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									    Celebrating 10 Years of Catholic Health Care           1, 6   &   7   CHE, CHW Partner to Serve Guatemala Mission                      8
    Health Care for the Homeless                            2, 3 & 9      Battle of the Hospital Chefs                                    10
                                                                          Across the System                                               11
    Compliance: The Key to Supply Chain Success                4&5
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    Winter 2008

   CATHOLIC                       HEALTH                  EAST

Celebrating Ten Years of Catholic Health Care
F    ounded on January 8,
         1998 by the coming
         together of
                                                                                                      Board Member); Sr. Margaret Mary
                                                                                                      Kimmins (former General Minister of the
                                                                                                          Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY);
                                                                                                             Sr. Ruth McGoldrick (former
Eastern Mercy Health                                                                                            president of the Sisters of
System, the                                                                                                       Providence); Sr. Kathleen
                                                                                                                     Popko (former president and
Franciscan Sisters of                                                                                                 CEO of Sisters of
Allegany Health                                                                                                        Providence Health
System and the                                                                                                           System); Dan Russell
Sisters of                                                                                                                 (former president and
Providence Health                                                                                                           CEO of Eastern Mercy
System, Catholic                                                                                                             Health System, and
                                                                                                                             CHE’s first president);
Health East is                                                                                                               Howard Watts
now one of the                                                                                                               (former president
largest health                                                                                                               and CEO of the
systems in the                                                                                                               Franciscan Sisters of
United States,                                                                                                               Allegany Health
                                                                                                                            System); and Sr. Pat
employing 50,000                                                                                                          Wolf (former president
people in its health                                                                                                     of the Sisters of Mercy of
care facilities located                                                                                                the Americas, Regional
in eleven states                                                                                                      Community of New York).
stretching from Maine                                                                                                  The panel recalled “what
to Florida.                                                                                                       it was like” in the mid-to-late
                                                                                                                1990’s, recounting some of the
   Amid a festive atmosphere                                                                                 massive changes that were
of balloons, glowing candles, and                                                                         sweeping through the nation’s health
hundreds of colleagues and well-                                                                       care landscape, and the forces that
wishers, Catholic Health East                                                                      came together to urge Catholic health
commemorated the tenth anniversary of its     Sr. Pat Wolf, R.S.M., president, Mercy Secondary   system leaders throughout the country to
“birth” as a health system at a January 8th   Education, and former CHE Sponsors Council         look to each other to consider affiliations and
                                              Coordinator, lights a candle at the January 8th
Heritage Day celebration.                     ceremony.                                          mergers.
   Michele Tan, CHE’s manager of Claims                                                             Following this animated discussion,
Services and co-chairperson of Heritage       director, Governance Support and Rich              Martha Conroy, CHE’s director, Sponsorship
Day 2008, welcomed all program                Reynolds, director of Claims Management.           Education and Ministry Formation, led a
attendees and introduced Bob Stanek,             This year’s celebration was highlighted         poignant candle-lighting ceremony held in
CHE’s president and CEO, who                  by a panel of “story tellers” assembled to         recognition of the Sponsors of Catholic
acknowledged the significance of this         informally share some of their memories            Health East. “The founding Sponsors were
anniversary and thanked all colleagues and    from the early days. Sr. Julie Casey, CHE’s        women of hope…of vision…of courage,”
guests for gathering to share this special    executive vice president of Mission                said Conroy. “When they came together
day with each other. An opening reflection    Integration, moderated a panel that
was then shared by Lisa Bond-Holland,         included Regina Benjamin, MD (a founding                                   continued on pages 6 & 7

                  H           O            R          I            Z           O            N            S

                                                                  Health Care for
W         hen we get climb into our
           warm beds at night, it’s
           hard to imagine—and all
too easy to forget—that thousands of
homeless people sleep on the streets
                                                                                      Dr. James Withers, founder and director of
                                                                                      Pittsburgh Mercy Health System’s Operation
                                                                                      Safety Net, describes his program as
                                                                                      “a home care service for street people.”
and struggle to find food, shelter, and
medical care for themselves and their
    The National Health Care for the
Homeless Council estimates that
between 2.3 and 3.5 million people
are homeless at some point during an
average year. Most do not have health
insurance and, for some, the
symptoms of their illnesses or prior
bad experiences cause them to
actually avoid health care.
    Many Catholic Health East facilities
are actively addressing the needs of
this important and growing
population, but there has never been
a formal network within the system to
share ideas and best practices. A
recent meeting of CHE colleagues
who minister to the homeless brought       vice president, Advocacy and               these individuals continue to do the
not only a helpful discussion but also     Government Relations, invited CHE          outstanding work facilitating care for
collaboration and action.                  facilities to send their designees to a    this vulnerable population. It was truly
    Sister Julie Casey, executive vice     two-day, CHE-sponsored symposium           an honor to be a part of this event.”
president of Mission Integration at        about caring for the homeless.
CHE, understands the challenges and        Twenty-four representatives from nine
the blessings of caring for those who      CHE affiliates attended the first                 “...we know our system
find themselves without housing. She       meeting. The results? Amazing. “These           had at least 36,000 contacts
also understands the power and             are the best of the best,” says Sister          with the homeless last year.
impact that CHE hospitals can make         Julie. “Kindred spirits. Within five         We need a way to...leverage CHE’s
when working together.                     minutes, the generosity, creativity,       size and clout to grow programming
    “Our health care organizations are     sensitivity, and ingenuity of these                and influence policy.”
actively addressing the issue of caring    servant leaders filled the room.”                       Sr. Julie Casey
for the medically underserved. We              “After learning and working with a              Executive Vice President,
report our charity care numbers and        number of homeless program                           Mission Integration
community benefit activities, and we       directors over my more than seven                    Catholic Health East
know our system had at least 36,000        year tenure at CHE, it was a rewarding
contacts with the homeless last year.      experience to be able to help facilitate       One of those servant leaders is
But we don’t have a clear idea of the      and be part of this gathering of           Dr. James Withers, founder and
scope and depth of that service,” says     dedicated advocates for the                medical director of Operation Safety
Sister Julie. “We need a way to            homeless,” said Becker. “The stories,      Net (OSN), a non-profit organization
formalize the data, as well as to          the education, and most importantly        at Pittsburgh Mercy Health System.
leverage CHE’s size and clout to grow      the energy generated by this               OSN is a Street Medicine program,
programming and influence policy.”         gathering helped me to focus on what       founded when Dr. Withers and Mike
    Sister Julie and Ken Becker, CHE’s     CHE as a system could do to help           Sallows, a staff member since 1993,

