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bbn                                BROKEN BAY NEWS
                               Publication of the Catholic
                                   Diocese of Broken Bay
                               September 2009 Issue 127
lectio divina                                                                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 2009

                                              lectio divina                                                      for the month of September
                                                                                                                     27 September: Social Justice Sunday
 P O Box 340 Pennant Hills NSW 1715            Reading                                                                                               Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48
           Diocesan Office:
          Tel (02) 9847 0000                   John said to him, ‘Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we tried to stop him, because he was not
          Fax (02) 9847 0201                   following us.’ But Jesus said, ‘Do not stop him; for no one who does a deed of power in my name will be able soon afterwards to
      Caroline Chisholm Centre                 speak evil of me. Whoever is not against us is for us. For truly I tell you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you
   Building 2, 423 Pennant Hills Rd
       Pennant Hills NSW 2120
                                               bear the name of Christ will by no means lose the reward.
       (Access off City View Rd)
            Vicars General                     Temptations to sin
            Rev Vince Casey
           Rev John Hannon
                                               ‘If any of you put a stumbling-block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone
         Marriage Tribunal                     were hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea. If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to
           Rev John Hannon                     enter life maimed than to have two hands and to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire. And if your foot causes you to stumble, cut
          Tel: (02) 9847 0458                  it off; it is better for you to enter life lame than to have two feet and to be thrown into hell. And if your eye causes you to stumble,
                  CURIA                        tear it out; it is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and to be thrown into hell, where
        Bishop David Walker                    their worm never dies, and the fire is never quenched.
  Co-ordinator of the Curia, and
 Diocesan Financial Administrator:            Who Is the Greatest?
            David Penny
    Catholic Development Fund
                                              These questions might help in your personal or communal prayer of lectio divina
              Chris Field                     •    How generous and understanding am I of people of different Christian and different Faith traditions?
        Tel: (02) 9847 0748                   •    Am I able to see God’s spirit of truth working in others?
      PARISH SUPPORT UNIT                     •    Jesus has some hard sayings. What are some of the stumbling blocks that
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine                I need to cut off in my life as I follow the way of Jesus?
Ann Maree Whenman (02) 9847 0482              Eucharist and Justice
               Director:                                                             Liturgical Reflection on the Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time.
         Br Tony Whelan cfc
         Tel (02) 9847 0000                              By Eileen Luthi                     guard against the stumbling blocks                  the intention could be: For our
              PO Box 967                           Diocesan Liturgy Co-ordinator             of self-centredness, lack of interest,              parish to become more aware of
      Pennant Hills NSW 1715
 Schools’ Editorial Co-ordinator:                                                            avoidance, ignorance and self-deceit.               the Gospel’s demands for justice, by
Margaret Schuman Tel: (02) 9847 0370               “For truly I tell you, whoever gives      Eucharist must not be comforting.                   our prayers, words and actions.
  THE BROKEN BAY INSTITUTE                        you a cup of water to drink because        On this Sunday, as on each Sunday,              •   The Preparation of Gifts is
           (BBI)                                      you bear the name of Christ will       Christ is proclaiming a radical way of              commitment time. We present
        Director and Principal:
          Dr Gerard Goldman
                                                         by no means lose the reward.”       living, one that demands that we give               ourselves with the bread and
          Tel: (02) 9847 0030
          Executive Director:
                                              T   he disciples, like us, were constant-
                                                  ly in strife with Jesus, because they
                                              made up the agenda, instead of really
                                                                                             up ourselves for others.
                                                                                                Be aware of the words and actions
                                                                                             throughout Mass which call us to
                                                                                                                                                 wine made by our work, to be
                                                                                                                                                 surrendered for others. We have
                                                                                                                                                 come prepared, with our cash
              Deirdre Cheers
           Tel: (02) 9847 0000                listening to what Jesus was saying.            surrender and which put us “on                      envelope to give to the mission of
                PO Box 966                    They saw his words from their own              notice” to die to ourselves and to be               the Church with its preferential
            Pennant Hills 1715
                                              muddled perspective, rather then               people of justice.                                  Option for the Poor.
           Children’s Services:
           Tel: (02) 9847 8155                from the clear Kingdom vision that             • “In the name of the Father, and                   And so it continues:
             Family Centres:                  Jesus held. They were suspicious of                of the Son….” Everything we do,             •   “This is my body which will be
     Brookvale – Tel: (02) 8968 5100          others, outside their Galilean group,              say, think, must show that “we                  given up for you… do this in
    Naremburn – Tel: (02) 8425 8700
      Gosford – Tel: (02) 4324 6403           trying to cure the sick. They had an               bear the name of Christ”.                       memory of me.” Give up your
      Waitara – Tel: (02) 9488 2400           “us versus them” mentality.                    • In the Confiteor, we confess the                  body too!
      Wyong – Tel: (02) 4350 1700
                                                 The Gospel for Social Justice                   sin “in what we have failed to do.”         •   Consider the Lord’s Prayer and the
           Tel: (02) 9847 0000                Sunday is about clarity of vision,             • The Gloria acknowledges the                       request that we will be delivered
           Challenge Ranch:                   challenging us to see the wideness                 Lamb of God who surrendered                     “from every evil” and be granted
            Mr Gordon Crabb                   and inclusiveness of the Kingdom,                  his life for others, “you take away             peace and freedom from anxiety.
           Tel: (02) 4372 1221
                                              which Jesus came to preach. It also                the sin of the world.” The sin of           •   The Sign of Peace… our solidarity
        Broken Bay News:                      comes down heavily on aspects of                   a society where children starve,                with every human being is shown
                 Editor:                      our personal and communal life                     wetlands are destroyed, foreign                 in word and gesture.
             Annie Carrett                    which prevent us from “bearing the
        Tel: (02) 9847 0724 /
                                                                                                 workers taunted with scorn and              •   In the Lamb of God litany, we
         Fax: (02) 9847 0501                  name of Christ” with integrity. It                 crippled by extortion.                          acknowledge that the sin of the
                     might be “them”, rather than us, who           • The Psalm of this Sunday gives                    world, social sin, cries out for
P O Box 340 Pennant Hills, NSW, 1715
       Design: Chris Murray
                                              can more clearly be called Christian.              praise for the life-giving laws of              God’s forgiveness and our mercy.
    The Catholic Development Fund
                                                 The very physical images of cut-                the Lord. “The law of the Lord is           •   Being Communion! As we walk,
      is the proud sponsor of the             ting off limbs and organs, if they                 perfect, it revives the soul.”                  side by side up the aisle, to stand
            Broken Bay News                   hinder the working of the Kingdom,             • The Prayers of the Faithful,                      before the table, to be served with
                                              are very much in our face. The bodies              always include an intention “for                LIFE, we are one with all who pray
24,000 copies of the Broken Bay News are      and hearts of the limbless, homeless,              those burdened by any kind                      “that I shall be healed.”
distributed monthly through 29 parishes
and 43 schools in the Diocese of Broken       foodless, safe-less women, men and                 of difficulty.” GIRM #70 For                •   Finally, we are sent to “go in peace
Bay. The Broken Bay News is a member of
the Australasian Catholic Press Association
                                              children of the world of 2009 have                 the starving, for those denied                  to love and serve the Lord.” This
and the Australasian Religious Press          also to be continually before our                  education, for those living in                  takes us back to the Gospel of
Association. Acceptance of advertisements
does not imply diocesan endorsement of
                                              eyes. Jesus forcefully points out that             slavery, for those suffering disease            the Sunday. We go as Christ-
products or services advertised.              it is in the “other” that his presence             and lack of medical care. In the                bearers, to create a clear path not                is seen, and we should be on our                   prayer for the Local Community,                 a stumbling block.
PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                                   bishop david’s message

We Never Pray Alone…
                                        human in order that the            praying and to whom you             is not enough: we must work
                               by       human might become divine.         pray.” It is to the transcendent    to keep the commandments
                                           Prayer is something we can      God, who becomes a personal         and develop the virtues. Indeed
                                        do naturally. We are probably      love to us. We do not deserve       the best proof of the quality
                                        already praying in our life        that attention, but God             of your prayer is the quality of
                                        before we are conscious of         has bestowed it on us. It is        your life. We can’t tell what is
                                        doing so. This means that          important to appreciate the         going on in your heart at the
                                        we do have a personal way of       relationship. Indeed, just          time of prayer, but we can tell,
                                        praying that needs to be the       acknowledging the need for          by your life that we can see, the
                                        foundation of the other means      prayer makes it clear that          quality of your prayer. People
                                        that we use to pray. There are     we recognise the relation           can make judgements about our
                                        important prayers that need        ship that exists in prayer.         inner life in the light of what
                                        to be said, and different ways        Her second saying is: “ The      they see in your daily living.
               Bishop David Walker      of praying that can help us        Lord is within and we should           Remember that in your
                Bishop for Broken Bay   in diverse ways. But never let     be there with him.” We are          personal prayer, you are
                                        us surrender that personal         temples of the Spirit and it        enriching the whole life of

