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Spring Outdoors 2010


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Spring Outdoors 2010
More details on page 14   AUG/SEP 2010
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                          Mayor’s Column

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                          Watsonia RSL gives
                          $100,000 in grants

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                          Are you prepared for a
                           ouse re

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                          Winter in Banyule

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                          Eating in Banyule
                          Guide is back!
2    Banyule Council                                                  Printed on Printspeed laser

                                                                         Cr Jenny Mulholland

    Councillors                                                          Deputy Mayor 09-10 Grif n Ward
                                                                         Phone: 9458 1391

             Cr Wayne Phillips                                           Cr Peter McKenna
             Mayor 2009-2010 Beale Ward                                  Bakewell Ward
             Phone: 0408 999 189                                         Phone: 9434 2461
             wayne.phillips@banyule.vic.gov.au                           peter.mckenna@banyule.vic.gov.au

                                                                         Cr Jessica Paul
                                                                         Grimshaw Ward
                                                                         Phone: 0418 513 559

                                                                         Cr Steven Briffa
                                                                         Hawdon Ward
                                                                         Phone: 9435 1935

                                                                         Cr Tom Melican
                                                                         Ibbott Ward
                                                                         Phone: 9459 8026

                                                                         Cr Anthony Carbines
                                                                         Olympia Ward
                                                                         Phone: 9459 6042

                                            Rate Reminder
                                           The annual Rate Notices for 2010/2011 have been issued. If you
                                           have not received your annual Rate Notice for the current year,
                                           please contact Council immediately.
                                           If you choose to pay your rates by instalments, the rst instalment
                                           amount shown on your annual rate notice must be received by
                                           Council on or before September 30, 2010.
                                           Payments received after that date will be considered as a part pay-
                                           ment only and the balance will be required by February 15, 2011.
                                           If you have recently been granted a Pension by either Centrelink or
                                           the Department of Veterans Affairs and you have not applied for
                                           your Pensioner Rebate, please complete an application form at any
                                           of Council’s Service Centres. The maximum rebate for 2010/2011
                                           is $187.60.
                                                                                          Mayor’s column               3

                                           Banyule receives
                                                   Sustainable Cities
Council has come to the end of a very busy and                    City Plan 2009-2013 (Year 2)
productive nancial year. Over the past twelve months
Council has delivered a number of key projects to the     Council is proud to present Banyule’s City Plan
community. This includes a new pavillion at A.K Lines     2009-2013 (Year 2), providing an overall vision that tells
Reserve, new traf c signal lights along Aquaduct Road,    us where we want to be as a community. The second
a new playground at Binnak Park and Malahang Reserve,     year of the plan includes a set of key directions for
new shade sails at Willinda Park and the                  achieving the ve objectives outlined in the Plan:
commencement of the Greensborough Regional Aquatic        People: Community strengthening and support
and Leisure Centre
                                                          Planet: Environmental sustainability
The Budget for 2010/11 includes a carefully targeted
New Works and Services Program, to continue               Place: Sustainable amenity and built environment
addressing a wide range of community priorities. The      Prosperity: Economic Development
next twelve months will see the commencement of a
number of projects including the Price Park Masterplan    Participation: Community involvement and civic life
and Buna Reserve Community Garden.                        Banyule is also preparing to host some fantastic events
I am pleased to announce that Council has been            over the coming months including the Winter in
awarded with the 2010 Sustainable Cities Pam Keating      Banyule Arts Festival and the Spring Outdoors Program.
Environmental Innovation Award. Council, in               I encourage all members of the community to make
partnership with Kuver Design and Modern Nappy            the most of these great events and enjoy the variety of
Distributions, conducted a trial use of the world- rst    things that Banyule has to offer. More information is
fully compostable nappy in three of our child care        provided throughout this edition of The Banner.

                                                          Cr Wayne Phillips
         Reconciliation Week 2010                         Mayor
In May Council celebrated Reconciliation Week
 May 27- une 3 with a ag raising ceremony and the
launch of the Banyule Statement of Commitment to
Indigenous Australians.
Reconciliation Week provided us with an opportunity to
recognise and value the Traditional Owners of this land
and other Indigenous peoples.
Council has a long-standing commitment to Indigenous
Australians. This has been further strengthened by a
review of the 1997 Banyule Statement undertaken with
Doreen Garvey Wandin and other Wurundjeri Elders,
Indigenous Service providers and community, and the
development of the 2009 Statement of Commitment
which was adopted by Council in October 2009.

                                                               Cr Wayne Phillips and Doreen Garvey Wandin at the
                                                               Banyule Reconciliation Week Flag Raising Ceremony,
                                                                where the Banyule Statement of Commitment to
                                                                      Indigenous Australians was launched.
4      Banyule Council                                                         www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222

    Achievement                                             New SmartBus
    Awards                                                  Route 902
                                                             A smarter way to travel
    In May Council celebrated some of the clubs,
    athletes and volunteers who make a vital
    contribution to local sports throughout Banyule at
    the Banyule Sports Achievement Awards.
                                                              People in Banyule’s northern suburbs of Montmorency,
    Mayor, Councillor Wayne Phillips, presented the           Briar Hill, Greensborough, Bundoora and Watsonia now
    award winners alongside guest MC, Tiffany Cherry.         have a new way to get around Melbourne – SmartBus
    Tiffany is a sport presenter and has travelled the        Route 902.
    world participating, commentating and following her
    sporting passion.                                         Route 902 runs 76 kilometres from Chelsea to
                                                              Airport West, via Nunawading, Doncaster, Eltham,
    Council’s grants and recognition program have             Greensborough, Thomastown and Broadmeadows. This
    assisted sports clubs and individuals with their          service runs seven days a week from 5am to midnight,
    training, equipment and travel needs to participate       operating on average every 15 minutes on weekdays and
    in sport at various levels of competition, from           every 30 minutes on weekends and public holidays.
    community sport to international level.
                                                              In Banyule, Route 902 travels on Fitzsimons Lane, Main
    The Sports Achievement Awards were supported by           Road, Sherborne Road, Para Road and Grimshaw Street
    the East Ivanhoe Community Bank.                          – stopping at Greensborough Plaza and Greensborough
                                                              train station and connecting with trams on Plenty Road.
    This year’s Sports                                        SmartBus is a premium bus service designed to
    Achievement Award winners are:                            complement Melbourne’s train and tram network by
                                                              providing connections along major arterial roads to
    Junior Female Athlete of the Year (20 yrs & under)        train stations, tram lines, schools, universities, hospitals,
    Emily Marotta, Fencing                                    shopping centres and other activity centres.

