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To your heart....................................................................................... 4
1. The vision with the last gold image of Babylon...................................... 10
2. The sounds of the musical instruments................................................ 16
3. The furnace heated seven times hotter than usual................................ 31
4. The cloths of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego................................... 40
5. The Fourth in the fiery flames............................................................. 49


    My dear brother! My faithful friend!
    Having fallen on my knees before my Lord and Saviour Jesus, I implore
you to accept the visions in this book as a Heavenly answer; an answer to all
the prayers, which God’s children have been offering to Him. Even after the
last appeal of God Father, proclaimed in His radical message “Come out of
her, My people!”, most people cannot leave the arms of the prostitute yet.
Either that they are afraid of the persecution and hatred, or do not want to
experience the oppression and fury, I am not sure.
    However, there is one thing, in which I am sure today:
    The Almighty God has begun to bring the captives of Zion out of Babylon
and there is no power under the Heaven, on earth or under the earth that
could change His intention or replace His stretched right hand. I was still
standing in the Breach, when I noticed how all over the earth, God’s people
tried to fulfil the Holy commandment of My Father. They stood up from the
places of desolation and abomination and made steps of faith to Lord’s Mount.
Right then, that blazing furnace under the Mount increased its flames many
times. It took the shape of a terrible monster, opened its jaws and horribly
roared against their faith. Although the captives of Zion raised the shields of
their faith, in order to protect themselves from the fiery threat, the shields of
many began to grow thinner and the flames found the way to pierce their faith
and to aim at their hearts. Being obsessed by its demonic ambition, many
times stronger than usually, the spirit of Antichrist gathered all its possible
power and fury in order to prevent God’s children from coming out of the
prostitute Babylon. As I was looking from the Breach at the threat and
mobilization of this evil spirit, I hurried to stretch my hands to God and Father
and cry with all the grief and jealousy of my heart:
    “Mercy, my Father! Have Mercy on Your captivated children, who the devil
does not want to let free from the authority of the prostitute. Mercy on the
little ones; Mercy on those, who are diffident and are not confirmed! Mercy on
the hurt and weak ones! Mercy on the men, who the devil has deceived and
chained by all the power of his delusion and cunning...”
    While I was crying in the Breach, I was not alone. My heart could see the
images of God’s intercessors and righteous men, who had risen into the Breach
from all the recesses of the earth, and were praying there. What is more –
cries and weeping, sighs and sobbing were coming from the very earth. Like a
high-water river, all they rushed at the dwelling of Almighty God.
    I had never seen so strong a cry for freedom before. Since, the disgust at
the deeds of the prostitute on earth had reached its height. Here that Father
really reacted. The Breach became brighter as it usually happens when the Sun
rises over the horizon. Then, my eyes could see my Lord Jesus Christ, Who
descended among all His intercessors and servants. He was touching them
with His hand and was giving them Power and jealousy in order for them to
keep standing into the Breach. So, He came near me, too. As He touched and
kindle me with His Fire, He began talking to me, saying:
    “Have you really thought that the coming out of the authority of
the prostitute will happen in one instant and without any efforts?”
    “Oh, my Lord!” – I answered – “You Yourself were giving to me visions
against this prostitute throughout the last seven years, were You not?
Although all the churches had to be enlightened and confirmed through Your
words, only few were those, who left the power of Babylon. Here that my eyes
see now how the false prophet on earth, who is the spirit of Antichrist, is on its
mettle and mobilizes all its demons and furies for fear that it might let
somebody out of the control of its desolation. Therefore, that fiery furnace
under Lord’s Mount became very glowing and terrible...”
    “That is right, My boy!” – Jesus answered and continued:
    “That is why I showed in a vision what oppression and judgment
against My witnesses and followers were like. So, what do you think?
Why could not many of My people stand the fire in this furnace? Why
do not they want to overcome and be confirmed in that faith, at which
the Only Shepherd leads one Flock and the Only Bridegroom has one
    “Oh my Lord! I cannot understand the answer of Your question. For, Your
Word did not call fearful and hesitant men, who are tossed back and forth and
blown here and there by every deceit, invented by the evil one. Different ones
are the men, who Apostle John wrote in “The Revelation” about, saying:
    “...but the Lamb will triumph... and with him will be his called,
chosen and faithful followers...” (Revelation 17:14)
    Are we not Your Called, chosen and Faithful followers, Jesus? Are we not
those, who will be called triumphant over Babylon?”
    Lord smiled at my words; then, He kept speaking to me, saying:
    “Confirm your hearts! For, there are more prophetic words and
visions, which you have to give to God’s faithful remainder on earth. I
tell you now that I really have My Called, Chosen and Faithful ones.
They are the men, who My Father has given to me yet before the
creation of the world. They are the same, who My Father has written to
appear at the end of the times and to be the last powerful and glorious
generation of Zion. And you really have to follow Me, because now I
am going to lead you into God’s Sanctuary. I am going to reveal before
your heart mysteries, hidden for long ages past; mysteries, which I
will reveal in order to answer all the cries, sighs and sobbing on earth.
So, the fiery furnace, which the spirit of Antichrist kindles beneath the
Mount, will become the place of his own humiliation and defeat. Since,
I will lead all My Called, Chosen and Faithful ones unhurt and
undamaged through it. Therefore, follow Me now, for I will speak to
your heart in Spirit of Perfect Wisdom and revelation...”
    After these words, Lord embraced me with His powerful hands and raised
me above the Breach. So, a moment later, the Heavenly Jerusalem appeared
in front of my eyes. Jesus led me to the doors of God’s Sanctuary and told me:
    “My Father pointed you to call out His words against the prostitute
– “Come out of her, My people!” He Himself commanded you to appear
before His Face. Since, where there is coming out of the prostitute,
there is also a terrific clash of Faith with faith, of Word with word and
of Example with example.
    And most of all – of Fire with fire.
    Then, what do you think? Do not God’s Called, Chosen and Faithful
ones have to be ready for this clash? Does not the Sword of the Spirit
have to be polished and the shield of Faith – confirmed many times?
Finally, do not all the children of God have to bear in their hearts a
Personal touch and confirming by My Father?”
    “Oh my Lord! What can I tell You, but sharing with You my confession that
all my heart longs for this Personal touch by my God and Father? I entreat
You, open the doors of God’s Sanctuary and let Father talk to His servant.
Since, I do not want for that fiery furnace beneath the Mount to be a horror for
God’s children...”
    Jesus smiled to my last words; then, He opened the doors of God’s
Sanctuary and said:
    “As there is competition among the captives of Zion to enter the
narrowed gate, so there is emulation among the prophets of God to
appear from the Breach all the Holiness and Word of God’s Heart.
Enter, Stefan! Since, My Father found you worthy to proclaim the
secrets of His eternal intentions...”
    As soon as I stepped before the doors of God’s Sanctuary, I fell on my
knees, because the Cloud of God’s Glory appeared in front of my eyes.
Scattering fiery lightning bolts along its extent, this Cloud swallowed my spirit
and my heart, and thus I could clearly hear the words of my God and Father,
Who was telling me:
    “Son of man! A river from earth is flowing to My Throne today. It is
a river of human tears and sighs; a river of sobbing and weeping; a
river of pain and unbearable oppression. It happens, because the
hearts I have known and born by My Spirit, do not want to remain
amidst the abomination of Babylon even for a moment.
    I cried out through your heart to My people to go out of the
prostitute! I pointed them the sins and wickedness of the high-
standing ones! I Myself will open the treasury of My Holy Spirit, in
order to give to the hearts, who love Me, the victorious Example, Word
and Fire. I will make every one of My people a disturber of the devil
and a victor over his kingdom. Follow My Son, you, son of man! Follow
Him and write on paper everything He will reveal before your heart.
Since, today, when you have stood before My Face, your mighty arm
already rules over the Chaldeans and you have My Power to crush and
overwhelm the power of the false prophet...”
    After these last words, so precious for my heart, the Cloud of God’s Glory
rose from my spirit. Then, Jesus came to me, saying:
    “Let Me lead you into God’s treasury, in order to give to you the
full armour of God against the fiery furnace of the false prophet...”
    After these words, Jesus stood me upright. He went ahead into God’s
Sanctuary and approached a door, made of a tender mountain crystal. Then,
He opened it, and thus the plenty of precious stones, adornments and sacred
objects glittered in front of my eyes with their lights. While I was breathless
due to the boundless admiration, provoked by the view in front of my eyes,
Jesus entered the treasury. He stopped in one place, picked up a gold
Menorah, on which seven flames were burning. Then, He gave me a sign to
approach Him and told me:
    “Do you see this Menorah and its kindles flames?
    Here I tell you that, from among the lots of pieces of jewellery and
gems in Father’s treasury, it is one of the most precious. This Menorah
keeps the memory of three wonderful God’s men.
    Men of True Faith! Men of True Holiness! Men of God’s Blazing
    Their example from their time is exactly what My Father wants you
to give over as a prophetic vision and Word to the whole My Church on
earth. For, their example is not an ordinary example. Their Faith and
Love are not ordinary faith and love. Since, these three men are God’s
Answer to the oppression and judgment of Babylon in the last time on
earth. These three men are Father’s Good News and Father’s Seal for
all the Called, Chosen and Faithful on earth. By this Seal, My Father,
the Almighty One, ensures the realization of the prophetic words in the
    “...but the Lamb will triumph over them... and with him will be his
called, chosen and faithful followers...” (Revelation 17:14)
    Here that once again, I call all those, who believe in Me, telling
    My people! Confirm your hearts, since you are the most glorious
generation of Zion that lives in the hardest time on earth. Millennia
before you, three God’s men lived in Babylon - Shadrach, Meshach and
Abednego. In a time, when the devil wished worship before his gold
image from all the tribes, nations and languages, these three men of
God were worshiping God’s Holy Menorah and were holding the
windows of their rooms turned to the Heavenly Jerusalem. Their Faith,
their Example and their Love were sealed by My Father as His Father’s
Good News and a Heavenly Seal for all those, who want to be named
Called, Chosen and Faithful ones; Called like Shadrach, Chosen like
Meshach and Faithful like Abednego! Today, when the devil has raised
the threat of his fiery furnace beneath Lord’s Mount, you have to pass
through the flames of this furnace with the Faith, Example and Love of
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego! So, you will see Me, Who am the
Fourth in the fiery flames! I will envelop your hearts with the Fire of
God’s Love that is more powerful than the flames of devil’s fury and
    After these words, Jesus pointed with His hand at the lamps of the
Menorah and told me:
    “Now, we will both pass through the lamps of this Menorah. So,
My Father will make you a witness not to the ancient, but to the last
fiery furnace and to the last gold image, by which the devil
overshadows the whole world and wants to submit all the men on
                                     ~ 10 ~


     My dear brother! My faithful friend!
