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									WITH ALUMNI
                                                                                 when the second plane hit.”                   On Sept. 16, 2001, a memorial
                                       DOUG IRGANG,
                                                                                      Irgang was a competitive triath-     service honoring Shwartzstein in New
                                       ALLAN SHWARTZSTEIN
                                                                                 lete, but his true passion in life was    York drew over 1,000 people. The
                                       AND RONALD BUCCA
                                                                                 swimming. To honor his memory, a          family is currently working to estab-
                                                                                 memorial scholarship fund has been        lish a memorial fund in honor of
                                          he events of Sept. 11 shocked and
                                       T  horrified the world and deeply
                                       affected us all. Thousands of inno-
                                                                                 established at New York’s Asphalt
                                                                                 Green athletic complex, where
                                                                                                                           Allan. For information about the
                                                                                                                           fund, please contact Michael
                                       cent people were killed in the attacks,   Irgang trained and competed as a          Shwartzstein at shwartydc@aol.com.
                                       and thousands more lost husbands          Masters swimmer. The scholarship              As a New York City fire marshal,
                                       and wives, fathers and mothers,           fund, which will support young            Bucca, 47, ordinarily investigated
                                       brothers and sisters, and sons and        underprivileged swimmers and chil-        fires, but on the morning of Sept. 11
                                       daughters.                                dren who lost a parent on Sept. 11,       he responded to the tragedy like any
                                           The Freeman community was             also honors Andrew Fisher, another        other firefighter. Bucca was on his
                                       not spared from this tragedy. Among       Asphalt Green Masters swimmer             way to the 74th floor of the second
Doug Irgang                            the victims of the attacks were Doug      who died in the World Trade Center        World Trade Center tower when it
                                       Irgang (BSM ’91), Allan Shwartzstein      attacks.                                  collapsed. As a warrant officer in the
                                       (BSM ’86) and Ronald Bucca, the                 On Nov. 10, 2001, Swim for the      Army Reserve and a 23-year veteran
                                       father of Ron Bucca (BSM ’02).            Future, a memorial swim at Asphalt        of the fire department, Bucca knew
                                       Irgang was an associate director with     Green in honor of Doug and                the risks involved in entering the
                                       the boutique investment firm              Andrew, raised over $150,000 for the      tower yet did not hesitate to respond
                                       Sandler O’Neill & Partners.               scholarship fund. Contributions to        to the tragedy.
                                       Shwartzstein was a managing direc-        the fund may still be made by writ-           “My dad is a hero,” said Ron
                                       tor and partner with Cantor               ing Asphalt Green Swim for the            Bucca in a memorial service honor-
                                       Fitzgerald. Bucca was a fire marshal      Future, 555 East 90th St., New York,      ing his father. “It just took a terrorist
                                       with the New York Fire Department.        N.Y. 10128, or calling 1-800-NYC-         attack for it to be made publicly
                                           Irgang, 32, a native of Roslyn,       SWIM. For more information, visit         known. There aren’t even enough
                                       N.Y., had worked in equity sales for      the Asphalt Green Web site at             words to express how proud we are of
                                       Sandler O’Neill on the 104th floor        www.asphaltgreen.org or the Irgang        our father or how much we miss
                                       of 2 World Trade Center since 1998.       family Web site at www.irgang.com.        him. Probably a lot more than any-
                                       He was engaged to marry Kristin                Shwartzstein, 37, had joined         one knows.”
Allan Shwartzstein and son
                                       Ladner, whom he had met one               Cantor Fitzgerald as an equity trader
Mathew in 1998
                                       morning on his way to work. After         in March 2001 after spending 14           IN THE LINE OF DUTY
                                       reading his newspaper over his shoul-     years at Bear Stearns. Shwartzstein           In late September, President
                                       der on the subway, Ladner jotted her      and his wife, Amy, were the proud         George W. Bush appointed Wayne
                                       telephone number on the back and          parents of two children, Jessica, 5       A. Downing (MBA ’72), a retired
                                       asked him to give her a call. The cou-    years old, and Matthew, 4 years old.      four-star U.S. Army general, as his
                                       ple was to be married in December              Shwartzstein, like Irgang a native   national coordinator on counter-ter-
                                       2001.                                     of Roslyn, was an avid tennis player      rorism. According to the announce-
                                           “Doug called my mom and               and skier and an amateur guitar play-     ment made in the New York Times of
                                       Kristen right after the first plane hit   er. “He was personally responsible for    Sept. 30, Downing’s mission will be
                                       to tell them that he was OK and not       me seeing over 100 Grateful Dead con-     to “head off” terrorists before they
                                       to worry,” says Steven Irgang (A&S        certs,” recalls Michael Shwartzstein,     strike. In his new post, he reports to
                                       ’88), Doug’s brother. “He told them       Allan’s younger brother. “He always       former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom
                                       that the World Trade Center had           made the people around him feel           Ridge, appointed by Bush to direct
                                       been hit by a plane, but it was the       really good. He was the most gener-       the newly created Homeland
Ronald Bucca                           other building. We assume he started      ous person in the world. He was           Security Council.
                                       down right after that. And that’s         humble and very down to earth.”