    Junior Male Athlete of the Year (20 yrs & under)          All SmartBus buses are low- oor to make travel easier
    Luke Poci, Japanese Karate                                and safer for people with a disability and those with
                                                              prams or shopping jeeps.
    Senior Male Athlete of the Year                           SmartBus services are more reliable and have faster
    Keith Nyberg, Lacrosse                                    journey times because they are given more priority
                                                              on the road and at traf c lights. This helps buses avoid
    Master Female Athlete of the Year                         delays so they can run on time.
    Maree Fenech, Blind Bowls
                                                              For route and timetable information, contact
    Master Male Athlete of the Year                           Metlink on 131 638 or visit www.metlinkmelbourne.
    Tony Haravas, Body Building                               com.au

    Club Person of the Year
    Tabatha Delaney, Lower Plenty Cricket Club

    Community Club of the Year                              Do you need to have your dog
    Lower Plenty Cricket Club
                                                                or cat microchipped?
    Community Athlete of the Year                         Council is holding a Dog and Cat Microchipping Day on Sunday
    Shannon Joyce, Football (FIDA)                              8 August at 275 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe.
                                                            Bookings through the Lost Dogs Home on 1300 300 670.
www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222                                                             Banyule Council                     5

Watsonia RSL gives $100,000 in grants
The Banyule-Watsonia RSL Trust provides funds to enable           A presentation to successful applicants by the Mayor,
community groups and individuals to address community             Cr Wayne Phillips, and Watsonia RSL President, Mr Jim
needs and to encourage and strengthen participation in            Stephen, was held on July 2. Congratulations to all the
local communities. Funds are provided from Watsonia               successful applicants!
RSL to local, not-for-pro t organisations, community
groups and individuals for projects and services of a general
charitable nature, or designed for the bene t of the local
community or parts of the local community. The grant pool
this year was $100,000.

The successful applicants were:

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.                              The Bike Hut Management Committee
Austin Health Volunteer Services                                  Mactier Community Centre
Diamond Valley Food Share Inc.                                    Greenhills Pre School Inc.
Royal District Nursing Service Diamond Valley                     Macleod Conference, St Vincent De Paul Society
Greenhills Neighbourhood Centre                                   Charles LaTrobe College Bellfield Campus
First Eaglemont Scout Group                                       Watsonia United Little Athletics Club
Viewbank Preschool Association Trust                              St Mary’s Greensborough Conference, St Vincent De Paul Society
Watsonia Primary School                                           Bundoora Scout Group
Diamond Valley Scout Group                                        Watsonia Neighbourhood House
Rosanna Scout Group                                               DVA Theatre Company
Veterans & Community Men’s Shed                                   Araluen Centre
Yallambie Park Preschool                                          1st West Heidelberg Scout Group
Walk with Wheels Support Group                                    NORACCOM Incorporated
Neighbourhood Renewal - West Heidelberg                           Banyule Support & Information Centre Inc.
Diamond Valley Toy Library Inc.                                   Simon Winterburn
Olympic Adult Education
Macleod Recreation Centre YMCA
Montmorency Scout Group
Viewbank Scout Group
2nd Ivanhoe Scout Group
Austin Health Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital

  In the                           It will be time to swing into action and join in the fun as “Walktober” begins at Warringal
                                   Parklands. A series of walk throughout Banyule have been organised for the month of

 coming                            October to celebrate Walktober month.
                                   The first walking event will be held on Saturday October 17 at Warringal Parklands.
                                   Further program details and information on this event and other walks is available now on

 spring...                         Council’s website.
6      Banyule Council                                                           www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222

    2010-11 Banyule                                            Tree
    Conservation                                               protection
    & Environment                                              & removal
    grant winners.                                             Banyule is well known for its green, leafy environment.
                                                               Trees play a vital role in building the character of places
                                                               and spaces throughout Banyule. Eaglemont, for example,
    The Banyule Conservation and Environment Grants are
                                                               is associated with its avenues of large elm trees while
    provided as an incentive to new or established groups to
                                                               Montmorency is populated by large indigenous vegetation,
    develop landcare, conservation and other environmental
                                                               which makes the Municipality more attractive.
    programs including those that reduce water use, energy
    use, waste or pollution.                                   Without proper care, trees can be destroyed in just
                                                               minutes or inadvertently killed over many years.
    This year’s grant winners include a number of local
    kindergartens, schools, community and friends groups.      To assist Council in further protecting vegetation on both
    Keep an eye out for future updates on these projects.      private and public land, all trees are assessed using the
                                                               Australian Standard AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees
    This year’s grant winners are:                             on Development Sites. The standard provides guidance
                                                               to all parties involved, whether it be a designer, builder,
    Banksia Palliative Care Service                            developer, resident or service authority.
    Banyule Primary School                                     Council is responsible for the maintenance of more
    St Andrews Kindergarten                                    than 70,000 trees on nature strips and road reserves,
                                                               in parklands and on Council property, and applies and
    Viewbank Preschool Association                             expects the same standards and assessment for all trees on
    Montmorency Scout Group                                    public land as that on private land.

