-- County Cooperative Extension Service -- County Extension personnel can help determine
which pesticides might have been applied to a particular crop, and what activities might have led to
exposure to workers or others. Consult your local telephone directory, blue pages.

--   National Network of Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)

--   Pesticide Education Programs at State Land-Grant Universities

--   State Agromedicine Programs

--   State Lead Agencies (telephone numbers for pesticide programs)

--   State Pesticide Contacts (includes Poison Control Centers, Incident Reporting Agency, State
     Regulatory Agency, Pesticide Education Coordinator)
Pesticide Education Programs at
State Land-Grant Universities
    Arizona Pesticide Information and Training Office (University of Arizona)

    Alabama Pesticide Information (Auburn University)

    Arkansas Pesticide News (University of Arkansas)

    California Pesticide Education Program (University of California)

    Delaware Pesticide Information(University of Delaware)

    Florida Pesticide Information Program Newsletters (University of Florida)

    Georgia Pesticide Applicator Training Information (University of Georgia)

    Hawaii Extension Pesticide Program (University of Hawaii)

    Illinois Pesticide Safety Education (University of Illinois)

    Indiana Purdue Pesticide Programs (Purdue University)

    Iowa Pest Management and the Environment (Iowa State University)

    Kentucky Pesticide Applicator Training Program (University of Kentucky)

    Maine UMCE Pest Management Office (University of Maine)

    Maryland Pesticide Education and Assessment Programs (PEAP) (University of Maryland)

    Massachusetts Pesticide Education Program (University of Massachusetts)

   Minnesota HELPS - Health, Environmental, and Pesticide Safety Program (University of
Missouri Pesticide Applicator Training (University of Missouri - Columbia)

Montana Pesticide Education Program (Montana State University)

Nebraska Pesticide Education Resources (University of Nebraska)

New Jersey RCE Office of Pest Management (Rutgers University)

New York Pesticide Management Education Program (Cornell University)

North Carolina Pesticide Applicator Training Program (North Carolina State University)

North Dakota NDSU Extension Service Pesticide Programs(North Dakota State University)

Ohio Pesticide Education Programs (Ohio State University)

Oklahoma OSU Pesticide Safety (Oklahoma State University)

Oregon Pesticide Applicator Training Program (Oregon State University)

Pennsylvania Pesticide Education Program (Penn State University)

South Carolina Pesticide Information Program (Clemson University)

South Dakota Pesticide Education/Pesticide Applicator Training (South Dakota State University)

Tennessee Pesticide Applicator Training (University of Tennessee)

Texas Agricultural and Environmental Safety (Texas A&M University)

Vermont Pesticide Homepage (Vermont Department of Agriculture, Foods & Markets)

Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs (Virginia Tech)

Washington State Pesticide Page (Washington State University)
Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator Training - UW-Extension (University of Wisconsin)

West Virginia Pesticide Programs and Pesticides (West Virginia University)

Wyoming Pesticide Applicator Training (University of Wyoming)
State Agromedicine Programs
Agromedicine is a collaboration between medical professionals and state pesticide Extension and/or
regulatory personnel to address health concerns of agriculture and forestry, and products associated with
commodity production, including pesticides. Several states have active Agromedicine Programs; others
are in the process of developing programs. Designated state contacts are as follows:

             John R. Wheat, M.D.
             University of Alabama
             Behavioral and Community Medicine
             PO Box 870326
             Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0326
             Phone (205) 348-1300
             Fax (205) 348-7685

             Robert McKnight, MPH
             University of Kentucky
             Department of Preventive Medicine
             1141 Red Mile Road, #102
             Lexington, KY 40504-9842
             Phone (606) 323-6836
             Fax (606) 323-1038

             Amy E. Brown, PhD
             Department of Entomology
             University of Maryland
             College Park, MD 20742
             Phone (301) 405-3913
             Fax (301) 314-9290

              Michael P. Hughes, M.S.
              University of Mississippi
              Medical Center Agromedicine Program
              2500 North State St.
              Jackson, MS 39216
              Phone (601) 984-1680
              Fax (601) 984-1676

             Barb Rieg
             3515 Coal Chute Rd.
             Kearney, NE 68847
             Phone (308) 234-3748
             Fax (308) 236-8831

       North Carolina
       Daniel J. Hubert, PhD
       Agricultural Systems
       Utah State University
       1498 N. 800 E.
       Logan, UT 84322-2300
       Phone (435) 797-3389
       Fax (435) 797-4002

West Virginia
      Scottie M. Ford, M.A.
      West Virginia Department of Agriculture
      1900 Kanawha Boulevard
      East Charleston, WV 25305-0190
      Phone (304) 558-2209
      Fax (304) 558-2228
National Network of Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)
National AHEC Program Office – check link

   Louis D. Coccodrilli, MPH
   Chief, AHEC and Special Programs Branch
   Division of Interdisciplinary and Community Based Programs
   Parklawn Building, Room 9A-27
   5600 Fishers Lane
   Rockville, MD 20857
   (301) 443-6950
   FAX: (301) 443-8890

AHEC State Project Directors & Center Locations

Click on a state below: (Jennifer: not crucial to have these state links here.)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho (WWAMI)


      Frank DeGruy, MD
      AHEC Program Director

      Regina Benjamin, MD
      AHEC Program Co-Director
      (334) 434-3490
      FAX: (334) 434-3495

      AHEC Centers:
      Southwest AHEC, McIntosh
      West Alabama AHEC, Tuscaloosa
      Southeast Alabama AHEC, Troy


      Andrew W. Nichols, MD, MPH
      Arizona AHEC & Rural Health Office Director
      (520) 626-7946 or 626-AHEC
      FAX: (520) 326-6429

      AHEC Centers:
      Southeast Arizona AHEC, Nogales
      Western Arizona AHEC, Yuma
      Northern Arizona AHEC, Flagstaff
      Central Arizona AHEC, Globe/Miami
      Maricopa AHEC, Phoenix


      Charles Cranford, DDS, MPA
      Executive Director
      (501) 686-5260
      FAX: (501) 686-8506

      AHEC Centers:
        AHEC - South Arkansas, El Dorado
        AHEC - Northeast , Jonesboro . . and . .
        AHEC - Northwest , Fayetteville
        AHEC - Fort Smith, Fort Smith
        AHEC - Southwest, Texarkana
        AHEC - Pine Bluff, Pine Bluff


      H. John Blossom, MD,
      Project Director, California AHEC Program
      (209) 252-7199
      FAX: (209) 454-8012

      AHEC Centers:
      Central Coast AHEC (UCSF), Salinas
      Drew AHEC (UCLA), Los Angeles
      Multicultural AHEC (USC), Los Angeles
      Orange County AHEC (UCI), Santa Ana
      San Diego/Border AHEC (UCSD), Chula Vista
      San Francisco Community AHEC (UCSF), San Francisco
      San Joaquin Valley AHEC (UCSF), Fresno
      South Bay AHEC (SU), San Jose
      Superior California AHEC (UCD), Chico
      Wilmington/Los Angeles Port AHEC (UCLA), Torrance


      Marie E. Miller, RN, PhD
      Director, Colorado AHEC System
      (303) 724-0330
      FAX: (303) 724-0891

      AHEC Center:
      Centennial AHEC, Greeley
      Central Colorado AHEC, Denver
      San Luis Valley AHEC, Alamosa
      Southeast Colorado AHEC, Pueblo
      Western Colorado AHEC, Clifton


      Charles Huntington
      Associate Director, Connecticut AHEC Program
      (860) 679-1589
      FAX: (860) 679-1566
 AHEC Centers:
 Eastern AHEC, Norwich
 Central AHEC, Hartford
 Northwestern AHEC, Torrington
 Southwestern AHEC, Bridgeport


 University of South Florida
 Cynthia Selleck, ARNP, DSN
 Program Director, University of South Florida AHEC
 (813) 974-3507
 FAX: (813) 974-3605

 AHEC Centers:
 Gulfcoast North, Land O’Lakes
 Gulfcoast South, Sarasota

 University of Miami
 Art Fournier, MD
 AHEC Program Director, University of Miami
 (305) 243-2847
 FAX: (305) 243-2888

 AHEC Centers:
 Dade County AHEC, Miami
 Florida Keys AHEC, Marathon

 Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine:
 Steven B. Zucker, DMD, MEd
 AHEC Project Director
 (954) 262-1419
 FAX: (954) 262-2251

 AHEC Centers:
 Everglades AHEC Program, West Palm Beach
 Central Florida AHEC Program, Apopka

 University of Florida
 J. Ocie Harris, MD
 AHEC Program Director
 Alan W. Jameson
 Deputy Director
 (352) 395-8026
 FAX: (352) 395-8027
      AHEC Centers:
      Big Bend, Tallahassee
      Suwannee River, Alachua
      Northeast Florida, Jacksonville
      West Florida, Crestview

     Mercer University

      Denise Kornegay, MSW
      Program Director, Georgia Statewide AHEC Network
      Mercer University School of Medicine and the Medical College of Georgia
      (706) 721-8331
      FAX: (706) 721-8508

      AHEC Centers:
      SOWEGA AHEC, Albany . . and . .
      Three Rivers AHEC, Columbus . and .
      Blue Ridge AHEC, Rome . . and . .

