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									 June 2011
 Volume 2 • Number 1
                          — BY AND FOR THE RESIDENTS OF SUNRISE BAY —

                          Happy Anniversary

    On the first anniversary of The Breeze, hard working and serious minded (sez who?)
    members of the editorial staff work diligently to bring neighbors the news. (l. to r.) :
    Susan Geldhart, Mary Salisbury (liaison to Senior Publishing), Julie Loffler, Rosemary
    Molloy and Virginia Hasselbach. Missing: Pat Pickett (Photo by: Lee Schmidt)

     Editorial Staff                    Feature Writers
                                                                                 Manager’s Corner
                                                                            By Barbara Drummond, CMCA, PCAM
     Susan Geldart                      Judy Cannata
     Virginia Hasselbach                Iris Gibney                    The majority of homeowners take very good care
     Julie Loffler                      Jerry Maguire                of their homes and property. Unfortunately, a few
     Rosemary Molloy                    Mary Salisbury               need to get reminders about the upkeep of the homes
     Pat Pickett                        Georgette Schenk             and lots. Homeowners have the responsibility to wa-
                                        Lee Schmidt                  ter their lawns adequately, to keep their shrubs free
                                                                     of weeds, and to keep the outside of their homes neat
                                                                     and well maintained. This has a direct impact on the
                                                                     property values of the surrounding homes and the
                                                                     community in general.
       Local Phone Numbers You May Need
                                                                       All residents and their guests who are pet owners
      Police, Fire, Medical Emergencies ............... 911          are responsible to see that their pets do not disturb
      Police Dept (Non-Emergency) ............. 296-3666             other members by running loose or causing damage.
      LEH Township Main Office .................. 296-7241
      LEH Public Works Dept ....................... 296-3600
                                                                     Pets should be curbed when being walked so they do
      LEH Post Office ................................... 296-3344   not cause damage to lawn areas. Pet waste must be
      LEH Water/Sewer Authority ................. 296-1168           picked up immediately.
      Ocean Co. Library (LEH Branch)......... 294-1197
                                                                       The Sunrise Bay 2011 Resident Directory is now
      Prime Management (Carol at Office) ... 812-9595
      Clubhouse Courtesy Phone................. 812-1045             available for pick-up at the Clubhouse office. Please
                                                                     see Carol to sign for your copy and note that distribu-
                                                                     tion is one directory to a household.
                                                                       The next open Board of Trustees Meeting is sched-
    Deadline for the July paper is                                   uled for Monday, June 6, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the
                                                                     Clubhouse. Also note that on Tuesday, June 7, 2011
    Friday, June 10th at 12:00 PM                                    the clubhouse will be available as your polling loca-
Email to: sunrisebaybreeze@verizon.net                               tion for the Primary Election from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00
     Or give to Carol in the office                                  p.m. Any activity scheduled for the ballroom on that
                                                                     day will have to be cancelled.

         The Breeze of Sunrise Bay is the official publication
    of the Sunrise Bay Homeowners Association, Inc. The
    statements and opinions expressed herein are those
    of the individual contributors and do not represent the
    opinions or official pronouncements of the Sunrise Bay
    Homeowners Association, Inc. or its Board of Trustees.
    Publication of an advertisement in The Breeze of Sunrise Bay
    does not constitute an endorsement by the Homeowners
    Association or an assurance that the product or service
    will be approved by the Sunrise Bay Architectural Review
    Committee or the Board of Trustees for use within the
    community. The editorial staff reserves the right to reject,
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    edit, or condense all submissions. It will not accept any
                                                                      advertisements are based upon information provided by the advertiser.
    article or advertisement it seems libelous, inflammatory,
                                                                     SENIOR PUBLISHING COMPANY does not independently investigate the
    misleading, not factual, or in bad taste. This publication
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    will not be held responsible for any misrepresentation by
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    our advertisers. As in any publication, despite tedious
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         The Breeze of Sunrise Bay is printed by Senior               If there are any complaints concerning an advertiser, please
    Publications (SPC), 1520 Washington Ave., Neptune, NJ             contact them directly. If you receive no satisfaction, you can
    07753 (888) 637-3200.                                              contact your Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs.

2     June 2011       The Breeze
             Trustee Insight                                The Origin of Father’s Day
  Installation has been completed on the two retract-                        Submitted by Jack Dessel
able shade systems; one being mounted over the ex-          Inspired by a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909, So-
isting roof panels of the solarium (old SPA area) and     nora Dodd of Washington is credited as being the
the second attached to the rear wall creating a shade     founder of Father’s Day.
area in the patio area adjoining the pool. Hopefully        In keeping with the sentiments of the new concept
the usage of the solarium will increase now that there    of “Mother’s Day”, Sonora strived to create “Father’s
is a way to reduce the heat buildup in the room. In       Day” to honor the bravery and selflessness of her fa-
addition, two new tables have been purchased for the      ther, William Smart, a widowed Civil War veteran.
patio area.
                                                            On June 19, 1910, thanks to Sonora’s dedication,
  The sidewalk by the Bocce Courts has been ex-           the first Father’s Day celebration was held in Spo-
tended to the Tennis Courts at no charge to the HOA       kane, Washington. Early on, Father’s Day was cel-
thanks to Meticulous Landscaping. They have also          ebrated unofficially on the third Sunday of June. In
reset the paver blocks in the front walkway leading       1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a presi-
into the clubhouse as well as those by the pool.          dential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of
  Our thanks to the residents of Sunrise Bay for their    June as Father’s Day.
prompt response to last month’s proof of Age Veri-         From an article by Dr. Carl Weber
fication request. Just to reiterate, the Federal Fair
Housing Act requires age 55 or older communities
to comply with the rules issued by HUD for the age
verification of their residents. This information must
be recertified every two (2) years and made available
for inspection by HUD upon their request.
  Moreover, as of the writing of this article two weeks
prior to the survey submission deadline, 42% of the
residents have returned their completed “Survey of
Communications.” Such a large number of returns
will give the board a good representation of the com-
munity’s views. Again thanks to all of the residents
for their overwhelming response to the survey.
  The next trustee meeting will be on June 6, 2011,
at 7:00 PM.
 For the Board of Trustees,
 Howard Read, President-SBHOA
                                                              PARTS • SALES • SERVICE
                                                                             296-7889 • 597-3571
               Condolences                                               491A Route 9 • West Creek, NJ
                                                                            (3 miles South of Rt. 72)
          Our sincere condolences to the
              family and friends of:
           James Brusca, Windstar Drive
                                                              10% OFF                                 $
                                                                                                         40 OFF
                                                                  Any Repair                        Any Appliance
                                                                                                            Over $349
           James Botbyl, Windstar Drive                      With coupon. Cannot be combined       With coupon. Cannot be combined
                                                             with other offers. Expires 6/30/11.   with other offers. Expires 6/30/11.

                                                                                                   The Breeze         June 2011           3
                                       By Susan Geldart and Bessie French
  Over 50 people enjoyed an evening of feasting and       for conversation as well as dancing enjoyment.
dancing on May 5th at the Pot Luck Dinner/Dance             The buffet table featured a fabulous variety of hot
at the clubhouse. A spring theme featured flower and cold dishes and delectable desserts. Bessie and
centerpieces and the prizes awarded for the hat and Susan, co-chairs of the event, are grateful to all the
birthday contests were packets of annuals to plant in talented cooks who provided the food and to all the
the garden. Bobby Lane, the entertainer, provided three   energetic guests who helped set up and clean up. Your
hours of musical favorites at a sound level that allowed  efforts and contributions made the event a success.

            A good time is being had by all                              Enjoying friends & food

             Susan and Bessie, co-chairs                        Tom Siciliano looking good in his top hat

                  The Serving Line                                Bobby Lane’s entertainment was a hit
                                                                                                - cont. on pg. 5
4   June 2011   The Breeze
           Anita & Joe                          Roman & Judy                        Marilyn & Jay

                 Rosalie Siciliano in her delightful                Jim & Gina
                             spring hat

                                                                    The Shorebirds
  The Sunrise Bay Sparklers                              The Shorebirds Red Hat group was celebrating Fri-
 The Sunrise Bay Sparklers enjoyed a day out in        day, the 13th at Joseph's Restaurant in the Renault
Margate City. They had lunch at the Greenhouse         Winery.
Cafe and visited Lucy the Elephant.

