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					                      ROLL WITH IT!
                                                               April 2010
                    Forty St. James Academy students were inducted to the National Honor Society at an
                    All School Mass on April 22. Each of these students qualified by earning a cumulative
                                                                                  GPA of 96% and
                                                                                  by obtaining six
                                                                                  from teachers, former
                                                                                  teachers, coaches and
                                                                                  administrators. Each
                                                                                  of the candidates were
                                                                                  given high ratings in
                                                                                  leadership, character
                                                                                  and service.

                      e new NHS officers for the 2010-2011 school year are:
                    Andrea Buechler-President         Brittany Abraham-Community Project Manager
                    Logan Pyle-Vice-President         Carly Stene and Abigail Kaplan-Historians
                    Gina Kelling-Secretary/Treasurer  Amanda Rodriguez-Publicity

                    Following are the new members inducted on April 22, 2010:
                    Brittany Abraham                            Jordan Marquess
                    Sean Biggins                                Mark Mast
                    Allison Boyd                                Andrea May
                       eodore Brisimitzakis                     Brent Mitchell
                    Madelyn Buckner                             Kayla Nguyen
                    Andrea Buechler                             Molly O’Brien
                    Michael Collins                             Logan Pyle
                    Margaret Cunningham                         Emily Riscoe
                    Jack Ezell                                  Molly Riscoe
                    Amelia Freeman                              Amanda Rodriguez
                    Mary Gerling                                Ashley Rose
                    Molly Grosdidier                            Bridget Roszel
                    Eric Huber                                  Jourdaen Sanchez
                    Abigail Kaplan                              Allie Schmidtberger
                    Virginia Kelling                            Carly Stene
                    Ashleigh Knoeferl                           Laura Stringfellow
                    Shelby Kubicki                              Andrew Tenbrink
                    Kelly Lewis                                 Rachel Ulin
                       omas Maddock                             Kelly VanZwoll
                    Victoria Marks                              Taylor Whyte
REMINDER FROM THE ACCOUNTING OFFICE                                                             IT’S GOLF OUTING TIME
   e Technology/Activity Fee ($400 per student) was due April 15 and can be paid by             Join us for a fundraising
check or online using a credit card. anks.                                                      effort that benefits all of the
                                                                                                activities, athletics, clubs, arts
SAVE THE DATE                                                                                   and other student programs at
St. James Jamboree (the annual auction benefiting the students of St. James Academy)             St. James Academy.
is scheduled Saturday, October 9, at St. James Academy. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. e                  e golf tournament is on
festivities begin on Friday evening, October 8, with the Ladies Spa Night and silent            Friday, June 25, 2010, with a
auction preview. St. James Academy parents will receive discounted auction reservations         shotgun start at 1:00 p.m. at
with early purchases at Check in Days in August. Watch your mail for details later!             Dub’s Dread Golf Course.
                                                                                                   ere are many ways you
HELP WANTED                                                                                     can help support this great
Independent, self-starter volunteer to co-chair auction gift acquisitions with Janet            event. If you are a golfer we
Newhouse. Janet is an enthusiastic, organized parent who could use a helping hand. We           would love to have you and 3
want to get the gift acquisitions underway this summer, so please respond soon by calling       of your friends fill a team and
the Development Office at (913) 254-4228.                                                         compete for some great prizes,
                                                                                                but single golfers are welcome
CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. AND MRS. NEARMYER                                                        as well.
Dana and Debbie Nearmyer are proud to announce the birth of                             Don’t play golf? You can
their fifth child, Mary Eloise. She was born on April 22 and weighed                     still show your support by
7.6 lbs and was 18.5” long. According to Mrs. Nearmyer, “We are                         donating an item for the
full of joy!” e St. James community wishes the entire Nearmyer                          silent auction or door prizes,
our heart-felt blessings and congratulations!                                           advertise for your business
                                                                                        by sponsoring a hole or
SUMMER CAMPS                                                                            contributing a “Heavenly
Please visit our Web site at to view and sign-up for our summer Sponsor” which will allow for
camps. We will be offering many camps including cross country, speed & agility, tennis, a local priest to participate.
baseball, softball, basketball, football, wrestling, golf, soccer, volleyball, speed/agility/   For more information please
jump school, fitness/strength training and cheer/dance. Check it out!                            visit our Web site to view
                                                                                                the event brochure detailing
ATTENTION ALL SPRING SPORTS PARTICIPANTS                                                        the Crimson Club Classic.
Show your SJA Pride! We have a couple of the St. James Academy yard signs available             Complete and return the
in the office, for $45 each. is includes the “Keeping Faith” Rider. Additional riders for         registration form as soon as
spring activities include Soccer, Track, Softball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and we even have      possible, so we can plan for
                                                                                                your participation!
“Class of 2012”, “Class of 2013” and “2009 State Soccer Champs” for $7 each.
To order, please include the appropriate amount in an envelope (checks payable to SJA).         If you have questions
All proceeds benefit the Crimson Club.                                                           please feel free to contact
                                                                                                the following golf outing
CRIMSON CLUB NEWS                                                                               volunteers:
All SJA families will be receiving the information about advertising in the 2010-11             John Muehlberger
Activities Program, with the option for additional advertising in the wall calendar or          (913) 238-3141
the seasonal rosters. See for additional copies of the Advertiser        Carla Killen
Order Form, the latest Crimson Club newsletter, and details about the upcoming                  (816) 741-597
Crimson Club Classic. Contact the St. James Development Office with questions at                  Billy Vielhauer
(913)254-4228.                                                                                  (913) 302-6555
                                                                                                Brian Bucklin
                                                                                                (913) 238-6504

