffle
                                                                                                        New Year with great enthusiasm. Across the sta
once again sponsoring a raffle to raise funds,      ticket by share
                                                                                                        an active role attending fundraisers, candidate
and this year the prize is a 2000 Volkswagen        drafts/checks,
                                                                                                        participating in local campaigns. The following
Beetle.                                             must make it out
                                                                                                        coordinated by FCUL since January 1 through Feb
     The Governmental Affairs department            to the Florida
                                                                                                           wJan. 7 - David Brock, CCUE and Jim Wiebert,
sent packets containing the raffle tickets,         CUPAC not
                                                                                                        munity Educators CU in Rockledge met with L
posters and instructions to all affiliated credit   FCUL.
                                                                                                        Democrat candidate running for Senate District Se
unions containing everything needed to              w If by chance someone purchases more
                                                                                                        held by Senator Charlie Bronson, (R).
conduct the raffle at the credit union level.       that $100 worth of raffle tickets, that person
                                                                                                           wJan. 10 - John Deese, CCUE, THE CU of Palm
If additional tickets or supplies are needed,       must include their occupation on their raffle
                                                                                                        attended a Palm Beach fundraiser reception for U
contact the GA department at                        ticket.
                                                                                                        man Mark Foley (R). More then 150 local suppo or at (800)342-1266.              w The tickets themselves contain numerous
                                                                                                        hand to offer their support to Congressman Foley
     Some points to remember include:               disclaimers that are necessary to follow state
                                                                                                        Fred Thompson (R-TN), who serves on the S
w Tickets may be sold up until May 10, 2000.        law conducting this type fund raiser. If any
                                                                                                        Committee and Chairs the Senate Governmental
There is no obligation for any unsold tickets.      questions are raised that you do not feel
                                                                                                           wJan. 17 – Aletta Shutes, Jim Smith met with R
All unsold tickets must be returned to the          comfortable answering, call the GA

                                                                                                           wJan. 24 – FCUL coordinated a luncheon fun
League after that date. The League will set         department at (800)342-1266.
                                                                                                        inviting a select group of lobbyists. Mr. Westbr
up a booth at the FCUL Convention and                    One way to make the raffle a success is
                                                                                                        to win back his former seat in the Florida House
Expo to sell the remaining tickets. The             to offer an incentive to the employee who
                                                                                                           wJan. 25 – Aletta Shutes & Dianne Jones met
League would appreciate a monthly status            sells the most tickets. Last year some credit
                                                                                                        Department of Banking & Finance in Tallahasse
report. Please send the ticket stubs and            unions offered a half day off work. Those
                                                                                                           wMara Falero, FAA CU in Miami Lakes attend
funds raised to the League by the end of            credit unions that have a “no solititation”
                                                                                                           wJan. 26 – Aletta Shutes met with Susan Cutchi
each month. Do not send cash.                       policy could still encourage employees and
                                                                                                        Committee in Tallahassee.
w Credit union employees, volunteers and            volunteers to sell to their friends and family
                                                                                                           wJan. 27 – THE CU of Palm Beach County hosts
their family members ARE eligible to win. In        outside the credit union. The possibilities
                                                                                                        Weaver, Democratic candidate for House Distric
fact, persons do not have to belong to a            for sales are really as unlimited as the
                                                                                                           wFeb. 1 – Sandy Adcock, Sarasota Coastal CU,
credit union. Only League employees and             imagination.
                                                                                                           wFeb. 2 – Escambia Chapter Credit Unions met
their immediate family members are not                   Again, if you have any questions, call
                                                                                                        Peaden is running for Senate District 1 currently
eligible. Anyone else may purchase a ticket.        the GA department at (800)342-1266.
                                                                                                           wFeb. 3 – Tom Embree, FAIRWINDS CU atten

Two more title loan ordinances pass                                                                        wJohn Deese, CCUE, THE CU of Palm Beach