T  here are few absolutes in life,
   but prayer is one of them.
We need to pray. It is prayer
                                        dialogue with God that we have
                                        come to have over the years.
                                           Teresa of Avila is one of the
                                                                           is the Spirit who makes Jesus
                                                                           present within us. To commune
                                                                           with him, we only have to
                                                                                                               prayer of the Church. We
                                                                                                               never pray alone; we are always
                                                                                                               one with Jesus and all those
that reminds us of God’s love           great saints who has written       turn within, and we can be          who pray with Jesus. Don’t
in coming to us in Jesus, and           on prayer. I would like to         there with him. We can do it        undervalue your prayer! It has
drawing us to share in the life         share two of her sayings. The      for a definite time, or we can      meaning for the whole Church.
of God. The divine became               first is : “Remember who is        consistently do it through          Indeed we could say that the
                                                                           the day. Whatever we do is          Church runs on prayer. Always
                                                                           deepening our relationship          bear in mind your local Church
                                                                           with him. John of the Cross,        and those who lead it. Your
                                                                           her most famous follower,           bishop especially needs your
                                                                           agrees with her when he says        prayer. The life of prayer is a
                                                                           “O you soul… you are yourself       wonderful ministry, that serves
                                                                           the very tabernacle where           and enriches the whole Church.
                                                                           he dwells.”We really have no
                                                                           excuse to avoid being with him.                   bishop david’s
                                                                              When we pray, we should
                                                                           remember that the worth of
                                                                           our prayer is not just how
                                                                           well we perform the act of
                                                                                                                      Ordination of Peter
                                                                           prayer, but the love that is in
                                                                                                                      Hendricks msc,
                                                                           our hearts. It is love that gives
                                                                                                                      Willoughby 7.30pm
                                                                           meaning to prayer. It is our
                                                                                                                5     Confirmations: Arcadia
                                                                           relationship with the Lord
                                                                                                                      9.30am; Berowra 11.30am;
                                                                           that gives meaning to the act.             Asquith 1pm; Chatswood
                                                                           We should perform the act of               3pm & 4.30pm
                                                                           prayer as well as we can. But        11    Confirmations: Waitara
                                                                           the real issue is how much we              6pm & 7.30pm
                                                                           love. Sometimes our prayer
                                                                                                                12    Confirmations: Manly
                                                                           time may seem to be distracted             9.30am; Harbord 11am;
                                                                           and unfruitful. No matter! If              Manly Vale 1pm &
                                                                           we have lovingly approached                2.30pm; Balgowlah 4pm
                                                                           our prayer and done our best,        13    Confirmations: Collaroy
                                                                           it is the love in our hearts that          Plateau 12pm & 1.30pm;
                                                                           counts. Sometimes a lack of                Narrabeen 3pm
                                                                           feeling of God’s presence is         18-20 Diocesan Lighthouse
                                                                           God’s way of testing our faith.            Festival – Somersby
                                                                              An important way to improve       25    Confirmations:
                                                                           you prayer is to transform                 Killara 7.30pm
                                                                           your life. There needs to be a       26    Confirmations: Pennant
                                                                           continuity between your prayer             Hills 9.30am, 11am and
                                                                           and your life. We commune                  12.30pm; Epping 2.30pm,
                                                                           with God in order that we                  Carlingford 4pm
                                                                           may live as disciples of Jesus       27    Confirmations: Willoughby
                                                                           in a way that shares the love of           11.30am & 1pm; West
                                                                           God with others. Prayer alone              Pymble 2.30pm; Pymble 4pm
news & issues                                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 2009

We Have to be Good at our Job Mary Star
T   o promote the Christian faith in secular
    society, Catholics have to be very good at
expounding the Church’s teachings, but not
                                                                                                         of the Sea
in ways that make them alienating, Federal
Opposition front-bencher Tony Abbott told
the National Deacons’ Conference.
   In his address to the Conference of Permanent
Deacons and their wives, Mr Abbott said that
he had always taken his Catholicism seri-
ously thanks in large part to his parents and the
example of the Brigidine Sisters and the Jesuits
who educated him.
   Reflecting on the best way of promoting the
Church in society, Mr Abbott said: “We’ve just
got to be very good at our job”.                                                                         Would you like your daily journey to
   “We have to be very good at expounding the                                                            be overflowing with your service to
Church’s teachings but not in ways that make                                                             God as you follow the path of Jesus,
them alienating. If we do all that, we will be a                                                         helping those who come your way?
force for the progress of the Church rather than
                                                                                                         Would you like your days filled with the
a force for regress.”                                  The Hon Tony Abbott
                                                                                                         sacred scriptures through prayer, reflection
   “Living your principles without alienating those
                                                                                                         and applying them to all your activities?
who don’t share them is the challenge we all face.”
   More than 50 Permanent Deacons and their                                                              Becoming a member of Mary Star of the
wives gathered in the Diocese of Broken Bay                                                              Sea Association creates this opportunity
for the Conference which focused on the theme                                                            for women who are between the ages of
of “Word, Worship, Service”.                                                                             20 and 60 and are not living in a marital
   Bishop David Walker opened the Conference,                                                            relationship. You can start preparing
with a presentation which explored the theme                                                             for this opportunity while still at school
of pastoral charity in relation to the Deacon.                                                           or before you reach the age of 20.
   “As sacred ministers, deacons are required to                                                         Each day there is receiving the Eucharist
give complete priority to their ministry and to                                                          and time for lectio divina – praying
pastoral charity and ‘do their utmost to foster                                                          through and reflecting on the sacred
among people peace and harmony based on                                                                  scriptures. You may then carry this
justice’,” he said.                                                                                      into your ministries which share in the
   Drawing on the teachings of Pope John Paul                                                            mission of Bishop David Walker.
II in this area, Bishop David said that pastoral                                                         These ministries are areas where the
charity “is the virtue by which we imitate Christ                                                        Diocese has yet to develop a strong
in his self-giving and service”. Pastoral charity is                                                     presence, therefore the opportunities
not just a professional activity, but a self-giving                                                      may be widespread. In Diocesan pastoral
which is transformative.                                                                                 programs or promoting Diocesan
   “It is not imposed from without, but culti-         have the highest regard for the ministry of the   initiatives, special prominence could
vated from within,” he said.                           Deacon, I venture to say that the wives of our    be given to ministries of spiritual
   The Chairman of the Bishops Commission              married Deacons have had a large part to play     leadership drawing the people of the
for Church Life, Bishop Michael Malone,                in the appreciation of the lived experience.”     Diocese into a deeper involvement
pointed to the diversity and the variety of mod-          The Deacons’ conference also heard address-    into the mystery of the Risen Lord.
els of the Permanent Diaconate in Australia            es from Bishop Anthony Fisher, who spoke          The list is varied and offers ample
and paid tribute to the role of the wives of           on “Service Ministry of a Deacon”, as well as     opportunities. The role could be: to
Permanent Deacons.                                     Fr Frank Devoy, the Director of the Office of     draw other women into ministerial roles
   “For 40 years now Deacons across Australia          Clergy Life and Ministry; Fr Gerard Kelly;        and to offer support; reaching out to
have been ‘working out’ what the ministry of           and Deacon Jim Curtain from Melbourne.            disaffected members of the Catholic
the Deacon really is. In the light of the lived           Delegates took time out on Saturday to         community; providing pastoral care to
experience there seems to be a greater appre-          commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the      those who have left school; keeping in
ciation of the richness of the ministry. While I       death of Blessed Mary MacKillop.                  touch with families in the time between
                                                                                                         the baptism of their child until they bring
                                                                                                         their child for other sacraments; teaching
                                                                                                         the prayer of lectio divina to others.
                                                                                                         Your days can be engulfed in the sacred
                                                                                                         scriptures through the Eucharist, prayer,
                                                                                                         reflection, reading, study, following
                                                                                                         the example of Jesus and putting as
                                                                                                         much as you can into practice. What a
                                                                                                         wonderful opportunity and challenge!
                                                                                                         Please feel free to contact Sue Beencke
                                                                                                         to find out more on 43683509; 0408
                                                                                                         380 717;
PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                                                   year of the priest

Wanting to Make a Real Difference

                                                                                                                                           Year of the Priest
                    By Marilyn Rodrigues

I n reflecting on his 10 years of priesthood, Fr Jim
  McKeon says that the priestly life continues to exceed
his greatest expectations.
   “I love being a priest,” he says. “Priesthood has been all
that I hoped it would be, and more.”
   “I expected celebrating Mass would be wonderful, but I
didn’t know that the Sacrament of Reconciliation would be
so significant. I didn’t realise what a powerful opportunity
it is to make a difference; creating space for people to have a
really sacred encounter with God’s forgiveness.
   “Priesthood allows me to be invited into people’s lives in a
way no other profession I know of would allow.”
   At 38, Fr Jim is one of the youngest priests in the Broken
Bay Diocese. Bishop David Walker ordained him in Corpus
Christi Cathedral on Friday, 13 August, 1999.
   Today as the administrator of Our Lady of the Rosary
Parish, Waitara, and the Diocese’s Vocations Director,
part of his many varied responsibilities involves supporting      Photo courtesy
young leaders in liturgical ministry and mentoring men who        Andrew Introna
are considering the priesthood.
   Fr Jim felt strongly drawn towards the priesthood by the          Later, at a multi-denominational worship seminar, he was
time he was completing his schooling and giving serious           inspired by the enthusiasm of the worship band on the stage.
thought about his options.                                           “I remember praying, ‘God, why don’t you do something
   He was already a leader in music ministry at his Woy           to make my parish back home more like this?’
Woy parish. His call to the priesthood was the refinement            “And the clearest thing I have ever sensed God saying to
of his decision at 14 to follow Christ.                           me was, ‘Why don’t you do something?’
   He recalls a Disciples of Jesus youth mission team out-           “That became my calling to ministry, to make a difference
reach weekend he attended at the time as the key conversion       in the Church, to help other people come to God and have
experience of his life.                                           the same encounter which had changed my life.”
   “Here were these young people so in love with God, such           Jim was involved in the music ministry at his parish for a
positive, outgoing, happy people. They were everything I
wanted to be, but wasn’t,” he says.
                                                                  number of years. As he finished school, taking the first steps
                                                                  towards the priesthood seemed a natural extension of what
   He went forward for prayer, felt touched by the Holy           he already loved doing.
Spirit, and made a commitment to be in relationship                  “I finished school and started work, thinking I would spend a       of
with Jesus.                                                       few years working before joining the seminary. But as I read the

    Lord Jesus,
                                                                  scriptures and reflected on how people in the Gospels respond-
                                                                  ed to Jesus the word that kept coming to me strongly was
    From the earliest times of your Church                        ‘immediately’. They got up immediately and followed Jesus.”
                                                                     So what keeps a priestly vocation thriving? “Constant daily
    you have raised up leaders who                                prayer and the feeling that you’re getting somewhere, you’re
    challenge us all to holiness.                                 making a difference,” says Fr Jim.                                    2009
    In this Year of the Priest, we
    honour St John Vianney,
                                                                     He makes time for prayer each morning, “before the
                                                                  phone starts ringing, before I go out the front door”.                2010
                                                                     “If there’s a day when I haven’t prayed or haven’t prayed
    who truly spent his life in service of his parish;
                                                                  well I notice it,” he says.
    we celebrate priests who serve us in our                         “Also, what drew me to the priesthood, was wanting to
                        parishes now;                             make a difference in the Church and it’s 10 years later, and I
                         and we pray that you                     can say that I’ve been able to make a difference everywhere
      Year               would open the hearts of                 I have been.”
     of the              young people today                          Fr Jim says the most important spiritual reading for him as
                                                                  a diocesan priest is his diary. “When I look over my meetings
     Priest               so that they may hear a call            for the day, or if there are people I’m going to visit, I’ll pray,
         2009             to priesthood tomorrow,
         2010                                                     ‘Lord give me the words that you want me to say, Lord, let
                           and respond with faith                 me carry you in here to these people’.
                           and generosity.                           “I try to pray my way through the ministry, so that my minis-
                                                                  try emerges out of my relationship with God, and then I bring
                                                                  the events of the day back to prayer at the end of the day.”
                           Would you like to talk to                 For inspiration Fr Jim can’t go past his favourite scrip-
                           someone about priesthood?              ture verse, which was the Gospel reading at his ordination
                            Call Fr Jim McKeon on                 – Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men, that they
                            9483 2302                             may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.”
                            or                 “I want to be a person who makes people want to
                                                                  praise God.”
parish support unit                                                                                                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER 2009