                                                       Standing l. to r.: Maryann VanOostendorp, Susan Geldart,
                                                       Bessie French, Mary Jo Fotopoulos. Seated: Julie Loffler,
                                                       Iris Gibney, Doris Howell.
                                                                                     The Breeze June 2011 5
         Sunrise Bay
     Homeowners Association
                                                                        Regular Hours: Mon. 10 -11 AM & Wed. 7 -8 PM
2011 Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule
                                                                       Event (Date & Price)         Sale Dates
DATE                   TIME            TYPE of MEETING
                                                                       Aqua Aerobics                Starting June 6th
                                                                       7/5 - 8/25
June 6                 7:00 PM         Board Meeting
August 1               7:00 PM         Board Meeting
                                                                       Casual Evening at the Pool   TBA
                                                                       July 10th
October 3              7:00 PM         Board Meeting

December 5 7:00 PM                     Board Meeting
                                                                       Pizza at the Pool            TBA
           8:00 PM                     Annual Meeting
                                                                       August 21st

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6     June 2011        The Breeze
             We Get Letters
• A Thank You from Birthright to the Women's Club;
Birthright of Ocean County
                                                         Happy Father’s Day!
Dear Ladies:
Our heartfelt thanks for your recent generous dona-
tion of so many useful baby items, as well as the kind
contribution of $50.00 to help us in our services to
needy clients.
Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!
With best wishes and on behalf of the volunteers,
Joan F. (Birthright)

• Thank You!
A big thanks to Anna Pappa for making a second
pool table cover. The fabric covers are much more
flexible and durable than the original plastic cover.
Thanks again, Joan

• My sister and I wish to thank all the good people
of Sunrise Bay who have expressed their condolence
through cards, and support, during our time of sorrow.
You have made a difference in our lives through your
kindness and caring in the loss of our sister Sally
(Bonuso) Lorenzo.
Anna Pappa and Jo Bulzomi

• To all my friends and neighbors at Sunrise Bay.
I want to thank you for all the cards and phone calls
after my recent surgery.
Its great to know there are so many caring people.
Thanks Again
Phyllis DeTitta

• As usual the friends and neighbors here at Sunrise
Bay have shown their wonderful support when you
most need it. I want to thank you all for the cards,
prayers and best wishes you all offered me during my
recent health problems. it certainly made me appreci-
ate how lucky I am to be here with all of you.
Pat Pickett

                                                                   The Breeze   June 2011   7
                Women's Club Luncheon and Fashion Show

                                                             Seated: Program and Tickets, Mary-Jo Fotopoulos,
                                                             Luncheon & Fashion Show Coordinator, Mary Ann Van
Loretta Beyer, Lillian Meyers, Iris Gibney, Betty Wetzler,   Oostendorp. Standing: Fashion Coordinator, Bea Abrezzi;
Rosemary Molloy and Beverly DeAngelo                         Mary Ann’s Assistant and right-hand girl, Lee Schmidt.

Barbara Haggerstone, Mildred Michaels, Pat Lisowski,                            Fair Share table
Bessie French, Naomi Purul and Maureen Klotzbach

  Over 100 ladies attended the Sunrise Bay Women’s           rise Bay, Naomi. Great job, well done. (See above
Club annual Luncheon and Fashion show on Thurs-              photos on left).
day, May 12, 2011. It was held at the Legacy Res-               There were approximately 65 gifts, none of which
taurant at Sea Oaks.                                         were purchased but generously contributed by the
  The Programme consisted of Luncheon of choice              following merchants: Coldwater Creek; LL Bean;
with a cash bar, table prizes, a fashion show, door          Grapevine; The Knife and Fork; Scojo’s; Romanel-
prizes and a fair share.                                     li’s on the Green; Antoinetta’s Restaurant; Lenox;
  There were 12 models exhibiting the fashions gra-          Costco; Thunderbird Lanes; Mystic Island Casino;
ciously provided by Coldwater Creek and worn with            Sunset Nails; Jacqulyn Fitness; King’s Cleaners;
such pizzazz. Among the models was a celebration             Tuckerton Ironworks; Tuckerton Dental; Simple
for birthday girl, Maureen, and newest member,               Treasures; Hair Impressions; and Chrissy’s Place;
newest bride and almost newest home owner in Sun-            among others.

8   June 2011    The Breeze
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                                                                           The Breeze   June 2011   9
                                Sunrise Bay 2011
                              Lawn Mowing Schedule
                                          Coral Drive -All
                                           Pier point- All
                                    Seagull Drive-Even Numbers
                                  Sweetwater Drive-Even Numbers
                                 Windstar Drive- Even Numbers 6-32
                                          Pelican Lane-All
                                           Reef Lane- All
                                    Seagull Drive-Odd Numbers
                                  Sweetwater Drive- Odd Numbers
                                 Windstar Drive-Even Numbers 38-66
                                      Clubhouse and Entrance
                                     Nautic Way-Odd Numbers
                                Windstar Drive- Even Numbers 80-106
                                Windstar Drive-Odd Numbers 55-105
                                           Marina Way-All
                                     Nautic Way Even Numbers
                                        Sunrise Bay Blvd-All
                                  Windstar Drive-Odd Numbers 1-49

                              Meticulous Landscaping
                            Summer is coming upon us and with it the warmer
                          dryer weather. Please consider increasing your irri-
                          gation system watering times to reflect the seasonal
                          changes. Remember areas of full sun require more
                          watering time than shaded areas and areas between the
                          homes require even less. A good starting point is 30
                          minutes for full sun areas, 15-20 for shaded areas and
                          5 minutes between homes. This is just a guideline, for
                          the best outcomes you as the homeowner will need to
                          assess the condition of your lawn and make adjust-
                          ments as required.
                            Summer months are also the time for outbreaks of
                          lawn weeds. We will be treating these conditions as
                          required. Several ways that you as the homeowner
                          can help reduce these outbreaks is to keep your lawn
                          properly watered to minimize stress and dieback of
                          the grass. A thick healthy lawn is your best defense
                          against weeds. Also, keeping your shrub beds free of
                          unwanted weeds is essential as these weeds can easily
                          spread to the lawn areas.
10 June 2011 The Breeze
                 Pool News
  The pool officially opened with a lifeguard on Sat-
urday, May 28th and will also be open the weekend
of June 4-5. Starting Saturday, June 11th, the pool
will be open every day from 10AM-5PM with a life-
guard on duty.
  Please remember some important information:
pool area admittance will be allowed only to resi-
dents and their guests who show proper identification
badges and sign in. Homeowner must accompany
guests and remain in the general area. Homeown-
er will be held responsible for their guest's actions.
Clubhouse entrance badge is needed to gain access
to the bathrooms. Children are not to be left unat-
tended. A reminder to all that children's swim time
is from 11AM-3PM.

    Volunteers Needed for
  Sunrise Bay Sunshine Club
            Submitted by Maureen Ross
  The Sunrise Bay Sunshine Club and its volunteers
are here to provide you with support during your
time of need. Do you need a ride for a physician’s
appointment (limited to Stafford and Manahawkin
areas) or is someone unable to cook? A volunteer list
of those who are willing to drive or cook a meal in
time of need is posted in the clubhouse. Please sign
up to help provide these important services. Also, re-
member to contact Maureen Ross, chair, at 812-9377
or Lillian Meyers at 294-8906 if you know a resident
who is ill or has recently died. Thanks to all of you
who have helped out in the past.

       Sunrise Bay Resident
  The Telephone Directory is HERE and it is FREE.
 Thank you to Senior Publishing, publisher of The
Breeze, for providing us with an updated directory.
  Stop down at the clubhouse and see Carol for your

                                                         The Breeze   June 2011 11
     Sunrise Bay Book Club                                         Arts and Crafts
  The Sunrise Bay Book Club met on Tueday, May           Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.
3rd. The Club discussed our April selection, Lion in     See the May 2011 issue of The Breeze (Pg 28) for
the White House: A Life of Theodore Roosevelt by       details.
Aida D. Donald. Theodore Roosevelt was a product
of an upper class New York family. A sickly child,       For info call Jo Bulzomi at 296-1985.
he went on to become a rancher, big-game hunter,
author, New York City Police Commissioner, Rough
Rider, Governor and finally President of the United                  Women’s Club
States. He was also a champion of equal rights, long            Submitted by Barbara Burkhardt
before it was fashionable. Above all, he was a de-
                                                        Meeting: June 12, 2011
voted son, husband and father. Unfortunately, many
members found this biography rather flat and chose      Time: 1:30
        not to finish the book.                         Subject: Tai Chi and how it helps Arthritis
          Our May selection is Menonite in a Little     Speaker: Jan Bertram
         Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen, an amus-           Jan will demonstrate many techniques that will be
         ing memoir of a forty-something divorcee      helpful for everyone.
             returning to her family after a painful
                 divorce.                               Remember to bring an item for the food pantry.

