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CYCLE INSURANCE                                   2.     Accidental Damage means damage                   f) a brick concrete or stone communal
                                                         caused accidentally by violent and                  outbuilding of standard construction
POLICY                                                   external means including vandalism.                 with a slate, tiled, corrugated steel,
1 April 2011 – 31 March 2012                      3.     Administrator   /   ETA   means                     asbestos or multi layered roof within
                                                                                                             the boundaries of the building in which
                                                         ETA Services Ltd, 68 High Street,
                                                                                                             You reside
CYCLE INSURANCE arranged by ETA                          Weybridge KT13 8RS.
Services Ltd with UK General a trading            4.     Approved Lock means                              g) a privately accessed wooden or shed
name of UK Underwriting Limited on behalf                                                                   within the boundaries of the property in
                                                       a) a nominated lock from the appropriate             which You normally reside
of Ageas Insurance Limited, registered in
                                                         category of the Sold Secure website
England No.354568. Registered office:                                                                7.     Corporate      Member      means      a
                                                (cycles that have
Ageas House, Tollgate, Eastleigh SO53                                                                       registered business that has taken out
                                                         a value of less than £250 require a
3YA.                                                                                                        corporate membership of the ETA.
                                                         Bronze rated lock, cycles that have a
ETA Services Ltd, UK Underwriting                                                                           For these members, the following
                                                         value of less than £1500 require a
Limited, and Ageas Insurance Limited are                                                                    policy sections do not apply: Section B
                                                         Silver rated lock and cycles that have
authorised and regulated by the Financial                                                                   – Personal Accident and Section C –
                                                         a value exceeding £1500 require a
Services Authority. This can be checked                                                                     Personal Liability.
                                                         Gold rated lock); or
on the FSA’s register by visiting the FSA’s                                                          8.     Endorsement means any terms and
                                                       b) any other specified lock accepted by
website at or by                                                                    conditions additional to this certificate
                                                         us and specified in an endorsement.
contacting them on 0845 606 1234.                                                                           of insurance and specified on your
                                                  5.     Britain means Great Britain and                    ETA customer statement.
ETA cycle insurance cover is attached to
                                                         Northern Ireland, the Channel Isles
the nominated pedal cycle.                                                                           9.     Europe means geographical Europe,
                                                         and the Isle of Man.
Public liability and personal accident                                                                      all countries having a Mediterranean
                                                  6      A building is deemed to be                         shoreline, Canary Isles, Madeira and
benefits are only payable to or on behalf of
the person using the cycle at the time an              a) a brick, concrete or stone house of               Jordan (Europe does not include
incident covered by this policy occurs.                  standard construction with a slate, tiled          Azerbaijan, Armenia or Georgia which
                                                         or multi layered roof                              are in Asia).
In addition to this public liability shall also
be extended to the policy holder using any             b) a privately accessed brick, concrete       10. Evidence of ownership means
bicycle with the owner’s consent.                        or stone built outbuilding or garage            original purchase receipt, showing the
                                                         with a slate, tiled, corrugated steel,          date, price paid, details of the pedal
Cycle insurance includes cycle rescue,
                                                         asbestos or multi layered roof,                 cycle and approved lock name and
which is only valid if the member is in
                                                         attached to or within the boundaries of         address of seller, or other evidence,
possession of secure photographic
                                                         a private house                                 which clearly demonstrates ownership
                                                                                                         or a valuation from a VAT registered
                                                       c) a self-contained flat within a brick,
                                                                                                         cycle shop.
GENERAL DEFINITIONS                                      concrete or stone building of standard
The words or expressions detailed below                  construction with a slate, tiled or multi   11. Family means parents, spouse,
have the following meaning wherever they                 layered roof                                    partner, son, daughter or siblings
appear in this policy:                                                                                   (aged 16 years or over).