                                     W INTER                  E D I T I O N                  2 0 0 8

the Homeless
 began making “house calls” together         first visit overseas was to Calcutta,                 resources and relationships that can
 at night under the bridges, along the       where he had the opportunity to talk                  drive policy. It’s been great education
 river banks, and in the abandoned           with Mother Theresa. Through                          for leaders on both sides of the table.”
 buildings of Pittsburgh. Most of OSN’s      extensive global networking OSN,                          Last year, Mercy served 2300
 work force is comprised of volunteers,      with key support from Glaxo Smith                     individuals and facilitated over 13,000
 but a dedicated office/case                 Kline, helped to create a street                      encounters in its three-county service
 management staff supports all the field     medicine collaborative that hosts the                 area in western Massachusetts. “We see
 work.                                       annual International Street Medicine                  everything from cuts and abrasions to
     The work of OSN has evolved to          Symposium. In 2007, 21 US cities and                  rashes, hypertension, and diabetes.
 include medical student education in        11 international cities were                          Seventy-eight percent of our
 the streets, housing, preventive health     represented at that gathering.                        population is covered by Medicaid
 services, hospital consults, severe                                                               insurance, so we sometimes help
 weather shelter and response, and                                                                 answer the same kinds of health
 extensive public education.                                                                       insurance questions that you or I
     “Imagine us as a home care service                                                            might have.”
 for street people,” says Dr. Withers.                                                                 Mercy obtained a $100,000
 “We have a 24 hour on-call system                                                                 McKinney grant for healthcare to the
 and make rounds four nights a week                                                                homeless. “Getting insurance is half the
 to visit people outdoors. Our staff                                                               battle, and this grant opens up a whole
 helps people get into primary care and                                                            new world for individuals,” said Fadus.
 monitors their progress to ensure that                                                                In August of 2007, Mercy
 their health improves.”                                                                           participated in Project Homeless
     With a specialty in Internal                                                                  Connect, a nationwide day of action
 Medicine, Dr. Withers could have                                                                  for the benefit of the homeless. “It’s a
 chosen any number of different career         Brenda Galloway (center) and Nesty Santiago         big day where people in need have
                                               (right), staff workers with Sisters of Providence
 paths. “Mercy’s roots in service were         Health System’s Health Care for the Homeless        access to many of the services they
 important to me. When a person has            program, distribute winter survival backpacks       need,” said Fadus. “Sixty vendors
 been discharged from the ER and is            at the health system’s Homeless Memorial Day        provided opportunities to obtain
                                               observance. (Please see page nine for more
 going home to recuperate—but that             examples of how other CHE facilities                everything from Social Security
 home is under a bridge—I feel                 commemorated Homeless Memorial Day.)                disability, to photo IDs, to haircuts, to
 particularly useful and fortunate to                                                              eye exams, to assistance with mental
 have a part in bringing care to people          The different issues facing the                   health issues.”
 and meeting them where they are.”           homeless makes hospitals a logical                        Fadus and her team also participate
     He continues, “The paradox is that      leader in this arena. But why aren’t all              in a national event called Homeless
 there are tremendous medical                hospitals engaged in this important                   Memorial Day. Held on December
 resources close by, but they might as       work? The primary reason is lack of                   21st, the longest night of the year,
 well be on the other side of the planet.    monetary resources.                                   advocates and concerned citizens
 Access is not easy. Sometimes it is due         In Springfield, Massachusetts, the                honor the memory of those homeless
 to structure, or sometimes the folks on     business community and local                          who have died in the past year. In the
 the street are dealing with multiple        government have been strong service                   past, Mercy celebrated this event in-
 factors like confusion or addiction. It’s   partners. Doreen Fadus, executive                     house but in 2007, a citywide event
 a complicated situation.”                   director of Community Health at                       was held on the steps of Springfield’s
     Dr. Withers’ work has allowed           Mercy Medical Center in Springfield                   city hall.
 him to meet and build alliances with        (part of Sisters of Providence Health                     “It helps all of us to acknowledge
 other homeless outreach workers             System), says the combination has                     and remember those we have lost, as
 throughout the nation and the world.        yielded success. “Hospitals represent                 well as to reflect on our work and
 Operation Safety Net became a model         the voice of the people in need, and                  honor the impact that we are able to
 for other cities such as Santa Barbara,     the Mayor’s team and business                         make,” says Fadus.
 San Diego, Atlanta, and Chicago. His        community help provide the financial                                          continued on page 9

