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									                                                                                                                       Shelby American

                                   Shelby Life
                                                                                                                   Automotive Club – Motor
                                                                                                                         City Region

                                                                                                                        Volume 30, Issue 1

                                                                                                                           January 2005

                                                                                                               Inside this issue:
2004 SAAC-MCR Fall Picnic                                               by Mike Nyberg,                        Austin Craig “Retires”              2
Images by Phil Jacobs                                                                                          Membership Report                   2
                                                                                                               Fall Color Tour                     3
                                                                                                               LLLillie                            4
                                                                                                               Washtenau Community 6
                                                                                                               College Car Show

                                                                                                               Brake Myths                         8
                                                                                                               Improve Your Brakes                 11

                                                                                                               I Smell Smoke                       14
                                                                                                               Track Tire Temp Tech                15
                                                                                                               Goodwood                            16
                                                                                                               Frankenmuth Car Show 18

                                                                                                               New Arrivals                        19
                                                                                                               SEMA Show                           20
                                                                                                               Swap and Sell                       21
Left to Right - First Row: Mike Nyberg, Tom Greene, John Yarema and daughter                                   Financial Report                    22
Genevieve. Second Row: Sandy Yarema, Lynn Raines, Alyssa Jacobs, Arlene Jacobs,                                Meeting Minutes                     23
Sandy Tweedle, Rich Tweedle, Erin Lindsay and Penny Nyberg. Third Row starting to
                                                                                                               Events Calendar                     Last
the right behind Erin Lindsay: Jack Stinson, LuAnn Stinson, Bill Rowe, Sean Foltz and
Stefanie Darby. Back Row: Tim Young, Judi Ricci, Dean Ricci, Gary Roys, Cindy Roys,
Jerry Helfman and Will Weber.
                                                                                                               2004 Club Officers
                                                                                                               • President:        Tom Greene
30+ SAAC-MCR members, rela-        for sun protection.                  1994 Mustang GT and he said it           (248) 449-7374
tives and friends gathered at                                           felt too soft and comfortable. He      • Secretary: Kurt Fredrickson
Turn 6 of the Waterford Hills      Several club members partici-        just isn’t used to power steering.       (734) 427-2449
Race Course on October 10th. It    pated in the parade laps during      It was nice of him to offer to trade   • Treasurer:      Craig Shefferly
was the last racing event at the   the afternoon corner workers’        cars for the event. We also had          (248) 698-8825
Waterford Hills Race Course and    break. The parade laps lasted        members go out at the lunch            • Events:             Gary Roys
the SAAC-MCR annual picnic. It     almost a half hour. John Yarema      break. Rich Tweedle rode with              (248) 879 0835
was an opportunity to watch oth-   and I traded cars for the occa-      Erin Lindsay in her 7000 Series        •    Adertising:   Mike Riemenschneider
                                                                                                                   (734) 459-1348
ers race, enjoy one another’s      sion. His 1965 Mustang has side      cobra.
                                                                                                               •    Competition: Darius Rudis
company and eat some good          exhaust with Series 40 Flowma s-                                                (313) 248-7402
food. Rich Tweedle arranged a      ter mufflers. I enjoyed making
                                                                                                               •    Membership: Rich Tweedle
catered lunch of fried chicken,    the exhaust bark coming out of       John Eichholz, a fellow SAAC-              (586) 791-0279
potato salad, and brownies. Lynn   Turn 6, to impress the club me m-    MCR member, raced his car dur-         •    National News:      Jeff Burgy
                                                                                                                   (248) 366-3090
Raines made some delicious         bers. The car feels and sounds       ing the day. Many of you will
                                                                                                               •    Web Master:        Dean Ricci
chocolate chip and peanut butter   like a race car. However, his car    remember his as our favorite     
cookies, which we all enjoyed.     isn’t as loud as Phil Jacobs’ 1968   Turn 1 corner worker at our            •   Editor:         Mike Nyberg
We also had a 10 X 20 canopy       Mustang T/A car. John drove my                     (Continued on page 4)
                                                                                                                   (248) 969-1157
                          Page 2                                                      Shelby Life

Austin Craig has a New Career
by Austin Craig
                                         Trans-Am Champion driving the                                                       Austin Craig is
After 26 years in Detroit, the last 21   famed Terlingua Racing Team                                                         now enjoying the
                                                                                                                             Florida sun every
with J. Walter Thompson, Barbra          Mustang said "Form a club"! "You                                                    day
and I decided to retire and move to      guys can then get the parts made
Florida. I enjoyed my time at            you need"! I know if Jerry could
J. Walter Thompson as it gave me         see the SAAC -MCR in action to-
the opportunity to work with won-        day, he would agree his idea was
derful Ford clients from Ford Divi-      right on. With this in mind, it was     after fortunately dogging two of    of enthusiasts working
sion, Team Mustang, Ford Racing,         always fun to have SAAC-MCR             the hurricanes, I was waxing my     there. Steeda Autosports like
Ford SVT, Ford Truck and Ford            members selected for Ford spon-         Steeda Mustang when I re-           Shelby American started as one
Customer Service Division. Work-         sored events like the Autorama          ceived a call from Steeda Auto-     man's idea and grew to be per-
ing on the Ford business, Mustang        Mustang display, the North Ameri-       sports. After owning a              fect model of
and racing in particular was a goal      can International Auto Show press       Steeda Mustang and Steeda           the successful American
of mine since I attended the Trans-      conferences, Team Mustang, Mus-         Focus I likened the company         Dream. To work here is a fulfill-
Am and Nascar races when I was           tang Alley at the Woodward Dream        to a current day                    ment of my wildest imagination
in school and the Marine Corps.          Cruise, Ford 100th Anniversary          Shelby American. I was too          and I consider myself most for-
                                         Celebration race section and at the     young to work at 6501 West          tunate.
After being one of the Founding          unveiling of the 2005 Mustang, on       Imperial Highway, but I would
Members of SAAC IN 1975, I was           stage at the Rotunda. I really en-      often dream of being Marketing      I am also looking forward to win-
delighted to join SAAC-MCR and           joyed the look on Tom Greene's          Director for the company. So        ter and driving around with the
be able to enjoy a well run, fun         face when his 1966 Shelby was           when offered the position of        top down in January. However,
oriented region. Back when my            placed in a special location at the     Vice President, Marketing at        I will return to Detroit for the
first 1966 GT350 (SFM6S1305)             Ford 100th!! All of this was fu n and   Steeda Autosports, my retire-       North American International
sustained a crunched side brake          I will miss all the great people who    ment ended instantly. There are     Auto Show in January as the
scoop (some graduate of the Ray          make SAAC-MCR such a first- class       so many similarities between the    2005 Steeda Screamin' Yellow
Charles School of No Perform-            organization.                           two companies, they both build      Q will be on display in the Ford
ance Driving in a Chevelle backed
                                                                                 and race performance Mus-           exhibit. We are fortunate,
into me in a parking lot) and I was      Retiring to Florida, I learned all
                                                                                 tangs, have extensive parts pro-    Steeda Autosports, like Shelby
bemoaning the fact that I could not      about the installation and removal
                                                                                 grams, work with racers in road     American, enjoys a wonderful
get a replacement at a Ford              of hurricane shutters some three
                                                                                 racing, and have a talented staff   relationship with Ford Motor
dealer to Jerry Titus. The 1967          weeks after we moved in! One day                                            Company.