12 June 2011 The Breeze
                                Day Trip Getaways - 2011
                                             By Norma Hochman
  My new season of quick getaways is off and run-          We ended the week by enjoying a concert at our
ning. We joined in with another senior community         own Little Egg Harbor (Branch) Library. If you have
bus trip and recently headed to Philadelphia for an      never listened to Klezmer music you have missed
exploration of the new National Museum Of Ameri-         something special. You simply cannot sit still. The
can Jewish History to learn more about our heritage.     music is a wonderful blend of eastern European
After the bus trip and spending well over an hour on     swing , Polish, Israeli, Yiddish, and Mediterranean
the 4th floor (Foundations of Freedom) reading about     folk dance played with a jazzy beat. A band would
the earliest migration to the United States covering     be primarily be composed of a clarinet, sax, drums
the years of 1654-1880 and the establishment of          and accordion.
new communities in the country- it was time to take
                                                           As you listen your body moves by itself with the
a break. We walked down the block to The Bourse
                                                         rhythm, your hands clap and your face smiles. The
which was the closest place to go and turned out to
                                                         lesson in heritage was complete. Now, on to the next
be a multi-level food court with plenty of tables and
                                                         destination. Aren’t day trips great- no hotel bills , no
chairs to eat at as well as many shops to walk into.
                                                         packing , just lots of interesting and fun things to do.
We found that although the kiosks were primarily
serving fast food there were good healthy choices too.    Till next time…..
  Once fortified , we re-entered the museum and
continued our journey, going from Floor 3 (Dreams
of Freedom 1880-1945) to Choices and Challenges
of Freedom (1945-Today) and finished up in the -
Only In America Gallery/Hall of Fame. The inter-
active technology along with the films and original
artifacts was amazing- the reading and listening to
the personal stories left us in awe of the bravery of
young and old alike who had left behind everything
and everyone they knew in order to find a better place
to live in relative freedom. We should all take time
to delve into our heritage and learn as much as we
can , somewhere down the road one of our relatives
came from another place to find a better life- we need
to remember why and see that we honor and respect
that very difficult decision.

                                                                                      The Breeze   June 2011 13
                             Remember to Fly the Flag
                            To Americans our flag represents liberty, freedom,
                          and pride. It has accompanied mankind on its great-
                          est achievements and flies at both poles.
                             It sits atop Mount Everest and on the moon. It is
                          our custom to display the flag only from sunrise to
                          sunset outside, weather permitting. However, the
                          flag may be displayed twenty-four hours if properly
                          illuminated during darkness.
                            These are the rest of this year’s official flag-flying
                            June 14 ….Flag Day
                            June 19 ….Father’s Day
                            July 4…… Independence Day
                            Sept. 5 ….. Labor Day
                            Sept. 11 … Patriot Day
                            Oct. 10…. Columbus Day
                            Nov. 8…… Election Day
                            Nov. 11…...Veterans’ Day
                            Nov. 24 …. Thanksgiving Day
                            Dec. 7……. Pearl Harbor Day
                            Dec. 25….. Christmas Day

                                     Surflight Theatre
                                       Submitted by Joan Chendes
                            Because of the reorganization, it took four months
                          for the theatre staff to respond to my inquiries.
                            They have lost a few of the restaurants that did the
                          luncheons and dinners. The price of the tickets de-
                          pends on where you are seated and does not allow
                          groups to have seats in the last row.
                             At the time of the phone call, they were totally dis-
                          organized. The cost with lunch was in the mid-fifties.
                          I, along with the Activities committee, thought it best
                          to skip this year and see how they manage now that
                          they are really not supporting the seniors. It seems
                          that they are catering to the summer crowd.

14 June 2011 The Breeze
                                                  In Your Own Backyard
3rd. Annual Lighthouse International Film                                  Jersey Shore Fine Arts Festival, Ethel Jacobsen
Festival                                                                   Field, Barnegat Blvd., Ship Bottom. Sat. and Sun.
Sponsored by Foundation for Arts & Sciences, LBI                           June 11 and 12, 10 am – 6 pm
Fri. June 3 – Sun. June 5, Various locations & times.                      Ranked 45th. in the nation; Experience this open air
Films from Cannes, Sundance, & Tribeca.                                    Art festival and meet the artists. Cost: free
www.lighthousefilmfestival.org or 609-494-7211                             www.jerseyshoreartfest.com

Have You Ever Held a Baby Clam? Visit the                                  19th. Annual Barmen’s Seafood & Music Festival
NJ Maritime History Museum, 528 Dock Rd.,                                  at Tuckerton Seaport, Sat. June 18, 11 am – 4 pm
Beach Haven. Fri. June 3 – Fri. Sept. 30.                                  Enjoy fresh clams, crabs, scallops, shrimp from the
Time: 10 am, Admission: free, all summer long.                             finest local purveyors while listening to local bands.
Learn about shellfish gardening in Barnegat Bay.                           One of the Top 10 outdoor festivals by NJ
More info: 732-323-8848                                                    Countryside Magazine. Cost for Seniors: $6.

Waretown Historical Society Museum, 182 Wells                              Summer Kick-off Beach Campfire, Barnegat
Mills Rd., Waretown. Opens June 3 – Sept. 4 on                             Lighthouse
Fridays and Saturdays, 1 – 3 pm                                            Interpretative Center, Broadway & the Bay.
Collection of artifacts, photos, genealogy info.                           Fri. June 24, 7 pm – 9:30 pm Info: 609-494-2016
Call: 609-693-5666
                                                                           Ladies of Country and Bluegrass Music at
Old Schoolhouse Museum                                                     Albert Music Hall, 131 Wells Mill Rd./Rt. 532,
Lacey Historical Society,                                                  Waretown, Live stage concert. Admission: $5.
126 So. Main St. / Rt. 9, Forked River                                     Sat. June 25, Doors open at 6:30 pm, show at 7:30
Opens mid June – Sept. 5, Mon, Wed, & Fri. 1 – 3 pm                        p.m.
Sat. 10 am – noon. Circa 1869 schoolhouse,                                 www.alberthall.org or 609-971-1593
artifacts, tools, photos. Call: 609-971-0467

 See me today and get the discounts and service you deserve.
     Lisa Patchell, Agent
                                                                                              Jeff Wolff
                                                                                                 Finish Carpenter

     185 N. Main Street, Rt. 9 North
     Manahawkin, NJ 08050
                                                                               u Crown Molding     u Kitchens                u Basements
     Bus: 609-978-9400
     www.lisapatchell.com                                                      u Built-Ins         u Bathrooms               u Attics
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 P057015 9/05
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                State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
                State Farm Indemnity Company – Bloomington, IL
                                                                             Owner Operated                          Over 25 Years Experience
                                                                 ads-513                       Lic# 13VH02273300

                                                                                                                   The Breeze   June 2011 15
         SUNDAY                            MoNDAY                                 TUESDAY                             WEDNE
                                                                                                                  TRASH P/U
                                                                                                                  9am-11:30am Men’s Bil
                                                                                                                  9am-11am Men’s Tennis
                                                                                                                  9am-10am Aerobics-BR
                                                                                                                  7pm-8pm Box Office-Fo
                                                                                                                  7pm-10pm Tiles/Pinoch

                             5    9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards        6    TRASH P/U                           7
                                  9am-11am Men’s Tennis                                                           AC TRIP TO TROPICA
                                  9am-10:30 am Aerobics & Dancercise-BR   PRIMARY ELECTION DAY 6am-8pm
                                                                                                                  8:30am-9:30am Clubho
                                  10am-11am Box Office-Foyer              9am-11am Women’s Tennis
 10am-11am Line Dancing                                                                                           9am-11:30am Men’s Bi
                                  1pm-3pm Canasta                         10am-12pm Stitchers-Crd Rm.
                                                                                                                  9am-11am Men’s Tenni
                                  7pm-8:30pm OPEN TRUSTEE MTG.            1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium
                                                                                                                  9am-10am Aerobics-BR
                                  8:30pm-11:30pm Mah-Jong-Card Rm.        7pm-9pm Poker-Pinochle
                                                                                                                  7pm-8pm Box Office-Fo
                                  8:30pm-11:30pm Men’s Poker-Craft Rm.    7:30pm-8:30pm Book Club - Library
                                                                                                                  7pm-10pm Tiles/Pinoch

                          12      9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards
                                                                 13       TRASH P/U                       14
10am-11am Line Dancing            9am-11am Men’s Tennis                                                           9am-11:30am Men’s Bil
                                                                          8:30am-9:30am Clubhouse Cleaning
1:30pm-3:30pm WOMEN’S CLUB        9am-10:30 am Aerobics & Dancercise-BR                                           9am-11am Men’s Tennis
                                                                          9am-11am Women’s Tennis
     MEETING - BR                 9:30am-11:30am Arc. Com. - Crft. Rm.                                            9am-10am Aerobics-BR
                                                                          10am-12pm Stitchers-Crd Rm
                                  10am-11am Box Office-Foyer                                                      10am-12pm Volunteer C
                                                                          11am-12:30pm SB Sparklers - Crft. Rm.
                                  1pm-3pm Canasta                                                                 7pm-8pm Box Office-Fo
                                                                          1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium
                                  7pm-10pm Mah-Jong-Card Rm.                                                      7pm-10pm Tiles/Pinoch
                                                                          6pm-8pm Line Dancing-BR
                                  7pm-10pm Men’s Poker-Craft Rm.
                                                                          7pm-9pm Poker-Pinochlie