    Transition Banyule                                         Some simple measures to help care for trees include:
                                                               mulching, avoid storing materials or soil under the canopy,
    Watsonia Occasional Child Care                             avoid site cut in proximity of a tree and avoid parking cars
    St John of God Accord - ACES Northern                      on the nature strip under the canopy. However, the safest
                                                               measure is to seek advice from a qualified arborist.
    Montmorency South Primary School
                                                               If you do notice earthworks occurring near a tree on a
    Montmorency Transition Group                               nature strip or associated with a new development,
    Friends of Salt Creek and Associated Parklands             please contact Council.
    Lower Plenty Kindergarten Association

    Road Bridge
    Council, in partnership with Darebin Council, recently
    installed a new bridge across Dougharty Road,
    Heidelberg West.
    The new bridge provides improved access with wider
    pathways and is composed of a steel structure and
    concrete decking. An upgrade of the approaching
    pathways was also part of the works. The total cost of
    the project was $84,000.
                                                                                                  Banyule Council                      7

Give Our Streets
the Green Light                                                         L-R, back: Bayside City – Cr Clifford Hayes (Mayor); Darebin
                                                                       City – Cr Trent McCarthy; Manningham City – Cr Charles Pick;
                                                                        Maribyrnong City – Cr Sel Sanli (Mayor); MAV President – Cr
                                                                         Bill McArthur; Banyule City – Cr Tom Melican; Whitehorse
Banyule is one of over 50 Victorian councils that have                    City – Cr Bill Pemberton (Mayor); Stonnington City – Cr
joined forces with the Municipal Association of Victoria to             Tim Smith (Mayor); Glen Eira City – Cr Steven Tang (Mayor);
request that the Victorian and Federal Governments provide             Greater Geelong City – Cr John Doull. L-R, front: Mornington
                                                                         Peninsula Shire – Cr Tim Rodgers; and Captain Smogbuster.
assistance in funding the switch to energy-efficient street
Streetlights play an important role in keeping the community
                                                                   As we work hard to make sure our homes have the green
safe. However the majority of streetlights in Victoria are
                                                                   light, why not give our streets the green light too. Council is
outdated, 80 watt Mercury Vapours (MVs) in local residential
                                                                   calling on all community members to get involved in the ‘Give
streets. Efficient street lighting, such as the new Twin 14
                                                                   our streets the green light’ campaign to encourage the state
watt T5 Fluorescent lights, consume approximately 68% less
                                                                   and federal governments to play their part in helping out.
electricity than existing MVs to produce the same light.
                                                                   If you’re interested in making Banyule’s streetlights greener,
A Victoria-wide switch to T5 street lighting is estimated to
                                                                   join our new campaign for energy-efficient streetlights.
provide an annual emissions saving of between 78,000 and
130,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent. Over the 20           By supporting the campaign you’ll show the state and federal
year lifespan of the lights, this equals up to 52 billion ‘black   governments that you care about reducing greenhouse gas
balloons’, or taking up to 600,000 cars off the road for a year.   emissions and want to give your street the green light.
Council has a commitment to delivering action on climate           Visit www.greenlightourstreets.org.au and sign the online
change, which is stated in our City Plan 2009-2013.                petition. While you’re there why not also look at the
                                                                   ‘what you can do’ section of the website for other ways you
Council is currently working towards the goal of reducing
                                                                   can help spread the message.
emissions (which include streetlights) by 30% by 2010, which
is outlined in the Greenhouse Action Strategy.
Making the switch from MV to T5 streetlights will reduce
Council emissions by an estimated 18% and would also result
in significant energy costs savings.

Shining a light on
                  broadband blackspots
For many people, access to a fast and reliable internet            The Association hopes to accurately identify our
service has become just as important to daily living as            broadband blackspots and use this information to lobby
access to other amenities such as gas, electricity and water.      telecommunication providers, and the state and federal
                                                                   governments, to improve their broadband services.
It is considered so important that the Australian
Government has introduced the Australian Broadband                 If you are unhappy with the accessibility or quality of
Guarantee, which is designed to help residential and small         your broadband service, you are encouraged to ll in
business premises access high quality broadband services.          the Broadband Survey prepared by the Macleod Traders
                                                                   Shopping Association.
The community consultations for the Banyule Community
Plan identi ed that some parts of Banyule may be in                Copies of the survey can be picked up from selected
‘Broadband Blackspots’ which are areas that are unable             shops in the Macleod Village Shopping Centre (look
to access high quality broadband services.                         for the signs in the window), Council Service Centres
                                                                   or downloaded from Council’s website (and yes we
The Macleod Traders Shopping Association is keen to
                                                                   understand that this option may not be feasible for
know about the broadband accessibility for residents
who live or conduct a business in Banyule and want to
hear from those who have experienced, or continue to               Further information may be obtained by phoning
experience, dif culties in accessing this service in Macleod.      Heidi Crundwell from the Macleod Traders Shopping
                                                                   Association on 0417 580 009.
8      Banyule Council                                                                 www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222

       Doggie doo do the right thing!
    These days it is generally accepted that cleaning up after     How to clean up after your dog
    dogs is part of being a responsible pet owner. Most
    council’s require dog owners to remove and dispose of their         Cleaning up after your dog is easy. You can use plastic
    dog’s poo when in public places. Some councils also require         (or biodegradable) bags, trowels or pooper scoopers.
    dog owners to carry an appropriate receptacle (e.g. bag or          Products are available that attach to your dog’s leash to
    scoop) to remove dog poo whenever they are walking their            store plastic bags for use during walks.
    dog in a public place.You can be fined for not complying.           Keep your bags/pouches/pooper scoop products with
    Pet owners not picking up after their dogs can often be one         your leash as a reminder to take them with you.
    reason influencing decisions to ban dogs from certain parks         If using the plastic bag method, simply put your hand
    or beaches. Research has indicated that the more people             inside the bag, pick up the dog poo, turn the bag inside
    experience issues involving pets in public spaces (such as          out, and then seal.You can tie the bag to your leash or
    dog poo), the more likely they are to support legislative           carry it until you get to an appropriate disposal site.
    controls on pet ownership.
                                                                        Disposal methods include Council provided dog litter
                                                                        bins, domestic landfill and waste collection, worm farms
                                                                        or composting units.