                                                                                                        Merchant (R- N. Palm Beach) candidate for State
January proved to be a busy month in the League’s efforts to help persuade Florida’s                    Palm Beach) candidate for State House District 8
counties to adopt ordinances restricting interest rates that title loan companies could charge             wFeb. 4 – Southernmost Chapter Credit Unions
when making loans. The first activity took place in Escambia County where Mark Ivester                  Sen. Diaz-Balart is running for House District 11
met with two county commissioners, Mike Bass and Tom Banjanin. Joining Ivester in the                   *FCUL is a member of the *FlaFREE (Florida F
                                                                                                        organization providing the business community w
meetings were representatives of Florida Legal Services and the American Association of                 candidates to the Florida Legislature. The region
Retired Persons (AARP).                                                                                 districts and incumbents in each region, including
      Bass was interested in sponsoring an ordinance and was looking for help from the three
groups in persuading reluctant colleagues on the commission to support such an ordinance.
Banjanin told the group that he would be willing to support an ordinance that had what he            Speedie Cash, they would have been in real trouble. S
termed a “reasonable” interest limitation in it. Banjanin appeared ready to support a 30%            that if the ordinance were adopted they would have
cap.                                                                                                      FCUL’s Ivester testified that most of the custome
      Ivester traveled to Charlotte County in late January to speak before that county’s             had another alternative: credit unions. “Credit unio
commission. Michael Telgenhof, Port Charlotte branch manager of Florida Central Credit               amounts mentioned for a lot less interest.” Ivester u
Union of Tampa was also on hand. After a somewhat testy two-hour meeting the                         well as future customers of title loan shops in the co
commission adopted an ordinance limiting title loan interest to 72% per annum.                            In the end the Commission agreed with the propo
      Two days later, in Santa Rosa County, the county commission unanimously adopted                that need the service, but I’m not going to sit here a
a title loan ordinance that limited interest to 18% per annum. Title loan operators had rounded      Commissioner Byrd Mapoles said.
up about a dozen of their customers and paraded them before the commission. The                           A total of 30 counties have now adopted an ordin
customers, all of whom read from prepared remarks, said that without the title loan operator,        counties have adopted ordinances in excess of 30%

6 Florida Credit Union League 2000
                                                           Credit unions meet with local candidates