                          19      9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards
                                                                 20       TRASH P/U                        21
FATHER’S DAY                                                                                                      9am-11:30am Men’s Bil
                                  9am-11am Men’s Tennis                   SUMMER BEGINS
                                                                                                                  9am-11am Men’s Tenni
                                  9am-10:30 am Aerobics & Dancercise-BR   8:30am-9:30am Clubhouse Cleaning
10am-11am Line Dancing                                                                                            9am-10am Aerobics-BR
                                  10am-11am Box Office-Foyer              9am-11am Women’s Tennis
1:30-4:30pm SUNDAY MUSICAL ARTS                                                                                   7pm-8pm Box Office-Fo
                                  1pm-3pm Canasta                         10am-12pm Stitchers-Crd Rm.
     - BR                                                                                                         7pm-10pm Tiles/Pinoch
                                  7pm-9pm ByLaws Com. - Crft.             1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium
                                  7pm-10pm Mah-Jong-Card Rm.              6pm-8pm Line Dancing-BR
                                  7pm-10pm Men’s Poker-Library            7pm-9pm Poker-Pinochlie

                          26      9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards
                                                                  27      TRASH P/U                       28
 10am-11am Line Dancing           9am-11am Men’s Tennis                                                           9am-11:30am Men’s Bil
                                  9am-10:30 am Aerobics & Dancercise-BR   8:30am-9:30am Clubhouse Cleaning        9am-11am Men’s Tenni
                                  9:30-11:30am Arc. Com. - Crft. Rm.      9am-11am Women’s Tennis                 9am-10am Aerobics-BR
                                  10am-11am Box Office-Foyer              10am-12pm Stitchers-Crd Rm.             1:30pm-3:30 Drama Clu
                                  1pm-3pm Canasta                         1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium            7pm-8pm Box Office-Fo
                                  7pm-10pm Mah-Jong-Card Rm.              6pm-8pm Line Dancing-BR                 7pm-10pm Tiles/Pinoch
                                  7pm-10pm Men’s Poker-Library            7pm-9pm Poker-Pinochlie

16 June 2011 The Breeze
e 2011
ESDAY                      THURSDAY                                   FRIDAY                      SATURDAY
                1                                       2   RECYCLING                         3                        4
 lliards                                                    9am-11am Doubles Tennis
 s                  9am-11am Women’s Tennis                 9am-10am Clubhouse Cleaning
R                   1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium            9am-10:30am Aerobics & Dancerise-BR
oyer                7pm-10pm Mah-Jong                       9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards
hle                 7pm-10pm Poker/Canasta                  7pm-9pm Movie Nite-BR
                                                            7pm-10pm Men’s Poker-Crd Rm

                8   RECYCLING                           9                                  10                        11
ANA                                                         Public Works Closed
                    9am-11am Women’s Tennis                 9am-11am Doubles Tennis
ouse Cleaning
                    1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium            9am-10am Clubhouse Cleaning
                    1:30pm-3:30pm Social Activities Comm.   9am-10:30am Aerobics & Dancerise-BR
                         Mtg. - Card Room                   9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards
                    7pm-10pm Mah-Jong                       7pm-9pm Movie Nite-BR
                    7pm-10pm Poker/Canasta                  7pm-10pm Men’s Poker-Crd Rm

            15      RECYCLING                        16                                    17                       18
 lliards                                                    9am-11am Doubles Tennis
 s                  9am-11am Women’s Tennis                 9am-10am Clubhouse Cleaning
R                   1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium            9am-10:30am Aerobics & Dancerise-BR
Com.-Library        7pm-10pm Mah-Jong                       9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards
oyer                7pm-10pm Poker/Canasta                  7pm-9pm Movie Nite-BR
hle                                                         7pm-10pm Men’s Poker-Crd Rm

            22      RECYCLING                        23                                    24                       25
  lliards                                                   9am-11am Doubles Tennis
 is                 9am-11am Women’s Tennis                 9am-10am Clubhouse Cleaning
 R                  1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium            9am-10:30am Aerobics & Dancerise-BR
 oyer               7pm-10pm Mah-Jong                       9am-11:30am Men’s Billiards
 hle                7pm-10pm Poker/Canasta                  10am-11am Anglers Fishing
                                                            7pm-10pm Men’s Poker-Crd Rm
                                                            7:00pm-9:00pm Movie Nite-BR

            29      RECYCLING                        30
 is                 9am-11am Women’s Tennis
 R                  1pm-3pm Arts/Crafts-Solarium
 ub - BR            7pm-10pm Mah-Jong
 oyer               7pm-10pm Poker/Canasta

                                                                                                  The Breeze   June 2011 17
       Sunday Musical Arts
             MaryAnn Van Oostendorp
  The opera for June will be Il Trovatore starring Lu-
ciano Pavorotti, & The Metropolitan Opera Chorus
and Orchestra. It is an opera in four acts and con-
tains some of Verdi’s most stirring and recognizable
choral arias. It will be held at the clubhouse at 1:30
on Sunday, June 19. Refreshments will be served.
Everyone is invited to attend.

        Please Let Us Know
  The Sunrise Bay Activities and Social Committee
would like your input in order to plan the day trips
that YOU want to go on.
  If you have an interest in going to Ellis Island and
digging into your past, please call Val @ 812-1573,
or Norma @ 294-2573, as soon as possible. Let
us know what other places YOU are interested in as
 Let’s do the fun things we all want to do.
 Thank you, Norma Hoffman

                             Protect Your Assets From
                         Estate Taxes and Nursing Homes
                                          Plan today for tomorrow by contacting

                                      Scott M. Hanula, esq.
                                               CERTIFIED ELDER LAW ATTORNEY
                                                 LL.M. Masters Degree in Taxation

                                                639 Lacey Road, Forked River
                                                         (609) 242-4300
                     More than 20 Years of Experience in
          Wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Guardianships, Trusts,
             Asset Protection Planning, Nursing Home Planning,
                     Medicaid and Estate Administration.                            spc-720c

                            Please visit us at: www.hanulalaw.com
18 June 2011 The Breeze
M   G           C       B           K         K            J           J          A          E          C         D          X
L   W           o        R          D             S             E            A              R          C          H          D
R   F           Y       T           N             O             W            U              N          J          T          S
                                                                               Name ______________________________________

                            The World in New Jersey
                                        Word Search
                                         By Virginia Hasselbach

    E   W   V   W   T   X   R   M   Q    T    V    N    H      F   T    Z    Z    I     W   X    E   U   K   F    D
    A   N   I   X   D   W   Q   F   K    C    M    D    G      A   U    F    Z    E     Y   R    R   A   Q   Y    H
    B   D   Z   G   B   M   Q   X   O    R    F    M    R      Y   M    M    Q    A     W   W    Z   E   V   Y    G
    O   V   E   W   G   S   L   W   E    L    X    W    I      K   P    B    U    N     G   S    F   F   F   F    O
    O   P   R   W   A   B   H   T   A    N    X    M    T      J   F    N    U    X     X   A    T   O   G   O    B
    D   R   Y   Q   B   F   S   N   T    Z    Y    F    A      K   W    D    O    R     H   P    O   U   B   N    L
    P   A   T   Q   X   E   D   F   L    O    R    E    N      C   E    A    B    E     G   Q    J   Z   O   Y    U
    S   T   S   H   C   E   J   L   A    Y    Y    F    Z      Q   H    O    T    O     U   C    G   R   O   H    H
    U   A   Z   U   R   L   S   F   V    K    A    O    U      L   Q    G    X    E     A   T    M   N   H   K    Q
    L   J   O   S   T   Z   T   E   Q    N    T    W    B      E   T    F    M    H     R   A    S   F   R   I    K
    I   L   M   B   V   L   R   X   W    E    G    P    Z      E   O    D    W    D     N   F    I   Y   Q   N    T
    G   G   G   D   O   R   C   H   E    S    T    E    R      R   R    H    C    D     R   Z    O   D   G   G    A
    C   Y   R   J   O   T   A   R   F    S    D    A    D      T   O    L    Y    F     E   X    D   R   P   S    I
    C   E   D   E   J   K   Z   I   K    M    C    R    E      N   E    B    I    A     T   Z    G   X   D   T    R
    U   M   R   I   E   L   G   U   B    J    F    M    I      W   E    F    W    N     S   U    A   A   S   O    D
    S   L   O   V   D   N   Q   J   I    E    U    G    I      A   C    U    E    N     E   W    F   I   I   N    N
    P   O   F   R   E   D   W   V   H    F    T    T    C      Z   R    Z    A    E     H   S    L   E   D   Y    A
    A   H   K   P   F   R   J   I   I    U    J    H    L      T   P    D    R    I     C   T    Y   H   Q   K    X
    R   K   N   R   P   X   O   X   C    B    P    J    L      A   Y    A    V    V     N   W    H   M   Q   O    E
    T   C   A   Y   S   M   W   N   R    H    C    V    W      E   N    L    H    H     A   P    Q   P   W   U    L
    A   O   R   I   Z   N   H   K   A    N    J    P    W      D   H    D    X    R     M   F    Y   V   H   Y    A
    J   T   F   Q   T   L   N   N   B    W    Q    N    L      Z   F    E    X    S     O   M    R   E   L   A    P
    K   S   E   F   R   S   G   U   T    T    E    N    B      E   R    G    M    G     O   F    O   R   G   J    K
    U   G   N   X   X   D   I   G   R    O    V    F    U      C   O    L    O    G     N   E    E   U   G   H    Y
    G   H   E   X   C   O   H   Y   O    L    O    D    I      I   U    F    W    G     O   S    H   E   N   Z    Q