                                                                                                E-mail us at: ccc@
                                                                            On Monday April 14, St. James
                                                                            Academy coach and trainer Byron Mays
05.01.10                                                                    launched a new Web site
SAT                                                                Over a year ago,
                                                                            Coach Mays started the process of
                                                                            putting together a system for high school
Picnic-5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
                                                                            student athletes (this will expand into
                            the theatre arts and music as well) allowing them to compete for college scholarships in
05.05.10                    every sport.
Spring Concert 8 p.m.
                            With, Coach Mays will be able to take the athlete to the coaches; in
Community                   fact every coach!     is is still a work in progress and he hopes to be able to start receiving
Senior Celebration          data through the Web site any day now. He truly believes this system is going to help a
                            lot of student athletes, high school coaches, college coaches and administrators. If you
                            are considering playing a sport in college, then you need to get involved with eScout4U.
Senior Finals
Practice-8 a.m.
Senior Mass-9:55 a.m.
Senior Awards 11:00 a.m.
Senior Lunch-12:05 p.m.
Mass-5 p.m.                                                                   
Graduation-7 p.m.                                                             

All School Mass-9:55 a.m.                                                     
Awards-11 a.m.                                                                
Lunch 12:05 p.m.                                                              

Make up exams

                                                              got ink? 
Teacher Check Out Day

Memorial Day

                                                       PLEASE ORDER SJAʼS FIRST LITERARY MAGAZINE,
05.05.10                                                               Academy Ink!
                                                                        ONLY $1.00!
                                                            FIND THE ORDER FORM ON STUDY WIZ;
                                                        INCLUDE $1.00 TO RESERVE YOUR COPY, TODAY!
05.12.10                                                      (BRING BOTH TO MRS. ISH’S ROOM.)

Crimson Club Golf
Outing-1 p.m.

Feast of St. James
the Greater
By: Conner Maginn, St. James Academy Junior
After much planning, fundraising, and anticipation, twenty-five St. James Academy juniors
and seniors gathered early in the morning Monday, March 15 to travel to Guatemala for a
mission trip. Greeted at the airport by CFCA volunteers Patrick and Luis, as well as our bus
drivers, we drove another three hours to the CFCA- Guatemala headquarters in San Lucas,
Tolimán. After a brief introduction from the CFCA staff about the organization, we settled
in and prepared for an exciting day of reforestation ahead.

Tuesday morning, we drove to Lake Atitlan and boarded a boat for Nahualá, a small village
across the lake. From there, we walked to the Nahualá sub-project and had the pleasure of
meeting scholarship students from the organization. ere, we were given small trees to plant and walked with the students about three miles
up the mountain to the reforestation site. Deforestation in the town is becoming a growing problem because burning firewood is the only
means of heat for the Nahualian people. Some of the locals joined in the effort and in about three hours, were able to plant over 100 trees. e
people of the town were very appreciative and it was so rewarding to know we were helping to improve their future.

                                                   Wednesday was our primary workday. From the compound, we walked to the shore of Lake
                                                   Atitlan. On our way, we picked up trash from off the streets and were able to fill many bags.
                                                   When we arrived at the lake, we were greeted by the community leader who explained the
                                                   importance of the work we would be doing. Lake Atitlan has been used a tourist destination
                                                   for a long time. is tourism is essential income for the townspeople. However, tourism in
                                                   the area is down because it is becoming more and more contaminated. ey have discovered
                                                   the seaweed and algae growing in the lake contain a bacterium that is poisoning the water.
                                                   Removing the seaweed will stop the spread of the bacteria, but to do so takes a lot of work
                                                   and the townspeople desperately needed our help. It was our responsibility to pull out the
                                                   seaweed from the shore and lay it out to dry in the sun. We later piled it up so that a truck
                                                   could come collect it. It would then be used to make compost and fertilizer for farmers.

On ursday, we traveled to the village of Mazate to visit another subproject. ey greeted us gratefully, lining the streets and even showering
us with flower pedals as we walked past. At the subproject, children sponsored by CFCA had prepared entertainment for us and performed
traditional Spanish song and dance. We heard stories of sponsored children and their families, including one of a girl diagnosed with leukemia.
With the aid of loving and generous sponsors, she was able to receive treatment and is now in remission.

Friday morning was especially memorable. After packing up our things and leaving the CFCA compounds in San Lucas, we had the
opportunity to visit the homes of sponsored families. Two of our chaperones, Mr. & Mrs. Maddox, even had the opportunity to meet two of
their sponsored children! We were able to witness first-hand the everyday struggles of the people.
My group in particular visited the home of a single mother of eight. It was extremely emotional
and humbling to hear the struggles she has encountered and how CFCA has helped her to
overcome them.

                                       at afternoon, we traveled to Antigua for some shopping
                                    and lunch. We all had a lot of fun at the local artisans
                                    market, haggling with vendors for souvenirs. Later that
                                    night, we made the rest of the drive back to Guatemala City
                                    and checked into our hotel for the night. After dinner, we
                                    wrapped up the week by sharing our stories and experiences.
                                    One St. James student made the decision to sacrifice her cell
                                    phone plan so that she could use the thirty dollars per month
                                    to sponsor a child through CFCA.

   e opportunity to participate in such a once in a lifetime trip was a great honor. It was a great
way to spend Spring Break, bond with other St. James students, and have tons of fun! During our
time in Guatemala, we all witnessed and experienced things that we will carry with us forever.
Without a doubt, we would all recommend the experience for anyone willing to open their heart
to serve their global community.

Students who attended this trip include:
Conner Maginn, Allison Boyd, Shelby Kubicki, River Scott, Zach Graas, Jamie Alex, Abigail Kaplan, Madelyn Buckner, Sarah Grant, Taylor
Whyte, Molly McGuinn, Catherine Rockey, Katie-Grace Burke, Josh Klein, Alex Munda, Sara Quinn, Lindsay Butterfield, Trish Reid, Maggie
Cunningham, Abigail Kaplan, Erin Sostarish, Shannon Spickler, Bradley Lewis, Kyle Curtis and Stef Ibarra

Chaperones included:
Mr. Maddox, Mrs. Maddox, Chris Walters, Miss Hutchison
By: Marisa Hurd
In an effort to bridge the gap between hearing and Deaf communities, members of the American Sign
Language Honor Society invited JJ Mime, a Deaf Mime Artist, to speak at our school during House Time on
March 9. Sophomore Liz Getto observed, “ e chapel was filled with sign students and also students who do
not know sign language. You could see in that room that a lot of students were interested by asking questions,
volunteering and just showing up.”

   e importance of using facial expressions and body language when communicating with the deaf was driven
home during JJ’s presentation. Junior Drew Martino learned, “Even speaking people that know very little about
sign language can understand what he is doing just by the way he uses body language and facial expressions.”
Freshman Kathleen Baldwin mentioned, “His facials and hand shapes and body movement made it so much
easier to understand what he was saying.” Senior Elle Yankovich commented, “JJ Mime did a phenomenal
job. His facials help paint a picture completing his scene.” Indeed facial expressions and body language are
an integral part communication with Deaf people, both expressive and receptive. Sophomore Austin Krause
took notice, “His facials conveyed a huge message and he could also tell if we were enjoying it by our facials.” JJ Mime fed off the audience and
adapted his presentation to the interests of the students.

