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                                                                                                December 2006

                               Southern Nevada Hunter Jumper Association

 Joelle Wisnicky Perpetual              Letter from the President…..
       Trophy Donors
Jodi, Christopher & Nicole Bentley
                                          Wrapping Up A Great Season
       Jack and Jane Cross
        The Dejong Family               We had a great meeting    •    We have added a 2’9”     Non-Profit 501 (c ) (3) has
        Joel & Kim Ehlers            earlier this month, and I    jumper division for Friday    been completed and sub-
         Candia Ferrandiz            wanted to say thanks to      to help transition some of    mitted to a CPA firm for
   The Joseph Frederick Family       everyone who attended –      our jumpers from the          review.
         The Heers Family            we had a lot to cover!       Hopeful Division to the
           Susan Langer                                           3’0” Jumper Division.         Don’t forget to vote for the
         The Nathan Girls            Some news for 2007:          • We modified our mem-        new Board! The vote will
 Rondo and Judy Nielson of Aspen     • We agreed to have six      bership to conform more to    be held on December 4,
             Hill Farms                                                                         2006 at Marbaya at 7pm.
           Phillips Ranch
                                     3-day shows, and the dates   the USEF requirements.
                                     have been set at Horse-      We will have two types of     Nominations can be made
Taylor Sams & Carousel Services,
                 Inc.                man’s Park for this coming   memberships – Junior and      from the floor. A ballot is
      The Smiecinski Family          year. We are also planning   Senior – based on age as of   enclosed for your informa-
       The Smihula Family            to have three 1-day shows.   December 1 of the previous    tion.
         Patrick Wisnicky            The 3-day shows will accu-   year.
             Jean Wolff                                                                         See you next week….and
                                     mulate year-end points as    • We voted to adopt
                                     in previous years. The be-                                 the week after at the big
   Thank You All!                    ginner shows will offer
                                                                  Amended and Restated By-
                                                                  laws – they will be posted
                                     some better prizes at each   to the website soon.
                                     show, but not accumulate     The application for the               Cathy Jones
                                     year-end points.
2007 Show Dates
 3-Day Horse Shows are held at                                        Awards Banquet
       Horseman’s Park
       5800 E. Flamingo Road
        Las Vegas, NV 89122                            Last Meeting of 2006
  Judges will be announced at a
           later date.                                    December 4-Elections
        JANUARY 12-14                       Marbeya Business Center
       FEBRUARY 9-11                         Suite B100 (west end)
         MARCH 23-25                            6655 W. Sahara
          APRIL13-15                        Between Torrey Pines and
       SEPTEMBER 7-9                            Rainbow, 7PM
         OCTOBER 5-7
                  Awards Dinner
                       BARN NEWS

                          Talisman Farm                                           SADDLERY
                                                                               Equestrian Apparel & Supplies
         Talisman Farm is pleased to announce its per-
                                                                                     Mobile Retailer
 manent relocation to Lone Mountain Stables owned
 by Mark and Kathy Rosich. I would like to person-
                                                                                   8730 Four Views St.
 ally like to thank Sarah and Frank Veillieux for their
                                                                                  Las Vegas, NV 89143
 warm hospitality during our stay at their facility. We
 also want to thank Brenda Harvey for taking such                            Under new Ownership!
 wonderful care of our horses.
         Lone Mountain Stables is conveniently lo-                      Call for Barn Appointments, Orders, or
 cated in Centennial Hills by the Painted Desert golf                  drop by Four Views Equestrian Center to
 course and Santa Fe Casino with easy access from the
 95 and 215 freeways.
         Our deepest condolences to Roslyn Ryan and
 the loss of her horsse, Kaama, who passed away at 20                  We take dry-cleaned, name-brand (e.g., R-J
 due to medical complications.                                         Classic, Grand Prix) Used Riding coats on
         Welcome new clients Abigail-focusing on                                      consignment.
 dressage, Laura focusing on hunters, Kayla focusing
 on hunters, Madison focusing hunters, and Katya fo-
 cusing on dressage. Welcome back Danielle Walker
 from your summer hiatus.
         Congratulations to Sarah with So Good and
 Southern Secret both horses came home with lots of
 ribbons from their week at the South Point!