                                                           The 2000 campaigns are gearing up for Elec-       Members
                                                           tion Day and the Florida Credit Union League      First CU of
al action momentum through the holidays and the            has been busy providing opportunities for         Florida,
ate, credit union CEOs, volunteers and staff took          credit unions across the state to become          Monsanto
e luncheons and candidate briefings, as well as            better acquainted with some of their local        Employees
 g list contains the legislative advocacy contacts         candidates. The first opportunity was             CU, Okaloosa
 bruary 4, 2000:                                           through THE CU of Palm Beach County who           C o u n t y
 , CCUE , Com-        Mark your calendar                   agreed to host a candidate luncheon and
                                                                                                                               Rep. Durell Peaden, left,
                                                                                                             T e a c h e r s seated with Chris Brooks,
Lisa Lombardi,
                     for the April 12, 2000                credit union tour of their facility on January    FCU, Pen Air Monsanto ECU.
eat 18 currently                                           27. The Palm Beach Chapter of Credit Union        FCU        and
                      FCUL Legislative                     CEOs were invited to meet Bonnie Weaver           Pensacola Government FCU.
m Beach County              Summit                         (D) who is one of two local candidates run-            In Miami Lakes, FCUL and the South-
U.S. Congress-           *One Day Only*                    ning for House District #86 currently held by     ernmost Chapter of Credit Unions met with
  orters were on Registration Information will             Rep. Ed Healey (D). Healey is not seeking re-     Senator Mario Diaz-Balart (R). Senator Diaz-
y. U.S. Senator         be mailed in March                 election. THE CU of Palm Beach County             Balart is running for the House of Represen-
  enate Finance                                            provided lunch for the candidate and more         tatives, District #112, as he will not be eli-
 l Affairs Committee also attended the event.              than 17 credit union CEOs, volunteers and         gible to run for re-election to his Senate seat
Rep. Carlos Lacasa, (R-Miami) in Tallahassee.                                                                because of the term limits. The credit union
ndraiser for Jamey Westbrook (D) in Tallahassee                                                              CEOs and staff provided the Senator with
 rook officially announced that day his intentions                                                           information regarding their individual credit
e of Representatives, District 7.                                                                            unions and the basic difference between
  with Sunny Phillips, Legislative Director for the                                                          credit unions and banks.
                                                                                                                  “Holding events such as this luncheon
ds *FlaFREE Regional Meeting in Miami.                                                                       is one of the most important things credit
ins, Staff Director of the House Financial Services         Second from the left, candidate Bonnie           unions can do for their cause and their
                                                            Weaver is pictured with several CEOs from        communities,” the Senator commented. He
s the first candidate luncheon of the year for Bonnie       the Palm Beach Chapter of Credit Unions.
                                                                                                             also agreed to tour Tropical FCU following
ct 86.                                                     guests. The luncheon provided an informal         the close of the Legislative Session. South-
 , attends FlaFREE Regional Meeting in Ft. Myers.          setting for both candidate and credit unions      ernmost Chapter credit unions and guests
t with Rep. Durell Peaden (R-5) in Pensacola. Rep.         to get to know each other better. The follow-     represented at the luncheon were: FAA
y held by Senator W.D. Childers (R).                       ing credit unions and guests participated:        Credit Union, FEC Employees FCU, FPL
 nds *FlaFREE Regional Meeting in Orlando.                 CSR America CU, F.C.D. Employees CU,              FCU, Florida Credit Union League, Financial
  County attends local fundraisers for Rep. Sharon         Florida Credit Union League, Federal Em-          FCU, Miami Postal Service CU, Tropical
e Senate District 27 and for Bonnie Weaver (D-W.           ployees CU, Gold Coast FCU, Palm Beach            FCU, and University CU.
                                                           County CU Centers, THE CU of Palm Beach                These are just a few of the efforts credit
s met with Sen. Mario Diaz-Balart in Miami Lakes.          County, and Trimmier Law Firm.                    unions are participating in across the state
12 currently held by Rep. Alex Villalobos (R).                  FCUL coordinated a similar event for         to become more active and more visible in
      Research and Economic Education), an
      ation to recruit and elect business-friendly
                                                           the Escambia Chapter of Credit Unions to          the political process. Taking the time and
      gs provide in-depth profiles of the legislative      meet with Rep. Durell Peaden (R) who is           making the effort to meet with these candi-
      the declared candidates to date.                     running for the Florida Senate. This “Get to      dates will make a difference.
                                                           Know” luncheon was held on February 2 in
                                                           Pensacola. Rep. Peaden, a retired physician
 Several title loan operators then told the commission     from Okaloosa County and serving his third
e to close their doors and offer no more loans.            term in the Florida House of Representa-
ers who had appeared before the commission probably        tives, is running for Senator W.D. Childers
ons in this county and others offer small loans of the     (R) seat in District 1. Childers’ term is up in
urged the commission to protect those consumers as         2000. Rep. Peaden said he was pleased to
 ounty.                                                    have the opportunity to meet with the credit
onents of the ordinance. “I know that there are people     unions and looked forward to seeing them
and vote to let someone take advantage of another,”        more often. Escambia credit unions and
                                                           guests attending the luncheon were: Cen-           Sen. Mario Diaz-Balart, second from the left
nance limiting title lenders to 30% or less. Three other   tral Credit Union of Florida, Florida Credit       back row, pictured with Southernmost
                                                           Union League, Florida State Employees CU,          Chapter CEOs and staff.

                                                                                                         Florida Credit Union League 2000 7
                                                                                                                          continued from pg. 1

     STAR,VAP,VLP&MERIT                                                                          FCUL Service Group
                                                                                                 department spotlight
 The STAR, VAP, VLP and MERIT Programs are nationally recognized standards of                    an hour with a firm purchase commitment
 professionalism for credit union staff and volunteers. These staff and volunteers have          from select lenders; and the credit union can
 expanded their capabilities for the benefit of their credit union. For additional information   earn revenue in the non-conforming
 on any of these programs call the League Education Department at 800-342-1266 or                mortgage area without placing the credit
 850-576-8171.                                                                                   union’s assets at risk.
                                                                                                      “Members who have had problems with
 VAP Certificates:                             CENTRAL CU OF FLORIDA - Advanced                  their credit or are buying properties that do
                                               Lending: Tammy Dulaney - Member Ser-              not fit into conforming market guidelines,
 SARASOTA COASTAL CU -                         vices: Lea Liss, Leslie Giardina                  are getting loans from somewhere,” said
 Raiffeisen: Jacqueline Pfister                PEN AIR FCU - Consumer Lending: Maritz            Joel Funchess, Loan Development Officer
 TAMPA BAY FCU - Board of Directors:           Wright - Member Services: Maritza Wright          for CUMSS. “If you don’t serve these
 Graciela Davila