      Morehouse School of Medicine
      Daniel S. Blumenthal, MD, MPH
      AHEC Program Director
      Morehouse School of Medicine
      (404) 752-1624
      FAX: (404) 752-1160

       AHEC Centers:
       SPCC/Atlanta AHEC, Atlanta
       Magnolia Coastlands/Georgia CHEP/AHEC, Statesboro
       Tuskegee AHEC, Tuskegee, Alabama


      Carol J. Murry, Dr PH
      Director, Hawaii Statewide AHEC Program
      (808) 737-3012
      FAX: (808) 737-2614

      AHEC Centers:
      Na Lei Wili AHEC (Oahu and Kauai Counties)
      Ka Anuenue AHEC (Hawaii and Maui Counties)

      Richard A. Wansley, PhD
      Executive Director, Illinois AHEC Program
      (630) 515-6045
      FAX: (630) 515-7424

      AHEC Centers:
      Latino Communities AHEC, Chicago
      Immigrant/Refugee AHEC, Chicago
      Ujima AHEC, Chicago


      A. L. Chapman
      Kansas AHEC System
      (913) 588-1258
      FAX: (913) 588-5242

      AHEC Centers:
      Southwest Kansas AHEC, Garden City
      Southeast Kansas AHEC, Pittsburgh
      Northwest Kansas AHEC, Hays


      Michael Byrne
      AHEC Project Director/HETC Project Director
      (520) 852-7159
      FAX: (520) 852-8866

      AHEC Centers:
      Purchase AHEC, Paducah &
      Northeast Kentucky AHEC, Morehead . . and . .
      West Kentucky AHEC, Madisonville
      Southeast Kentucky AHEC, Hazard
      South Central AHEC, Bowling Green
      Southern Kentucky AHEC, Berea
      Louisville AHEC, Louisville

      Charles W. Hilton, MD
      AHEC Project Director
      (504) 568-4437
      FAX: (504) 568-8440

      AHEC Centers:
      SE Louisiana AHEC, Hammond
      North Louisiana AHEC, Monroe
      Central Louisiana AHEC, Alexandria
      SW Louisiana AHEC, Lafayette


      Shirley A. Weaver, PhD
      AHEC Project Director
      (207) 283-0171, ext. 2337
      FAX: (207) 286-9493

      AHEC Center:
      Acadia Health Education Coalition, Lubec


      Claudia Baquet, MD, MPH
      AHEC Program Director
      (410) 706-1742
      FAX: (410) 706-6150

      AHEC Centers:
      Western Maryland AHEC, Cumberland
      Eastern Shore AHEC, Cambridge


      Michael E. Huppert, MPH
      Director, Statewide AHEC Program
      (508) 856-3255
      FAX: (508) 856-6128

      AHEC Centers:
      Pioneer Valley AHEC, Springfield
      Boston AHEC, Boston
      Central Massachusetts AHEC, Worcester
      SE Massachusetts AHEC, Marion
      Merrimack Valley AHEC, Lawrence
      Berkshire AHEC, Pittsfield


      Edgar E. Smith, PhD
      Director, Statewide AHEC Program
      (601) 815-6043
      FAX: (601) 982-0459

      AHEC Centers: to be developed
      Mississippi Delta AHEC, Greenville
      Southwest Mississippi AHEC, Natchez
      Band of Choctaw Indians, Philadelphia


      Janet Head, RN, MS
      Co-Director, Missouri AHEC (KCOM Program Office)

      Michael F. French
      Co-Director, Missouri AHEC (KCOM Program Office)
      (660) 626-2887
      FAX: (660) 626-2928

      Weldon D. Webb, MA
      Director, MU AHEC office
      (573) 882-2256
      FAX: (573) 884-5307

      AHEC Centers:
      Northeast Missouri AHEC, Macon
      Southeast Missouri AHEC, Poplar Bluff
      Mid-Missouri AHEC, Rolla and . .
      and .
      Northwest Missouri AHEC, St. Joseph
      Southwest Missouri AHEC, Springfield
      St. Louis AHEC, St. Louis
      Kansas City Metro AHEC, Kansas City


      Robert M. Daugherty, Jr., MD, PhD
      Director, Nevada AHEC
      Caroline Ford, MPH
      Deputy Director, Nevada AHEC
      (702) 784-6001 or 784-4841
      FAX: (702) 784-6096 or 784-4544

      AHEC Centers:
      Northeastern Nevada AHEC, Elko
       Southern Nevada AHEC, Las Vegas h


      Rosemary Orgren
      Director, New Hampshire AHEC
      (603) 650-1817
      (603) 650-6572

      AHEC Center:
      Northern New Hampshire AHEC, Littleton
      Southern New Hampshire AHEC, Raymond


      R. Michael Gallagher, DO, FACOFP
      Program Director, NJ AHEC Program
      (609) 566-6996
      FAX: (609) 566-5865

      AHEC Centers:
      Shore AHEC, Atlantic City
      Garden AHEC, Bridgeton
      Camden AHEC, Camden


      Christopher Urbina, MD, MPH
      AHEC Project Director
      (505) 272-3510
      FAX: (505) 272-8498

      AHEC Centers:
      Southern AHEC/NMSU, Las Cruces
      Montanas del Norte AHEC c/o LVTI, Las Vegas


      Thomas C. Rosenthal, M.D.
      AHEC Program Director
      (716) 898-4750
      FAX: (716) 898-4505

      Diane G. Schwartz, M.L.S.
      Deputy Director
      (716) 898-5674
      FAX: (716) 898-3536

      AHEC Centers:
      WNY R-AHEC, Batavia


      Thomas J. Bacon, DrPH
      Program Director, North Carolina AHEC Program
      (919) 966-8981
      FAX: (919) 966-5830

      AHEC Centers:
      Mountain AHEC, Asheville
      Southern Regional AHEC, Fayetteville
      Eastern AHEC, Greenville
      Northwest AHEC, Winston-Salem
      Coastal AHEC, Wilmington
      Wake AHEC, Raleigh
      Greensboro AHEC, Greensboro
      Area L AHEC, Rocky Mount
      Charlotte AHEC, Charlotte


      Kathleen Vasquez, MSEd
      Director, Statewide AHEC Program
      (419) 383-4272
      FAX: (419) 381-3036

      AHEC Centers:
      HEALTH-UC, Georgetown
      Canton Area Regional Health Education Network (CARHEN), Canton
      Mahoning-Shenango Area Health Education Network, Youngstown
      Bryan AHEC, Bryan
      Consortium Health Education AHEC in Appalachia Ohio, Athens
      Sandusky AHEC, Sandusky
       Summit Portage Area Health Education Network, Akron
      Case Western Reserve AHEC, Cleveland
      Miami Valley AHEC, Dayton
      Lima AHEC, Lima


      Richard R. Perry, MA
      AHEC Program Director
      (918) 582-1989
      FAX: (918) 582-8938

      AHEC Centers:
      SEAHEC, Poteau
      SWAHEC, Lawton
      NW AHEC, Enid
      NEAHEC, Tulsa


      John W. Saultz, MD
      Director, Oregon Statewide AHEC Program
      (503) 494-6602
      FAX: (503) 494-0626

      AHEC Centers:
      Northeast Oregon AHEC, La Grande
      Cascades East AHEC, Klamath Falls
      Oregon Pacific AHEC, Newport
      Southwest Oregon Regional AHEC, Roseburg
      Columbia Willamette AHEC, Tualatin


      James M. Herman, MD, MSPH
      Project Director, Pennsylvania AHEC Program
      (717) 531-4327
      FAX: (717) 531-3925
      or (717) 731-3696

      AHEC Centers:
      Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania AHEC, Inc.,
      Northeast Pennsylvania AHEC, Inc., Scranton
      Northwest Pennsylvania AHEC, Inc., Erie
      North Central Regional AHEC, Inc., Wellsboro
     Southeast Regional AHEC, Inc., Philadelphia
     Southwest Regional AHEC, Inc., Pittsburgh
     South Central Pennsylvania AHEC, Inc., Loretto


     Stoney Abercrombie, MD
     Interim Executive Director, South Carolina AHEC
     (843) 792-4431
     FAX: (843) 792-4430

     AHEC Centers:
     Greenville AHEC, Greenville
     Catawba Wateree AHEC, Lancaster
     Midlands AHEC, Columbia
     Low County AHEC, Varnville
     Upper Savannah AHEC, Greenwood
     Spartanburg AHEC, Spartanburg
     Pee Dee AHEC, Florence
     S. C. Healthcare Recruiting and Retention Center, Columbia


     Darold Loecker
     AHEC Program Director
     (605) 665-9005
     FAX: (605) 665-4434

     AHEC Center:
     Yankton Rural AHEC, Yankton


        Robert Levine, MD
        AHEC Project Director, AHEC Program of Tennessee
        (615) 327-6834
        FAX: (615) 327-5634

        AHEC Centers:
        East Tennessee AHEC, Chattanooga
        East Tennessee AHEC Satellite Office, Knoxville
        West Tennessee AHEC, Memphis

       Gregory L. Wilgocki
       AHEC Program Director
       (423) 434-5150
       FAX: (423) 434-5154
        AHEC Centers:
        Northeast Tennessee AHEC, Johnson City


 East Texas
    Steven R. Shelton, MBA, PA-C
    AHEC Executive Director
    (409) 772-7884
    FAX: (409) 772-7886

    AHEC Centers:
    Coastal AHEC, La Marque
    Piney Woods AHEC, Lufkin
    Greater Houston AHEC, Houston . . and . .
    Pecan Valley AHEC, Victoria
    Lake Country AHEC, Tyler
    Brazos AHEC, Waco
    Prairie AHEC, Fort Worth
     . . and . .
    DFW AHEC, Irving . . and . .