12    F R E E M A N / S P R I N G   2 0 0 2
                                                                   WITH ALUMNI
                                                                       CLASS NOTES

1940s                                    Jerry Greenbaum (BBA ’62) won the
                                         Senior Masters amateur golf tourna-
                                                                                 Shannon Burchett (MBA ’76) is the
                                                                                 CEO of Risk Limited Corp.
                                                                                                                           Gabriel Alvarez (MBA ’82) is general
                                                                                                                           manager of BMG U.S. Latin in
Max Derbes Jr. (BBA ’43) con-            ment.                                                                             Miami.
                                                                                 G.F. Gay LeBreton (MBA ’77) is a
tributed the article “Basic Economic     Charles A. Snyder (BBA ’63) was         merger and acquisitions specialist        Stephen Duncan (BSM ’82) has
Tools for Right of Way Valuation” to     elected to the American Law             with Chaffe & Associates.                 been named director of marketing for
Right of Way magazine.                   Institute. Snyder is a partner with                                               the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.
                                         Milling Benson Woodward LLP.            Debbie Rees (MBA ’77) is currently
Paul S. Rosenblum (BBA ’48) is sig-                                              serving on the Louisiana Children’s       John Georges (BSM ’83), president
nature gifts chairman for the Touro      Steve Ross (MBA ’69) is a general       Museum board and the City Park            and CEO of Imperial Trading Co., is
Infirmary Foundation’s board of          partner of Ross Marketing Associates    Board of Commissioners.                   on the board of the LSU Health
directors.                               in Santa Clara, Calif.                                                            Sciences Center Foundation and the
                                                                                 Felipe Woll (MBA ’77) is the vice         UNO Foundation.
Albert Mintz (BBA ’48) is planned                                                president of Banco Santander in
gifts chairman for the Touro Infirmary
Foundation’s board of directors.         1970s                                   Miami.

                                                                                 R. Foster Duncan (MBA ’78) was
                                                                                                                           Sharon Hess Herrick (BSM ’83) is
                                                                                                                           on the University of West Florida’s
                                         Johnnie Jackson Jr. (MBA ’71) is vice                                             board of trustees. Herrick is owner
Coldwell Daniel III (BBA ’49) was                                                appointed CFO of CINergy Corp.            and president of Hess Financial
                                         president, general counsel and secre-
named a fellow of the Academy of                                                                                           Services Inc.
                                         tary of Olin Corp.                      Daniel R. Morel (MBA ’78) was
Economics and Finance for 2000.
                                                                                 appointed chairman and global             Elizabeth Boh Smallpage (BSM ’83)
                                         D.C. Oglesbee (MBA ’72) is the
                                                                                 CEO of Young & Rubicam Inc.’s             was installed as president of the
                                         president and CEO of Aston-Hedwig
1950s                                    Capital Management.                     Impiric division.                         Junior League of New Orleans.
Aaron Selber (BBA ’50) and his wife,                         u
                                         Wolfgang Feuchtm¨ eller (MBA ’73)       John Ammerman (BSM ’79) has               Richard M. Lerner (MBA ’83) is
Peggy Burkenroad Selber, were                                                    been named senior vice president of       chairman of Annapolis National
                                         is the senior advisor to the board at
named the Outstanding Philan-                                                    commercial lending at Union               Bancorp.
                                         the Bank of Austria.
thropists for 2000 at the National                                               Planters Bank.
Philanthropy Day celebration in          Michael Geringer (MBA ’73) is the                                                 Michael Heller (BSM ’84) was
                                                                                 Neil Bush (MBA ’79) runs Ignite, an
Shreveport, La.                          vice president of Morgan Stanley                                                  appointed Southeast business devel-
                                                                                 Internet company that helps children
                                         Investment Management in Boca                                                     opment manager for Deloitte &
                                                                                 with learning disabilities.
Frank Stewart Jr. (BBA ’57) received     Raton, Fla.                                                                       Touche’s technology and communi-
the 2000 Alexis de Tocqueville                                                                                             cations group.
                                         Ralph Brennan (MBA ’75) was elect-
Society Award from the United Way.

