2001 fatalities

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					Date of incident   Location      Type of business Incident
12/17/2001         Willamina     Trucking         Victim was taking a loaded log truck down the
                                                  road and pulled over to the side. Another truck
                                                  driver stopped to check on him and then went
                                                  for help. By the time medics arrived the victim
                                                  was slumped over; apparent cause of death was
                                                  a massive heart attack
12/11/2001         Fairview      Grocery store    Victim was a clerk at a store and was shot. The
                                                  case was being investigated by police at the
                                                  time the report was filed
11/26/2001         Gresham       Transit district Victim apparently suffered a heart attack
11/21/2001         Silverton     State parks      Victim was driving a three-wheel loader with a
                                 department       full cab. One of the loader's wheels went off
                                                  the road and the loader rolled, killing the
10/27/2001         Portland      Municipal        victim. slipped and fell 5 feet into the orchestra
                                 government          pit at an auditorium. He died 12/12/2001 from
                                                     injuries related to the accident
10/15/2001         Portland      Real estate         Victim collapsed at a meeting; apparent cause
                                                     of death was a heart attack
10/9/2001          Hillsboro     Electrical          Victim clocked into work and then collapsed;
                                 contractor          apparent cause of death was a heart attack
9/27/2001          Clatskanie    Temporary           Victim was working alone doing landscaping;
                                 employment          he was found collapsed on the ground by a
                                 agency              coworker. Cause of death was thought to be a
                                                     heart attack, but an autopsy indicated it was
                                                     more likely an allergic reaction to a wasp or
                                                     yellowjacket sting
9/17/2001          Canyonville   Fire watch          Victim was struck by the end of a haulback
                                                     chain when a shackle came loose and the chain
                                                     stripped through the block
9/12/2001          Portland      Street construction Victim was crushed by a 4,000-pound casing
                                                     when it rolled off the forks of a forklift and the
                                                     victim was caught between the casing and tilt
9/10/2001          Salem         Recycling           Victim was run over by a forklift
9/10/2001          Eugene        Roofing             Victim was working on a three-story building
                                                     when he fell through a skylight
9/4/2001    Salem           Police           Victim, a senior state trooper, stopped to assist
                                             a motorist with a disabled vehicle. Another
                                             vehicle crashed into the back of the police car,
                                             which struck the trooper. An off-duty Albany
                                             police officer also was killed
8/21/2001   Keizer          Local government Victim was in a city vehicle going through a
                                             drive-through lane at a fast-food restaurant
                                             when restaurant staff noticed a problem.
                                             Apparent cause of death was a heart attack
8/19/2001   Interstate 84   Volunteer fire   Tire blew out on truck victim was driving
            milepost 38     department       when a tire blew out, the victim lost control
                                             and hit a rock and then hit a tree
8/17/2001   Tigard          Local government Victim was driving to a training and felt ill.
                                             She pulled the vehicle to the median and called
                                             911. Apparent cause of death was a heart
8/2/2001    Portland        Casting foundry attack. was working above a tank containing
                                             caustic materials and fell into the tank
8/1/2001    Eugene          City government Victim worked the night shift operating a street
                                             cleaner. Coworkers discovered him and called
                                             911. Apparent cause of death was a heart
7/30/2001   Tillamook       Telecommunicatio Victim was crushed by a heavy piece of
                            ns               equipment
7/28/2001   Ontario         Trucking         Victim apparently fell asleep at the wheel and
                                             ran off the road
7/13/2001   Portland        Heavy equipment Victim went into a diabetic coma at work
                            manufacturing    6/13/2001 and was hospitalized. He died in the
                                             hospital 7/13/2001
6/30/2001   Beaverton       Transportation   Victim, a bus driver, fell ill at the wheel of his
                                             bus; apparent cause of death was a heart attack

6/1/2001    Portland        Retail             Apparent cause of death was a heart attack
5/29/2001   Cow Creek       Logging            Death was from natural causes
5/10/2001   Forest Grove    Excavation         Victim was working under the bucket of a
                                               backhoe when the hydraulic hose broke and the
                                               bucket fell and crushed him
4/24/2001   Tigard          Auto hauling       Victim was crushed between trailer and truck
4/24/2001   Portland        Scrap hauling      A hydraulic hose broke free and hit the victim
                                               on the back of the head
4/24/2001   Canby           Telephone          Apparent cause of death was a heart attack
4/3/2001    Clatskanie      company
                            Logging            Victim was crushed by the carriage of a yarder
4/2/2001    Salem          Public entity     Apparent cause of death was a heart attack
3/31/2001   Interstate 5   Trucking          Victim was driving a truck and failed to
            milepost 30                      negotiate the off ramp and crashed over an
3/28/2001   Beaverton      Computer          Victim collapsed while talking with coworkers
3/12/2001   Nyssa          Auto broker       Victim was working on a vehicle that was
                                             elevated by a forklift. The vehicle slid off the
                                             forklift and crushed the victim
3/5/2001    Bandon         City government   Victim fell 20 feet from a utility pole
2/25/2001   Gresham        Nursery           Victim was driving a forklift when it tipped
                                             over on him
2/22/2001   Rickreall      Fertilizer        Victim was spreading fertilizer in a hopper bin
                                             when he fell off the fixed ladder and struck his
2/21/2001   Winston        Plywood           Victim had just shut down his saw and moved
                           manufacturing     to go on break when he collapsed; apparent
                                             cause of death was a heart attack
2/19/2001   Interstate 5   Retail grocery    Victim was driving a truck when a tire on the
            milepost 96                      car beside his truck had a tire blowout and hit
                                             the trailer. The victim pulled onto the shoulder
                                             to check on the car driver and was hit by
                                             another vehicle
1/27/2001   Highway 20     Trucking          Victim was driving a truck transporting bunker
            milepost 17                      oil when the truck rolled going into a curve, the
                                             tractor overturned and caught on fire
1/17/2001   Aumsville      Carpentry         Victim fell from a scaffold approximately 6
                                             feet to a concrete surface.