Watch this space!
S  oon to hit the streets and a bus stop
   near you are the banners and posters
for the Jesus. All About Life campaign,
followed by prime-time TV advertisements
on all the commercial channels.
   Frequent users of the Internet may already
have seen the Jesus. All About Life viral
ads already coming through various sites.
   All parishes in the Diocese of Broken Bay
have been registered, which means that when
someone looks for a church in their vicinity on
the website,
or rings the 1300 number on the
advertisements for a hardcopy list, details of the
Catholic church in the area will be included.
   The next step, however, is up to the
individual parish. Hopefully, things are already
in full swing in your parish to make use of
this media campaign! Registered parishes                                NSW to participate in the campaign, there                                   your parish doing to be welcoming to
can list their various activities/events that                           will be thousands of events and activities.                                 those who may respond by visiting your
people can come to. With the Bible Society’s                              Has your parish made information                                          community? Need more informaton?
target of getting over 1,500 churches across                            about the campaign known? What is                                           Contact Carole Gan PSU, on 9847 0560

                                                                                                        Catholic Development Fund
                                                                                                                  TERM DEPOSITS
                                                                                                        Q. Do you have $5,000 to $1,000,000 to invest?
                Parish Support Officer                                                                  Q. Would you like a guaranteed rate
                                                                                                        of interest for 3 or 6 months?
         Full Time Position - 3 Month Contract                                                          Q. Would you like to help Bishop David
                                                                                                        Walker and the Diocese provide funds
The Parish Support Unit (PSU) is seeking to recruit a Parish
                                                                                                        to continue to build and maintain
Support Officer to be based in the Central Coast Deanery Office                                         our parish and school facilities?
(Gosford) of the Parish Support Unit, located at East Gosford. This
position is a 3 month appointment commencing immediately.                                               Invest in a Catholic Development Fund Term
                                                                                                        Deposit and you will get a good return on your
The tasks of a Parish Support Officer include working with the Parish                                   investment and you will be helping in the
Priests of a defined group of parishes in the Central Coast Deanery                                     pastoral and educational needs in the Diocese.
developing and clarifying the service requirements for the parish;                                      Current Term Deposit interest rates are:
establishing a system for regular liaison with parish priests, the                                      • 3 months: 4.00 % pa • 6 months: 4.00 % pa
parish pastoral council and other parish based ministries, to support
parish based and Diocesan programs including the Confraternity                                          • 12 months: 4.20 % pa • 24 months: 5.00 % pa
of Christian Doctrine and Sacramental program; identifying areas                                        These rates are for a limited time only.
                                                                                                        Other terms are available on request.
for cross parish collaboration and assisting with the planning,
facilitation and implementation of the agreed shared services.                                          At the end of the term of the investment
                                                                                                        you can choose to rollover your investment
Applicants should have demonstrated knowledge and commitment to                                         at the interest rate on offer at the time.
the Diocesan Vision; excellent interpersonal and communication (both                                    For more information and to obtain
written and oral) skills; proven experience in parish based ministries and                              an application form, contact Chris
development of parish based programs and activities, management of                                      Field at the CDF on (02) 9847 0748
groups and individuals, and, the development and promotion of links with                                or email
key internal and external groups, agencies and organisations; proficient                                   Catholic Development Fund
computer literacy including Microsoft Office and database management                                       Diocese of Broken Bay
applications; and completion of, or currently undertaking tertiary                                         Caroline Chisholm Centre
qualifications in theology, pastoral care, or other relevant discipline.                                   Building 2, 423 Pennant Hills Rd
This appointment is for a three month period with the                                                      PENNANT HILLS NSW
possibility for extension for a period up to three years.                                               As this offer is for a limited time, the interest
                                                                                                        rates may change after publication. Please call
                   Closing Date for Applications: Monday 21 September 2009                              (02) 9847 0748 for the latest interest rates.

                                   Further details can be obtained from:
                   Mrs. Ann Maree Whenman, Director, Parish Support Unit:
             Telephone – 9847 0482 email:
              For information package and application details contact:
                                                                                                        We welcome your investment with the Catholic Development Fund (CDF) rather than with a profit oriented commercial organisation.
       Ms Jackie Hanson, Senior Administration Office, Parish Support Unit                              Your support enables the CDF to assist the charitable, religious and educational works of the Diocese of Broken Bay and the Catholic
                 Telephone – 9847 0484 email:                                  Church generally.
                                                                                                        Deposits with the CDF are guaranteed by CDPF Limited, a company established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for
The successful applicant will be required to undergo employment screening to ensure compliance with     this purpose but deposits do not obtain the benefit of the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959. The CDF and the
                                                                                                        Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Broken Bay (Diocese) are not subject to the provisions of the Corporations
relevant provisions of the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 2000 and the Child Protection   Act 2001 nor are they examined, approved or supervised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or by the
(Offenders Registration) Act 2000..                                                                     Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.

PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                 parish support unit

Hope to Shine through at Lighthouse Festival
                                                                        18-20 SEPTEMBER 2009
Lighthouse began six years ago with a group
of students and a handful of young adults.
The sixth annual Lighthouse is shaping up
to be a great event, more developed than
those early days. At the first Lighthouse,
many of the young people didn’t know what
to expect, and the team didn’t know either.
In preparation for Lighthouse 2009 we
have chosen the theme of Hope, because
we wait in hope filled anticipation of
how the Holy Spirit will work in the
lives of those who attend this year.
Lighthouse 2009 has many elements that
people have grown to love over the past
few years. The Main Stage, Coffee Club
and Sacred Space are often the place
to find everyone. The Main Stage will
have a collection of music groups and
some dynamic speakers. The Coffee Club
will again be the place to chill out and
engage with other young adults, although
the layout will be different this year.
Lighthouse 2009 will also mix things up a
little. The Foundations venue will return but
with a new mix of workshops that will give
you a great foundation for your spiritual
life. ‘Connections’ also has a fresh line-
up of guest speakers and a new venue.
There a few new ideas for the Village
Green and many other fresh surprises.
To register or to find out more go to


Celebration…                                                               Ann and her
The Forum for Laity was established by
Bishop David Walker, to examine, review
                                                                           brother John are
and as applicable, report to the Bishop                                    here to listen and
on issues regarding the role of the laity                                  provide personal,
within the Catholic Church in Broken Bay.
The Forum welcomes feedback at any
                                                                           caring attention
time from any individual or group in
the Diocese. The Forum is interested in
feedback on areas where it is considered
that the laity is taking an active role in
                                                                           Ph:   9971-4224
the parish, or areas of concern regarding
relationships, policies and practices
that may be inhibiting the participation
and activity of the laity in parish life.
Any contact with the Forum is treated in                  844 Pittwater Road, Dee Why NSW 2099.
the strictest of confidence and submissions         Cnr. Barrenjoey Rd & Darley St, Mona Vale: 9979-5978
may be anonymous. All feedback
submitted is given due consideration                      Enquire about our Pre-paid Funeral Plan
by the committee. The Forum for                         Member – Funeral Directors Association of NSW
Laity meets on a bi-monthly basis.
     The Forum for Laity can be contacted by:      
  Mail: The Forum for Laity, Parish Support Unit,          Email:
                          Diocese of Broken Bay,
                PO Box 340, Pennant Hills 1715              AN AUSTRALIAN COMPANY
                                    T: 9847 0426

news & issues                                                                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2009

A New Look for the Diocesan Liturgy Commission
                    By Eileen Luthi                  committees be established to carry
    Executive Officer. Diocesan Liturgy Commission   out this liturgical apostolate:
                                                     1. Liturgy Formation.
                                                                                                           From your Cathedral
A    s with any group, the Commission felt
     a need for a process review and renewal
and that 2009 was the right time for this!
                                                     2. Sacramental Life
                                                     3. Music (Broken Bay Music
                                                         Ministers Forum already exists)
                                                                                                               Celebrating, community building,
   First, Bishop David shared his vision of          4 Art and Environment.                                     caring, learning & evangelising
Liturgy in the Diocese with the members.                Not only is this an appropriate model                              as the Body of Christ
Bishop David reflected on how vital                  for the Diocesan body, but for parishes,    By Donrita Reefman
liturgy was for the life and mission of the          which are reviewing or forming their        Cathedral Life Co-ordinator
community. He asked that we promote an               Liturgy committees and working groups,
attitude of “Best Practice” so that the rites        this structure would be most effective.     Bishop’s Masses at the Cathedral
are celebrated with sincerity and with a focus          In addition, other “project/task”        Bishop David will be celebrating Sunday Mass
on the full and active participation of all. An      committees will be established by the       at the Cathedral Church at 9:30am on 6, 13
important task for the Commission was the            Commission as needed. An example            and 27 September. All are welcome to attend.
ongoing formation for all ministers, especially      of this would be the Cathedral
through the lay ministry program and a               renovations sub-committee which has
                                                                                                 Adoration at the Cathedral
process of education on the new Missal.              just completed its initial work with        The Cathedral is open on each first Friday of the
Bishop David also expressed a wish that the          the Architects engaged on preparatory       month for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Commission and Parishes work together                planning for the Cathedral changes.         from 9:45 am after morning Mass until 9pm.
on the renovating or building of churches               The Liturgy Commission has also          All are welcome to come and spend some
                                                                                                 time in prayer on Friday, 4 September.
according to the present Diocesan policy.            moved to develop its communication
   The Commission then reviewed its                  with all members of the Diocese through     The Cathedral in the Local Community
structures and processes of communication.           expansion of the Liturgy page of the
                                                                                                 The first Cathedral public event was hosted on
Its new direction very firmly follows the            Diocesan website and through its closer
                                                                                                 Friday, 10 July with a public biblical story telling
instructions found in the Constitution on the        interaction with other agencies such as     given by Jeff Lawrence, The Storycatcher. (See www.
Sacred Liturgy. This document of Vatican II          The Broken Bay Institute, the Clergy Life Visitors from St Paul’s
is the foundational guide for our liturgical life.   and Mission Committee, the Catholic         Anglican Church, Wahroonga, attended, and from
   “Promotion and restoration of the                 Schools Office and through the support      the Uniting Church in Hornsby. Jeff told the story
liturgy… through a Liturgical Commission…            activities of the Parish Support Unit.      of the Passion of Our Lord from the Gospel of
with experts in liturgical science, music,              Congratulations to the acting Chair,     Matthew from a unique point of view. The Cathedral
art and pastoral practice.” #44                      Fr Clem Hill and all members of the         Hospitality Team warmly welcomed and catered for
   “The Commission is to promote the                 Commission for their energy and             the visitors, in spite of the cold weather. All remained
Liturgical apostolate and… should have               commitment to this renewal. Thanks          afterwards for good fellowship and conversation.
commissions for music and art.” #46                  also to Bishop David, for his wise          Transformative Power of Liturgical
   As a result, the Commission                       direction and to David Penny, Ann
has recommended to Bishop                            Maree Whenman and Carole Gan
                                                                                                 Music at the Cathedral
David that a number of standing                      for their assistance in the process.        Former Epping-Carlingford parishioner, Kit Smith,
                                                                                                 presented her PhD thesis: “The Transformative Power
                                                                                                 of Liturgical Music: A Case Study of an Australian
                                                                                                 Catholic Parish” to the Cathedral community during
                                                                                                 Mass on Sunday, 19 July. The community of Our
                                                                                                 Lady of the Rosary, Waitara, had been the subject
                                                                                                 of Kit’s empirical research from 2004 – 2005.
                                                                                                 Kit chose the Waitara community as a suitable
                                                                                                 microcosm of the Diocese of Broken Bay. Her key
                                                                                                 question was “how does music affect the faith life
                                                                                                 of a Catholic worshipping community?” Two main
                                                                                                 themes which have emerged from Kit’s research
                                                                                                 are music as hospitality and music as prayer. It is
                                                                                                 Kit’s hope that difficult issues relating to liturgical
                                                                                                 music practice within the Australian Catholic Church,
                                                                                                 articulated in her thesis, will be addressed in the near
                                                                                                 future by Australian clergy, musicians and scholars.
                                                                                                 Kit’s work offers a great blessing not only
                                                                                                 for the Cathedral Community but for the
                                                                                                 whole Diocese. To read Kit’s thesis, contact
                                                                                                 the Cathedral Life Co-ordinator.