     There are many splendid examples for inspiration, jealousy and emulation
in the Bible. If Father has made these examples forever remain in His Eternal
Word, He has done it, because the world is always the same before His eyes.
     The devil is the same. The sins are the same. The deceit is the same.
     And, the losses, caused by devil’s deceit are the same.
     What should we, who are the last generation on earth, do? Are not we
expected to recognize the cunning of the devil as the generations before us
have done this? Are not we expected to add to the example of the ancient
people our own contemporary example? Are not we expected to resist the devil
by all the faith of our hearts, no matter what this will cost to us? However,
exactly here, when the moment come for the men to pay the price and to get
over the devil, they give in under his pressure and allow him to vanquish them.
They do not want to pay the price in order to be a generation of God’s
Holiness. They prefer the deceitful peace with the prince of this world instead
of the painful war against him. What is more – in the eyes of such men, devil’s
lie turns into Truth and God’s Truth becomes a lie. Then, in their view, the
devil becomes a god and God’s messengers seem to them as servants of the
     Thousands of years ago, on a field, situated in the region of Babylon, king
Nebuchadnezzar raised a gold image. This image has been the most terrible
personification of the satanic wile. Made up from the metal of welfare and
wealth, the very image demanded worship from all the people on earth. Those,
who bowed before him, lacked the Reason and the Wisdom to comprehend
that a person, hidden in the delusion of his presence, stands behind the gold
image. Moreover – seeing the alternative of burning up in the fiery furnace,
raised next to the gold idol, the men were unwilling to even consider the
possibility of giving up their worship. Most probably, every one of those
worshipers was holding in his hands if not a purse, then at least a gold coin.
     Then, was it possible for them not to worship the image, when their own
coin was made from the very same gold that served to make up the idol? How
were they supposed to refuse bending their head down before the keen eyes of
                                     ~ 11 ~
the Babylon king, when all their labour, efforts and existence have only been
for the gold coin in their hand? Can they but accept in their heart that, when
they can buy small things with their gold coin, then the very gold image on the
field of Dura is powerful to buy their own soul?
    Such was the situation at that ancient time; a time, when people walked
with eyes, looking at the ground; a time, when no power greater than the
power of gold had been seen. But even then, Father had confirmed His people
with His Seal in order to show the devil that his gold image is only able to
deceive and defeat many, but not all. And that ancient victory of Shadrach,
Meshach and Abednego crushed the devil more than the millions of submissive
worshipers were able to please him. Since, after the miracle in the fiery
furnace, everybody in Babylon was no longer speaking of the gold image of
Nebuchadnezzar, but was testifying of the fact that three men entered the fire
of the furnace, and four appeared. In His Image and Glory, the Fourth One had
looked like a son of the gods.
    So, what do you think, my brother? Why am I speaking to you such words
before the vision, which Lord revealed to me in all His Kindness and Mercy? Do
not I do this for you to understand that everything repeats again now? Do not
I do this for you to look up with your heart? And, looking from Heaven to
earth, to see and comprehend that the devil has neither forgotten anything
old, nor has he learnt anything new. Since, even today, there is a Babylon field
and a gold image, built up on it. And, while the ancient gold image was local,
the present one is total. And you, do you know the difference between the
local and the total? In fact, the local is related to a separate place, while the
total concerns all places. So, a partial gold image responded to the local
Babylon in the antiquity, while now, another gold image responds to the total
Babylon nowadays. By itself, this contemporary gold image is nothing but a
false teaching of the devil, meant to deprave and degrade human hearts. So if
on that local field, Lord confused the devil with His three servants, then on the
total field of today, He will confuse him with three generations of His Paternal
    The generations of the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones.
    Therefore, let me make you witness the words, which Jesus spoke to me a
moment before showing me His very vision. Here is what He told me:
                                     ~ 12 ~
     “Now I am going to give your heart a vision; a vision for all those,
who believe Me and still remember that they have been redeemed
from the vanity and the sin of the world not by perishable things, gold
or silver, but by My precious blood. In this vision, you will see the
things as they really are. For, it is time for all My people to stop
looking and thinking locally, but to see everything totally.
     What do you think? Do not those, who cannot get over their own
local church in order to look at the Lord and His Holy Church, lack
Wisdom and Reason? Are not madmen those, whose eyes are earth
and fleshly and unable to notice that today is the time not of a local,
but of a total clash between Zion and Babylon? At least, tell Me:
     If you compare moles with doves, which ones will look locally, and
which ones – totally?”
     “Oh Jesus! The moles will look locally, since they cannot leave the place of
the earth they are digging. On the other hand, the doves will look totally, since
their wings raise them high above – up to the very Breach, from where You are
speaking to My Heart now. From this Breach, the earth is plainly and clearly
     Jesus smiled at my words; then, He kept on speaking, saying:
     “Then, see the things as the White Dove of My Father sees them.
Since, the most cursed time has come on earth. It is the time of the
tempting gold image, by which Babylon will devour all the earth and
the fleshly men...”
     After these words, Jesus pointed down the Breach, at the very ground.
Then, my eyes saw a giant gold image, built upon the continent of the
boundless wealth and prosperity. The image itself had taken on very deceitful
and tempting features. He resembled my Lord Jesus Christ. Its sculptors, led
by the desire to put the final touches to it, had made its hands and feet
pierced. They had even laid a thorn crown upon its head. The only difference
from the real image was that this one was made of gold. Besides, it was not
still like an ancient idol. Instead, unceasing energy was rushing out of it. This
energy was coming out of the fingers and the palms of its hands, and in this
way invisible fans were blowing up a tempest of constantly falling bank-notes.
                                    ~ 13 ~
This energy was coming out of its eyes and lips, and thus everybody, standing
next to it, could hear words that say:
    “I am Jesus, a lord of your heart and your soul. Worship me and I will
bless you and make you a witness of my prosperity...”
    This energy was coming even from the feet of the gold idol, where
thousands of gold nets, ropes and loops were laid, ready to catch the feet of
the men, who would bow to it. As I was looking at the giant gold idol, I hurried
to turn to my Lord, telling Him:
    “Oh Jesus! Is not this gold idol the very spirit of Mammon, who servile
theologians and teachers of the law have masked and moulded to be in
everything like You? Does not this gold image attract all the earth and fleshly
men, who believe that this is exactly the Salvation, the Good News and the
Eternal Life?”
    “That is right! This gold idol of the last time is the spirit of
Mammon, who You have defeated by the Sword of God’s Prophetic
Spirit many times. However, I want for all My people to see and
comprehend now that, in the deceit of his unlimited wile, Mammon
does not appear to his worshipers as Mammon.
    No! He presents himself as Jesus! He is deceitfully transformed in
order to be looking like Me!
    For, nobody of his worshipers wants to believe that they receive
spoils and goods from the devil himself. At the same time, every one of
the foolish and avaricious men believes that they worship and serve
the Heavenly God and His Son. Nobody of these worshipers wants to
recall My words that it is impossible to serve two masters. For, you will
be devoted to the one and despise the other. How much more, when in
your heart you consider the deceit to be Truth; the deceit that I am
Lord, Who commands His Church to store up treasures in earth places
and to enrich herself on earth, instead of being rich in Heaven? Tell Me
then – is it possible for a heart to enrich itself on earth, but to gain a
Heavenly share? Is not the earth as low as the Heaven is high?”
    “That is right, Jesus! However, no one of the men, forming the babel at
this idol, wants to acknowledge and confess that they worship and serve
somebody else, but You. They have decided that they have already been saved
                                      ~ 14 ~
and enlightened, and the wealth and prosperity are only supplements and
Heavenly benefits for the practicing of faith...”
    Lord fell in short silence after my last words. Then, He continued to speak,
telling me:
    “This is where the problem comes! Exactly here, in practicing
faith! Since, this practice will surely lead to a terrible clash of some
witnesses against others. The earth witnesses of the gold idol will
testify with their wealth on earth, while My Heavenly witnesses will
testify with their wealth in Heaven. In this clash of testimonies,
everyone will find their future destiny and will determine their fate for
Eternity. Tell Me then – does not one testify according to the place,
their heart dwells? Will not the heart testify for the wealth, by which it
has been possessed?”
    “That is so, my Lord! For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. So,
the earth wealth will find the pulpits, where the earth men applaud it; and, the
Heavenly wealth will find the pulpits, where the Heavenly men submit to it...”
    “Then, understand that this gold idol will not just stand on earth,
waiting for the people to gather around it. No! It will launch a
campaign all over the earth, as the one king Nebuchadnezzar started
at the field of Dura once. So, what was the campaign of this
    “Oh Jesus! He attached great importance and solemnity to the worship
before the gold idol. So, all the worshipers had been brought to respect for the
image and to unanimity in their abomination...”
    “And, what was the importance and the solemnity of the worship?
What did Nebuchadnezzar use in order to lead all the men to
intoxication and bewitchment?”
    “My Lord! The king of Babylon gathered the whole musical elite of
Babylon. Then, he issued a decree, saying:
    “Nations and peoples of every language, this is what you are
commanded to do: As soon as you hear the sound of the horn, flute,
zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music, you must fall down and
worship the image of gold that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up.
                                    ~ 15 ~
Whoever does not fall down and worship will immediately be thrown
into a blazing furnace....” (Daniel 3:4-6)
    “Well, as you can see by yourself, other participants also appear in
the worship before the gold image. And these are the musicians. Is
that right?”
    “This is exactly so, Jesus!”