                                               MARION COUNTY CU - Member Services:               members, some broker or bank most likely
 UNIVERSITY CU - Bergengren: Grace             Martha Brooker, Odette Bultron                    will.”
 Ali                                           TAMPA BAY FCU - Credit Union Account-                  Your collection department staff can be
                                               ing: Edward Reyes - Consumer Lending:             trained to identify potential loss accounts
                                               Edward Reyes                                      (rolling delinquency, charge off &
 STAR Certificates Earned:                     COMMUNITY EDUCATORS CU - Credit                   bankruptcy) and turn the potential loss into
                                               Union Accounting: Christine Tindell-              loans. This is a win-win situation as the
                                               Dawson , William Harris                           credit union avoids the loss and the member
 vanced Lending: Sharon Cable, Anita
                                               CENTRAL FLORIDA POSTAL CU - Credit                is able to consolidate even with poor credit.
 Ramos - Credit Union Accounting: Melia
                                               Union Sales: Darlene Elliott                      By serving your members with non-
 Vaccaro, Deborah Walker - Consumer
                                               MACDILL FCU - Consumer Lending:                   conforming loans and assisting them to
 Lending: Ostile Peck, Sandra Fraser,
                                               Maribel Lorenzo                                   correct their credit, they become more
 Kerstin Hawthorne - Credit Union Tech-
                                               ORLANDO FCU - Credit Union Sales: Linda           committed to their credit union and make the
 nology: Sherri Ingram - Credit Union
                                               O’Connor                                          credit union their primary financial
 Sales: Brenda Boggs, Jenny Torres -
                                               PINELLAS COUNTY TEACHERS CU -                     institution.
 Member Services: Suzanne Foley, Jill
                                               Member Services: Robert Northway                       CUMSS also has the “Best Deal
 Choate, Luz Marrero
                                               ST.PETERSBURG MUNICIPAL ECU -                     Guarantee” which means if the member or
 TYNDALL FCU - Consumer Lending:
                                               Member Services: Regina Benjamin                  credit union or CUMSS learns of a better
 Jena Spivey - Credit Union Accounting:
                                               SUNSHINE STATE CU - Member Services:              loan and CUMSS cannot meet or beat that
 Deborah Troyan - Credit Union Sales:
                                               Anna VanLandingham                                proposal, CUMSS will transfer the work to
 Che-Lin Shaw - Technology: Clare Lamb
                                               TALLAHASSEE-LEON FCU - Consumer                   the other institution at no charge to the
 - Member Services: Linda Millman
                                               Lending: Margaret Watson                          member or credit union.
                                                                                                      Call Joel at (850) 575-2461 to discuss a
 Union Accounting: Angela Moore,
                                               Merit Certificates Earned:                        partnership with CUMSS.
 Patricia Peel, Diana Dumm - Consumer
 Lending: Diana Dumm - Member Ser-             SUNCOAST SCHOOLS FCU - Emerald:
 vices: Joline Donelan, Angela Moore,          Jamela Reid, Joan Halle - Basic: Kathleen
 Diana Dumm
                                                                                                     The FCUL Horizons
 JAX NAVY FCU - Credit Union Sales:            FLORIDA COMMERCE CU - Emerald: Jan
                                                                                                      Program has an
 Takesha Hopper - Member Services:             Sheffield                                              equipment need.
 Marvelette Joyce, Kristeen Kilroy             TMH FCU - Emerald: Mindy Jordan
 JAX FCU - Advanced Lending: Cynthia           TYNDALL FCU - Sapphire: Elizabeth                       A small credit union is
 Mitchell - Loan Officer: Rhoda Dyjak -        McMahon                                               currently looking for a free
 Consumer Lending: Janice Miller - Mem-        CENTRALFLORIDAEDUCATORSFCU-                          standing or a drop box type
 ber Services: Lee Thomas                      Basic: Scott Warner                                     safe. If anyone has this
 CENTRAL FLORIDA EDUCATORS                     JAX NAVY FCU - Basic: Alicia Teall
 FCU - Credit Union Technology: Mel-                                                               particular piece of equipment
                                               ORLANDO FCU - Basic: Christina Solway
 issa Harris - Loan Officer: Krista Uffelman   PEN AIR FCU - Basic: Margaret Moody                    available as a gift or at a
 - Credit Union Sales: Heather Slusher                                                               reduced price, please call
                                                                                                    Connie at 1-800-342-1266.