                                                       d) a self-contained lockable private room
1.   Abandonment means being left in a                   in the halls of residence in which You      12. Forcible and Violent Entry means
     location to which the public has access             reside                                           a) entry evidenced by visible damage to
     for more than 12 hours at any one time            e) a communal hallway of a brick,                      the fabric of the building at the point
     or 24 hours in respect of cycles left at            concrete or stone building of standard               of entry;
     train stations, provided you have                   construction with a slate, tiled or multi        b) damage caused to an immovable
     complied with all the security                      layered roof within the building in                  object or approved lock.
     requirements laid out in this policy.               which You reside
                                                                                                     13. Immovable Object means

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Full text reading:
  a) any solid object fixed in or on to         1.     Loss     or    damage      caused     by       only receive half the loss less any
      concrete or stone, which is not                  depreciation in value, wear and tear,          excess. It is your responsibility to
      capable of being undone, removed                 cleaning,      alteration,    adjusting,       ensure that your pedal cycle is
      with, or lifted under/over the pedal             restoration,    repair,    maintenance,        insured for its current replacement
      cycle;                                           mechanical or electrical breakdown,            value as this may increase or
                                                       scratching, misuse, or atmospheric or          decrease over time.
  b) a properly fixed motor vehicle roof
                                                       climatic conditions.                       12. Claims where the pedal cycle has
      rack or properly fixed vehicle bicycle
      rack;                                     2.     Loss or damage caused by insects,              been left unattended for more than
                                                       vermin, fungus, domestic pet or any            twelve hours at any one time in a
  c) at train stations, a bicycle rack
                                                       gradually operating cause.                     location to which the public has access
     supplied by the train station
                                                3.     Theft or attempted theft of the pedal          or for more than 24 hours in a train
     expressly for the purpose of
                                                       cycle(s) whilst left unattended in a           station.
     securing bikes, and within the
     jurisdiction of the transport police.             public place at any time unless:           Claims Excess Applicable to Section A
14. Pedal Cycle means any bicycle, adult             a)the pedal cycle is secured by an
    tricycle    or     tandem,    including            approved lock attached to an               The excess applicable to claims under this
    component parts and accessories                    immovable object, or;                      section shall be 5% of the value claimed
    permanently fixed to the pedal cycle,                                                         with a minimum excess of £25.
                                                     b)it is locked in a building/vehicle where
    specified in the schedule which is your            theft is occasioned by a forcible or       Basis of Claim Settlement
    property, or for which you are legally             violent entry. In this instance, the
    responsible, normally kept at the                  pedal cycle must be stored out of          We will pay the cost of repair or pay the
    address described in the schedule.                                                            cost of replacement as new or at our
    This definition shall be extended to                                                          discretion will arrange for repair or
    include     any      mechanically     or    4.     Loss or damage occurring whilst in the
                                                                                                  replacement to be effected. Our liability
    electronically      assisted     bicycle           custody of an airline or courier unless;
                                                                                                  shall not exceed the sums insured detailed
    weighing less than 60kg and with an              a)a receipt has been obtained from the       on your ETA customer statement less any
    output not exceeding 250w/15.5mph.                 airline/carrier for the period of          excess as indicated under the claims
15. Period of Insurance means the                      transportation     confirming   their      excess applicable to Section A. In the
    period specified on your ETA                       acceptance of responsibility for the       event of partial loss the sum insured will be
    customer statement from the date of                pedal cycle, and;                          reinstated automatically other than in the
    acceptance by us of the insurance,               b)you have complied with the carrier’s       case of total loss or destruction where all
    provided that the appropriate premium              terms and conditions and packaging/        cover ceases. When making a claim, you
    has been paid.                                     storage requirements.                      will need to produce evidence of the value
                                                                                                  of the cycle in the form of an original
16. We/Our/Us/Insurers    means     UK          5.     Loss or damage to tyres or                 purchase receipt or valuation certificate. In
    Underwriting Ltd on behalf of Ageas                accessories unless the accessories         addition, we will reimburse the hire costs of
    Insurance Limited.                                 are permanently fixed to the pedal         a replacement pedal cycle whilst your
17. You/Your means the ETA member as                   cycle and the pedal cycle(s) are lost      own pedal cycle is being repaired or
    detailed on your ETA customer                      or damaged at the same time.               replaced up to a maximum value of £250.
    statement and any person using the          6.     Loss or damage by confiscation or          This benefit can only be claimed as part of
    pedal cycle with their consent.                    detention by customs or other              a claim for repair or replacement of the
                                                       authorised officials.                      insured pedal cycle.