                                                                          Go to for news,
         Rochen Heers, D.V.M.               Ray Long, LVT/RVT
         Nevada Lic. # - 864                   Nevada Lic. # - 268                   prize lists, forms,
         Utah Lic. # - 98-355-9442801
         Arizona Lic. # - 3263
                                               Arizona Lic. # - V870
                                                                                   member photos and
         Colorado Lic. # - 6396                                                            more.
         California Lic. # - 11935
          Advanced Equine Dentistry                                                        Webmaster:
          P.O. Box 77701                    Office - (702) 896-6080                     Sharmane Fontenot.
          Henderson, NV 89077              Mobile - (702) 768-7352
          Dentistry Scheduling/Information - (702) 768-7309 - Joy

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    SNHJA 2006 Year-End Winners
                               SNHJA 3’3” Medal            Short Stirrup Equitation
   Standard 3-Day              1st: Katie Jones            Champion: Hayley Heers
    Horse Shows                2nd: Lily Savage            Res Champ: Maggie Zinninger
                               3rd: Kymber Malloy            Shyenne Davis
   Award Results               4th: Shannon Cavanaugh        Sunnie Heers
                               5th: Amanda McQuady           Marguerite Lindstrom
                               6th: Molly Shendal            Alyssa Everett

Baby Green                     Training Jumpers            Long Stirrup Hunters
Champion: Cooper               Champion: So Good           Champion: High Fico
Res Champ: Medallion           Res Champ: Edelweiss        Res Champ: East River Road
  Dakota's Secret                 Private Jet                Fully Loaded
  Empire                          Vendetta                   Corporate Funds (tied)
  Kinetic Energy                  Southern Secret            Northern Eagle (tied)
  Gratitude                       Casanova                   Coast To Coast
Open Hunter                    Hopeful Jumpers             Long Stirrup Equitation
Champion: Donovan              Champion: Mr Puff N Stuff   Champion: Lucy Mylchreest
Res Champ: Private Reserve     Res Champ: Baywatch         Res Champ: Erin Walters
  Nip of Time                    Joy Ride                    Stephanie Pesek
  Nathan Detroit                 Tropical Apache             Steven Epps
  Special Occasion               Chocolate’s Rocketman       Taylor Sams
  Wailea                         Dakota’s Secret (tied)      Stephanie Meyer
                                 Bada Bing! (tied)
Schooling Jumpers                                          SNHJA 2’6” Medal
Champion: Sweet Dream          Walk/Trot Over Poles        1st: Sunnie Heers
Champion: Vendetta             Champion: Sammy Kanwetz     2nd: Lucy Mylchreest
Res Champ: Blue Water Bay      Res Champ: Lauren Burke     3rd: Maggie Zinninger
Res Champ: Casanova              Hayley Smihula            4th: Hayley Heers
  Pit Boss                       Margaret Edwards          5th: Allison Bonanno
  Intuition                      Nicole Wisnicky           6th: Taylor Ehlers
  Apache Cliffs                  Tessa Dejong
  Shenanigan                                               Low Hunter
                               Crossrails Rider            Champion: Donovan
SNHJA 3’ Medal                 Champion: Emily Dietrick    Res Champ: Liberty's Whisper
1st: Shannon Cavanaugh         Res Champ: Lauren Howes       Medallion
2nd: Christine Hollingsworth     Samantha Edwards            Special Occasion
3rd: Mikaela Dailey              Brianna Gall                High Fico
4th: Hannah Youell               Kim Soffe                   Fully Loaded
5th: Peter Smiecinski            Sierra Gioletti
                                                           Equitation 17 & Under
Open Equitation                Short Stirrup Hunters       Champion: Hannah Youell
Champion: Amanda McQuady       Champion: Dakota's Secret   Res Champ: Brittany Dilauro
Res Champ: Katie Jones         Res Champ: Nelson             Christine Hollingsworth
  Amanda Schofield               Mr. Puff N Stuff            Mikaela Dailey
  Amanda Pitton                  The Mane Attraction         Danielle Seagrave
  Lily Savage                    Imagine That                Katelyn McCullough
  Shannon Cavanaugh              Story Book Lady
  Kymber Malloy

