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					                                  ALABAMA RURAL ACTION COMMISSION

     Issue # 1

                                        2010 Plan in Action
                       Governor Bob Riley                  Governor stated that the          commission helped recruit
                       announced the formation of          BBAC, with its 800 local          new and expanding
                       the Alabama Rural Action            volunteers, had so much           industries, and provide
                       Commission to coordinate            success in improving the          computers to school
                       efforts aimed at improving          Black Belt that citizens in       systems in the Black Belt,
                       the quality of life in the          other areas of the state          and offered free health
                       state’s rural areas. The            asked him to appoint a            care fairs and vision
                       Governor also announced             similar commission                screenings in every Black
   Governor            that he had appointed former        focused on other rural            Belt county.
                       Senator Gerald Dial to serve        parts of Alabama.
   Bob Riley                                                                                 The Rural Alabama Action
                       a s t h e c o m mi s s i o n ’ s
                                                           “The Black Belt Action            Commission is part of the
                       executive director. Dial has
                                                           Commission became a               Governor’s Plan 2010.
                       decades of experience in the
                                                           model of success and we’d
                       Legislature representing                                              “This is a real challenge, a
                                                           like to replicate what
                       some of Alabama’s most                                                real mission, and I
 Alabama               rural communities. During
                                                           they’ve done and put it all
                                                           over the state,” Governor
                                                                                             undertake it with a lot of
                       his tenure, he helped recruit                                         enthusiasm,” Dial said. “I
                                                           Riley said. “We’ve proven
  Rural                industries, engage local
                       development groups and
                                                           with the Black Belt Action
                                                                                             come from rural Alabama
                                                                                             and I’ve lived and worked
                                                           Commission that if you
                       work with a broad range of                                            in rural Alabama all my
 ACTION                citizens on economic
                                                           concentrate and make it a
                                                           priority, you can improve
                                                                                             life,” Dial said.      “The
                       development efforts and                                               Rural Alabama Action
                                                           the quality of life
Commission             other activities to improve
                       their rural areas.
                                                           there. We need to do that
                                                                                             Commission provides an
                                                                                             opportunity for everyone
                                                           for all of rural Alabama.”
 (ARAC)                Two years ago, the Governor
                                                           The Black Belt Action
                                                                                             in this state to make a
                       created the Black Belt
                                                           Commission has worked
                       Action Commission (BBAC)                                              Governor Riley stated that,
Executive Director:                                        with local and state
                       to focus exclusively on the                                           like the Black Belt Action
                                                           officials to expand
   Gerald Dial         12-county          region                                             Commission, membership
                                                           economic growth, improve
                       characterized by persistently                                         on the Rural Alabama
                                                           access to health care and
 Assistant Director:   high rates of poverty and                                             Action Commission is
                                                           improve education in the
   Chad Nichols        economic stagnation. The                                              open to everyone.
                                                           region. Members of that

   Co-Chairs:           Proud of Alabama:
  John Harrison         • Alabama workers built the first rocket to put humans on the moon

 Margaret Bentley       • Baseball player Willie Howard Mays was born in Westfield in 1931
                        • The world's first Electric Trolley System was introduced in Montgomery in 1886
                        • Alabama is the only state with all major natural resources needed to make iron and steel
                        • At the Battle of Mobile Bay Admiral David Farragut issued his famous command, "Damn the
                          torpedoes, full speed ahead." The event occurred on August 5, 1864
                        • A skeleton of a pre-historic man was found in Russell Cave
Alabama’s Rural Action Commissions                                                                 Regions 1 & 2
                                                Deputy Co-Chair:                        Education Co-Chair:
                                                 Mr. Keith Jones                         Dr. David Campbell
                                                 Mr. Ronald Matthews                     Mr. Jerry Groce
                                                 Mr. Robert C. Culver                   Health Co-Chair:
                                                Regional Co-Chair:                       Mrs. Margaret Lovett
                                                 Mr. Ronnie Flippo                       Mrs. Judy Smith
                                                 Mr. David Muhlendorf                    Dr. Bill Coleman
                                                Econ Dev. Co-Chair:                     Workforce Dev. Co-Chair:
                                                 Mr. Charles Durham                      Mayor Bill Jordan
                                                 Mrs. Peggy Smith                        Mrs. Teresa Walker
                                                 Mayor Phil Segraves                     Mrs. Susan Burrow