 South Texas
   Richard A. Garcia, MHA
   Director AHEC
   (210) 567-7813
   FAX: (210) 567-7855

    AHEC Centers:
    Alamo AHEC, San Antonio
    AHEC of Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Weslaco
    AHEC of the Mid Rio Grande Border Area of Texas, Lardeo
    Winter Garden Border AHEC Center, Del Rio
    South Coastal AHEC, Corpus Christi

 West Texas:
   Darryl M. Williams
   AHEC Program Director
   (915) 545-6551
   FAX: (915) 545-6548

    AHEC Center:
    Paso Del Norte AHEC, El Paso
    Panhandle AHEC, Amarillo
    Permian Basin AHEC, Odessa
    South Plains AHEC, Lubbock

      Michael K. Magill, MD
      Program Director, Utah AHEC

      Deborah Turner, RN, BS
      Senior Associate Program Director, Utah AHEC
      (801) 581-7234
      FAX: (801) 585-9580

    AHEC Centers:
   Central Utah AHEC, Ephraim
    Southwest Utah AHEC, Cedar City
    Eastern Utah AHEC, Price
    Crossroads Utah AHEC, Salt Lake City
    Northern Utah AHEC, TBA


      Mildred Reardon, MD
      AHEC Program Director
      (802) 656-2179
      FAX: (802) 656-3016

      Craig Stevens, MPH
      AHEC Associate Program Director
      (802) 656-2179
      FAX: (802) 656-3016

      AHEC Centers:
      Northeastern Vermont AHEC, Inc., St. Johnsbury
      Champlain Valley AHEC, Inc., Milton
      Southern Vermont AHEC, Inc., Springfield


      Jeffrey A. Johnson, MPA
      Program Director, Virginia Statewide AHEC Program
      (804) 828-7639
     FAX: (804) 828-5160

     AHEC Centers:
     Blue Ridge AHEC, Harrisonburg
     Southside AHEC, Farmville
     Southwest Virginia AHEC, Marion
     Greater Richmond AHEC, Richmond
     South Central AHEC, Altavista
     Rappahannock AHEC, Montross
     Northern Virginia AHEC, Alexandria
     Eastern Virginia AHEC, Norfolk


     Lamont D. Nottingham, EdD
     Deputy Director, West Virginia AHEC Program
     (304) 347-1216
     FAX: (304) 347-1265

     Michael J. Lewis, MD, PhD
     Assoc. Vice President for Health Sciences & AHEC Program Director
     Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center of West Virginia University
     3110 MacCorkle Ave, S.E.
     Charleston WV, 25304
     (304) 347-1203
     FAX: (304) 347-1265


     Susan Skochelak, MD
     Director, Statewide Wisconsin AHEC System
     (608) 265-6127
     FAX: (608) 265-5995

     AHEC Centers:
     Eastern Wisconsin AHEC, Kenosha
     Northern Wisconsin AHEC, Wausau
     Southwest Wisconsin AHEC, Middleton
     Milwaukee AHEC, Milwaukee


     John B. Coombs, MD
     Director, WWAMI AHEC Program
     Joan M. Kelday, MSJ
     Assistant Director, WWAMI AHEC Program
(206) 543-6806 or 543-6020
FAX: (206) 543-9052 or 543-3195

AHEC Centers:
Alaska Center for Rural Health, Fairbanks, Alaska
Idaho Rural Health Education Center, Boise, Idaho
Montana AHEC, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana
AHEC at Washington State University, Spokane, Washington
Western Washington AHEC, Seattle, Washington
Wyoming AHEC, Laramie, Wyoming
State Pesticide Contacts
Poison Control Center – Contact for advice in pesticide emergency situation
Incident Reporting Agency – Contact to report pesticide exposure incident (when required by state law)
State Regulatory Agency – Contact to report possible misuse of pesticide
Pesticide Education Coordinator – Contact for resources on pesticide use patterns, common or trade names of pesticide, exposure scenarios, etc.

* -- Denotes poison control center certified by American Association of Pesticide Control Centers. Criteria for certification include poison
information services, regional treatment capabilities, data collection capabilities, and professional and public education programs certification

 State           Poison Control Center(s)             Incident Reporting Agency          State Regulatory Agency            Pesticide Education
 Alabama         *Alabama Poison Center               Pesticide incident reporting not   Plant Protection and Pest          Dr. Wheeler Foshee
                 2503 Phoenix Dr.                     required.                          Management Division                203 Extension Hall
                 Tuscaloosa, AL 35405                                                    Alabama Department of              Auburn University
                 800-462-0800 (emergency)                                                Agriculture and Industries         Auburn, AL 36849
                 205-345-0600 (emergency)                                                PO Box 3336                        334-844-5509
                 (205) 345-0609 (administration)                                         Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
                 *Regional Poison Control Center
                        Children’s Hospital
                 1600 7th Ave.
                 South Birmingham, AL 35233
                 800-292-6678 (emergency)
                 205-933-4050 (emergency)
                 205-939-9720 (administration)
Alaska    Anchorage Poison Control          Pesticide incident reporting not   Environmental Health       Mr. Robert Gorman
          Center                            required.                          Alaska Department of       Alaska Cooperative
          3200 Providence Drive                                                       Environmental       Extension
          P.O. Box 196604                                                      Conservation               2221 E. Northern Lights
          Anchorage, AK 99519-6604                                             555 Cordova                Blvd., #118
          (800) 478-3193 (emergency)                                           Anchorage, AK 99501-2617   Anchorage, AK 99508-4140
          (907) 261-3193 (emergency)                                           907-269-7644               907-279-6575
          (907) 261-3633 (administration)
Arizona   *Arizona Poison and Drug          Office of Environmental            Environmental Services     Dr. Paul Baker
          Information Center                Health                             Division                   University of Arizona
          Arizona Health Sciences Center    3815 North Black Canyon            Arizona Department of      I109 E. Helen Street
          Room 1156                         Hwy.                               Agriculture                Tucson, AZ 85719
          1501 North Campbell Avenue        Phoenix, AZ 85015                  1688 W. Adams Street       520-621-4012
          Tucson, AZ 85724                  602-230-5865                       Phoenix, AZ 85007-2617     Fax: 520-621-4013
          (800) 362-0101(emergency)                                            602-542-3575
          (520) 626-6016 (emergency)
          (520) 626-7899 (administration)

          *Samaritan Regional Poison
          Good Samaritan Regional
          Medical Center
          1111 E. McDowell--Ancillary 1
          Phoenix, AZ 85006
          (800) 362-0101 (emergency)
          (602) 253-3334 (emergency)
          (602) 495-6360 (administration)
Arkansas   Arkansas Poison and Drug          Reporting required for          Arkansas State Plant Board   Mr. J. Ples Spradley
                   Information Center        occupational exposure-related   P.O. Box 1069                Cooperative Extension
           College of Pharmacy               illnesses only.                 Little Rock, AR 72203-1069   Service
           University of Arkansas for                                        501-225-1598                 University of Arkansas
           Medical Sciences, Mail Slot 522   Local County Health Unit                                     2301 S. University Ave.
           4301 W. Markham                                                                                P.O. Box 391
           Little Rock, AR 72205                                                                          Little Rock, AR 72203
           (800) 376-4766                                                                                 501-671-2234
           (800) 641-3805 (emergency)
           (501) 686-5540 (administration)
California   *California Poison Control         Local Health Department   California Department of    Dr. Michael W. Stimmann
             System -       Fresno/Madera                                 Pesticide     Regulation    Environmental Toxicology
             Valley Children's Hospital                                   830 K Street                        Department
             9300 Valley Children's Place                                 Sacramento, CA 95814-3510   1 Shields Ave.
             Madera, CA 93638-8762                                        916-445-4000                University of California
             (800) 876-4766 (emergency)                                                               Davis, CA 95616-8620
             (559) 622-2300 (administration)                                                          530-752-5274

