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                                                                                                              Fall 2007
       Update from the Agency Director

                                   Since this spring the agency’s total focus has been on adoption, pregnancy and outreach
                                   services. We have increased our networking with schools, professional organizations and
                                   community groups. By increasing our networking, we are able to make the community more
                                   aware of the services we provide and overcome the rumors of the agency being closed entirely.

                                    While out in the community there seems to be one question many people ask: “What has
                                    happened to the residential building?” Our new neighbors, 11 college students from the
                                    ECHO and LaLanne programs, which are sponsored through the archdiocesan Office of
      Catholic Education, moved in at the beginning of August. These wonderful young people are either teaching in the inner-
      city Catholic schools or exploring a career as a director of religious education.

      The agency is moving our communication tools to the 21st century. We are updating our website ( to
      be more interactive, you can find us on the internet on You Tube and Facebook. We have teamed together with a marketing
      firm to develop a campaign to help us spread the word about our name and services to a larger group of people.

      With November being National Adoption Awareness Month we are very excited to have so many wonderful things to share
      here at St. Elizabeth/Coleman. Please join us in spreading the news of this life-long supportive ministry to others.

                                                                                              Michelle Meer
                                                                                              Agency Director
        Outreach Service Update:
         St. Elizabeth/Coleman is currently working with 12 outreach service clients. Services being provided to outreach clients
         include, but are not limited to: providing emotional support, connecting clients with community resources, counseling
         focusing on parental responsibilities such as budgeting, and utilizing financial and in-kind donations contributed to St.

         Here’s a recent story:
         On a Friday morning at 9 a.m. our agency received a call from a young lady who was nine months pregnant and currently
         parenting two children, both under age five. The young lady stated she had been living in a motel, but due to not being
         able to pay the bill was being evicted that afternoon. She was considering placing her unborn child for adoption, but first
         and foremost she was concerned for the immediate safety of herself and her two children. We quickly arrived at her motel
         and the St. Elizabeth/Coleman social worker spent most of the day in the hotel room with the client collaborating with
         Holy Family Shelter and other local shelters to secure a safe place for her and her children at a family homeless shelter.
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        St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services celebrated the 21st annual Elizabella Ball on Saturday, August 18,
        2007. We had nearly 400 guests and raised more than $80,000 for the agency after expenses.

        We would like to thank Michael Browning, II, managing director of Bluefish Wireless, for his title sponsorship of the Ball and
        Paul and Terri Brumleve for serving as the Ball chairpersons this year, overseeing the steering and silent auction committees.
        WIBC Morning News Anchor Terri Stacey served as master of ceremonies for the program which included the presentation of
        the Courageous Heart Award to our recipients: Laura Williamson and Julie Kreisenko. Their inspirational stories can be found
        on our website.

        The crowd loved the return of Dancing with the Stars and once again a priest took home the trophy: Father Jonathan Meyer of
        St. Luke Parish.
                                                                                  • Marian College President Dan Elsener
        We would like to thank all of our celebrity dancers for their enthusiasm: • JPMorgan Chase Senior Vice President Maria Quintana
                                                                                    • Baker & Daniels Law Partner Melina Kennedy

        Save the date: Saturday, August 16, 2008 for the Elizabella Ball!
        November is National Adoption Awareness Month
        S t. Elizabeth/Coleman would like to invite those of you who have been touched by adoption through our agency to spread the
        good news on how adoption has blessed your lives.

        Here are several ways to spread the word about adoption and how to use the month of November to help people become more
        aware of adoption...

                 Donate a book about adoption to the school nearest to where you live.
                 Arrange for a staff person of our agency to present at a corporate meeting, club meeting or any other interested group from
                 your church, school or workplace.

                                               Contact us at 317-787-3412 or
                                          for more ways to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month.

                                    Donation Wish List
                                    The donations are needed for the pregnant women, children and families in our service.