J.S. Brown III (BBA ’59) was hon-
                                         ed to the UNO Foundation board.         1980s                                     Ray Krygsman (BSM ’84) is manager
                                                                                                                           of SAP design for Saudi Arabian Oil
                                         Hardy Fowler (MBA ’75) has been         Robert S. Boh (MBA ’81) has been
ored as the fourth recipient of the                                                                                        Co.
                                         named to the board of the 2000-01       named president of Boh Bros. in
Lafcadio Hearn Award for his posi-
                                         Junior Achievement of Greater New       New Orleans.                              Peter Tuz (MBA ’84) is a banking
tive influence on the cuisine and cul-
                                         Orleans Education Foundation.                                                     analyst with Chase Investment
ture of New Orleans.                                                             Hueston Fortner (BSM ’81) and
                                                                                                                           Counsel in Charlottesville, Va.
                                         John Mahoney Jr. (MBA ’75) was          Rerai Arsnthong were married July
Julian Hillery (BBA ’59) is president
                                         elected to the 2001 board of the        12, 2001, in Beverly Hills, Calif.        Emile Brinkman (MBA ’85) is senior
and CEO of World Ship Supply in
                                         Tulane Alumni Association.                                                        director of research and economics in
New Orleans.                                                                     Henry Harteveldt (BSM ’81) is a
                                                                                                                           commercial real estate for the
                                         Rick Rees (MBA ’75) was elected to      senior analyst for Forrester Research.
                                                                                                                           Mortgage Bankers Association of
                                         the board of the Foreign Relations
1960s                                    Association of New Orleans.             John Kocur (MBA ’81) is manager of
                                                                                 product engineering and testing at

Julie Breitmeyer (BBA ’62) was elect-                                                                                      Todd F. Walker (MBA ’85) is director
                                         Charles R. Waldron (MBA ’75) was        Demag Delaval in New Jersey.
ed treasurer of the board of the                                                                                           and secretary/treasurer of Health-Pak
                                         named CFO of NetCom Solutions
Louisiana Museum Foundation.                                                                                               Inc.
                                         International Inc.

                                                                                                                    F R E E M A N / S P R I N G   2 0 0 2     13
Lloyd Stein (BSM ’85), a television          Diana G. Purcel (BSM ’88) was pro-       Bill Oliver (MBA ’90) is president of
commercial director living in New            moted to vice president, controller      Louisiana operations at BellSouth        1992
York, directed Budweiser’s “What Are         and chief accounting officer of Paper    Telecommunications. Oliver was also      Kevin Barron (BSM ’92) and his wife
You Doing” commercial, which ran             Warehouse Inc.                           elected to the UNO Foundation            announce the birth of their daughter,
during the Super Bowl broadcast in                                                    board.                                   Emma Marie. Barron is director of
2001. The commercial won a Gold              Michael Andry (MBA ’88) was
                                             appointed market executive for Bank      Vinay Piparsania (MBA ’90) is the        managed care for West Tennessee
Clio, a Bronze Lion at the Cannes                                                                                              Healthcare.
International Advertising Festival, a        of America Private Bank in Asheville,    vice president of external affairs for
Bronze at the International Advertising      N.C.                                     Ford India Ltd.                          Kernan Hand Jr. (BSM ’92) and
Festival of Ireland and has been added       Lawrence Boudreaux III (MBA ’88)         Mike Slemp (MBA ’90) was elected         Dorian Lobman were married in
to the permanent collection of the           was named to Peace Lake Towers           to District 1 City Council in Bossier    November 2000 at the New Orleans
Museum of Television and Radio.              board of directors. Boudreaux is pres-   City, La., in 2001.                      Museum of Art.