                                                                                                 “Maris Stella” – the Diocesan Choir
                                                                                                 The Diocesan Choir, Maris Stella, led the music for
                                                                                                 the Serra Club annual Mass on Wednesday, 26
                                                                                                 August. The choir rehearses monthly. All choristers
                                                                                                 from around the Diocese are invited to join by
                                                                                                 contacting the director, Donrita Reefman.
                                                                                                               Contact Donrita::
                                                                                                                                           Phone 94 83 2322

PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                                                                                   news & issues

to BE More!
T  he incredible generosity of the school
   and parish community of Our Lady
of the Rosary Cathedral Primary,
Waitara, has been reflected in many
social justice initiatives in the past.
   Such initiatives include the Caritas
Project compassion appeals “Cowitas”
(2008) and “Pigitas” (2009), which raised
over $3500 for needy communities overseas.
   The Vinnies Christmas Hamper Drive
of 2008 was also a huge success and the
school managed to create 14 massive
hampers to give to local families who were
doing it tough over the festive season.
   This year an opportunity to create an
“umbrella” for all social justice activity at                       Term 1 was their first step in tackling                            was officially launched at a whole-
OLOR throughout the year was revealed                               the “poverty” challenge. The school                                school assembly in May.
to the school through the Caritas “Be                               has also undertaken to tackle a                                       As part of the launch, all children and
More” Challenge. Through this campaign,                             challenge focusing on “Fair Trade”.                                staff were given a pebble. The pebble is to
Australians are encouraged to aspire not                               To kick start this focus, the Year 6                            remind how we are all connected to people
to have more but to Be More. The “Be                                Social Justice Team attended “The Fair                             across the world in different countries.
More” Challenge aims to reduce global                               Trade Fiesta” at Paddington Town                                      The children will keep their pebbles in their
poverty and injustice by ‘doing’ justice.                           Hall, where they learnt first-hand                                 pockets during the school day. When they go
   The “Be More” campaign involves setting                          about the benefits of Fair Trade and                               to spend money at the canteen, they will feel
5 challenges – personal, family, local,                             its impact upon the export industry.                               the pebble and be reminded of how lucky they
national and global which are centred                                  Fair trade is an organised social                               are and that there are many people in the world
around one or more areas of focus for a                             movement that advocates the payment                                who don’t have money to spend. The children
particular community or individual.                                 of a ‘fair price’ as well as social and                            are also reminded by this pebble that wherever
   OLOR decided that its areas of focus                             environmental standards in areas related to                        they travel they can be the change in our world.
would be the “environment” and “poverty”.                           the production of a wide variety of goods.                            No matter how small we are,
   The Caritas “Pigitas” appeal in                                     The OLOR “Be More” campaign                                     we can make a difference.

Senior Parish Support Officer
Full Time Position
Commencing February 2010
The Parish Support Unit (PSU) is seeking to recruit a Senior Parish Support Officer to be based in the North Shore Deanery Office of the Parish Support Unit
at Caroline Chisholm Centre, Pennant Hills. This position will be available from 1 February 2010.
The Senior Parish Support Officer is part of the PSU Leadership Team and has a key responsibility of managing day to day activities of the three Parish Support
Officers within the local Regional operation. The day to day tasks of a Senior Parish Support Officer include working with the Parish Priests of a defined group
of parishes developing and clarifying the service requirements for the parish; establishing a system for regular liaison with parish priests, the parish pastoral
council and other parish based ministries, to support parish based and Diocesan programs including the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and Sacramental
program; identifying areas for cross parish collaboration and assisting with the planning, facilitation and implementation of the agreed shared services.
Applicants should have demonstrated collaborative leadership skills and knowledge and commitment to the Diocesan Vision for Broken Bay; excellent
interpersonal and communication (both written and oral) skills, including negotiation, consultation and the ability to facilitate collaborations across the Diocese;
proven experience in parish based ministries and development of parish based programs and activities, management of groups and individuals, and, the
development and promotion of links with key internal and external groups, agencies and organisations; proficient computer literacy including Microsoft Office and
database management applications; and completion of, or currently undertaking tertiary qualifications in theology, pastoral care, or other relevant discipline.
The initial appointment is for a three year period.
                                                                                                         Closing Date for Applications: Friday 23 October 2009
                                                                                                                         Further details can be obtained from:
                                                                                                           Mrs. Ann Maree Whenman, Director, Parish Support Unit:
                                                                                                     Telephone – 9847 0482 email:
                                                                                                  For information package and application details contact:
                                                                                               Ms Jackie Hanson, Senior Administration Office, Parish Support Unit
                                                                                                            Telephone – 9847 0484 email:
The successful applicant will be required to undergo employment screening to ensure compliance with relevant provisions of the Child
Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 2000 and the Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000..

centacare broken bay                                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 2009

All Aboard at Centacare Broken Bay!                                              The Secret of Strong Kids
J  udith Lenart, John Muskovits,
   Philip Keogan, Greg Brien, Tony
Jeffries, Tony Kutra and Chris
                                           Council       members
                                        heard about the many life
                                        challenges faced by those                O     n Monday 22 June, 80 plus
                                                                                       parents braved a cold winter’s
Hammett – recent new appoin-            assisted by the agency                   night to attend a parenting seminar.
tees to the Centacare Broken Bay        on a daily basis. Lunch                  The seminar “Parents Promoting
Council, and Dennis Zandona,            was hosted by Out-of-Home Care           Resilience” was the result of collab-
Senior Manager Finance and              staff at the new Kariong office,         oration between Centacare Broken
Business Services, enjoyed a fun        where Council members learnt             Bay and Hornsby North Primary
filled orientation to the work of       about the needs of young people          School, made possible through
the agency recently by “riding the      in residential and foster care.          funding from the Federal govern-
bus” around the Diocese.                   In the afternoon the bus stopped      ment department of Families and
    Capably led by Senior Manager       at the Naremburn Family Centre           Community Services, Housing
Family Centres, Trish Devlin, in        where Family Support, Supported          and Indigenous Affairs.
the role of tour guide for the day,     Playgroups, and the Family Centre           Holding the event in a small-                                Lynn Worsley
the group assembled at Waitara          Manager gave an insight into             er, central venue like the school       • The Peer Factor: where
Family Centre. The induction com-       their work including Mediation           enabled Centacare to reach the              social and moral development
menced with an introduction to          Women’s Domestic Court Supp-             local community. Parents who have           is enhanced through
Children’s Services-Long Day Care       ort, before returning to Waitara         children attending the school as            interactions with peers.
and Family Day Care programs for        Family Centre late afternoon.            well as parents from other public       • The Community Factor: where
0-5 year olds, which operate from          Current Centacare Broken Bay          and Catholic schools in the district        the morals and values of the local
the Waitara precinct site.              Council Chair, Ms Alexandra              were invited to attend.                     community are transferred and
    Bus driver Desley Taylor, a long-   Gorman, was part of the group;              The seminar was presented by             the young person is supported.
standing Broken Bay employee            “The day was a fantastic success”        Lyn Worsley, a clinical psycholo-       • The Money Factor: where the
and Co-ordinator of Disability          said Ms Gorman, “we were all so          gist with a background in nursing           young person develops the ability
programs, then took the group to        impressed with the level of compe-       and early childhood education. Lyn          to give as well as take from
Gosford Family Centre where staff       tence, professionalism and dedica-       has developed a very helpful model          society through employment
from Relationship Counselling,          tion displayed by staff as they talked   for developing resilience in chil-          and purposeful spending.
Ageing & Disability Services,           about the important work they do”.       dren based on an understanding of          More information can be found
Family Pathways Network,                   The success of the inaugural ori-     research that has been conducted        at
Pregnancy Counselling, and              entation bus trip will hopefully be      in this area. Common factors have          Lyn presented each of these fac-
Admin teams described their day         repeated with new Council mem-           been identified in the lives of indi-   tors with much humour and great
to day work.                            bers, in future years.                   viduals who are able to bungee          story-telling. Parents were encour-
                                                                                 jump through the pitfalls of life,      aged to choose the three that are
                                                                                 bounce back and keep thriving.          strongest for their children and
                                                                                    These are:                           to focus their energies on these
                                                                                 • The Parent Factor:                    strengths in their children.
                                                                                     characteristics of strong              Parents who attended found the
                                                                                     and effective parenting.            evening to be very informative and
                                                                                 • The Skill Factor: evidence            practical. It is satisfying to imagine
                                                                                     of self-competence.                 the impact of the seminar going
                                                                                 • The Family and Identity               beyond the parents who were there
                                                                                     Factor: where family identity       to build resilient future generations.
   Pictured from Left to Right: Ilana Burley (Foster Care Caseworker), Karah                                                Centacare is planning another
                                                                                     and connectedness is evident.
  Niven (Coordinator Saratoga), Dennis Zandona (Senior Manager Finance
  & Business Services), Michael Cashin (Manager) Tony Jeffries, Greg Brien,      • The Education Factor:                 event like this in the Northern
      Jean Murray (Senior Manager Out-of-Home Care), Philip Keogan, Alex             experience of connections           Beaches area. For more informa-
 Gorman, Chris Hamnett, Trish Devlin (Senior Manager Operations), Desley             and relationships during            tion contact Ros at Centacare
Taylor (Coordinator Community Access Service), Tony Kutra, John Muskovits            the learning process.               Broken Bay on 9488 2531.

PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                                                          news & issues

                                                                               Broken Bay Parish Internship Program
                                                                               Whilst August 2011 seems in the distant future, when
                                                                               planning for an overseas WYD pilgrimage, it is just
                                                                               around the corner. In preparation for a pilgrimage to
                                                                               WYD11 in Madrid Spain, Bishop David launched the
                                                                               Parish Internship Program, a new initiative in the Diocese
                                                                               of Broken Bay. Bishop David has allocated 5 internship
                                                                               places to each Parish community in the Diocese. The
                                                                               Parish can then engage the interns in any ministry
                                                                               that suits the pastoral needs and vision for their local community.
                                                                               Since the launch of the program in June 2009, over 75 young
                                                                               adults have responded to the call from the Holy Spirit to serve their
                                                                               local parish community. The applicants for the Parish Internship
                                                                               Program have to be within the target age group for WYD11, 18-
                                                                               35 in 2011. Each applicant has to be willing to engage in ministry
                                                                               within their local parish that equates to about 4 hours per week.
                                                                               In the coming months the Parish Interns will begin their first Volunteer Service
                                                                               Period which involves 100 hours of parish ministry and formation in six months.
                                                                               Each Parish Intern will complete four Volunteer Service Periods over the next
                                                                               two years as well as taking part in formation and pilgrimage preparation.
                                                                               When the Parish Interns travel with Bishop David to WYD11 they will have
                                                                               taken on leadership roles and made a real difference in their parish.
                                                                               Many local communities have filled their quota for the Parish
                                                                               Internship Program; however there are still a few more places in
Year of St Paul Winners Announced                                              a number of parishes across the Diocese. Applications are open
                                                                               until 30 October 2009 if places are available in the parish. To
G    enerous sponsorship of the
     recent eConference to mark
the Year of St Paul enabled regis-
                                     The Broken Bay Institute; Ms
                                     Marcea Austin of Brisbane
                                     Archdiocese, QLD.
                                                                               find out more and to download the application package, visit the
                                                                               Internship website:
                                                                               The first gathering of all the Parish Interns in the Diocese will
tered participants to enter in the      Congratulations to our lucky           take place at Challenge Ranch on Sunday 20 September from
draw for some exceptional prizes.    winners, and thank you once               11am until 3pm. This first session will be a “meet and greet”
   Nearly 3,000 participants took    again for the generous sponsor-           and will outline the program for the next two years.
the time to register, and we are     ship from Harvest Pilgrimages,
very pleased to announce the fol-    St Paul’s Publications and The
lowing winners:                      Broken Bay Institute.
   1st Prize – Harvest Pilgrimage       Keynote speakers from the
– Pathways of St Paul Tour; Mrs      Conference, Fr Brendan Byrne sj
Robyn McInnes of Broken Bay          and Sr Michele Connolly rsj, have
Diocese, NSW.                        produced a wonderful St Paul
   2nd Prize – $500 book voucher     Resource Kit which is
from St Paul’s Publications; Ms      available to download from
Michelle Vass of Canberra-  This is a
Goulburn Diocese, ACT.               free gift to all: a great gift to share
   3rd Prize – Free Seminar from     with others.

The Broken Bay Institute

                                   Providing Academic and Adult Faith Education –
                                            Theology                   Liturgy                             Youth Ministry
                                            Spirituality               Church History                      Lay Ministry Training
                                            Scripture                  Mission & Culture                   Religious Education

Caroline Chisholm Centre
 Bldg 2, 423 Pennant Hills Rd,
 Pennant Hills NSW 2120
                                   eConference Success Doesn’t Stop
 (Access via City View Rd)         If you thought the Year of St Paul eConference was a one-day experience – think again!
 Postal Address: PO Box 340,       More than six weeks from the event, nearly 2500 new groups have logged-on to watch in Australia alone – not to
 Pennant Hills NSW 1715            mention a further 200 groups from New Zealand; around 150 from the US; and 150 from Ireland, Canada and the UK.
 Tel. (02) 9847 0030
 Fax. (02) 9847 0031               Some Interesting Facts to Date:                               sionary; dairy farmer, anthropologist; Uniting Church          • More than 6,000 computers have logged-on to the event       minister; librarian; teacher, local government; scientist,     site since 30 June 2009, including the day itself (some of  university lecturer; sacramental co-ordinator; nurse;
                                     these are repeat visits).                                   surveyor; theologian; dietician; lawyer; Salvation Army
                                                                                                 Chaplain; Grandmother; and Bishop …the list is diverse
Director / Principal               • Numbers of participants in groups varied from between       and wonderful.
Dr Gerard Goldman                    1-200 plus… so even allowing for an average of 5 people
                                                                                               • In an Online survey sent out to Registered participants
                                     per group, the message of St Paul may have been shared
Executive Officer, Marketing and     across 30,000 people!                                       – responses indicated that more than 90% Agreed, and
Communications Co-ordinator                                                                      even Strongly Agreed, that all Sessions of the eConfer-
                                   • As this magazine goes to print – an average of 159 log-     ence were informative and engaging.
Liz Jones                            ons have taken place every day since the site eConfer-
                                     ence went live.                                           • In the same survey – 96% stated they would participate
Reception                                                                                        in further eConferences, and 95% said they would
Nina Elliott                       • There have been groups from at least 16 different           strongly encourage others to participate.
Tel: (02) 9847 0030                  countries we have been able to ascertain. These include:
                                     Australia; New Zealand; USA; Malta; Canada; Ireland;      • In the same survey: Scriptures – particularly the New
Adult Faith and Pastoral                                                                         Testament, topped the list of suggested future topics with
                                     Philippines; South Africa; Italy; UK; Brazil; Greece; Belgium,
Formation Co-ordinator               Guatemala, Samoa, Vietnam, Japan, Peru and Spain            a 74% interest rate. This was closely followed by Jesus
                                                                                                 (69%) and the Holy Spirit (57%).
Virginia Ryan                      • The favourite time (EST) to view the eConference seems
Academic Dean                        to be between 10pm and 5am – some night owls and               DATE CLAIMER….DATE CLAIMER….DATE CLAIMER….DATE
                                     many overseas visitors!
Rev Dr John Frauenfelder                                                                              With the overwhelming success of this inaugural
                                   • 2,900 people took the time to Register officially for the
Online Learning Community            Conference.                                                      eConference, mark your diaries for another wonderful
Co-ordinator                                                                                          opportunity for learning and community building,
                                   • Of these Registrations, the Ages (where stated) – ranged         again made possible through the Australian Catholic
Dr Carmel Davis                      from 11yrs to 100yrs
                                                                                                      Bishops Conference and The Broken Bay Institute:
                                   • The Australian States and Territories (where listed) indi-
Heads of Faculty                                                                                                          Wednesday 4 November 2009
                                     cated that, from the online registrations, more than 1500
Biblical                             came from NSW; with a good showing from QLD 485;                                                       Topic: St Luke
Dr Luke Saker fms                    VIC 433; WA 196; ACT 84; TAS 33; SA 31; and NT 27.                   Please stay tuned for further information
                                   • Occupations ranged from teacher to Pastoral Associate;                             via the BBI website
Liturgy                              retired; musician, general practitioner; priest, engineer,
Rev Dr John Frauenfelder                                                                                  
                                     naval officer, member of religious order; student, mis-
Church History
                                    Fr Richard Leonard sj,
Dr John Luttrell fms                delivering his talk at the
Missiology                          eConference
Dr Therese D’Orsa
Pastoral Theology
Dr Margaret Ghosn MSHF
Dr Carmel Davis
Rev Dr Joseph Lam OSA
Youth Ministry
Dr Charlotte McCorquodale
Tel: (02) 9847 0566
education                                                                                                                              SEPTEMBER 2009

Quality outcome of CSO Review
                                                    Area Reviews have already been taken up.             leaders for their commitment and
                                                    This was obvious to members of the Panel             support of the work of the schools
                                                    who had worked on those Reviews.                 • high quality and well managed services
                                                      The function of the Review Panel was               provided to schools, leading to an attitude
                                                    to validate the thinking of the Leadership           of high regard for the CSO in the schools
                                                    Team as presented in the three reports           • high energy and high morale evident in
                                                    presented to it on Catholic Mission and              CSO staff as they go about their task
                                                    Identity, School Improvement, and Design             of providing services to the schools.
                                                    and Functioning of the CSO. A further               Many other benefits flow from these
                                                    task was to challenge this thinking where        characteristics of the Broken Bay CSO and the
                                                    this seemed warranted. Having taken part         Catholic school system. They are characteristics
                                                    in the Service Area Reviews, Meta-Review         that most equivalent organisations would
                        By Br Tony Whelan cfc       Panel members brought not only their wide        prize and see as highly desirable.
                                                    experience to this task, but also a fairly          In looking to the future the Panel
                              Director of Schools   detailed knowledge of the CSO itself. This       affirmed most of the “emerging directions”
                                                    knowledge grew through the course of the         noted in the three reports. The Panel

L  ast December in this column I explained that
   the individual service teams in the Catholic
Schools Office were each undergoing a Review
                                                    review, as no doubt did that of the Leadership
                                                    Team. The Chair of the Diocesan Schools
                                                    Board provided further insight into the
                                                                                                     highlighted two suggestions:
                                                                                                     • the need to develop more intense
                                                                                                         focus on school improvement
Process. That Process was completed early this      operation of the CSO as this was required.       • the need to bring greater cohesion to
year and the various reports were then developed      In looking back on the entire process there        the senior management of the CSO.
into an integrated report. Panel members have       are major features of the CSO landscape             In its view further development in
included fellow Directors from other dioceses,      that the Panel would like to acknowledge:        these two areas has the greatest potential
and university colleagues. The outcome is           • strong alignment between the CSO and           to raise the performance of an already
very gratifying and I am happy to quote from           the Diocese at the level of mission           highly performing school system.
the conclusion to the final Panel’s report:         • positive relationship between CSO                 In the coming months CSO staff will be
   The Panel wishes to acknowledge the                 leaders and school leaders leading            developing strategies to address new areas of
thoroughness with which CSO staff have                 to high levels of mutual respect              strategic direction emerging from the Review.
entered into a demanding process. Because           • positive relationship between the                 I wish to thank all those who contributed
of the progressive nature of the Review                Bishop and the Director both of whom          to the Review. In particular I congratulate
many of the suggestions made in Service                are highly regarded by the school             members of staff of the CSO.