                                                Membership Report by Rich Tweedle
                                   SAAC-MCR Membership Status

                                                              Newest members as of December 1, 2004
                                                                                   Chris & Kate Duffy

Renew your mem-
bership now and en-
joy the club fellow-
                                    We currently have 136 members and 29 have renewed for 2005
ship and benefits.
                                               Volume 30, Issue 1                                                Page 3

On the shores of Big Norway Lake,
the compound is almost an entire         The doors are white as part of the
acre.                                    expenses that were spared, as are
Measuring 42’ X 36’ and towering a       the windows.
full two stories, the Big Norway
Lake Autodrome is taller than if it      After extensive research, epoxy
were one story.                          paint was used on the concrete
Built by J. M. Mc Queen Building
Co. of Clare, MI of the finest materi-   Big Norway Lake Autodrome was
als that could be found at the           honored to host the Shelby Ameri-
United Builders Centers, plenty of       can Automobile Club’s Fall Color
expenses were spared in order to         Tour and Chili Party. Among those
build this building.                     attending were Craig and Bonnie
                                         Shefferly and Mr. Phil Jacobs.
Rolex, the premier name in time
pieces, is the same name as the          Six examples of chili were pre-
                                                                               Big Norway Lake Autodrome. A garage every car
siding used, although the two have       sented for the semi annual title of
                                                                               enthusiast dreams about
nothing to do with each other. Clay      Best Chili in the Universe.
colored vinyl was used to blend
with the surroundings, although the      And the winner is… Gwladys Aus-
soil is rather sandy.                    tin’s White Chili.

The roof is withered wood, that’s
the color, they’re just regular shin-

The Winning White Chili Recipe

•    1 pound of cooked, shredded chicken breast
•    48 ounce jar of Great Northern White Beans
•    16 ounce jar of Salsa - your favorite (or 29 ounce can of
     tomato sauce instead)
•    8 ounce Colby-Jack Shredded Cheese
•    4 ounce Pepper Jack Shredded Cheese
•    1-2 tsp. Ground Cumin

Combine all ingredients, heat through on medium heat - stir
frequently so not to burn the cheese.
Serve warm with Corn Chips.

                                                                               A SAAC-MCR club member greeted everyone
                                                                               who arrived at John and Trish Guyer’s house
           Page 4                                                           Shelby Life
                                                                          an old man like me to keep up         machines in GHz and Mbytes in-
LLLillie No cars and No Cops                                              with this young group.                stead of cubic inch displacement
                                                                                                                or 1/4 mile times.
by John Logan                                                             LLLillie works as an engineer for a
                                                                          well-known Ford supplier. She        While walking into class, LLLillie
                                                                          loves cars, any car that is known    breaks from the group and waits
                                                                          to be fast, looks fast or sounds     for me to catch up.
                                                                          fast. She talks to me like a grand-  "I've got to have a ride! Let's
                                                                          daughter. Sometimes she asks         go now!"
                                                                          for advice about specific engineer-  "OK but after class!"
                                                                          ing problems, sometimes she tells    "Don't leave without me!"
                                                                          me about her wimpy boyfriend but      I hadn’t planned on giving her a
                                                                          mostly she talks about cars.         ride but now it looks like I will have
                                                                                                               to. Between aerobic routines she
                                                                          A few years ago, I told her about keeps telling everyone about the
                                                                          my Cobra project. Almost every ride she is going to have in John's
                                                                          time she saw me she would ask        Cobra. The look on the other stu-
                                                                          how it was coming and when was dent's faces is, John's what?
                                                                          I going to drive it to class. She
                                                                          really put on the pressure! Finally, As we leave the class, she
                                                                          I got it finished and drove it in so whips her gym bag into her
The Red Cobra that LLLillie road in                                       she could see it. Here is how it     Mustang and runs to the Cobra.
                                                                          went.                                I help her with the Simpson seat
I have been taking aerobics        and toning her already perfect                                              belt harness but she is moving
classes for many years. It         shape. Lillie wears a variety of       As I pull the Cobra into the park-   around with so much excite-
so happens that my present         outstanding aerobics outfits, the      ing lot, LLLillie is talking to some ment I’m having a hard time
class is made up of mostly         most outstanding being her             of the male aerobic students. The describing how to buckle it up. I
18 to 45 year olds with no         Daisy Mae type cutoffs with plaid      bark from the Cobra’s semi-open warn her about the hot side-
other students as old as me.       socks and a NASCAR “T” shirt. I        side pipes echoing off the school pipes and that she should make
80% are young women and            call her LLLillie, which stands for    building announces my arrival.       sure to stay clear of them when
most of them are married.          "Lovely Legs Lillie". LLLillie         She spins around and yells for the she gets out. She can’t wait to
                                   does attract the male members          benefit of her friends, "John, I     get going!
                                   of the class. You might call her a     love that sound, rev it up!
Then there is Lillie. Lillie is                                           Wow, I love it!” The young guys
                                   tease but I think she is oblivious                                          We wind through the neighbor-
about 28 with a steady boy                                                with her aren't tuned to a V8 rum-
                                   of the attention she gets. Al-                                              hood streets, reach Outer Drive
friend. She is tall, has, light                                           ble so they could care less but
                                   though I'm supposed to be be-                                               and head south toward Michigan
blue eyes and very long black                                             they act interested to impress
                                   yond the age to notice, it's the
hair. She has obviously spent                                             LLLillie. They rate their favorite
                                   women like this that help inspire
a lot of gym time exercising                                                                                                  (Continued on page 14)