                   H             O             R              I              Z              O            N             S

I magine inviting nineteen family
     members to join you for an
                                                      Compliance: The Key
evening out in your city. Then have
them agree on a restaurant, select
menu items that are suitable for
the entire party, and settle on a
reasonable and acceptable cost
for all.
   Sound next to impossible?
Essentially, that’s what CHE
Supply Chain envisions in its
transition to HealthTrust, its new
Group Purchasing Organization.
                                                       George (Georgiana) Riley, CHE’s clinical resource manager, emphasizes that open, frequent,
Why Group Purchasing?                                  two-way communication is key to the success of Supply Chain’s Task Forces in Nursing,
                                                       Advanced Wound Care, Surgical Services, Cardiology, Radiology, Laboratory, Food Services,
    In 2005, CHE joined Consorta, a                    and Pharmacy.
Catholic Group Purchasing Organization.
It was perceived that our transition to
Consorta would provide not only                member understands their local                      approximately two thousand not-for-
improved pricing on goods and services         environment and can represent their                 profit and for-profit acute care hospitals,
but more importantly this transition would     individual facility. It’s their responsibility to   ambulatory surgery centers and alternate
also provide the opportunity for CHE           take the information from the conference            care sites. Today, HealthTrust’s annual
colleague input into contracting decisions     calls and communicate that information              purchasing volume approaches $14
including the opportunity for clinical         effectively at the local level. Open,               billion.
discussions and evaluations.                   frequent and two-way communication                      Both organizations embrace similar
    In April 2005, the CHE Task Forces were    drives the success of the CHE Task Forces.          codes of conduct and purchasing
formed. CHE created a structure and a              “Gaining input on the front end from            philosophy. CHE’s primary interest is that
process that would provide for direct          stakeholders familiar with patient care and         HPG supports our commitment of
feedback to Supply Chain. Current CHE          clinical needs provides Group Purchasing            ensuring that product discussions are
Task Forces include Nursing, Advanced          contracting staff with the information they         focused on quality, safety and service,
Wound Care, Surgical Services, Cardiology,     need to begin meaningful contract                   and not driven primarily by financial
Radiology, Laboratory, Food Services and       discussions with vendors,” according to             impact.
Pharmacy. CHE Task Force members               George (Georgiana) Riley, R.N., clinical
represent their local facilities on the CHE    resource manager for Catholic Health East.          How does the process work?
Task Force conference calls.                   The end result is that CHE colleagues can               Presently, through its Task Forces,
    The purpose of the Task Forces is to       provide their patients with goods and               CHE provides feedback to the Consorta
foster collaboration and participation of      services that meet needs in a cost effective        Committees and the HealthTrust Advisory
stakeholders (physicians, clinicians, non-     manner while achieving contract                     Boards.
clinicians and Supply Chain management)        compliance.                                             Riley has witnessed first-hand the
throughout CHE in product selection,                                                               robust clinical process in place at HPG.
standardization, utilization, evaluation and   And then Came HealthTrust…                          The CHE Task Forces mirror the recently
conversion. The guiding principles include         In an environment where group                   restructured Consorta Clinical
ensuring that contracting decisions are        purchasing is becoming increasingly more            Committees and the HealthTrust Clinical
based on a combination of safety,              competitive and difficult, Consorta                 Advisory Boards. Members of the
clinical/technical specifications,             determined that partnering with another             Consorta Clinical Committees and the
performance, service and financial impact.     large GPO would achieve “bottom of the              HPG Clinical Advisory Boards are “front
    How do facilities of various sizes, with   market” pricing.                                    line” clinicians who understand patient,
different strengths and areas of excellence,       In April 2007, Consorta became the              staff and physician needs. Each
agree on solutions that work for everyone?     sixth equity partner within the HealthTrust         participant has the clinical expertise
Here comes that family concept again. The      Purchasing Group (HPG). Established in              and the product knowledge to ensure
common thread is that each Task Force          May 1999, HealthTrust now supports                  that the products and services for

                                         W INTER               E D I T I O N             2 0 0 8

to Supply Chain Success
       2007-2009 Goal:                                                                            Colleagues throughout CHE have
                                                                                              multiple opportunities for input
                                                                                              throughout the process. “If CHE
    $45-$50 Million Reduction                                                                 colleagues do not participate on the
                                                                                              conference calls and don’t respond to the
      in Supply Chain Cost                                                                    electronic surveys, they’re sending a
    $50 -                                                                                     “clear” message that they will be
                                                                                              comfortable with whatever decisions are
                                                                                              made by their CHE/Consorta/HealthTrust
     $40 -                                                                                    colleagues,” says Riley.
                                                                                                  How do RHCs feel about the
                                                                                              HealthTrust clinical process? “In these
                                                                                              challenging times when we are all
     $30 -                                                                                    stretched financially, it’s a tremendous
                                                           “Although finances are             advantage to work together” says Marsch.
                                                           definitely a consideration,            RHCs are advised immediately when a
     $20 -                           $15.8                 the process always places          contract is awarded. If a contract requires
                                                           quality above finances.
                                     Million               I’m thrilled to have a
                                                                                              a conversion the CHE “conversion
                                                                                              process” is initiated. Vendors first meet
     $10 -                                                 voice in the process.”             with the System Office staff to discuss
                                                              Kathy Marsch,                   conversion strategy and process. The local
                                                              St. Peter’s Health Care         Materials director quarterbacks the
                                                              Services, Albany, NY            conversion activity. System Office meets
                                                                                              with the National Accounts representative
                  *As of 11.30.07                                                             every two weeks to monitor the
                                                                                              conversion process through completion.
                                                                                              Conversion is required within 90 days of
 our patients are clinically acceptable and     heavily in the hands of clinical people       the contract effective date.
 will provide positive patient outcomes.        and, although finances are definitely a           Because HealthTrust achieves
     Through the activity of its Task Forces,   consideration, the process always places      consensus prior to contract negotiations,
 CHE has developed a “circle of                 quality above finances. I’m thrilled to       the HealthTrust contracting team can
 communication” to the Consorta                 have a voice in the process.”                 successfully achieve excellent pricing with
 Committees and the HPG Advisory                    “When the Task Force members have a       vendors. The vendor expectation for this
 Boards. At least two CHE Task Force            product category to discuss, I share which    “bottom of the market” pricing is contract
 members participate on each of the             vendors are currently on contract and the     compliance.
 Consorta Committees. In addition, CHE          annual spend,” says Riley. “Task Force            Contract compliance is the “price tag”
 represents Consorta on the HPG Nursing         members are very participative because        for aggressive pricing.
 Advisory Board (Kathy Marsch, St. Peter’s      they know this is their opportunity to            The CHE Task Force members, as part
 Health Care Services, Albany), Surgical        provide their input. Task Force               of the CHE family, are encouraged to
 Advisory Board (Melanie Nash, St. Mary’s       participation is critical since CHE as a      continue their support of Supply Chain
 Health Care System, Athens), and Food          System and/or a local facility is not         activities through their consistent
 Advisory Board (George Cranmer,                permitted to contract for a product           participation on the CHE Task Forces.
 Lourdes Health System, Camden).                category that has been awarded by             According to Riley, “The CHE Task Force
     CHE as a System is extremely indebted      HealthTrust.”                                 members are and will continue to be an
 to our clinical and non-clinical colleagues        In addition to the discussions, HPG has   integral component of the “path of
 who share their time and talent on the         initiated an electronic survey tool. These    communication” between HealthTrust,
 CHE Task Forces, Consorta Committees           surveys, developed for specific product       Consorta, the System Office and their
 and the HPG Advisory Boards.                   categories, are comprised of 10-12            colleagues at the local facilities.”
     According to Kathy Marsch, R.N.,           questions. Task Force and Supply Chain            The collaboration of the CHE Task
 M.S., C.N.A.A., B.C., director, Women’s        Management Council members are                Force members with their colleagues
 and Children’s Services at St. Peter’s         encouraged to forward these                   throughout CHE, Consorta and
 Health Care Services, Albany, NY, who          questionnaires to all CHE colleagues          HealthTrust is and will continue to
 currently participates on the HPG Nursing      whom they believe could provide               be the foundation for the successful
 Advisory Board, “The process is placed         valuable input.                               achievement of contract compliance.