                                                7.     Damage to tyres by application of
                                                       brakes or by road punctures, cuts or
                                                8.     Claims where the pedal cycle has a         Section B - Personal Accident
Section A - Pedal Cycles                               value of more than £4,000 inclusive of     Within Britain/Europe (not worldwide) we
This section indemnifies you against theft,            any extra accessories.                     will pay the amount shown below if at any
accidental loss or accidental damage to         9.     Theft following abandonment.               time whilst you are using a pedal cycle,
pedal      cycle(s)     including     racing,                                                     you are involved in an accident, which
                                                10. Theft by a person or persons to whom
pacemaking, time or reliability trials or                                                         shall solely and independently of any other
                                                    the pedal cycle is entrusted.
whilst practising for any of them as                                                              cause, cause bodily injury which results in
specified on your ETA customer                  11. Claims where the sum insured is less          your death, loss of limb, loss of sight or
statement,      occurring      within     the       than the replacement value of the             permanent disablement. The amounts we
geographical limits of Britain, including a         pedal cycle inclusive of any extra            will pay under this section are:
period not exceeding ninety days during             accessories. Note: The purpose of              Loss of Limb               £10,000
any one period of insurance in Europe               this exclusion is to prevent pedal             Loss of Sight              £10,000
and sixty days worldwide.                           cycles from being part/under-insured.
                                                                                                   Permanent Total
                                                    If the pedal cycle were found to be
                                                                                                        Disablement            £10,000
                                                    under-insured we may only meet the
Special Exclusions         Applicable     to                                                       Death                      £20,000
                                                    claim, less excess, to the same
Section A
                                                    proportion as the pedal cycle was             Benefit under this section shall be payable
This section does not cover:                        covered. For example, a cycle, which          to you and your nominees, and shall be
                                                    is only insured for half its value will

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Full text reading:
limited to a maximum of £20,000 per              4.        Where you are entitled to indemnity        3.   Where the costs of hire are greater
person. Benefit under this section is not                  from another source.                            than a normal charge through a
available to ETA corporate members.                                                                        recognised supplier.
                                                 5.        When      punitive, exemplary or
                                                           aggravated damages are awarded             4.   Where the costs exceed more than
Special Exclusions          applicable     to
                                                           against you.                                    £250 during any one period of
Section B
                                                 6.        Indemnity under this section in respect
This section does not cover:
                                                           or injury, loss, damage, cost or           5.   Where the costs are in excess of the
1.   You when aged under 16 or over 85.                    expense, of whatsoever nature directly          value of the pedal cycle or repair
2.   You for permanent total disablement                   or indirectly caused by, or resulting           costs.
     benefit when over 65.                                 from, or in connection with any act of     6.   Where evidence of expenditure cannot
3.   Suicide,      attempted    suicide   or                                                               be provided.
     intentional self-injury or deliberate       7.        Any liability for bodily injury, loss or   7.   Where costs are incurred by anyone
     exposure to exceptional danger                        damage                                          other than you.