2004 SAAC-MCR Fall Picnic                                                        (Continued from page 1)
SAAC-MCR open track events.        Mustangs, a 427 powered
He had a Fox Mustang boxtop        Fairlane and Phil Jacobs’
with a 4-cyl. 2.3l, that ran in    Shelby Team Trans Am Mus-
ITP, group 4.                      tang.
This is the result for the class
that weekend: http://www.          It was a nice day for a picnic,        fellowship and the last Water-
r6gr4y04.pdf                       ford Hills race event of the
Quite a bit of interest was
shown in our roped-off parking     (Continued on page 5)
area, what with four Cobras,
various high-performance                                                 John Eichholz racing in IPT, Group 4
                                    Volume 30, Issue 1                                        Page 5

2004 SAAC-MCR Fall Picnic                              (Continued from page 4)

Jerry Helfman’s 427 powered Fairlane                   John Eichholz in his Fox Body Mustang, coming out of
                                                       Turn 6 at Waterford Hills Race Course

Phil Jacobs’ Shelby Team Trans Am Mustang parked
behind Jack and LuAnn Stinson’s Red Cobra replica      Rich Tweedle helping Erin Lindsay move her original
                                                       289 Cobra, parked between Ed Ludtke’s 1970 Boss
                                                       302 and John Logan Jr.’s Tiger

Contemporary Cobra belonging to Mike Drew of
Vacaville, CA. It has a 427 Side Oiler and produces
570 HP & 610 ft-lbs of torque. Gary Roys changed
the toploader from wide to close ratio with the help
of Phil Jacobs. He also made the Jag torsion bar
                                                       There was a lot of interest in John Logan’s Cobra rep-
front suspension ride height adjustable
          Page 6                                                 Shelby Life

Washtenau Community College
“First Annual” Car Show
by Jeff Burgy
On Sunday, October 4th, Washtenau
Community College held their “First
Annual” Car Show at their main cam-
pus in Ann Arbor, MI. Charles Repp           Erin Lindsay wins
and Erin Lindsay had heard about the         “Outstanding Open
show, and let me know about it.              Sports Car” award
Since I had never heard about this
show before, and it was getting close
to time that everyone was putting their
cars away for the season, I anticipated
that this would not be a very big show,
and probably would have very few
cars in attendance. Boy, was I ever

The folks at WCC must have put the
word out SOMEWHERE, as the lot
was completely full of nice hot- rods,
customs, sports car, and antiques. It
turned out to be a beautiful, sunny
day, and despite a slight chill, even
nice enough for the hard-core, like
Erin and Charles, to drive their road-     Charles
sters in with the tops down. Erin          Repp’s beauti-
brought her sweet 289 Cobra,               fully detailed
CSX2045, and Charles drove his rare        Aurora Cobra
and beautiful Aurora Cobra. Ben and        replica
Jan Schiewe, though I missed seeing
them, were there with Jan’s XK-E Jag-
uar. Claudia and I drove out in the
Thunderbird. Since the show was in
Ann Arbor, we had made plans to take
my daughter, Heather, out to dinner
after the show – thus, we needed to
have three seats available – other-
wise, I would have driven the ERA out
for the show.

Nearly two-hundred cars showed up
for WCC’s first car show. There was a      Jeff Burgy’s
great mix of old and new cars among        1957 Ford
the entries. I did not know about it       Thunderbird
before, but WCC has a pretty compre-
hensive program for people interested
in cars. There are programs for me-
chanics, fabrication, and restoration.
Cars owned and built by some of the
school’s students and their instructors
were on display inside the shop build-

                   (Continued on page 7)
                                      Volume 30, Issue 1                                        Page 7

Washtenau Community
College Car Show (Continued
from page 6)
(Continued from page 6)
ings. We had an opportunity to get         A beautiful
a close-up look at the facilities,         red Maserati
which were very spacious and well-         Ghibli and an
equipped. If you ever decided you          XK 120 Jag
wanted to “hone-up” your skills in
fabrication, restoration, or body-
work, it looks like this would be a
very good place to do it. Their
website is at:

At the end of the day, Erin Lindsay         Model “A”
won a first- in-class award for             Ford and
“Outstanding Open Sports Car”.              1936 Ford
The awards presented were de-               roadster
signed and built by students in the
program, and were cut on a lathe in
the shape of a mag wheel. There
was music, food, and plenty of nice
cars to see. We’ll be watching the
calendar next year for WWC’s
“Second Annual” Car Show.

Erin Lindsay’s CSX2045 Cobra roadster                      Candy Apple Red custom ‘65 Mercury
           Page 8                                                             Shelby Life