             *California Poison Control
             System -       Sacramento
             UC Davis Medical Center
             2315 Stockton Boulevard
             Sacramento, CA 95817
             (800) 876-4766 (emergency)
             (916) 227-1400 (administration)

             California Poison Control
             System -       San Francisco
             San Francisco General Hospital
             1001 Potrero Ave., Room 1E86
             San Francisco, CA 94110
             (800) 876-4766 (emergency)
             (415) 502-6000 (administration)

             *California Poison Ctrl System -
             San Diego
             University of California - San
             Diego Medical Center
             200 West Arbor Drive
             San Diego, CA 92103-8925
             (800) 876-4766 (emergency)
             (858) 715-6300 (administration)
Colorado      *Rocky Mountain Poison            Pesticide incident reporting not   Pesticide Section                Dr. Sandra K. McDonald
                     and Drug Center            required.                          Division of Plant Industry       Department of
              8802 E. Ninth Avenue                                                 c/o Department of Agriculture    Bioagricultural
              Denver, CO 80220-6800                                                700 Kipling Street, Suite 4000          Sciences and Pest
              (800) 332-3073 (emergency)                                           Lakewood, CO 80215-5894          Mgmt.
              (303) 739-1123 (emergency)                                           303-239-4139                     Colorado State University
              (303) 739-1100 (administration)                                                                       Fort Collins, CO 80523
Connecticut   *Connecticut Poison Control       Reporting required for             Pesticide Management             Ms. Candace L.
              Center                            occupational exposure-related      Division                         Bartholomew
              University of Connecticut         illnesses only.                    Department of Environmental      University of Connecticut
              Health Center                                                                Protection               Cooperative Extension
              263 Farmington Avenue             State of Connecticut Labor         79 Elm Street                    System
              Farmington, CT 06030-5365                 Department                 Hartford, CT 06106-5127          1800 Asylum Ave.
              (800) 343-2722 (emergency)        Division of Occupational           860-424-3369                     West Hartford, CT 06117
              (860) 679-3456 (emergency)        Safety and     Health                                               860-570-9067
              (860) 679-4540 (administration)   38 Wolcott Hill Rd.
                                                Wethersfield, CT 06109
Delaware      *The Poison Control Center        Pesticide incident reporting not   Delaware Department of           Dr. Susan Whitney
              3535 Market Street, Suite 985     required.                          Agriculture                      Townsend Hall, Room 254
              Philadelphia, PA 19104-3309                                          2320 South DuPont Highway        University of Delaware
              (800) 722-7112 (emergency)                                           Dover, DE 19901-5515             Newark, DE 19717-1303
              (215) 386-2100 (emergency)                                           302-739-4811                     302-831-8886
              (215) 590-2003 (administration)
District of   *National Capital Poison Center   Pesticide incident reporting not   Department of Health             Dr. M. Shaheed Khan
Columbia      3201 New Mexico Ave., NW          required.                          Environmental Health             Cooperative Extension
              Suite 310                                                                   Administration            Service
              Washington, DC 20016                                                 Bureau of Hazardous Waste        University of D.C.
              (202) 625-3333 TDD/TTY                                               and Toxic Substance Division     4200 Connecticut Ave., NW
                     (emergency)                                                   51 N Street, NE, 3rd Floor       Washington, DC 20008
              (202) 362-8563 (TTY)                                                 Room 3018                        202-274-7166
              (emergency)                                                          Washington, DC 20002
              (202) 362-3867 (administration)                                      202-535-2270
Florida   *Florida Poison Information       Local County Health              Division of Agricultural      Dr. O. Norman Nesheim
                 Center - Jacksonville      Department                       Environmental Services        University of Florida
          655 West Eighth Street              or                             Florida Department of         Bldg. 847
          Jacksonville, FL 32209            Pesticide Exposure               Agriculture and Consumer      PO Box 110710
          (800) 282-3171 (emergency)         Surveillance Program            Services                      Gainesville, FL 32611
          (904) 549-4480 (emergency)        Florida Department of Health     130 Administration Building   352-392-4721
          (904) 549-4465 (administration)   Bureau of Environmental          3125 Conner Boulevard
                                                    Epidemiology             Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650
          *Florida Poison Information       4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin       850-488-3731
          Center -       Miami              #A08
          University of Miami               Tallahassee, FL 32399-1712
          Department of Pediatrics          850-245-4117
          P.O. Box 016960 (R-131)           850-922-8473 (FAX)
          Miami, FL 33101                     or
          (800) 282-3171 (emergency)        Bureau of Compliance
          (305) 585-5253 (emergency)        Monitoring
          (305) 585-5250 (administration)   3125 Conner Blvd., Bldg. 8 (L-
          *Florida Poison Information       Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650
          Center -      Tampa               850-488-3314
          Tampa General Hospital            850-922-6961 (FAX)
          P.O. Box 1289
          Tampa, FL 33601
          (800) 282-3171 (emergency)
          (813) 253-4444 (emergency)
          (813) 251-7044 (administration)
Georgia   *Georgia Poison Center            Pesticide incident reporting not   Plant Industry Division    Dr. Paul Guillebeau
          Hughes Spalding Children's        required.                          Georgia Department of      Cooperative Extension
          Hospital                                                             Agriculture                Service
          Grady Health System                                                  Capitol Square             Department of Entomology
          80 Butler Street, SE                                                 Atlanta, GA 30334-4201     University of Georgia
          P.O. Box 26066                                                       404-656-5503               Athens, GA 30602
          Atlanta, GA 30335-3801                                                                          706-542-1765
          (800) 282-5846 (emergency)
          (404) 616-9000 TDD/TTY
          (404) 616-9287 (TDD)
          (404) 616-9237 (administration)
Hawaii    Hawaii Poison Center              Office of Hazard Evaluation        Plant Industry Division    Dr. Barry M. Brennan
          1319 Punahou Street               and                                Hawaii Department of       Department of
          Honolulu, HI 96826                Emergency Response                 Agriculture                Environmental
          (808) 941-4411 (emergency)        Hawaii State Department of         1428 South King Street             Biochemistry
          (808) 535-7921 (administration)   Health                             Honolulu, HI 96814-2512    University of Hawaii
                                            919 Ala Moanu Blvd., Room          808-973-9535               College of Tropical
                                            206                                                           Agriculture and Human
                                            Honolulu, HI 96814                                            Resources
                                            808-586-4249 (from O’ahu)                                     1800 East-West Rd.,
                                            800-468-4644, ext. 4249 (from                                 Henke Hall 329
                                            neighbor islands)                                             Honolulu, HI 96822
Idaho     *Rocky Mountain Poison and        Pesticide incident reporting not   Division of Agricultural   Ms. Ronda Hirnyck
                 Drug Center                required.                          Resources                  University of Idaho-Boise
          8802 E. Ninth Avenue                                                 Idaho Department of        Center
          Denver, CO 80220-6800                                                Agriculture                800 Park Blvd., Suite 200
          (800) 860-0620 (emergency)                                           PO Box 790                 Boise, ID 83712
          (303) 739-1100 (administration)                                      Boise, ID 83701-0790       208-364-4046
Illinois   *Illinois Poison Center           Pesticide incident reporting not   Bureau of Environmental        Dr. Phillip Nixon
           222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite     required.                          Programs                       University of Illinois
           1900                                                                 Illinois Department of         103 Vegetable Crops Bldg.
           Chicago, IL 60606                                                    Agriculture                    1103 W. Dorner Dr.
           (800) 942-5969 (emergency)                                           PO Box 19281                   Urbana, IL 61801
           (312) 906-6136 (administration)                                      Springfield, IL 62794-9281     217-333-6650
Indiana    *Indiana Poison Center            Pesticide incident reporting not   Indiana State Chemist Office   Dr. Fred Whitford
           Methodist Hospital                required.                          Purdue University              Purdue Pesticide Programs
           Clarian Health Partners                                              1154 Biochemistry              1155 Lily Hall
           I-65 at 21st Street                                                  West Lafayette, IN             Lily Hall of Life Sciences
           Indianapolis, IN 46206-1367                                          47907-1154                     Purdue University
           (800) 382-9097 (emergency)                                           765-494-1492                   West Lafayette, IN
           (317) 929-2323 TDD/TTY                                                                              47907+1155
                   (emergency)                                                                                 765-494-4566
           (317) 929-2336 (TTY)
           (317) 929-2335 (administration)
Iowa     Iowa Poison Center                 Iowa Department of Public          Laboratory Division         Dr. Jerry DeWitt
         St. Luke's Regional Medical        Health                             Iowa Department of          109 Insectary Bldg.
         Center                             Center for Acute Disease           Agriculture                 Iowa State University
         2720 Stone Park Boulevard          Epidemiology                       Wallace Building            Ames, IA 50011
         Sioux City, IA 51104               321 E. 12th Street                 Des Moines, IA 50319-0051   515-294-1101
         (800) 352-2222 (emergency)         Lucas State Office Building        515-281-8589
         (712) 277-2222 (emergency)         Des Moines, IA 50319-0075
         (712) 279-3710 (administration)    800-362-2736