    “Then, what do you think? Are the musicians, who Satan gathers
in this last time, when he raises the spirit of Mammon as a gold idol on
earth, ordinary? What are the horn and flute, the zither and lyre, the
harp and pipe like? At all, what is the whole devilish orchestra, which
is gathered before the idol, like?”
    “Oh Lord! There is no doubt that these musicians are masters of satanic
overshadowing. Having been a guardian cherub once, the devil would hardly
miss the opportunity to display the power of his perverted wisdom...”
    “Moreover, My boy! It is exactly the perverted wisdom of Satan
that is the main conductor and producer of the whole worship before
the gold image. Therefore, I am going to show you from a short
distance what all these musicians are like. I will also show you their
instruments, by which they bewitch and intoxicate the churches of
Babylon vainglory so successfully.
    Now, follow Me! For, we will both descend to the very gold image
and to the overshadowing musicians, whom the devil has entrusted
with the success of all his false preaching of the good news. Only when
all My people see and comprehend the essence of the horn and flute,
the zither and lyre, the harp and pipe, will I show them why Shadrach,
Meshach and Abednego went out of the blazing furnace undamaged...”
    After these last words, Lord embraced me and so we both descended
together to the very gold idol and to the whole musical procession of the devil.
                                      ~ 16 ~


    My brother! My faithful friend!
    For the last years, Jesus gave me the happiness and privilege to approach
Him. When I approached Him enough, I comprehended that the Power of
Heavenly Good News was hidden in those appearances of the Holy Spirit,
which the Word reveals to us as different musical instruments. So, my heart
noticed the Heavenly Trumpet, which Jesus gives to His servants, the
prophets. So, I also noticed the pipe, by which God’s Wisdom sends His
children to call to repentance amidst the market-places of Babylon.
    “We played the pipe for you, and you did not dance; we sang a
dirge, and you did not cry...” – these words seem familiar to you, do they
not? And, what about the eight-string Harp of David, by which God’s praise
men will sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb at the sea of glass?
    You yourself see that Lord has really had His anointed men on earth. They
are those, who have appeared the Power of Heavenly Gospel, in order to call
and gather God’s children upon Lord’s Mount. So, they have fulfilled the
written word:
    “All you people of the world, you who live on the earth, when a
banner is raised on the mountains, you will see it, and when a trumpet
sounds, you will hear it. This is what the LORD says to me: “I will
remain quiet and will look on from my dwelling place, like shimmering
heat in the sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest...”
    (Isaiah 18:3-4)
    However, were all the people of the world looking at the Banner on the
Mount? Did they really hear the sound of God’s Trumpet? Did all the men
delight in Lord’s Example and submit to it in order to give up their earth
inclinations, passions and sins? Did not something else happen – exactly that
the devil staked on the fleshly lust, egoism and greediness of men? Did not he
offer them the sounds of another trumpet, another pipe and another harp
beneath the very Mount of the Lord? The truth is that never before has there
been more imposing creation of the satanic wile than that gold image, to which
the devil gave the name “Jesus”. Raised in the course of the several last
                                    ~ 17 ~
decades in the country of the unlimited prosperity, this gold image became the
mightiest tempter of the human hearts and souls. Its currency became a
queen amidst all the rest currencies. Its prosperity became the reason for most
people to leave all their dreams for Heaven and the Heavenly city of Jesus. So,
the formula of the human happiness, well-known as “the American dream”,
appeared in the mind of society. It is a dream, capable of reaching the
skyscrapers of New York or the hotels and casinos of Las Vegas, but incapable
of even approaching the threshold of Heavenly Jerusalem.
    The society, gathered by this gold image of the devil, called it “Jesus” and
created its new gospel that entirely responds to its abomination and
desolation. Just as God’s Gospel was accompanied by the sounds of God’s
overshadowing, so was the “gospel” of Satan accompanied by the sounds of
his own overshadowing.
    When God decided to show me the whole musical procession of the devil,
He led me into God’s treasury and put before my heart the gold Menorah with
its seven fiery flames. Then, He commanded me, saying:
    “Look, Stefan! Look through the Light and the Fire of each one
from the seven flames of this Menorah! Since, only a man, filled with
Love for God, can recognize the Truth and separate it from the deceit
of the devil. Since, while the ancient worshipers of Babylon were
standing in the dark of the devil and were in a hurry to bow before the
gold image of Nebuchadnezzar, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
were standing on their knees before the Menorah and were looking
through the Light of its seven flames the whole abomination and
wickedness of the ancient people.
    Here that Lord your God lets you look through the flames of this
Menorah now. For, you have to disperse the darkness of the last
Babylon and see its musical instruments, at the sound of which all the
men fall down and bow before the gold image, called “Jesus”...”
    After these words of my Lord, I was already looking through the first
flame of the Menorah. Here that the Holy Spirit led the look of my heart to the
whole babel of men by the last gold image. Then, I noticed the first musician of
Satan, who was a trumpet caller. Holding a gold horn in his hands, he was
blowing it by all his power, and thus the sound of the horn was going out as a
                                     ~ 18 ~
message to the hearts of all the men. With this message, the trumpet caller
was telling them:
    “I am your lord and god. Now, I have sent my prophet to teach you all my
ways and to lead you to the place of my glory and my splendour. Worship me,
all of you, in order to find peace and welfare on earth. Fall down before my
image and accept it in your hearts...”
    Hardly having heard the sound of the horn, thousands of people stepped
towards the gold image of the devil. By stretching their hands and touching the
gold feet of the idol, they were tearing off small pieces of gold from them and
were laying them into their own hearts. Then, the gold inside their heart
suddenly turned into rust, which attacked their own spirits, eating through
them all over and right away. This event made me withdraw my face from the
first flame of the Menorah and ask my Lord with all the grief of my heart:
    “What are You giving me to see, Jesus? This is terrible and frightful.
Having heard the sound of the horn, all the men approached the feet of the
gold idol and hurried to take small gold pieces from it. When they laid the gold
inside their hearts, they immediately rusted...”
    In reply to my words, Jesus spoke to me, saying:
    “Let every one of My people know that the sound of Babylon’s
trumpet is the deceit of the false prophet. This is the deceit, which
“The Revelation” talks about:
    “But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who
had performed the signs on its behalf. With these signs he had deluded
those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its
image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of
burning sulphur...” (Revelation 19:20)
    If you want to see the real power of this delusion, then, notice
that every one of the worshipers was taking a small piece of gold from
the feet of the idol. However, what else are feet used for, but for going
along the way? Then, have in mind that, by the feet of the Son of Man,
you start from the Jordan River in order to reach Golgotha; there, your
own self has to die and so, you reach your resurrection in Heaven. This
is My Way. As to the feet of the gold idol, they start from the worship
before the devil in the desert and reach the darkest and most cursed
                                   ~ 19 ~
depths of hell. So, no one of the worshipers before the gold image,
who have laid a piece of gold inside their heart, will ever find the Way
of Truth, since they have already taken the way of wickedness. This is
where the power of the false prophet and his trumpet lies. He tempts
all the earth men, by showing them the prosperity and wealth of his
servants, having gold trumpets, gold ministries and a gold rating.
However, what will they future destiny be? Apostle James told all of
    “Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery
that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten
your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will
testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded
wealth in the last days...” (James 5:1-3)
    Here I warn all the captives of Zion that the Trumpet of a prophet
can only be opposed to the trumpet of the false prophet. If you want to
overcome the false gospel of Babylon, then, accept the Gospel of Zion!
Since, a Trumpet stands against a trumpet!”
    After His last words, Jesus pointed at the second flame and told me:
    “Now, look through this flame! For, you have to see the second of
the abominations, by which the devil attracts the men to his gold
    Having listened to the Lord, I looked through the second flame of the
Menorah. Here that the second from the musicians of the devil appeared in
front of my eyes with a flute in his hand. He blew his flute and the sound from
his instrument turned into a message, by which he was telling them:
    “The man, who hurries to escape the divine touch and enlightenment, is
lacking in reason. The man, who refuses to bow before the image of the god
and stand in his presence, is lacking in wisdom. Worship his image, all of you,
in order to be educated and thus gain wisdom and reason. So, you will be his
mighty and blessed church, which he elevates as a town on a hill and a light of
the world...”
    Having heard the tempting sound of the flute, thousands of worshipers
rushed again to the gold image. This time, the worshipers climbed upon the
feet of the idol and continued further until they stepped near its head. Then,
                                     ~ 20 ~
they thrust their hands into the mouth and eyes of the idol and took
certificates and charters out of them, crying in the same time with great
     “We are the educated ones. We are the wise men. We are the sensible
ones. We are the elevated ones and Jesus testifies about us that we are the
look of His eyes and the speech of His mouth. Therefore, we will stand in his
presence and will raise his church as a light on a hill and a town, built in a high
     Their words pleased too much the blower of the devil. He blew his flute
more powerfully and was crying again:
     “Worship, worship! The deeper your bow is, the higher lord will raise you.
So, you will be his mouth and eyes on earth...”
     After his last words, the babel before the gold image was complete. Being
mad and ambitious more than usual, the worshipers hurried to climb up to the
gold head of the idol and then, to take their precious certificates and charters
from there.
     No longer able to look at the total abomination, which the men were
doing, I turned my face away from the second flame of the Menorah, telling
my Lord:
     “Jesus! Is not this frightful? Nobody of these deceived men knows Your
Heart! If they had known You, they would have understood very soon that the
Way to Your Wisdom passes through Humbleness. However, which one of
these men wants to sink, when an opportunity appears for them to climb up?
Which one of these men will want to remember the words of Apostle Paul? He
     “For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord
Jesus and your love for all God’s people, I have not stopped giving
thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the
God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the
Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I
pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you
may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his
glorious inheritance in his holy people...” (Ephesians 1:15-18)
                                   ~ 21 ~
     Here that nobody wants to receive a Spirit of Wisdom and of Revelation by
Father, but everybody stretches their hands to receive a certificate from the
gold idol...”
     In reply to my words, Jesus spoke to me again, saying:
     “There is no way it could be otherwise at this gold image. In this
relation, the devil lies all those, who want to reign on earth, and not in
Heaven. Since, the one who is a king in Heaven is a servant on earth.
However, if someone is a king on earth, such man has lost the Heaven.