                                             Dog Obedience
                                           Both the Wiltja and the German Shepherd Dog Obedience Clubs offer a simple
                                           obedience test. This includes: on lead-control, recalling a dog from a distance, a ‘stay’
                                           exercise and human and dog interaction.
                                           Your dog must be 12 months or older and have a current vaccination certificate
                                           to participate.
                                           The Dog Obedience Certificate entitles you to registration fee discounts. Both
                                           clubs offer a free five week course for owners, whose dogs need training before
                                           sitting the test.
                                           Dog Obedience Certificates will be at the German Shepherd Club on Saturday
                                           7 August (German Shepherds only) and Wiltja Obedience Club (mixed breeds) on
                                           Sunday 8 August .
                                           For the German Shepherds Dog Obedience Club contact Vince Ebejer 9467 8653,
                                           and for Wiltja contact Stan Buck 9308 2466.

    Olympic Adult Education
    Olympic Adult Education (OAE)            It also has a new community kitchen         community.
    is seeking skilled and committed         program and activities which
                                                                                         The main of ce is situated at 21
    people as new members for its            promote healthy eating. It runs a
                                                                                         Alamein Street Heidelberg West
    Committee of Management.                 monthly community lunch.
                                                                                         behind the Olympic Leisure Centre
    OAE is a not-for-pro t community-        Participants in programs include long       in the Banyule Community Health
    based adult learning centre and          term and newly arrived migrants,            building.
    neighbourhood house in Heidelberg        local residents, people with
                                                                                         The committee meets on the
    West. The classes offered include        disabilities and others over the age
                                                                                         second Tuesday of the month in
    English as a Second Language,            of 16.
                                                                                         the evening. If you are interested in
    Literacy, Computing, Children’s
                                             OAE is looking for people who can           joining the committee please ring
    Services and Horticulture.
                                             offer their experience, time and            either Katherine on 9431 0395 or
                                             energy to be part of a small but vital      Rosemary on 9497 1591.
                                             organisation with strong links to its
www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222                                                                                              9

Are you prepared
for a house fire?
There are many precautions you can take to help safeguard
your home and your loved ones from the threat of a
house fire.
Download the home fire safety checklist to find out how
you rate when it comes to home fire safety. If you’re unable
to answer ‘yes’ to most of the checklist questions, then you
increase your risk of a fire breaking out in your home. Keep
the checklist on the fridge as a reminder of what you can do
to help keep your home safe.

Home fire safety tips
Never leave cooking, heaters, open fires or candles              By law every home must have at least one working smoke
unattended                                                       alarm installed on each level of the house. Clean and test
Don’t overload power boards                                      your alarms regularly and make sure they are working

Keep electrical appliances in good working order                 Install a fire extinguisher and fire blanket and know how to
                                                                 use them
Ensure cigarette ash and butts are extinguished. Never
smoke in bed                                                     Have a home fire escape plan and practise it regularly

Do not dry clothing within one metre of a heating appliance      Never deadlock yourself inside the house. Keep keys in the
                                                                 lock when you are at home
Clean lint filters on clothes dryers after every use and
always let dryers complete the cool-down cycle                   To obtain a home fire safety checklist please visit
Store all matches and lighters out of reach of children

Interfaith Network
Banyule Interfaith Network is a new network of
representatives from different faiths and cultural groups who
live or meet within the City of Banyule. Present members
come from Islamic, Buddhist, Baha’i and Christian faiths.
With the support of Council, the Network aims to create
opportunities for faith and cultural groups to meet and learn
from one another, celebrating the uniqueness of each, and        With the support of a grant from the Australian
discovering common values – unity in diversity.                  Multicultural Foundation, the group also sponsored a
                                                                 program called ‘Festive Seasons, Festive Reasons’ with
The Network recognises that each group has a unique value
                                                                 Grade six students from Heidelberg West, to share faith
for our society. It aims to celebrate each other’s stories and
                                                                 and cultural experiences of the meaning of Christmas.
identify common threads and themes in them that may be
the basis for unity.                                             The Banyule Interfaith Network aims to facilitate a
                                                                 celebration of diversity and dialogue in a way that has
Some of the work already undertaken by the network since
                                                                 practical outcomes and value for the whole
its official formation in November 2009 includes holding a
                                                                 Banyule community.
Community Information booth at the Banyule Festival
in March.                                                        New members are invited and can contact Gillian Hirst on
                                                                 9458 1303 for further information.
10      Community                                                                      www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222

     Banyule Celebrates                                                       Seniors Festival
     Children’s Week                                                 Applications are now open for grants of up to $200 to help
                                                                     support activities that will take place during the Victorian
     October 24-30                                                   Seniors Festival in October.
     To celebrate Children’s Week for 2010, activities include
     the highly popular mini train rides in Eltham and a child       Community groups and organisations are encouraged to
     and family services expo in the Bell Street Mall.               apply for a grant to assist them to fund an activity promoting
                                                                     community connectedness for senior members of our
     Some new and exciting activities will also be introduced        community. Applications that go beyond the usual range
     to this year’s calendar of events including:                    of activities offered by community groups and promote
     > a short story competition                                     engagement of the broader community will be highly regarded.
     > a colouring in competition                                    Activities can have an intergenerational theme or encourage
     > the inaugural Banyule City Council ‘Earth Quilt’              physical activity and life-long learning for seniors.
       where children will have the opportunity to make              Some ideas include:
       an environmental pledge on their own ‘Earth square’.
       These squares will then be made into a quilt for public       > a new learning opportunity (how to use mobile phones)
       display.                                                      > a modi ed sports activity
     This year we would like to seek the involvement of              > an outing using public transport
     children in planning one of the activities. Please support
     your children to have a say by going to Council’s website       > an activity that targets isolated older adults.
     and searching for the Children’s Week Survey 2010 –
     survey for children; talk to your child about the options       Closing date for all applications is Friday 27 August.
     and return the completed survey to Council.                     For more information please contact Jill Taylor at Council or
     Watch out for more information in the October edition           email jill.taylor@banyule.vic.gov.au
     of The Banner, which will have a full calendar of events at
     Banyule to celebrate Children’s Week.

