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Jack Million Dollar Project


									By Jack Fleming
   From my $1,000,000.00, I deducted
    $200,000.00 for taxes. This was 20%
    and it brought my total down to
   From my $800,000.00, I donated $100,000.00 to my
    favorite charity, The Children's Miracle League of
    Forsyth/Cumming. This is a great charity that
    helps kids with disabilities play baseball. I also
    want to become a “buddy” for this charity. My
    balance is now $700,000.00.
   I want to go to the University of Alabama for my college.
    It will cost:
   $17,214/year for Room and Board x 4 years = $44,856.00
   $4618/year for Books and Supplies x 4 years = $18,472.00
   $29,668/year for Out of State Tuition x 4 years= $82,672.00

   For a total cost of $146,000.00. This makes my new
    balance $554,000.00.
I decided to build a house in the
  Riverbrooke subdivision in Forsyth
  County. It has 5 bedrooms, a dining
  room, a kitchen, a family room, and a
  bonus room. My house cost
  $228,000.00 which left me with
   For fun, I decided to get a dog. I picked out a
    miniature dachshund. His name is going to be
    Hines after Hines Ward. He cost $800.00. This
    made my new balance $325,800.00.
   I thought Sam would like a puppy of his
    own. I got him a miniature dachshund
    too. Sam is going to name his puppy,
    Rudy. I also got him some bowls, a crate,
    and toys to go with the puppy. The total
    cost was $917.00 so I have $324,283.00 left.
   For my family vacation, I decided to take
    my mom, dad, and brother to the
    Dominican Republic. We are going to the
    Club Med resort. The cost of the trip with
    airfare is $6,001.00. My new balance is
   I thought my Epal, Lucy, would really enjoy going
    on a Disney Cruise. We are going to the Bahamas
    and I am taking my family with me too. We sail out
    of Miami so I had to buy airplane tickets for
    everyone too. The total cost of this trip was
    $9243.00. Now I have $309.039.00 left.
   I also thought it would be fun to take Lucy to my
    Grandparents lake house on Lake Martin in Alabama.
    My cousins and I always have a really fun time there! It
    will not cost much since we can use their lake house
    and boat. I decided it would cost about $250 for the
    week for groceries and some gas.
   My new balance is $308,789.00.
While Lucy is here, I am also going to take
 her to Six Flags. The tickets will cost
 $30/each for a total cost of $60.00. Now I
 have $308,789.00 left.
   Another thing I wanted to do with Lucy to show her
    what Atlanta is like is take her to the World of Coke
    and a Braves game. The tickets to World of Coke
    are $10/each and the tickets to the Braves game
    are $48/each. The total cost for me and Lucy to go
    is $116.00. This means I have $308,613.00 left.
   I have told Lucy all about American football in my
    emails to her, but I thought she would like to go to the
    best football game ever – The Super Bowl! We will have
    to fly to Miami and then get tickets and a hotel. I
    decided we might as well enjoy ourselves, so we are
    flying first class! The total cost for both of us to go is
    $10,004. My new balance is $298,609.00
   In order to get Lucy to the United
    States so that we can do all of our fun
    things, I had to buy her a plane ticket
    to get here. The cost of her roundtrip
    ticket is $745.00. I now have
    $297,864.00 left.
   Since Lucy and I will be doing so many cool things,
    I wanted her to have a way to remember her trip to
    America. I got her a Flip Video camera so that she
    could take pictures and videos to show her friends
    and family in England. The cost was $230. I now
    have $297,634.00 left.
My mom likes jewelry, so I got her a
 ring as a gift. The cost was $1900.00.
 My new balance is $295,734.00
   My dad loves football as much as I do! His
    favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, so
    I got him season tickets for both of us to
    go to the Steelers games. The cost of the
    tickets was $3,500 each for a total cost of
    $7,000.00. I now have $288,734.00 to
   I know that Mrs. Simmons loves sports
    and her favorite team is the Georgia
    Bulldogs. I got her two season tickets to
    the Georgia Bulldogs football games. The
    cost of the tickets was $4,000.00 for two.
    My new balance is $284,734.00.
My whole family loves to go to the lake! I
 thought we would all really like to have
 Seadoos of our own. I bought four
 seadoos for everyone in my family. They
 cost $14,199 each for a total cost of
 $56,796.00. I now have $227,938.00 left to
My house has five bedrooms. There are four guest
 bedrooms and a master bedroom. The furniture
 for all five of these bedrooms cost $13,499.92 plus
 shipping and tax.
I bought a table and chairs for the
  kitchen which cost $879.99 plus
  shipping and tax.
   The furniture for the dining room
    cost $3619.97 plus shipping and tax.
   The furniture for the family room
    included sofas, tables, a lamp, and an
    entertainment center. The cost for
    the family room furniture was
    $2699.98 plus shipping and tax.
   I wanted to make my bonus room a good room for
    watching TV and movies. The furniture for my
    bonus room includes sofas, an entertainment
    center, tables, and a 40” HDTV. The cost for this
    furniture was $5759.95 plus shipping and tax.
   The total expense for furniture for
    my house including shipping and tax
    was $29,424.00. My new balance is
   For my house, I bought a dishwasher, refrigerator,
    microwave, stove, washer and dryer, and vacuum.
    The cost was $10561.93 plus shipping and tax.
   I also bought a Home Theater system
    that includes a DVD player, a 40”
    HDTV for my bedroom, and a
    55”HDTV for my family room. The
    cost for these was $4999.97 plus
    shipping and tax.
   The total cost for all of my
    electronics and appliances
    including shipping and tax is
    $16,776. I now have $181,737.00 left
    to spend.
   I wanted to be able to go to the lake
    and take my family and friends, so I
    decided to buy myself a pontoon
    boat! The cost is $75,982.00. My new
    balance is $105,755.00.
   I decided that I needed to get a car that would be
    able to tow my Seadoos when I went to the lake. I
    picked out a Mercedes SUV because I thought it
    would be strong enough to tow things. The cost is
    $104,000.00 which leaves me with $1755.00 left.
   I also bought a trailer that I could use
    to tow my Seadoos. The cost was
    $1730 so I now have $25.00 left!
   With my last $25.00, I bought
    something fun – a Tech Deck Ramp!
The Million Dollar Project taught me a lot
 of things. I learned that a lot of things are
 more expensive than I thought! I also
 learned that, when you are buying a
 house, there are a lot of things you have to
 buy and think about to put in the house.
 Hopefully, someday I will have a real
 $1,000,000.00 of my own to spend!

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