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December 2010
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  Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings To All!
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                                                                                  ARPO December 2010 3
From The President...........................................Bob Livoti   discussed. I hope that you find them interesting. They help
          I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. As we                  to cover the expenses of our meetings and the knick knacks
head into this holiday season, on behalf of all the officers              that Dave brings to the meetings and no one goes home
of ARPO, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday                    empty handed. I don’t know of any other organization that
season and I would like everyone to take a moment to think                gives all of this. In addition, our advertisers help cover the
about our troops who are serving us all over the world away               costs of printing and mailing of our newsletter. Be sure when
from their home. Most of them can’t be with their families                you patronize one of our advertisers, you let them know you
this time of year and I would like to give them a word of                 saw their ad in the newsletter.
thanks for the job they are doing. Most of you who are                             Think about it…….several months ago I went to the
veterans remember what it was like to be away from our                    Levittown Postmaster and asked why the ARPO newsletter
love ones during the holidays.                                            was taking so long to go from Farmingdale to Levittown. I
          The dues notices for 2011 are being mailed out as               contacted the Farmingdale post office and they assured me
we speak and along with the notice you will receive our wall              that it goes out from their location the day it is dropped off.
calendar and cards and decals for 2011. Remember that if                  Even members in Florida were getting it before members
you reached the age of 75 prior to March of 2011 and have                 in Levittown. It was a big surprise to him. I provided him
been a member of ARPO for at least the previous 5 years,                  with the addresses of our members in Levittown and he said
you do not have to pay dues. We also will send the calendar               he would check with his carriers to see if they were holding
to our widows and hope that they enjoy the connection with                the mail and get back to me. Low and behold, 2 days later,
the organization and of course they do not pay dues either.               everyone in Levittown had their newsletters. What is more
We hope that the dues paying members remit their dues                     amazing now is that within two days of being mailed out
payment when they receive the notice so that we do not have               from Farmingdale, the Levittown members now get their
to go through the added expense of sending out a second                   newsletters.
notice. Snowbirds, please update your mailing address with
us before you head south.                                                 Notes from Dave.....As Advertising Consultant I would
          If any of you have any old photos from your time on             like to thank all of our current advertisers for their support
the job, please consider sharing it with us so that we can use            of our fine newsletter, without their support, this newsletter
it in a future issue of the newsletter or in our 2012 calendar.           would not be possible. I have to thank several people for
          Congratulations to our newest members, Tony                     their knick/knacks......Scott Grumet, manager of Modells on
Familuari, Al Anderson Jr, Richard Brock, Joseph Cavallino,               Rockaway Blvd in Rosedale, to Donna Callegari manager
Vince Cloonan, John Connor, John D’Albora, Richard                        and Pete Morrisey assistant mgr at Bethpage FCU in
Dorsi, John Fallon, Bill O’Loughlin, Bruce Huber, Kenneth                 Melville for several items for the benefit of our members
Weinum, Eugene Marksteiner and Marty Ciesinski. I hope                    ...also to Patrick Mack (son of member William Mack)
you all enjoy your retirement to the fullest.                             of the LIJ for their knick/knacks and to Erik Jansen mgr
          We were in Florida for about 6 weeks and while we               at LIPA Energy Brigida Betancourt mgr at
were down there, we went to Fantasy Fest in Key West on                   Capital One Bank in Oyster Bay.....Vinny Ciminera mgr
Halloween weekend. They get over 50,000 people down                       at N.Y. Community bank in Westbury Rodney Roldan
there for the festival. I thought the guys that do the body               field mgr for Elite Marketing Group and their client,
painting on the women had a great job but after thinking                  Cablevision, for the knick/knacks and to Joe & Bill Trudden
about it, maybe a job as a paint remover might be better                  at McCourt &Trudden funeral homes.....a special thank you
): Seriously, the festival is always a big event down there               to Vinny Messina, CEO of NCPD FCU…. and to Sgt First
and we go see it every few years if we can. Everything is                 Class Tim Fowler, Sgt Severn Mitchell & Sgt Nick Chimenti
kept very orderly and they bring in law enforcement officers              all U.S. Army recruiters and Ron Wilds, U.S.Navy recruiter
from all over the state to police the affair.                             located at the Delco Plaza Recruitment Center in Hicksville,
                                                                          FIRST for their service to our country and last but not least
Nassau Blue 2011         .                                                for their knick knacks provided for our members....thank you
        Nassau Blue is approaching fast. Make sure you                    to Frank Campanella known as "Frankie "C" and the staff
make your reservations for the affair as it is always a great             at B103 & WHLI and the Long Island radio group for the
time. It’s always nice to get together with old friends from              gift certificates to be used as raffle prizes at our December
the job and people come from all over the country to get                  meeting and to Chris Gee community relations mgr for the
together. It is something you don’t want to miss and you                  L.I. Ducks org. for the raffle prize to be awarded at the
can make it into a great vacation and get a break from the                December meeting as well....MEMO to current advertisers:
cold weather up here in NY. There are tons of things to do                if you have not renewed your ad for 2011...please contact
in Orlando and mama will enjoy the vacation.                              me ASAP or your ad will be removed from the new issue
        Dave Fischer has lined up guest speakers for the                  starting with January 2011...thank you.
coming year. We will have some interesting subjects being
4    ARPO December 2010
        For The Old Time Aviation Enthusiast, Part I
       Many people don’t realize how big a part Nassau County played in aviation history in the United States.
Many "local" air fields dotted the Nassau County landscape from east to west and from the north shore to the
south shore. In the area now know as Levittown, there were several "local" airfields. One was located near what
is Jerusalem Avenue in the Levittown/Hicksville area and another one that was in the area of Hempstead Turnpike
in Levittown. George Maher has gone through many photos and came up with many that involved the department
and are pictured in this issue of the newsletter and the next issue to follow. I did some research and got much
information from the Cradle Of Aviation Museum and also on line in various places and we have come up with
this story about the history of aviation in Nassau County. We hope you find it interesting.