     Parent Information
     7:30pm Tuesday 7 September,                                            Evergreen Faces
     Preston Town Hall, 240 Gower St, Preston.
     Leading preschool educator Ms Kathy Walker will be
     speaking about the educational needs of three-year-old
     children. She will provide information about:
     > the latest research on how a child’s brain develops,
                                                                            Competition and
     > how you, as a parent, have a vital role in educating
       your child                                                              Exhibition
     > how a three-year-old child learns                             During the month of August, Council is encouraging
     > the types of activities/services that are available for       residents to get snap happy and enter photos that ‘celebrate
       three -year-olds.                                             intergenerational relationships’ into the Evergreen Faces
                                                                     Photographic Competition.
     Kathy is an inspiring speaker, a great communicator,
     extremely well respected in the sector and in great             Finalists will have their photographs on display in venues
     demand. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your                throughout Banyule during October, including the Service
     questions answered. RSVP is essential as places are             Centres at Ivanhoe and the Banyule Community Health Centre
     limited. Please contact Customer Service.                       as part of the Seniors Festival.
                                                                     Entry forms are available at Council’s Services Centres, or by
                                                                     contacting Jill Taylor at Council or email
     Cyber Centre                                                    jill.taylor@banyule.vic.gov.au
     Bookings for free internet training at Council’s Cyber Centre
     are now being taken. Learn how to surf the net, send and
     receive emails and access Council’s services online.
     Contact Bev Grace at Council for more information.
www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222                                                                 Environment                   11

                                   Spring Outdoors 2010
As the weather warms up it’s time to rediscover the               For further details of these and other exciting Spring
treasures of our local outdoor environment. The Spring            Outdoors events, pick up a brochure from Council or
Outdoors program can help people do just that.                    visit our website.
Organised by Banyule, Manningham and Nillumbik Councils,
Spring Outdoors is an annual series of events held in Spring,
celebrating our unique surroundings.
Activities include Breakfast with the Birds, where a light
breakfast follows an early morning of bird watching at
Banyule Flats with experienced guides; spotlight walks; frog
spotting; and sustainable gardening information sessions.
Spring Outdoors is a great opportunity to connect with the
community, the natural environment and learn something
new about the area where we live. It’s also a chance to talk
to experts about environmental issues that interest you and
many of the sessions are free.

Residents weed together
Residents of Green Street, Ivanhoe have joined forces to          The group have also received support from a number of
restore their portion of the Darebin Creek wildlife corridor      sources: plant tube stock has come from the local indigenous
to its former beauty.                                             plant nursery,VINC, whose staff and website also provided
                                                                  horticultural advice; Council has provided funding for
This section of the creek provides a haven for a wide variety
                                                                  additional plants and tipping services for noxious weeds
of birdlife including kookaburras, magpies, wrens,
                                                                  through the Wildlife Corridor Program; volunteers from
honey-eaters, parrots and tawny frogmouths. Numerous
                                                                  Darebin Parklands Association have grown some plants
lizards and frogs, insects, ducks and even an echidna also
                                                                  from seed; and Friends of Darebin Creek have assisted with
find refuge here. Melbourne Water has provided a Stream
                                                                  weeding and planting.
Frontage Management Program grant to fund a professional
weed spraying program, as well as many plants, weed mats,         For more information on Banyule’s Wildlife Corridor
stakes, plastic tree guards and mulch.                            Program contact Council. To contact VINC call 9482 1710
                                                                  or visit www.vinc.net.au. For information on the Darebin
The ten families have already removed several trailer-loads of
                                                                  Parkland Association visit www.dpa.org.au
litter and literally tons of weeds, mainly Wandering Trad, from
the water’s edge. In their place they are planting the trees,
shrubs and groundcovers that would once have grown here
including River Red Gums.

                 Opening of the Banyule Community
                  Development Grants and Banyule
                   Greensborough RSL Trust Fund
The grant rounds will open on Monday 16 August 2010 and close at 5.00 pm on Friday 17th September 2010.
Application forms for both grants will be available on Council’s website
For more information about the grants please contact Karen Molinaro, Monday to Wednesday.
12      Winter in Banyule                                                                www
                                                                                         www.banyule.vic.gov.au | 9490 4222

