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									                       inspired by problems…

Integrated Education Process Management
             (Offline + Online)
                  Problem to inspire
             • 1.1 m schools in India (

• Entire records managed only on paper Inefficiencies ?
   – - 3 Hr. everyday goes in repeat work
• !!! Need of an MIS- affordable cost, robust, low running cost,
  decision support system
• Some players are offering solutions- NICHE, High Cost ( 7 lakh)
• But study of behavior of these Institutes reveals
   – Need at large, IT Infra growing, Purchasing power is there

     • NO SOLUTION for small and Medium Schools !!!!!
              • No IT in education sector.
        Problem and Need (contd..)
• Even offline (inside campus ) solution is there
• No online solution for education Process management

• Many Internal Processes that may go online
  – Admission, Result Publication, Academic etc.
  – Interaction among Teachers, Students, Management,
    Parents -     only 6 hours
Missing Link

 Common Problem

   BIG Problem

   Where is the
                        Options available
  • 3 Tier Architecture
                                       Web          Database
                                      Server         Server



       Web                                     High Cost
                                               Large Implementation time

Educational Institute
                        CEON‟s Solutions
 • Distributed Architecture
                                        •Web Application
                                       •Central Database


•Client Application
 • Local Database
Educational Institute
                   CEON‟s Solutions

                                            Pull        Solution
Value Proposition
•Cost Cutting
•Greater Market Reach
•Revenue Generation
                                            Push       Individual

         Distributed Architecture to attain desired functionality
               World After EPM


                                 24 Hr./day


Alumni           6 Hr./day

                                       •No Data Haystack of Years
                                       •Fast Internal     Management

     Parents                           •27/7 Hr Working
                                       •More Online Processing

                 Suppliers             •Communication Gap Removed

• Offline
   – Manages the internal functional processes
     of Institute
       • Academic
       • Administrative
   – 8-Integrated modules
   – Analytical Tools

                                                 • Upload Module

• Online
   – web-based application
   – e-enable the activities of the institutes
   – Personal interface to each Institute –
         login ID and Password
         Background of Innovator's Team
• MBA                          2
    – Mr. Abhay Panjiyar (Oracle, India)
    – Mr. Swayam P. Ranjan (Punjab Infotech, Ministry of IT Punjab)
• M. Tech (IT)                 3
    – Mr. Parminder Singh (Oracle, India)
    – Mr. Shikhar Kumar (IBM Global Services, India)
•   B. Tech (IT)               6
•   Prof. V.K. Gupta           (IIM Indore)
•   Prof. Y.M. Gupta           (IIITM Gwalior)
•   DIG Anvesh Manglam         (MP Police)
•   DG Amod Kanth              (Goa Police)
•   Mr. Vinay Kanth            (President,
                               East and West Society)
Association Letters with Institutes
         Work Shops

Workshop of Teachers of an Institute
Association Letters

        •Demonstrated at Madhya
        Pradesh Secondary
        Education Board
        •Tested in 3 model schools
        in Bhopal

India                  USA
Snapshots of Success
Snapshots of Success
Inventory Management Solution for MP Police
Thanks to all Innovators and Entrepreneurs
• Introduction
• About the Technology
• About Innovation
  – Comparative Advantage of proposed innovation
  – What discernable change will be brought by using
    proposed technology
  – Whether someone else is carrying out similar work, in
    India or abroad
• Commercial Aspects
• About Incubation
   Comparative advantage of our proposed
          Technology Innovation
• Root: Lack of full flow of information
• Offline
   – Eliminates Inefficiencies associated with manual processes
   – Analysis of individual and group behavior (Graphs based)
   – Customized versions of the software not available
• Online
   – Collaboration among stakeholders                 24 hours
   – Information available online
   – Greater Market Reach
• Cost
What discernable change will be brought by
        using proposed technology
• Better managed Education Processes
• World will look different
  – We will draw lines of “organized” in this “unorganized
  – We have the capability and we are looking for the
• Reduction in operating expenses
• Growth in revenues of an Institute
• We are not just creating a software but we are
  nurturing a New Line of Business
    Whether someone else is carrying out
      similar work, in India or abroad
• Offline
   – Several Players
   – Operating in a niche
       • High Purchasing Power
       • High IT Infrastructure