ALEXANDRIA                               BERLIN                                              BETHLEHEM
BOGOTA                                   COLOGNE                                             DORCHESTER
FLANDERS                                 FLORENCE                                            FRANKFORD
GLOUCESTER                               GOSHEN                                              GREENWICH
GUTTENBERG                               HAMBURG                                             JUTLAND
KINGSTON                                 LODI                                                LYONS
MANCHESTER                               MIZPAH                                              NORMANDY BEACH
OXFORD                                   PALERMO                                             SPARTA
STOCKHOLM                                VERONA                                              VIENNA
WATERFORD                                                                                                 —Solution on page 30
                                Created with the help of Wordsheets - www.Qualint.com
                                                                                                     The Breeze   June 2011 19
    Three Short True Stories                                               Nicknames
               By Virginia Hasselbach                                By JoJo Bulzomi, Seagull Drive
                                                                                      Most of my family, going
•	 As the husband and wife were walking along                                       back to grandparents, have
   the streets of Las Vegas, they noticed a person                                  been called by any other
   here and there holding signs. One would say,                                     name but their birth names.
   “Will work for food”. Another said “Sick. Need                                   My maternal grandparents,
   money”. As they passed the last one, whose sign                                  Anna-Maria, and Giovanni
   read, “I won’t lie. Need money for liquor”, the                                  (John), were both called
   husband dropped a dollar in the basket. “Why did                                 “Nonni” by the grandchil-
   you do that?” asked the wife. “At least he was                                   dren. Actually, the proper
   honest,” said the husband.                                  Antoinette Bonuso,
                                                                                    Italian version is, “Nonna”
                                                              Jo and Anna’s Mother
•	 As she was getting ready for her day, the woman                                 for grandmother and “Non-
   reached for the bottle on the bathroom counter.         no” for grandfather, so you can imagine the mix-
   She applied the roll-on deodorant under her arms.       up in conversation about Nonnis. It sounds crazy,
   Then she reached for another bottle and applied         but to distinguish between them, we called them
   the neuropathy roll-on on her legs. As she put the      “Lady Nonni” and “Man Nonni.” Even today when
   bottle back on the counter she read “deodorant”         we reminisce about our grandparents, we use these
   on the label. Then she realized her mistake and         names when speaking of them.
   laughed. “Now my legs will stay dry and my
   underarms won’t tingle”.                                  Now come the parents. My mother, Antoinette, was
•	 As the group of women continued their exercises         nicknamed “Nettie” by her cousins and my.cousins
   a UPS delivery man entered the building,                called her “Aunty.” Her sister, Annie (birth name
   bringing in a small package and placing it on           Anna), was “Aunt Danny.” My aunt Josephine was
   the counter. “Excuse me,” he said politely as the       “Aunt Jay” and Uncle Francesco, everyone called
   women admired him in his shorts. A few minutes          “Paulley.” Go figure.
   later the ladies were in their chairs, their hands on     Most of our nicknames were given because for the
   their knees, alternating pushing their legs open        most part, the same birth name was repeated so many
   and closed. Suddenly one woman said, “Boy               times amongst cousins, sisters, and brothers etc.
   could you imagine if he came in now”. Another           Nicknames for Joseph or Josephine were “JoJo,”
   replied, “Yeah, he probably would have thrown           “Cookie,” “Jay,” “Sugar,” “Joey,” and “Jack.” My
   the package and ran.”                                   brother, Joseph, refused to be called anything but his
                                                           birth name.
                                                             For John there was “Sonny,” “Johnnyboy,” “BoBo,”
                                                           “John The Long One,” and “Paddy” (he was born on
                                                           St. Patrick’s Day). I had an Uncle John they called
                                                           “High Pockets” because he wore his pants high. This
                                                           was a family joke. For Antoinette and Anthony,
                                                           there was “Nettie,” “Antny,” “Chubby,” “Bubbles,”
                                                           and the common nickname, “Tony.” We called my
                                                           sister, Santina, “Sally,” and my sister, Anna, was
                                                           “Babyanna”; my Aunt Anna was “Big Anna”.
                                                            So there you have it: nicknames.

20 June 2011 The Breeze
              Judy’s Corner                                   From The Kitchen Of….
                  By Judy Cannata
                                                                          Rosemarie Martelli
  Kitchen odors disappear to the power of lemons
and a few spices. Fill a small pot with water, add                Linguini with Crab Meat
several pieces of lemon rind and about 1 tsp. each                     & Asparagus
of whole cloves and rosemary leaves. Bring to boil.
The aroma will soon reach nearly every room in your        Ingredients:
home.                                                      1 pound lump or claw crab meat
  Freshen the air in your kitchen with the simplest        2-3 shallots diced
of methods. Heat oven to 300 F. and place a whole          1 lb fresh asparagus cut on diagonal into 2”pieces
lemon on the center rack with the door slightly ajar,      3 cloves of garlic minced
let the lemon cook for about 15 minutes: turn off          juice of 2 lemons
oven. Let lemon cool before removing it.                   crushed red pepper to taste
  After cleaning your wood cutting board, rub a bit        salt and pepper to taste
of real lemon juice on it to help get rid of garlic, on-   1 lb linguini or spaghetti, al dente
ion or fish smell.                                         1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
                                                           1/2 cup dry white wine
  Add 4 tsp. real lemon juice to the water in your         flat leaf parsley
humidifier to eliminate stale odor.
                 Jim Brusca                                Cook shallot in oil for 5 minutes; add asparagus
  Sunrise Bay residents were saddened by the recent        for another 5 minutes. Add garlic and crushed red
passing of Jim Brusca, 79, of Windstar Drive. After        pepper (if desired) and cook for two minutes. Add
a long illness, Jim was under hospice care when he         lemon juice, wine and black pepper and cook for a
died on May 10. He leaves his beloved wife, Libby,         few more minutes. Serve with linguini. Sprinkle
and a son and daughter. Jim served with the 5th Ma-        with chopped fresh parsley. Italians typically
rine Division in Korea and was wounded twice; he           don’t use cheese with shell fish, but you can add
was awarded the Purple Heart and other medals and          grated parmesan cheese if you like.
honors. Before retiring, he was with IBEW Local
456, in North Brunswick for 40 years. He and Libby
moved to their summer home on Osborn Island, then
relocated here. Jim was an enthusiastic sailor and
fisherman, and owned a succession of boats. Aside
from his family, he enjoyed nothing more than being
on the water.
  He will be missed.

                Proud News
  Janet Jackson of Sunrise Bay Boulevard and Bob           Rosemarie made up this recipe herself. She was
and Bess Fehring of Seagull Drive are proud to an-         cooking dinner for herself and her sister Louise.
nounce the Graduation of their Grandson James              Louise cannot have any tomatoes so Rosemarie
Fehring from Kean University on May 12th”. James           went to the refrigerator and pantry and took out
graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Criminal Jus-         the above ingredients and they had a wonderful
tice and will be employed for the second summer by         dinner. Try it – you’ll love it.
the Town of Wildwood Crest as a Police Officer.
                                                                                     The Breeze   June 2011 21
                                        Words to Live By
                                               By Susan Geldart