     August 5-29
     A taste of events to come at the festival...
     Playback West transforms audience        RECYCLED MIXED MEDIA MURAL
     members’ real life experiences into      WORKSHOP
     compelling theatre, on the spot.         This workshop uses clean waste
     Playback Theatre is spontaneous          from industry to create a beautiful
     and collaborative, created through       mural depicting a ‘Magical Winter
     audience interaction. Audiences          Garden’. Festival goers are invited
     are invited to share real life stories   to come along and help bring this
     and performers enact those stories       mural to life. Created on recycled
     immediately without rehearsal. The       canvas, this colourful piece of work
     results can be powerful, funny, heart    combines art with environmental             JUNK PUPPET WORKSHOP
     warming and often surprising. Share      awareness.                                  Do you have treasures lurking
     your story and see it come to life at                                                in your cupboard that have lost
     the Watsonia Library.                    TALL WORDS                                  their fun Perhaps you have a tiara
                                              TALL WORDS is a site speci c                that doesn’t sparkle or a teapot
                                              performance installation project            that’s lost its handle Join Polyglot
                                              to be performed at the Watsonia             Theatre and let your imagination
                                              Library. Created by DVA Theatre,            run wild; transform your pre-loved
                                              a company of performers with an             possessions into extraordinary
                                              intellectual disability based in the        puppets. BYO treasures.
                                              City of Banyule, this is a unique
                                              collaboration of performance, text,         IVANHOE MAKERS MARKET -
                                              sound, live music and lighting which        3RD BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION
                                              will transform the library, re ecting       Be warmed and delighted by artisan
                                              on the role that language plays for         treats and handmade original
                                              those with an intellectual disability in    artworks at the Ivanhoe Makers
                                              our community.                              Market. The market is on at the
                                                                                          Banyule Arts Space on the third
                                              ABORIGINAL MUSIC WORKSHOP                   Saturday of every month. Winter
                                              Workshops on how to play                    in Banyule marks our third birthday
                                              instruments used to make Aboriginal         so come along to celebrate with us,
                                              music, led by Herb Patten (gumleaf          you might even nd a unique creative
                                              player/runner up in ‘Australia’s Got        present for yourself or someone
     LET’S DANCE!                             Talent’ 2007).                              special!
     Join the Melbourne Dance Theatre
     for an entertaining afternoon
     of dance for all the family,
     featuring beautiful classical ballet,
     contemporary and commercial
     dance, music theatre and acrobatics.
     After the show MDT dancers will
                                                                                               Find out
     engage the community in an exciting
     dance workshop
     for all ages.
                                                                                             A full program is available
     THIS POSITIVE LIFE                                                                       from Council’s Service
     This contemporary art exhibition                                                       Centres, or phone 9490 4222.
     brings together local professional                                                       The program will also be
     artists, students and community                                                                available on
     group members at the Banyule Arts                                                           Council’s website.
     Space, it is not to be missed.
                                                                                         Winter in Banyule                    13

      Winter in Banyule is a unique festival that celebrates     This year a number of small grants funded 15 groups to
      the innovative and diverse nature of arts and culture in
      t                                                          present original artworks that engage with Banyule’s
      the City of Banyule. The Festival features a broad range
      t                                                          community.
      of art, music, dance and cultural events in locations
                                                                 The 2010 Winter in Banyule Arts Festival will run from
      throughout the district.
                                                                 August 5-29.

      Saturday Sounds at Jets                                    The Lost Arts Weekend:
      As part of the 2010 Winter in Banyule Arts Festival,       Celebrating Vintage Arts
      artworks created by members of the Saturday
      Sounds program will be on display at Watsonia
      Library from August 12.
      Saturday Sounds is a creative arts program for                            August 28-29
      teenagers with a disability, aged from 12 to 17 years
      of age run from Council’s Jets Studios. The theme for         As a special addition to Winter in Banyule 2010,
      term two was Environmental Art, where students                join us for The Lost Arts Weekend is dedicated
      explored nature and the environment through                   to celebrating vintage art forms. Step back in time
      sculpture, photography, drawing and painting.                 and learn the lost arts of decoupage, letter writing,
                                                                    conversation, knitting, doll making, A Capella singing,
      For more information on Saturday Sounds and other             radio plays, puppetry and much more.
      programs offered at Jets, visit
      www.banyuleyouth.com.au.                                         Some special events as part of the
                                                                         Lost Arts Weekend include:
                                                                    DEAD LETTER OFFICE - PERFORMANCE AND
                                                                    LETTER WRITING WORKSHOP
                                                                    No page is left unturned at the Dead Letter Of ce
                                                                    where the irrepressible dames, Miss Beeton and Miss
                                                                    Wagner, provide instruction on the proper forms for
                                                                    letters of love, complaint and friendship. Come along
                                                                    to watch a mystery performance, look at rare and
                                                                    intriguing letters, and write your own!
                                                                    A FESTIVAL OF CHORAL SINGING
                                                                    An event involving three choirs, Heidelberg Choral
                                                                    Society, Tudor Choristers and St George’s Church
                                                                    Choir, in which each choir sings a bracket of its own
                                                                    music, showing off the diversity of choral ensembles,
                                                                    with the massed choirs coming together to conclude
                                                                    the concert and the Winter in Banyule Festival.
                                                                    RADIO PLAYS @ JETS
                                                                    Tally ho! Come along and experience or create
                                                                    your own aural world LIVE @ Jets! Yes, warm up by
                                                                    the wireless with original soundscapes created and
                                                                    performed by young people aged 12-17 of all abilities
      Banyule Arts Space                                            capturing their favourite places in a diorama of sound
                                                                    or create your own! Proudly supported by 88.6
                                                                    Plenty Valley FM and DHS.
      14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe
      Throughout August, the Banyule Arts Space
      will become the Winter in Banyule festival hub
      boasting exhibitions, workshops and performances
      by individual artists and collectives.
      Make sure you pick up a copy of the program so
      that you don’t miss out on this brilliant showcase
      of the Banyule artistic community!