JJ shared with the students that he has been Deaf since birth and became fascinated with pantomime by watching the Red Skelton Show when
he was a young boy. Several students recalled that JJ also shared that he wanted to become a professional baseball player and he made it all the
way to the minor leagues before he decided to pursue a career in miming. He shared with us the journey that brought him from fascination
with mime as a young boy to the present time, and how he could see God’s hand leading him during different parts of his life. After studying
mime in college, JJ met two of his role models, Red Skelton and Marcel Marceau, in person. Students attending the presentation learned that
Deaf people can accomplish great things. “JJ’s life has been very successful because he loves to teach and he loves to entertain,” says Junior Nick
            No one really knew what to expect from JJ Mime’s visit. Sophomore Sean Clary admitted, “I thought it was going to be a boring
presentation, but it was funny and cool.” Overall the students agreed that JJ was an inspiration to both hearing and Deaf communities, and that
he was fascinating and funny. Reid McMullin was disappointed that JJ didn’t show us a performance and hopes he will come back sometime
to give the whole school a show.     e block of time allotted for JJ’s presentation was too limited for one of his multimedia mime shows. All
in all, JJ Mime’s presentation brought awareness to the SJA students in helping to close the gap between the hearing and Deaf communities.
Sophomore Fatima Elizarraras said it well, “His miming is a very cool way to let hearing people be deaf for a while. ey don’t need their ears
to enjoy his show. ey only need their imagination and their sense of humor. at is a very nice way to put the two cultures together.” JJ’s
presentation whet our appetite for him to possibly return in the next school year. Stay tuned!

On Friday, April 23, the students and staff at St. James took part in “ under Days.” e day began with a prayer service followed by friendly
competition between the Communities including such events as bicycle jousting (on tricycles), suit case race, an adrenaline rush obstacle
course, “javelin” relay with swim noodles. e Gianna Molla community won the grand prize, the under Cup!
                                                                  e St. James Academy Science Olympiad team
                                                               competed in the State Championship on Saturday,
                                                               April 3 in Wichita, KS and took first place, edging out
                                                               competitors from Wichita Collegiate and Kapaun in
                                                               overall points. St. James beat the second place team,
                                                               Wichita Collegiate, by 42 points, which, according to
                                                               St. James coach Jeremy Way, “is equivalent to a 100
                                                               point victory in a basketball game.” e top two teams
                                                               in the state (St. James and Wichita Collegiate) will
                                                               move on to compete in the National tournament in
                                                               May at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

“ is is the first team in my 26 years competing and coaching with the Science Olympiad that has advanced to the
National tournament. I am thrilled for all of the students who put in so much time and effort. It has indeed paid off! I
am so proud of them all,” stated Coach Way.

St. James medaled in 19 of 23 events as shown below:

Anatomy--2nd in small school/6th overall--Abril Negrete, Catherine Rockey
Astronomy--1st in small school/3rd overall--Jack Bredemann, Rebecca ornton
Cell Biology--2nd in small school/5th overall--Sean Biggins, Kelsey Clary
Chemistry lab--1st in small school/3rd overall--Katie-Grace Burk, John Castro
Disease Detectives--1st in small school/1st overall--Kelsey Clary, Abril Negrete
Dynamic Planet--4th in small school--Andrea Buechler, Max Grisnik
Ecology--1st in small school, 6th overall--Brian and Andrea Buechler
Egg-o-naut--2nd in small school, 3rd overall--Nick Meyer, Cody Hearn
Elevated Bridge--2nd in small school, 3rd overall--Jack Bredemann, Brian Buechler
Experimental Design--2nd in small school, 2nd overall--Kelsey Clary, Brian Buechler, Sean Clary
Forensics--1st in small school, 1st overall--Katie-Grace Burk, Rebecca ornton
Fossils--2nd in small school, 4th overall--Max Grisnik, Rebecca ornton
It’s About Time--2nd in small school, 3rd overall--Nick Meyer, Cody Hearn
Mission Possible--1st in small school, 1st overall--Nick Meyer, Sean Clary, Brian Buechler
Mousetrap Vehicle--1st in small school, 1st overall--Andrea Buechler, Brian Buechler
Ornithology--1st in small school, 2nd overall--Cody Hearn, Abril Negrete
Physics Lab--2nd in small school, 2nd overall--Catherine Rockey, Jack Bredemann
Picture is--1st in small school, 2nd overall--Andrea Buechler, Laura Stringfellow, Sean Clary
Remote Sensing--3rd in small school--Sean Clary and Laura Stringfellow
Tech Problem Solving--3rd in small school, 6th overall--John Castro, Andrea Buechler
Trajectory--4th in small school--Nick Meyer, Sean Clary
Write It/ Do It--5th in small school--Katie-Grace Burk, Kelsey Clary
By: Mollie Kennedy, SJA Senior