Governor Riley joined ARAC Executive Director Gerald Dial and local leaders at Calhoun Community College in
Tanner, Alabama, to launch the North Alabama Action Commission, which will focus on measurably improving
health care, education, economic development and workforce development in the northern most region of the state.
While a changing economy has brought challenges to North Alabama, Governor Riley said economic progress is
already visible with the announcement that National Alabama Corp. will build a $350 million rail-car manufacturing
facility in Colbert County and bring 1,800 new jobs to the area.
"Alabama is going through a transformation, and this part of the state is no different," Governor Riley said. "We just
announced that one of the largest economic development projects that will be awarded anywhere in the United States
this year is coming to North Alabama. You are already starting to see tremendous progress and, with the North
Alabama Action Commission now in place, I believe that we can improve the quality of life in this area for
generations to come."

                                                Deputy Chair:                           Education Co-Chair:
                                                 Mr. Robert B. Lake                      Dr. Samory Pruitt
                                                Regional Co-Chair:                       Mrs. Reba Anderson
                                                 Mr. Bill Taylor                        Health Co-Chair:
                                                 Ms. Nisa Miranda                        Dr. Jeanette Vandermeer
                                                Econ Dev. Co-Chair:                      Dr. John Brandon
                                                 Sen. Bobby Singleton                   Workforce Dev. Chair:
                                                 Mr. Lewis Fitts                         Mr. Terry Waters

The ARAC is comprised of the entire state divided into eight regions. The West Alabama Action Commission is Region
2 of the ARAC. Serving from UA are Nisa Miranda, director of the University Center for Economic Development, Dr.
Samory Pruitt, vice president for community affairs, and Dr. Jeanette Vandermeer, assistant professor of nursing.
Miranda will serve as regional co-chair; Pruitt will chair the region’s education committee; and Vandermeer will co-chair
the region’s health committee.
Riley met with members of the new ARAC at the State Capitol and charged the new leadership team with building
partnerships to improve the quality of life in rural Alabama. Riley created the new initiative to build on the success of the
Black Belt Action Commission, which he created in 2004. The Black Belt Action Commission now has more than 800
volunteers who are working together to improve health, education and living standards in the Black Belt counties.
The Rural Action Commission will begin by focusing on measurably improving health care, education, economic
development and workforce development in rural areas.

 Page 2                                                                                                      ACTION NEWS
Alabama’s Rural Action Commissions                                                               Regions 3 & 4
                                               Deputy Chair:                            Health Co-Chair:
                                                Mr. Charles Ball                         Mrs. Tracy Smith
                                               Regional Co-Chair:                        Mrs. Andrea Anderson-Nix
                                                Mr. Paul Glass                          Transportation Co Chair:
                                                Rep. Cam Ward                            Mr. Wayne Echols
                                               Econ Dev. Co-Chair:                       Mr. Darrell Howard
                                                Dr. Lowell Broom                        Workforce Dev. Chair:
                                                Ms. Debbie Hawkins                       Mr. Ronald Scott
                                               Education Co-Chair:                       Mr. Thomas Wilder, Jr.
                                                Dr. Jack Riley
                                                Ms. Sallye Longshore

 The Central Alabama Action Commission (CAAC) held its monthly meeting on August 28th at John’s City Diner in
 Downtown Birmingham. The CAAC is one of seven new Alabama Rural Action Commissions created by Governor
 Bob Riley to improve the quality of life and economies of rural communities. The CAAC will focus on improving rural
 life in Region 3 (Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, Blount, Walker and Chilton). The new commissions are modeled after the
 highly successful Black Belt Commission.
 According to Nichols, the Governor wants all entities involved in workforce development to coordinate their efforts to
 ensure they meet the needs of both existing and future employers. He said Alabama’s ability to successfully do this will
 determine whether it continues to be attractive to employers. The group then discussed efforts to recruit members for
 the four subcommittees of the Commission. Mr. Nichols and Rep. Cam Ward encouraged the committee chairs to
 recruit members from each of the six counties in Region 3 (Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, Blount, Walker and Chilton).
 They said this would be important because the rural communities of each county are unique and, therefore, will have
 different needs, challenges and resources.