                        H               O            R             I                Z                O           N                  S                                                                                                                W INTER                E D I T I O N               2 0 0 8

                                                        Celebrating Ten Years of Catholic Health Care
                                                                                                            A very special part of the ceremony involved the                               The twenty selected colleagues were then invited                 excerpt from each winning entry was read.          represent for keeping the sacred trust that is
                                                                                                         recognition of CHE’s Sharing the Heritage contest                              to attend a January 7th reception held in                           The videos of two winning colleagues were          yours, for dreaming new dreams, for
                                                                                                         winners. Initiated in November 2007, the contest                               Philadelphia, PA in their honor and, on the following               played for the benefit of those assembled.         reverencing the deep history that is the
                                                                                                         invited colleagues from throughout the System to                               day, a welcoming breakfast reception at CHE’s                           Irene Pilarz, administrative assistant in      foundation for all we do, and for giving us so
                                                                                                         share their personal expressions and thoughts on                               System Office in Newtown Square, PA, which led                      Information Services, then led those in            many reasons to believe in a future full of
                                                                                                         how they lived out the Catholic health care mission                            right up to the ceremony. Each colleague’s                          attendance in reading the “recommitment”           hope.”
                                                                                                         and ministry in their daily lives.                                             submission was placed on display at the ceremony,                   to CHE’s Mission, a ritual at all previous            Kinder added “The members of the CHE
                                                                                                            Colleagues at each RHC/JOA then submitted                                   as well as reprinted in programs distributed to all                 Heritage Day celebrations. Messages from           Board of Directors join me in expressing
                                                               CHE Sponsors
                                                               Council                 CHE               their creative expressions in the form of essays,                              attendees. Marian Schaner, CHE’s director of                        Sr. Mary Persico, IHM, CHE Sponsors Council        both congratulations and appreciation to all
                                                               Coordinator             Board Chair       poems, artwork, and video productions. Each                                    Strategy Development and co-chair of Heritage Day                   Coordinator, and Jacquelyn Kinder,                 who are gathered here today to recognize
                                                               Sr. Mary Persico,       Jacquelyn
                                                               IHM                     Kinder            RHC/JOA reviewed the submissions they received at                              2008, then called upon each winning colleague to                    chairperson of CHE’s Board of Directors,           the significance of this 10th year anniversary
                                                                                                         the local level and selected one “winner” to                                   accept his/her award from Bob Stanek; while the                     brought the ceremony to a conclusion.              celebration. As we look forward to the next
                                                                                                         represent their organization.                                                  winners individually ascended to the stage, a short                 Sr. Mary said, “On behalf of the Sponsors of       decade, the Board has full confidence that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Catholic Health East, our congregation             by working together as one to implement
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            leaders and the members of Hope Ministries,        the 2017 Strategic Plan, while staying
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I wish to thank the senior management team         focused on our Mission and Core Values,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            of CHE, the Board of Directors, the members        ten years from now we will find our Catholic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            of the staff here at these beautiful new           health care ministry to be stronger than ever,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The twenty CHE                  offices, all who work here in any capacity         and even more individuals in our various
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            colleagues who                  and the nearly 50,000 employees you                communities experiencing a healing,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            represented their RHC,                                                             transforming presence.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            JOA or System Office as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “Sharing the Heritage”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            contest winners
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            gathered for a group
               Sr. Kathleen Popko, CHE’s                                                                                                                                                                                    photo at the January
               executive vice president, Strategy                                                                                                                                                                           8th event.
               and Ministry Development, was
               among hundreds of CHE                 Bob Stanek, CHE’s president and CEO,
               colleagues and attendees who          congratulates Mary Thibodeau, accounting
               memorialized the festive occasion     manager, Finance Department at St. Francis
               by signing a celebratory banner.      Hospital, Wilmington, Delaware, who was one
                                                     of the “Sharing the Heritage” contest winners       Sharing the Heritage Contest Winners                                                          Maureen G. Mann
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Executive Director,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Michael & Diane Bienes Cancer Center
                                                     recognized at the 10th Anniversary celebration.
...continued from page 1                                                                                  Eileen Aguiar                                  David Flaks, PsyD                             Holy Cross Hospital
                                                                                                          Chaplain, Spiritual Care Department            Director of Employee Assistance and VIP       Ft. Lauderdale, FL
                                                                    Current                               Marian Community Hospital                      St. Francis Medical Center                    Ginny Marchetti                                          Sr. Julie Casey (far left), CHE’s executive vice president, Mission Integration, moderated the
    on January 8, 1998, the founding ceremony                                                             (Maxis Health System)                          Trenton, NJ                                                                                            entertaining and informative “Story Teller” segment of the celebration. Panelists included