For the past four years at St. James Academy I have been involved in the sign language program. During these years in the
program I have learned so many things about sign language and Deaf culture.        e program has made me more and more
interested in Deaf culture and how the Deaf community works separate from the hearing community and also how they work
with the hearing community.       is just made me more excited when I learned that my House was going to St. Joseph’s School
for the Deaf during All School Serve Day. I had never heard of the school but I was excited to communicate with them through
sign. When I shared this information with Mrs. Hurd, she informed me that this school was an Oral Deaf school, which means
that they do not use sign language to communicate but rather oral methods such as lip-reading and cochlear implants.         ey are
somewhat the anti-sign school.       is interested me even more because I have never really interacted with a deaf person that had a
cochlear implant and I wanted to see how they worked.
When our House got to the school, we all went to the library to watch a video that explained the school’s mission and to give
us background on the methods of oral learning.          e teachers explained that, when implanted at a very young age, deaf children
could learn to speak and hear just like everyone else.       ey explained that when everything is done early, the child would be able
to be main streamed by the time they are in first or second grade.         e school’s main focus was making the deaf child “normal” so
they can be just like everyone else and learn like everyone else.      ey pointed out that when a deaf person grows up learning sign
they will only get up to a fourth grade reading level because they are not developed enough. In contrast, if a deaf person were
to be implanted with a cochlear implant, then their reading level would be much higher because they would be more developed.
   e reasoning behind all of this is that if a deaf child was implanted at an early age they would get more schooling and become
developed with hearing and speaking. While some deaf people graduate from schools for the deaf which use sign language with a
fourth grade reading level, not every deaf student falls in that category. It all depends on the person, as well as the particular school
that they attend.
   is oral school was all about making the children normal and letting them fit in with everyone else. However, schools for the
deaf that encourage the use of ASL take advantage of the fact that the children are different and they feel that is what makes them
individuals. As a Deaf person, learning sign language is what puts that person into the Deaf community, which also gives them
Deaf identity. It is what makes them a part of something that not very many people are a part of; it makes them unique. So while
the oral schools are trying to make the deaf children “normal” and put them into the whole hearing community, the schools for the
deaf that promote the use of ASL are taking those people who are unique and giving them a community of their own.
Going to St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf has giving me a better understanding on the differences between oral schools and deaf
schools that promote ASL. It has shown me there are other ways to communicate with deaf people, not just with sign language.
Oral schools and deaf schools that promote ASL are both very good options for parents when they are deciding what to do for
their deaf child. Both schools have great benefits and both want what is best for the child. It was a very fulfilling experience and
I’m glad I was able to learn more about it all.

                                                                                               Photo by J. Robert Schraeder

2009-10 was a exciting year for the under Wrestling Program.         e team began the
year with one of the hardest tournament schedules in the state hoping that it would pay
off when the State series came around.     ey placed higher in each tournament than
the previous year and everyone helped contribute to their success. Taking third in the
Johnson County Classic was one of the highlights of the year along with traveling to the
Mid American Nationals in Tulsa, OK and to the Top of the Rockies tournament in
Denver, Co.                                                                                                                   Taylor Moeder, wrestling in the finals at State,
                                                                                                                              against Kyle Johnson from Columbus, KS
Everything came together at the end of the season with the under Wrestlers winning
4A Regionals by a half point and an eighth place finish at State. Each and every wrestler this year contributed to the success.
Seniors Derek Feist, Tyler Fortney, Michael Bierbaum, Andrew Turner, TJ Vielhauer and Jack Vielhauer led the way.          is year
the team qualified seven wrestlers for State, with six of those wrestlers returning next year. Returning State qualifiers are: State
Champions Taylor Moeder and Ryne Cokeley, qualifiers Zach Pollom, Dustin Vielhauer, Nick Mancuso and Rory Haug.

   e under Wrestling Camp will be June 21-24 with four-time All American and two-time Olympic Alternate Eric Akin, 2010
All American Zach Bailey from Oklahoma and Coach Mike Medina from St. James Academy.
                                   MUSIC DEPARTMENT HERALD
Congratulations to Rachel Mears and her students on their fine performances in the student directed one-acts this
weekend. It was great to see the students take on the responsibilities of casting and directing their fellow students.
  ey played to full audiences both Friday and Saturday nights and did an exceptional job!!!

Congratulations to Helen Tyler and the Fountain City Brass Band.         ey competed last weekend and won the
National Championship for the fourth year in a row!

On April 11, SJA music students traveled to the District Solo and Small Ensemble Competition. Please congratulate
these students who qualified to compete at State Competition by receiving a I rating.
Flute Soloist, accompanied by Guitar: Genna Stoops / Shawn Crowley
SJA Mallets--Eric Zheng, Courtney Gammill, Michael Zauchenberger, Luke Deggandorff
Vocal Soloists: Danielle Leikam, Danielle      omas, Jenna Bruegger, Maura Boerner and Laura Ramm
Honors Choir: Audrey Amor, Maura Boerner, Jenna Bruegger, Lindsay Butterfield, Maggie Cunningham, Amy
Feldkamp, Stef Ibarra, Abigail Kaplan, Megan Kelly, Danielle Leikam, Olivia Leno, Kim Peterson
Chamber Singers: Alex Alsup, Audrey Amor, Maura Boerner, Alex Brisson, Jenna Bruegger, Josh Bruegger, Lindsay
Butterfield, Keith Chadwick, Michael Collins, Maggie Cunningham, Amy Feldkamp, Stef Ibarra, Abigail Kaplan,
Megan Kelly, Brian Kennedy, Kevin Klein, Danielle Leikam, Doug Leikam, Olivia Leno, Matthew Obermeier, Kim
Peterson, Reid Smith and Jake omas
Advanced Choir: Jess Buie, Cloe Cobb, Mary Kate Doyle, Kaitlyn Gingrich, Mary Hanson, Elaine Januszka,
Gina Kelling, Grace Lewis, Molly McGuinn, Madison Mears, Laura Ramm, Claire Storey, Danielle omas, Grace
Tomelleri and Taylor Zitnik
   ese students went on to compete in the State music competition in Wichita, KS on April 24. Following are the
results from that competition.

Congratulations to our Band and Choir students as they traveled to the State music competition in Wichita on
April 24. e following students received I ratings at State. is was by far the best showing we’ve ever had!