                                                Deputy Chair:                           Education Co-Chair:
                                                 Mr. Bill Curtis                         Dr. Bill Meehan
                                                Regional Co-Chair:                      Health Co-Chair:
                                                 Congressman Mike Rogers                 Mrs. Linda Jordan
                                                 Mayor Anna Berry                        Mr. Wayne Carmello-Harper
                                                Econ Dev. Co-Chair:                      Ms. Margaret Morton
                                                 Hon. Terry Mitchell                    Workforce Dev. Co-Chair:
                                                 Ms. Valerie Gray                        Mrs. Susan Salatto
                                                 Mr. Pat Shaddix                         Dr. Elizabeth Lyons

“The concept of joining forces to leverage our strengths and use our collective brainpower to address our weaknesses is
exciting”, said Anna Berry, Mayor of Heflin and Co-Chair of the East Alabama Action Commission. “Thanks to
Governor Riley’s vision to take the Black Belt model to the rest of the State, all citizens in Northeast Alabama have the
opportunity to participate in this economic strategy. I hope that all who have an interest in moving our region forward
will join us for our kickoff meeting on August 30.”
Governor Riley said “I look forward to being in Anniston to begin the commission’s work in East Alabama. We have a
tremendous leadership team in place in East Alabama that is working hard to build partnerships to take action and to
bring positive results. This is an excellent opportunity for any citizen to get involved and to make a difference.”
U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers, Co-Chair of the East Alabama Action Commission, said "I am honored to be a part of
this important effort, and I am hopeful that it will help bring together our rural communities to find ways to help further
strengthen our local economy for the future."
                                                                                                                    Page 3
Alabama’s Rural Action Commissions                                                               Regions 5 & 6
                                                Deputy Co-Chair:                     Education Co-Chair:
                                                Mr. Tyson Howard                     Dr. Frances Kochan
                                                Mr. Bill Tucker                      Dr. Cindy Reed
                                                Ms. Suzanne Burnette                 Mr. Jeffrey Langham
                                                Regional Co-Chair:                   Dr. Linda Felton Smith
                                                Mayor Jimmy Lunsford                 Health Committee Co-Chair:
                                                Mr. Quentin Riggins                  Dr. Benjamin Rackley
                                                Econ Dev. Co-Chair                   Mrs. Vera Smith
                                                Mr. Al Cook                          Workforce Dev. Co-Chair:
                                                Mrs. Marsha Gaylard                  Mrs. Connie Bainbridge
                                                Mr. Ron Drinkard                     Ms. Alice Schaum

Governor Bob Riley kicked-off of the South Central Alabama Action Commission on Monday, November 26 in
Montgomery. The South Central Action Commission is one of eight regions forming Governor Bob Riley’s Alabama
Rural Action Commission. The meeting is open to the public and will take place at the State Capitol Auditorium. The
South Central Action Commission includes Autauga, Bullock, Butler, Crenshaw, Elmore, Lee, Lowndes, Macon,
Montgomery, Pike, and Russell Counties.
Governor Bob Riley said “I look forward to the regional kickoff for the South Central region of our state. We have a
tremendous leadership team in place in this region that is committed to building collaborative teams to solve real
problems in this area of our state. I encourage any citizen to get involved and to make a difference in their community.”
Mayor Jimmy Lunsford, Co-Chair of the South Central Alabama Action Commission, said " It is an honor to serve the
citizens of Alabama and to be a part of Governor Riley’s initiative to make Alabama a better place to live and work.”