     Now, see the certificates of Babylon’s wisdom. See the charters,
by which church posts are bought and church titles are given out. Is
there something more tempting than this – to have a certificate by the
devil that makes you well-paid and high-standing? That is why at the
sound of the flute, everybody rushes to climb upon the idol; to thrust
their hands into its mouth and eyes and to earn the seals of the satanic
favour. Therefore, I am warning all My people now as I am telling
     You cannot have a contract both with the devil and with the God!
For one of the contracts, you will surely die! If you want to be My eyes
and lips on earth, be ready to sink into Humbleness, in order to be
elevated in Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. Since, My certificates are
not paper, but Blazing Love and Holy Oil that cannot be earned in the
institutes and academies of the gold idol, but only in God’s Sanctuary
and before the Throne of My Father.
     Then, why are you still so impressed by the graduated men, and
cannot see that Lord reigns in those, who are humble and wise? Do
you not know that this sound of devil’s flute will be tempting to the
very end of the time? Do you not comprehend that while Lord is
forming His Own people, the devil is educating and polishing his
followers? So, to the very end, this temptation of Babylon, coming
from its musicians, will make many worship the gold image. So they
will become religious careerists in the kingdom of the human titles,
recommendations and graduation. However, if the overshadowing of
Babylon’s flute is so terrible, then, what will the influence of Babylon’s
harp be?”
                                    ~ 22 ~
    The question of Jesus was an impulse for my heart; so, I looked through
the third flame of the Menorah. Then, I saw the one, who was holding the
harp. He ran his fingers over its strings, telling the human babel before
    “I was elevated to him, the real god. I could see the paradise. I was in the
Garden of Eden and I knew his glory, his majesty and his abundance. Now, he
sent me to touch the hearts of all those, who want to know him as god of
every plenty, every wealth and every blessing, with the strings of his perfect
benevolence. Therefore, all of you, fall before his image and let every one of
you receive an overdose from his spirit. Take your overdose, you, people of
god! Since, today is the time of his greatest benevolence on earth...”
    The words of this musician were so skilful and measured that they brought
the crowds to rapture. Then, many rushed to the gold idol, climbing upon its
feet and hurrying to touch its chest and mostly – the area of its heart. Here
that, small arrows flashed out of the very heart of the idol; these arrows were
stunning the men and throwing them on earth. As the men fell on earth, they
were clutching their abdomens and were giggling by all their power, crying in
everyone’s hearing:
    “Jesus gave us an overdose! We experienced the overdose!”
    This sign of the gold idol made the musician pull the strings of the harp
more eagerly and say:
    “Experience his touch! He will make you witnesses of his own heart. Ask
for an overdose and you will receive such one...”
    Once again, the gold idol was attacked by crazy men, who wished to
receive from its arrows. This event provoked me to tell my Lord:
    “Oh Jesus! Does not this musician prophesy by his own heart? Does not
he deceive the men, who are weak in faith, that he is Your messenger, by
calling them to receive overdoses from Your Spirit...”
    In reply to my question, Lord spoke to me, saying:
    “When during their life, one has been a part of a society, on which
pavement addicted men wallow, and which subways are full of
syringes, thrown there, it is normally that the first, having come in
their mind, in order to gather the crowds, to be exactly the religious
exaltation of an imaginary “overdose”.
                                     ~ 23 ~
    I warn My children that the Holy Spirit is neither heroin and
hashish, nor cocaine and nicotine; so, you should not relate His touch
to such notions such as “overdose”. As to this gold idol, for the sake of
which the spirit of Antichrist has gathered his musicians together, it is
exactly the spiritual opiate of the devil, i.e. the deceit that is powerful
to bewitch and to take away the reason from the ones, possessed by it.
Here is where the power of Babylon’s harp lies. This instrument of the
devil successfully opens the hearts for the demons of abomination and
desolation. Therefore, in the communities, which are possessed by the
sound of this harp, there will always be falling down and giggling,
instead of real grief for the God, accompanied by standing up. So, till
the very end, the harps of the gold image will bewitch the hearts and
will tempt the fleshly men.
    Now, see the next musician of Babylon. For, his activity is
extremely destructive...”
    Listening to Jesus, I looked through the fourth flame of the Menorah.
Then, I saw a rock-guitarist with a black leather jacket, who was jigging about
on a stage before the gold image. He was not only playing, but was on the
rampage with his guitar (zither - NIV). Having his tongue stuck out and
shaking his head frenetically, with a microphone, hanging before his mouth, he
was crying to the crowds beneath him:
    “Do you want to be a generation of the rock and a generation of the rock-
gospel? Do you want to be a generation of the rock-praising and a generation
of real worship before him? Fall down and worship the power of the rock, which
god inspired by his own spirit? Let us sing heavenly rock-and-roll! Let us sing
heavenly hard-rock! Let us sing heavenly heavy-metal-rock! Let us approach
Jesus with rock and worship his image...”
    After his words, the men beneath the stage really went mad. This event
evoked a greater ambition in the guitarist, and he began to perform masterly
with the strings of his instrument. The more these performances continued,
the more lack-lustre and unmeaning the eyes of the exalted men got. They
were raising their hands up, were gesturing with their fingers and were crying:
    “Rock, rock... Jesus, Jesus... God is our hard... Jesus is our metal...”
                                    ~ 24 ~
     Suddenly, the guitarist stopped singing. He pointed at the gold image
behind himself and screamed:
     “Let us worship Jesus! Let us be the most glorious rock-gospel generation
on earth! He is listening to us! He is here now! Now, he displays himself in all
of us...”
     The words of the guitarist made thousands of men approach the gold idol
and begin to worship it. However, no one of the worshipers could see that,
along with their bow, they were caught by a gold net, purposefully laid before
the idol. This picture made me turn my head and ask my Lord:
     “My Lord! Is not this the complete realization of the verses concerning the
spirit of Mammon, written in the Scripture? By them, Father prophesied against
him, saying:
     “I will put an end to your noisy songs, and the music of your harps
(Guitars – Greek translation) will be heard no more. I will make you a
bare rock, and you will become a place to spread fishnets. You will
never be rebuilt, for I the LORD have spoken, declares the Sovereign
LORD. “This is what the Sovereign LORD says to Tyre: Will not the
coastlands tremble at the sound of your fall, when the wounded groan
and the slaughter takes place in you?” (Ezekiel 26:13-15)
     Here that the spirit of Mammon is still in his time on earth. He is a gold
idol, who the crazy men call Jesus, in order to fall into his nets. Nobody of
them wants to see that the very rock-music means a music, dedicated to the
prince of Tyre. Does not Tyre stand for “rock” in the meaning of cliff? Is not
the same word also used for the musical genre of the same name?”
     “That is right. However, nobody of the worshipers, possessed by
the rock-music, will understand this. Nobody of the worshipers before
this demonic praising will ever understand that the Heavenly God does
not agree to be praised with the sounds of a scraping metal. However,
these sounds exactly affect catastrophically the souls and hearts of the
men. They shattered them irretrievably and thus, they became easy
targets for all kinds of demonic influence.
     Therefore, I command all My people:
     Throw the rock-music out of your life! Let your ears remain closed
for its more terrible displays – the hard and the heavy-metal rock.
                                     ~ 25 ~
Since, the inspiration of this music has not come from above. So that if
somebody dares relate the Name of the Lord to the abomination of the
prince of Tyre, they must have come on his last field in order to
worship the gold image of the devil and to fall into his nets.
    Seek the music that brings peace and comfort! Seek the praise
that enters the human heart with thrill and goes out of it with the
tears of repentance and the Heavenly grief for God. Only then will My
Spirit find space and freedom in your heart...”
    I had never seen my Lord so excited. However, when I recalled the
terrible havoc, caused by the playing of the guitarist, I realized that the
scraping horror of devil’s music would keep being temptation for everybody,
and mostly – for the young and unconfirmed souls. In this moment, Jesus
insistently pointed at the fifth flame of the Menorah and told me:
    “See now the psaltery (lyre - NIV) that is also a string instrument
as the harp and the zither. Notice what the power of its musician is...”
    I looked at the flame and then, the Light of the Spirit revealed me also the
musician, who held the lyre. He was wearing glasses; his face was hollow-
cheeked and his nose was like the one of an eagle-owl or a screech-owl. Here
that the servant of Babylon pulled the strings of the psaltery, telling the men in
front of him with shrilling voice:
    “Let us be one before the God! Let us pray Him in one voice, glorify Him in
one voice and call Him in one voice! Therefore, all of you, repeat after me:
    “I came to your image, god. I came to worship you and to be one with all
those, who worship you. Take my heart and fill it with your image. Take all of
us and make us one image with you and one spirit with you, for we are one
with you...”
    Without waiting for the second invitation, the men unanimously began to
repeat the words, spoken by the musicians. Then, a shade of darkness, coming
from the very gold idol, passed through the hearts of all the men. The more
the men were repeating the words of the musician, the more tangibly their
hearts darkened, until finally, a moment came for all of them to kneel before
the gold idol and to profess it as God and Saviour.
    While I was looking at the absolutely submissive realization of the prayer,
offered by the musician, I turned to my Lord and asked Him:
                                   ~ 26 ~
    “Jesus! In its plan, would not psaltery have to be a musical instrument
that accompanies the words of the cordial prayer to You? In the last reckoning,
if this instrument is really a psaltery, it is naturally for us to seek its
appearance through the psalms. Is that so, Lord?”
    “That is right, My boy! However, what you see now are not men,
who want to be led by God in their prayer. No! What your heart sees
now are earth and fleshly potsherd that prefer being controlled and
fascinated. So, they are in the wrong place, with the wrong leadership
and before the wrong image. Tell Me then! What is the power of the
devil, by which he bewitches, controls and manipulates the men?”
    “Oh Jesus! This power is sorcery. So, this musician of Babylon is also a
sorcerer of Satan; a sorcerer, powerful to bewitch and manipulate the hearts,
which he has tempted and attracted to himself...”
    “And, does not My Word say that the power of the last Babylon on
earth lies exactly in this? Indeed, who of the earth and fleshly men
would resist the strings of this lyre, when all their thoughts are
concentrated in one bow, intended to bring them prosperity and
    Here I am telling all My people: unless you reject every evil desire
and every thought about the low things, in order to indulge yourselves
in thoughts after the things above, then, My Image will move away
from you and the gold image of the devil will come near you.
