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					                                                            DCM Focus
                         WINTER 2011 ISSUE

                                                              DePaul University School for New Learning

                                  Second DCM Cohort Started in Fall 2010
Inside this              Welcome to the inaugural           While we have created the
issue:                   issue of DCM Focus, our            majors to be collaborative and
                         quarterly newsletter. We plan      accelerated, we also want to
Director Note       1    to use Focus as a means to         make sure you are supported
                         keep you updated on DCM            in your academic work. To
DePaul Resources    1    developments as well as to         that end, we will also feature
                         introduce you to the faculty,      various student services in this
Faculty Profile     2    staff and students involved        and future issues.
                         with the degree completion
                                                            We currently have DCM co-
DCM Support         2    majors.
                                                            horts at the Loop and Naper-
                         Each quarter we will feature a     ville campuses. Help us
Writing Resources   3                                                                               Ann Stanford, PhD
                         student (or two) and invite        spread the word about the
                                                                                                      Director, DCM
                         you to volunteer to be fea-        DCM: talk to your friends,
Procrastination     3    tured in the newsletter. I am      family and coworkers about
                                                                                               contacted me to say what a
                         pleased that Denise Nowak          the degree completion majors
Naperville Campus   3                                                                          pleasure it is teaching the
                         agreed to be our initial student   at SNL and the College of
                                                                                               DCM students. You make us
                         and offer my thanks to her for     Communication.
Student Profile     4                                                                          proud at SNL!
                                                            I have been impressed with
                                                                                               Be well and stay warm,
                         I’m also pleased that Dr. Ed       the level of commitment and
                         Paulson is the editor of this      energy of the DCM students         Ann
                         issue of Focus. If you have        and am so excited to have          astanfor@depaul.edu
                         news or ideas for features or      each one of you in the pro-
                         announcements, please con-         gram. You should know that
                         tact Ed or me.                     many of your instructors have

                  DePaul Resources You Should Know About and Use
       As a student in the Degree Completion Major you are a fully enrolled and accepted member of the
       DePaul University Student Community. As such, you are fully able to use a wide variety of resources
               provided by the university and included as part of your tuition. Here are just a few.
     SNL DCM Program Information:                                       DePaul Central (links to many resources):
          http://snl.depaul.edu/programs                                      http://depaulcentral.depaul.edu
     DePaul Libraries:                                                  Many General DePaul Student Links:
           http://www.lib.depaul.edu                                          http://depaul.edu/students
     DePaul Writing Center:                                             DePaul Office of Mission and Values:
           http://depaul.edu/writing                                          http://mission.depaul.edu
PAGE 2                                                                                     DCM FOCUS

Faculty Profile:                                       Corinne Benedetto, PhD

I am an Associate Professor at the School for New Learning (SNL) with a
specialty in sociology and occupational analysis. As part of my work at the
School, I act as Associate Dean for Student Systems and Retention, trying
to ensure the best possible programmatic and academic experience for our
I designed the DCM 307 “Analyzing Human Behavior” social science field
research course which is scheduled for this December term. The intensity
of this learning experience makes it perfect for the self-managed and moti-
vated DCM student. I also created the Adult Learning Seminar (DCM 317)
“Ethics in the Professions.” This course, in particular, offers a learning ex-
perience that seems perfectly-suited to the DCM Program: It blends theo-
retical knowledge with practical application for workplace learning.
I look greatly forward to studying with this group of academically-gifted and truly focused undergradu-

             Meet the People Supporting You and the DCM

           John Hemmerling                                             Paris Wadhwa

                John is the advisor for all                           Parikshit (Paris) Wadhwa is the
                DCM Applied Behavioral Sci-                           DCM program Coordinator. He
                ences and the Leadership                              is an SNL graduate and cur-
                Studies degree students. Ex-                          rently enrolled in the DePaul
                isting students should contact                        School of Public Service gradu-
                him with DCM-specific issues                          ate program. Paris is located at
or questions. He is located at the Naperville            the Loop campus and can be reached by email
and Oak Forest campuses. John be reached                 at snldcm@depaul.edu or by phone at (312)
by email at jhemmerl@depaul.edu and by                   659-6373 to answer questions about DePaul,
phone at (312) 476-4358.                                 SNL or the DCM.

            Ed Paulson, PhD                                              Ginny Rowe

               Ed is the Associate Director of                         Ginny is the Director of Un-
               the DCM and an SNL resident                             dergraduate Academic Advis-
               faculty member where he                                 ing for the College of Commu-
               teaches business, communica-                            nication and is the Academic
               tion and research courses. He                           Advisor for all students in the
               is fully available to DCM stu-            DCM Professional Communication Studies
dents. Ed is located at the Naperville Campus            program. She holds a Master of Arts from
and can be reached at epaulson@depaul.edu                Ohio State University. She can be reached at
or by phone at (312) 476-4313.                           growe@depaul.edu or (312) 362-7615.
DCM FOCUS                                                                                         PAGE 3

Student Resources:                                                     Writing Support

