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                                                             I n t e r n at I o n a l n e t w o r k f o r

                                                             preventIon of elder abuse

                                                                                     november 2010

Message froM
the President
gloria M. gutman, Phd
i am very pleased to report a number
of new initiatives that have taken
place since february 1, 2010 when the
current administration took office:

Student MeMberShip
At our recent Annual General Meeting
and Board Meeting which took place in
New York City on October 7, a student
membership category was formally
established. So as to be affordable to
all, the membership fee for students
was set at $15Usd per annum. this
                                            left to right: Bridget Penhale, Susan Somers, Lia Daichman, Gloria Gutman & Pat Brownwell in New York City
fee, which will be the same for both
developing and developed countries,
will be available to full and part time      York City on or around October 1, the                                   Abuse: Recent Developments”. The
undergraduate students, graduate             UN International Day of Older Persons                                   talk, attended by over 40 people,
students and post-doctoral fellows (or       (IDOP). Traditionally, the New York                                     presented an excellent overview of
equivalent) attending recognized post-       UN NGO Committee on Aging has                                           the topic. The reception that followed
secondary educational institutions           organized a major public event to                                       enabled old friendships to be renewed
upon submission of a copy of their           mark IDOP, this year attended by an                                     and new bridges to be built between
student card or letter of acceptance.        overflow crowd of over 400 persons.                                     INPEA and the other organizations
We hope that you will actively recruit       Juxtaposing our AGM with IDOP                                           and individuals that were represented
students attending colleges and              celebrations in New York provides                                       in the audience. INPEA is grateful to
universities in your country or who          a splendid opportunity for inPea to                                     AARP for providing meeting space for
work with you in a paid or volunteer         attract a larger attendance than has                                    the award lecture and for our agM.
capacity to become members of                heretofore been the case. it also
inPea. students represent the next           provides an opportunity for us to host                                  roSaLie WoLF aWard Lecture
generation of leaders in the fight           side events to the UN celebration.                                      to be a reGuLar Feature oF
against elder abuse and neglect;                                                                                     Jean
they are an important part of our            roSaLie WoLF MeMoriaL aWard                                             Following the precedent set in 2009
organization.                                Lecture heLd on october 7                                               when Ariela Lowenstein’s 2008 Rosalie
                                             This year, for the first time, the annual                               Wolf award Lecture was published in
Fixed date & Location For aGM                rosalie s. Wolf Memorial award                                          Jean - the Journal of elder abuse and
Another new initiative was to fix the        Lecture was a featured side event                                       Neglect (see Vol.21, pp.278-287), I am
date of the Annual General Meeting.          of IDOP. Bridget Penhale, this year’s                                   pleased to report that Jean editor-in-
For the remainder of the term of office      recipient of this prestigious award,                                    Chief Georgia Anetzberger has agreed
of this administration (i.e. for the next    presented a talk on the topic “Older
three years) it will take place in New                                                                                                                   cont`d on pg 2...
                                             Women, Domestic Violence and Elder
     cont`d from pg 1...                                                 long range planning purposes, mark
                                                                         your calendars for 2012 and 2013 as
                                                                                                                                         the case for a Middle
     to publish Bridget’s lecture and those
     of the award recipients for 2011-13
                                                                         follows. Current plans are to host the
                                                                         2012 event in conjunction with the
                                                                                                                                         east north africa
     and, to recommend to the editor
     that will succeed her in 2013, that
                                                                         International Federation of Aging’s                             Region of INPEA
                                                                         11th Global Conference which will
     the lecture be a continuing feature
                                                                         be held in Prague, May 28-1 June                                nabil Kronfol, Md, drph
     of JEAN. Thanks Georgia – INPEA is
                                                                         and the 2013 event in conjunction                               The Middle East North Africa Region
     proud to have the recipients of our
                                                                         with the 20th World Congress of                                 (Mena) includes some 25 countries.
     most important award recognized in
                                                                         the International Association of                                Their number varies according to the
     this way.
     Note: Power point slides from Bridget’s lecture                     Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG)                               various geographical entities adopted
     may be found on the INPEA website.                                  which will take place in Seoul, Korea                           by     international    organizations.
                                                                         June 23-28, 2013.                                               Most of these same countries are