Brake Myths                            from a ShopTech copyrighted article by Carroll Smith
Myth # 1 – BRAKE JUDDER                that had turned into shallow
AND VIBRATION IS CAUSED                cones at operating temperature
BY DISCS THAT HAVE BEEN                because they were mounted rig-
WARPED FROM EXCESSIVE                  idly to their attachment bells or
HEAT.                                  top hats, (FIGURE 2) a few
                                       where the friction surface had
The term “warped brake disc”           collapsed in the area between
has been in common use in mo-          straight radial interior vanes,
tor racing for decades. When a         (FIGURE 3) and an untold num-
driver reports a vibration under       ber of discs with pad material
hard braking, inexperienced            unevenly deposited on the fric-
crews, after checking for (and not     tion surfaces - sometimes visible
finding) cracks often attribute the    and more often not. (FIGURE 4)
vibration to “warped discs”. They      In fact every case of “warped
then measure the disc thickness        brake disc” that I have investi-
in various places, find significant    gated, whether on a racing car or                    FIGURE 1
variation and the diagnosis is         a street car, has turned out to be
cast in stone.                         friction pad material transferred
When disc brakes for high per-         unevenly to the surface of the
formance cars arrived on the           disc. This uneven deposition
scene we began to hear of              results in thickness variation (TV)
“warped brake discs” on road           or run-out due to hot spotting that
going cars, with the same analy-       occurred at elevated tempera-
ses and diagnoses. Typically, the      tures.
discs are resurfaced to cure the       In order to understand what is
problem and, equally typically,        happening here, we will briefly
after a relatively short time the      investigate the nature of the stop-
roughness or vibration comes           ping power of the disc brake sys-
back. Brake roughness has              tem.
caused a significant number of         THE NATURE OF BRAKING
cars to be bought back by their        FRICTION
manufacturers under the “lemon         Friction is the mechanism that
laws”. This has been going on for      converts dynamic energy into                         FIGURE 2
decades now - and, like most           heat. Just as there are two sorts
things that we have cast in stone,     of friction between the tire and
the diagnoses are wrong.               the road surface (mechanical
With one qualifier, presuming          gripping of road surface irregu-
that the hub and wheel flange are      larities by the elastic tire com-
flat and in good condition and         pound and transient molecular
that the wheel bolts or hat mount-     adhesion between the rubber
ing hardware is in good condi-         and the road in which rubber is
tion, installed correctly and tight-   transferred to the road surface),
ened uniformly and in the correct      so there are two very different
order to the recommended               sorts of braking friction - abrasive                   FIGURE 3
torque specification, in more than     friction and adherent friction.
40 years of professional racing,       Abrasive friction involves the
including the Shelby/Ford GT           breaking of the crystalline bonds
40s – one of the most intense          of both the pad material and the
brake development program in           cast iron of the disc. The break-
                                                                               FIGURE 4
history                                ing of these bonds generates the
- I have never seen a warped           heat of friction. In abrasive fric-
brake disc. I have seen lots of        tion, the bonds between crystals
cracked discs, (FIGURE 1) discs
                                                     (Continued on page 9)
                                                           Volume 30, Issue 1                                                    Page 9

Brake Myths
(Continued from page 8 )
of the pad material (and, to a       case, if a uniform layer of pad ma-
lesser extent, the disc material)    terial transferred onto the disc
are permanently broken. The          face has not been established
harder material wears the softer     during bedding or break-in, spot or
away (hopefully the disc wears the   uncontrolled transfer of the mate-
pad). Pads that function primarily   rial can occur when operating at
by abrasion have a high wear rate    high temperatures. The organic
and tend to fade at high tempera-    and semi- metallic pads of the past
tures. When these pads reach         were more abrasive than adherent
their effective temperature limit,   and were severely temperature                                   FIGURE 5
they will transfer pad material onto limited. All of the current genera-
the disc face in a random and un-    tion of “metallic carbon”, racing
even pattern. It is this “pick up” onpads utilize mainly adherent tech-the answer is a high performance        called pad imprinting and looks
the disc face that both causes the   nology as do many of the high end street pad with good low tempera-       like the pad was inked for printing
thickness variation measured by      street car pads and they are te m-ture characteristics. The reason is     like a stamp and then set on the
the technicians and the roughness    perature stable over a much       simple: If we are driving really        disc face. It is possible to see the
or vibration under the brakes re-    higher range. Unfortunately, therehard and begin to run into trouble,     perfect outline of the pad on the
ported by the drivers.                                                 either with pad fade or boiling fluid
                                     is no free lunch and the ultra high                                       disc. FIGURE 5
                                     temperature racing pads are inef- (or both), the condition(s) comes       It gets worse. Cast iron is an alloy
With adherent friction, some of the fective at the low temperatures    on gradually enough to allow us to      of iron and silicon in solution inter-
pad material diffuses across the                                       simply modify our driving style to
                                     typically experienced in street use.                                      spersed with particles of carbon.
interface between the pad and the                                      compensate. On the other hand,          At elevated temperatures, inclu-
disc and forms a very thin, uniform Therefore - there is no such thing should an emergency occur when          sions of carbides begin to form in
layer of pad material on the sur-                                      the brakes are
                                     as an ideal “all around” brake pad.                                       the matrix. In the case of the
face of the disc. As the friction                                      cold, the high temperature pad is
                                     The friction material that is quiet                                       brake disk, any uneven deposits -
surfaces of both disc and pad then and functions well at relatively lowsimply not going to stop the car.       standing proud of the disc sur-
comprise basically the same ma- temperatures around town will not      As an example, during the mid           face - become hotter than the sur-
terial, material can now cross the stop the car that is driven hard. If1960s, those of us at Shelby            rounding metal. Every time that
interface in both directions and the you attempt to drive many cars    American did not drive GT 350 or        the leading edge of one of the
bonds break and reform. In fact, hard with the OEM pads, you will      GT 500 Mustangs as company              deposits rotates into contact with
with adherent friction between pad experience pad fade, friction ma-   cars simply because they were           the pad, the local temperature
and disc, the bonds between pad terial transfer and fluid boiling -    equipped with Raybestos M-19            increases. When this local te m-
material and the deposits on the end of discussion. The true racing    racing pads and none of our wives       perature reaches around 1200 or
disc are transient in nature - they pad, used under normal condi-      could push on the brake pedal           1300 degrees F. the cast iron un-
are continually being broken and tions will be noisy and will not      hard enough to stop the car in          der the deposit begins to trans-
some of them are continually re- work well at low temperatures         normal driving.                         form into cementite (an iron car-
forming.                             around town.                      Regardless of pad composition, if       bide in which three atoms of iron
                                                                       both disc and pad are not properly      combine with one atom of car-
There is no such thing as pure       Ideally, in order to avoid either broken in, material transfer be-        bon). Cementite is very hard, very
abrasive or pure adherent friction putting up with squealing brakes tween the two materials can take           abrasive and is a poor heat sink.
in braking. With many contempo- that will not stop the car well        place in a random fashion - result-     If severe use continues the sys-
rary pad formulas, the pad mate- around town or with pad fade on ing is uneven deposits and vibra-             tem will enter a self- defeating spi-
rial must be abrasive enough to      the track or coming down the      tion under braking. Similarly,          ral - the amount and depth of the
keep the disc surface smooth and mountain at speed, we should          even if the brakes are properly         cementite increases with increas-
clean. As the material can cross     change pads before indulging in broken, if, when they are very hot        ing temperature and so does the
the interface, the layer on the disc vigorous automotive exercise. No or following a single long sto p         brake roughness. Drat!
is constantly renewed and kept       one does. The question remains, from high speed, the brakes are           PREVENTION
uniform - again until the tempera- what pads should be used in high kept applied after the vehicle             There is only one way to prevent
ture limit of the pad has been ex- performance street cars - rela-     comes to a complete stop it is          this sort of thing - following proper
ceeded or if the pad and the disc tively low temperature street pads possible to leave a telltale deposit      break in procedures for both pad
have not been bedded-in com-         or high temperature race pads?    behind that looks like the outline      and disc and use the correct pad
pletely or properly. In the latter   Strangely enough, in my opinion, of a pad. This kind of deposit is
                                                                                                                             (Continued on page 10)
                          Page 10                                                   Shelby Life
                                                                             seen easy brake use for a while,       are not visible, scrub the entire