         Poison Control Center
         Department of Pharmaceutical
         Care CC101 GH
         The University of Iowa Hospitals
         and Clinics
         200 Hawkins Drive
         Iowa City, IA 52242
         (800) 272-6477 (emergency)
         (319) 356-2600 (administration)
Kansas   Mid-America Poison Control         Pesticide incident reporting not   Kansas Department of        Dr. Donald C. Cress
         Center                             required.                          Agriculture                 Department of Entomology
         University of Kansas Medical                                          901 S. Kansas Avenue        Waters Hall
         Center                                                                Topeka, KS 66612-1281       Kansas State University
         3901 Rainbow Blvd.                                                    785-296-3786                Manhattan, KS 66506
         Room B-400                                                                                        785-532-5891
         Kansas City, KS 66160-7231
         (800) 332-6633 (emergency)
         (913) 588-6633 TDD/TTY
         (913) 588-6639 (TDD)
         (913) 588-6638 (administration)
Kentucky    *Kentucky Regional Poison         Pesticide incident reporting not   Division of Pesticides         Dr. Lee Townsend
            Center                            required.                          Kentucky Department of         University of Kentucky
            Medical Towers South, Ste.572                                        Agriculture                    Department of Entomology
            234 East Gray Street                                                 100 Fairoaks Lane, 5th Floor   S 225 Ag Science Center N
            Louisville, KY 40202                                                 Frankfort, KY 40601-1108       Lexington, KY 40546-0091
            (502) 589-8222 (emergency)                                           502-564-7274                   606-257-7455
            (502) 629-7264 (administration)
Louisiana   *Louisiana Drug and Poison        Louisiana Department of            Pesticide and Environmental    Dr. Mary L. Grodner
            Information Center                Agriculture                                Programs               Louisiana Cooperative
            University of Louisiana at        and Forestry                       Louisiana Department of        Extension Service
            Monroe                            Agriculture and Environmental      Agriculture and Forestry       P.O. Box 25100
            College of Pharmacy               Sciences Division                  PO Box 3596                    Baton Rouge, LA
            Sugar Hall                        P.O. Box 3596                      Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3596     70894-5100
            Monroe, LA 71209-6430             Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3596         225-925-3763                   504-388-2180
            (800) 256-9822 (emergency)        225-925-3763
            (318) 342-3648 (administration)
Maine       Maine Poison Control Center       Pesticide incident reporting not   Board of Pesticides Control    Dr. James F. Dill
            Maine Medical Center              required.                          Maine Department of            UMCE-Pest Management
            22 Bramhall Street                                                   Agriculture                    Office
            Portland, ME 04102                                                   State House Station #28        491 College Ave.
            (800) 442-6305 (emergency)                                           Augusta, ME 04333-0028         Orono, ME 04473-1295
            (207) 871-2950 (emergency)                                           207-287-2731                   207-581-3879
            (207) 772-8850 (administration)
Maryland      *Maryland Poison Center           Pesticide incident reporting not   Pesticide Regulation Section   Dr. Amy E. Brown
              University of MD, Baltimore       required.                          Maryland Department of         Department of Entomology
              School of Pharmacy                                                   Agriculture                    University of Maryland
              20 North Pine Street, PH 230                                         50 Harry S. Truman Parkway     College Park, MD 20742
              Baltimore, MD 21201                                                  Annapolis, MD 21401-7080       301-405-3928
              (800) 492-2414 (emergency)                                           410-841-5710
              (410) 706-7701 TDD/TTY
              (410) 706-1858 (TDD)
              (410) 706-7604 (administration)

            *National Capital Poison Center
            3201 New Mexico Avenue, NW
            Suite 310
            Washington, DC 20016
            (202) 625-3333 TDD/TTY
            (202) 362-8563 (TTY)
            (202) 362-3867 (administration)
Massachuset *Regional Center for Poison         Reporting required for work-       Pesticide Bureau               Dr. Patricia Vittum
ts          Control and Prevention              related acute chemical             Massachusetts Department of    Department of Entomology
            Services for Massachusetts and      poisoning only.                    Food and Agriculture           Fernald Hall
            Rhode Island                                                           100 Cambridge Street, 21st     University of Massachusetts
            300 Longwood Avenue                 Massachusetts Department of        Floor                          Amherst, MA 01003-2410
            Boston, MA 02115                    Public Health                      Boston, MA 02202-0009          413-545-1044
            (800) 682-9211 (emergency)          Occupational Health                617-626-1771
            (617) 232-2120 (emergency)          Surveillance Program
            (617) 355-6609 (administration)     250 Washington St.
                                                Boston, MA 02108
                                                617-624-5696 (fax)
Michigan   *Children's Hospital of           Reporting required for          Pesticide and Plant Pest   Dr. Christina DiFonzo
           Michigan                          occupational exposure-related   Management Division        Bl8 Food Safety and
           Regional Poison Control Center    illnesses only.                 Michigan Department of     Toxicology Bldg.
           4160 John R. Harper                                               Agriculture                Michigan State University
           Professional Office Bldg, Suite   Michigan Department of          PO Box 30017               East Lansing, MI 48824
           616                               Consumer and Industry           Lansing, MI 48909-7517     517-353-5328
           Detroit, MI 48201                 Services                        517-373-4087
           (800) 764-7661 (emergency)        Division of Occupational
           (313) 745-5711 TDD/TTY            Health
                   (emergency)               Bureau of Safety and
           (800) 356-3232 (TDD)              Regulation
           (emergency)                       7150 Harris Dr.
           (313) 745-5335 (administration)   P.O. Box 30649
                                             Lansing, MI 48909-8149
           *Spectrum Health Regional         517-322-1848
           Poison Center
           1840 Wealthy S.E.
           Grand Rapids, MI 49506-2968
           (800) 764-7661 (emergency)
           (313) 745-5711 TDD/TTY
           (800) 356-3232 (TTY)
           (616) 774-7851 (administration)
Minnesota     *Hennepin Regional Poison         Pesticide incident reporting not   Agronomy and Plant            Mr. Dean Herzfeld
              Center                            required.                          Protection Division           Health, Environmental, and
              Hennepin County Medical                                              Minnesota Department of               Pesticide Safety
              Center                                                                       Agriculture           Programs
              701 Park Avenue                                                      90 West Plato Boulevard       University of Minnesota
              Minneapolis, MN 55415                                                St. Paul, MN 55107-2094       495 Borlaug Hall
              (800) POISON1 (emergency)                                            651-296-5639                  1991 Upper Buford Circle
              (612) 347-3141 TDD/TTY                                                                             St. Paul, MN 55108
                     (emergency)                                                                                 612-624-3477 or
              (612) 904-4691 (TTY)                                                                               612-625-6290
              (612) 347-3144 (administration)

              PROSAR International Poison
               Control Center
              1295 Bandana Blvd. Suite 335
              St. Paul, MN 55108
              (888) 779-7921 (emergency)
              (612) 917-6100 (administration)
Mississippi   Mississippi Regional Poison       Pesticide incident reporting is    Bureau of Plant Industry      Ms. Ruth Morgan
              Control Center                    not specifically required, but     Mississippi Department of     Box 9655
              University of Mississippi         all poisoning cases must be                Agriculture and       Mississippi State University
              Medical Center                    reported.                          Commerce                      Mississippi State, MS
              2500 N. State Street              Contact the Poison Center.         PO Box 5207                   39762-9655
              Jackson, MS 39216                                                    Mississippi State, MS         601-325-8716
              (601) 354-7660 (emergency)                                           39762-5207
              (601) 984-1675 (administration)                                      601-325-3390
Missouri      *Cardinal Glennon Children's      Environmental Public Health        Bureau of Pesticide Control   Dr. Fred Fishel
              Hospital                          930 Wildwood                       Plant Industries Division     212 Waters Hall
              Regional Poison Center            Jefferson City, MO 65109           Missouri Department of        University of Missouri
              1465 S. Grand Blvd.               800-392-7245                       Agriculture                   Columbia, MO 65211
              St. Louis, MO 63104                                                  PO Box 630                    573-884-6361
              (800) 366-8888 (emergency)                                           Jefferson City, MO
              (314) 772-5200 (emergency)                                           65102-0630
              (314) 772-8300 (administration)                                      573-751-2462
Montana    *Rocky Mountain Poison            Pesticide incident reporting not   Agricultural Sciences Division   Dr. Reeves Petroff
                  and Drug Ctr               required.                          Montana Department of            Department of Entomology
           8802 E. Ninth Avenue                                                 Agriculture                      712 Leon Johnson Hall
           Denver, CO 80220-6800                                                PO Box 200201                    Montana State University
           (800) 525-5042 (emergency)                                           Helena, MT 59620-0201            Bozeman, MT 59717-3020
           (303) 739-1100 (administration)                                      406-444-2944                     406-994-3518
Nebraska   *The Poison Center                Communicable Disease               Pesticide Program                Dr. Larry D. Schulze
           Children's Hospital               Program                            Nebraska Department of           101 Natural Resources Hall
           8301 Dodge Street                 Nebraska Department of             Agriculture                      University of Nebraska
           Omaha, NE 68114                   Health and                         301 Centennial Mall              Lincoln, NE 68583-0818
           (800) 955-9119 (emergency)        Human Services                     PO Box 94756                     402-472-1632
           (402) 354-5555 (emergency)        P.O. Box 95007                     Lincoln, NE 68509-4756
           (402) 354-5593 (administration)   Lincoln, NE 68509                  402-471-2394
Nevada     *Oregon Poison Center             Pesticide incident reporting not   Bureau of Plant Industry         Dr. Wayne S. Johnson
           Oregon Health Sciences            required.                          Nevada Division of               Department of Applied
           University                                                           Agriculture                      Economics and
           3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.                                         350 Capitol Hill Ave.                   Statistics MS 204
           Portland, OR 97201                                                   Reno, NV 89502-2923              University of Nevada, Reno
           (503) 494-8968 (emergency)                                           775-688-1182                     Reno, NV 89557-0105
           (503) 494-8600 (administration)                                                                       702-784-1931