     Mena reGion eStabLiShed                                                                                                             also referred to as eMr (eastern
     Until recently, INPEA has had six                                   future PlAns - stuDent                                          Mediterranean Region) by the World
     Regional    Representatives,     one                                Section                                                         Health Organization (WHO); 13 of
     each for: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin                               as some of you will remember, when                              them are also included in the ESCWA
     America and the Caribbean, North                                    I was President of the International                            (Economic and Social Commission
     america, and oceania. it also has                                   Association of Gerontology and                                  for West Asia). The World Bank and
     had National Representatives from                                   Geriatrics, I instituted a small grants                         UNFPA tend to use the MENA region
     over 60 counties. In September                                      program to enable IAGG member                                   to refer to these countries.
     2010, a seventh region, the Middle                                  organizations to establish student
     East North Africa (MENA) Region was                                 sections. INPEA, as one of the                                  to-date there are only three countries
     established. INPEA Vice-President                                   two International Special Interest                              from this region that have national
     Nabil Kronfol provides a rational                                   Organizations officially affiliated                             representatives within INPEA, namely:
     for the establishment of the new                                    with iagg, received one of those                                Lebanon, Bahrain and the United arab
     region.                                                             grants. It is time now, as we actively                          emirates (Uae). these three countries
                                                                         recruit student members, to formally                            have been included in the european
     Venues for WeAAD 2011-2013                                          establish a student section within                              region up to now. However, there is
     We are pleased to announce that the                                 inPea so that its leadership can                                nothing European about these countries
     official INPEA event marking World                                  provide input concerning student                                (and this region). Geographically, this
     Elder Abuse Awareness Day will take                                 training needs to our new Education                             region is part of Asia. The culture is
     place in 2011 in the UK. Action on                                  and Training Standing Committee,                                quite distinct from Europe and so is
     Elder Abuse and the International                                   contribute to Weaad and other                                   the language, the heritage and a host
     Longevity Centre-UK will be two                                     special events, and participate in                              of other dimensions. Most importantly,
     important partners in this event.                                   the IAGG’s International Council of                             the care of the older population in this
     stay tuned for further details. for                                 Gerontology Student Organizations.                              region is quite distinct due to cultural,
                                                                                                                                         religious and social characteristics that
             Jn-Guy St. Gelais, Co-chair Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, INPEA President Gloria Gutman and INPEA     are different from present-day Europe.
                                                  Secretary General Susan Somers at the NICE Knowledge Exchange, Toronto, April, 2010.
                                                                                                                                         This region is starting to face the
                                                                                                                                         important issues related to aging.
                                                                                                                                         National and regional programs are
                                                                                                                                         being developed; aging is receiving
                                                                                                                                         research and academic attention. It
                                                                                                                                         is important for INPEA to recognize
                                                                                                                                         these changes and increase its
                                                                                                                                         penetration into these activities,
                                                                                                                                         through involvement with civil
                                                                                                                                         society and academia. this can
                                                                                                                                         best be accomplished through the
                                                                                                                                         establishment of a regional dimension
                                                                                                                                         within INPEA and the nomination of
                                                                                                                                         country representation according to
                                                                                                                                         the established by-laws.