                                                Deputy Chair:                           Health Co-Chair:
                                                 Mr. John Clyde Riggs                    Mrs. Frances Ford
                                                Regional Co-Chair:                       Mrs. Kelley Barnes
                                                 Mayor Larry Fluker                      Mr. Douglas Tanner
                                                 Mayor Richard Long                     Workforce Dev. Co-Chair:
                                                Econ Dev. Co-Chair:                      Dr. John Johnson
                                                 Mr. Wayne Vardanman                     Dr. Ken Tucker
                                                 Mrs. Judy Graham                        Dr. Douglas Littles
                                                Education Co-Chair:                      Rep. Yusuf Salaam
                                                 Mr. Clarence Jackson
                                                 Dr. Vic Anderson
The Tombigbee Action Commission kickoff took place on Tuesday, November 6th at the Camden School of Arts and
Technology. Nearly 200 middle school students from Wilcox County joined us for our regional kickoff meeting. A
crowd of nearly 400 people listened as Senator Gerald Dial encouraged the students by talking about all of the
opportunities they have to make a difference and to serve their home community. Attendees also heard from school,
community, and regional leaders in addition to John Harrison and Margaret Bentley, ARAC State Co-Chairs.
John Clyde Riggs, who is executive director of the Camden-based Alabama-Tombigbee Regional Commission, said the
rural commission has an opportunity to improve the work already being done by the Black Belt commission. Riggs will
serve as deputy co-chairman of the Tombigbee commission, which is not associated with the Alabama-Tombigbee
Regional Commission. "I look forward to working with all interested citizens to take action in order to make a difference
in key quality of life issues," Riggs said. "I want to thank Gov. Riley for his leadership, and I look forward to beginning
our work in this region."
 Page 4                                                                                                     ACTION NEWS
Alabama’s Rural Action Commissions                                                               Regions 7 & 8

                                               Deputy Chair:                         Education Co-Chair:
                                                Mr. Thomas Solomon                    Dr. Kay Roney
                                               Regional Co-Chair:                     Dr. Thomas Harrison
                                                Mr. Gary Smith                       Health Committee Chair:
                                                Mr. Matt Parker                       Mrs. Barbara Everett
                                               Economic Dev. Co-Chair:               Workforce Dev. Co-Chair:
                                                Mr. Jim Bradley                       Mr. Richard Roberts
                                                Mr. Frank Thompson                    Mayor Jack Pelfrey

The Wiregrass Rural Action Commission has formed committees to focus on four areas: health, education, workforce
development and economic development. Committee members will form plans and report results in one year. Riley
warned the committees that their goals shouldn’t be general, but specific. Riley also stressed that the committees can’t be
“No more studies,” said Margaret Bentley, co-chair of the Alabama Rural Action Commission. “Governor Riley didn’t
call these ‘action’ commissions for no reason.” State Representative Locy Baker, D-Abbeville, said harmony among
Wiregrass communities is vital to seeing sought-after projects become a Wiregrass reality. “I think you’ve seen that
with the I-10 connector and I think you’ve seen it with the Ross Clark Circle,” Baker said. “If we could come together
with a collaborative effort of everybody pulling together in one direction, instead of one city pulling against another, it
would help us all.”

                                                Deputy Chair:                        Education Chair:
                                                 Mr. Russ Wimberly                    Hon. Randy McKinney
                                                Regional Co-Chair:                   Health Chair:
                                                 Congressman Jo Bonner                Dr. Regina Benjamin
                                                 Mayor Ted Jennings                  Workforce Dev. Chair:
                                                Econ Dev. Co-Chair:                   Mr. Al Etheridge
                                                 Mr. Carl Butler
                                                 Mr. Bob Higgins