Strategic Planning for ICLT
T   oday’s generation of students are growing
    up in a world in which Information
Communication and Learning Technologies
                                                    support for ICLT in schools including
                                                    connectivity, technical support and access
                                                    to professional learning opportunities for
                                                                                                        provision of a reliable, efficient and
                                                                                                        robust ICLT infrastructure that actively
                                                                                                        supports the evolving demands of a
(ICLT) permeate all aspects of life.                staff. The report, published in November            contemporary education system.
As these technologies become cheaper,               2008, highlighted a range of challenges          4. Leaders will be supported and
smaller, more mobile, more accessible and           and provided fifteen recommendations                empowered to lead innovations that
able to be used by learners of all ages,            which have informed ICLT planning                   maximise opportunities for ICLT to
they are increasingly used by families for          in Broken Bay systemic schools.                     enhance all aspects of Diocesan schools’
learning, recreation, management and                  During the first half of 2009, a Strategic        work and improve outcomes for students.
communication. Not surprisingly, the                Plan for supporting teachers in the use          5 A range of relevant and quality
students’ world is shaped by their abilities        of emerging technologies that enhance               professional learning experiences will
to access, organise, manipulate, process and        quality teaching was developed by Catholic          be provided resulting in improved
communicate information and to respond              Schools Office staff; Paul Davis, Jason             quality of teaching and the integration
creatively to emerging technologies.                Young, Geoff McIver, John Hession,                  of ICLT with curriculum, assessment,
   The majority of teachers however, were           Carmel Kriz and Andy Martin.                        pedagogy and school administration.
raised in a different technological era               Six elements of a vision for support           6. Clear direction and support for
and the challenge for Diocesan schools              were identified in the Strategic Plan:              schools will be provided through the
is to embrace the introduction of ICLT              1. Opportunities are provided across the            development and communication of
into the learning process so that the                  Diocesan School system to respond to,            Catholic Schools Office policies and
productive engagement of teachers with                 celebrate and proclaim our Faith and the         guidelines pertaining to the use of ICLT.
ICLT becomes part of everyday practice.                message of the Gospels through the use           Whilst many challenges lie ahead, there
   In June 2008 Br Tony Whelan, cfc,                   of contemporary learning technologies.        is much to celebrate within the Diocesan
Director of Schools, commissioned a report;         2. A high quality, safe and secure digital       Schools System in the way in which
Teachers Taking on Technology: seven years             learning environment, underpinned             learning has been extended and enhanced in
on (Glynis Jones 2008) which reviewed                  by the Catholic WorldView, will be            the light of increased access and availability
how teachers across the Diocese were                   understood, sustained and strengthened        of ICLT. The increased skill levels of staff,
using technologies to extend and enhance               across the Diocesan School System.            their capacity to change and willingness
student learning. The project also canvassed        3. Structures, practices and procedures          to continue learning with ongoing support
staff perceptions of existing systems level            will be in place to inform the ongoing        from the CSO is very encouraging.
PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                                                    education

                                                                           Broken Bay Secondary Schools
                                                                           Sports Association
                                                                           T  he Broken Bay Secondary
                                                                              Schools Sports Association
                                                                           co-ordinates the organisation
                                                                                                              Swimming, Soccer, Rugby
                                                                                                              Union, Rugby League, Cross
                                                                                                              Country, Netball, Athletics,
                                                                           and implementation of              Surfing/Bodyboarding,
                                                                           sporting championships,            Squash, Tennis, Beach
                                                                           carnivals and selection trials     Volleyball, Baseball, Biathlon
                                                                           for Secondary School students      and Surf Life Saving.
                                                                           from its 12 member Schools.          More information about the
Athletics at St Leo’s                                                        Through the Secondary
                                                                           Schools Diocesan Pathway,
                                                                                                              Sports Association, its aims and
                                                                                                              objectives, member Schools,
St Leo’s Catholic College, Wahroonga, boasts an Athletics star in          students can represent their       events and representative
Amy Pejkovic, a Year 11 student there. Amy has recently competed           School, the Diocese and            pathways can be accessed on the
at the World Junior High Jump Championships in Italy where                 ultimately NSW or Australia        Association’s web site –
she won the Silver medal. Amy has set her sights on a medal                in the following Sports; 
at the Olympics and hopes to compete in London in 2012.                      Softball, Basketball, Touch,     schools/secondarysport/

Primary Representative Sport
S  tudents talented with sports
   ability have the opportunity
to compete in 16 sports as
                                        Bree Delaney (St Philip Neri,
                                        Northbridge – basketball),
                                        Alana McCoy (St Patrick’s, East
part of the Primary Schools             Gosford – basketball), Chloe
Representative Pathway.                 O’Brien (St Keiran’s, Manly
This involves competition               Vale – soccer), Jack Cogger (St
beginning at a Cluster level with       Mary’s, Toukley – rugby league),
students ultimately having the          Keisha Bovill (MacKillop,
opportunity to represent NSW            Warnervale – swimming) and
as part of the NSWPSSA                  Shannon Ashton (Prouille,
State team at the School Sport          Wahroonga – swimming).
Australia Championships.                  Also, congratulations to the
  The following Catholic                following Catholic Primary
Primary students have been              students who were medallists at
rewarded for their hard work            the NSW PSSA State swimming        Wahroonga), Arabella McKinn        Cross Country Championships
with selection in NSWPSSA               championships earlier this year:   (Holy Family, Lindfield) and       winning 5 of the team event
teams this year: Oliver                 Megan Stone (Holy Cross,           Prouille, Wahroonga Senior Girls   gold medals. Great individual
Robilliard (Our Lady Star of            Kincumber), Kate Richards          4 x 50m freestyle Relay Team.      performances resulted in gold
the Sea, Terrigal – basketball),        (also from Holy Cross), Keisha        Broken Bay students excelled    medals to Adam Halmy (Our
Alessandra Burke (Our Lady of           Bovill (MacKillop, Warnervale),    at the recent NSW Catholic         Lady of the Rosary, Waitara) and
the Rosary, Waitara –basketball),       Shannon Ashton (Prouille,          Primary Schools Polding Area       Nell Breslin (St Mary’s, Manly).

Fighting her way to
St Joseph Catholic College, East Gosford, Year 9 student, Alice
Carrett has had a fight on her hands over the last few months.
After achieving her adult Black Belt at just 13 years of age,
Alice has gone on to represent her club, Black Belt Martial
Arts (Central Coast), in many local and State Tournaments,
winning a number of State titles and podium places.
Alice’s efforts earned her a place on the NSW State
Team for both Kata (traditional forms) and Kumite
(sparring) at the Australian Karate Federation National
Championships held in Adelaide during August. Alice
narrowly missed medal placements in both divisions.
St Joseph’s has a proud tradition of support for young
women in sport. Together with Alice, there are seven other
students who train and compete in Shotokan Karate; 4
are fellow black belt-graded students, and three more
candidates are hoping to grade before the end of the year.
The sport places great emphasis on the principles of loyalty,
perseverance and respect, as well as fitness and knowledge.
education                                                                                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2009

Students with a Disability Sport
R   epresentative swimming, cross
    country and athletics events are
held annually for students with a
                                         was placed second and third
                                         respectively in the freestyle and
                                         backstroke at the NSW PSSA
disability. A classification system      State Championships. Lachlan
is used to enable students with a        Broderick (St Mary’s Catholic
range of physical disabilities as well   Primary, Toukley), Brittany
as sensory (vision and hearing)          Vescio (St Lucy’s, Wahroonga
and intellectual disabilities            – for Blind and Visually Impaired
to compete with each other.              students) and Timothy Kruening
Arabella McKinn (Holy Family             (also from St Lucy’s) were also
Catholic Primary, Lindfield)             finalists at the State Carnival.

                                                                              Primary Gala Days
                                                                              F  un and participation are the
                                                                                 focus of a variety of Gala days
                                                                              held at a Cluster level by the
                                                                                                                     basketball, AFL, cricket and rugby.
                                                                                                                     School staff and community sports
                                                                                                                     organisations work collaboratively
                                                                              Peninsula, Central Coast and           to organise these Gala days. Walla
                                                                              North Shore Catholic Primary           Rugby was introduced this year
                                                                              Schools. Gala days are not part        for the North Shore Cluster Stage
                                                                              of the representative pathway and      3 boys. The Australian Rugby
                                                                              give students the opportunity to       Union Development Officers
                                                                              try a new sport and socialise with     led the days which included
                                                                              other students from local Catholic     skills sessions and a round robin
                                                                              schools. Sports have included          competition… and a welcomed
                                                           Arabella McKinn    soccer, league, tag, touch, netball,   visit from the Tah Man!

Broken Bay Primary Sports
S  tudents who have represented
   NSW Primary Schools Sports
Association (PSSA) in any
                                         Previous presenters have included
                                         Australian sports representatives:
                                         Des Hasler (Rugby League),
sport or who have competed at            Yvette Higgins (Water Polo),
two or more State carnivals are          Megan Anderson (Netball), Fiona
recognised for their achievements        Crawford (Softball), Meaghan
at an annual Awards presentation.        Starr (Athletics-Paralympics) and
2008 awardees were privileged to         Sports presenter, Matthew White
receive their awards from former         (also an ex-Broken Bay primary
Australian sprint champion               school student). The common
and Olympic representative,              message from the presenters each
Matt Shirvington. Matt is                year has always stressed the need
an ex-student of St Martin’s             for perseverance, dedication to
Catholic Primary, Davidson.              training and just plain hard work!