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INPEA Newsletter - November 2010
     How Health Care Professionals Can Help
     Prevent elder financial abuse                                                               inpea repreSentatiVeS
                                                                                                 UN and Other International Committees and
     robert e. roush edd, Mph *                    neurology/faculty/Marson) using his           Organizations
     One of the interesting things about aging     Financial Capacity Instrument.
     is that we all experience it differently:
                                                                                                 united nationS:
     some “sail” through long lives with           Plassman et al. (http://www.annals.           CoNGO               Gloria Gutman & Susan Somers
     little if any disability; some, though, to    org/content/148/6/427.abstract)               Coordinator UN Reps.                  Susan Somers
     use a baseball metaphor, are thrown           estimate that 35% of the 25 million           UNHQ NY ECOSOC          Main Rep. Patricia Brownell
     one or more of life’s “curve balls.” One      people in the U.S. age 71 and over have       Un hQ nY dPi              Main Rep. Susan Somers,
     of those is mild cognitive impairment         some form of cognitive impairment As                                          Alt. Denise Caldera
     (MCI), a problematic condition placing        the aging population nearly doubles in        Un geneva                   Main Rep. Ursula Barter
                                                                                                 UN Vienna                Main Rep. Ulrike Waginger
     that individual at far higher risk of being   another 20 years, so will the numbers
     defrauded financially.                        of those with this risk factor.
                                                                                                 nGo coMMitteeS WorKinG at un
     What is problematic about MCI is              A 2009 study by the MetLife                   New York
     that individuals can go about living          Foundation suggests that financial            Ageing Committee:
     their lives much like they were before:       losses of financially exploited seniors         Elder Abuse Sub-Committee Pat Brownell -Chair
                                                                                                   idoP 2010          Pat Brownell & Denise Gosselin
     engaged socially, enjoying family,            could be as high as $2.6 billion a year.
                                                                                                                                   Caldera Co-chairs
     friends, and leisure pursuits. the            a report released this past June 15th           Sub-Committee to Promote a Convention for the
     one area those with MCI have more             on World elder abuse awareness day              Human Rights of Older Persons
     problems with than those without the          by the non-profit Investor Protection                 Pat Brownell, James Collins & Susan Somers
     condition is in managing their financial      trust (iPt) states that as many as one        Committee on AIDS/HIV                  Robert Brent
     affairs. Often times the affected             in five older Americans say they have         Committee on Health                   Susan Somers
     person doesn’t know it, the spouse or         experienced financial exploitation or         Committee on Human Rights             Susan Somers
     others close to them don’t know it for        been targeted by persons attempting           Committee on Social Development
                                                                                                                       Susan Somers & James Collins
     awhile; and generally, their health care      to defraud them of their hard-earned
                                                                                                 Committee on Status of Women Subcommittee on
     providers don’t delve into this highly        savings. If the amount lost to fraud is       Older Women (SCOW)                     Pat Brownell
     personal area of a patient’s life. There      significant, seniors simply don’t have
     are, though, some “professionals”             the time to make it back. This has health     Committee on Ageing                     Ursula Barter
     who do know how much more risk                consequences when victims have to             Committee on Status of Women            Ursala Barter
     a person with MCI is likely to take:          choose between out-of-pocket health
     unscrupulous financial advisors do            services and food and shelter.                Vienna
                                                                                                 Committee on Aging                    Ulrika Waginger
     and, sadly, so do equally unscrupulous
     family members.                               To combat this serious and growing            other orGanizationS:
                                                   problem, clinicians and investor              African Research Network (AFRAN)          Susan Somers
     There is a neurobiological basis for          educators combined forces in texas            Geneva International Network on Ageing (GINA)
     increased vulnerability to investment         to develop an easy-to-use set of “red                                                   Ursula Barter
     fraud and financial exploitation of           flag” questions that busy primary care        International Association of Gerotology and
     some older persons; i.e., changes in          physicians and their office staff could       geriatrics (iagg)                       Gloria Gutman
                                                                                                 Latin America & Caribbean Region IAGG (COMLAT)
     the Orbitofrontal Cortex of the brain,        use with their older patients. Funded
                                                                                                                                           Lia Daichman
     that area where executive functioning         by a grant from the IPT and supported
                                                                                                 International NGO’s for a Convention on the Human
     capacity is located. Persons with             by the Texas State Securities Board,          Rights of Older Persons
     marked changes in the OFC are far less        geriatrics faculty at Baylor College                                  Lia Daichman & Susan Somers
     risk averse that age-matched persons          of Medicine in houston, texas used            Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT)
     without any change.                           outside experts in decision-making            annual Conference San Diego              Susan Somers
                                                   capacity, psychiatry, and ethics to work      National Partership to End Interpersonal Violence
                                                                                                 Across the Life Span (NPEIV)             Susan Somers
     Natalie Denburg’s elegant Iowa                with focus groups of clinicians who see       National Inititive on Care of the Elderly(NICE) Elder
     Gambling Task study demonstrated              large numbers of older people in their        abuse theme team                        Gloria Gutman
     this     (http://discovery.medicine.          practices. The result was a clinician’s                       pocket guide, which also gives referral
     investigators/Denburg,Natalie/                routes if there is a positive screen, and a
     index.htm), as has Daniel Marson’s            patient education brochure that formed
     research (            the basis of a series of 10 continuing
                                                                            cont`d on pg 4...
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INPEA Newsletter - November 2010
     Assistive devices are increasingly being    in contracts that are legally ‘unfair’ and
     touted as a major problem solver for the    that border on or constitute financial
     challenges in performing activities of      abuse.
     daily living (ADLs and IADLS) that many
     older adults experience as a result of      another area of concern is the use of
     the sensory and physical changes that       technology to monitor the quality of
     tend to accompany ‘normal’ aging.           care that is provided. the issue here
                                                 is that it may require installation of
     Other technologies are being marketed       devices (e.g. surveillance cameras)
     to healthy seniors and pre-retirees as      that intrude on older persons’ right
     ways of staying physically or cognitively   to privacy and/or that jeopardize the
     fit and warding off the ravages of          rights of care providers.
     diseases such as Alzheimers. Still others                                                left to right: Lorea Ytterberg and Elsa Marziali discuss the Elder
                                                                                              Abuse Suspicion Index (EISI) at the ISG Conference INPEA exhibit
     are targeted to persons who are already     these and other concerns related
                                                                                              held in Vancouver, May 2010.
     physically or cognitively frail. Some of    to technology were explored in a
     the devices and products may indeed be      roundtable session at the 7th World
                                                                                                 for Elder Law, Dr. Mauro Colombo,
     helpful but they may be priced beyond       Conference of the International Society
                                                                                                 a physician from Italy specified in
     the means of the average older adult.       for Gerontechnology, held in Vancouver
                                                                                                 dementia care and Dr. Anneke van
     Others are outright frauds and scams        Canada, May 27-30, 2010. Speakers
                                                                                                 der Plaats a family physician from the
     where vulnerable older adults are           included President gutman, Laura
     being ‘oversold’ technology or services     Watts, Director of the Canadian Centre