SJA Mallets: Eric Zheng, Courtney Gammill, Michael Zauchenberger, Luke Deggandorff
Vocal Soloists: Jenna Bruegger, Maura Boerner and Laura Ramm
Honors Choir: Audrey Amor, Maura Boerner, Jenna Bruegger, Lindsay Butterfield, Maggie Cunningham, Amy
Feldkamp, Stef Ibarra, Abigail Kaplan, Megan Kelly, Danielle Leikam, Olivia Leno and Kim Peterson
Advanced Choir: Jess Buie, Cloe Cobb, Mary Kate Doyle, Kaitlyn Gingrich, Mary Hanson, Elaine Januszka,
Gina Kelling, Grace Lewis, Molly McGuinn, Madison Mears, Laura Ramm, Claire Storey, Danielle omas, Grace
Tomelleri and Taylor Zitnik
                                                                 FORENSICS                                         SPECIAL EDITION

                                      NATIONALS!                                                                    Congratulations to,
                                                                                                                FRESHMAN, COLE FELDMAN!
                                                                                                                He qualified for the Catholic
                                                                                                                Forensics League NATIONAL
                                                                                                                 TOURNAMENT IN OMAHA.
                             COLE FELDMAN, FRESHMAN,                                                             He came in second in the
                                                                                                                 event of Lincoln-Douglas
                            QUALIFIES TO CFL NATIONALS!                                                           Debate! ANOTHER FIRST
                                                                                                                         FOR SJA!

                                           AT A GLANCE

                                   SHAWNEE MISSION NORTH!

                                           (OUR BEST YET!)
                              Please congratulate the following students.
                              Seven medaled; two more qualified for STATE!

                                  Brook Morris and Christy Perkins - Duet Acting
                                               (lower left)
                                  Jack Bredemann - Domestic Extemp
                                  Cole Feldman - Domestic Extemp
                                  Jane Castro - Poetry - (middle right)

                                  AND OUR STATE QUALIFIERS
                                  (SO FAR)
                                  Jack Bredemann - Poetry - (upper left)
                                  Josh Bruegger - Poetry- (middle left)
                                  Cole Feldman - Lincoln Douglas Debate                                          Rhoncus tempor placerat.

                                                                                                                OMAHA, NEBRASKA


                                                                     | CONGRATULATIONS 2010 FORENSICS TEAM! |

  e boys tennis team competed at the Baldwin Varsity tournament on April 17. Our team placed third overall, behind
Andover & Independence. Our # 1 doubles team of Stephen Leimbach & Ian Deggendorf (Sophomore) took second
and our # 2 doubles team of Connor Hosty & Matthew Bierbaum (Freshmen) took third.

                                                                                                                               Ian Deggendorf &
                                                                                                                               Stephen Leimbach

Nick Urban, FR, Joe Tinker, SO, Stephen Leimbach, SO, Ian Deggendorf, SO, Connor Hosty, FR, Matthew Bierbaum, FR                                  Matthew Bierbaum &
                                                                                                                                                     Connor Hosty
PROM 2010
                                    Prom 2010 was held this year on April 17 at Club 1000 in Kansas City, Missouri.
                                       e King and Queen, Emily Gerling and Joe McGuff, were crowned at the Pep
                                    Assembly. e theme for Prom this year was Grecian Gala. 270 people attended
                                    the dance with rave reviews by all. Faculty members Samantha Scherer and Kim
                                    Bartulica helped coordinate the event.

                                        Jack Vielhauer   Joe McGu         TJ Vielhauer   Kyle Urban     Mike Farnet
                                        Emily Gerling    Kara McCaughey   Macy Gough     Holly Prevou   Megan McNally

Please join the St. James Academy community in celebrating Monsignor Burger’s 50 years of service in the priesthood.
Monsignor Burger has worked diligently to further the mission and contribute to the success of St.
James Academy’s mission and focus, so it will be nice to see a big turnout of St. James families helping
him celebrate this momentous occasion. Mark your calendars for this joyous event:
                                         Date: Sunday, June 6, 2010
                                         Time: 12:00 noon
                                Place: St. Joseph Parish, Shawnee
To honor his fifty years of dedication to the vocation and to celebrate all he has done for the St. James
Community, contributions are being accepted for the following:
      e Julius and Mary Burger Scholarship for Young Men Entering Seminary.           is contribution is tax deductible.
      e second suggestion is a travel fund that Msgr. Burger could utilize for a future trip or pilgrimage.
You may contribute by either sending a check to the business office made payable to St. James Academy or using a
credit card online through our Web site store; select the item called “Gift Fund.” Please note in the memo section the
fund to which you are contributing. We will be presenting these gifts to Monsignor Burger at our Senior Mass on
May 14, 2010.
For the past eight years, Msgr. Burger has worked tirelessly on behalf of the St. James community in his “retirement,” as
a founding board member and as Chaplain. For the past fifty years, Msgr. Burger has served the Catholic community in
this archdiocese, and he embodies all that a priest is called to be.

Please join us for barbecued hot dogs, bounce houses for the kids, great company and to help
welcome our new students and their families!
Bring your whole family, a side dish to share, and your lawn chairs or picnic blankets. In the event
of inclement weather, we will still have dinner, but festivities will be held in the commons.
   e invitation is posted on the front page of the web site,
Call the Development Office with questions, (913) 254-4228.
Proving the Annual Auction is not over the day after it happens, one of the sign up events was a
progressive dinner which was held on the beautiful spring evening of April 10. Guests enjoyed delectable
appetizers at the first location, dinner menus ranging from Chicken Spiedini, grilled salmon, pasta
deburgo and filets at five different homes, and then a wide array of desserts at the final destination. It was
a great evening of community-building among St. James parents and guests!

Many thanks for this event’s success go to:
Amy Voorhees, the parent volunteer who coordinated all the households, guests’ dinner assignments and even provided maps with
directions to each location.

All the generous hosts who not only opened their homes to support the auction, but who provided the food and beverage for each
Tim & Michelle Wilson, Bill & Sherlyn Manson, Doug & Susan Hotzel, Roger & Mary Dykmann, Tim & eresa Shmidl, Tony
& Teri Sabatino, Dave & Lori Wittman

  e generous co-hosts who helped prepare and serve at the host homes:
Greg & Ronda Zillner, Joe & Kathy Ried, Fred & Amy Trupiano, Sean & Paula Brennan, Mike & Janet Newhouse, Joe &
Christy Heller

   e 50 St. James parents, friends of St. James and their guests who registered to participate in the progressive dinner by making a
very generous donation to St. James Academy’s Jamboree.