    involved the lighting of a single candle.            Catholic Health East Sponsors                    Carbondale, PA
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Manager of Program Advancement
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Global Health Ministry                                   (from 2nd to left) Sr. Ruth McGoldrick, Sr. Kathleen Popko, Sr. Margaret Mary Kimmins,
                                                                                                                                                         Barbara Hawkins
    This candle represented the unity of our new                                                                                                                                                       Catholic Health East
                                                       Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY
                                                                                                          Sharon Bagalio, RN, BSN                        Unit Secretary                                                                                         Regina Benjamin, M.D., Sr. Pat Wolf, Dan Russell, and Howard Watts.
                                                                                                          Director of Risk and                           St. James Mercy Health System
    ministry, the bright flame of our single                                                              Emergency Management                           Hornell, NY
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Deborah Mondon, RN
                                                       Franciscan Sisters of                                                                                                                           Nurse, 5 East
    Mission. Today, we remember the sacred                                                                Mercy Hospital of Maine                        Kimberly Hiner                                Saint Joseph’s Health System
    trust that our founding Sponsors placed in         St. Joseph of Hamburg, NY                          Portland, ME                                                                                 Atlanta, Georgia                                        Coinciding with CHE’s 10th Anniversary, a book
                                                                                                                                                         Assistant Administrator,
    our hands ten years ago, and we honor our          Hope Ministries                                    Graciela Vanessa Cardona                       Health Center Administration                  Darlene Morocco, RN, BSN                                chronicling the history of Catholic Health East
                                                                                                          Administrative Secretary, Financial Services   St. Joseph of the Pines                       IMCU & 4th Floor Medical Manager                        made its debut on January 8th. Together We Are
    current Sponsors with the symbolic lighting        Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill                   Mercy Hospital                                 Southern Pines, NC                            St. Mary’s Health Care System
    of a candle for each one of them.”                                                                    Miami, FL                                                                                    Athens, GA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So Much More: A Living History of Catholic Health
                                                       Sisters of Mercy,                                                                                 Sister Madeleine Joy, SP
       CHE President Bob Stanek then lit the first                                                        Anne Condor                                    Chaplain/Spiritual Services                                                                           East shares details of how and why the system
                                                       Regional Community of Baltimore                                                                                                                 Marty Peahota
    candle, representing the unity of all of our                                                          Director, Managed Care Division                Mercy Medical Center/Farren Care Center       Director of Procurement                                 was formed, and how the system has evolved
    Sponsors within one entity, Catholic Health        Sisters of Mercy –                                 St. Joseph’s Hospital                          (Sisters of Providence Health System)         St. Mary Medical Center                                 over the years, with first-hand accounts from
                                                                                                          (BayCare Health System)                        Springfield, MA                               Langhorne, PA                                           founding Sponsors, Board Members, RHC/JOA
    East. Next, the names of all eleven Sponsors       New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West               Tampa, FL                                      Monica Lozaga, RN, MSN-Ed                     Stephen Surprenant                                      leaders, and colleagues throughout CHE.
    were called out, and eleven                        Sisters of Mercy – Mid-Atlantic Community          Marilyn Crowther, RN, MS                       Director, Staff Development and               Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
    individuals—including original CHE Sponsors        Sisters of Mercy – Northeast Community
                                                                                                          Supervisor, Community Education,               Patient Standards of Care                     Mercy Community Health                                  The text also contains information about each
                                                                                                          Women’s and Children’s Services                Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County   West Hartford, CT
    Council members, original CHE Steering                                                                St. Peter’s Health Care Services               (Lourdes Health System)                                                                               of our Sponsors, and many vignettes and
    Committee members, and colleagues who              Sisters of Providence, Holyoke, MA                 Albany, NY                                     Willingboro, NJ                               Mary Thibodeau                                          photographs of some of the many local
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Finance, Accounting Manager
    have been working at the CHE System Office         Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine, Florida    Majorie Dyson, RN, BS                          Cecilia Mace                                  St. Francis Hospital                                    programs and services that help tell the story
    since 1998—came up, one by one, to light a         Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of
                                                                                                          Administrator on Duty                          Marketing/Communications Project Manager      Wilmington, DE                                          of our health system’s past, present, and
                                                                                                          St. Anthony’s Health Care                      Mercy Medical                                                                                         future. For more information, contact Scott
    candle in honor of each of CHE’s current           Mary, Scranton, Pennsylvania                       (BayCare Health System)                        Daphne, Alabama                               Yashima White
    Sponsors.                                                                                             St. Petersburg, FL                                                                           Vice President, Corporate Marketing Communications      Share, VP, System Communications at
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mercy Health System                                     sshare@che.org.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Conshohocken, PA