     cont’d from pg 3...

     medical education programs in Texas         Salt Lake Tribune by Humberto Cruz              have teamed to work with such
     during 2009. Of the 200 who took the        typifies the national interest in this          national health-related organizations
     courses, 130 completed evaluations          issue:            as the american academy of family
     and gave contact information. Later,        opinion/49788004-82/financial-                  Physicians, the National Association
     67 gave the research team permission        fraud-regulators-securities.html.csp.           of Geriatric Education Centers, the
     to contact them at six months. the                                                          National Area Health Education Center
     results were a case finding rate of 55%     What began in Texas with support of             Organization and others. The goal of
     who had used the pocket guide and           the Texas State Securities Board and            this new alignment of organizations
     who found patients deemed highly            funded by the IPT has the potential to          is to offer continuing education for
     vulnerable to what the team has called      become a national program. The TSSB             health professionals to increase their
     eiffe, or elder investment fraud and        has counterparts in each state whose            clinical awareness of the issue and to
     financial exploitation.                     function is to regulate stock brokers           provide them with a proven screening
                                                 and financial advisors making sure              tool and with effective referral routes.
     The results of the EIFFE project were       they don’t sell an unsuitable financial
     presented at the November 2009              product to anyone of any age. The               Hopefully this national effort will
     annual meeting of the Gerontological        TSSB and the other state oversight              prevent large numbers of vulnerable
     society of america and at the June          agencies also play another important            older persons from losing their
     2010 annual meeting of the National         role: i.e., their investor educators            wherewithall. and hopefully the
     Area Health Education Center                conduct programs for seniors to                 thieves who use undue influence to
     Organization.                               increase their financial literacy and           gain elders’ trust and sell them highly
                                                 how to avoid scams. the professional            inappropriate financial instruments
     since the June 15th press release           organization of these regulatory and            will be caught, prosecuted, and
     of the iPt-commissioned survey              financial professionals is the North            punished.
     findings, 155 print and electronic          American State Securities Association
     media outlets ranging from the              (NASSA) which has an active Senior              *Dr. Roush is Director, Texas Consortium
     Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago          Outreach Project Group.                         Geriatrics Education Center and Principal
     tribune, and Wall street Journal have                                                       Investigator, EIFFE Grant, Huffington
     carried articles on the EIFFE project.      The IPT, NASSA, and the National                Center on Aging, Baylor College of
     one from sunday, July 11th in the           Adult Protective Services Association           Medicine, houston, texas