David Cohen (BSM ’86) was elected            ident and CEO of Fidelity                                                         Robert Jupiter (BSM ’92) and Leslie
                                             Homestead Association.                   Michael Webber (MBA ’90) is
chairman of Wireless Ethernet                                                         employed with Leigh Fisher               Green were married in May 2001 in
Compatibility Alliance (WECA).               Todd Bloom (MBA ’89) was pro-            Associates in Washington, D.C.           New Orleans.

Samuel Moreton (MBA ’86) is ener-            moted to senior manager of KPMG                                                   Joshua Lipschutz (BSM ’92) is presi-
gy trading director for Shell Trading        LLP.                                                                              dent of HHI Group in Annapolis, Md.
in Houston.                                  Jonathan Carey (MBA ’89) and wife        1991                                     David Boersma (MBA ’92) and
James Taussig III (MBA ’86) and              Amy announce the birth of their          Thomas Brown (BSM ’91) and his           Patricia Connolly were married in
Eloise Bolton were married in                daughter, Jordan Elana, on Oct. 26,      wife, Elizabeth, announce the birth of   March 2001 in New Orleans.
October 2000 in New Orleans.                 2000.                                    their daughter, Eleanor Anne, on
                                                                                      April 17, 2001.                          Bennett M. Holtzman (MBA ’92) is
Doug Allen (BSM ’87) is manager of           Marko Markovitch (MBA ’89) is an                                                  director of client services at Vitalz Inc.
radiology information services for           account executive with Cox Business      Ramon Rodriguez (BSM ’91) and
Emory University Hospital in                 Services.                                Rosemary Odinet were married May         Karen Heller Kenny (BSM ’92) and
Atlanta.                                                                              26, 2001, in New Orleans. Rodriguez      her husband, Tommy, announce the
                                                                                      is a resident in orthopedic surgery in   birth of their son, Jacob Alexander,
Troy Baker (BSM ’87) is vice presi-
dent of equity trading at Stephens Inc.
                                             1990                                     Mobile, Ala.                             on May 25, 2001.

                                             Lynn Garofalo (BSM ’90) and Steven       Ashley Longwell (BSM ’91) was            Adam Kustin (MBA ’92) has been
                                             Kohn were married June 2, 2001, in       named a partner of McGlinchey            named vice president of marketing at
Susan Feldstein (BSM ’87) is director
                                             Sonoma, Calif. Garofalo is a senior      Stafford law firm in New Orleans.        Experio Solutions.
of financial reporting for American
Express.                                     manager with Deloitte Consulting.
                                                                                      Lori Lynn Avirett-Mackenzie (MBA         Stan Morton (MBA ’92) was named
                                             Julie Ringold (BSM ’90) and Andrew       ’91) and Ken Mackenzie announce          CEO of the Medical Center of
Suzanne Baer (MBA ’87) was pro-
                                             Price were married Jan. 7, 2001.         the birth of their son, Garnett Henry    Arlington.
moted to executive vice president and
CFO of Energy Partners Ltd.                  Ringold is project manager of corpo-     Thomas, on April 18, 2001.
                                                                                                                               Rose Quezergue (MBA ’92) and
                                             rate insight at Continental Airlines.
                                                                                      Regina Benjamin (MBA ’91) was            Terrence Richard were married in
Peter Callais (MBA ’87) was named
                                             John Young (BSM ’90) was promot-         named to the board of Florida A&M        July 1998. The couple has a daughter,
an Entrepreneur of the Year 2001 by
                                             ed to director of risk management        University.                              Natalie, who was born Dec. 17,
New Orleans CityBusiness newspaper.
                                             international markets at American                                                 1999.
Callais is president of Abdon Callais                                                 Vikas Srivastava (MBA ’91) was pro-
Offshore LLC.                                Electric Power.
                                                                                      moted to global head of e-commerce       Peggy Scott (MBA ’92) is CFO of
                                             Daryl Doise (MBA ’90) is chairman        for Citibank Foreign Exchange.           Pan American Life Insurance Co. in
Daniel Green (BSM ’88) was appoint-
                                             of the Opelousas-St. Landry                                                       New Orleans.
ed vice president of sales at Cybuy.                                                  Carolyn Stoltz (MBA ’91) is parlia-
                                             Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                      mentarian officer for the 2001-02        Debbie Settoon (MBA ’92) is an
Robert A. Nelson (BSM ’88) is vice
                                             Michelle Hyver (MBA ’90) and             New Orleans Estate Planning              engineer at Texaco.
president and chief operating officer
of Elmer’s Candy Corp.                       Michael Oakes were married in            Council’s executive committee.
                                             February 2001 in New Orleans.