                                                                               6                                                                                                                                                                                                  7
                  H            O             R           I            Z             O            N              S
     Across the Country and Across Continents:
 CHE, CHW Partner to Serve Guatemala Mission
A         near perfect triangle can be
             drawn from Guatemala to
             the East Coast to the West
            Coast and back to
Guatemala to depict a recent encounter
                                                                                          Left to right: Sisters Caridad, Mary Jo and
                                                                                          Gloria celebrate ministry together with the
in Chanmagua, Guatemala when                                                              people of Chanmagua, Guatemala.
Caridad Dresell, Gloria Miller, and Mary
Jo McGinley, three Sisters of Mercy from
three regions joined together to minister
with the poor in the Prelature of
Esquipulas in Eastern Guatemala.
Sr. Caridad, who has served with the
Guatemalan people nearly forty years,
                                                Sandra Ramos, RN, a volunteer
delightfully welcomed Sr. Gloria and 18         from Catholic Healthcare West’s
colleagues from Catholic Healthcare             Chandler Hospital, Chandler, AZ,
West (CHW) who pioneered CHW’s first            conducted health seminars in each
international medical mission.                  town during CHW’s initial mission
                                                to Guatemala. This is in accord
    Sr. Mary Jo McGinley, executive             with Global Health Ministry’s
director of CHE’s Global Health Ministry,       commitment to health education
(which has been bringing volunteer              for long-term impact.
teams to Esquipulas for ten years), served
as technical advisor to introduce CHW’s      Nineteen volunteers, seven from CHW’s         supplies used. GHM staff participated in
team to the Esquipulas communities and       International Health Services Advisory        the pre-mission orientation meeting via
share Global Health Ministry’s processes     Group and 12 medical colleagues from          conference call and was available as a
and resources to facilitate this inaugural   11 of their facilities (CA, NV and AZ),       resource throughout the pre-mission
effort.                                      traveled to Esquipulas, Guatemala on          and post-mission period.
    The call to create this triangular       November 9, 2007 and provided clinics,            The collaboration with CHW was
encounter sharing in the service of the      homecare and community health                 Global Health Ministry’s second
poor emanated from community leaders         education in five remote and                  experience in expanding services to
asking Global Health Ministry, which has     impoverished villages where most              communities without overextending its
been sending a medical team each             residents live in adobe homes without         internal resources and capabilities. In
Spring, to send volunteer medical teams      electricity or running water. The local       2005, it introduced Loyola University
twice a year...a request beyond the          community was astounded at the                Medical School (Chicago) to inner-city
current capacities of the program. At the    organization and ability of the group to      Kingston, Jamaica assisting the work of
same time, CHW began to explore              perform so well on its first mission, and     Franciscan Ministries, a sponsored work
initiating an international volunteer        after a very successful week, the team        of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY,
healthcare program. Sr. Mary Jo had the      returned to the West Coast to begin to        also a CHE Sponsor. Sister Mary Jo and
opportunity to dialogue with Susan           evaluate the experience and plan their        John Davanzo of Catholic Health
Whitten, the leader of the CHW advisory      next steps.                                   System (Buffalo), accompanied the first
group. Sr. Mary Jo invited Susan to              Global Health Ministry offered its 20     Loyola volunteer team to Kingston.
consider Esquipulas as CHW’s first           years of experience and the resources of      Loyola continues to serve there each
mission site. The fact that the Sisters of   a well-developed program to assist CHW.       summer, while Global Health Ministry
Charity of the Incarnate Word as well as     These resources included templates for        continues each winter. Both Loyola and
the Sisters of Mercy, two of CHW’s           team formation, site-specific supply list,    Global Health Ministry communicate
Sponsors, lived and ministered in the        orientation materials, and a point-of-        frequently, sharing information and
Esquipulas area created a triangular         service electronic medical record. The        resources. This same pattern of
relationship that helped CHW accept the      medical record data enabled CHW to            continued communication is envisioned
invitation.                                  have instantaneous patient information        between Global Health Ministry and
    Under the guidance of Global Health      to give the local health teams and to         CHW, with the hopes of mutually
Ministry, CHW communicated                   create an epidemiological profile of all      strengthening all involved in the
information across its system seeking        patients served and produce                   healing ministry in Esquipulas,
volunteers for its pioneer team.             comprehensive data on medications and         Guatemala.

                                                 W INTER                 E D I T I O N                  2 0 0 8

                     Health Care for the Homeless       wide efforts, as well as the CHE System             other systems and areas of society that
...continued from page 3                                Office’s participation in the region-               are looking for leadership.”
        Thanks to the collaboration                     wide Homeless Memorial Day                             Sister Julie says, “The Homeless
    launched at the CHE symposium held                  observance held at Philadelphia’s City              Memorial Day event is just the
    in 2007, and the connections that                   Hall on December 20th.                              beginning of raising awareness and
    many of Catholic Health East facilities                                                                 consciousness, and leveraging our
    have with national homeless networks,               What does the future hold?                          system strengths. We have already
    CHE launched its first system-wide                     “We’re at an important crossroads                launched an internal portal chock full of
    effort for all hospitals with homeless              in America where healthcare access is               amazing resources for the leaders of our
    outreach programs to acknowledge                    getting more and more difficult to                  homeless programs, and we plan to use
    Homeless Memorial Day in a special                  obtain,” says Dr. Withers. “Through                 our technology capabilities to cull survey
    way. Courtney Mengel, Esq., CHE’s                   CHE, the individual health care facilities          data and other information. I am very
    manager, Government Affairs and                     that have been so individually true to              proud of the work our people have
    Public Policy, and Philip Boyle, CHE’s              the poor can make a statement about                 done, and I know they will continue to
    vice president, Mission and Ethics,                 health care as a commitment to all                  find innovative, impactful ways to
    helped to coordinate these system-                  persons. Our leadership can impact                  reach this important community.”

    Homeless Memorial Day Commemorations Around CHE

    During its Homeless Memorial Day observance,        From December 20 through December 21, a              Monita Bonczek, an employee of the Diocese of
    staff at BayCare’s St. Joseph’s Hospital took       single candle was lit in the Marian Community        St. Petersburg, lights a candle at the Memorial
    turns in reading the names of the 60 homeless       Hospital Emergency Department’s Waiting Area         Service for the homeless, a collaboration of St.
    individuals who died in Hillsborough County in      to increase awareness of Maxis Health System’s       Anthony’s Healthcare, Catholic Charities and
    2007.                                               staff, patients and visitors to the plight of the    the City of St. Petersburg, Florida.
                                                        homeless and to memorialize those who died
                                                        while living on the streets.