The Banner is a monthly
14     Business

                 Take Your Business to a
                New Level of Profitability
     Banyule City Council has recently been awarded a
     $15,000 Victorian Government grant to run a ‘Grow
                                                                                  Program details
     VicRoads is upgrading the 38kmspartnership ITS, consisting of ramp signals, scheduled to commence in August mid
     your business group program’ in        The with             The program is       construction to commence by
     of the M80 Ring Road from the
     SustainedAbility.                      variable message signs and variable       2010. Improvements will sessions:
                                                                 and nish in September and consists of seveninclude
     Princes Freeway at Laverton North      speed limit signs, will help to Group Workshops and 4 X 2-hour
                                                                 3 X 4-hour           an extra lane in both directions
     Through the program ten local businesses will be manage traf c ow consultations.
     to the Greensborough Highway at        ef ciently           individual and       including widening of the bridge over
     provided with the provides a vital     ensure business
     Greensborough. Itopportunity to develop their smooth- owing traf c.              Furlong Road to improve traf c ow.
     management skills and accelerate business growth
     link between Melbourne, the Port of                         The fee per business is $500 plus GST with a $1,500
                                            Currently, the        carries up to
     through a tailored ‘12 Month growth plan’ which aims road Victorian Government grant tobillion M80 Ring
     Melbourne, Melbourne and Avalon                                                  The $2.25 cover the
     airports, regional Victoria and the    142,000 vehicles per day, with costs.
     to improve the pro tability and performance of their        remaining            Road Upgrade is jointly funded
     other states.                          up to 16 per cent freight. With           by the Victorian and Australian
                                                                 To register your
                                            Melbourne’s growing population, it interest, discuss the program or obtain
                                                                                      Governments, and is a vital part of
     The upgrade involves widening and                           further is often     contact erica.hardie@banyule.vic.
                                            is unsurprising that capacity information the Victorian Transport Plan and the
     improvements along the Western                              gov.au or visit www.banyulebusiness.com.au
                                            exceeded during peak periods.             Nation Building Program.
     and Metropolitan Ring Roads
     where a minimum of three lanes in      In order to minimise the impact on        For further information or to
     both directions will be added for      road users, the M80 Ring Road will        provide feedback please contact
     the entire length, with additional     be upgraded in sections, with major       the M80 project team. To join our
     lanes between some interchanges        construction on the rst section           mailing list or sign up for works

      Eating in Banyule Guide is back!
     to provide a continuous lane to        between Calder Freeway and Sydney updates and traf c alerts please
     reduce current merging and weaving Road.
     problems.                              The second section of the M80 Ring
                                                                                      email us.
                                                                                      Phone: 1300 297 090
     Also featuring a new Intelligent                     Don’t miss be from
                                            Road to be upgraded willthe opportunity to be included – it’s FREE!!
                                                                                      Visit:      3 Bristol Street Essendon
     Transport System (ITS), additional     the Western Highway to Sunshine
                                                          Council is whole                         Airport Vic 3041
                                                                      very pleased to announce that we will be producing
     lanes and recon gured freeway          Avenue, St Albans. The
     interchanges and ramps, the M80
                                                          a hard copy guide to         in Banyule, which will feature all
                                            project is expected to take more eatingEmail:
     Ring Road Upgrade will signi cantly
                                                          cafés, restaurants and
                                            than ve years to be completed. takeaways in Banyule.
     improve congestion and safety along    Tenders have Approximately 20,000 of these guides will be produced and
                                                           been advertised for a
     one of Melbourne’s key transport                     distributed around the
                                            portion of works between Furlong City. addition, all information will be
     corridors.                                           provided online via
                                            Road and Sunshine Avenue, with our Business Directory at
                                                          To ensure that your business is included, log onto the Banyule
                                                          Business website to list your business details or verify an
                                                          existing entry. You can also upload one image, logo or photo to
                                                          include with your entry. The Directory will be launched later in
                                                          the year and all listed businesses will receive a hard copy.
     Public Transport Surveys                                    Visit information please contact Nicole Complete one
                                                          For further www.pt4me2.org.au to get started.Maslin or Erica
                                                                  in the the surveys, each one only takes
                                                          Hardieor all ofEconomic Development of ce on a minute or so.
     pt4me2.org.au is a project of the Metropolitan Transport 9833.
     Forum which represents 19 municipalities across             Surveys are available until 30 April 2010.
     Melbourne on transport issues.
     The objective of pt4me2 is to provide the community

     Put chess on the board!
     with another way to become active and have a say about
     public transport in Melbourne. Pt4me2 encourages
     all Melbournians to become active in campaigning for
     better public transport via social media such as blogging,
     Chess is one the most popular games played across the        volunteers to assist us in the establishment of the
     Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and the internet.
     world. Come and join us at Watsonia Library for the          Watsonia Library Chess Club.
      rst of many exciting chess evenings.
     In this election year in Victoria, the pt4me2 peoples        Our rst meeting will be held on Monday 6 September
     poll all a chancethis is your opportunity to learn more
     For is novices for the community to have a say on the        6.30-8pm at Watsonia Library, 4 Ibbottson Street
     improvements they want for winning strategies, and
     about chess moves and game public transport. Pt4me2          Watsonia, and is open to all ages and skill levels. Light
     will collate your responses there, come and to all the
     for those chess experts outand present them meet new         refreshments will be provided. No charge.
     major and be challenged by
     peopleparties in May 2010. more experienced players.
                                                                  For further information visit Council’s website or
     Four know the game have been devised - train users
     If youdifferent surveys of chess and would like to share     contact Catherine Borg at Council.
     survey; bus users survey; tram users survey; and the
     your knowledge with others we are also asking for
     what’s best and worst about Melbourne public transport
                                                                                                               Calendar                15

     Malahang Festival
     Malahang Festival is scheduled to take place on Saturday         There are lots of opportunities for community members to
     13 November 2010 at 4pm. There will be lots of exciting          be involved with the Malahang Festival as stallholders,
     activities, stage performances and plenty of outdoor fun and     performers, volunteers, sponsors and much more! We
     games taking place!                                              would love you to be a part of our planning committee in
                                                                      order to make this event a community-driven festival. If you
     Keep a close eye on the Banyule website, and the next
                                                                      are interested in contributing, please contact Tracy
     edition of the Banner for more details, as this will be one to
                                                                      Margieson, Cultural Events Officer on 9490 4222 or email
     mark in your calendar for a wonderful community festival at
     Malahang Reserve in Heidelberg West.