8 Florida Credit Union League 2000
                                                               Human Resources
                    February is Black History Month                                                   FCUL Service
                    The Value of Diversity                                                            Group hires
                                                                                                      new business

                    by Marilyn McGhee, FCUL Human Resources Administrator

                     The Civil Rights Act of      should be a self-evaluation. Before an              manager
                     1964 exposed the legal       organization can develop a successful
                                                                                                      James Sumner has been
consequences of overt discriminatory              diversity program, management has to be
                                                                                                      hired by FCUL Service
practices and racial harassment as outlined       aware of their personal hidden biases and
                                                                                                      Group to act as the
in the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.            prejudices, and acknowledge and address
                                                                                                      Business Development Manager. He will be
However, it did not reduce the effect of the      those issues in order to move the diversity
                                                                                                      responsible for the management of the new
prejudicial attitudes that cause the              program forward. The continuous education
                                                                                                      CU Members Title program, the CU
discriminatory acts. Although, a person’s         of management on the changing trends and
                                                                                                      Mortgage Support Services B&C Lending
behavior can be controlled to a certain extent    demographics of the market place is also
                                                                                                      program and a new program to be announced
by rules and regulations, negative attitudes      very important. Remember, diversity is
                                                                                                      soon. James will also seek out other
and beliefs can only change through the           essential to your organization’s success.
                                                                                                      partnerships which will enable the FCUL
education and understanding of the different      While it is difficult to measure the
                                                                                                      Service Group to offer Florida credit unions
demographics (race, sex, age, culture, marital    quantitative effect of diversity, it is important
                                                                                                      services to better serve their own members.
status, sexual preference, religion,              that organizations intuitively recognize that
                                                                                                          James worked for the FCUL Service
personality styles, etc.) within our society.     when managed correctly, diversity creates a
                                                                                                      Group in the mortgage department during
Developing an “Organizational Diversity           more cohesive workforce and helps them
                                                                                                      1995-1997 before it was sold and became CU
Initiative” is one way to accomplish this.        gain a competitive advantage.
                                                                                                      Members Mortgage. Many of you may
     Employees who feel they are working                This article addresses diversity and
                                                                                                      remember him. “Although my position is
for an organization that values them as           since February is Black History Month, I
                                                                                                      new, I feel very comfortable coming back to
individuals and who are recognized,               would be remiss in not sharing the origin of
                                                                                                      work here with the Service Group,” said
developed and compensated accordingly             this designated month. Black History Month
                                                                                                      James. “I feel like I never left.”
will stay with an organization longer. So,        is a celebration of the progress, richness and
                                                                                                          James graduated from Florida State
you can probably surmise that                     diversity of African Americans and their
                                                                                                      University in 1994 with a B.S. in Business
recruitment and retention of talented             contributions to civilization. Thanks to the
                                                                                                      Management. He was recently married, and
employees should be part of your                  hard work and dedication of Dr. Carter G.
                                                                                                      he and his wife Terry now share her son
diversity initiative. If you are at a loss for    Woodson and the contributions from Afri-
                                                                                                      Tyler who is 11 years old.
diversity recruitment resources there are         can American and White scholars, “Negro

                                                                                                       LEAGUE POSITION
numerous sites on the World Wide Web              History Week” was launched in 1926 to
that can help you with your recruiting            neutralize the deliberate distortions of Black
efforts. Some sites of notable interest are:      History. This period in February was cho-                The FCUL Service Group, Inc. is seeking a
                                                                                                       person with high energy and ability to direct
,                         sen because it included the birthdays of
                                                                                                       and deliver the sales and marketing efforts
,                 Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln,              for all financial products and services. This
 and             among other notable events. In 1976 the              position will focus primarily on the sales of
                   month-long celebration was implemented               financial products and services, research
                                                                                                       and strategize to develop new products, and
     The involvement of the president/CEO         as a time for Americans to reflect on both the
                                                                                                       supervise certain aspects of the Service