    Sr. Maureen M. Reardon (second from left),
    senior vice president and chief mission and
    compliance officer, Mercy Community Health          Hundreds of advocates—housing, health care           Saint Joseph’s Mercy Care Services, Atlanta,
    (West Hartford, CT), Bettie Jackson, receptionist   and service providers; homeless and formerly         Georgia, hosted a Homeless Vigil to honor and
    for Saint Mary Home (far right), and a few of       homeless individuals, and other supporters—          say farewell to those who died homeless during
    the residents of Saint Mary Home take a peek at     participated in the December 20th Homeless           2007. The event was attended by individuals
    just a sampling of the items gathered by Mercy      Memorial Day candlelight service at                  from local agencies, churches, Saint Joseph’s
    Community Health residents, visitors and            Philadelphia’s City Hall. Attendees held placards    Health System, the legislature and city
    associates. “Mercy Giving Trees” encouraged         bearing the names of each of the 70 homeless         government and by members of the
    people to give to those less fortunate during the   men, women and children who died in the              community at large, including many people
    holiday season.                                     Philadelphia area in 2007.                           who are currently experiencing homelessness.

                         H       O             R            I               Z               O        N              S

                         Battle of the Hospital Chefs
    St. Mary Health Care System Team Finishes 2nd in Nation!
                                                                                                chefs competed in an “iron chef” style
                                                                                                competition to prepare healthy,
                                                                                                innovative and reasonably priced foods
                                                                                                for their customers. Celebrity and local
           St. Mary’s                                                                           judges chose the winners based on
   Nutrition Services                                                                           originality and creativity, taste, nutritional
   General Manager
Mark Abbott, right,                                                                             balance, quality plate presentation, ease
    and his sous chef                                                                           of production, cost effectiveness, and
for the competition,                                                                            appropriateness for a hospital setting.
    St. Mary’s Melvin                                                                           The final result: the St. Mary Health Care
   Lowe, display the                                                                            System team finished second in the
Silver Medal trophy                                                                             nation!
 they brought home
   from the first-ever                                                                              The event benefited the American
  Consorta Battle of                                                                            Heart Association and the Juvenile
  the Hospital Chefs                                                                            Diabetes Research Foundation. Catholic
     September 25th                                                                             Charities received all the new cooking
         in Chicago.                                                                            equipment used at the event. The Battle
                                                                                                of the Hospital Chefs received national
                                                                                                media attention including ABC World
                                                                                                News with Charles Gibson, Fox News,
                                                                                                Wall Street Journal, and was also part of
                                                                                                the November 11 cover story in PARADE
                                                                                                Magazine highlighting the trend of
                                                     At St. Mary's, patients order their        gourmet and room-service food in
                                                     meals from the hospital’s restaurant-      hospitals.
                                                     style “At Your Request” room service           The gourmet food selections continue
                                                     menu. Ordering is easy: the meals are      in Georgia, where Abbott may serve a
                                                     delivered within 45 minutes; a
                                                     nutritionist is available if the patient   char grilled salmon filet with a lemon dill
                                                     has special nutritional needs or           sauce, a hand cut rib eye steak with a
                                                     physician orders. Here, Nutrition          demi glaze, or butterfly shrimp as part of
                                                     Services General Manager Mark
                                                     Abbott delivers a meal to Ernestine        the Sodexho “At Your Request” Room
                                                     Harris in her room.                        Service Dining ® program at St. Mary’s
                                                                                                    Sodexho’s room service system allows
                                                                                                patients to order what they want to eat

G      rilled honey lime grouper and shrimp
           with watermelon salsa,
           Mediterranean green bean
                                               culinary talent available at member
                                               hospitals, and how healthy eating can also
                                               be delicious. “Giving patients more
                                                                                                when they want to eat it. One of the
                                                                                                many features of the program is the
                                                                                                ability to identify each patient and his/her
mélange with caramelized balsamic              options, tastier choices, and, in many           particular diet; the staff can suggest
onions, a garden risotto Italia, and           hospitals, control over what and when            healthier options to the patients when
cranberry mint tea to drink.                   they choose to eat is an important trend in      necessary to ensure compliance with
    This was the award winning menu            healthcare,” said John Strong, president         dietary restrictions.
prepared by Chef Mark Abbott, general          and CEO of Consorta.                                 A celebrity in his own right and giving
manager and chef at St Mary’s Health Care         “Our goal at St. Mary’s is to exceed our      back to the community, Abbott was
System in Athens, Georgia, at the first        customers expectations; having a great           recently “auctioned off” at St. Mary’s
annual Battle of the Hospital Chefs contest.   meal can be one of the few chances for           Chocolate Lovers Auction as the personal
    The contest was sponsored by               enjoyment and comfort for patients and           chef for the lucky bidder, where he
Consorta, a healthcare resource                their family members when in a hospital          prepared a gourmet meal for 10 in their
management and group purchasing                setting,” said Mark Abbott ,                     home. Proceeds benefited the St. Mary’s
organization for faith-based or non-profit        The St. Mary Health Care System team,         Hospice House.
health systems, at its recent national         consisting of Mark Abbott and Executive              As far as next year’s competition,
conference in Chicago, IL. Consorta            Chef Melvin Lowe, Jr., competed against          Chef Abbott is already thinking about
initiated the contest to help promote the      culinary teams from 200 hospitals. The           the menu. He is going for the gold!

                                                     W INTER                      E D I T I O N               2 0 0 8

  Patient Navigator Program Funded by Congress                                      BayCare’s St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Rolls Out
  The Patient Navigator Program, created in 2005 by U.S. Senator Robert
  Menendez (D-NJ), was designed to help patients overcome the barriers they
                                                                                    the Red Carpet for Tampa Bay’s Youngest Heroes
  often face in obtaining early health screenings and appropriate follow-up         More than 100 boys and girls and their families converged at St. Joseph’s Children’s
  treatment. Patient navigators are individuals who can help patients navigate      Hospital, Tampa, FL, in December for the 11th Annual Kids Are Heroes awards ceremony.
  through the complexities of health care by improving access to treatment,         This program recognizes children ages 5-18 who have performed heroic deeds, or
  referrals, clinical trials, and health insurance.                                 displayed acts of selflessness and demonstrated good citizenship through its Kids Are
                                                                                    Heroes program. Examples include children who have rescued others from drowning,
  The program—the first of its kind in the nation —has just received $2.9           donated time or money to a charitable organization, befriended a special needs student
  million in initial federal funding. Senator Menendez announced this federal       in their classroom, donated hair to make wigs for cancer patients, and called 911 to
  funding during a recent visit to Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County,     help a relative suffering from a heart attack. Winners from the recent ceremony are
  where he toured the hospital and met patient Victoria Brown (left) and Denise     photographed above, along with Tampa Bay Lightning Defenseman and Kids are Heroes
  Cortland, administrator of the hospital’s cancer program. Menendez also used      Spokeschampion Paul Ranger and St. Joseph's Children’s Hospital Administrator Michael
  his visit to announce more than $718,000 in grants awarded to Lourdes for         Aubin.
  its Outreach and Chronic Disease Prevention programs.