     (except in an attempt to save human              a) to your employees or members of              Section E - Cycle Breakdown
     life), or insanity or your own criminal            your family or household or to their
     act.                                               property;                                     If you suffer a breakdown to your pedal
                                                                                                      cycle (including punctures), which is
4.   When directly or indirectly resulting            b) arising out of or in connection with         irreparable at the scene, occurring one
     from stress, trauma or psychiatric                 your trade, profession or business, or        mile or more from your home, the ETA
     illness.                                           assumed under contract;                       undertakes to pay for the transport of the
5.   Any benefit when your death, injury or           c)      arising out of the ownership,           pedal cycle and you (if appropriate) to:
     loss does not occur within 180 days of                possession, use or occupation of land
     the accident or personal liability of                                                                 the nearest appropriate railway
                                                           or buildings;
     whatsoever      nature,    directly or                                                                 station; OR,
     indirectly cause, contributed.                   d)     arising out of the ownership,                 the nearest suitable cycle repair
                                                           possession or use of motorised                   shop; OR,
6.   Any benefit when you cannot prove to                  vehicles,    yachts    or    motorised          the nearest car rental agency; OR,
     us    that   the     permanent      total             waterborne craft, airborne craft of any         the nearest overnight
     disablement has continued for twelve                  description, animals, or firearms or             accommodation; OR,
     months from the date of the accident                  weapons.                                        your vehicle within a 25 mile radius;
     and in all probability will continue for
                                                 8.        Any liability not involving the use of a         OR,
     the remainder of your life.
                                                           pedal cycle.                                    home, if nearer.
7.   More than one benefit under this
                                                 9.        Any liability arising from a contract      Special   exclusions       applicable     to
                                                           where you would have been liable in        Section E
8.   Any accident not involving the use of a               any event.                                 This section does not cover:
     pedal cycle.
                                                 10. Using the pedal cycle professionally             1.   Any costs other than the call out
Section C - Personal Liability                       or for any trade/business except                      charge and transportation of you and
Within Britain we will become legally liable         commuting to and from work, or                        your pedal cycle to one of the above
to pay for accidental bodily injury, death, or       incidental use of the pedal cycle in the              destinations.
accidental damage to any person or                   course of your work.
accidental damage to third party property,       11. Whilst using the pedal cycle(s) for              2.   Anything mentioned under the general
which arise from your use of any pedal               racing, pacemaking, time or reliability               exclusions.
cycle providing you are legally resident in          trials or whilst practising for any of
Britain.      The total amount payable               them.
includes reasonable defence costs and
expenses incurred by you with our written
consent in connection with any liability         Section D – Replacement Pedal Cycle
insured under this certificate of insurance.     Hire                                                 Section F – Get You Home Cover
The maximum amount we will pay under
                                                 We will pay for the reasonable cost of the
this section is £1 million.                                                                           If you suffer irreparable damage to your
                                                 hire of an alternative pedal cycle from a
                                                                                                      pedal cycle occurring more than one mile
Special Exclusions          applicable     to    recognised pedal cycle dealer whilst
                                                                                                      from your home we will pay for the
Section C                                        awaiting repair or replacement of your
                                                                                                      reasonable cost of taxi hires in order to get
                                                 pedal cycle when the subject of an
This section does not cover:                                                                          you to your onward destination or home.
                                                 approved claim.
1.   You when aged under 16 or over 85.                                                               This is a personal cover option, and will
                                                 Special Exclusions              applicable     to    only be considered as part of a claim for
2.   An excess of £250 for each and every        Section D                                            repair or replacement of the insured pedal
     claim arising from damage to third
                                                 This section does not cover:                         cycle.
     party property.
                                                 1.        When the costs of hire have not been       Special Exclusions         applicable     to
3.   Liability arising from loss or damage to
                                                           agreed with us.                            Section F
     property which belongs to you is in
     your care, custody or control.              2.        Where our prior authority has not          This section does not cover:
                                                           been obtained.

Full text reading:
Full text reading:
1.    Any costs other than the taxi fare to         may text us on 07876 557 244 to receive                    We will not pay for any losses that
      transport you and your pedal cycle to         assistance.                                                 are not directly covered by the terms
      your onward destination.                                                                                  and conditions of this policy. For
                                                    MAKING A CLAIM                                              example, we will not pay for you to
2.    Where the costs exceed more than
      £100 during any one period of                 Should you need to make a claim, please                     collect your pedal cycle from a
      insurance.                                    ring 0845 389 1010 or go to                                 repairer or for any time that has to
                                           to download a                         be taken off work because of a theft,
3.  Where evidence of expenditure cannot                                                                        accident or breakdown
                                                    claim form. All claims must be notified to
    be provided.