and top management in the diversity program       history and teachings of African Americans           Group. An ideal candidate will have a B.S.
is key to its success; management needs to        whose contributions are still too little known.      degree in business, or related field and five
be held accountable for the success of the              As I look at my calendar from Coastal          (5) years experience in business and/or
                                                                                                       management. Experience developing busi-
organization’s diversity initiative. Diversity    Human Resources, the message for Febru-
                                                                                                       ness proposals, delivery of financial prod-
starts with the president/CEO’s involvement       ary states - “Diversity is the Spice of Life.”       ucts and services to the financial services
in every phase of the process. If the diversity   Diversity –Strengthens relationships by              industry desired. Exceptional interpersonal
initiative is perceived as just another Human     acknowledging differences, Prevents dis-             and excellent written, verbal, presentation
                                                                                                       and communication skills are required. Must
Resources/Flavor of the Month Program it          crimination, because it appreciates
                                                                                                       be willing to travel. Position reports to Chief
is doomed. But, if employees believe that         everyone’s contributions, Increases Pro-             Operating Officer. Excellent benefits, 401(k)
management values diversity, is committed         ductivity with unity, forces you to Confront         in addition to competitive salary. For consid-
to diversity and feels that diversity is          your biases and Encourages open and hon-             eration fax (850) 576-5368 or e-mail
                                                                                              or forward a cover
essential to the success of the organization      est communication. But, most importantly,
                                                                                                       letter, salary history and resume to: Director,
the diversity program has a much better           a diverse workforce is in the best position to       Business Development, Attn: Human Re-
chance of being a success.                        serve a diverse member base. That’s the              source Department, P.O. Box 3108, Tallahas-
     The most important and first step for        Value of Diversity.                                  see, FL 32315-3108. EOE & Drug Free
                                                                                                       W orkplace.
the president/CEO and senior managers

                                                                                                  Florida Credit Union League 2000 9
NYIB has lofty but attainable goal for school year                                                      CLASSIFIED AD

As of Jan. 1, the National Youth Involve-          nity groups. The audience members must be
ment Board (NYIB) reported 24,342 students         under the age of 26 and presentations must          Chief Financial Officer
have been reached through 644 classroom            be made to a group of at least five persons.
presentations promoting financial literacy,             Acceptable presentations can be con-               A $104 million dollar credit union
by 162 credit union presenters in 29 states.       ducted on these and other consumer and              in Tallahassee, Florida, is
Heather Harris, NYIB Chairman, said the            financial related topics:                           immediately seeking a CFO. This
NYIB’s goal is that by July 1, 2000, credit        wCredit union history, philosophy and/or            position will be responsible for
unions will reach 150,000 students in 6,000        uniqueness                                          assisting the CEO with the
presentations by 600 presenters. Looks like        wMoney management—savings, spending,                acquisition, tracking and analysis of
we have quite a challenge before us to meet        checking, budgeting, credit, insurance              financial data and preparation of the
this goal.                                         wConsumer education, smart shopping and/            budget. This position will also include
     Well, maybe not. Many states, includ-         or other consumer focused issues                    staff supervision.
ing Florida, don’t report their classroom          wEmployment, interviewing, resumes, find-               The qualified candidate will have a
activities regularly to the NYIB. In fact,         ing a job, careers in CUs, etc.                     minimum of 5 years of related
FAIRWINDS Credit Union is the only                 wBusiness, finance, employment and any              experience, preferably in a credit
Florida credit union that has reported its         other related topic.                                union. Three years of experience in
activities to the NYIB. But now, reporting is           Presentations that promote a specific          a CPA firm is also acceptable. A
easier than ever. The NYIB has a new               credit union or credit union service, such          background or strong aptitude in asset
website ( where a credit union        as a youth savings club or teen program, do         liability management, financial
can report its classroom presentations with        not qualify.                                        modeling and pricing strategies would
just the click of a mouse. Visit the website            If Internet access is not available, class-    be a plus. A B.S. in Accounting is
and see for yourself just how easy it can be.      room presentations may be reported on an            mandatory. CPA certification is
     What qualifies as a NYIB classroom            orange “Classroom Presentation Report               preferred.
presentation? Qualifying presentations can         Card” available from the League or by fax on            A competitive salary and excellent
be made by either credit union staff or vol-       credit union letterhead to (517)267-7095.           benefit package are available. Send
unteers and can be held anytime during the              For more information, contact Sarah            resume to the Director of Human
school year. Presentations can be con-             Hamby, the NYIB SE Regional Coordinator,            Resources, Florida Commerce Credit
ducted in a broad range of educational set-        at (407)306-6011 or           Union, P.O. Box 6416, Tallahassee,
tings and can be reported as either a “class-      You may also contact Grace Potter Freni at          Florida 32314 or via email to
room group” or a “youth group” which               the League, (800) 342-1266 or             
includes scout troops, church or commu-  