           *Rocky Mountain Poison
           and Drug Center
           8802 E. Ninth Avenue
           Denver, CO 80220-6800
           (800) 446-6179 (emergency)
           (303) 739-1100 (administration)
New          New Hampshire Poison              Reporting required for          Division of Pesticide Control   Dr. Stanley R. Swier
Hampshire    Information Center                occupational exposure-related   New Hampshire Department of     Department of Plant
             Dartmouth-Hitchcock               illnesses only.                        Agriculture Markets      Biology
             Medical Center                                                    and Food                        Spaulding Hall
             One Medical Center Drive          New Hampshire Department of     PO Box 2042                     University of New
             Lebanon, NH 03756                         Health and Human        Concord, NH 03302-2042          Hampshire
             (800) 562-8236 (emergency)        Services                        603-271-3550                    Durham, NH 03824
             (603) 650-8000 (emergency)        Public Health Laboratories                                      603-862-1733
             (603) 650-6318 (administration)   6 Hazen Dr.
                                               Concord, NH 13301
New Jersey   *New Jersey Poison Info           Reporting required for          Pesticide Control and Local     Dr. George C. Hamilton
             and Education System              occupational exposure-related           Programs                Pest Management Office
             201 Lyons Avenue                  illnesses only.                 New Jersey Department of        Blake Hall Rutgers, The
             Newark, NJ 07112                                                          Environmental           State University of NJ
             (800) POISON-1 (emergency)        New Jersey Department of        Protection                      93 Lipman Dr.
             (973) 926-7443 (administration)   Health and Senior Services      PO Box 411                      New Brunswick, NJ
                                               Occupational Disease and        Trenton, NJ 08625-0411          08901-8524
                                               Injury Services -- SENSOR       609-984-2011                    732-932-9801
                                               PO Box 360
                                               Trenton, NJ 08625-0360
New Mexico   *New Mexico Poison and Drug       Office of Epidemiology          Bureau of Pesticide             Dr. L. M. English
             Information Center                New Mexico Department of        Management                      1036 Miller St. SW
             Health Science Center Library     Health                          Division of Agricultural and    Los Lunas, NM 87031
             Room 125                          P.O. Box 26110                         Environmental Services   505-865-7340
             University of New Mexico          Santa Fe, NM 87502-6110         New Mexico Department of
             Albuquerque, NM 87131-1076        505-827-0006                           Agriculture
             (800) 432-6866 (emergency)        800-432-4404                    PO Box 30005, Department
             (505) 272-2222 (emergency)                                        3AQ
             (505) 272-4261 (administration)                                   Las Cruces, NM 88003-8005
New York   *Central New York Poison          Pesticide Poisoning Registry   Bureau of Pesticides           Dr. George L. Good
           Center                            New York State Department      Management                     Pesticide Management
           750 East Adams Street             of Health                      New York State Department of   Education Program
           Syracuse, NY 13210                800-322-6850                          Environmental           5123 Comstock Hall
           (800) 252-5655 (emergency)                                       Conservation                   Cornell University
           (315) 476-4766 (emergency)                                       50 Wolf Road, Room 498         Ithaca, NY 14853-0901
           (315) 464-7078 (administration)                                  Albany, NY 12233-7254          607-255-1866
           *Finger Lakes Regional Poison
           and    Drug Info Center
           University of Rochester Medical
           601 Elmwood Avenue
           P.O. Box 321
           Rochester, NY 14642
           (800) 333-0542 (emergency)
           (716) 275-3232 TDD/TTY
           (716) 273-3854 (TTY)
           (716) 273-4155 (administration)

           *Hudson Valley Regional
           Poison Center
           Phelps Memorial Hospital Center
           701 North Broadway
           Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
           (800) 336-6997 (emergency)
           (914) 366-3030 (emergency)
           (914) 366-3031 (administration)
New York   *Long Island Regional Poison
(cont.)    Control Center
           Winthrop University Hospital
           259 First Street
           Mineola, NY 11501
           (516) 542-2323 (emergency)
           (516) 663-2650 TDD/TTY
           (516) 924-8811 TDD (Suffolk)
           (516) 747-3323 TDD (Nassau)
           (516) 663-4574 (administration)

           *New York City Poison Ctrl Ctr
           NYC Department of Health
           455 First Avenue
           Room 123, Box 81
           New York, NY 10016
           (800) 210-3985 (emergency)
           (212) 340-4494 (emergency)
           (212) POI-SONS (emergency)
           (212) VEN-ENOS TDD/TTY
           (212) 689-9014 (TDD)
           (212) 447-8152 (administration)
           (212) 447-2666 (administration)

           *Western New York Regional
           Poison Control Center
           Children's Hospital of Buffalo
           219 Bryant Street
           Buffalo, NY 14222
           (800) 888-7655 (emergency)
           (716) 878-7654 (emergency)
           (716) 878-7871 (administration)
North        *Carolinas Poison Center           Pesticide incident reporting not   Food and Drug Protection       Mr. Wayne G. Buhler
Carolina     Carolinas Medical Center           required.                          Division                       Department of Horticultural
             5000 Airport Center Parkway,                                          North Carolina Department of          Science
             Suite B                                                                      Agriculture             North Carolina State
             Charlotte, NC 28208                                                   PO Box 27647                   University
             (800) 848-6946 (emergency)                                            Raleigh, NC 27611-0647         Box 7069
             (704) 355-4000 (emergency)                                            919-733-3556                   Raleigh, NC 27695-7069
             (704) 395-3795 (administration)                                                                      919-515-5369
North Dakota North Dakota Poison                Pesticide incident reporting not   Plant Industries               Mr. Andrew Thostenson
              Information Center                required.                          North Dakota Department of     North Dakota State
              Meritcare Medical Center                                                     Agriculture            University
              720 4th Street North                                                 600 E. Blvd., 6th Floor        166 Loftsgard Hall
              Fargo, ND 58122                                                      Bismarck, ND 58505-0020        P.O. Box 5051
              (800) 732-2200 (emergency)                                           701-328-4756                   Fargo, ND 58105-5051
              (701) 234-5575 (emergency)                                                                          701-231-7180
              (701) 234-6062 (administration)
Ohio   *Central Ohio Poison Center       Reporting required for          Pesticide Regulation          Dr. Joe Kovach
       700 Children's Drive, Rm. L032    occupational exposure-related   Division of Plant Industry    Ohio State University
       Columbus, OH 43205                illnesses only.                 Ohio Department of            Ohio Agricultural Research
       (800) 682-7625 (emergency)                                        Agriculture                   and    Development Center
       (800) 762-0727 TDD/TTY            Ohio Department of Health       8995 East Main Street         1680 Madison Ave.
              (emergency)                Bureau of Occupational Health   Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-3399   Wooster, OH 44691
       (614) 228-2272 (TTY)              PO Box 118                      614-728-6383                  330-263-3846
       (emergency)                       Columbus, OH 43272-4329
       (614) 722-2635 (administration)   614-466-4183

       *Cincinnati Drug and Poison
              Information Center
       Regional Poison Control
       2368 Victory Parkway, Ste. 300
       Cincinnati, OH 45206
       (800) 872-5111 (emergency)
       (513) 558-5111 (emergency)
       (513) 636-5063 (administration)