The kickoff of the Southwest Alabama Action Commission took place on Tuesday, October 30th at Faulkner State in
Bay Minette. We had a very strong turnout and attendees heard from their ARAC Regional Leadership Team including
the Office of Congressman Jo Bonner. Margaret Bentley, ARAC State Co-Chair, spoke about Governor Riley modeling
this action commission after the successful Black Belt Action Commission. Senator Gerald Dial also addressed the
crowd and encouraged audience members to volunteer to serve for ARAC and to think regionally as they begin their
committee work.
Russ Wimberly, Executive Director of the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission, said "Our Southwest
Alabama Region has undergone some major issues in recent times which have impacted our region. However, we view
ourselves in the Southwest Region as being resilient no matter the impact. The Alabama Rural Action Commission is
vital to our resiliency and I look forward to working with all of our volunteers and constituents. I want to thank
Governor Riley and former State Senator Gerald Dial for their leadership and vision in this endeavor for our region and
the state as a whole.”
 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                                  Page 5
Communities Preparing for Emerging Growth
For years Alabama’s rural                 intended to connect people with            Commission; Linda Swann,
communities have suffered from            resources and the information they         Assistant Director of the Alabama
out migration of industry and             need to strengthen the capacity of         Development Office and the
people, the absorption of the family      their communities. We hope to              ThyssenKrupp project manager and
farm to corporate farms, the              develop a system that is easy to use,      Ricky Dawson, with U.S.
evolution of technology (which            clear, concise, and contains               Department of Agriculture Rural
often times passes rural                  information that can be applied in a       Development.       The information
communities by) and the new               number of settings and                     provided during the meeting was
global economy.                           circumstances; a                                           directed toward the
                                          one-stop resource                                          elected officials and
Community Development is a                                    The overwhelming theme from each
                                          for      technical                                         leaders in the
dynamic effort that strives to
improve the social, economic, and
                                          assistance.         speaker was, ‘the people within the region; however,
                                                                                                     the public was also
environmental qualities in our            The      Southwest community are the strength behind
                                                                                                     invited; over 100
communities. It focuses on the            A l a b a m a
design and implementation of              communities          any initiative, no matter the money concerned citizens
                                                                                                     attended         the
programs developed to make a              impacted by the provided for a project, it takes the
                                                                                                     me eting.      Each
community a better place to live          ThyssenKrupp
                                                                                                     speaker presented
and work. Working to enhance a            plant were targeted support of the people to make any
                                                                                                     the resources their
sense of place and sense of               to kickoff this               effort successful.’
                                                                                                     organizations may
community is central to community         initiative and have
                                                                                                     have available to
growth, as are the principles of          been provided some direction
                                                                                     assist communities as they prepare
sustainable development. No two           through a region-wide meeting
                                                                                     for future growth.
communities are alike however a           Thursday Nov. 29, 2007 at the
similar process can be used to assist     Chatom Community Center.                   The Alabama Department of
communities as they prepare for                                                      Economic and Community Affairs
                                          Speakers attending and partnering in
growth.                                                                              has assigned Ms. Jessica Dent to
                                          this effort included Bill Johnson,
                                                                                     serve as the Community Planning
ARAC Executive Director Gerald            Director of the Alabama Department
                                                                                     Coordinator for the Rural Action
Dial said, “This is a directive from      of Economic and Community
                                                                                     Commission”. For more
Governor Riley to provide                 Affairs; Gerald Dial, executive
                                                                                     information please contact Jessica
communities in Alabama a program          director of the Rural Action
                                                                                     Dent at (334) 353-5682.

ARAC Website Coming Soon!!!
The new ARAC website that                           of what can be                 a tool for our regions and for our
will be completed soon! We                          accomplished             by    specific committees.
are extremely pleased to                            bringing resources
                                                                                   We are planning to unveil the
announce that Ryan Roenigk,                         together to make a
                                                                                   website in January and hold a
a website developer out of                          difference in our state.
                                                                                   website training session in
Birmingham, has volunteered
                                                     The website will be a         Montgomery for our regional and
to develop a comprehensive
                                                     tremendous tool for us to     committee leaders. It is our hope
website for the ARAC.                In
                                          get others involved in the ARAC          that the website will assist you in
November, Ryan began to develop
                                          and it will be a great tool to share     your work and provide a simple
the new website and we are now in
                                          information and progress among           way for volunteers to sign up for a
the phase of adding content. We
                                          specific committees, regions, and        specific committee.      We look
want to thank Ryan for donating his
                                          our ARAC office. Every effort is         forward to seeing the new
time and talent to create this tool for
                                          being made to ensure that the            opportunities that our website will
ARAC. This is a perfect example
                                          website is user-friendly and can be      bring us in 2008!