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INPEA Newsletter - November 2010
     World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Changing the World, One Day
     at a time
     elizabeth podnieks, edd                    participants. The students, who            Cynthia Thomas, Lynn McDonald and
     Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University     came from newfoundland, Quebec,            Raeann Rideout engaged in a lively
     Founder and Chair, WEAAD                   Ontario, Manitoba and British              discussion on measuring the success
                                                Columbia described their four month        of harm reduction initiatives. Lawyers
     It was a glorious day on June 15, 2010,    journey in first, recognizing elder        Kimberly Whaley and graham Webb
     when nearly one hundred people             abuse, second working with older           outlined case examples of power of
     came together to celebrate the fifth       persons and finally taking the issue       attorney abuses leading to family
     anniversary of World elder abuse           and making it their own. Details of        turmoil.
     awareness day (Weaad), held at the         their projects and activities, described
     historic (1886) Faculty Club. One of       by the project consultant, Sharon          Betty Malks, INPEA North American
     the oldest buildings of the University     MacKenzie, may be found in the             Representative      from 2005-2010,
     of toronto, it was the perfect venue       forthcoming WEAAD Proceedings.             described her work as project director
     for an event honouring both the                                                       in an initiative aimed at mobilizing
     young and the old.                         Mala Kapur Shankardass, Delhi              diverse faith communities to create
                                                University, spoke next describing          awareness and action against elder
     the conference opened with welcome         an intergenerational pilot program         abuse within Santa Clara County,
     remarks in which I noted that              conducted in three educational             California. She also referenced
     World Day is not just about raising        institutions in two states in India.       work taking place in Australia. Pat
     awareness of the indignities suffered      Many of the activities were designed       spadafora (sheridan elder research
     by the elderly but also a celebration      to have students interact with their       Centre) closed the program with a
     of older persons. the honourable           parents, the community and the             snapshot of the next five years. Her
     gerry Phillips, Minister responsible       media. Susan Crichton (Public Health       pictures included: Longevity and Baby
     for seniors described how for the          Agency of Canada) spoke of the             Boomers, Rights of Older Persons,
     first time Ontario retirement home         need for intergenerational activities      Social Media and Connectivity, The
     residents will have legislation to         to allow youth and older adults to         Media, Technological Advancements,
     protect against abuse and neglect.         create friendships and build strong        and Aging in a Place of One’s Choice.
                                                relationships with each other. Jean-
     The Honourable Diane Ablonsky,             Guy St. Gelais (Co-chair, Canadian         It was heart warming to receive so
     Minister for state (seniors) announced     Network for the Prevention of Elder        many emails from around the world
     funding of almost $ 1 million for six      abuse) described an announcement           expressing delight that participants
     federal Elder Abuse Initiative projects.   by the Province of Quebec to commit        were gathering to celebrate our
     Jane Barratt, Executive Director           $20 million to initiatives related to      fifth anniversary. It was particularly
     of the International Federation            elder abuse.                               touching when the students
     on Aging (IFA), INPEA’s partner in                                                    presented us with a painting by Riley
     the two projects highlighed at the         In Part 3 of the program, project          Callaghen from Campbell River, BC. It
     conference, stated that elder abuse is     coordinator,     Susan       Susskind      is filled with color and symbolism of
     not just about policy and legislation,     showcased the work undertaken to           his feelings of hope for World Day.
     but partnerships with stakeholders         date to update and customize INPEA’s
     - and every member of society is a         Community Elder Abuse Awareness            We thank everyone who contributed
     stakeholder when it comes to elder         Kit for the Canadian context . She         to the success of Weaad 2010,
     abuse. A video greeting from Dr.           reported that the draft kit had been       especially our supportive and
     gloria gutman, President of inPea          posted on the ifa and inPea websites       generous funders: The Government
     who was unable to attend the               and that comments were invited. the        of ontario, human resources and
     celebration, rounded out the first         completed tool kit will be available in    Skills Development Canada and the
     part of the program.                       late 2010.                                 Public Health Agency of Canada.