Brake Myths                                                                  a partial re-bedding process will
                                                                             prevent uneven pick up.
                                                                                                                    friction surfaces thoroughly. Do
                                                                                                                    not use regular sand paper or
(Continued from page 9)                                                      The driver can feel a 0.0004”          emery cloth as the aluminum
                                                                             deposit or TV on the disc. 0.001”      oxide abrasive material will per-
(Continued from page 9)               resins of the pad are burning off.     is annoying. More than that be-        meate the cast iron surface and
for your driving style and condi-     When the gray area on the edges        comes a real pain. When deposit        make the condition worse. Do
tions. All high performance after     of the pads are about 1/8” deep,       are present, by having isolated        not bead blast or sand blast the
market discs and pads should          the pad is bedded.                     regions that are proud of the sur-     discs for the same reason.
come with both installation and       For a race pad, typically four         face and running much hotter           The only fix for extensive uneven
break in instructions. The proce-     80mph to 5 and two 100mph to 5,        than their neighbors, cementite        deposits involves dismounting
dures are very similar between        depending on the pad, will also be     inevitably forms and the local         the discs and having them
manufacturers. With respect to the    necessary to raise the system          wear characteristics change            Blanchard ground - not expen-
pads, the bonding resins must be      temperatures during break-in to        which results in ever increasing       sive, but inconvenient at best. A
burned off relatively slowly to       the range that the pad material        TV and roughness.                      newly ground disc will require the
avoid both fade and uneven de-        was designed to operate at.            Other than proper break in, as         same sort of bedding in process
posits. The procedure is several      Hence, the higher temperature          mentioned above, never leave           as a new disc. The trouble with
stops of increasing severity with a   material can establish its layer       your foot on the brake pedal after     this procedure is that if the grind-
brief cooling period between them.    completely and uniformly on the        you have used the brakes hard.         ing does not remove all of the
After the last stop, the system       disc surface.                          This is not usually a problem on       cementite inclusions, as the disc
should be allowed to cool to amb i-   Fortunately the procedure is also      public roads simply because,           wears the hard cementite will
ent temperature. Typically, a se-     good for the discs and will relieve    under normal conditions, the           stand proud of the relatively soft
ries of ten increasingly hard stops   any residual thermal stresses left     brakes have time to cool before        disc and the thermal spiral starts
from 60mph to 5 mph with normal       over from the casting process (all     you bring the car to a stop            over again. Unfortunately, the
acceleration in between should        discs should be thermally stress       (unless, like me, you live at the      cementite is invisible to the na-
get the job done for a high per-      relieved as one of the last manu-      bottom of a long steep hill). In       ked eye.
formance street pad. During pad       facturing processes) and will          any kind of racing, including          Taking time to properly bed your
or disc break-in, do not come to a    transfer the smooth layer of pad       autocross and “driving days” it is     braking system pays big divi-
complete stop, so plan where and      material onto the disc. If possible,   crucial. Regardless of friction        dends but, as with most sins, a
when you do this procedure with       new discs should be bedded with        material, clamping the pads to a       repeat of the behavior that
care and concern for yourself and     used pads of the same compound         hot stationary disc will result in     caused the trouble will bring it
the safety of others. If you come     that will be used going forward.       material transfer and discernible      right back.
to a complete stop before the         Again, heat should be put into the     “brake roughness”. What is
break-in process is completed         system gradually - increasingly        worse, the pad will leave the tell-    MYTH # 2 - RACING BRAKE
there is the chance for non-          hard stops with cool off ti me in      tale imprint or outline on the disc    DISCS ARE MADE FROM
uniform pad material transfer or      between. Part of the idea is to        and your sin will be visible to all    STEEL
pad imprinting to take place and      avoid prolonged contact between        and sundry.                            To digress for a moment “steel
the results will be what the whole    pad and disc. With abrasive pads       The obvious question now is “is        discs” are a misnomer frequently
process is trying to avoid. Game      (which should not be used on high      there a “cure” for discs with un-      used by people who should know
over.                                 performance cars) the disc can be      even friction material deposits?”      better. This group includes TV
In terms of stop severity, an ABS     considered bedded when the fric-       The answer is a conditional yes.       commentators and drivers being
active stop would typically be        tion surfaces have attained an         If the vibration has just started,     interviewed. Except for some
around 0.9 G’s and above, de-         even blue color. With the carbon       the chances are that the tem-          motorcycles and karts, all ferrous
pending on the vehicle. What you      metallic type pads, bedding is         perature has never reached the         discs are made from cast iron -
want to do is stop at a rate around   complete when the friction sur-        point where cementite begins to        an excellent material for the job.
0.7                                   faces of the disc are a consistent     form. In this case, simply fitting a   While steel has a higher tensile
to 0.9 G’s. That is a deceleration    gray or black. In any case, the        set of good “semi- metallic” pads      strength, cast iron is many times
rate near but below lock up or        discoloration of a completely bro-     and using them hard (after bed-        stronger than disc brake require-
ABS intervention. You should be-      ken in disc will be complete and       ding) may well remove the de-          ments. Its thermal transfer char-
gin to smell pads at the 5th to 7th   uniform.                               posits and restore the system to       acteristics are significantly better
stop and the smell should diminish    Depending upon the friction com-       normal operation but with up-          than those of steel so that the
before the last stop. A powdery       pound, easy use of the brakes for      graded pads. If only a small           heat generated at the interface
gray area will become visible on      an extended period may lead to         amount of material has been            between pad and disc is effi-
the edge of the pad (actually the     the removal of the transfer layer      transferred i.e. if the vibration is   ciently carried through the friction
edge of the friction material in      on the discs by the abrasive ac-       just starting, vigorous scrubbing      faces to the interior surface of
contact with the disc - not the       tion of the pads. When we are          with garnet paper may remove           the disc and into the vanes from
backing plate) where the paint and    going to exercise a car that has       the deposit. As many deposits
                                                                                                                                 (Continued on page 11)
                                         Volume 30, Issue 1                                                                                Page 11