    Then, will you be able to withstand his sorcerers? Will you refuse
speaking the words of the common bewitching, even though hundreds
and thousands around you profess them? Do you not know that as
long as Babylon has got gold and money, it will also have sufficient
number of sorcerers, ready to bewitch and control the human hearts?
    Now, see the vision, which I am giving My prophet and notice the
activity of the sorcerer. Since, this activity is exactly the reason for Me
to declare against the spirit of Jezebel that teaches many to fornicate
and to eat food, sacrificed to idols...”
    While Jesus was talking His words to my heart, I looked again at the
vision. Then, I saw with horror the men, who had listened to the sounds of
Babylon’s lyre, fall before the gold idol. They were taking pieces of its gold,
                                      ~ 27 ~
then were putting them into their mouths and were chewing them. In fact,
having been captured by the wealth and prosperity of the devil, they testified
about it with their lips. It was so ugly and repulsive that I told my Lord:
     “Jesus! Do not let me see this abomination anymore! Here that these men
eat food, sacrificed to idols, and their appetite is endless...”
     In reply, Lord answered me with a firm voice:
     “Are these the men, who you consider to be eating? You have not
seen yet what the sixth musician is capable of! Therefore, look at him
through the sixth flame of the Menorah!”
     I listened to Jesus and looked through the Light of the sixth flame. Then,
my eyes noticed one well-fed and very fat gentleman, raised on a stage before
the gold idol. The belly of this musician of Babylon was as bulged as the womb
of a pregnant woman ninth months. Although I was looking for his musical
instrument, I could not see it. This made me ask Jesus with astonishment:
     “What is happening, Lord? I cannot see any musical instrument, but only
one very fat man. Were You not to show me a musician, playing the pipe?”
     “That is right! What you see now is really the bagpiper of
     “But where is his instrument, Jesus?” – I kept insisting with my questions.
My Lord stretched a hand in the Light of the flame, pointed at the bagpiper and
told me:
     “Here is the instrument. It is in front of your eyes, but you do not
want to see it...”
     With attention, I looked at the forefinger of Jesus, Who was pointing at
the fat paunch of the gentleman. This made me sincerely laugh and ask the
     “Jesus! Is the belly of this man the bagpipe, which he has to play?”
     “That is right, My boy. Since, the power of this bagpipe is many
times greater than you can imagine. Therefore, see what this
worshiper of Babylon will do in order to deceive and tempt the men
before him...”
     I was looking again at the vision, when I noticed how the gentleman
embraced his belly just like a bagpiper envelopes his pipe. Then, he loudly
belched and began to sing with these words:
                                      ~ 28 ~
     “Oh Alleluia! Jesus is really wonderful! He has never left us. He has never
forgotten us. Let us bow before his image and then, eat from his excellent
meals. Let us worship his image and then, drink from his excellent beverages.
Let us eat and drink, because he is with us. Let us eat and drink, for neither
the bread will finish, nor will the wine be over...”
     After the words of the bagpiper, all those men began to scream “Amen!”,
but the exclamation itself was heard like grunting by some men, and like a
squeal by others. Rushing to the gold image, they stuck their tongue out and
began to lick it. Then, Jesus asked me:
     “What do you think? What is the Kingdom of God for these men?
Is it righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, or eating and
drinking in excess?”
     ”Oh Lord! These men are very repulsive! For, their own stomach has
become their god. Since, they heard the “gospel” of their god from the belly of
that bagpiper, mentioned above. And, having taken the shape of swine, they
rushed to lick the idol...”
     “And, is this the Holy command to My Church? Are these My Holy
directions? Is this My Holy Example? Did not My Apostle Peter talk
about these swine exactly? He said:
     “For they mouth empty, boastful words (as swollen as their bulged
belly that is the bagpipe of Babylon’s overshadowing) and, by appealing to
the lustful desires of the flesh, they entice people who are just
escaping from those who live in error. They promise them freedom,
while they themselves are slaves of depravity - for “people are slaves
to whatever has mastered them.” If they have escaped the corruption
of the world by knowing our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and are
again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end
than they were at the beginning. It would have been better for them
not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it
and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed
on to them. Of them the proverbs are true: “A dog returns to its
vomit,” and, “A sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the
mud.”...” (2 Peter 2:18-22)
                                     ~ 29 ~
    Then, should My people stand under the overshadowing of the
gluttons? Should you accept the testimonies of bellies and the satisfied
belching of spongers as Heavenly good news? Here I tell you that
great number of men come to this gold idol with the sole purpose of
filling their bellies. By listening to the bagpipe of Babylon, they soon
start resembling swine in their gluttony and fattened in their orgies.
My Apostle James prophesied exactly against those, who overshadow
with this pipe, saying:
    “You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have
fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and
murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you...”(James 5:5-6)
    After these words, Lord pulled me back from the sixth flame of the
Menorah and pointed at the last seventh flame, telling me:
    “Now, see also the last of Babylon’s musicians, who the Light of
the Spirit will illuminate and expose before your eyes. Since, he
succeeds where the rest, who overshadow, fail...”
    With excitement, I brought my face to the last seventh flame of the
Menorah. Then, my eyes could see a man, who was amidst the very crowds,
situated around the gold idol. He was stretching his hands to all the
worshipers, telling them:
    “Play every musical instrument and use all kinds of music in order to
praise the image of our lord. Since, he has put me before his image, in order
for me to bring to him all those, who unstoppably praise him. By all means and
with all kinds of music, he has to receive the glory, becoming to him...”
    The words of the man, who was overshadowing, had a great influence
over the worshipers. They went around him and began to take out wooden
pipes and ocarinas, clarinets and accordions, saxophones and drums. In result,
the servant of Babylon, called to overshadow, was already leading a musical
procession that was too parti-coloured. Being attracted by the music and
instruments of this procession, immense crowds gathered surrounded the
musicians. Here that Lord spoke to me again, telling me:
    “Do you see them? Now, can you explain what this parti-coloured
musical procession, written in My Word as “all kinds of music”,
responds to?”
                                      ~ 30 ~
    “Oh Jesus! These are undoubtedly the flocks of all kinds of perverted sects
and false teachings, by which the devil succeeds in the places, where his other
instruments have not been successful. However, I see a regularity that
concerns all his musical instruments; from the horn to all kinds of music – they
all have one aim:
    All the men to bow before the gold idol, who they call “Jesus”! So, every
one of Babylon churches unconditionally recognizes the leadership and
influence of the gold image and comes to worship it...”
    After my last words, the Voice of Jesus became very strict. He raised the
gold Menorah in His hands and began to talk to me, saying:
    “You surely had to see the whole musical procession of the devil
and the power of his overshadowing. For, you had to show My people
the deceits, which they have to leave.
     So, what do you think? What will the fiery furnace for My
followers be? Who will heat this furnace seven times hotter than usual,
in order to extremely scare the faith of God’s children? Will not this be
done by all the deceived and lied people, who have already made a
bow to the gold idol and have called him “Jesus”?”
    “Oh my Lord! When Your people decide to come to You on the Mount, they
will testify that You have called them to Yourself, will they not? Then, a harsh
conflict will certainly take place. The worshipers of the other Jesus will point at
their idol and will say that it has commanded them nothing else but standing
beside it and worship it. In result, in the eyes of all those, who have bowed
before the gold image, Your followers will be just like antichrists...”
    “Do you understand now that it will be exactly the worshipers that
will heat the furnace seven times hotter than usual? They will do this
by fire of abuses and sorceries, disgrace and anathemas, lies and
malice, fury and contempt. So, through his own worshipers, the devil
will seek revenge and punishment over all those, who refuse to
worship his gold image. However, see the very heating of the fiery
furnace, which I will show you in a separate vision...”
                                      ~ 31 ~


    My brother! My faithful friend!
    Asking you whether you have recognized the worshipers of the gold image
from the former vision would be unnecessary. The truth is that they have filled
the whole earth and there is no state or city, where their abomination has not
become obvious.
    You will not hear anyone of them be sorry about the way, they have
chosen, or about the bow, they have made. Every one of them declares with
pride and haughtiness that they are saved by “Jesus” and do not need
repentance, for they are already righteous.
    Let me tell you that their “Jesus” is not my Jesus. He is not the One, Who
talks to you from the pages of this book. Their “Jesus” stinks from afar of
dollars and commerce, diplomas and conferences. However, their Jesus has
also commanded every one of them, saying:
    “Lead everybody to my image! Let everybody worship me and profess me!”
    And here that, inspired by the horn, the flute, the harp, the zither, the
psaltery and the pipe, the worshipers set off to collect souls and to lead them
to the place of worship. So, they also come to you...
    Will you let them into your heart? Will you enter the abomination of their
desolation? Will you accept the deceit of the false prophet as Truth, and thus
go to the last plain of Dura and worship the devil?
    I know, you may say:
    “Let it not be, my brother! I want to follow Jesus, instead of the deceitful
gold image of Babylon!”
    Well, as you want to follow Jesus, be ready to suffer! Be ready to suffer,
as all the followers of God from the time of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
to nowadays, suffered, too. Since, the very same blazing furnace, which
appeared before Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego will appear on the way of
your faith, by which you want to climb the Mount.
    Now, let me reveal you the very vision, which Lord showed to my heart. I
was still standing with Him in God’s treasury, when He spoke to me, saying:
                                     ~ 32 ~
     “I want you tell My brothers and sisters all My words. I want you
tell them that today, Lord gives them His gold Menorah with its seven
flames. Since, in every one of these seven flames, you can see the Holy
Spirit of Father’s favour and recognition.
     It is a Spirit, by Whom you will resist the horn of the false prophet.
     A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the harp of the tempter.
     A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the guitar (zither) of the satanic
praise man.
     A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the psaltery of the sorcerer.
     A Spirit, by Whom you will resist the pipe of the glutton.
     A Spirit, by Whom you will reject all the aspirations of the various
servants and ministries of Babylon.