Page 6                                                                                                     ACTION NEWS
 From Corridor X to I-22
Officials gathered in Jasper for the       Corridor X, the interstate will link      regional economic development, and
official kickoff of the I-22 Corridor      Birmingham with Memphis.                  speak with one unified voice when
Development Commission Tuesday,                                                      requesting assistance          funds.
                                           "The completion of Corridor X will
Dec. 11, 2007 to stress the need for                                                 Co-chair Woods stressed the regional
                                           bring unprecedented growth to
regional cooperation and                                                             approach and said the commission
planned development. The                                                             needs to develop a strategy for
                                                          throughout central
commission, which is part                                                            responsible growth and development,
                                                          and      northwest
of Gov. Bob Riley’s                                                                  prioritizing the types of industry and
                                                          Alabama," said Riley.
Alabama Rural Action                                                                 development for the area.
                                                          " R e g i o n a l
Commission, is headed by
                                                          cooperation        in       “Opportunities along the 1-22
state Senator Charles
                                                          economic        and        corridor aren’t limited to a single city
Bishop and Alabama
                                                          w o r k f o r c e          or county – in fact they hinge on the
Power Company Area
                                                          development will be        entire region being prepared,” Woods
Manager Bob Woods.
                                                          crucial to our long-       said. “I applaud the governor for
Deputy Co-chairmen will be former
                                           term success, and I’m excited that        providing a forum that will allow all
state Senator Curt Lee of Jasper, Bevill
                                           our Rural Action Commission will          of the areas impacted by I-22 to work
State Community College interim
                                           be involved in these efforts.”            together and address common issues
President Neal Morrison and Senior
                                                                                     and needs through a regional
vice chancellor of Troy University         The I-22 panel’s area will include
                                                                                     approach. As we’ve seen in other
John Schmidt.                              Jefferson, Walker, Winston, Fayette,
                                                                                     areas of the state, when one county or
                                           Marion, Lamar, Pickens and
The commission was established to aid                                                city prospers, that prosperity and
                                           Franklin counties. Dial said towns
development and commerce along                                                       opportunity spreads across the
                                           and counties must start cooperating
Alabama’s portion of Interstate 22 or                                                region.”
                                           with one another to encourage

 ARAC Kid Check Program to begin in 2008
We are extremely pleased to                Nursing, and other organizations in         Caring Foundation.
announce the adoption of the "Kid          the state. The schools select a day
                                                                                        The ARAC is seeking to partner
Check" program, a new statewide            to have the health screenings and
                                                                                       with interested school systems to
program under the Alabama Rural            the school gymnasium is
                                                                                                              bring the "Kid
Action Commission. As we all               divided into areas for            This is a win/win situation that Check"
know, there is an important link           different types of
                                                                              provides the nursing students   program to one
between a child's health and his/her       screenings. Nursing
                                                                                                              pilot school
academic performance. This initiative      students, under the guidance      with valuable experience while
                                                                                                              system in all 8
will result in comprehensive head to       of their supervisors, screen      providing a tremendous benefit ARAC regions
toe health screenings in school            the kids. This is a win/win
                                                                                    to our school kids.       in the 2008-
systems who want to adopt this             situation that provides the
                                                                                                              2009 school
program. We are working to expand          nursing students with
                                                                                       year. A "Kid Check" Steering
on the success that the Alabama            valuable experience while
                                                                                       Committee is being organized to
Power Foundation and the Alabama           providing a tremendous benefit to
                                                                                       take the best practices from existing
Child Caring Foundation of BC-BS           our school kids. Children who fail
                                                                                       participants in order to train each of
are having in public schools in            screenings are referred for follow-
                                                                                       the new participating schools and to
several counties of our state.             up care either through public or
                                                                                       bring resources to the table. We are
                                           private insurance. Those who are
 This is a model program that is the                                                   excited about this new statewide
                                           uninsured and are not eligible for
result of partnerships between the                                                     initiative and we want to thank the
                                           Medicaid or All Kids can be
local school systems and BC-BS,                                                        existing partners for creating a
                                           covered through the Alabama Child
Alabama Power, many Schools of                                                         model for us to replicate.