Please watch for details about future dinner plans, and sign up early the night of the auction (October 9) so you don’t get shut

                               Not far from St. James Academy, in Olathe, KS, there is a treasure of a museum that first year SJA
                               sign language students venture to during second semester. e Deaf Cultural Center is one of only
                               three such museums in the world!      is year our field trip was on March 29th.
                               Here are some comments from students who visited the museum.

                               learning experience. – Sara Swanson, Freshman

the model of a typical deaf home. I loved actually seeing how the different inventions work. – Kathleen Baldwin, Freshman

        time doing it. – Sean Clary, Sophomore

        a field trip and was glad that I went! – Molly DiGiacinto, Junior

        Gabel, Junior

        me. – Sami Brisson, Freshman

        was interesting that a lower case d in deaf means you lost your hearing or are hard of hearing while a capital D in Deaf
        means you were born Deaf. It reinforced what I learned over this year and it also taught me a lot about the
        accomplishments that Deaf people have contributed to society. – Erin Ressegieu, Junior

Students concluded that it is beneficial to have the trip during second semester because much of what they learn in class is
reinforced at the DCC. Stop by the DCC yourself for a few hours this summer and get a glimpse into the world of the deaf. It is
located at 455 East Park Street Olathe, KS 66061 (913) 782-5808.
Helping Teens have a Safe Time during their Free Time
By Anna Slattery, DO

“What are we going to do next?” This is what teenagers are most commonly thinking throughout the summer
months. School is out and they’re excited for the freedoms this brings. As the school year draws to a close it is
time for some of the most important education to occur at your dinner table or in the car as your teen sits next to

Your teenager may be as tall as you and can get places by himself, but teenagers are not simply miniature grown-
ups. They still need your guidance to prepare them with the skills to make safe choices through the summer. Be-
fore the summer begins, lay the ground work for the upcoming months of warm weather. Find out what your teen
is really interested in doing this summer—what plans do they have? Parents and teens should then set some rules
together so teens can be clear about what their parents are comfortable with and what they’re not comfortable

In our office, we discuss some of the following essential safety issues:

Driving                                                                       there is drinking. There are so many questions that
 Everyone in the vehicle must wear a seat belt at all                       will help you have a conversation where your teen is
   times. Failure to use seat belts more than triples the                     really leading the discussion.
   risk of injury in a serious crash.                                       Each year more than 3,600 young people between
 Limit the number of friends in the car to two.                             the ages of sixteen and twenty-four die in alcohol-
 No texting or talking on the cell phone while driving.                     related traffic accidents.
                                                                            Families should have a standing agreement that in
Bicycling and skateboarding safety                                            an emergency teens can call home for a ride at any
 Always wear a helmet which can reduce the odds of                          time and Mom or Dad will pick them up.
   sustaining a head injury by 85 percent.
 Helmets should be labeled with the U.S. Consumer       Sun Safety
   Product Safety Commission approval.                      Avoid activities in the sun during the hours of 10am-
 When biking, wear bright clothing, use hand signals,       4pm when the sun is its hottest.
   and ride with traffic at the edge of the road.           Wear broad spectrum sunscreen, at least SPF 15-30,
                                                              depending on skin type
Pools, Swimming, Jet-skiing and Boating                     To avoid heat related illness, drink large amounts of
  Remind teens to remember their swimming skills and        water before, during, and after activity. Remember to
    limitations.                                              take frequent breaks in a cool place. Dress appropri-
  When on a personal watercraft or boat, everyone           ately for the environment.
    should wear a life jacket.
                                                          Checking In
Drinking, drugs, and partying                               Every family should determine their own plan for
   This can be one of the more difficult conversations      curfews and rules.
     you will have. If there are things you are worried     Determine these rules together and encourage your
     about, let your teen educate you. Ask them if they       teen to always check in with the family about where
     hear about people at school drinking or doing drugs.     they’re going and how long they plan to stay.
     Ask how they would handle being at a party where

With these safety tips in mind, parents should also talk with teens about positive activities for the summer. Help
your teen brainstorm possible jobs, consider volunteering, reading, taking a course at the community college, exer-
cising, helping around the home, and even getting some extra sleep. Ultimately, it is all about finding a balance be-
tween setting limitations to keep your teen safe and allowing them to enjoy the freedom of summer while growing
up and learning values that will last a lifetime.
Dr. Slattery and Dr. Yu are pediatricians at Heartland Primary Care and neighbors to St. James Academy. Their newest office location is located
in the Shawnee Mission Outpatient Pavilion at K-7 and Prairie Star Parkway. They care for patients from birth through their teens and are accept-
ing new patients. Call 913-299-3700 for more information or to schedule an appointment.
The SJA Film Festival (sponsored by the Forensics Team) announced the nominees for the          under Awards
in each of the following categories. e results will be announced at the Festival on April 28.

In the category of Best Actor/Actress, the nominees are:
1.      Jake Paul in Imaginary Warfare
2.      Charlie Cramer in Zoo Books
3.      Pippen in Chance for a Normal Life

In the category of Best Director, the nominees are:
1.         e Chessman, Sean Kane, Director
2.      Imaginary Warfare, Alex Brisson, Director
3.      Chance for a Normal Life, Erin Coy/Michael Coy, Directors

In the category of Best Comedy, the nominees are:
1.      Impressions with Sam, Mary Kate Danaher, Jane Castro/Producers
2.      Way of the Ninja, Steven Bredemann, Producer
3.         e Chance For A Normal Life, Erin Coy, Producer

In the category of Best Original Script, the nominees are:
1.      Imaginary Warfare, Alex Brisson, writer
2.      Anti-IAP, Chris Ingram, writer
3.      Race Second Place, Andrew Sabatino

In the category of Best All-Around Short Film, the nominees are:
1.      Zoo Books, Michael Coy, Producer
2.      Imaginary Warfare, Alex Brisson, Producer
3.      Chance For A Normal Life, Erin Coy, Producer