14     F R E E M A N / S P R I N G        2 0 0 2
                                                                    WITH ALUMNI
Luis Zervigon (MBA ’92) and his
wife, Regina, announce the birth of     1995                                     Jeffrey Johnson (MBA ’95) was pro-
                                                                                 moted to general manager of corpo-
                                                                                                                           Jill Carter (MBA ’96) is marketing
                                                                                                                           manager for Compaq in Houston.
their daughter, Mary Catherine, on      Bradley Boggess (BSM ’95) is a con-      rate strategy for Armstrong World
May 21, 2001.                                                                    Industries Inc.                           Christian Harrison (MBA ’96) and
                                        sultant with Andersen Consulting.                                                  Rebecca Vasquez were married on
                                        Amanda Gorski (BSM ’95) and Keith        Lisa Kagan (MBA ’95) is a vice pres-      March 31, 2001, in Covington, La.

1993                                    Butz were married April 6, 2001, at
                                        the Van Benthuysen-Elms Mansion in
                                                                                 ident at Chase Manhattan Bank in
                                                                                 Tampa, Fla.
                                                                                                                           Harrison is the director of business
                                                                                                                           development at Tempico Inc. in
Noel Pace (BSM ’93) is administra-      New Orleans.                                                                       Madisonville.
                                                                                 Joshua Kern (MBA ’95) and class-
tive resident of Evans Army
                                                                                 mates at Georgetown University will       Alice Joe (MBA ’96) is director of
Community Hospital in Fort              Heather Flick McMeekin (BSM ’95)         open Washington’s first law-related       finance and investor relations for the
Carson, Colo.                           was named a security analyst at          charter school, the Thurgood              Grosvenor Funds in Washington, D.C.
                                        Turner Investment Partners Inc.          Marshall Academy.
Paul Callais (MBA ’93) was appoint-
ed president and CEO of United          Terrel Rhoton Jr. (BSM ’95) and Cari                                               R. Brent Lenczycki (MBA ’96) was
                                                                                 Glenn Nash (MBA ’95) announces            promoted to vice president and CFO
Community Bank in Raceland, La.         Pecquet were married in April 2001.      the birth of his daughter, Danielle       of Bradley Pharmaceuticals Inc.
                                        Rhoton is a branch manager with          Aridth, on Aug. 3, 2000.
                                        American General Financial Group.                                                  Michael Morford (MBA ’96)
                                                                                 Caroline Nolan Probst (MBA ’95)           received the MacArthur Leadership
                                        Zack Stenger (BSM ’95) and Tricia        and her husband, Brad Probst,
                                        Hood Stenger (BSM ’95) announce                                                    Award for his contribution to the
                                                                                 announce the birth of their daughter,     military in 2000.
                                        the birth of their third child, Grace    Patience Theodosia, on Nov. 20, 2000.
                                        Ann, on March 8, 2001.                                                             Doris Pichler (MBA ’96) announces
                                                                                 Elizabeth Schwarze (MBA ’95) is a         the birth of her daughter, Theresa.
                                        Sheldon Alver (MBA ’95) is human         senior geologist for G&G