         Over the course of the 20th century there have been about 70 airfields located on Long Island, the majority
of these were active in aviation’s ‘Golden Age’. Large airfields like Mitchel and Roosevelt were the exception,
most tended to be small with only simple structures. Others however were unique. The exclusive Aviation Country
Club in Hicksville catered to the tastes of wealthy Long Island aviators and Curtiss Field in Valley Stream was the
largest civil airport here for a time. Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn was New York’s first municipal airport and
North Beach in Queens eventually evolved into today’s sprawling LaGuardia complex.
          One hundred years ago, airplanes and not thoroughbreds raced at the famed Belmont Park Racetrack
during the 1910 Belmont Park Aviation Meet, the first international aviation meet held in the United States. For
ten days in the fall of 1910, the world’s leading aviators and the most advanced aircraft gathered at Belmont
         To commemorate this unique anniversary the Cradle of Aviation Museum put together a special exhibit
that was at the Museum for a limited time this fall. The exhibit featured examples of the type of aircraft that flew
at the Belmont Meet, including a French "Antoinette" and "Demoiselle" that were on loan from other museums.
         The Belmont Park Aviation Meet offered a total of $75,000 in prize money in various categories, a huge
sum for 1910. At the Meet several new world records were set including altitude (9714 feet) and speed (61mph).
The Meet also allowed Long Islanders and New Yorkers to see airplanes in flight for the first time.
         In May 1910, near what is currently known as Plaza Elementary School on Seaman Avenue and Rockville
Drive in Baldwin, a breakthrough in American aviation history was made. The first all-American monoplane
was designed, built, and successfully flown at this location by brothers Arthur and Albert Heinrich. In the plane's
initial and subsequent models, its unique designs featured controls that were combined into one stick which
allowed the pilot to fly the plane using one hand.
         Long Island is important in the history of aviation. Roosevelt Airfield was located in Garden City, Nassau
County. From this airport, Charles Lindbergh took off on his historic 1927 nonstop Orteig Prize flight from New
York to Paris, France. Roosevelt Airfield was closed in 1951. Its land was redeveloped for commercial uses,
including a shopping mall, Hofstra University, and numerous mid-density housing developments.
         Long Island was also the location of major historic aerospace companies. Farmingdale-based Republic
Aviation, for instance, manufactured the famed P-47 fighter aircraft during the World War II period. Grumman
Aircraft, with operations in Bethpage and Calverton, produced the F-14 U.S. Navy fighter during the 1970s and
1980s. It was also the chief contractor on the Apollo Lunar Module that landed men on the moon. They received
the contract on 7 November 1962, and ultimately built 13 lunar modules (LMs). One is on display at the Cradle
of Aviation Museum at the former Mitchel Air Force Base on the Hempstead Plains of Long Island.
         Another important historic Long Island airport was Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. Established in the
early 1930s, it was New York City's first commercial airport. It was the terminus of historic flights by Amelia
Earhart, Roscoe Turner, Wiley Post, and Howard Hughes. Its runways were closed in the 1970s. The property
was turned into part of a wildlife refuge.
         The aviation industry mushroomed in Nassau County during World War II. America's most famous
warplanes, vital to victory, were manufactured at the Grumman and Republic factories. There, production
continued as a major part of the county's economic base during the post war years, climaxed during the 1960's
when the technicians at Grumman built the Lunar Module which successfully landed on the moon in July 1969.
                                                                                       ARPO December 2010 5
   The Fairchild FC-2w2 “Stars and Stripes” of the Byrd Antartic Expedition - 1928. (Note the engine is
                     running with no pilot or wheel chocks to keep it from moving)