     Finally, having done all this and having rejected the deadly
compromise with the lie, the last Nebuchadnezzar will surely heat his
blazing furnace seven times hotter than usual in order to throw you
into it.
     See now the very heating of the furnace, which the devil will do
through his worshipers...”
     After His last words, Lord touched my head, so that the very same vision
with the gold image appeared in front of my eyes. This time, however, a
furnace with flames, blazing in it, was built next to the gold image. Aside the
furnace, I could see the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. They did not
seem happy at all, despite the mass worship before the gold image. On the
contrary – Satan was shouting at the false prophet, telling him:
     “How is my son to appear on earth, when not all men have been
deceived? I put in this gold image the entire art of my wisdom and the whole
power of my wile. Nevertheless, to the very present day, there has been a
Menorah, since the time of Nebuchadnezzar, by which the Son of Jehovah
prickles my eyes. Capture His people and repay them! What else are you
waiting for? Kindle your furnace as you once did! Since, my eyes can no longer
see anyone disgrace the image of my heart!”
     After the words of Satan, the false prophet skilfully jumped, entering the
heart of his trumpeter. Here that the herald blew his horn powerfully, telling all
his worshipers in an angry voice:
                                      ~ 33 ~
     “God’s children! Should we let church apostates reproach the gospel and
trip up the faith? Should we let those, who do not know Jesus, abuse and
despise our relationship with him?”
     In reply to his words, the worshipers shouted as one:
     “Let it not be! We will not let anybody blaspheme the image of our
saviour! Let us punish such men! Let us cut them off! Let us cover their life
with disgrace and negation!”
     The screams of the worshipers pleased the trumpet caller, but he was not
satisfied yet. Therefore, the musician of Babylon approached the gold feet of
the idol, crying out again:
     “Should anybody blaspheme the way of church prosperity, by which lord
raised his powerful and mighty church on earth? Should we be as poor as
those, who do not know the power of heavenly abundance and the god of
Abraham? Should we let wicked men plunder the faith, by which the whole
plenty has come in our life?”
     This time, the words of the false prophet had great influence over his
worshipers. Every one of his people touched his heart with a hand, where he
had laid a small piece from the gold of the idol. Then, the worshipers screamed
as one for a second time:
     “Let us repay such men from God’s anger! Let us cut them off as tempters
and wicked men!”
     The fury of the men was so great that flames of devil’s hatred began to
erupt out of their hearts. Then, Satan shouted to the false prophet, saying:
     “Gather the fire of this fury from the hearts of our people. So, heat the
furnace much hotter than usual...”
     Without any delay, the spirit of Antichrist flew amidst his entire multitude
and was collecting the fire of all the fury possible; then, he threw it into the
blazing furnace next to the very gold image. Nevertheless, Satan was not
satisfied yet; so, he spread his wings and told the false prophet for a second
     “I want fire! More fire, more, more and more... This furnace has to burn
like the bowels of hell...”
                                     ~ 34 ~
    For a second time, the false prophet jumped skilfully and entered the
heart of Babylon’s trumpeter. Here that the trumpet caller reacted, telling his
    “Who is the one, who dares cast a reproach upon the church doctrines and
neglect the word of the graduated and educated ones? Who is the one, who
dares blaspheme the theologians and cast contempt upon the holiest teachers
and guardians of god’s blessing? Should we let our church be an unfenced
yard, without the doctrines of truth? Should we let men without education and
diplomas deceive us about the covenant and doctrine of our lord? Should you
throw away your diplomas and certificates as useless, when you have given
years and money for them?”
    The words of the trumpeter made hundreds of men jump and hold tighter
their diplomas and certificates. After that, they shouted altogether:
    “Let us repay the non-doctrinal men! Let us anathematize them by Christ!
Let us close the doors of the churches for all the weeds, which the enemy tried
to plant in the field of education and church doctrines. Amen, Amen!”
    This reaction made the trumpeter smile slyly. Then, he jumped, climbed
up to the head of the gold idol and said:
    “Does not the one, who abuses the doctrines, irritate the pupils of our
lord? Does not the one, who refuses to be educated, rise against the words of
his mouth? Then, should we stand men, who claim that he personally speaks
to them and gives them his look, when I am sure that our lord has found them
heretics and antichrists? Shall we repay them from the anger of our god? Shall
we keep the flock behind the fence, far from the wolves-plunderers?”
    This time, the words of the trumpeter hit the bull’s eye. The whole crowd
began to hoot and catcall all together:
    “Boo! Let us curse such men! Let our lord repay them from his anger!”
    For a second time, Satan pointed at the worshipers of Babylon, telling the
false prophet:
    “Now, this fire pleases me. It is just like the fire amidst the crowds before
Pontius Pilate. Take it, you, spirit of Antichrist, and heat my blazing furnace
much more...”
    So, the false prophet flew again among the crowds; he was gathering the
fire of the whole hatred and negation, by which the men, possessed by the
                                      ~ 35 ~
trumpeter, were displaying their attitude to God’s servants, the prophets. This
time, over and over again, the heat of the furnace seemed to be insufficient for
the devil. For a third time, he shouted to the false prophet, telling him:
    “What else are you waiting for? Go to your truckler with the harp! Make
him fan up a fire that can fully satisfy me...”
    So, for a third time, the false prophet jumped over the musician with the
harp. Here that the harp-player touched the strings of his instrument, telling
the crowds:
    “Should we let the men, who have not received an overdose from the
spirit of Jesus, lie us about his will? Here that he is speaking personally to my
heart about those, who refuse to accept his word. They will surely be punished
and condemned by him. Since, who is the one that dares judge god’s generals?
Who is the one that stops the hearts experiencing god’s touch? Will you put up
with such men in your presence? Will you accept such men like brothers, born
by the one spirit?”
    Listening to the musician with the harp, the crowds shouted:
    “Let it not be! We will surely repay them and will cover them with the
disgrace they deserve. For, nobody can judge god’s generals and reject the
overdose of god’s touch...”
    The fury of the crowd pleased the musician. In order to increase it much
more, he skilfully jumped and stood next to the chests of the gold idol, saying:
    “Do not lose god’s refreshment! You cannot afford to lose the last
movement of the spirit! It is today, when the church shines as light in the
world. Then, who are those, who would prevent the men from worshipping
Jesus and professing him as god? We will surely cut them off and destroy their
ministries and testimonies...”
    This time, the words of the harp-player were entirely effective. Being
inoculated more than usual, the crowds began to shout:
    “Let us curse the tempters! Let us chase away those, who think
differently! Let us liquidate every kind of word, but the word that leads us to
the image of our lord...”
    For a third time, Satan pointed at the fire, fanned up by the harp, and told
the false prophet:
                                           ~ 36 ~
       “This is the fire I want! This is the fire I like, for it is just like the fire in the
yard of the chief-priest, where Peter was warming his hands at the fire.
However, I need more fire, more, more, more...
       You have four more musicians, you can inspire to inoculate the crowds.
Since, it is not enough for my furnace to be as hot as the recesses of hell. It
has to be as hot as the Sun above in its power. Only then, will I be able to
devour those, who refuse to profess me as a god and who do not accept my
gold image as an image of Jesus...”
       Without any delay, the false prophet spread all his power. Entering
consecutively the hearts of the sorcerer, the guitarist, the glutton and the rest
of the musicians, he made them instigate the crowds and fan up their hatred
against everybody, who would refuse bowing before the gold image. So, at one
moment, the place beside the gold image was like a fiery tempestuous storm
of yells, curses and abuses. The spirit of Antichrist gathered all the flames of
this storm, threw them into the furnace and thus this furnace became as a
fiery leviathan, ready to terrify to death everybody, who would approach it.
Only then was Satan satisfied. He pointed at the furnace of Antichrist and told
       “Will there be anyone not to fear your name and glorify it? Will not
everyone profess you before the power of this fiery threat? Here that there are
some men, who do not accept you and think that they will withstand. However,
I will rejoice your heart now, by throwing them into the furnace, which I have
heated seven times hotter than usual...”
       So, the devil turned to the false prophet and gave him an order, saying:
       “Send your servants to bind and bring to this furnace those, who worship
the Menorah of Jehovah even now and refuse to bow before Mammon...”
       Listening to the satanic order, the spirit of Antichrist spread his wings and
went away from him in a hurry to fulfil his will. Exactly then, Lord touched me
with His hand, telling me:
       “What     do    you    think?     Does     not    this   furnace      strike    your
imagination? Is not its fire too brisk?”
       “Oh Jesus! You strike my imagination so much more! Since, being the
Fourth One, You protect the three men in this fire! Besides, I do not believe at
all that the fire in this satanic furnace has reached the power of the Fire in
                                    ~ 37 ~
God’s Sanctuary! Satan may want this, but this time, the father of lie has
deceived himself...”
    Lord smiled and looked at me with great tenderness. Then, He caressed
my head, saying:
    “See now that the spirit of Antichrist will really go mad against My
last three generations, compared to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
Leading them to the furnace, he will command for them to be thrown
into its flames. But do observe! For, the power of the prophet lies in
what Lord lets him see and display...”
    I was looking again at the blazing fiery furnace and at all of Babylon’s
worshipers, who were maliciously crying in their greatest hatred and fury
possible. Then, my eyes could see Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who
were escorted by guards to the very furnace.
    “Boo! Cheats! May you perish!” – Some men were crying.
    “Let Lord curse and punish you today!” – Others were shouting.
    Nevertheless, the three men of God were walking with such unshakable
peace in their hearts that, at this moment, my heart envied them more than
anything. When they stood next to the very blazing furnace, in the presence of
the dragon, the beast and the false prophet, the trumpeter that was chosen
from the musicians yelled at their faces, saying:
    “You, tempters and apostates from Jesus! Are you deliberately not bowing
before the image of the lord and not kneeling before his glory? And now, at the
sound of the trumpet, the flute, the harp, the guitar, the psaltery, the pipe and
all kinds of music, will you not fall down and profess the gold image as a god of
your hearts? If you fall down, it would be good! We will receive you again in
the bosom of the church! If not – you will be immediately thrown into the fiery
mouth of this furnace. Then, will that sham Jesus, so different from ours, be
there to save you from the persecution and fury of all our churches?”