                                        resources business unit leader at        Interpretation Services in California.
                                        Monsanto Co. in Soda Springs, Idaho.                                               Catherine Schmidt (MBA ’96) and
Paul Callais                                                                                                               John Fry were married May 26,
                                                                                 Lise Anne Slatten (MBA ’95) is exec-
                                        Brenda Dulaney (MBA ’95) is the          utive director of the Women’s             2001, in New Orleans.
                                        CNAEP of Business Development            Foundation Inc. of Lafayette, La.
Philip Montelepre (MBA ’93) was
                                        and Planning at Chevron.
appointed to the Dept. of Economic
Development task force for the state
                                        Eduardo Espinosa (MBA ’95) is
                                                                                 David Smith (MBA ’95) is regional
                                                                                 manager of Fresenius Medical Care
of Louisiana.                                                                                                              Chris Grippa (BSM ’97, MACCT
                                        employed at Jenkens & Gilchrist in       for Oklahoma, Arkansas and West
                                        Dallas.                                                                            ’98) is a senior associate with the
                                                                                                                           Litigation Advisory Services Group at
1994                                    Aimee Adatto Freeman (MBA ’95)
                                        and her husband, West Freeman,
                                                                                 Ravi Suria (MBA ’95) is managing          Ernst & Young.
Alanna Galiano (BSM ’94) is prod-                                                director of Duquesne Capital
                                        announce the birth of their son, Scott                                             Alysia Sutton (BSM ’97) and Paul
uct sales manager for Polycom Inc. in                                            Management in New York.
                                        Goodrich Freeman, on Jan. 12, 2001.                                                Fortier were married March 3, 2001,
Atlanta.                                                                         Yvette Warren (MBA ’95) is the prod-      in New Orleans.
                                        Eric Handler (MBA ’95) and Elisa         uct manager of Openwave Systems Inc.
Anindya Chatterjee (MBA ’94) is head    Uribe Handler (MBA ’95) announce                                                   Rafael Bermudo (MBA ’97) was pro-
of research at ANZ Investment Bank.     the birth of their son, Robert Ethan,                                              moted to e-business manager for
                                                                                                                           Johnson & Johnson Medical
Bill Mohamed (MBA ’94) and
Milena Salmeron were married on
                                        on Aug. 29, 2001.
                                                                                 1996                                      Caribbean in Puerto Rico.
Sept. 16, 2000, in New Orleans.         Keith Hitchens (MBA ’95) is vice         Danny Lasseigne (BSM ’96) is the          Craig Donahue (MBA ’97) is
                                        chairman of finance and funding for      territory representative for Innovex      employed at SystemLink in Virginia.
                                        the 2000-01 Junior Achievement of        Pharmaceuticals in Lafayette, La.
Spencer Yu (MBA ’94) is president
                                        Greater New Orleans Education                                                      Stanley Jaskot (MBA ’97) and
and CEO of RunService Inc. and the                                               Anisse Peters (BSM ’96) was appoint-
                                        Foundation.                                                                        Barbara Fourcade were married Nov.
founder of Sequel Technology Inc. in                                             ed comptroller and general manager        25, 2000.
Taiwan.                                                                          of TerraMar Managers Inc.