In the category for Best Special Effects, the nominees are:
1.      Race for Second, Andrew Sabatino, Producer
2.      Imaginary Warfare, Alex Brisson, Producer
3.      U.S. of Whatever, Lesley Kelley, Producer

In the category for Best Musical Video, the nominees are:
1.         ug Story, Lexie Marriott and Elena Weaver, Producers
2.      U.S. of Whatever, Brittany Chastain, Lesley Kelly, Producers
3.      Shake It, Rachel Klis, Ashley Chastain, Becca McCaughey, Jennica O’Neill, Producers

While volunteering is incredibly valuable to St. James presently, it is even more valuable multiplied into the future.
Ideally our students will follow that example giving service for generations to come.
In financial terms, the dollar value of volunteers to St. James can’t exactly be measured. However by combining the
revenue that was raised at primarily volunteer-run fundraisers, with a symbolic volunteer hourly wage of $15 per hour
for over 500 volunteers, and the cost of food and other small items donated, an estimated volunteer value is at over
$350,000. To those of you who’ve given so generously of your time, we truly appreciate your gift.
   e number of volunteers that have helped St. James run smoothly this school year is staggering. It is also almost
impossible to account for every kind soul that has quietly assisted, yet didn’t get documented anywhere. To each of
those volunteers not listed here, thank you so very much! We also can’t adequately express our genuine gratitude to
those who are accounted for in this list of nearly 400 volunteers.
Alexandra Buchholz             Brian Gerling                   David & Lori Wittman           Jan Clary
Amanda Rodriguez               Bryan Maskus                    David Garnett                  Jane Maskus
Amy Cissel                     Calvin Keyes                    Dawn Todd                      Janet Newhouse
Amy Riscoe                     Carla Killen                    Debbie Allison                 Janice Storey
Amy Trupiano                   Carol Getto                     Debbie Castro                  Jaynie Prior
Amy Voorhees                   Cassssy Cafferty                 Debbie Feldman                 Jean Buechler
Angelica Januszka              Cathy DiGiacinto                Debbie Hosty                   Jeff Beirbaum
Angus Turner                   Cathy Grosdidier                Debbie Kovarik                 Jeff Clary
Anne Kinskey                   Cathy Khadivi                   Debbie Polys                   Jeff Lewis
Anne Klien                     Cathy Marks                     Debbie Stone                   Jeff Pyle
Anne Tomellleri                Cathy McNally                   Delsie urm                     Jennifer Cain
Annette Bentzinger             Cathy Starke                    Denise Amor                    Jennifer Carlton
Annie Rinner                   Cathy Vanbuskirk                Dennis & Karen Maginn          Jennifer Chastain
Aracelli & Julio Mata          Celeste Stoops                  Diane Rose                     Jeree Marquess
Arlene Maner                   Cheri Smith                     Diane Striler                  Jeremy Way
Barbara Boerner                Cheryl Harber                   Dianne Kelly                   Jeri Vogrin
Barbara Roszel                 Cheryl Vielhauer                Dina Graas                     Jerry & Lucy Tujaque
Barbara Swanson                Chris & Becky Keith             Dion Gartner                   Jerry Elsea
Becky Ferguson                 Chris Keith                     Donna Martel                   Jim & Amy Voorhees
Becky Keith                    Christine Radford               Donna Rodriquez                Jim & Melissa Marchand
Becky Whyte                    Christy Heller                  Donnie Mecum                   Jim & Tricia Baldwin
Bernadette Fulks               Christy Peterson                Doug & Susan Hotzel            Jim Frederick
Bernadette Kaplan              Chuck & Gina Smrt               Doug Eikermann                 Joan Brisimiitzakis
Beth Bruning                   Chuck Pyle                      Doug Feist                     Joann Breithaupt
Beth Wasko                     Cindy Ascher                    Doug Leikam                    Joanne Pyle
Bill & Colleen Kolich          Cindy Ulin                      Elaine Zych                    Joany Dowell
Bill & Kendra LeCluyse         Cindy Wilson                    Elizabeth Johnson              Joe & Christy Heller
Bill Kelly                     Colleen Huppe                   Emilie Munda                   Joe & Kathy Reid
Bill Martel                    Connie Morris                   Ernie & Susan Straub           Joe Brisson
Bill Richerson                 Connie Westhoff                  Frank Pikus                    Joe Heller
Bill Stringfellow              Coral Swanson                   Gene & Terry Kubicki           John & Amy Cissell
Billy Vielhauer                Cristina Leimbach               Gina Reynoldson                John Triggs
Bob & Terri O’Neill            Curt Chadwick                   Grace Bailie                   Julia Reinhardt
Bob Boyd                       Cyndy Bednar                    Greg & Beth Bruning            Julie Baltuska
Bob Burns                      Cynthia Zevenbergen             Greg & Elaine Hohensinner      Julie Carney
Bob Weinstein                  Dan & Allison Carney            Greg & Melanie Wolfe           Julie Drew
Brad & Barbara Burgoon         Dan & Karen Sullivan            Greg & Ronda Zillner           Karen DeLeersnyder
Brad & Rhonda Nill             Dan & Tammy Bruegger            Greg Goode                     Karen Fox
Brad Stitz                     Dan VanBuskirk                  Henry & Cecil Hill             Karen Reed
Brenda Donahue                 Dave & Debbie Kwarik            Hossein Khadivi                Karen Wisdom
Brian & Sonja Cashion          Dave Kavarik                    Jacque Moffitt                   Karla Ezell
Karla Flax                Mary Cummings             Pat McNally               Steve Gillespie
Kate Baird                Mary Doyle                Paul & Kris Wachter       Susan Dorsey
Kate Feldcamp             Mary Dykman               Paul Buechler             Susan Griffin
Kathie Vandeleuv          Mary Eisman               Paula Brennan             Tammy Bruegger
Kathleen Englander        Mary Gerling              Paula Laures              Teresa Gilcrist
Kathleen Feist            Mary Ireland              Paula Little              Teresa Lobb
Kathleen Kelling          Mary Mears                Paula Stringfellow        Terese Brophy
Kathleen Lusk             Mary Petty                Peggy omas                Teri Eisenberg
Kathleen Padelli          Mary Stene                Peter Roszel              Teri Sabatino
Kathleen Staley           Mary Sutton               Peter Vandeleuv           Terri McCourt
Kathleen Whalen           Maureen & Paul Higbie     Peter Zevenbergen         Terry Biggins
Kathy Boyd                Maureen Engen             Rachel Mortensen          Terry Gillcrist
Kathy Keehn               Maureen Gillespie         Randy & Joy Abbott        Terry Kubicki
Kathy Lewis               Maureen Goetz             Ray Spickler              Tess Youngworth
Kathy Pikus               Maureen Hogan             Razia Molina                 eresa Gartner
Kay Guyot                 Maureen Huppe             Rebecca Whyte                eresa Lyons
Keith Cummings            Maureen Suprenant         Regina Tenbrink              eresa Moyer
Keith Sheridan            Maureen Tolman            Rena Bila                    eresa Schmidl
Kelly Grisnik             Megan Perkins             Renee Garnett             Tim & Michelle Wilson
Ken Mortensen             Meghan Freeman Wade       Rhonda Barry              Tim & Shelly Moeder
Kent & Leslie Brown       Melanie Wolf              Rhonda Eckleman           Tim & eresa Shmidl
Kerry Cosgrove            Melissa Gough             Richard Petty             Tim Budy
Kevin Kelly               Melissa Ingram            Richard Sutton            Tim Graas
Kim Barber                Michael Feldman           Rick & Cindy Ulin         Tim Hogan
Kim VanZwoll              Michael Gomez             Rick & Jeanne Enna        Tim Luby
Kimm Brown                Michael Maddock           Rita Sanchez              Tim Wilson
Kitty Elsea               Michael Schreifels        Rob Tinker                Tina Klis
Kris Moore                Michele Coelho            Robbi Leno                Tina Perkins
Kris Strecker             Michelle Crowley          Robbie Schraeder          Tom & Annie Rinner
Kurt & Mary Doyle         Michelle Miranda          Roger & Mary Dykmann      Tom & Elizabeth Kane
Kurt Killen               Michelle Sublette         Sandy Coy                 Tom & Shari Zarda
Laurie Chubb              Michelle Wilson           Sandy Scherschlight       Tom Soptick
Leah Conner               Mike & Sylvia Spradlin    Sara Bierbaum             Tony & Teri Sabatino
Les & Julie Drew          Mike & Tracy Manning      Sara Petz                 Tora Cobb
Leslie McCoullough        Mike Barrette             Scott & Grace Bailie      Trinidad Molina
Linda Brisson             Mike Castro               Scott & Pam Luby          Trudy Hinderlter
Lisa Brudos               Mike Deggendorf           Scott Englander           Vicki DuBois
Lisa McCaughet            Mike Dorsey               Sean & Paula Brennan      Vicki Johnson
Lisa Obermeir             Mike Ferguson             Sharon Heimes             Vicki Locke
Lisa Sirridge             Mike & Debbie Hosty       Sharon Markey             Victoria Stark
Lisa Urban                Mike Manning              Sharon Owens              Vince & Cyndi Bednar
Lisa Wagner               Mike Moffitt                Sheila Nguyen             Virginia Umscheid
Lori Barrette             Mike omas                 Sheila Prevou             William & Sherlyn Manson
Lori Johnson              Mike Tripp                Sheila Wodtke             Winnie Sostrick
Lori Kaifes               Missy Gough               Shellie Fortney
Lori Wittman              Molly Dye                 Shelly Moeder
Lou Kaifes                Morris & Celeste Stoops   Sheri Cook-Cunningham
Lucy Harrity              Nancy Rose                Sherlyn Manson
Lynn Leikam               NHS                       Sherry Kennedy
Marcia Mavec              Nicole Garatt             Sheryl Vielhauer
Margaret Dulek            Nina Murray               Spencer Jones
Mark & Lisa Kohlrus       Nora Tripp                Staci Haarhuis
Mark & Ginger McCormick   Otto Grey                 Stephanie May
Marty & DeAnn Muder       Pam Scott                 Steve & Mary Beth Smith
                      ST. JAMES ACADEMY
                     CALENDAR OF EVENTS