    In reply to the trumpeter, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego looked at
him with Spirit of Heavenly superiority and full contempt. Then, they answered
him, saying:
    “We do not need to answer anything. You serve your own master,
and we – ours. You preach the wealth of this world, and we – the
wealth of the future one. You receive a salary in this life, and we – a
                                   ~ 38 ~
salary in the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, we tell you that we will not
bow before your gold image, even though you have given it the Name
that is above every other name. For we are saved not only by the
Name of Jesus, in order to bow before everything, called so, but
mostly by the Spirit, Who testifies to this Name. You bear the Name of
Jesus, but you use it to call by it a gold satanic idol of avarice and
prosperity. With the fact that you have called it “Jesus”, this idol has
not stopped being devil’s power; on the contrary, it has become even
more frightful and sly. Therefore, we will not worship your idol and we
will not bend our heads down before your trumpeters. If Lord Jesus
means it, He will save us from the flames of this furnace. However,
even if He does not redeem us, we will not worship your idol. For, our
life is Christ and death is just gain for us...”
    Having heard the words of the three men, the trumpeter turned pale.
Satan jumped from his place and yelled words, which I had heard before:
    “Let them die, die, die! I do not need Jewish example in Babylon! I do not
need Zion intoxication in my kingdom...”
    Here that by a given sign, God’s men were jostled to the blazing fiery
furnace. Precisely then, Jesus touched me with His hand, telling me:
    “Look attentively at My faithful witnesses! Since, only a moment
later, Fire from My Father will cover them just before they come into
the fiery furnace. Looking at this, notice the sign that will appear over
My three witnesses...”
    With great excitement, I looked at the Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
when I noticed how God’s Holy Spirit descended upon them. Then, a miracle
happened. The hosen of Shadrach brightened; then, the same happened to the
robe of Meshach. Only a moment before the coming of Abednego into the
flames of the furnace, his mantle shone, too. So, those three men were
enveloped by the Fire of God and Father, by which they entered the blazing
furnace. What is more, the fury and hatred to these three men of God were so
great that those, who were jostling them, were the first to die by the fire of
their own hearts. Then, Jesus spoke to me for a second time, asking:
    “Did you notice the miracle?”
                                       ~ 39 ~
    “Yes, Jesus! I saw the Holy Spirit brighten the hosen of Shadrach, the
robe of Meshach and the mantle of Abednego. A moment later, they were
enveloped by the Fire of God’s Love. However, I myself do not know how to
understand this sign.”
    “I know this!” – Jesus told me and continued:
    “Now, My Father will make you witness the secret of His Eternal
Choice, laying upon the Called, Chosen and Faithful ones. So, He deigns
in the hosen of Shadrach, the robe of Meshach and the mantle of
Abednego. And I will reveal to you this benevolence of His in another
vision that is far above than the gold image of this plain and its blazing
    After these words of Jesus, the vision with the fiery furnace stopped. Lord
lifted my heart and raised it above.
                                      ~ 40 ~


    My brother! My faithful friend!
    I will repeat again what I already mentioned at the beginning of this book.
And, I will implore you to receive it as an answer by Jesus in your heart.
Today, many fear even to imagine the size and heat of the blazing furnace; so
stepping to it and passing through it unhurt and undamaged is just
unthinkable. Then, what happens? Many people receive in their hearts the
prophetic appeal of the Saviour and after that, frightened with the fury and
persecution, they turn back...
    Let me tell you that their last retreat will be much more frightful than the
first. Such men would neither find an excuse in the Judgement Day, nor will
they have a good reason to tell the Eternal Judge:
    “Oh Lord! We wished we would leave, but, one way or another, we had to
remain in the place of abomination and desolation. Although we were there, we
knew that the gold image was false. Now, you will not hold something against
us, will you?”
    If you had desired to leave this place, you would surely have done it, since
God Himself has commanded His children of go out of the prostitute’s bed.
However, you remained with her; so, you proved by your deeds that she is
more precious for you than the Deed and Example of Lord Jesus Christ. Then,
how dare you ask from Lord to hold nothing against you, when, with your
presence before the gold idol, you have given self-confidence and power to the
false prophet? How would you want to escape the condemnation, when you
have loved the gold that is below, and have hated the Gold Menorah of the
Holy Spirit that is far above? Does not Lord let you see today through the
lights of this Menorah, just as He did so with His three Holy men once? Does
not Lord let you distinguish His Trumpet from the trumpet of the false prophet,
His Flute from the flute of the flutes of the theologians, His Harp from the
harps of the writers-merchants? I know that I do not have much more to write,
since the burden of God’s visions and God’s Grief is very heavy over my heart.
                                    ~ 41 ~
What is more – I know that the Good Samaritan will take care for His ass’s foal
and will give it a rest. However, while I am still writing and calling for my
brothers and sisters, I will be in the flames of Jesus’ jealousy and will oppose
to death the gold image of Babylon and the abomination of all its merchants.
    Now, let me make you witness the most astonishing visions in this book –
the visions, which became a reason for it to have the categorical title “The
fourth in the fiery flames”.
    At the moment, when Lord raised my heart along with Himself, He began
to talk to me, saying:
    “Think well over the biblical tale about Shadrach, Meshach and
Abednego. Then, tell Me how they came out of the blazing furnace...”
    “Oh Jesus! They came out of it entirely unhurt and undamaged. Your Word
says that there was no smell of fire on them...”
    “Then, what do you think? Why did the Fourth One appear among
His three friends? Why did His Power to protect them turn out to be
    “Oh, my Lord! You Yourself have told all of us in the Gospel:
    “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in
heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.
Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything
they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For,
where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them...”
    (Matthew 18:18-20)
    Looking at the biblical tale about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, I
notice that they were bound in flesh, but remained free in Spirit. Moreover –
with their very confession, they bound the power of the false prophet and
called God’s Fiery Love upon themselves. So, the three men entered the
furnace and You, the Fourth One, appeared among them...”
    The look of Jesus suggested to me that I had answered to my Lord
according to His expectation. Here that Lord spoke to me again, saying:
    “Did you notice that it was also written in the biblical tale:
    “So these men, wearing their robes, trousers, turbans (mantles –
Greek translation) and other clothes, were bound and thrown into the
blazing furnace...” (Daniel 3:21)
                                    ~ 42 ~
    What do you think? Has not the devil had a reason to bind exactly
the hosen, robes and mantles of the three men? Did not exactly these
clothes of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego brighten in the vision I
gave to you?”
    “That is right, Jesus! And this is exactly the secret that my heart longs to
uncover. Since, we also need the trousers, the robe and the mantle...”
    While I was talking to my Lord, we were already amidst the Heavenly
Jerusalem. Then, Jesus raised His hand, pointed at the doors of God’s
Sanctuary and told me:
    “Now, we will both enter the Sanctuary of My Father; not only the
Sanctuary, but the room of God’s Wisdom. So, you will see Wisdom
create the most precious clothes for the spiritual man – the Hosen of
the Called, the Robe of the Chosen and the Mantle of the Faithful
    My heart could hardly have heard more precious and splendid words from
the lips of Jesus. With great excitement, I followed Him into the Sanctuary,
where He opened a side door. So, the room of God’s Wisdom appeared in front
of my eyes. It was a very intimate and splendid place; a place, full of so Holy
and pure God’s presence that I did not even dare to take a breath. Then, Jesus
added me confidence, telling me:
    “Come in, Stefan! You have not been called here for your own
sake, but for the sake of all those, who have to survive and overcome
in the last troubled time on earth. Now, observe the details in this
room, for they are very important for the Faith of God’s children...”
    Only after the words of Jesus could I examine the very room. So, I noticed
that there was a loom in it, made of some very noble and beautiful wood.
Aside the loom, I could see God’s Word, opened on certain pages. The Word
was not only a book of paper, but rather Spirit and Light, which the Wisdom
used for her deed. When I examined the room, or that part of it, which my
Lord let me examine, Jesus commanded me, saying:
    “Now, sit down next to me, because Wisdom will enter her room.
There, she will fulfil the Will of My Father, concerning the clothes of
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego...”
                                      ~ 43 ~
     Having listened to Jesus, I sat down and quieted next to Him. Then, God’s
Wisdom entered the room. This time, she resembled a Heavenly girl. The
Wisdom approached my Lord, knelt before Him and told Him:
     “You, who are beloved by My Father! Let Your servant see the
deed I am doing! Let him see how the clothes of the Called, Chosen
and Faithful ones are prepared...”
     Jesus smiled heartily at her words. Then, He incited me to observe what
she was doing. Here that the Wisdom stretched her white hands to God’s
Word. She pulled sky-blue threads from the Spirit and Light and began to
twine them round her fingers. Then, she came to the loom and began to weave
the threads into its taut cords. After that, she came to God’s Word again and
was taking sky-blue threads from the Spirit and Light, bringing them to the
loom and weaving them into it. I do not know how long the Wisdom was doing
this, but finally, Lord gestured me to stand up and told me:
     “Step after Me to the loom of Father’s Wisdom. Come and see
where the first threads, which the Wisdom uses, come from and where
the last ones finish...”
     I hurried to follow my Lord, when my eyes saw that the threads had
turned into splendid sky-blue cloth. Here that Jesus touched the one end of the
cloth, as well as the first threads, telling me:
     “Touch them from the beginning to the end! So, you will see the
garment all, who are Called according to God’s Eternal intention,
     Having stretched my hand, I touched the beginning of the sky-blue cloth
and ran my fingers on it. Then, the Holy Spirit of God Himself passed through
my heart. He passed through me as Word, as a Gospel tale that was beginning
from the baptizing of Jesus at Jordan River, through the test before Jesus in
the desert and reached the Cross of Golgotha. The Power of the Word from the
cloth was many times greater than any reading of the Gospel. This cloth was
an Appeal, Spirit and standing in the Perfect Will of God. Then, Jesus told me:
     “Here is the cloth, by which God’s Wisdom made the hosen of the
last Chosen men of God. Everyone, who puts on these hosen, takes the
Way of the Son of Man, in order to show His Example and to do His
                                    ~ 44 ~
deeds. So, what do you think? Why do the threads of this cloth begin
from Jordan and reach Golgotha?”