                                                                                                                     F R E E M A N / S P R I N G    2 0 0 2     15
R. Legier Kuhner (MBA ’97) and               Jennifer Wollfarth (BSM ’98) and         2000. Sellers is a senior consultant
Deborah Mastio were married                  Keith Kliebert were married Nov. 11,     with Houston Consulting Group.            2000
October 27, 2000, in Dallas. Kuhner          2000.                                                                              Michele Freeman (BSM ’00) and
is employed by Carl E.Woodward Inc.                                                   Arun Sharma (MBA ’98) is executive
                                             Angela Jinghong Cao (MBA ’98)            director of reservoir engineering and     James Novick were married in July
Yvonne Noel (MBA ’97) was pro-               and her husband, Wanli Luo,              solutions at WellDynamics Inter-          2001. Freeman is an accountant and
moted to vice president of Virtual           announce the birth of their son,         national in Scotland.                     auditor with Arthur Andersen.
Strategies Inc. in Washington, D.C.          Michael Joshua, on April 24, 2001.                                                 Jeanette Grona (BSM ’00) is a stu-
                                                                                      Aaron Watkins (MBA ’98) is busi-
                                             Michael Cooper (MBA ’98) is senior       ness development manager at Intel         dent naval aviator in the United
                                             business manager at Cambridge            Corp. in Hillsboro, Ore.                  States Navy.
                                             Technology Partners in San Francisco.                                              Daniel Hugunine (BSM ’00) and
                                                                                                                                Ashley Stern (BSM ’00) were married
                                             Tom Grady (MBA ’98) and his wife,
                                             Meg, announce the birth of their         1999                                      in June 2001 in Montgomery, Ala.
                                             daughter, Margaret Maddix, on April      Dwight K. Clark (BSM ’99) is a            Mark Bitterwolf (MBA ’00) and
                                             7, 2001.                                 financial analyst for Entergy Nuclear     Anne Ruiz were married July 27,
                                                                                      Inc. in Mississippi.                      2001. Bitterwolf is employed as the
                                             David Herron (MBA ’98) was pro-
Yvonne Noel                                  moted to vice president of Legacy                                                  CEO of Uniforms By Bayou.
                                                                                      Ashley Roussel (BSM ’99) and Jeffrey
                                             Capital LLC in February 2001.            Wienhofff were married in April 2001      John Jay Charpentier (MBA ’00)
                                                                                      in New Orleans. Roussel is an account-    and Jennifer Dunlap were married in
Mary Steadman (MBA ’97) is a con-            Lawrence Johnson (MBA ’98) accept-       ant for Kerber, Eck, and Braechal.        April 2001 in Fairfield, Texas.
sultant with Gensler & Associates in         ed the position of Delta area develop-
New York.                                                                                                                       Charpentier is vice president of
                                             ment manager with Entergy of             Timothy Shay (MACCT ’99) and              Dawn Services Inc.
Bettina Tammetta (MBA ’97) and               Mississippi’s Economic Development       Erin McNeil were married June
Kurt Russell were married May 19,            Department in August 2000.               2001. Shay is employed by Citizens        Catherine Cox (MBA ’00) is an asso-
2001, in New Orleans. Tammetta is                                                     Communications.                           ciate of equity derivatives for J.P.
                                             Paul Kellum (MBA ’98) is a contract                                                Morgan in New York.
a CPA employed by Curtis 1000 in             structural engineer for Mustang          Tracie Boutte (MBA ’99) is a board
Duluth, Ga.                                  Tampa Inc. in Tampa, Fla.                                                          Sam Kurz (MBA ’00) is CEO of
                                                                                      member of the 2000-2001 Junior
Clarine Usher-Chen (MBA ’97) is                                                       Achievement of Greater New Orleans        Specialty Hospital, a long-term acute
                                             Johanna May (MBA ’98) is project                                                   care hospital located within Touro
the assistant treasurer for CGU Life                                                  Education Foundation.
                                             manager with 360networks in Seattle.                                               Infirmary in New Orleans.
Insurance Co. in Massachusetts.
                                                                                      G. Scott Burk (MBA ’99) is an asso-
                                             W. Michael Molaison (MBA ’98) is                                                   Thallam Srinivasan (MBA ’00) has
John Waterman (MBA ’97) is the                                                        ciate analyst for Frost Securities Inc.
                                             the global R&D lead at Hewlett-                                                    joined Risk Limited Corp. as an advi-
director of international relations for      Packard in New Orleans.                  Susan Grill Couch (MBA ’99) is            sor for the energy sector.
Johnson & Wales University in
                                                                                      employed at ExxonMobil Chemical
Rhode Island.                                Daniel Packer (MBA ’98), president                                                 Robert Williams (MBA ’00) is proj-
                                                                                      Co. in Illinois.
                                             and chief executive of Entergy New                                                 ect manager and corporate banking
Stephanie Wescott (MBA ’97) is a             Orleans, has been named 2001 chair-      Charles Henry III (MBA ’99) and           officer in the corporate banking divi-
contract administrator at the                man of the regional business group.      Tricia Ponthieux were married May         sion of AmSouth Bank in
University of California, San Diego.
                                                                                      2001. Henry is a senior consultant at     Birmingham, Ala.
Rick Wright (MBA ’97) is employed            Alvaro Patron (MBA ’98) is AVP of        Reliant Energy in Houston.
at Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc.           sales and trading for Citibank/                                                    Whitney Wootan (MBA ’00) is a
in Nigeria.                                  Salomon Smith Barney in New York.        Cory Kasimov (MBA ’99) and                project control analyst for SAIC in
                                                                                      Catherine Meretta were married in         New Orleans.
                                             Guillermo Perez-Elizundia (MBA           March 2001 in St. Croix, Virgin
1998                                         ’98) is relationship manager for
                                             Citibank in Mexico.
                                                                                      Islands. Kasimov is vice president and
                                                                                      biotech analyst for Gruntal & Co.
Filip Verfaillie (BSM ’98) is employed
at Arthur Andersen’s M&A group in            James Sellers (MBA ’98) and Anye
New York.                                    Mercy were married in November