                                                    us within 28 days of occurrence.
Anything mentioned in the general
exclusions.                                         UK Underwriting Ltd is an agent of Ageas             NO CLAIM DISCOUNT
                                                    Insurance Limited and in the matters of a            If you have not claimed for a full twelve-
ETA HELPLINE                                        claim acts on their behalf.                          month period you will receive a no claim
Details of Cover                                                                                         discount on your renewal premium in
                                                    GENERAL EXCLUSIONS APPLICABLE                        accordance with the scale of discount
1.         If an unforeseen emergency outside                                                            applicable at renewal of your insurance.
                                                    TO   ALL  SECTIONS  OF    THIS
           your control occurs anywhere within                                                           The no claim discount to which you are
           Britain and results in your failure to                                                        otherwise entitled will not be disallowed
           complete a non-commuting journey         This certificate of insurance does not               solely if you make a claim under Section E
           and as long as the journey exceeds a     provide cover for any personal accident or           - Cycle Breakdown.
           distance of five miles from your         personal liability of whatsoever nature,
           home address, we will, within the        directly or indirectly cause, contributed to
           terms of cover, by means of our 24-      by or happening through or in the                    TERMS AND CONDITIONS
           hour emergency helpline, seek to         consequence of:
                                                                                                         1.   Precautions - You shall take all
           arrange the following assistance:
                                                         war or invasion; or                                 reasonable steps to safeguard against
     (a)     notify up to two people of the              terrorism; or                                       accident, injury, loss, and damage and
             delay/cancellation of the trip;             acts of foreign enemies; or                         shall maintain the pedal cycle(s) in an
     (b)     arrange emergency         overnight         hostilities (whether or not war has                 efficient and roadworthy condition.
             accommodation;                               been declared); or                                  Failure to comply with this condition
                                                         civil war; or                                       might invalidate your claim.
     (c)     arrange alternative transport (for
                                                         rebellion, revolution, insurrection; or        2.   Subrogation - We will be entitled to
             example a hire car, taxi, coach,
                                                         military or usurped power, or                       take over and deal with, in your name,
             train etc.);
                                                         ionising radiation or contamination                 the defence or settlement of any claim
     (d)     arrange transport (non-medical) to           by radioactivity from any nuclear                   at our discretion and to take
             a medical facility for unforeseen            fuel, or from any nuclear waste from                proceedings at our expense to recover
             and non-urgent medical treatment             burning of nuclear fuel; or                         for our benefit the amount of any
             during absence from home.                   the radioactive, toxic, explosive or                payment made under this policy.
You are responsible for any costs not                     other hazardous properties of any              3.   Other Insurances - If any loss,
covered under your policy.                                explosive nuclear assembly or                       destruction, damage or liability insured
                                                          nuclear component thereof; or                       by this policy, other than by Section B,
FREE LEGAL ADVICE                                        pressure waves from aircraft other                  is covered by any other insurance we
                                                          aerial      devices       travelling      at        shall pay only its rateable portion.
For advice in the event of an accident or                 supersonic speeds
                                                                                                         4.   Fraud - The insurers will void this
on any personal legal problem at any time,               wilful self inflicted injury or illness; or
telephone Access Legal on 0845 389                                                                            policy in its entirety from the date of
                                                         suicide or an attempt to commit
1050, and quote your ETA membership                                                                           loss or alleged loss and no cover
                                                          suicide; or
number.                                                                                                       provided will apply if a claim made by
                                                         wilful exposure to danger, except in
                                                                                                              you or anyone acting on your behalf
                                                          an attempt to save a human life; or
                                                                                                              to obtain any benefit is fraudulent or
                                                         solvent abuse; or
                                                                                                              intentionally exaggerated; or a false
                                                         being under the influence of alcohol
                                                                                                              declaration or statement is made in
MAKING A CLAIM (Cycle Breakdown)                          or drugs, except those prescribed by
                                                                                                              support of a claim under this policy.