       Greater Cleveland Poison
              Control Center
       11100 Euclid Avenue
       Cleveland, OH 44106-6010
       (888) 231-4455 (emergency)
       (216) 231-4455 (emergency)
       (216) 844-1573 (administration)
Oklahoma   Oklahoma Poison Control           Pesticide incident reporting not   Pesticide Program              Dr. Jim T. Criswell
           Center                            required.                          Plant Industry and Consumer    Department of Entomology
           Children's Hospital of                                               Services Division              and
           Oklahoma                                                             Oklahoma Department of         Plant Pathology
           940 N.E. 13th Street, Rm. 3512                                               Agriculture            Oklahoma State University
           Oklahoma City, OK 73104                                              2800 North Lincoln Boulevard   127 Noble Research Center
           (800) 764-7661 (emergency)                                           Oklahoma City, OK              Stillwater, OK 74078
           (405) 271-5454 (emergency)                                           73105-4298                     405-744-5531
           (405) 271-5062 (administration)                                      405-522-5881
Oregon     *Oregon Poison Center             Oregon Health Division             Pesticides Division            Dr. Terry L. Miller
           Oregon Health Sciences            Pesticide Poisoning                Oregon Department of           Environmental and
           University                        Prevention Program                 Agriculture                    Molecular      Toxicology
           3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.      Environmental and                  635 Capitol Street, NE         Oregon State University
           Portland, OR 97201                Occupational                       Salem, OR 97301-2532           333 Weniger
           (800) 452-7165 (emergency)        Epidemiology                       503-986-4635                   Corvallis, OR 97331-6502
           (503) 494-8968 (emergency)        800 N.E. Oregon Street, Suite                                     541-737-1811
           (503) 494-8600 (administration)   772
                                             Portland, OR 97232
                                             Local Health Department
Pennsylvania   *Central Pennsylvania Poison      Pesticide incident reporting not   Bureau of Plant Industry        Dr. Winand K. Hock
               Ctr                               required.                          Division of Health and Safety   Pesticide Education
               Penn State Geisinger Health                                          Pennsylvania Department of      Program
               System                                                                      Agriculture              113 Buckhout Lab
               Milton S. Hershey Medical                                            2301 North Cameron Street       Pennsylvania State
               Center                                                               Harrisburg, PA 17110-9408       University
               MC H043 PO Box 850                                                   717-772-5217                    University Park, PA
               500 University Drive                                                                                 16802-4506
               Hershey, PA 17033-0850                                                                               814-863-0264
               (800) 521-6110 (emergency)
               (717) 531-6111 TDD/TTY
               (717) 531-8335 (TTY)
               (412) 692-5600 (administration)

               *Pittsburgh Poison Center
               Children's Hospital of
               3705 Fifth Avenue
               Pittsburgh, PA 15213
               (412) 681-6669 (emergency)
               (412) 692-5600 (administration)

               *The Poison Control Center
               3535 Market Street, Suite 985
               Philadelphia, PA 19104-3309
               (800) 722-7112 (emergency)
               (215) 386-2100 (emergency)
               (215) 590-2003 (administration)
Rhode Island   *Regional Center for Poison       Pesticide incident reporting not   Division of Agriculture and   Dr. Steven R. Alm
               Control and Prevention Services   required.                          Resource Marketing            Department of Plant
               for    Massachusetts and                                             Rhode Island Department of    Sciences
               Rhode Island                                                                Environmental          9 E. Alumni Ave., Suite 7
               300 Longwood Avenue                                                  Management                    University of Rhode Island
               Boston, MA 02115                                                     235 Promenade Street          Kingston, RI 02881
               (617) 232-2120 (emergency)                                           Providence, RI 02908-5767     401-874-5998
               (617) 355-6609 (administration)                                      401-222-2782
South          Palmetto Poison Center            Division of Acute Disease          Regulatory and Public         Dr. Robert G. Bellinger
Carolina       College of Pharmacy                       Epidemiology               Service Programs              Clemson University
               University of South Carolina      Department of Health and           Clemson University            Department of Entomology
               Columbia, SC 29208                Environmental Control              511 Westinghouse Road         107 Long Hall, Box 340365
               (800) 922-1117 (emergency)        Mills Complex                      Pendleton, SC 29670-8847      Clemson, SC 29634-0365
               (803) 777-1117 (emergency)        P.O. Box 101106                    864-646-2140                  864-656-5042
               (803) 777-7909 (administration)   Columbia, SC 29223
South Dakota *Hennepin Regional Poison           Pesticide incident reporting not   Office of Agronomy Services   Mr. Jim Wilson
             Center                              required.                          Division of Agricultural      Agriculture Hall, 237
             Hennepin County Medical                                                Services                      South Dakota State
             Center                                                                 South Dakota Department of    University
             701 Park Avenue                                                                Agriculture           Box 2207A
             Minneapolis, MN 55415                                                  Foss Building, 523 East       Brookings, SD 57007
             (800) POISON1 (emergency)                                              Capitol                       605-688-4752
             (612) 347-3141 TDD/TTY                                                 Pierre, SD 57501-3182
             (emergency)                                                            605-773-4432
             (612) 904-4691 (TTY)
             (612) 347-3144 (administration)
Tennessee   *Middle Tennessee Poison          Pesticide incident reporting not   Tennessee Department of    Dr. Edward E. (Gene)
            Center                            required.                                  Agriculture        Burgess
            Center for Clinical Toxicology                                       Division of Regulatory     Entomology and Plant
            501 Oxford House                                                     Services                   Pathology Sect
            1161 21st Avenue South                                               PO Box 40627, Melrose      University of Tennessee
            Nashville, TN 37232-4632                                             Station                    P.O. Box 1071
            (800) 288-9999 (emergency)                                           Nashville, TN 37204-0627   Knoxville, TN 37901
            (615) 936-2034 TDD/TTY                                               615-837-8152               423-974-7138
            (615) 936-2047 (TDD)
            (615) 936-0760 (administration)

            Southern Poison Center
            875 Monroe Avenue Suite 104
            Memphis, TN 38163
            (800) 288-9999 (emergency)
            (901) 528-6048 (emergency)
            (901) 448-6800 (administration)
Texas   *Central Texas Poison Center      Reporting required for          Texas Department of   Ms. Suzanne Deatherage
        Scottand White Memorial           occupational exposure-related   Agriculture           Texas A and M University
        Hospital                          illnesses only.                 PO Box 12847          101 Agronomy Field Lab
        2401 South 31st Street                                            Austin, TX 78711      2488 TAMUS
        Temple, TX 76508                  Texas Department of Health      512-463-1093          College Station, TX 77843-
        (800) POISON-1 (emergency)        Environmental Epidemiology                            2488
        (254) 724-7401 (emergency)        and    Toxicology Division                            409-845-1099
        (254) 724-7405 (administration)   1100 W. 49th St.
                                          Austin, TX 78756
        *North Texas Poison Center        1-800-588-1248
        Texas Poison Center Network
        Parkland Health and Hospital
        5201 Harry Hines Blvd.
        P.O. Box 35926
        Dallas, TX 75235
        (800) 764-7661 (emergency)
        (214) 589-0911 (administration)

        *South Texas Poison Center
        University of Texas Health
        Center - San Antonio
        Forensic Science Bldg Rm. 146
        Department of Surgery
        7703 Floyd Curl Drive
        San Antonio, TX 78284-7849
        (800) 764-7661 (emergency)
        (210) 567-5762 (administration)

        *Southeast Texas Poison Center
        The University of Texas -
        Medical Branch
        3.112 Trauma Building
        Galveston, TX 77555-1175
        (800) 764-7661 (emergency)
        (409) 765-1420 (emergency)
        (409) 766-4403 (administration)
Texas (cont.)   Texas Panhandle Poison Center
                1501 S. Coulter
                Amarillo, TX 79106
                (800) 764-7661 (emergency)
                (806) 354-1630 (administration)

                *West Texas Regional Poison
                Thomason Hospital
                4815 Alameda Avenue
                El Paso, TX 79905
                (800) 764-7661 (emergency)
                (915) 534-3800 (administration)
Utah            *Utah Poison Control Center       Reporting required for             Utah Department of            Dr. Howard M. Deer
                410 Chipeta Way, Suite 230        occupational exposure-related      Agriculture                   Utah State University
                Salt Lake City, UT 84108          illnesses only. Contact agency     and Food                      4620 Old Main Hill
                (800) 456-7707 (emergency)        not identifiable at the time of    350 North Redwood Road        Logan, UT 84322-4620
                (801) 581-2151 (emergency)        publication.                       PO Box 146500                 435-797-1602
                (801) 581-7504 (administration)                                      Salt Lake City, UT
Vermont         Vermont Poison Center             Pesticide incident reporting not   Vermont Department            Dr. Ann Hazelrigg
                Fletcher Allen Health Care        required.                          Agriculture, Food and         Department of Plant and
                111 Colchester Avenue                                                Markets                       Soil Science
                Burlington, VT 05401                                                 116 State Street, Drawer 20   Hills Bldg.
                (877) 658-3456 (emergency)                                           Montpelier, VT 05620-2901     University of Vermont
                (802) 658-3456 (emergency)                                           802-828-2431                  Burlington, VT 05405-0082
                (802) 656-5656 (administration)                                                                    802-656-0493
Virginia   *Blue Ridge Poison Center         All poisoning cases must be     Office of Pesticide Services   Dr. Michael J. Weaver
           University of Virginia Health     reported to one of the Poison   Virginia Department of         Virginia Polytechnic
           System                            Centers. All toxic substance-   Agriculture and Consumer       Institute
           PO Box 800774                     related illnesses, including    Service                        and State University
           Charlottesville, VA 22908-0774    pesticide-related illnesses,    PO Box 1163, Rm. 401-A         Department of Entomology
           (800) 451-1428 (emergency)        must be reported to the local   Richmond, VA 23218-1163        Blacksburg, VA 24061-
           (804) 924-5543 (emergency)        health department and to        804-371-6558                   0409
           (804) 924-0347 (administration)                                                                  540-231-6543
                                             Virginia Department of Health
           *National Capital Poison Center   Office of Epidemiology
           3201 New Mexico Avenue, NW        PO Box 2448
           Suite 310                         Room 113
           Washington, DC 20016              Richmond, VA 23218
           (202) 625-3333 TDD/TTY
           (202) 362-8563 (TTY)
           (202) 362-3867 (administration)