16     F R E E M A N / S P R I N G        2 0 0 2
                                                                      WITH ALUMNI
2001                                       American National Insurance Co. in
                                           Baton Rouge, La.
                                                                                     Sciences at Johns Hopkins
                                                                                     University’s Bloomberg School of              IN MEMORIUM
Erik Garcia (BSM ’01) and Jennifer                                                   Public Health.
                                           Jane T. Bertrand (MBA ’01) has                                                          J. F. Seinsheimer Jr. (BBA ’36)
Conrad were married in the summer          joined the faculty of the Department
of 2001. Garcia is employed by             of Population and Family Health                                                         Saul Singer (BBA ’36)
                                                                                                                                   Sidney D. Carp (BBA ’38)
                                                                                                                                   Neil Himel Jr. (’39)
   ALBERT H. COHEN                          earned his BBA from Tulane in 1946     fundraising effort that highlighted             Clyde W. Paine (BBA ’40)
                                            and his MBA from Tulane in 1948.       the school’s anniversary celebration.
                                            He earned a doctorate in accounting,   He also played a key role in assisting          Bessie Monroe Jonte (MBA ’43)
                                            economics and finance from the         with the Goldring/Woldenberg Hall               Frederic Dorian Schwarz
                                            University of Michigan. Prior to his   building campaign and the construc-               (BBA ’45)
                                            joining with Price Waterhouse,         tion of Goldring/Woldenberg Hall.
                                                                                                                                   Albert H. Cohen
                                            Cohen served as director of taxation   Cohen and his wife, Jayne, were gen-
                                            for the American Institute of          erous and tireless in their support of            (BBA ’46. MBA ’47)
                                            Certified Public Accountants. While    the school. Before his death, Cohen             Earl Peters (BBA ’46)
                                            with the AICPA, he was involved in     donated $1.2 million to the Freeman
                                                                                                                                   Allen L. Teston (’46)
                                            the enactment of the Internal          School for the Jayne Ritchey Cohen
                                            Revenue Code of 1954, the single       Chair, and he left $1.5 million in his          Charles W. Robinson Sr.
                                            most comprehensive tax legislation     will for another endowed chair.                  (BBA ’47)
                                            ever undertaken.                           A memorial service honoring                 Lester Solomon (BBA ’47)
                                               He served on the Business School    Cohen took place at the Freeman
      Albert H. Cohen, retired senior       Council and President’s Council,       School on Friday, Nov. 16, 2002,                Dr. George Thompson (MBA ’48)
   tax partner and vice chairman of         and in 1989-90 he chaired the          following a meeting of the Business             Prentiss R. Boyt (BBA ’50)
   Price Waterhouse, died on Sunday,        Freeman School’s 75th Anniversary      School Council.                                 Edwin Henry Heaton (BBA ’55)
   July 8, at his home in Florida. Cohen    Challenge Grant Committee, a
                                                                                                                                   Norton England (BBA ’59)
                                                                                                                                   Christian A. Reuter Sr. (BBA ’60)
                                                                                                                                   Charles Talbot (BBA ’60)
   JOHN VERRETT                                                                                                                    Thomas James Wittenberg
                                            in 1982 until last year, died on       School’s EMBA program, and one                   (BBA ’60)
                                            Dec. 29, 2001, in New Orleans.         whose warm hospitality and friendly
                                                                                                                                   George Cheatham
                                            He was 84.                             manner made even the toughest of
                                               Verrett was born in New             days more agreeable. “Don’t ever                 (BBA ’61, MBA ’62)
                                            Orleans and attended Xavier            say they’re students,” Verrett said of          Leonard Isacks Sr. (’62)
                                            University. He served in the U.S.      his charges in a 1994 interview.                Gail Cullen (MBA ’64)
                                            Army during World War II, achiev-      “They’re executive students. They
                                            ing the rank of sergeant. Following    run their own companies. They                   Ernst W. Kobrow (MBA ’67)
                                            his honorable discharge, Verrett       come into the dining room like                  Allan Shwartzstein (BSM ’86)
                                            served as head grounds keeper at       they come into a boardroom. They                Doug Irgang (BSM ’91)
                                            the U.S. Public Health Hospital, a     don’t want excuses. They don’t
                                            position he held for 35 years. He      want to waste their time.”                      Ronald Bucca
                                            was also a licensed embalmer and          Verrett is survived by two                    (Freeman School Friend)
                                            funeral director, and he worked as a   daughters, Joan Camille and                     John James Verrett
                                            part-time waiter/bartender for         Francine Marie; an older brother,
                                                                                                                                     (Freeman School Friend)
      John J. Verrett, who oversaw          50 years.                              Louis Verrett St.; five grandchil-
   catering services for the executive         Verrett was a familiar figure to    dren; and two great grandchildren.              Dorothy Woldenberg
   MBA program from its inception           participants in the Freeman                                                             (Freeman School Friend)

                                                                                                                            F R E E M A N / S P R I N G       2 0 0 2   17

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