                                                                                      Conroy Honored by Portland Diocese
                                                                                      Congratulations to CHE’s Martha Conroy, director, sponsorship education and
Kenmore Mercy Hospital Goes Smoke-Free                                                ministry formation, who was recently awarded The Immaculate Conception Award
(From left) Judy Tucker, contracts and systems manager for CHS Purchasing;            by Bishop J. Malone. This award, sponsored by the Diocese of Portland, Maine,
Gretchen Lefler, regional vice president of the WNY Chapter of the American           honors individuals for extraordinary service to the people of God in Maine. Conroy,
Cancer Society; Mary Hoffman, Kenmore Mercy Hospital president; and                   who joined CHE in 2006, is a Maine native who previously served as director of the
Richard Allard, environmental services aide at Kenmore Mercy Hospital; get            Office of Worship in the Portland Diocese. Subsequently, she served as chairperson
ready to “take a whack” at the hospital’s smoking hut in preparation for              of the Diocese Committee for Evangelization and Reorganization.
Kenmore Mercy’s transition to a smoke-free campus. Kenmore Mercy Hospital,            Pictured above left to right: Madelyn Conroy (Martha’s brother’s wife), Martha
part of the Buffalo-based Catholic Health System, joins many other CHE                Conroy, John Conroy (brother), and Bishop Richard Malone of Portland, ME
facilities that have committed to maintaining a smoke-free environment.               at the Dec. 8 Immaculate Conception Award Ceremony in Portland, ME.

                           H                  O           R                 I                   Z                   O             N                 S
10 Minutes with... John Capasso
I   n just a couple of years, America’s
        first baby boomers will celebrate
their 65th birthdays. Their next phase
                                                                                                                           when they need it. Socialization, spiritual, and
                                                                                                                           emotional support are additional factors that
                                                                                                                           make this option attractive.
                                                                                                                               There is a nationwide movement to
of life, formerly known as “the Golden                                                                                     enhance the way in which community-based
                                                                                                                           health services are being provided. Another
Years”, now offers housing, health                                                                                         option that is gaining popularity is for seniors
care, and alternative living                                                                                               to receive care while remaining in their
                                                                                                                           existing homes. A practical example of this is
opportunities that were unavailable to                                                                                     CHE’s PACE (Program for All Inclusive Care for
their parents. John Capasso, president                                                                                     the Elderly). The primarily function of this
& CEO of Catholic Health East’s                                                                                            program is to provide home-based services.
Continuing Care Management                                                                                                 Why are we calling it a
Services Network, provides an                                                                                              Continuing Care Management
overview of the System’s vision for the                                                                                    Services Network rather than
                                                                                                                           long-term care or senior care
future of this important segment of the                                       John Capasso                                 network?
population.                                                                                                                    Continuing care provides the most
                                                          What changes have you                                            accurate description for what our RHCs/JOAs
What was the impetus                                      noticed over the last 10-15 years?                               offer. CHE has five continuing care retirement
for creating your position?                                                                                                communities, 12 assisted living facilities, 36
                                                              Because of rising incomes and overall                        skilled nursing facilities, and performs more
   CHE wanted to organize the expertise we                affluence, seniors are better positioned than                    home care visits annually than any other not-
have within our system to strengthen clinical             ever before to make decisions that best suit                     for-profit health care provider in the country.
quality and financial performance of long                 their lifestyles. Thanks to the Internet, people                 We provide about $500 million in services for
term, post-acute, residential, and other                  come equipped with facts, comparisons,                           seniors that cannot be classified as either
continuing care ministries throughout our                 and pricing information. They know what                          hospital or acute care.
RHCs. We also believe that participating in               they want and how much they are willing to                           The purpose of the Continuing Care
continuing care services—in particular,                   pay for it.                                                      Management Services Network is to organize
community based services—represents a                         On the converse side, there is an                            our current resources and expertise to make
growth opportunity for CHE.                               increasing number of seniors who cannot                          them available and accessible.
                                                          afford to pay from their own pockets. CHE
                                                          will continue to serve people at every point
You have spent 20 years                                   in that spectrum.                                                CHE has so much to offer in this
as an administrator in acute                                                                                               area. What are your hopes and goals
care and 10 years in senior                                                                                                for the RHC/JOAs and CHE?
living services. What value does                          Any other trends?
that experience bring?                                                                                                         Working together, we have real
                                                              Ten years ago, national occupancy rates                      opportunities to impact the lives of millions
   As both a hospital executive on the acute              in skilled nursing communities were in                           of Americans. These services are important
care side and a Licensed Nursing Home                     excess of 90%. More than 1.5 million                             to the community, and we’re now organizing
Administrator, I have seen first-hand the issues          Americans still live in these communities, but                   in a way that will enhance delivery of service
and challenges that patients and their families           the occupancy rates have declined because                        and achieve our strategic goals. We are
face when making health care decisions. My                of alternative options.                                          blessed to have expertise across the system,
personal values align with CHE’s Core Values,                 Continuing care retirement communities                       and we can build further alliances to maximize
and I want to use my talents to ensure that               offer value to seniors who find a senior living                  our collective value to our patients,
people receive the best possible health care              community appealing, but still expect a                          communities, and each other.
while maintaining their dignity.                          certain level of health care service if and

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