Brake Myths
                                                                                SUITABLE FOR USE IN HIGH                 ervoir should be topped up dur-
                                                                                PERFORMANCE CARS                         ing routine service.
(Continued from page 10)                                                        DOT 3 AND DOT 4 brake fluids             In most modern passenger cars,
                                                                                are ether based and are hygro-           the brake fluid reservoir is de-
(Continued from page 10)                which should serve as a warning to      scopic in nature - i.e. they absorb      signed with a specific volume
where the heat is dissipated into       back off,                               water vapor. As the braking sys-         and is equipped with an internal
the air stream. Cast iron is more                                               tem in not quite airtight, a signifi-    float. The volume corresponds to
dimensionally stable at elevated        B) When the fluid boils in the cali-    cant amount of water can be              the amount of fluid that will be
temperature than steel and is a         pers air bubbles are formed. Since      absorbed from the atmosphere in          displaced when the pads have
better heat sink - so let us hear no    air is compressible, the brake pedal    the course of a year. A 3% water         worn to the point of replacement
more talk of “steel” brake discs.       becomes soft and “mushy” and            content in brake fluid drops the         plus a generous reserve. When
MYTH # 3 - A SOFT BRAKE                 pedal travel increases. You can         boiling point as much as 170             the replacement point is
PEDAL IS THE RESULT OF PAD              probably still stop the car by pump-    degrees F. Brake fluid should be         reached, the descending float
FADE                                    ing the pedal but efficient modula-     completely replaced annually.            completes an electrical circuit
The all too familiar mushy brake        tion is gone. This is a gradual proc-   DOT 5 fluids are silicon based           and a light appears on the dash
pedal is caused by overheated           ess with lots of warning.               and are non-hygroscopic, which           warning the driver that the pads
brake fluid, not overheated pads.       MYTH # 4 - BOILED BRAKE                 is good. They are also subject to        should be replaced.
Repeated heavy use of the brakes        FLUID WILL BE SERVICABLE AF-            frothing from high frequency vi-         If the brake fluid is topped up the
may lead to “brake fade”. There are     TER IT COOLS.                           bration, which gives a soft pedal.       first warning of warn out pads will
two distinct varieties of brake fade                                            Soft brake pedals may be OK in           be the screech of steel backing
A) When the temperature at the          Once the brake fluid inside the cali-   non-high performance cars (in            plate against iron disc. This will
interface between the pad and the       per has boiled, it has lost a signifi-  fact, most drivers accept mushy          be both annoying and expensive.
rotor exceeds the thermal capacity      cant percentage of its original boil-   brake pedals as normal) but they
of the pad, the pad loses friction      ing point and should be replaced. It    are not acceptable in any situa-         For more helpful brake articles
capability due largely to out gassing   is not necessary to remove all of       tion where the driver intends to         go to the ShopTech website at
of the binding agents in the pad        the fluid in the system, just bleed     modulate braking at high force 
compound. The brake pedal re-           until clear fluid appears.              values.
mains firm and solid but the car will   MYTH # 5 - BECAUSE THEY ARE
not stop. The first indication is a     NON-HYGROSCOPIC SILICON                MYTH # 6 - The brake fluid res-
distinctive and unpleasant smell        BASED BRAKE FLUIDS ARE

How to Improve Your Mustang Brakes the Ford Way
by Rob Eaton
Many Mustang enthusiasts have         a 267mm diameter vented rotor         through '04 solid axles grew an-            axle tube is a "moan brace", and
enjoyed the benefits of the variety   directly from the '92 Lincoln Mark    other (18mm) per side over the '98          is intended to reduce low fre-
of Cobra brake hardware available     VII. The axle shafts from the Mark    length width, both in the housing           quency brake noise. These left
since the '93 Cobra-R. There          VII were also used and are 1 ¼"       and shaft. Therefore, the total per         and right handed brackets are the
have been some major, and some        longer per side than the '93 and      side axle shaft length increased            same on '94 through '98 Cobra's
subtle component changes along        earlier Mustang shafts. These         almost 1                                    and should be used when install-
the way that have allowed for         parts were utilized because they      ½” (19mm+18mm=37mm) from                    ing on '93 and earlier axles. For
some interchangeability that may      were production validated and         the “93 Fox to the “99 and later            '99 and later solid axle installa-
be of interest depending on your      available (some of the SN95 hard-     vehicles. The left and right                tions, find a pair of Bullitt or Mach
needs. I would like to shed some      ware was not ready). All '94          handed solid axle cast adaptor              1 braces, as they are needed to
light on the changes, and share       through '04 Mustang Cobra, Co-        brackets from any '94 through '04           package around the longer '99
some of the reasons behind them.      bra-R, Bullitt and Mach 1 vehicles    Cobra will fit on the '93 and earlier       and later axles.
We can begin with a component         utilized a 38mm cast iron single      cars, which allows you to bolt on
walk from the '93 Cobra-R through     piston caliper with a 296mm di-       the Cobra rear brakes as long as            The front of the '93 Cobra-R used
the last of the '04 SN95's.           ameter vented rotor. The solid        you include the '94 through '98             the same PBR aluminum twin 1
                                      axle vehicles from '94 through '98    axle shafts with the swap. Obvi-            ½” (38mm) piston caliper as the
 I'd like to begin at the rear, since utilized axle shafts that were ¾"     ously, all of these changes will            Corvette, with the exception of the
it is a much shorter story. The '93 longer per side, in the same            leave you with a 5 lug on 4 ½" bolt         M12 attachment threads in the
Cobra-R utilized a 1.77” (45mm) length width housing as the '93             circle pattern. The stamped                 anchor. For the '94 Cobra, we
cast iron single piston caliper and and earlier vehicles. The '99           bracket that clamps around the                            (Continued on page 12)
         Page 12                                                               Shelby Life