  Like many people, I often work on auto pilot. As        stars were earned and not considered entitlements
a young person, my lists were mentally stored but,        and praise was a word used only in hymn singing.
nowadays, they are usually written down or entered        Blue ribbons were akin to an Olympic accomplish-
into some file. My goal is to get it done, check it       ment.
off, and then have some fun. I don’t often ponder           My dad, who was raised a Protestant, totally sup-
the whys and wherefores of my actions. It takes           ported the Catholic school discipline and philosophy.
too much valuable time away from all the things           He always said to me, “Never do anything unless
that I really want to do. Actually, there is no need      you do it well.” Also, “You are as good as any boy.”
to self examine. When decisions have to be made or        What that meant was I had to be strong and a fighter.
choices considered, certain sayings automatically         No excuses. No “girly-girl”.
come to mind, courtesy of parents, teachers and other
significant people throughout my life. Recently,             Mom, on the other hand, had a more playful at-
however, in a rare reflective moment, I considered        titude toward life. Two of her sayings that I cherish
the words of wisdom that have influenced me the           are: “Susan, never drink cheap gin” and “Always
most and then invited other folks to share theirs as      date lots of boys. Don’t tie yourself down to someone
well.                                                     too soon.” I broke down my parents’ imperatives to
                                                          four simple words, “Work hard, play hard” and pro-
  Catholic school was a treasure trove of admoni-         ceeded to “Burn the candle at both ends” throughout
tions. The one I remember most is the little ditty:       my life. The result was a tendency to overschedule,
“Good, better, best. Never let it rest ‘til the good is   to be a little OCD about my work, to keep a bottle of
the better and the better is the best.” In my day, gold   Bombay Sapphire in our liquor cabinet and to have
                                                          enjoyed a continuum of male best friends throughout
                                                          my life. Thanks Mom and Dad.
                                                            Now, to other people’s stories.
                                                            Beverly DeAngelo provided this thoughtful re-
                                                          sponse. She noted that her mother was “full of say-
                                                          ings” such as, “Knock on wood and it comes to
                                                          something good” and “Hold a button while a train
                                                          goes overhead and make a wish.” The one that Bev-
                                                          erly learned the most from, however, was “Ignorance
                                                          is bliss.“
                                                            Beverly explains as follows: “If one is not aware of
                                                          a situation, problem or happening, then one will not
                                                          fret, worry or anticipate an outcome. You will live
                                                          your life in such a way that enables you to find the
                                                          glass half full.....and enjoy all the roads one will trav-
                                                          el in a lifetime.” When Beverly is asked where she
                                                          gets her positive outlook, she thinks of her mother’s
                                                          sage sayings. Beverly advises, “Live in the moment,
                                                          love truly, and cherish the time you have.”
                                                            Barbara Haggerstone offered a saying she learned
                                                          in French class. “If youth knew, if age were able.”
                                                          She said that this resonates a lot more now than it did
                                                                                          - continued on page 23
22 June 2011 The Breeze
- continued from page 22                                        Herbs That Repel Insects
then. Wouldn’t we all agree?                                              Submitted by Lee Schmidt
  Julie Loffler contributed a saying from her Dad.            Mail order catalogs and magazines advertise “ci-
“Remember, when you’ve made a mistake, it’s just            trosa” plants as “guaranteed to repel mosquitoes.”
that...a mistake. YOU are not the mistake.” Julie           Does it really work? According to the experts, the
wrote: “Many times in my life I had to remember             answer is “NO.”
these words and apply them to the situation. To this          According to Dr. Arthur Tucker, Ph. D., fragrance
day, there are times when I have to remind myself           specialist at Delaware State College in Dover, the
of this. It’s important to remember this so you don’t       chemical analysis of “citrosa” reveals that it contains
beat yourself up or allow someone else to diminish          only .09% of citronella, the main ingredient in citro-
you as a person, whether in your professional or per-       nella oil. Most common Lemon Balms beat that by a
sonal life.” Good advice!                                   factor of 400!
  Walter (Geldart) is a persistent, patient person who        Dr. G.A. Surgeoner of the University of Guelph in
always prepares well. He has followed the axiom, “If        Ontario compared the crushed leaves of “citrosa” to
at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” He is a firm   DEEP WOODS OFF (which contains the chemical
devotee to intentionality and believes in “fully en-        DEET, the active ingredient in most rub-on insect re-
gaging the goal” (including uninterrupted enjoyment         pellents. He found that common Lemon Thyme has
of a Bombay Sapphire martini on occasion.) On a             more than twice the effectiveness!
more serious note, he added, “When doing anything,
                                                              So what herb plants are effective for chasing away
even for the first time, let your attention focus on the
                                                            those pesky pests? This is a list of herb plants with
working surface and let everything else go.”
                                                            the pests they chase away. Remember, you must oc-
  Do any of these words of wisdom resonate with             casionally bruise or rub the leaves to activate the fra-
you? Do you have others to share? What were you             grances that do the chasing!
advised to do as a child? What guidelines did you
provide for your own children? We’d love to hear            Common Name                     Pest Repelled
from you.                                                   Holy Basil                      flys and mosquitoes
  The internet graphic below shows the words that           Lavendar                        mosquitoes and gnats
are used in English proverbs, with the size of each         Lemon Balm                      mosquitoes and gnats
word indicating how often it occurs.                        Lemon Thyme                     mosquitoes and gnats
                                                            Mexican Marigold                mosquitoes and gnats
                                                            Pennyroyal mint                 fleas and ticks
                                                            Santolina                       all insects
                                                            Scented Geranium                mosquitoes and gnats
                                                            (Lemon Rose)
                                                            Southernwood and Mugwort        moths
                                                            Tansy                           ants

                                                                 Save Those Bottle Caps
                                                              Save caps from individual water and all soda bot-
                                                            tles and put them in the box at the clubhouse (in the
                                                            computer room area). These caps do not normally
                                                            get recycled but they can be useful. Anna Pappa will
                                                            be picking them up and bringing them over to the
                                                            American Legion on Radio Road and they will be
                                                            used to help servicemen and women with dialysis.
                                                                                         The Breeze   June 2011 23
                                              By Rosemary Molloy

 I confess: For years, I was involved in deltiology.         “Exaggeration” cards (see pic.) are popular with
  Postcard collecting, that is. I have roughly six         some. These may show a fish the size of a horse or
thousand postcards, most belonging to certain inter-       “a diamond as big as the Ritz” (a prize to anyone
ests of mine: Dionne Quintuplets, Ventnor, “Big Let-       who can identify the source of that quote). I have a
ter” (see picture), twins, pre-1940 Atlantic City, early   fair number of “material added” cards, with glitter,
greeting, and others. I’ve always been interested in       feathers, beads, and other things on them. One fea-
cemeteries and have a number of cards depicting            tures a cotton boll, another is made of copper. Lots
graveyards, tombstones, and related subjects. I like       of collectors look for “real photo” cards, actual pho-
“night scenes” and have a variety of those, as well        tos with a printed message section on the back.
as more than a hundred depicting state capitols. I           There’s hardly a category in the world, from the
especially like old cards and have many from the late      religious to the risqué, that isn’t collected by some-
nineteenth and early twentieth century.                    body. Some are valuable, especially “hold to light”
  Serious collectors don’t favor just any postcards.       cards, made with opaque material sandwiched be-
As I did, they specialize in particular areas, and col-    tween cardboard sheets. With a light source behind,
lections include an enormous variety of subjects. I        the scene shows a “lit” window, for instance. They’re
knew a man who had thousands of different cards of         beautiful and can cost several hundred dollars each.
his hometown, Astoria, N.Y. Others collect sports          I don’t own any myself.
teams, certain activities, dogs or other animals, ve-        The most I paid for a single card was $22.00. This
hicles, famous people, and almost any other subject        has a photo of the Dionnes on it and is autographed
you can name.                                              by their father. I’ve paid good money for some oth-
                                                           ers, too, such as my prize 1889 “Ventnor” card, not
                                                           from my hometown in New Jersey, but from the orig-
                                                           inal Ventnor in England.
                                                             As with almost any subject, there’s an enormous
                                                           amount to learn about postcards. They have a well-
                                                           defined history, divided into several eras. I belonged
                                                           to the Washington Crossing Card Collectors Club for
                                                           years and have attended many postcard conventions
                                                           and other gatherings. Collecting them is an interest-
                                                           ing and relatively inexpensive hobby that I was glad
                                                           to follow, but no longer do.
                                                            I still have all those postcards, though.

                                                             What about your collection, reader? We’d love
                                                           to hear about it, so please send the information to:
                                                           SunriseBayBreeze@verizon.com. Or, if you pre-
                                                           fer, give me a hoot and a holler at: paem@comcast.
                                                           net or (609) 294-2804 and I’ll ask the questions
                                                           and write it up. Rosemary M.