              The “Roma” scheduled to fly from Roosevelt Field to Rome on Sept. 14, 1928
                  - flight was abandoned at Old Orchard Beach, Maine on Sept.20th.

6 ARPO December 2010
Fatal crash of “The Answer” at Hicks Nursery, Jericho Turnpike on July 12, 1929.

           Vultee BT-13 Trainer, nicknamed, “The Vibrator” by its pilots.
                                                                     ARPO December 2010 7
      Remains of a BT-13 that was left to deteriorate parked next to a house on Newbridge Road and
                                Jerusalem Avenue, Bellmore for years.

                       Army Keystone bombers over Roosevelt Field - Circa 1933
8   ARPO December 2010
               Army Air Corps Brass at Mitchel Field in front of a squadron of Curtis Hawks -
                               first plane to exceed 200mph in level flight.

Observation planes at Mitchel Field - The future site of Eisenhower Park is in the upper area of the photo.
                                                                                  ARPO December 2010 9
       Army bomber parked temporarily at Roosevelt Field - Note the tents for the aircraft crews
                               erected along Old Country Road.

    Grumman F3F Fighter - July 15, 1935 - The Grumman test pilot was killed in a crash on this date.
10 ARPO December 2010
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                                                                                                                                       107293 Rev

  NCPD Commissioner Sam Rozzi signs paper work giving the NCPD DeHavilland “Beaver” to Bill Kaiser,
   Curator of the Cradle of Aviation Museum on April 15, 1982. Pilot Frank Madonna looks on from the
             cockpit. The "Beaver" was the Last Fixed-wing aircraft to land at Mitchel Field.
                                                                               ARPO December 2010 11
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12 ARPO December 2010
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                                                                                                                              ARPO December 2010 13
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                                                                                        ARPO December 2010 15
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16 ARPO December 2010
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                                                               ARPO December 2010 17
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20 ARPO December 2010
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                                                                                  QUALITY UNDERCAR
                                                                                     SPECIALISTS                      SHOCKS &
                                                                      CV BOOTS                                         STRUTS
                                                                       & AXELS     Family Owned And
                                                                                  Operated For 10 Years
                                                                                      20%                             CHANGES