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    SNHJA 2006 Year-End Winners
SNHJA 2’9” Medal               Mod CH/AA Hunters              Maiden
1st: Susan Langer              Champion: Medallion            Champion: Stephanie Meyer
2nd: Hannah Youell             Res Champ: High Fico           Res Champ: Danielle Scarano
3rd: Allison Bonanno             Baywatch                       Brennan Kaye
4th: Mikaela Dailey              Dakota's Secret                Samantha Edwards
5th: Christine Hollingsworth     Donovan                        Sammy Kanwetz
Equitation 18 & Over                                          "B" Limit
Champion: Susan Langer         Children's Hunters             Champion: Stephanie Meyer
Res Champ: Liz Krueger         Champion: Donovan              Res Champ: Brennan Kaye
  Allison Bonnano              Res Champ: Liberty's Whisper     Danielle Scarano (tied)
                                 Nip of Time                    Samantha Edwards (tied)
Crossrails Horse                 Spago                          Brianna Gall
Champion: Corporate Funds        Simply Savage                  Lauren Burke
Res Champ: Just a Little Bit     High Fico (tied)               Molly Whissel
  Enya Dreams                    Platinum Edition (tied)
  Katmandu                                                    2006 SNHJA Flat Medal
  Smarty Pants                 AA Hunters                     1st: Stephanie Meyer
  Glaros First Step            Champion: Nathan Detroit       2nd: Samantha Edwards
                               Res Champ: Sweet Dream
Limit Equitation                 Special Occasion             "B" Crossrails 12 & Under
Champion: Stephanie Meyer                                     Champion: Brianna Gall
Res Champ: Shyenne Davis       SNHJA Hunters                  Res Champ: Molly Whissel
   Lauren Howes                Champion: Loxley                 Sierra Gioletti
   Marguerite Lindstrom        Champion: Nip of Time            Lauren Ender
   Erin Walters                Res Champ: Simply Savage
   Taylor Sams                   Este Son W (tied)            "B" Crossrails 13-17
                                 Sweet Dream (tied)           Champion: Ashley Frankl
SNHJA 2’ Medal                   Shenanigan
1st: Samantha Edwards                                         "B" Short Stirrup
2nd: Steven Epps                                              Champion: Samantha Edwards
3rd: Stephanie Meyer              1-Day Beginner              Res Champ: Molly Whissel
4th: Marguerite Lindstrom
5th: Shyenne Davis                 Horse Shows                "B" Medium Stirrup
6th: Stephanie Pesek                                          Champion: Stephanie Meyer
7th: Erin Walters              "B" Walk Trot 10 & Under       Res Champ: Taylor Sams
                               Champion: Jacob Dailey           Bianca Driscoll
Schooling Pony Hunters         Res Champ: Lauren Burke          Steven Epps
Champion: Mr. Puff N Stuff       Sammy Kanwetz                  Natalee Klingbiel
Res Champ: Storybook Lady        Tessa DeJong
  Imagine That                   Margaret Edwards             "B" Long Stirrup
  Smarty Pants                   Nicole Wisnicky              Champion: Tani Smihula
  Enya Dreams
  Sophie's Choice               "B" Walk Trot 11-17           "B" 2006 SNHJA 2'0" Medal
                               Champion: Danielle Scarano     1st: Samantha Edwards
Pony Equitation                                               2nd: Stephanie Meyer
Champion: Hayley Heers         "B" Walk Trot 18 & Over        3rd: Molly Whissel
Res Champ: Sunnie Heers        Champion: Pamela Fair
  Morgan Ricci
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  Year-End Awards Presentation
                              Saturday, December 9, 2006
                                 Wildhorse Golf Club
                               2100 Warm Springs Road
                                  Henderson, Nevada

 The evening will start at 6 with cocktails and entertainment including live harp music.
This will be followed by dinner and the annual slide show depicting the riders in various
                    equestrian activities, not all of which are serious.

  During the evening there will be a raffle and auction* of donated items.
                          Among the items are:

             5 Themed Baskets (each produced by one of the Barns)
                        Two Luxor “Night Out” Packages
                           1/2-hour facial at a day spa
                          French wine with SNHJA label
                      Gift Certificates from Wild West Tack
                 Liquor from Southern Nevada Wine and Spirits
               Children’s Birthday Party at the New York New York

         *All items to be paid for on the night of the auction by cash or check.
                                Credit cards not accepted.