                                                 IT Infrastructure
• Online
   Other players
    – Many static websites
    – Some dynamic websites
    – No Integrated Solution in the market
•   Introduction
•   About the Technology
•   About Innovation
•   Commercial Aspects
    – Assessment of market size
    – Expected competition for the product and means to
      tackle it
    – Costing of Product
• About Incubation
          Assessment of market size
• India             11 lakh Educational Institutes
  – Growth Rate 4.3% (
  – Actual Market
     • Purchasing Capacity
     • IT Infrastructure
• South Asia        1.5 lakh
  (Ministry of Education websites of respective countries)

• Revenue
  – 1st Year        Rs. 2.2 cr    (PAT 28%)
  – 5th Year        Rs. 37.5 cr   (PAT 39%)
  Expected competition for the product and
            means to tackle it
   –   ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
   –   Small application developers
   –   Other competitors
   –   Big software houses jumping in

• Offline
        • Better mapped processes, Technically awarded at IITs
        • Marketing Mix for different segments of the customer
        • Low cost

• Online
        • Integrated (Achieves true functionality)
        • Low cost
               Costing of Product
• IMS Basic          (Offline) • IMS
  – Rs. 30,000/-                 – Rs. 3 lakh – Rs. 5 lakh
• IMS Full           (Offline)
  – Rs. 1,00,000/-
• Web Portal         (Online) • Web Portal
  – Rs. 10,000 per annum         – Static       Rs. 1 lakh
                                 – Dynamic      Rs. 5-7 lakh
                                 – Infrastructure Rs. 10
                                                  lakh p.a.
•   Introduction
•   About the Technology
•   About Innovation
•   Commercial Aspects
•   About Incubation
    – How long will we take to join the IIMA incubator if
      given an offer
    – Is CEON Solutions registered
    – Assistance @ CIIE
    – Why are we the right people?
      Enterprise out of the Technology

• CEON Solutions is a registered company under
  Indian Companies Act
• Yes, we want and we will develop an enterprise
  out of the technology
• We will start in September, given the offer
CEON – Certified as Incorporation
               Incubation @ CIIE
• Technology Network
  – Long term direction in product development
  – External linkages and technology resources in field of
    software development

• Assistance in operations of CEON
  – Framing Sales strategies
  – Framing Operations strategies (for eg: expansion,
    tapping opportunities abroad)
  – External linkages related to Sales
  – Conference and storage facilities
  – Telecom, Photocopier machine facilities
              Incubation @ CIIE
• Finance
  – Network of VCs, Financing for the venture

• Business Plan
  – It is not static, so when an opportunity comes, how
    can we tune our Business Plan to incorporate that
    opportunity under our umbrella. IIMA has experience
    to do this and we need your guidance
   Resources Required and Offering
• First Round             78 lakhs
  – Infrastructure Cost
  – Operating Cost
  – Estimated Surplus
• Second Round            Rs. 4.2 crores
  – Infrastructure Cost
  – Operating Cost
  – Estimated Surplus
• September ‟04      • Work on Business Plan
• October ‟04        • Tap customers in
• November „04         Gwalior
                     • Generate cash flow

• December „04       • Develop Model
                        Institutes in AHD
• January „05         • State Level Workshop
                         in Gwalior
                      • National Level
• February „05
                         Workshop in AHD
             RoadMap (Contd..)
• Development
  – Access to ERP architects, so that architecture
    remains demand-driven and future modifications
  – Once we are out in the market, we have to adapt and
    adapt real fast
  – Though we have knowledge of the market, we are
    looking for expertise of experienced people
• Resource Persons
  – Academic      Domain Knowledge
  – Technology    Domain Knowledge
  – Mentor who can guide us in Marketing as Prof VK
    Gupta guided us in Finance
             RoadMap (contd..)
• Ahmedabad
  Development and Marketing Base for western
• HR Plan
  We will be hiring people for Sales in Western
  region and IIMA can be a good lead for us
                  Hardware Plan
• December „04              • First round of financing

