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                                                          MOTOR INSURANCE QUOTE CHECKER
 CLICK & CALL the top name                                                          Your current motor renewal quote
 motor insurers and brokers
                                                                                    Excess:         £
 listed opposite now to get
 the best deal for you                                                              Quote:          £

 Hints & Tips
 Here are a few simple steps that you can take                                                                          Quote
                                                                                                        Excess: £
 to lower your car insurance quote.                                                                                     £
                                                                                                        0800 422 0529
 Protect your car
 If possible, park in a garage or on a driveway. Installing an                                          Ref:
 alarm and immobiliser can also reduce premiums.                                                        Excess: £
 Voluntary excess                                                                                       0800 915 2128
 Many insurers allow you to specify the amount of excess                                                Ref:
 you would be prepared to pay in order to lower your                                                                    Quote
                                                                                                        Excess: £
 premium. It is very important that you evaluate which is                                                               £
                                                                                                        0800 915 2129
 most realistic for your personal situation. So decide if you
 prefer to pay a little extra on your premium or risk having                                            Ref:
 to pay a higher excess in the event of a claim.                                                        Excess: £
 Keep an accurate record of mileage                                                                     0800 915 2134
 When getting a quote, you will be asked to provide an
 estimated mileage for the year. If you overestimate you                                                Ref:
 could end up paying an unnecessarily high premium;                                                     Excess: £
 underestimate, and it could cost you more if you claim.                                                0800 915 2147
 Limit additional drivers                                                                               Ref:
 The more drivers you add, the higher the risk. So think                                                Excess: £
 carefully before adding extra drivers.                                                                                 £
                                                                                                        0800 369 8249
 Protect your No Claims
 With a full ‘no claims’ bonus you could maximise the                                                                   Quote
                                                                                                        Excess: £
 discount on your annual premium – so it’s worth protecting!                                                            £
                                                                                                        0800 024 1913

                            Car Insurance                                                               Ref:

                            Checklist ✓
                                                                                                        Excess: £
                                                                                        Ref: 181        0800 915 2135

 Before getting a quote, make sure you have                                                             Ref:
 the following information:                                                                             Excess: £
 Make                                        Model
                                                                                       Ref: MG030       0800 531 6404
 Registration Number                                                                                                    Quote
                                                                                                        Excess: £
 Your No Claims discount details                                                                        0800 369 8113
 What type of cover you require                                                                         Ref:
                                                                                                        Excess: £
 Where the vehicle will be stored                                                                                       £
                                                                                        Ref: MIW        0800 369 8182
* Calls are free from landlines. Mobile operators may charge for calls.
 All calls may be recorded and/or monitored.                                                            Ref:
 QuickPages is a trading style of Millennium ADMP Ltd.                                                                  Quote
 Company registration No. 3094289. VAT Registration No. 882930103.                                      Excess: £
 Registered Office: Windhill Manor, Leeds Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD18 1BP.                       0800 118 1770
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