                                                                              Cultural Infusion Day at St Rose
                                                                              I n Term 2 St Rose Catholic
                                                                                Primary at Collaroy Plateau
                                                                              had a Cultural Infusion Day,
                                                                                                                     fun, fun’. The students certainly
                                                                                                                     had a ton of fun while learning
                                                                                                                     about Aboriginal culture. All
                                                                              with all children from K-6             the students came together
                                                                              taking part in a program entitled      for a concert at the end of the
                                                                              ‘Aboriginal for a Day’. A family       day to share with each other
                                                                              of indigenous artists visited          what they had learnt. All
                                                                              the school and introduced the          in all, it was a fabulous day
                                                                              children to Aboriginal history,        with the students and staff
                                                                              storytelling, face painting, art,      getting into the spirit of things
                                                                              didgeridoo and dance. The aim,         – dancing and performing to the
                                                                              said Big Al, was to ‘have fun,         accompaniment of the didgeridoo.
PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                                                education

Minnie Vinnies Warming up for Winter
A   very enthusiastic group of students from
    Years 5 and 6 at Our Lady of the Rosary
Catholic Primary at Wyoming worked
                                                      A number of activities were held including
                                                   cake stalls, raffles, guessing competitions
                                                   and wear a “warm hat and scarf ” mufti
together during Term 2 with the help of
the school community to raise money for
the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal.
                                                   day. The results were outstanding with
                                                   over $500 raised and many items of
                                                   warm clothing donated to Vinnies.
  The theme for this year’s appeal is                 The Mini Vinnies group is looking              As a Diocese, Broken Bay has a strong
“Tomorrow Can Be Different” and the                forward to planning other activities in the       commitment to actively involving parents
students were mindful of how their actions         terms ahead showing that social justice           in the education of their children and
can help to improve other’s lives.                 is an important part of their lives.              providing opportunities to connect and
                                                                                                     support parents throughout the Diocese.
                                                                                                     Many wonderful partnerships now
                                                                                                     exist in the Diocese between parents,
                                                                                                     schools, parishes and the Catholic
                                                                                                     Schools Office. It is these partnerships
                                                                                                     and the resulting initiatives, programs
                                                                                                     and activities that make the Broken
                                                                                                     Bay Diocesan school community unique
                                                                                                     – not to mention a model of excellence
                                                                                                     for other dioceses across the State.

                                                                                                     Such an achievement would not have
                                                                                                     been possible without the energy and
                                                                                                     commitment of the CSO’s Parent Liaison
                                                                                                     Officer, Sue Bull. During the past eight
                                                                                                     years, Sue has worked with principals
                                                                                                     developing programs, guidelines and
                                                                                                     support for volunteers in Broken Bay

Prouille’s Dominican Charism                                                                         schools, supporting P&F and parent
                                                                                                     teams, including the Diocesan Parent
                                                                                                     Council. It’s almost impossible to

P  rouille Catholic Primary at Wahroonga
   was established by the Dominican
Religious Order in 1950. As part of the
                                                      Units of work are being developed for
                                                      each grade on Dominican Spirituality
                                                      and the history of Prouille School
                                                                                                     describe the breadth and diversity of
                                                                                                     Sue’s work and the impact that she
                                                                                                     has had. So many of the partnerships
school’s new Strategic Plan 2009-2012 there           (interestingly, Prouille is a little village   and relationships that exist across the
are detailed objectives to further improve            in France where St Dominic founded             Diocese have been made possible by
and enhance the spirit of St Dominic                  his first Dominican community).                Sue’s unrelenting passion for empowering
and Dominican charisms in all aspects of           3. In “outreach” initiatives: Rich, structured    parents to play an active role in their
school life. There are three critical areas in        “outreach” experiences are being offered       child’s education. Put simply, parents
which the objectives are being fulfilled:             to students through our next-door-             in the Diocese have been blessed
1. In the visual presence: A beautiful prayer /       neighbour “special needs” school, St           to have the benefit of Sue’s energy,
   memorial garden including rich Dominican           Lucy’s… Prouille students are presently        compassion and professionalism.
   symbolism is being constructed primarily           engaging in “buddy” work at lunchtimes
   by Year 6 students and a dedicated group of        at St Lucy’s. Additionally, St Lucy’s          Sadly, Sue is leaving her role as Parent
   parents/teachers. Additionally, a statue of        students are being integrated into             Liaison Officer. Typically, Sue will be
   St Dominic is being commissioned for the           Stage 3 classrooms each Friday.                taking up not one, but two part-time
   school; this will be unveiled on St Dominic’s     Importantly, St Lucy’s School was also          positions – one as the Communication
   Day in 2010 when the school will celebrate      established in the Dominican tradition, and       and Development Officer with the Council
   60 years of dedication to Catholic education.   this year both schools are having a combined      of Catholic School Parents (CCSP) and the
2. In the teaching and learning/curriculum:        St Dominic’s Day Liturgy and celebration.         other with Psychologist and Counsellor,
                                                                                                     Lyn Worsley. Sue will be supporting
                                                                                                     the volunteer CCSP representatives of
                                                                                                     the 11 Dioceses across NSW as well as
                                                                                                     working with Lyn Worsley to develop
                                                                                                     resilience support processes for schools
                                                                                                     and community organizations. It will
                                                                                                     be an exciting challenge for Sue and
                                                                                                     while she will be greatly missed in the
                                                                                                     Broken Bay Diocese (especially by the
                                                                                                     Diocesan Parent Council) parents across
                                                                                                     the State will now benefit from her
                                                                                                     expertise and guidance. Good Luck Sue.

                                                                                                     The DPC would like to welcome Carmel
                                                                                                     Hewitt who has been appointed the new
                                                                                                     Parent Liaison Officer for the Diocese.
                                                                                                     A profile on Carmel will appear in
                                                                                                     the next issue of Broken Bay News.
news & issues                                                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 2009

The Essential Ingredient – a Faith that Nourishes
By Marilyn Rodrigues                   to spoil it for anyone by telling
                                       them yet.”

T   homas, Patrick and Joseph
    Goodwin have known that their
mum was pretty special long before
                                          The boys did keep their secret,
                                       later celebrating with more than
                                       100 family and friends. Now they
she became one of the country’s        are coming to grips with sharing
most famous mothers as the very        some of the spotlight themselves.
first Australian MasterChef.              Paddy, 10, describes being “kind
   The brothers, who belong to Our     of ambushed” by a crowd of excited
Lady of the Rosary Catholic parish     well-wishers when he returned to
in Wyoming, are proud of Julie         school after Julie’s win was revealed.
Goodwin’s success but say it was          “Everybody knows me, and who
hard being without her for four        I am,” says his brother Joe, 13,
months while she competed in the       “Complete strangers are saying, ‘Hi
hugely popular reality TV show.        Joe, what’s up?”
   Conditions of the show meant           They all agree it was exciting
that they weren’t allowed to see       when they went to Sydney for a
her, and phone calls were limited      surprise reunion with their mum
as well.                               in the show’s finale.
   Then, after their reunion on the       “I missed her a lot,” recalls Paddy.
day of Julie’s triumph, they had to       “It was very tough without her,”                                           Julie Goodwin – Australia’s First Masterchef
keep her win a secret from every-      Tom, 12, agrees. “But the best                 While Julie was in Sydney on           leaders from the other groups. The
one for two weeks until the finale     things are knowing that my mum’s            the show, Michael was at their            support of our core group of friends,
was aired on TV.                       the very first MasterChef – and             home on the Central Coast, look-          with meals, and popping in and say-
   “They were asked a lot of ques-     having her back home.                       ing after the boys, the couple’s IT       ing, ‘G’day, how’s it going?’ is really
tions about it,” says Julie, who won      Joe adds: “And knowing that              business and the household.               what got me through.”
$100,000, the opportunity to pub-      there’re no more secrets.”                     “Being without her was almost like        “The majority of our friendships
lish her own cook book, and a             “Though I have to say I feel             losing a vital organ,” says Michael. “l   are based around our family and
chance to gain more experience in      sorry for the janitors of that place, I     just struggled from day to day.”          our Parish,” says Julie.
the industry.                          mean, so much confetti fell down!”             The family are involved in the            “And our faith is something that
   “We just said to them, look it’s       Julie and her husband Michael say        Parish’s music ministry (they both        nourishes and comforts us both
our family’s secret. We want to        they drew upon their Catholic faith         play guitar and Julie sings), and also    and it was a source of strength that
let everyone know the outcome          and support from family and friends,        in the Family Group Movement,             we were both able to draw on.
but the reason we’re asking you to     especially their friends in their parish,   where they have been members                 “I think that without having
keep it secret is that we don’t want   to get through the hardest times.           since it started in their parish 14       that faith life and support from
                                                                                   years ago.                                our community it wouldn’t have
                                                                                      “It’s a group of families, we get      been possible really.”
                                                                                   together once a month and share a            Michael says he also received
                                                                                   meal together,” explains Michael.         support from the boys’ schools,
                                                                                      “It’s kind of like a support net-      Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic
                                                                                   work and it’s inclusive so it’s also      Primary, Wyoming, and St Peter’s
                                                                                   for families where, for example,          Catholic College, Tuggerah.
                                                                                   mum’s Catholic but dad’s not.”               “I made their teachers aware of
                                                                                      “We got a lot of support not only      their circumstances and asked if
                                                                                   from our own family group, but the        they noticed anything that they

                                                                                                             Eldest son, Joe, pictured centre with fellow students
           The whole school community got behind Julie’s amazing journey                                        from St Peter’s Catholic College, Tuggerah Lakes
PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                            news & issues

were concerned about, if they                But the family always come
could let me know.                       first.
   “At the primary school, on the            “Since Julie was away for so long,
noticeboard out the front, they put      it’s important that we have family
three separate messages up in sup-       time and certainly that’s a factor we
port of Julie, which was nice. And       always consider,” says Michael.
after she won they gave her a bottle         “Some of the other contestants
of wine and chocolates.”                 have been invited to go overseas
   The couple met through a St           and work in restaurants, where
Vincent de Paul youth group just         they are not things that Julie would
after they had completed Year 12.        take up, so those kinds of offers
   Michael, who had attended St          aren’t really coming through.”
Leo’s Catholic College, Wahroonga,           During the competition Julie
and Julie, who had been school           had some opportunities to talk to
captain at Hornsby Girls’ High           other contestants about her faith.
School, had both been invited to             “Everybody’s got different ideas
join the group by a mutual friend.       about things and I’m not preachy,
   While winning the competition         but if I’m asked about it I tell
has brought Julie lots of opportuni-     people about my faith,” she says.
ties it has also brought extra demands       “It’s a big part of our family’s
on this busy working mum’s time.         life. We say grace every night. We
   Apart from the training and           consider dinner time as a really
writing a cook book, Julie will also     important time in our family’s day
write a regular cooking column in        and we bless the food and the
the Australian Women’s Weekly.           company, and in that time we talk
And there are other obligations          about our day.
and opportunities relating to her            “While I was away, the boys had
MasterChef title while she ulti-         a sign up on the wall telling them
mately works towards one day             that I loved them and to brush
opening her own restaurant on the        their teeth, do their homework and
Central Coast.                           say their prayers.”
   “It’s opened up a whole new               “They are good boys,” she adds       Julie pictured with husband Michael, and their
world,” she says.                        proudly. “They’re beautiful.”                         two youngest sons, Tom and Paddy

news & issues                                                                                                                                                          SEPTEMBER 2009