               If you or your company would like to donate
                    Additional auction or raffle items or
                    services, call Stephanie at 340-2260

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                                                                                                                     Forms are also
                                                                                                                    available online at

                                    Southern Nevada Hunter Jumper Association

                      2007 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION/RENEWAL
                   Renewal Membership                               New Membership
______ Adult Competitor…… $30                             ______ Junior Competitor*..... $27
(Non-member fee is $15)

                                                Total Amount Remitting $ ________

Member Name* ________________________                         Birthday (if junior) _________________
Member Name _________________________                         Birthday (if junior) _________________
Member Name _________________________                         Birthday (if junior) _________________
Member Name _________________________                         Birthday (if junior) _________________

*If junior competitor, membership, give parents’ name(s)_______________________
                     Must have this information completed to receive info and mailings:

            Do you wish to receive Newsletters by                         US Mail, or                 E-mail or Website Link
            Do you wish to receive Show Prize Lists by                    US Mail, or                 E-mail or Website Link

            Address ____________________________________________________________________
            City/State/Zip _______________________________________________________________
            Home Phone __________________________Work Phone____________________________
            E-mail address (print clearly) ___________________________________________________
            Barn/Trainer affiliation ________________________________________________________

Name_______________________________Owner _________________________
Horse Name_______________________________Owner _________________________
Horse Name_______________________________Owner _________________________
Horse Name_______________________________Owner _________________________

                                       To be eligible for year-end awards, rider must be a member of SNHJA.
  Eligibility for earning year-end points commences on the date the membership application and payment are received. Get a receipt for proof of
                                                             entry to show start of points.



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                  2007 SNHJA Officers Ballot
  President (Vote for One)
   9 Cathy Jones
   9 Stephanie Pesek
   Vice President (Vote for One)
   9 Stephanie Pesek
   9 Patrick Wisnicky
   Show Secretary (Vote for One)
   9 Maria Langley
   Print Media Secretary (Vote for One)
   9 Amy Smiecinski
   Treasurer (Vote for One)
   9 Elizabeth Tesarski
   Board of Directors (Vote for Three)
   9 Allison Bonanno
   9 Amy Smiecinski
   9 Liz Krueger
   9 Nikki Naikelis
   9 Judy Nielson
   9 Angel Pitton
   9 Denise Walters
   9 Patrick Wisnicky
Other Nomination(s) ____________________________________________________________________


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    Southern Nevada Hunter Jumper Association

    956 E. Eldorado Ln.
    Las Vegas, NV 89123

              Get those January
               Show Entries In
                   on Time!
                                         Don’t forget to send in your
                                           membership renewal!

General Show Information
•   No Entries will be accepted after 30 min-
    utes prior to start of show the days of the
    show for the first division. NO EXCEP-
                                                                                        Southern Nevada Hunter Jumper Association
•   All entries must be received by Tuesday,
    8PM prior to the start of the show or a late fee will be
    charged. NOTE: Double check your entry form for new fax
    number and online address.

•   All adds or scratches must be done in the office before the
                                                                        Editor/Layout/Design…………………………...Amy Smiecinski
    division starts or you will be charged.                                                      e-mail:
•   You must have your entry signed by a parent if you are a            2006 SNHJA OFFICERS
    minor and everyone must leave a signed, open check at the
    office to receive a number.
                                                                        President…………………………….……..…….…...Cathy Jones
•   Please double check the class schedule.
                                                                        Deadline for ads & copy contributions: one week following each show
•   If you are bringing a NON-SHOWING HORSE, please fill out
    an entry form so we may keep track of that horse on show            Vice President…………………………….…..……..Angel Pitton
                                                                        Treasurer…………………………………………..Brenda Allsion
•   Remember when a division has an A and B section, A com-
    pletes their entire division then all of B completes their divi-    Secretary/Print Media……………………….…..Amy Smiecinski
    sion.                                                               Secretary/Show………………...………...………..Maria Langley
                                                                        Board of Directors:
•   For show fees and rules please read the show prize list.-
                                                                        ………………...…Kim Moore, Peter Seagrave, Patrick Wisnicky

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