     Part 2 began with a presentation           We always wonder if our elder abuse
     by 15 students from grades nine            efforts are actually successful -- are
     to twelve that captured the hearts         we using our scarce resources in the
     and attention of the conference            best possible way? three panelists,

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INPEA Newsletter - November 2010
                                                                                                                         UN ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                                         Since 2003, INPEA has functioned as
                                                                                                                         a Non Governmental Organization
                                                                                                                         (NGO) with Special Consultative Status
                                                                                                                         with the United Nations Economic and
                                                                                                                         Social Council and the UN Department
                                                                                                                         of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

                                                                                                                         It also is affiliated with the UN
                                                                                                                         Department of Public Information
                                                                                                                         (dPi). Under the leadership of
                                                                                                                         secretary general susan somers, our
                                                                                                                         UN team members regularly attends
                                                                                                                         NGO briefings and participates in
                                                                                                                         NGO activities at UN Headquarters in
                                                                                                                         New York, as well as in Geneva and in

                                                                                                                         Our representatives serve on a variety
                                                                                                                         of committees and subcommittes.
    Past President Lia Daichman & President Gloria Gutman at IDOP NYC Oct 7 2010                                         A special activity in 2010 has been
                                                                                                                         participating, in collaboration with
                                                                                                                         eight other international NGOs, in the
                                                                                                                         production of Strenghtening the Rights
     MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: BECOME A                                                                                     of older Persons, a resource document
                                                                                                                         for working towards a UN convention
     MeMBer in good standing todaY                                                                                       on the rights of older persons.

     The INPEA by-laws are quite clear –                                 organizations interested or engaged in
     only members in good standing can                                   legislation, funding, research, policy,
     vote. Members in good standing are                                  development, administration, program
     those who have paid their dues*. if                                 planning, service delivery, education,
     you pay your dues now you will get a                                training, and/or advocacy concerning
     two month membership bonus – i.e.                                   the abuse and neglect of elderly
     you will not need to pay again until                                persons.
     december 2011.
                                                                         annual dues are $50 Usd for individuals
     It’s easy to do it. Using your credit card,                         from developed countries, $25 Usd
     you can pay online at                                 for individuals in developing countries
     or you can download our membership                                  (as designated by WHO) and $15 for
     brochure and mail it with a cheque,                                 students.
     international money order or your
                                                                         *In exceptional circumstances, where paying
     credit card number to our treasurer dr.                             dues may pose a personal financial hardship,
     robert Brent.                                                       individuals in developing countries may apply
                                                                         for a one year dues waiver.
     Membership is open to individuals and

     The deadlines for submission of nominations for vacant Regional Representative and National Representative positions are
     December 1 and June 1. Contact the INPEA Secretariat for a description of qualifications and duties as well as procedure for
     submitting nominations.