• January „05               • Hardware Setup
                              Ist Phase
•   10 Personal computers
•   Server
•   Networking
•   After 6-7 months, depending on the opportunity,
    we will be looking for Full Scal Infrastructure in
    Ahmedabad or NCR (National Capital Region)
       Why are we the right people?
• Ground Work is complete
• We have expertise and domain knowledge
• We have a complete TEAM that is capable of
  delivering the right solutions at right time and
  making profits
   – Team of 11 people
• Already in the market
Some Screen Shots of S/w
•   Support features
•   Pix
•   We are not just creating a s/w but a NLB
•   Work done through pix
•   Company growth
•   Check repetition
             Innovator‟s Team
• Mr. Abhay Panjiyar

• Mr. Parminder Singh
       Innovator‟s Team (contd..)
• Mr. Shikhar Kumar

• Mr. Swayam P. Ranjan
       Innovator‟s Team (contd..)
• Prof. VK Gupta

• Prof. YM Gupta
       Innovator‟s Team (contd..)
• DIG Anvesh Manglam

• DG Amod Kantha
       Innovator‟s Team (contd..)
• Mr. Vinay Kantha
     Problems addresses by solution
• Offline
   – Inefficiencies associated with manual processes
   – Analysis of individual and group behavior
      • Graphs based analysis
   – Customized versions of the software not available
• Online
   – Collaboration among stakeholders         8 hours
   – Limited Online Information
   – Limited Market Reach
• Cost
         Competitive Advantages
• Better mapped processes, awarded at IITs
• Marketing Mix
• Low cost
              THE FINANCIAL PLAN
Cash Inflow/ Outflow

          IMS Sale            Raw Materials, Packaging

          Education            Product Development
            Space                      R&D

         Consultancy             Marketing and Adv.

         Banks & VC    CASH   Recruitment and Training

                                 Office Expenditure
                                  Customer Care
All figures are IN USD             1st Year            2nd Year                3rd Year                   4th Year               5th Year

Total Revenue                      0.44 mn                 1.1mn                2.2mn                      4.1mn                  7.5mn

Gross Margin                       0.30mn              0.77mn                   1.7mn                     3.27mn                  6.2mn

                  Gross Margin %
                                      70%                   73 %                    76 %                    80 %                   82 %

PAT                                0.12mn              0.33mn                  0.72mn                      1.5mn                  2.9mn

                          PAT%       28 %                   31 %                    33 %                    36 %                    40%

EVA                                0.10 mn             0.27mn                  0.60mn                      1.2mn                  2.3mn

ROI                                   71%                   66%                     59%                      58%                    57%

  Break Even – 7th Month
                                     450,000                                                                    Cum Sale
                                                                                                                Cum Fixed Cost
                                     200,000                                                                    Cum Variable
                                     100,000                                                                    Cum F+V Cost
                                               1   2   3     4     5   6   7    8     9    10   11   12
                                 MANAGEMENT TEAM

                             CEO                        HR

 CTO                                 CBDO                  Office Staff               CFO

Development                                                                  Accountants
   Team              Sales and Marketing
                                            Implementation Team
                                            and Customer Support

                                             2004          2008

                                             17-22         142-160

Recruitment Policy and Offer:

Management: Expert with domain knowledge, Centralized for 3-4 years then decentralized.

Developer:    Highly technical, less in number, handsome salary.

Sales Person: Good Communication Skill, Regional resident, good salary, TA and perks are
              based on basis of clients, % commission, above set target of 70 clients per year.

Implementer Team: Technically sound, fast learner, good salary, TA, perks and commission
            after customer satisfaction
                                    Team Profile

The Board of advisory includes
 Prof. V. K Gupta (IIMI),                         Mr. Oscar Rudy (Univ. of Florida, USA),

Mr. Shashi K. Somavarpu (MIT, Boston)

Prof. Vinay Kantha, president East & West Edu. Society ,    Dr. Ashwani Kr. (IIITM).
• Implementation
  – 3 model MPSEB Institutes
• IITs National Open Software Contests
• IIMA Business Plan Contest
• ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education)
  – Invited to demonstrate the software
Integrated Education Process Management

BIG Opportunity
• Market Need           Collaboration among the stakeholders
   –   Students
   –   Teachers
   –   Administrators
   –   Parents

Large and Growing Education Sector
• No Standard Solution
• Need of an ONLINE FORUM
   – Stakeholders can Interact

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