 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                                     Page 7
                                                   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S NOTE
                                                   The eight ARAC Regions have all completed their initial kick-off. The attendance was
                                                   outstanding at each meeting. The Governor was able to attend most and charged those
                                                   in attendance to become involved in changing Rural Alabama. He stressed working
                                                   together across city, county and region boundaries to make our State better.
                                                   The prosperity of rural Alabama is crucial to the prosperity of Alabama as a whole.
                                                   Measurable progress has been made in rural Alabama under Governor Riley’s
       ALABAMA RURAL ACTION                        Leadership. The Rural Action commission is working to change the landscape in those
            COMMISSION                             areas and in many others.
         Gerald Dial, Executive Director           The Workforce Committee has been actively evolved in providing the Governor
  334-353-8286, Gerald.Dial@Adeca.Alabama.Gov
         Chad Nichols, Assistant Director
                                                   Guiding Principles for workforce development. These Chairs are to be commended for
  334-414-3156, Chad.Nichols@Adeca.Alabama.Gov     their dedicated effort in addressing a major issue facing the State.
   Andy Benefield, Special Assistant to the ARAC
 334-868-1092, Andy.Benefield@Adeca.Alabama.Gov    Plans are moving forward on the State wide Broadband Initiative and we hope there
   Laurie Stewart, Special Projects Coordinator    will be an official announcement on this very soon.
 334-301-0769, Laurie.Stewart@Adeca.Alabama.Gov
                                                   The Alabama Rural Action Commission announced a new initiative to deliver technical
  Jessica Dent, Community Planning Coordinator
  334-353-5682, Jessica.Dent@Adeca.Alabama.Gov     assistance to areas of Alabama affected by emerging growth. It is the intention of this
      Bessie Sharp, Administrative Assistant       program to assist communities with growth, as opportunities become available we
  334-353-1618, Bessie.Sharp@Adeca.Alabama.Gov     would like to empower Alabama communities with the resources needed to reap the
                                                   benefits of those opportunities. The communities targeted to pilot this project include
                                                   the areas within the projected impact of the ThyssenKrupp Steel Plant location.
          Post Office Box 5690, Suite 610
                401 Adams Avenue                   Thanks to all who have volunteered and especially to the Regional Planning Directors
         Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5690
               Fax– 334-353-3743                   and their staff for their support

       Empowering Communities

           "Once you become involved with a volunteer activity, you understand the importance."
               “Volunteering can only improve the community we have all chosen to call home."

Becoming a volunteer can be                                 achievement                                wildlife
personally rewarding and help you                       •   the opportunity to make                 •  setting up a volunteer
to 'give something back' to your                            new friends and                            scheme at your workplace
community. Volunteers can choose                            contacts with diverse                   • spending time mentoring
from thousands of different                                 backgrounds and                            and befriending a young
opportunities; from helping out at                          experiences                                person or refugee
your local city farm to becoming a                      • increased job and career                  • working outdoors to
seminar leader at a business                                prospects and new skills -                 improve the environment
education charity.                                          over 70 percent of                      • working on local
                                                            employers would hire a                     community projects
What you can                   gain         from
                                                            candidate          with             You are never too old or young to
                                                            volunteering experience             volunteer and your age may in
As a volunteer you will be giving                           over someone who has                fact make you more suitable for
your time to help charities and                             never volunteered                   some kinds of volunteering.
community groups improve lives,                     There are many ways to volunteer
but volunteering can provide you                    depending on how much time you
with many benefits including:                       can spare. Full-time, part-time,
   •     the chance to have fun                     evening and night volunteering are
                                                    offered by various organizations.
         doing something you've
         never tried before                         Examples of just some of the ways
   •     increased confidence                       you can volunteer are:
   •     a sense of satisfaction and                   • caring for animals and