How to Improve Your Mustang Brakes                                                                     (Continued from page 11)
(Continued from page 11)
black anodized the housing and
added the "COBRA" letters, however
the 38mm pistons remained on the
Cobra through '98. In '99 the piston
size increased from the twin 38's to
twin (40.5mm) pistons for improved
pedal feel. These calipers can be
externally identified by the non-
ribbed, smooth cylindrical exterior of
the caliper casting surrounding the
pistons. The '94 through '98 calipers     Original ‘93 Cobra-R Caliper. Based                       Original ‘93 Cobra-R pistons,
were ribbed in this area. For track       on the Corvette design.                                   identical to Corvette, except M12
use, I prefer the (38mm) calipers, as                                                               attachment threads instead of M14’s.
it allows the rear brakes to do more
work. The front rotor design origi-
nated at 13" diameter on the '93 Co-
bra-R. It was modified version of the
directional Kelsey-Hayes Corvette
rotor with bolt circle, pilot diameter
and most significantly almost ½" re-
duction in hat offset as the only
changes. This size brake on a stock
Mustang was a huge step forward in
1994. The Kelsey-Hayes rotor was
used on Cobras through 1998. For          ‘94-’98 Caliper. Notice the front ribs                    ‘94-’99 calipers had 38mm pistons
the '99 Cobra, we were able to bring      are filled in and the bridge was thick-                   and have ribs around the pistons,
Brembo into the picture with the in-      ened to improve the stiffness of the                      like the original ‘93 Cobra.
troduction of their 13" Cobra rotor,      caliper over the Corvette design.
only slightly modified from a Ferrari
application. The external dimensions
are functionally identical to the Kel-
sey-Hayes piece. The improvements
include a "pillar" rib design as op-
posed to the directional vanes of the
K-H piece, which allows for measur-
able improvements in cooling. The
other significant improvement the
Brembo disc offers is a major reduc-
tion in thermal coning when heated.
Due to the shallow offset of the Co-
bra rotor, it is prone to coning, which
causes the outboard edge of the           ‘99 and later calipers look the same                      “99 and later calipers had 40.5mm
rotor to deflect outboard outward         as ‘94-’98 from the front side.                           pistons with solid OD.
toward the wheel spokes as much as
1mm when heated. Due to the C-                                                 prototype Mustang calipers.          piece, with staggered piston
shaped hat section of the Brembo          One of the most significant offer-   The spindle attachment points        sizes of 36 and 40mm to equate
rotor, the thermal coning is approxi-     ings to the Cobra brake system       were obviously modified, and         to the '94 – '98 dual 38mm PBR
mately half of the K-H rotor, which       is the 2000 Cobra-R Brembo           the hose attachment point was        units. Wheel clearance can be
helps to reduce stress and increase       caliper. These are very unique       actually moved to the exact lo-      an issue with the Brembo cali-
rotor life during hard-core usage.        4 piston pieces that began life      cation of the PBR caliper, so the    per, as it sticks out into the
The Brembo rotor can be used as a         on the Dodge Viper. Brembo           same hose can be utilized. The       spokes approximately 1" more
direct replacement for the K-H rotor.     actually modified the Viper pro-     caliper that was created literally   than the PBR units. The advan-
                                          totype casting tool to produce       bolts on in place of the PBR                   (Continued on page 13)
                                        Volume 30, Issue 1                                                Page 13

How to Improve Your Mustang Brakes                                                     (Continued from page 12)
(Continued from page 12)
tages however, are huge. In our
testing we found improved pedal
feel, reduced fluid temperatures,
significant increases in lining life,
and most significantly, lining taper
wear was only a fraction of the
PBR calipers. The result on the
track is improved fade resistance,
longer pad and rotor life and con-
sistent pedal travel.

Another change worth noting is
the '99 and later front brake hose.
The front hoses changed in '99 in
an effort to commonize between
the V6, GT and Cobra. As a re-
sult, the new hose has proven to
be a robust solution for heavy-
duty use. With aftermarket hoses,
obtaining a clean, trouble free
routing can be a challenge. With
the '99-'04 front hoses the stock
routing is maintained, even when
combined with the Brembo cali-

Whether you are upgrading your
GT to Cobra brakes, or your Co-
bra to Cobra-R brakes, I believe
Ford has the hardware in place to
provide some cost effective solu-
tions to your braking needs.

                                         ‘94-’98 versus ‘99-’04 Rotor Comparison Diagram by Steve White

1994-98 Kelsey-Hayes ro-                    1999-04 Brembo rotor,        2000 Cobra-R Brembo caliper with 4 pistons.
tor, notice the directional                 notice the improved          These are modified Viper calipers with stag-
cooling vanes and “hat” de-                 “pillar” ribs for cooling    gered pistons sizes of 36 and 40mm.
sign                                        and “hat” design
                   Page 14                                                  Shelby Life