24 June 2011 The Breeze
The Breeze   June 2011 25
                        JUNE 2011 ADULT PROGRAMS
                          Little Egg Harbor Library
A – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY                               GLP –6/15, 2:00pm, Wednesday
One-on-One Computer Chats                             Milk: Movie
Call the Little Egg Harbor Branch to schedule an      The true story of New Yorker Harvey Milk who
appointment, 609-294-1197. Limit one session a        moved to San Francisco to become the city’s first
month per person.                                     openly gay public official.
                                                      Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin. Rated R; 128
GLP–6/1, 2:00pm, Wednesday                            minutes; 2008.
Brokeback Mountain: Movie
Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams.     A –6/15, 7:00pm, Wednesday
Rated R; 134 minutes; 2005.                           The Fortuna Story
                                                      A shipwreck, an anchor and a baby – all brought
A –6/2 and 6/16, 10:00am – 12:00pm, Thursday          together by a piece of red tile. Carole Bradshaw, the
St. Francis Senior Services will have an outreach     author, will be present to sign her book.
worker available at the Little Egg Harbor Library     Sponsored by the Friends of the Little Egg Harbor
for assistance with various senior programs:          Library.
To schedule an appointment please call 609-494-
8861 ext 180 or just stop in.                         BD – 6/16, 7:00pm, Thursday
                                                      Marvelous Sleuths Book Club
BD – 6/6, 2:00pm, Monday                              The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith. Please pick
Monday Read and Chat                                  up a copy at the circulation desk.
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Please pick up
a copy at the circulation desk.                       A – 6/17, 10:00 – 4:00pm, Friday
                                                      County Connection Mobile Service Center
A –6/7, 7:00pm, Tuesday                               The mobile service will be in the Little Egg Harbor
Genealogy Basics                                      Library parking lot.
Come learn how to get started in this interesting     Services provided are passports, Senior Services,
hobby from Bob Breen.. For adults, registration       Veteran Services, Consumer Affairs, Voter
required.                                             Registration, Parks and Tourism information. (Fees
                                                      are required for some services.)
GLP –6/8, 2:00pm, Wednesday
The Kids are All Right: Movie                         GLP –6/22, 2:00pm, Wednesday
Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mia Wasikowska.       Philadelphia: Movie
Rated R; 104 minutes; 2010                            Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Jason Robards,
                                                      Antonio Banderas, Mary Steenburgen. Rated PG-
A – 6/8, 7:00pm, Wednesday                            13; 125 minutes; 1993.
Solar Power for Your Home
Join us for a program on Solar Power for              BD – 6/21, 2:00pm, Tuesday
Your Home with a representative from Trinity Solar.   Little Egg Harbor Book Discussion
                                                      Gilead by Marilynn Robinson. Please pick up a
A –6/9, 2:00pm, Thursday                              copy at the circulation desk.
Secretariat: Movie
This film chronicles the spectacular journey of
the 1973 Tripe Crown winner. Diane Lane, John
Malkovich, Scott Glenn. Rated PG; 116 minutes;
26 June 2011 The Breeze
    Little Egg Harbor Township Committee - April 14, 2011
  There was one ordinance introduced for final adop-     nel matters; the release of cash bonds upon successful
tion involving the hospital plan portion of the Town-    completion of grading work; and payment of bills.
ship Code. At the request of the Township Adminis-         The Township Engineer reported that Ocean County
trator, the matter was tabled to “work out details”.     will soon begin nighttime paving work on Mathistown
  Four new ordinances were introduced. They autho-       Road from Radio Road to the vicinity of the Library.
rized: construction easements during the Louisiana       He is also working on an agreement with the County
Drive project in Mystic Shores to reshape front yards    to do some of the Township paving projects, since us-
to deal with flooding; amendments to a recently ad-      ing the County workforce is less expensive than pub-
opted fee schedule; and a new chapter in the Township    lic bidding.
Code dealing with public access to and use of Town-         During the Committee comment period it was an-
ship property and buildings.                             nounced that there will be a Shredding Day sponsored
  Several resolutions were introduced. The Munici-       by Arcadia Nursing Home in their parking lot on May
pal Budget and a Budget Amendment were approved.         6 from 10AM to 12 Noon. A Senior Expo, including
There was only one comment during the public hear-       vendors and refreshments, will be held at the Com-
ing on the Budget. The comment was to use less           munity Center on May 4 from 9 AM to 12 noon. The
costly state, rather than private, health coverage for   Community Center will also be the site for a carnival
employee health benefits. It was noted that the budget   in July. The northern portion of the Garden State Park-
required “tough decisions” and that the 2012 Budget      way widening project is expected to be completed by
will not be easy either. Other resolutions authorized:   Memorial Day. Township officials will attend a meet-
final payments to a retiree; the Deputy Township         ing on April 21 about detours that will be necessary
Clerk to execute documents in the Township Clerk’s       during the rebuilding of the Route 9 Bridge over the
absence; appointment of a hearing officer for person-    Bass River.

                                                                                     The Breeze   June 2011 27
                                          A Proud Moment
                                                  By Harry Volker

                                    All parents are           In addition, he has nearly completed his Bachelor’s
                                  proud when their          degree in Homeland Security. He plans to continue in
                                  children are born,        that field for a master’s degree.
                                  and at every impor-         As the commander finished his presentation, a bou-
                                  tant milestone in         quet of flowers was presented to his wife and mother.
                                  their lives. Pat and I    A reception in the Air Force Museum followed, at-
                                  recently had a proud      tended by his squadron, Air Force personnel, friends,
                                  moment for our            and family.
                                  youngest son Kurt
                                  when he retired from        We are proud of all his accomplishments and his ser-
                                  the military after 20     vice to his country.
                                  years’ service in the
                                  US Air Force.
                                   We came home
                                 early from Florida to
attend his retirement ceremony, along with his wife
                                                            European River Boat Cruise
                                                                       Submitted by Georgette Schenk
and four children and his brothers and sister and their
  The ceremony was held at Dover Air Force Base in
Delaware, his final duty station after living all around
the world and serving in a number of capacities, from
jet engine mechanic to Training Instructor to anti-ter-
rorism officer.
  The base commander spoke about Tech Sergeant
Kurt Volker’s career, noting all the bases at which he
served, including Homestead AFB in FL, McGuire
AFB in NJ, Kadena AFB in Japan, Lackland AFB in
TX, Edwards AFB in CA, and Mountain Home AFB
in ID, as well as his temporary duty stations in places        Pictured aboard the River Boat “Adagio” are Lillian
as far-flung as Alaska and South Korea. He was de-          Kellers, Georgette Schenk, Carol Ischen, Joan Chendes,
ployed in support for both Operation Northern Watch         friends Barbara Williams, Eileen Judge, Toni Sasila, en-
and Operation Desert Fox in the Middle East.                tertainer Crossly, and their favorite bartender, Kevin.
  The commander noted that Kurt’s service as a Train-          In April, a group of Sunrise Bay residents, along
ing Instructor (drill sergeant) for new recruits was par-   with friends from our sister community, Cranberry
ticularly distinguished, with responsibility for more       Creek, took a river cruise down the Danube River on
than 90,000 new members of the Air Force. Although          a small river boat. We were entertained nightly by
the tour of duty for a TI is normally a maximum of          native dancers and a fantastic entertainer (Crossly)
four years, TSgt Volker served a second tour due to the     who could sing and play many songs popular to us.
influx of recruits after 9/11.                              There also was a show put on by the ships personnel.
  He then went for Special Operations training for          Some of our stops along the way included the coun-
Tactical Air Control, and due to injury sustained           tries of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech
while serving, returned to the field of jet propulsion      Republic. After exiting the ship we spent three days
in the capacity of non-commissioned officer in charge       touring Prague. We all enjoyed seeing the different
(NCOIC) of the Test Cell at Mountain Home AFB,              countries landscape, architecture of the buildings and
and was also appointed the base anti-terrorism officer.     statues, and, of course, tasting of various foods.
28 June 2011 The Breeze
                                      Blowin’ in the Wind
                                      Sunrise Bay Profiles
                                             By Rosemary Molloy
                                    A number of             Aside from singing, Naomi did a lot to stay afloat
                                  SB residents have       in earlier years. “I’ve worked in retail and banking,”
                                  marked their fifti-     she says, “But I much prefer the arts.” She has done
                                  eth anniversaries,      graphic design and to further fulfill her creative bent,
                                  but not many can        writes poetry and makes exquisite jewelry. But vo-
                                  say they’re newly-      cal music is, of course, her major interest.
                                  weds. Naomi and           Wayne doesn’t sing; “I fish,” he smiles. Before
                                  Wayne Purul can.        moving here, he lived in Tuckerton and Manahawkin
                                  The couple mar-         and fished in Barnegat Bay. He says he had an idyl-
                                  ried on March 20-       lic boyhood. Growing up in Philadelphia as an only
                                  -yes, this year--and    child, he remembers playing street games and en-
clearly, it’s a love match.                               joying the other pleasures of a city kid. Wayne is
  They have a habit of smiling fondly as they com-        assistant service manager with Causeway Ford in
pliment each other. “Wayne has wonderful taste,”          Manahawkin. He knew the widowed owner of their
says the new bride; he has surprised her with clothes     Windstar Drive home, and bought the house when
he picked out himself. Their house on Windstar is         she moved away.
a combination of both their tastes, but maybe a bit         Naomi has lived in various south Jersey locations,
more on the distaff side. Naomi loves orchids and         and was born and brought up in Ventnor. Her father
has a garden of them in the sunroom. (See picture;        was the publisher of two newspapers there and she
peeking out from behind her is a lovely blue orchid       grew up in a big house on Ventnor Avenue.
from Wayne.) The addition also serves as her music
room—and music is a big part of Naomi’s life. As            Her own house is filled with interesting artifacts,
a four-year-old, she would come home from kinder-         including an antique amber bottle from the hotel her
garten, sit at the piano, and play by ear the songs she   grandfather owned a hundred years ago. She loves
heard in school.                                          paperweights and has several, including one she
                                                          made herself at Wheaton Village. She showed me
  And she’s been singing for as long as she can re-       the master bedroom, with a coverlet depicting a smil-
member. As a pre-teen, she was in Lucille Russo’s         ing sun; the sun motif also appears in wall hangings
Boardwalk Star Review and sang on a weekly radio          and other items.
show and at Fort Dix. She was in all the musical
organizations in high school and was picked for Jer-        Naomi and Wayne each have four children, with
sey’s very competitive All-State Chorus, one of only      a total of 16 grandchildren and one great-grand be-
two first sopranos. “I was terribly shy,” she says,       tween them. The family are scattered around the
“And I found being singled out embarrassing, but          country, from Tuckerton to Texas, so not all of them
also encouraging.”                                        were able to go to the Purul wedding, held at the
                                                          Maritime Museum in Beach Haven. “We met on
   As an adult, she made a career of her art, singing     Match.com,” smiles Wayne, and “it was meant to
as “Naomi Deal” with the Paul Mann Orchestra in a         be,” finishes Naomi.
variety of clubs and bistros. Does she miss it? “To
an extent,” she says, “But I don’t miss the grueling         Their union seems “meant to be,” for sure—and
hours and the strain of being a single mother at the      it’s evident it will continue to be for a long time to
same time.” When her later stage name, Naomi Van          come.
Dyke, is searched on the Internet, her lovely voice
can be heard at Davetheartist.com and on YouTube.