    “Oh Jesus! I believe that this is exactly what the Heavenly Father calls us
to – to start walking with the Power of Your feet and to display Your Example
before the world...”
    “And, what was one of the first examples of your Lord? Which one
of the spirits met Me in the desert and wanted Me to worship him?”
    “Oh Jesus! The devil came against You with the spirit of Mammon.
However, You defeated this spirit by the breath of Your mouth...”
    “Now, do My people understand that if they want to overcome the
last gold image, they must surely have the sky-blue trousers of
Shadrach? To have these trousers means for you to move with Spirit
from My Spirit, with Word from My Word and with Life from My Life.
So, even walking on earth, every one of you will abide in Heaven.
Therefore, the colour of these hosen is sky-blue.
    As to those, who hurried to worship Mammon and profess him as
Jesus, they stumbled at the very beginning of My Way, since they had
neither asked My Father to make them Called, nor had they loved Me
genuinely, in order to follow My Heavenly Way. Therefore, I am telling
all My brothers and sisters:
    Be like Shadrach and wear his hosen, in order to be named Called
by My Father! Since, everyone, who is Called, takes My Way, in order
to do My deeds and to appear My Example.
    I did not give you an example to be avaricious people. I did not
give you an example to bow before the devil. I did not give you an
example to give in to the power of the worldly wealth.
    The Example I gave you was how to be Perfect!
    For, perfect men think about what is Perfect and strive for
Perfection! That is why everybody, who refuses to think about the
things of this world, and wants the things of My world, will surely be
recognized as Shadrach. Then, My Father, the Almighty One, will send
the Wisdom that comes from above, in order to gift this man with the
Seal of Father’s Benevolence; with the hosen of Shadrach, which
spiritually respond to the Way of the Son of Man.
                                   ~ 45 ~
    You, however, see how the Wisdom will start working her loom
again. Since, where the Way has appeared, the Truth will also appear...”
    I looked again at the Wisdom, who approached God’s Word. She opened
another page and began to pull sunny-silver threads from the Spirit and Light.
She was twining them round her white hands; then, she stepped near the
loom, where she was weaving the threads into the well-taut cords. God’s
Wisdom repeated this action several times. Finally, Jesus made me a gesture,
    “Come again near the loom! Touch the cloth, in order for you to
see where the threads, which God’s Wisdom has woven into a robe for
all the Chosen men on earth, come from. Since, they are God’s
Meshach on the last time...”
    With great thrill and awe, I touched the cloth and its sunny-silver threads.
Then, the Holy Spirit of God Himself passed through my heart, and thus I could
see Jesus and His disciples on the high mountain. At this moment, Lord was
transfigured before them and His clothes became dazzling white – as white as
the sunny-silver cloth, which threads I was touching with my hand, were. The
Holy Spirit passed through my heart again in order for me to see that, once
again, the threads reached the Cross of Golgotha. Here that Jesus spoke to me
again, saying:
    “If anyone wants to be called Chosen by My Father, let such man
accept in their heart that the Chosen ones wear the robe of My
righteousness. To wear this robe means for one to follow Me to the
high mountain of Transfiguration. Exactly there, I will appear before
you in the Cloud and Glory of My Father.
    As One, Who talks to Moses and Elijah.
    As One, Who gives you the Spirit and Power of Moses and the
Spirit and Power of Elijah!
    As One, Who will make you shine like stars in the sky among a
warped and crooked generation that runs after the gold image of
    If you really understand that the robe of Meshach is the fine linen
of Gospel, bright and clean, you will really leave the valleys of the
world in order to climb up the high mountain of Transfiguration.
                                     ~ 46 ~
    Here that, from this mountain, I have been speaking to you
through My servant for years! For years, My words and My visions to
you were dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach
them. If I have spoken to all of you, who accept the deed of My
prophet, I have done this, because My Father has found you and has
pointed at you to be His Chosen people, and thus fulfil the written
    “For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to
the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many
brothers and sisters. And those He predestined, He also called; those
He called, He also justified; those He justified, He also glorified...”
    (Romans 8:29-30)
    So, how can you comment on this, you, God’s people? Is the image
you want to conform to My Image or the gold image on the plain of
Dura? Will you ask for the bright robe of Meshach or the black suits of
merchants and criminals? Here I tell you that no one without God’s
Image will ever surmount the blazing fiery furnace, but will run far
away from it and will hurry to kiss the gold image, in order to save
himself both the persecution and glory. However, if anyone has My
Spirit in his heart, such man will keep his robe unstained and will be
God’s Meshach of the last time...”
    After these words, Jesus pointed again at the Wisdom, telling me:
    “Now, for a last time, see how God’s Wisdom will create the
Mantle of Abednego...”
    I looked at the Wisdom, when I noticed the girl open God’s Word on
another page. Stretching her white hands, she was pulling blood-red threads
from the Spirit and Light, and was twining them round her fingers. So, over
and over again, she stood in front of the loom and began to weave the threads
into the well-taut cords. Here that the creation of the cloth of a blood-red
mantle was taking place in front of my eyes. Being incapable of taking my eyes
off the very cloth, I whispered quietly:
    “Jesus! Is not this Your Blood, by which You sacrificed Your Life for us?
Are not these last threads soaked with Your Holy Blood?”
    In reply, my Lord told me:
                                     ~ 47 ~
    “Stretch your hands to this cloth and see where the threads come
from and where they finish...”
    ...Hardly having touched the cloth, I felt that the Holy Spirit filled me with
very brisk Fire. Then, I saw my Saviour in the twilight of the Garden of
Gethsemane. He was horrified in His pain and His Voice passed either into
sobbing, or into crying. Due to the unbearable suffering, droplets of blood
appeared upon His forehead. While I was looking at the blood on His forehead,
the vision changed and I saw the blood upon His body: blood, caused by
scourging and violation; blood, caused by the terrible outrage of the devil and
his servants. However, this vision also changed and I could see Jesus on the
very Cross of Golgotha – with blood upon His hands and feet; with a head,
bleeding due to the thorns, driven into it.
    Then, Lord took my hand, raised it from the bloodstained cloth and told
me with ardent Voice:
    “Such is the mantle of Abednego – a mantle of the Faithful ones; a
mantle for all those, who will resist the gold image of the devil to the
point of shedding their blood. Since, exactly My Blood makes you
Faithful. Just as the Son was Faithful to His Father to death on a Cross,
so you also have to be Faithful to the Son to the point of shedding your
blood, i.e. to death. Since, how many of you would repeat the words of
the Faithfulness to death; words, by which Shadrach, Meshach and
Abednego told the king of Babylon:
    “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before
you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God
we serve is able to deliver us from it, and He will deliver us from Your
Majesty’s hand. But even if He does not, we want you to know, Your
Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold
you have set up...” (Daniel 3:16-18)
    Are you ready to refuse to bow before the gold image of the devil,
even when I decide to glorify My Name, by letting you suffer to death
for Me?
    This is the Faithfulness My people need in order to withstand!
    The Faithfulness that comes with the Power of Blood! By this
Faithfulness, the Heaven has accepted its great sons and daughters.
                                   ~ 48 ~
This is the Faithfulness, by which every one of you dresses in a mantle,
in order to be God’s Abednego of the last time!”
    After these last words, Jesus smiled and told me:
    “Now, Lord your God commands you to put on the hosen, the robe
and the mantle! For, I will lead you again to the blazing furnace in
order for you to pass through it...”
    I had never felt in my heart as great benevolence by the Father and the
Son as at this moment. With thrill and excitement, I put on the hosen of
Shadrach and I felt my spirit’s readiness to fly off. A moment later, Jesus
passed me the robe of Meshach and my heart sensed this robe like Heavenly
armour for my spirit. However, the greatest presence and filling by the Spirit
happened when Jesus laid the mantle of Abednego upon me. Love by Father,
more powerful and excellent than ever before, filled my veins and obsessed all
my thoughts.
    Here that Jesus pointed down with His hand and told me:
    “Let Me lead you to the furnace. Since, this is the reason that you
were given all the Heavenly visions, described in this book...”
                                      ~ 49 ~


    My brother! My faithful friend!
    For a first time in my life, I was looking at the threats of the devil as to a
great privilege and opportunity to glorify my Lord. Following Him with the
clothes of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, I could see the steadily
increasing flames of the blazing furnace. Here that, when this furnace was just
meters away from my eyes, Lord pointed at it, telling me:
    “Go in, Stefan! It will not be a first time for you!”
    Without any hesitation and fear, I made the necessary steps and entered
the flames of the very furnace...
    Oh miracle of all miracles! The fire in the furnace was blazing in all its
power and the flames were coming in waves to my heart, but not one of them
could touch me. On the contrary – Fire by Father blazed out of the depths of
my heart and devoured my whole being. When I made a few more steps into
the furnace, I saw the Image of my Lord.
    I saw the Fourth in the fiery flames!
    He touched with His hand the hosen, the robe and the mantle, which I
was wearing, and told me with an ardent Voice:
    “Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego – the Called, the Chosen and
the Faithful ones! The three men, among whom the Fourth One surely
appears! Listen to Me, My Church! Listen to the Bridegroom, Who calls
you to the Mount!
    Dressed in the sky-blue hosen of Shadrach, you will never leave
the Way!
    Dressed in the bright robe of Meshach, you will never retreat from
the Truth!
    Dressed in the bloody mantle of Abednego, you will always have
the Life of the Son of Man, in order to sacrifice it for your friends!
    Here, My Church!
    From the treasury of My Father, I have given you the gold Menorah
and the flames of Father’s recognition!
                                    ~ 50 ~
    From the Sanctuary of My Father, I have shown you the deeds of
God’s Wisdom and the secrets of God’s eternal intention; His thoughts,
which abide from generation to generation, looking for the Called,
Chosen and Faithful ones of each generation!
    From the fiery flames of Babylon’s furnace, I am crying out to all
My friends, telling them:
    My friends! Now, I want you raised onto the Mount! Called as
Shadrach, Chosen as Meshach and Faithful as Abednego; holding God’s
Menorah in your hands; having recognized the gold image of the devil!
    And, together with the Fourth One, having passed through the
fiery flames!
    I pronounced it! I spoke it!”

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