                 Invest in the future of credit unions

                                                                                                      by Connie Stoutamire, Director of Horizons

                   Today more than ever, credit         To meet these growing demands, the            credit unions invest, the more it will help
                   unions understand the need      National Credit Union Foundation, in part-         their state.
                   to talk about their unique-     nership with the Association of Corporate               Where do the funds go? Each quarter,
                   ness and demonstrate their      Credit Unions and the Association of Credit        50 percent of the funds are distributed di-
commitment to the communities they serve.          Union League Executives has established a          rectly to all participating state leagues and
The National Credit Union Foundation               Community Investment Fund.                         foundations. Of the remaining funds, 40
complements and supports these efforts by               What is its purpose: The purpose of the       percent go to the NCUF’s general fund and
promoting credit union development                 Community Investment Fund is to provide            10 percent to support the NCUF’s endow-
through national model projects and part-          funds for state and national level develop-        ment fund. Currently the rate of return for
nerships, funding grants for domestic and          ment initiatives and to provide a stable           your credit union’s investment is 3%.
international projects.                            source of funding for the NCUF’s grant                  As of year end a total of 20 Leagues
     Developing ongoing resources to con-          making and endowment fund growth.                  have credit unions that are participating for
tinue this work at local, state and national            Why is this important to your credit          a total amount of $18,766,000. Florida has
levels is vital to the entire credit union move-   union? This initiative presents an opportu-        two credit unions active in the Community
ment. Through and investment in the Com-           nity to share a common goal of building the        Investment Fund-- THE CU of Palm Beach
munity Investment Fund you’ll help posi-           supply of resources to meet the demands at         County ($40,000) and Suncoast Schools
tion the credit union movement for future          both the state and national level. The more        Federal Credit Union ($1,000,000).
opportunities and challenges.

10 Florida Credit Union League 2000
                                                                          The Black Box
                                                 continued from pg. 3

CUNA Mutual
product highlight continued                                             The following article was written by Alex Neuman, Technical
                                                                        Specialist, Credit Union Affiliates of New Jersey, and is reproduced

are now helping more than 1,500 credit unions fully comply with the     by permission.
National Flood Insurance Reform Act (NFIRA) and NCUA’s man-             Other than dealing with the board of directors, dealing with a
dated requirements through the Total Trac program.” Total Trac-         malfunctioning computer can be one of the most frustrating experi-
                                                                        ences you can have. Even when you can contact the vendors, they
Flood Compliance is a turn-key solution that provides onsite deter-     are often unable or unwilling to help with their own products.
minations in minutes on most properties, tracks flood positive                That’s why it pays to be self-sufficient—to be able to find out
properties for flood insurance, provides borrowers the opportunity      the answers to your computer problems. You can save yourself a
to purchase standard flood insurance and force places flood insur-      lot of time and worry by working on basic issues yourself. And, if
                                                                        you have Internet access, help is just a few mouse movements