August 8, 2010            Freshman Gathering
August 10, 2010           Student Check In (Freshman 4 – 6 p.m.)
August 10, 2010           Student Check In (Sophomores 6:30 – 8 p.m.)
August 11, 2010           Student Check in ( Juniors 4 - 6 p.m.)
August 11, 2010           Student Check In (Seniors 6:30- 8:30 p.m.)
August 13, 2010           ½ Day Freshmen, SR Leadership
August 16, 2010           All Students – Full Day
August 25, 2010           Back to School Night (6 – 8 p.m.)
September 12 - 14, 2010   Senior Retreat
September 19, 2010        St. James the Greater Celebration
October 9, 2010           St. James Jamboree (Auction)
October 21 - 24, 2010     Fall Play
October 28, 2010          Parent Teacher Conferences (4:30 – 7:30 p.m.)
October 29, 2010          No School
October 29, 2010          Parent Teacher Conferences (8:00 – 11:00 a.m.)
November 24 – 26, 2010       anksgiving Break (No School)
December 3 – 5, 2010      Madrigal Dinner
December 13, 2010         Final Exams 1, 2 & 3
December 14, 2010         Final Exams 4 & 5
December 15, 2010         Final Exams 6 & 7
December 16, 2010         Exam Make Up Day
December 16, 2010         Winter Break Begins
January 5, 2011           Classes Resume
February 24 – 27, 2011    Musical
March 11 – 18, 2011       Spring Break
March 21, 2011            Classes Resume
April 21, 2011            Holy ursday (No School)
April 22, 2011            Good Friday (No School)
April 25, 2011            Easter Monday (No School)
May 9 – 11, 2011          Senior Finals
May 14, 2011              Baccalaureate/Graduation
May 19 – 23, 2011         Final Exams

                                                                    24505 Prairie Star Parkway
                                                                    Lenexa, KS 66218

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