         Birthmothers                                                           Infant/Child Supplies
        •        Christmas gifts for the birthparents and their children:       •    Diapers: Sizes – Newborn, 3, 4, 5 & Pull-ups
                 sign-up to help a family have a joyous holiday                 •    Unscented wet wipes
        •        Maternity Clothing                                             •    Infant toiletries: A & D ointment, lotion, powder, etc.
        •        Maternity Undergarments                                        •    Crib sheets and mobiles
        •        Journals and Adoption or pregnancy books
        •        Body lotions, hand creams, shower gels, toiletries
        •        Target, Wal-Mart or grocery store gift cards

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         Volunteer Needs
        We thank all who have volunteered their time during 2007 to help us with our yard work and the organization of the generous
        donations we receive at St. Elizabeth/Coleman. The volunteers include students from the archdiocese’s “Homeland Mission Project,”
        IUPUI, Ivy Tech, Mount Pleasant Christian Church, Scecina High School and the University of Indianapolis. Special thanks to the
        United Way Women’s Leadership Program volunteers, Terese Maxwell, Susana Haywood and the many families who have spent their
        Saturday mornings with us.

        Here are the current volunteer opportunities:
        •        Donation Center: Intake, sorting and organization of donations
        •        Adoption Program: Baskets for birth mothers when they go to the hospital and baskets for the newborn infants.
        •        Landscape/yard work: lawn mowing, pulling weeds, raking leaves, trimming shrubs, trees, garden work
        •        Pick-up of in-kind donations: cribs, furniture, car seats & other infant equipment.
                 Contact Priscilla Kamrath at 787-3412, ext. 29, or for more information.

        Telling the Community about our Services
        We are always looking for opportunities to let the community know about our services and our work in helping others. During
        the past few months, we have exhibited at eight United Way agency fairs, the Indianapolis Public Schools Back-To-School
        Carnival Celebration, the 9/11 Community Fair, National Association of Social Workers annual conference and an adoption
        conference. If you would like for us to exhibit or present at an event or function you are holding, we would love to be there.
        Just contact Priscilla Kamrath for more information.

          Seated in first row (left to right): Carole McAtee (receptionist/support specialist), Jessica Hardy (adoption support specialist), Michelle Meer
          (agency director), Carol Sandefer (support specialist), Valerie Sperka (events coordinator); Standing in second row (left to right): Priscilla
          Kamrath (community relations director), Emily Delph (birthmother counselor), Katrina Carlisle (adoption search specialist and co-author of
          Adoption for Dummies), Renee Hummel (adoption services director), Suzanne Murphy (development director), and Fred Harris
          (development associate).
          Not pictured: Yvonne Aluko (business specialist), Alice Avery (international adoption services), John DiCicco (facilities manager), and Mary Ellen
          Lohr (finance director).
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                                                            Our Mission
            St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services, rooted in Catholic tradition, believes that every child has a
          right to a healthy, loving family. We provide life-long services to empower women and families of all faiths by offering
          support, compassion and professional guidance.

       St. Elizabeth/Coleman            Council Members                Marc Guess                       St. Elizabeth/Coleman’s
       A DVISORY COUNCIL                Michael Browning, II           State Auto Insurance Co.         LEADERSHIP TEAM
       Officers                           Bluefish Wireless                                                Michelle Meer,
                                                                       David Siler
       Most Rev. Daniel M.                                             Executive Director of the        Agency Director
                                        Paul Brumleve
       Buechlein, O.S.B.,               Lynch, Harrison & Brumleve,    Secretariat for Catholic         John DiCicco,
       Honorary Council President       Inc.                           Charities & Family Ministries    Facilities Manager
       Steve Freeland,                  Anne Coleman                   Lynda Smirz, M.D.                Renee Hummel,
       Cancer Care Group, P.C.          St. Vincent                    Clarian North                    Director of Adoption Services
       President                        Women’s Hospital
                                                                       Lori Warner                      Priscilla Kamrath,
       M. Lynne O’Day,                  Tom Craig                      St. Francis Hospital &           Director of Community
       Vice President                   Symphony Bank                  Health Centers                   Relations
       Robert Anderson                  Lisa Frieden                   Sue Welch                        Mary Ellen Lohr,
       Vandivier Management             Community Volunteer            Community Volunteer              Director of Finance
                                                                       Charlene Witka                   Suzanne Murphy,
                                                                       Cathedral High School            Director of Development
       In an effort to keep you informed, future newsletters will be mailed in
       September/October and March/April of every year. Inbetween newsletters please
       check our website for updates at

               2500 Churchman Avenue
                Indianapolis, IN 46203
                   (317) 787-3412
                   (800) 499-9113

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