                     Community events Aug/Sep 2010
1 August                                       11 August                                       6 September
Heidelberg and Soroptimist                     Heidelberg VIEW Club, monthly                   Reconciliation Banyule Film Night,
International of Deakin, celebrate             luncheon                                        ‘Stephen “Baamba’ Albert” and ‘Rita Mills’
the rati cation of Treaty to Ban Cluster       11.45am @ The Centre Ivanhoe.                   7.30pm @ Ivanhoe Uniting Church,
Munitions                                                                                      19 Seddon Street, Ivanhoe.
                                               Guest speaker will be Sherene Hassan,Vice
10am @ Scots Uniting Church 187                President of the Islamic Council of Victoria.
Burgundy St, Heidelberg.
                                               Bookings essential, phone Joan 9459 3889.
Phone Rosemary 9497 1017.

2 August                                       14 August                                       7 September
Reconciliation Banyule, Film Night ‘Lin        Watsonia Neighbourhood House,                   Banyule VIEW Club, speaker Robyn
Onus (Bridge between Cultures)’                Fashion Afternoon Kids to Adults                Murphy, Police Safer Communities Unit
7.30pm @ Ivanhoe Uniting Church,               1pm @ 47 Lambourne Road, Watsonia               11am @ Greensborough RSL, Main Street,
19 Seddon Street Ivanhoe.                      For bookings and enquiries phone Beryl          Greensborough.
                                               9434 2031 or on Thursdays Gwen                  Phone 9439 9965
                                               9434 6717.

3 August                                       23 August                                       8 September
Banyule VIEW Club, speaker Karen               Yarra Valley U3A, Monday Talks ‘Truth,          Heidelberg VIEW Club, monthly
Ivinka from COTA Vic. Managing                 Objectivity and Balance: an Impossible Aim      luncheon
medications.                                   Commentary’                                     11.45am @ The Centre Ivanhoe.
11am @ Greensborough RSL, Main Street          2pm @ Ivanhoe Senior Citizens Centre,           Guest speaker will be Mandy Di Marzio
Greensborough.                                 rear 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe.                from Edendale Farm Community
Phone 9439 9965                                Non-members always welcome.                     Environment Education Centre.
                                               Phone 9499 2080                                 Bookings essential, phone Joan 9459 3889.

5 August                                       24 August                                       16 September
Loyola College proudly presents ‘Beauty        Heidelberg Film Society, present a              Heidelberg Theatre Company, present
and the Beast’                                 screening of ‘Moulin Rouge’                     ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ until 2 October
7.45pm @ Plenty Ranges, South Morang.          7.30pm @ Heidelberg Theatre, Turnham            8pm @ 36 Turnham Avenue, Rosanna (2pm
Until August 7.                                Ave, Rosanna.                                   Sunday Matinees).
For tickets please visit                       Phone 9435 9960                                 Bookings and information phone
www.loyola.vic.edu.au                                                                          9457 4117.

6 August                                       3 September                                     28 September
View Bank Tennis Club, free open               View Bank Tennis Club, free open                Heidelberg Film Society, present a
morning for ladies                             morning for ladies                              screening of ‘Death in Brunswick’
9.30am @ Viewbank Reserve, Rutherford          9.30am @ Viewbank Reserve, Rutherford           7.30pm @ Heidelberg Theatre, Turnham
Road,Viewbank.                                 Road,Viewbank.                                  Ave, Rosanna.
Email: viewbanktc@gmail.com                    Email viewbanktc@gmail.com                      Phone 9435 9960
              Banyule L2P off and running
                                                So far some 55 local councils all over          Young P-Plate (Probationary Licence)
                                                Victoria have jumped on board to offer this     drivers are over-represented in fatal
                                                program in their area.                          car crashes. Volunteers keen to make a
                                                                                                difference and reduce the carnage on our
                                                The program relies on the involvement of
                                                                                                roads are invited to be part of the program.
                                                volunteer mentors or supervising drivers
                                                who supervise learner drivers as they gain      To volunteer or offer assistance towards a
                                                experience in vehicles provided by the          vehicle, contact the Banyule L2P Program
                                                program. All volunteers in L2P undergo          Coordinator Michael Light on 9439 6522 or
                                                training provided by VicRoads prior to          0430 038450 or email L2P@bnllen.org.au
                                                being matched with a learner driver.
                                                Learner drivers also receive an average
                                                of seven professional driving lessons
Council has committed to rolling out the        throughout the program. Michael Light, the
VicRoads L2P Learner Driver Mentor              L2P Program Coordinator is responsible
Program in Banyule. The Banyule L2P is          for ensuring that all volunteers are properly
being delivered by the Banyule Nillumbik        screened and have successfully completed
Local Learning and Employment Network           a Working with Children Check, Victoria
(BNLLEN).                                       Police check and VicRoads driver’s licence
                                                (driving history) check to ensure they are
L2P is a VicRoads community based               suitable for the program.
initiative designed to support young learner
drivers who do not have access to a vehicle     Learner drivers need to be aged 16 to 20
or family members who are able to help          years, reside in or have strong links with
them get the minimum 120 hours of driving       the Banyule area and already have their
experience they need before they can sit        Learner’s Permit.
the Probationary Licence test.

  How to contact your council
  For all enquires please call

  9490 4222
  Fax: 9499 9475
  Email: enquiries@banyule.vic.gov.au
  Website: www.banyule.vic.gov.au

  If your hearing or speech is impaired,
  you can call us through the National Relay
  Service on 133 677 (TTY) or 1300 555 727
  (ordinary handset) and ask for 9490 4222.

  All correspondence to:
  PO Box 51, Ivanhoe, 3079
  DX 97904 Ivanhoe

  Council Service Centres:
  Ivanhoe - 275 Upper Heidelberg Road
  Rosanna - 44 Turnham Avenue
  Greensborough - 9-13 Flintoff Street

  All of ces are open:
  Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm
  Rosanna - Wednesday night until 7pm
  Greensborough - Saturday 9am - 12noon

  The Banner is a publication produced by the
  Banyule City Council. For August/September
  community events listings, please pick up a form at
  any service centre, go to www.banyule.vic.gov.au
  or email eventslisting @ banyule.vic.gov.au by
  June 28 2010.

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