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INPEA Newsletter - November 2010
Meet the Board
nabil Kronfol
INPEA Vice-President Nabil Kronfol            to the WHO, the World Bank, UNICEF,
is a Professor of health Policy and           UNDP, UNFPA, and ESCWA – in health
Management, the President of the              systems design and the health of the
Lebanese HealthCare Management                older populations.
Association, and a co-founder of
the recently established “Center for          He is an active member of several
Studies on Aging” in Lebanon.                 international societies and groups
                                              including the International Federation
Dr Kronfol joined the American                on Aging, the ‘Seniors in Emergencies’        on the ‘Situation of population in
University of Beirut in 1974 and              in Canada, the Fall Prevention task           the Arab countries: The way forward
moved through the academic ladder             force, the ‘Aging in Foreign Land             towards implementation of MIPAA’
to become full Professor, Chairman            Project’, among others.                       and has made several contributions
of the department of health services                                                        to a number of publications on older
Administration, and Assistant Dean            dr Kronfol was a member of the small          people.
for Allied Health and finally Deputy          group who designed the protocol for
Vice President for External Programs          the Age Friendly cities and the INTRA         dr Kronfol is a member and past
in health.                                    study, both projects developed by the         president of the Alpha Omega Alpha
                                              World Health Organization.                    Honor medical society and the Sigma
dr Kronfol has an extensive list of                                                         Phi science society. In 2007, he
publications and book chapters and            he was recently commissioned by the           received the shusha award from the
continues to be a frequent consultant         ESCWA to prepare a regional report            World Health Organization.

bridget penhale
Bridget Penhale is currently Reader in        inspectorate of the department of
Gerontology in the School of Nursing          Health (UK government) concerning el-
and Midwifery at the University of east       der abuse; the discharge of frail elderly
Anglia (UEA), in Norwich, UK. With a          people from hospital and older people
first degree in psychology, she has been      with dementia living in the community.
qualified as a social worker since 1981.      Bridget is a member of the UK National
Bridget has specialised in work with          Social Care Research Ethics Committee
older people since 1983, and worked in        and a Board member of the interna-
urban, rural and city areas in addition       tional Network for the Prevention of
to hospitals. After a successful career       elder abuse (inPea).                          provided project management to the
as a social worker and manager span-                                                        UK prevalence study on elder abuse
ning some 15 years, she took up an aca-       Bridget has published material on             in community settings. Bridget is cur-
demic post at the University of hull in       decision-making and mentally inca-            rently involved in a number of other
1996, moved to the University Sheffield       pacitated adults and extensively on           research projects on elder abuse and
in 2004 and to UEA last month.                elder abuse. Her publications include         adult protection and is involved in
                                              12 books and 20 book chapters as              three European initiatives on differ-
Bridget is past Chair of the British Asso-    well as journal papers and reports.           ent aspects of elder abuse. she is also
ciation of Social Worker’s Community          Bridget’s research interests include el-      acting as Scientific Advisor to a De-
Care Sub-Committee, and former Vice-          der abuse, adult protection, domestic         partment of health funded research
Chair of Action on Elder Abuse. She is        violence; mental health of older peo-         Initiative on Abuse, neglect and lack of
currently chair of the Hull Domestic          ple; bereavement in later life, health        dignity in institutional care settings for
Violence Forum, a multi-agency net-           related social work and intergenera-          older people. Bridget is recognised na-
work to develop responses to domestic         tional relationships. She was the Prin-       tionally in the UK for her work on adult
violence (predominantly of women).            cipal Investigator of a Department of         protection and internationally for her
Bridget has also participated in a num-       Health funded research project on             work on elder abuse.
ber of projects with the Social Services      Adult Protection (2004-2007) and

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