                                                                                    FOR MEMBERS
                                                                                                                      NY STATE
                                                                       BELTS &                                       INSPECTION
                                                                       HOSES              AND FAMILY
                                                                                    (516) 437-7171
                                                                        TUNE       NEW HYDE PARK                       ENGINE
                                                                                       2096 Jericho Tpke.
                                                                         UPS                                           LIGHTS
                                                                                    New Hyde Park, NY 11040

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            This past year we spoke to
             over 21,000 people about
            our investment philosophy.
                 Learn about what thousands have heard.
                         The appointment is free.
            Call Alexander Barnych: 516-465-5061
                   Investment Counselor, Retired Police Officer (NCPD)

                        477 Jericho Turnpike, P.O. Box 9006, Syosset, NY 11791-9006

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     ��������������                ��         �����������������                        ��
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     �������������������� ��������������������


MECHANIC & Associates, Inc.
  Insurance, Investments & Retirement Planning
                            As Insurance and Retirement Consultants to
                             numerous police organizations in the NY
                                         Metropolitan area
                              since 1973, we have assisted more than
                                 50,000 active and retired members
                                       and we can help you!

                             Complimentary review of your
                     Pension Option, Life Insurance and Investments
                         Home Care/Long Term Care Coverage
                           Term and Permanent Life Insurance
                              Estate and Financial Planning

  Call Now for the Lowest Term Rates Available!!

                             (888) 956-3800
   Conveniently located in Garden City, Staten Island & Nanuet
       Or on the web

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24 ARPO December 2010
 24 ARPO December
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Don’t have time to shop around for a gift? Are you unsure of what to buy for a
loved one for the holidays? With the holidays just around the corner, make your
shopping experience easier and purchase an NCPD FCU Visa® Gift Card!

Gift cards are available in any denomination between $10 and $500. Stop by our
Plainview or Mineola branch and purchase your gift card today!

       Main Office: 777 Old Country Road | Plainview, NY 11803 | 516-938-0300

          Branch: 1490 Franklin Avenue | Mineola, NY 11501 | 516-573-7260


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                                                                                              professional, discreet service
                                                                                              Family owned since 1976
                                                                                              We treat:
                                                                                              • Ants                 • Mice/Rats
                                                                                              • Termites/Inspections • Roaches
                                                                                              • Bees                 • and more...

                                                                                              Scott Perry
                                                                                              Former NYPD/Active FDNY
                                                                                              cell 516•983•6841
                                                                                              office/fax 516•781•9432

                                                                                    Scott Perry CIE
                                                                                                        Former NYPD/Active FDNY

                                                                                                   • Indoor Air Quality
     Daniel Gambella, D.D. S. & Allison Napoli-Gambella, D.D.S.
                                                                                                     - MOLD & Bacterial
    900 Merchants Concourse Westbury, NY 11590 (516) 683-9100                                          (Sampling & Remediation)
                                                                      ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES       • Asbestos Inspections
    Paul Cassis, D.D.S. & Ezat Morcos, D.D.S.                                                        & Monitoring
            2920 Hempstead Turnpike                                                                • Lead Based Paint
              Levittown, NY 11756                                       PHONE 516.983.6841           Inspections & Abatement
                  (516) 796-8300                                          FAX 516.781.9432

                         10% DISCOUNT • RESERVATIONS

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  Endorsed by the                                                                                 Serving ARPO
  PBA & the FOP                                                                                 members since 1983

                            NATIONAL COMPUTERIZED AGENCIES

       National Computerized Agencies, Inc. and/or it’s employed agents are licensed to offer coverage in 40 states. All coverage,
                rates and discounts are subject to individual circumstances and insurance carrier underwriting guidelines.

                                                                                        Jan. 12, 2011
                                                                         NEXT MEETINGS: Dec. 8, 2010

  Permit #125
                                                                                                              MINEOLA, NY 11501-0442
Farmingdale, NY                                                                                                    PO BOX 442
     PAID                                                                                                         OFFICERS, INC.
U.S. POSTAGE                                                                                                     RETIRED POLICE
   Prsrt STD
                                                                                                                 ASSOCIATION OF

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