ance when needed.                                                       away.
                                                                              The following sites are some of my favorites to check out when
Solid GAP protection adds to a credit union’s overall                   I come across a problem I’ve never seen before.
loan protection                                                               w’s web site
                                                                        includes a support database that covers all of their current product
     “GAP protection provides additional insurance for both credit      line. It’s fairly technical, and the instructions don’t always make a lot
unions and members against unexpected theft or total loss damage        of sense, but it’s a good place to start for Microsoft products. You
to members’ new or used vehicles financed through the credit            can also find upgrades and patches to Microsoft products on this
union,” said Kirkindoll. The all-risk protection program pays credit    site.
                                                                              w or --
unions the difference between the outstanding loan or lease balance     Newsgroups are the Internet’s version of a town meeting. They
on the date of loss and the member’s primary auto insurance             allow you to post anything you want, to the whole world. There are
settlement. In addition, the plan will cover the member’s primary       literally thousands of newsgroups available, covering every
auto deductible up to $500 and the GAP Plus option will pay a $1000     conceivable topic in several different languages. Dejanews’ indexes
                                                                        the newsgroup postings and allows you to search for words or
down payment toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle if the        phrases from within the postings. If someone else ever had your
member finances the replacement vehicle with the credit union.          problem, there is a chance that someone has posted a solution.
“GAP protection is offered to credit union members during the loan            It’s sometimes difficult to figure out what keywords to use for
process and for just a few dollars per month this valuable protection   your search, but if you have received an error message (from your
                                                                        software), you can just type in the message that you received. This
can be financed with the loan. As with our other MEMBER’S               generally results in a good response
CHOICE products the plan also provides additional fee income to               wPC this site can be
credit unions,” said Kirkindoll.                                        a bit tricky to get around, it has a wealth of information relating to
                                                                        practically everything in your PC and its components. It includes
AutoCare Protects Collateral and Produces Income                        troubleshooting and repair guides, along with articles and editorials.
                                                                        PC Guide is well-written and fun to read, at least if you enjoy reading
     CUNA Mutual MEMBER’S CHOICE AutoCare enhances a                    about computers. This site also includes an internal search engine,
credit union’s image while it produces income. “MEMBER’S CHOICE         which returns the usual overwhelming number of responses.
AutoCare is an ideal income producing companion product for          you’re tired of being confused
financing credit union member’s new and used vehicles,” said            when the computer staff starts talking, this is the site for you. Just
                                                                        type in the geekspeak term that you’re looking for, and Whatis will
Kirkindoll. “This value-added service offers members extended           have the definition. You can also perform an alphabetical search if
mechanical repair protection for automotive repairs that are no         you’re not sure how to spell it. Now you can finally find out what the
longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.”                         heck a cookie really is!
     “MEMBER’S CHOICE AutoCare is comprehensive coverage at                   w ZDNet, the
                                                                        publisher of this site, is one of the largest publishers of computer
typically lower rates than comparable dealer contracts,” said           related magazines in the country. This site contains tutorials and a
Kirkindoll. “Also, mechanical breakdown is a major cause of delin-      search engine. It’s not overly technical, which makes it a good
quency on automobile loans.” So, with MEMBER’S CHOICE                   starting place for many people. In addition to its help functions, it also
AutoCare, credit unions not only provide members with a valuable,       contains links to many other sites Ziff-Davis runs, including a very
                                                                        useful computer hardware and software review section, and a
money-saving benefit, “they also reduce the risk of payment default     shopping guide that will direct you to the lowest prices for the
and delinquency on their automobile loan portfolio.”                    reviewed items.
     To learn more about collateral, flood, GAP and auto protection           w
contact your CUNA Mutual Account Relationship Manager at 800/           allows you to ask questions of its team of 1200 tech support
                                                                        volunteers, and receive (via email) answers from real human beings.
333-2644. “He or she would be happy to conduct a thorough needs         Just the other day, I sent them a question for a problem that I’m having
analysis with your credit union,” said Kirkindoll. “Your account        and I received a response in less than a day. They asked for more
relationship manager will work closely with your staff along with       information, and we haven’t quite solved the problem, but they were
other CUNA Mutual account team specialists to design solutions          fast, and I’m hoping for the best. They also have tech support chat
that meet the needs of your individual credit union and your                  So remember, The Truth is Out There, to quote from the X-Files.

                                                                                         Florida Credit Union League 2000 11
                                                         FCUL Calendar
                                       March                                            6-8    CUNA & Affiliates CU
                                                                                               Finance for Non-Financials
                                       8       CUNA Satelite Broadcast--On-line                Institute-Part 2 St.PeteBeach,$995*
                                               Laws & Regulations, Location TBA, $75*          call 800/520-7899 and select #5400

                                       15      Small/Medium CU Conference               12     FCUL Legislative Summit
                                               Jacksonville, $225*                             Tallahassee, Fee: TBD

                                       16-17 Chapter Presidents’ Conference             18, 19, 20  Regional
                                               Tallahassee, no charge*                         New Strategies in Lending
                                                                                               Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville,
                                                                                               Fee: $175
                                       28,29 Collections Workshop,
                                             Bankruptcy Workshop, Pensacola,            May
                                               $175* separately, both days: $325*
 Please contact Bill Berg at                                                            4/30--5/4 SE Regional Financial
    the League with your                                                                       Counseling School
                                       April                                                    Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville,
     calendar of Chapter                                                                        Fee: $175
 meetings for the new year             2-7     CUNA & Affilates Collections & Credit
                                               Counseling School, St. Pete Beach,       10      CUNA Satellite Broadcast--
    for publication in the                     fee: $1,195* call CUNA at 800/520-7899           Growth in Stratigies for CUs
    FCUL News calendar.                        and select #8400                                 Locations: TBA, Fee: $75
       The deadline for
                                       3-5     CUNA & Affiliates CU                           Regional --Savings
                                                                                        16,17 Regional--Savings Regula
 publication is the 7th day                    Finance for Non-Financials                     tions Workshop Ft. Lauderdale,
        of each month.                         Institute-Part 1 St.PeteBeach,$995*              Orlando, Jacksonville, Fee: $125
    Call 800.342.1266 or                       call 800/520-7899 and select #5400

  email at
                                                 For more information, contact the FCUL Education Department at

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