Did you know that SNL has its       The Center has instituted eve-      puses. There you can meet
own writing website? Take a         ning hours and even conducts        regularly with others who will
look at http://snl.depaul.edu/      online appointments, along with     support you as you improve
writing and you’ll see sections     onsite appointments in the          your writing skills.
on “how to write a paper,”          Loop and Lincoln Park. Their
“writing help,” “SNL Assign-        website, http://                    The Purdue University Online
ments” and other great things       condor.depaul.edu/writing/, is      Writing Lab (OWL) Web site
like student papers in the Writ-    chock full of resources:            (http://owl.english.purdue.edu)
ing Showcase.                       “Citation and Style guides,”        is another useful resource that
                                    “Grammar and Mechanics,”            offers information about a wide
The SNL Writing website also        “Revising Your Writing,”            variety of writing topics.
links to DePaul’s University        “Research and Writing,” and
Center for Writing Based            more.                               There is no reason (other than
Learning, a great resource for                                          procrastination*) for you not to
students to use for honing their    There are also writing groups       have all the writing help you
writing skills in general as well   that meet on the weekends at        need to write papers that show-
as refining their assignments..     the Naperville and Loop cam-        case your good thinking.

*Still Procrastinating? A Book by DCM Professor Joe Ferrari

                             On the subject of procrastination, see DePaul psychology department and
                             DCM faculty member, Joe Ferrari’s, latest book: Still Procrastinating? The
                             No-Regrets Guide to Getting it Done (Wiley, 2010)

                             “There are all sorts of reasons that people procrastinate. Contrary to popu-
                             lar wisdom, chronic procrastination is not about poor time management,
                             but about self-sabotaging tendencies that can keep you from reaching your
                             full potential. This book draws on the author’s more than twenty years of
                             scientific research on procrastination in order in order to help you learn
                             what stops you from getting things done.” From the book’s back cover .

                             It is available from Amazon.com for around $11.00 plus shipping, etc.

Campus Focus:                                          DePaul Naperville Campus
                         The Naperville Campus is the largest of the four suburban campuses, 62,000
                         sq. ft., housing its own library, computer labs and an array of student services
                         plus free parking. There are 27 highly technical classrooms, which includes an
                         auditorium and conference rooms. Location: 150 West Warrenville Road, Na-
                         perville, IL 60563 (312) 476-4500 or (630) 548-9378 . Hours: Mon-Thurs
                         8AM-10PM, Fri-Sat. 8AM-5PM. Sunday: Closed. DCM Tuesday Evening.
WINTER 2011 ISSUE                                                                                                      PAGE 4

Student Profile:                                                                                Denise Nowak

   When did you start with the DCM and what is your track?
   I was part of the first group to begin the Leadership Studies DCM program in March of 2011
   How are you employed?
   I am a twenty year sales veteran. My title is Advanced Technology Account Executive. In my
   role I work with my customers’ information technology and procurement organizations as
   well as their executive sponsors to provide technology solutions that support business initia-
   tives. These include Unified Communications, Virtualization, Data Center, Infrastructure and
   Security solutions.
   Why did you choose the DCM program? What are you looking to get out of the program?
   The course content was the main reason I chose the DCM Leadership Studies Program. I felt that the information I
   would be learning would have an immediate impact for me because the content focuses on the human side of leader-
   ship. In my current position I must be successful at understanding the motivations of my internal customers (the peo-
   ple who I need to help get things done) and my external clients. I went into the program looking to gain valuable
   insight into how I could continue to be effective and relevant to my clients and my employer by growing my knowl-
   edge base and skills as a leader.
   How have you found the program so far?
   The program is fast paced and the workload is a bit challenging at times, but I attribute some of that to my perfection-
   ist tendencies. The program has been a thought provoking experience. The courses are relevant with real life business
   issues. I have been able to offer helpful input at work that I would not have been able to provide 9 months ago. The
   program has helped me gain exposure in my organization. I have been approached for ideas for better communicating
   change within our organization and several clients have asked for the titles of books we have read as class material.
   Any tips for those just starting with the DCM?
   Be prepared to be transformed. The program teaches you a lot about yourself, your values, beliefs and how these
   things manifest in good and bad ways to form who you are. Armed with this new information you are free to be who
   you want. A big part of being an exceptional leader is being good with who you are.
   Any tips for those considering joining the DCM and comparing to other programs?
   The program is very well thought out. By the 4th class we were spouting off concepts we learned in prior classes. The
   program is progressive and moves quickly. I am completing my 9 th class and can hardly believe how quickly it has
   gone. My friends, family and coworkers have witnessed my confidence grow as I absorb the course contents and in-
   corporate this new knowledge into my life experiences. The skills we are learning are worth every penny. As early as
   the first class the light bulb will go on and stay on for the rest of your life. To coin a phrase “this education is price-
   General comments about DePaul, the DCM, faculty, etc. you would like to include.
   We are the first group to go through the program which means we are all learning how the pieces fit together. The
   faculty members have been responsive, accommodating, encouraging, understanding and knowledgeable (I could go
   on). The DCM program is writing intensive but have no fear if you need help in this area, as I did. The writing center
   will assist you in improving your writing skills. DePaul University’s values come through in the caliber of the profes-
   sors, the content of the classes, the resources available to students and their relentless dedication to ethics and integ-