           *Virginia Poison Center
           Medical College of Virginia
           Virginia Commonwealth
           P.O. Box 980522
           Richmond, VA 23298-0522
           (800) 552-6337 (emergency)
           (804) 828-9123 (emergency)
           (804) 828-4780 (administration)
Washington   *Washington Poison Center         Washington Poison Center       Pesticide Management       Ms. Carol A. Ramsay
             155 NE 100th Street, Suite 400    155 N.E. 100th Street, Suite   Division                   Washington State
             Seattle, WA 98125-8012            400                            Washington Department of   University    Cooperative
             (800) 732-6985 (emergency)        Seattle, WA 98125-8012                 Agriculture        Extension
             (206) 526-2121 TDD/TTY            800-732-6985 (emergency        PO Box 42589               P.O. Box 646382
                     (emergency)               phone)                         Olympia, WA 98504-2589     Pullman, WA 99164-6382
             (206) 517-2394 (TDD)              206-517-2350 (administration   360-902-2011               509-335-1009 (FAX)
             (emergency)                       phone)                                                    509-335-9222
             (800) 572-0638 TDD
             (206) 517-2350 (administration)
West        *West Virginia Poison Center       Reporting required for             Plant Industries Division        Dr. John F Baniecki
Virginia    3110 MacCorkle Ave, S.E.           occupational exposure-related      West Virginia Department of      West Virginia University
            Charleston, WV 25304               illnesses only. Contact agency             Agriculture              414 Brooks Hall
            (800) 642-3625 (emergency)         not identifiable at the time of    1900 Kanawha Blvd., East         Morgantown, WV 26506-
            (304) 347-1212 (administration)    publication.                       Charleston, WV 25305-0170        6057
                                                                                  304-558-2209                     304-293-3911
Wisconsin   Children's Hospital of Wisconsin   Dr. Henry Anderson                 Bureau of Agricultural           Dr. Chris Boerboom
            Poison Center                      Chief Medical Officer              Management                       University of Wisconsin
            P.O. Box 1997                      Wisconsin Division of Health       Wisconsin Department of          1575 Linden Dr.
            Milwaukee, WI 53201                P.O. Box 2659                              Agriculture, Trade and   Madison, WI 53706-1597
            (800) 815-8855 (emergency)         Madison, WI 53701-2659             Consumer Protection              608-262-1392
            (414) 266-2222 (emergency)         (608) 266-1253                     PO Box 8911
            (414) 266-2221 (administration)                                       Madison, WI 53708-8911
            University of Wisconsin
            Hospital and Clinics
            Poison Control Center
            600 Highland Avenue, F6/133
            Madison, WI 53792
            (800) 815-8855 (emergency)
            (608) 262-3702 (emergency)
            (608) 262-1817 (administration)
Wyoming     *The Poison Center Children's      Pesticide incident reporting not   Technical Services               Mark A. Ferrell
                   Hospital                    required.                          Wyoming Department of            University of Wyoming
            8301 Dodge Street                                                     Agriculture                      Department of Plant
            Omaha, NE 68114                                                       2219 Carey Avenue                Sciences
            (800) 955-9119 (emergency)                                            Cheyenne, WY 82002-0100          P. 0. Box 3354
            (402) 354-5555 (emergency)                                            307-777-6590                     Laramie, WY 82071-3354
            (402) 354-5593 (administration)                                                                        307-766-5381
                                                                                PS 5-1
                                                               State Lead Agencies Designated under
                                                       the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

State Lead Agency                                            Pesticide Program                               Phone
Alaska Dept of Environmental Quality                         Pesticide Program                              (907)745-3236
Arizona Dept of Agriculture                                  Environmental Services Division                (602)542-3575
Arkansas State Plant Board                                   Division of Pesticides                         (501)225-1598
California Environmental Protection Agency                   Dept of Pesticide Regulation                   (916)445-4000
Colorado Dept of Agriculture                                 Division of Plant Industry                     (303)239-4140
Connecticut Dept of Environmental Protection                 Pesticide Management Division                  (203)424-3369
Delaware Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticides Compliance                          (302)739-4811
Dist of Columbia Dept of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs     Pesticide Compliance                           (202)645-6080
                                                             Pesticide Enforcement and Certification
Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services          Branch                                           (904)487-0532
Georgia Dept of Agriculture                                  Pesticides Division                            (404)656-5210
Hawaii Dept of Agriculture                                   Pesticides Branch                              (808)973-9404
Idaho Dept of Agriculture                                    Pesticides Division                            (208)334-3243
Illinois Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticides Branch                              (217)785-2427
Indiana State Chemist Office                                 Division of Agricultural Technology            (317)494-1593
Iowa Dept of Agriculture                                     Bureau of Environmental Programs               (515)281-8591
Kansas Dept of Agriculture                                   Pesticide Administrator                        (913)296-2263
Kentucky Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticide Bureau                               (502)564-7274
Louisiana Dept of Agriculture and Forestry                   Pesticide Section                              (504)925-3763
Maine Dept of Agriculture                                    Division of Pesticides                         (207)287-2731
Maryland Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticide and Environmental Programs           (410)841-5710
Massachusetts Dept of Food and Agriculture                   Board of Pesticides Control                    (617)727-3020
Michigan Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticides Regulation Section                  (517)335-6838
Minnesota Dept of Agriculture                                Pesticides Product Registration Unit           (612)297-2746
Mississippi Dept of Agriculture and Commerce                 Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division   (601)325-3390
Missouri Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticides Product Registration Unit           (314)751-2462
                                                                                  PS 5-1
                                                                 State Lead Agencies Designated under
                                                         the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

Montana Dept of Agriculture                                  Pesticides Division                              (406)444-2944
Nebraska Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticide Program                                (402)471-2394
Nevada Division of Agriculture                               Pesticide Program                                (702)688-1180
New Hampshire Dept of Agriculture                           Bureau of Plant Industry                          (603)271-3550
New Jersey Dept of Environmental Protection                 Division of Pesticide Control                     (609)530-4011
New Mexico Dept of Agriculture                              Pesticide Control Division                        (505)646-2133
New York Dept of Environmental Conservation                 Bureau of Pesticide Regulation                    (518)457-7446
North Carolina Dept of Agriculture                          Bureau of Pesticide Management                    (919)733-3556
North Dakota Dept of Agriculture                            Bureau of Pesticide Regulation                    (701)328-4756
Ohio Dept of Agriculture                                    Division of Plant Industry                        (614)866-6361
Oklahoma Dept of Agriculture                                Food and Drug Protection Division                 (405)521-3864
Oregon Dept of Agriculture                                  Division of Plant Industry                        (503)986-4635
Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture                            Plant Industry and Consumer Services Division     (717)787-4843
Puerto Rico Dept of Agriculture                             Plant Division                                    (809)796-1710
Rhode Island Dept of Environmental Management               Analysis and Registrations of Ag Materials        (401)277-2782
South Carolina Regulatory and Public Service Programs       Division of Agriculture                           (803)656-3171
South Dakota Dept of Agriculture                            Division of Agriculture Services                 (605)773-4432
Tennessee Dept of Agriculture                               Dept of Fertilizer and Pesticide Control         (615)360-0136
Texas Dept of Agriculture                                   Division of Agricultural Services                (512)463-1093
Utah Dept of Agriculture                                    Division of Plant Industries                     (801)538-7188
Vermont Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticide Program                                (803)828-2431
Virgin Islands Division of Natural Resource Management      Division of Plant Industry                       (809)773-0565
Virginia Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services          Plant Industry Section                           (804)371-6558
Washington State Dept of Agriculture                        Pesticide Program                                (360)902-2010
West Virginia Dept of Agriculture                           Plant Industries Division                        (304)558-2209
Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture                               Office of Pesticide Services                     (608)224-4550
Wyoming Dept of Agriculture                                 Pesticide Management Division                    (307)777-6590

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