                                                          a registered doctor and not those
The 24 hour emergency helpline number is                  drugs prescribed for drug addiction,           5.   Governing Law - English law applies
08000 RESCUE or 08000 737 283.                            or drugs prescribed by a registered                 to this policy unless you have asked
If in the unfortunate event of a failure on               medical practitioner where a warning                for another law and we have agreed to
this number, please call 0870 77 44 565.                  against riding has been given; or                   this in writing before the start date.
If you are outside Britain then the                      your engaging in any illegal or                6.   Limit of Liability - In the event of a
emergency helpline number is 00 44 870                    criminal act; or                                    claim payment as a consequence of
77 44 565, and call charges may be                       any claim where you have declared                   any insured event the insurers will
reversed to this number.                                  the use of an approved lock but                     deem that full liability has been met
SMS text messaging is available for use by                have been unable to demonstrate                     under the terms of this policy and the
deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired                  that an approved lock was used; or                  insurance cover will cease upon
members in a breakdown situation. You                    any liability in excess of the amount               settlement. In no circumstances shall
                                                          shown in your policy.                               the liability of the insurers exceed the

Full text reading:
Full text reading:
    claim limit shown in the ETA customer       Ageas Insurance Limited is covered by the
    statement.                                  Financial Services Compensation Scheme
                                                (FSCS).      You may be entitled to
CANCELLATION RIGHT                              compensation from the scheme, if they
We hope you are happy with the cover this       cannot meet their obligations.        This
                                                depends on the type of business and the
policy provides.
                                                circumstances of the claim.           Most
You have the right to cancel it within          insurance contracts are covered for 90% of
fourteen days of the start date of the policy   the claim with no upper limit. You can get
without giving any reasons and you will         more information about compensation
receive a full refund.                          scheme arrangements from the FSCS or
Should you cancel after fourteen days we        visit
will credit your ETA customer account with
an amount proportionate to the unexpired        DATA PROTECTION 1998
period remaining on the policy as detailed
                                                Please note that any information provided
on your ETA customer statement.
                                                to us and our agents about you will be
WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE NOT                       processed by us in compliance with the
SATISFIED                                       provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998,
                                                for the purpose of providing insurance and
We do everything we can to make sure            handling claims. This might necessitate
that our customers get the high standard        providing such information to third parties.
of service they expect. If you feel you         This policy wording relates to any policy
have cause for complaint regarding the          purchased with a start date on or between:
information and advice about your policy,
                                                1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012
you should contact us. Please remember
to always quote your ETA number in any
correspondence, this can be found at the
top of your ETA customer statement.             We       may      monitor    all   telephone
                                                conversations with the aim of improving
You can contact us by writing to the            our service.
Member Services Manager, ETA Services           At ETA our literature is printed on 100%
Ltd, 68 High Street, Weybridge, KT13            recycled paper from post consumer waste,
8RS, telephone 0845 389 1010 or by email        is fully recyclable and biodegradable,
via                         totally chlorine free, elemental
If having received a response from ETA
                                                chlorine free, NAPM approved, long life
you remain dissatisfied you should write
                                                archival usage approved, Nordic Swan
to the Customer Relations Manager,              environmental awarded and is produced in
UK General, Cast House, Old Mill                a mill that holds ISO 14001 certification.
Business Park, Gibraltar Island Road,
Leeds, LS10 1RJ. Please ensure you
quote your ETA number.

If it is not possible to reach an agreement,
you have the right to make an appeal to
the Financial Ombudsman Service. This
also applies if you are insured in a
business capacity and have an annual
turnover of less than €2 million and fewer
than ten staff. You may contact the
Financial Ombudsman Service by letter:
Financial Ombudsman Service, 183 Marsh
Wall, London E14 9SR or telephone 0845
080 1800.

For more information on this visit         Your
statutory rights are not affected if you
choose to follow the complaints procedure
above. For further information about your
statutory tights contact your local authority
Trading Standards Service or Citizens
Advice Bureau


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