Broken Bay Choral Festival
S  pring is in the air… which
   means that choirs around the
Diocese are busily preparing
for the fourth annual Diocese
                                    will perform Bruckner’s Locus
                                    Iste, Tallis’ If Ye Love Me,
                                    and a full choral arrangement
                                    of our Diocesan hymn,
of Broken Bay Choral Festival.      Bernadette Farrell’s Christ,
  This year’s Festival will         Be Our Light. Singers of all
showcase the choirs from St         ages and all denominations
Ives Parish, Woy Woy Parish,        are welcome to join the choir
Holy Name Wahroonga                 but must register with the
and also the Grail Singers.         Festival organiser – Sarah
Promising, young organ scholar,     Webster at sarah@dekko.
James Goldrick – formerly  or 0414 806 939 – by
of Holy Name Wahroonga              Friday 4 September. The
and currently studying at the       cost is $5 per singer, and the
Newcastle Conservatorium            music will be provided.
of Music – will perform                The 2009 Broken Bay
as a soloist at the Festival,       Choral Festival will take place
and act as accompanist              on Sunday 20 September at
for the massed choir.               St John the Baptist Church,
  It is not too late to register    Blackwall Road, Woy Woy.
for the highlight of the Choral     The massed choir must
Festival – the massed choir.        arrive by 1.45pm for a 2pm
More than 100 singers will          rehearsal start; the concert
gather one hour prior to the        will commence at 3pm; and
start of the Festival to rehearse   the afternoon will conclude
their three items with the          at approximately 4.30pm
Festival’s guest conductor.         with afternoon tea.
This year’s guest conductor            Audience tickets are available
will be Mr Michael Hissey,          on the day of the Festival
director of music at St Aloysius    (adults: $10; concessions: $5;
College and music director          families: $25 – cash only). Pack
of the St Mary’s Singers of         a picnic lunch, hop on the train
Sydney’s St. Mary’s Cathedral.      and join us for a delightful
  This year, the massed choir       celebration of music and song!

                                                                        Australasian Catholic Press Association presents

                                                                                      ʻNew Media for New Apostles’

                                                                                                                      Tuesday 8 September 2009 at 7pm
                                                                                                                           Address by Fr Roderick Vonhogen
                                                                                                                   founder of Star Quest Production Network:
                                                                        Fr Roderick is a priest of the Archdiocese of Utrecht in The Netherlands and the founder of Star Quest Production
                                                                        Network. Fr Roderick rose to prominence in the days surrounding the death of Pope John Paul II as he recorded
                                                                        his thoughts and observations while in St Peter’s Square as people prayed for the ailing Pontiff. He would
                                                                        regularly upload his musings on to the Internet, where
                                                                        hundreds of thousands of people heard them.
                                                                        From that launching pad, Fr Roderick has developed
                                                                        regular podcasts and is considered among the
                                                                        leaders in Catholic podcasting. Star Quest Production
                                                                        Network hosts a number of programs, including
                                                                        Fr Roderick’s own show, ‘The Daily Breakfast’.
                                                                        Ryan Auditorium – MacKillop Campus
                                                                        40 Edward Street, North Sydney.
                                                                        There is no charge to attend this address.
                                                                        Inquiries: Jane Favotto tel (02) 8838 3409.
                                                                        Proudly sponsored by

                                                                                                                                                                   Fr Roderick Vonhogen

PROUDLY SPONSORED BY                                                                                                                                                                            news & issues

Catholics in Australian
Public Life since 1788
The Australian Catholic
Historical Society will hold
its 2009 Conference with              Australian Cath
                                                      olic Historical

                                                                      Society 2009

the theme Catholics in
Australian Public Life               IN AUSTRALIAN
since 1788. The theme
allows for a variety of                PUBLIC LIFE
issues and topics and                    SINCE                               1788
will include church-state                                                                                                               Community Shares Joy of Baptism
relations; the place of the
churches, individuals and
their faith in public life;
                                                 Saturday 12 Se
                                               The Catholic Ins
                                                                 ptember 2009
                                                                                                                                        S  tudents from Year Two at St
                                                                                                                                           Agatha’s Catholic Primary,
                                                                                                                                        Pennant Hills, were excited
                                                                                                                                                                            Brian Moloney invited all the
                                                                                                                                                                            students to be involved by
                                                                                                                                                                            making the Sign of the Cross
advocacy for religious and                             Strathfield te of Sydney,
                                         For more infor
                                                       mation conta                                                                     about sharing the Baptism of        on Georgia’s forehead, and
social justice objectives;                    or visit www.aust ct Br John Luttrell fms
                                                                raliancatholich             on 02 9752 9513
                                                                                                                                        their classmate Georgia Fox at      by singing some hymns.
church involvement                          Proudly suppo
                                                         rted by   the Catholic Institu
                                                                                       te of Sydney and
                                                                                                          The Broken Bay

                                                                                                                                        the Year Two Parish Mass during       After Mass, the students

in politics, education,                                                                                         Bay

healthcare, social                                                                                                                      the last week of Term Two.          thoroughly enjoyed an exciting
welfare, and the mass media.                                                                                                              Georgia’s parents, grandparents   party celebration together.
                                                                                                                                        and godparents were also there      Congratulations Georgia, who
When: Saturday, 12 September 2009                                                                                                       to celebrate the wonderful          will now be ready to prepare for
(sessions from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm)                                                                                                      occasion. Parish Priest Father      the other sacraments of Initiation.
Where: The Catholic Institute of Sydney, 99
Albert Rd, Strathfield NSW 2135
Cost: $80 ($50 students); includes morning/afternoon
teas and lunch. A dinner will be held at 6.00pm after
the Conference – separate booking required.
For further information
please contact John Luttrell
fms at Catholic Institute
of Sydney, 9752 9513, or
The Australian Catholic
Historical Society gratefully
acknowledges the support of
the Catholic Institute of Sydney
and the Broken Bay Institute.

        A celebration to
                                                                                     A Celebration Day…

       mark the coming
   together of our three
   church communities
   into the one Frenchs
 Forest Catholic Parish
 will be held on Sunday
 22nd November 2009.
The day will begin with an outdoor
Mass at 4.00pm celebrated by
Bishop David Walker and the
priests of our parish, followed by
sausage sizzle and entertainment.
Location: Our Lady of
Good Counsel School
grounds, Forestville
news & issues                                                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 2009

Vincentian Family Tree
               By John Donnelly                       of Sister Rosalie Rendu, a Daughter of Charity.
                Diocesan President,                   Sister Rosalie worked in the Paris slums for
              Vincent de Paul Society                 many years. This mentoring relationship of
                                                      Sister Rosalie and the infant group, containing

D    uring WYD08 a number of Vincentian
     Family groups came together at the
Vincentian Fathers’ St Stanislaus College,
                                                      among others, Frederic Ozanam, was to become
                                                      the international St Vincent de Paul Society. In
                                                      2009 the Society comprises 700,000 members
Bathurst. This was a prayerful and awareness-         in 143 countries with 50,000 Conferences.
raising few days of preparation prior to the             The article referred to a world-wide survey
Sydney based WYD week-long celebrations.              to find out the number of groups that had an
   This group of young people and the not-            affiliation to the influence of St Vincent de Paul
so-young included the Vincentian Fathers              (1581-1660). It discovered that some 268 societ-           As members of the St Vincent de Paul
(Congregation of the Mission) and the Daughters       ies of apostolic living and institutes of consecrated   Society, part of our tradition is to prayerfully
of Charity. Both these congregations were initi-      life met at least one criterion of The Vincentian       dwell on the timeless vision of St Vincent de
ated by St Vincent de Paul in the 17th Century.       Family Tree Project. Of the 268 groups 239 were         Paul as he followed Jesus, the evangeliser of the
A third group present at Bathurst in 2008 was         religious institutes, 21 were lay associations and      poor and source and model of all charity.
the St Vincent de Paul Society. The NSW State         eight were Anglican congregations.                         Our tradition is not merely a humanitarian
President of the Society as well as the Diocesan         We can ask: what do they have in common              vision: it is in fact one based on the Gospel
President of the Diocese of Bathurst were pres-       with the person, St Vincent de Paul, who lived          values of Jesus Christ. The logo we have for the
ent at this important gathering.                      so long ago? He is not one whose words were             Society in Australia illustrates the ‘hand of love’
   In a 1997 article ‘Tracing the Vincentian Family   stimulating but one whose life is striking and          offering the cup; ‘the hand of the suffering per-
Tree’, published in the Review for Religious by a     whose mission and spiritual legacy continues to         son receiving the cup’ of assistance and impor-
Daughter of Charity, Sister Betty Ann McNeil          inspire followers in today’s social justice chal-       tantly ‘the hand of Christ blessing the cup’.
DC, it was stated that worldwide there were           lenges. The real needs of the world’s poor sum-            This is something of our tradition. If you wish
27,000 Daughters of Charity and 3,600 priests         mon people who wish to assist the marginalised          to join in the work of the Society in Broken Bay
and brothers in the Congregation of the Mission.      in the tradition of St Vincent de Paul.                 with your local Conference or with one of the
   Following the French Revolution a small               St Vincent stated, “We should assist the poor        Vinnies stores or with one of our Special Works,
group of committed university students in Paris       in every way both by ourselves and by enlisting         kindly ring Lily on 9415 1492 at our Chatswood
in 1833 responding to the social needs of their       the help of others … To do this is to preach the        Diocesan Office or contact one of the St Vincent
time, sought the practical and spiritual advice       Gospel by words and by works.”                          de Paul members in your area.

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Robyn Somers-Day                                                      CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2009
                                    Jesus All About Life Campaign begins September!

                                    8        Fr Roderick Vonhogan, founder of Starquest Production Network, will deliver
                                             the Keynote Address for the Australasian Catholic Press Association Conference
                                             at ACU’s MacKillop Campus in North Sydney. Free, and open to the public.
       Contact Robyn 0418 973 656    11 & 12 Centacare Broken Bay Partners for Life Pre- Marriage program assists              couples to build and sustain a meaningful relationship. This Friday evening/
                                             Saturday program covers topics such as Expectations, Spirituality, Family of
                                             Origin, Managing Conflict and Intimacy and Sexuality. FOCCUS is also available
                                             by appointment which utilises an indepth user- friendly questionnaire designed
                                             to help couples learn more about themselves and their unique relationship.
                                             For further information contact Ros at Centacare Broken Bay on 9488 2531.

                                    12       2009 Australian Catholic Historical Society Conference (ACHS)
                                             – Catholics in Australian Public Life since 1788. To be held
                                             at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Strathfield. For more details

                                    18-20    Diocesan Lighthouse Festival – Challenge Ranch Somersby

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