                                                                                       The Breeze   June 2011 29
                   Classified                                               Word Search Solution                                           Name ______________________________________

   Items For Sale, Loans, Services                                                                 From Page 19
                                                                                                  Word Search
  and Objects Wanted, Free For the                              E
      Taking, and Miscellaneous                                 B
                                                                O   P   R   W   A   B   H   T   A    N    X    M    T     J    F    N    U    X     X   A   T   O   G   O   B
                                                                D   R   Y   Q   B   F   S   N   T    Z    Y    F    A     K    W    D    O    R     H   P   O   U   B   N   L
 WILL LEND:                                                     P   A   T   Q   X   E   D   F   L    O    R    E    N     C    E    A    B    E     G   Q   J   Z   O   Y   U
                                                                S   T   S   H   C   E   J   L   A    Y    Y    F    Z     Q    H    O    T    O     U   C   G   R   O   H   H
 1. Bed support rail                                            U   A   Z   U   R   L   S   F   V    K    A    O    U     L    Q    G    X    E     A   T   M   N   H   K   Q
                                                                L   J   O   S   T   Z   T   E   Q    N    T    W    B     E    T    F    M    H     R   A   S   F   R   I   K
 2. Shower stool (13’ wide seat)                                I   L   M   B   V   L   R   X   W    E    G    P    Z     E    O    D    W    D     N   F   I   Y   Q   N   T
                                                                G   G   G   D   O   R   C   H   E    S    T    E    R     R    R    H    C    D     R   Z   O   D   G   G   A
 Please call Libby at (609) 296-3661                            C   Y   R   J   O   T   A   R   F    S    D    A    D     T    O    L    Y    F     E   X   D   R   P   S   I

 ************                                                   C

  To submit items to Classified, please send to sun-            S
risebaybreeze@verizon.net or contact Rosemary                   A   H   K   P   F   R   J   I   I    U    J    H    L     T    P    D    R    I     C   T   Y   H   Q   K   X
Molloy at 294-2804. Submissions will be run for one             R   K   N   R   P   X   O   X   C    B    P    J    L     A    Y    A    V    V     N   W   H   M   Q   O   E
                                                                T   C   A   Y   S   M   W   N   R    H    C    V    W     E    N    L    H    H     A   P   Q   P   W   U   L
month only unless those submitting call or e-mail me            A   O   R   I   Z   N   H   K   A    N    J    P    W     D    H    D    X    R     M   F   Y   V   H   Y   A
and ask that they be continued. I’ll be glad to do so           J   T   F   Q   T   L   N   N   B    W    Q    N    L     Z    F    E    X    S     O   M   R   E   L   A   P
                                                                K   S   E   F   R   S   G   U   T    T    E    N    B     E    R    G    M    G     O   F   O   R   G   J   K
when notified.                                                  U   G   N   X   X   D   I   G   R    O    V    F    U     C    O    L    O    G     N   E   E   U   G   H   Y
                                                                G   H   E   X   C   O   H   Y   O    L    O    D    I     I    U    F    W    G     O   S   H   E   N   Z   Q

                                                             ALEXANDRIA                             BERLIN                                        BETHLEHEM
                                                             BOGOTA                                 COLOGNE                                       DORCHESTER
                                                             FLANDERS                               FLORENCE                                      FRANKFORD

                                                             GLOUCESTER                             GOSHEN                                        GREENWICH
                                                             GUTTENBERG                             HAMBURG                                       JUTLAND
                                                             KINGSTON                               LODI                                          LYONS
                  Coastal                                           10% oFF
                                                                                                                               FREE           ESTIMATES BEACH

    GaRaGe DooRs
                                                             WATERFORD   John Pettit & Son          VERONA                                        VIENNA

                                                                                            Created with the help of Wordsheets - www.Qualint.com

       Service • Installation • Free Estimates                               INTERIOR * EXTERIOR PAINTING
          Automatic Openers and Doors                                       PAPER HANGING * POWER WASH
                (732) 341-8141                                          732-350-2050                                                            Insured

                                                                    JS HANDYMAN SERVICES
         RoJo Electric
                   “For Everything Electrical”
                                                                            Best Prices on Interior/Exterior Painting,
                                                                               Wood/Laminate Flooring Installed
                                                                                 Ceramic Tile, Power Washing,
                   609-891-6905                                                          House Washing
       24-Hour Service & Repair • No Job Too Small
   Recess Lighting • Ceiling & Attic Fans • Panel Upgrades       Free Estimates                                      10% Discount for Seniors
              Bonded & Insured • Lic. #15541
                                                                                Call Joe (732) 814-0181
       Power washing By
aqua Blast Pressure Cleaning, llC                                                           This Space
   Residential and Commercial ~ Free Estimates
  Decks ~ Driveways ~ Walkways ~ House Washing
   Brick/Stone ~ General Cleaning ~ Fully Insured                                             ———
       www.aquablastnj.com • 609-294-3100                                               Call 888-637-3200
    “Professional Service Makes a Difference”

30 June 2011 The Breeze
       We Publish This Newspaper

Tryin g To Reach The Senior Market?
               Senior Publishing Company
          We Publish The Official Community Newspapers
               For Over 75 NJ Adult Communities

• Priced To Fit Your Budget             one Phone Call Puts You In Touch With
• Multiple Month Discounts              over 84,000 Senior Community Readers.
• Multiple Paper Discounts                100% Coverage In over 60 Communities!

                If Your Business Caters To NJ’s Senior Citizens
                    You Need To Contact Senior Publishing

                                          Call Or Email For More Information
                                            Toll Free (888) 637-3200
                                                                The Breeze   June 2011 31
     I often see images where the image seems to be well lit but
the subject is very dark. This is especially true for indoor shots
of groups. Most of the time the reason is backlighting. A scene is
considered backlit when the main light source (the sun, a window,
etc.) is behind the subject.
     When you push the shutter button your camera looks at the
scene and decides what exposure to use. The camera doesn’t know
the difference between a person, a pet, or a tree. It only knows dark
things and bright things. In a backlit scene the camera sees a large
bright object or background and decides to cut back on exposure to
compensate. The result is a dark subject.
     There are two ways to combat this situation. You can
overexpose the shot, which will make everything (including your
subject) brighter or you can instruct your camera to use the flash to
light up your subject.
     To overexpose your camera must have an exposure
compensation button, which looks like a +/- sign. To use fill flash
hit the flash button until you get the Flash Icon.      Be certain
to reset the flash back to auto or return the compensation to zero
when you’re done . Check the camera manual if you need help
with these settings.
     That’s it for this month. You can email me with any questions
about your photography at bill@KirmsPhotography.com. Feel
free to visit my site www.KirmsPhotography.com to see more
of my work. Keep shooting and improving your images, but most
importantly, have fun with your camera.

                                                                             Lyla the sumo - fill flash

                   Franny - overexposure                                Squirrel in the snow - overexposure
32 June 2011 The Breeze

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