Do I Smell Smoke?
                                                                             gen fluoride, hydrogen chloride        is easy to use and cleans up with
                                                                             and hydrogen sulfide. During the       little effort. It will cool even the hot-
by Bob Martin                                                                cool down period it changes to
                                                                             phosgene gas.
                                                                                                                    test materials and will emulsify
                                                                                                                    hydrocarbons like gasoline; motor
One of the last things we as clas-     common foam fire extinguishers.       HALATRON:                              oil and diesel fuel so they cannot
sic car owners want to see is a        Below is a primer on the various      - A popular replacement for Ha-        re-ignite.
wisp of smoke curling suspi-           kinds and their usage and ease        lon. It is environmentally friendly    - Aqueous Film Forming Foam
ciously from under the hood of         of clean up.                          but has some of the same hazards       (AFFF): The fire service and mili-
our baby.                              For our purposes, we will con-        as Halon during the heating and        tary have been using this type of
After the momentary panic, reac-       cern ourselves with the Class A       cooling process. It is also very ex-   foam for more than 40 years. It is
tion sets in; but what should we       (paper, fiberglass, wood, 12 volt     pensive.                               slightly toxic and corrosive and has
do?                                    wiring etc.) and the Class B          WETTING AGENT:                         not been readily available to the
An acquaintance of mine just           (flammable and combustible liq-       - AB type wetting agent from Cold      public. The AFFF foam cools fuel
went through that experience           uids and gases like gasoline –        Fire. This is a chemical compound      and smothers the fire by forming a
and when he opened the hood,           and for those of us who occa-         that when added to water materi-       foam blanket. Harder to clean up.
he found the wiring on fire – the      sionally use diesel, diesel fuel).    ally reduces its surface tension.      The experts recommend use of
starter cable in particular. He had    Class C and D is not really our       Commonly used in the auto racing       designer foam fire extinguishers
no tools and an ABC fire extin-        concern.                              industry. It is non-corrosive, non-    without reservation as mentioned
guisher, the kind we all carry,        DRY TYPES:                            toxic and biodegradable. This is       above, they come in ABC New
which was of little effect since       - ABC dry chemical uses mono-         used in pre-installed extinguishing    Designer Foam and ABCDK ALL-
the wires kept burning.                ammonium phosphate, a hazard-         systems in engine compartments         FIRE Designer
PANIC TIME! He had no tools            ous chemical that can be toxic. It    and there is very little clean up      Foam.
and when a kind passerby finally       has very limited Class A fire         after use.
flipped him a set of wire cutters      fighting ability.                     ULTIMATE FOAM:                         All of this information is taken from
so he could cut the positive bat-      - Purple K (PKP) BC dry chemi-        - ABC New Designer Foam. This          an article written by Mac McCoy
tery cable (after burning his          cal. The material used is potas-      has been available since 1999          who has a Bachelor’s degree in
hands trying to pull it off the bat-   sium bicarbonate – a hazardous        from Kidde. It is a new generation     Fire Science and a Master’s de-
tery), the fire finally ceased. Re-    material                              foam and is safe around children       gree in Fire Administration. He is a
sult was burnt cables, destroyed       - BC dry powder uses non-toxic        and pets. It is effective on both      33-year fire-fighting veteran who
battery and a hole in the sidewall     sodium bicarbonate. This is a         vertical and horizontal surfaces       has worked as a paramedic, dep-
where the starter solenoid used        popular alternative because it is     and is easy to use and easy to         uty sheriff and Fire Service Train-
to be. Oh yes, and did I mention       cheap but is messy to clean up.       clean up.                              ing Coordinator for the State of
the resulting mess that the fire       HALON:                                - ABCDK ALLFIRE Designer               Oregon.
extinguisher made? Can you             - Banned in Ontario by the EPA        foam has been offered by Hawk          I don’t know about you, but I am
imagine cleaning that mess up          as highly toxic and environmen-       since 1995. It is non- toxic, non-     going to get me one of those de-
from your engine compartment?          tally unfriendly. This gas has a      corrosive, biodegradable and           signer foam extinguishers ASAP.
There is an alternative to the         nasty habit of changing to hydro-     friendly to children and animals. It

                                                                             cops are and when the traffic is      look ahead down the Rotunda
                        (Continued from page 4)                              light. This is one of those times!    straightaway. There are no cars
                                                                                                                   and no cops in sight so I go full
                                                                             The left turn light onto Rotunda is throttle and hit an early apex! Air
Avenue. We make the long turn      left turn lane. This end of east-         red. LLLillie is calmly sitting there is now traveling nearly unob-
on Outer Drive toward Rotunda,     bound Rotunda starts with a tight         wondering if it isn't time to go back structed through all sixteen intake
reaching the awesome speed of      sweeping right turn and has a             to her car while I'm making the last pipes to the Cobra’s thirty two
45 mph. I look over at LLLillie.   straightaway between Ford Mo-             check for cars and cops. When         valve engine, giving us a neck
                                   tor Co. property on the left and
She has that, "Is that all there is"                                         the light turns green I shout         straining acceleration. For an old
look on her face. I stay cool be-  the Edsel Ford High School on             "Hang on!" and we are off head- guy like me, it takes all the
cause I've learned several times   the right. It is a piece of road that     ing down the left lane in first gear strength I have to keep my head
that it's easy to get a ticket in  has served me as a mini proving           to 4000 rpm, now second to 3200 up so I can see the road. I allow
Dearborn especially on Outer       ground for years while working at         rpm, even out the throttle a little   the car to roll out across all five
Drive.                             Ford. I have made quick, early            and start a right turn-in. There is a lanes of Rotunda to the curb of the
                                   morning and late evening tests            corner house that obstructs the       westbound lane and hit 5800 rpm.
We get to the light at Outer Drive through this turn and have                view but as we clear it and I get a
and Rotunda and I get into the     learned when and where the                                                                      (Continued on page 21)
                                                Volume 30, Issue 1                                                                      Page 15

                                                                                adjacent temperatures are close           be the same difference from the
                                                                                in level but the third is not?            middle to the inner temperature
Track Tire Temp Tech                                                                       While attending an
                                                                                SVTOA event at Indianapolis
                                                                                                                          (within a degree or two). We’re
                                                                                                                          talking differential here, not equal
by Steve White                                                                  Raceway Park in October, Kenny            absolute temperatures – that
                                                                                Brown (yes, the Kenny Brown of            comes later with alignment. To
Most drivers who participate in          track visitor. Non-contact infra-red   Kenny Brown Performance – fa-             get the equal differentials, you
open track events, whether a new-        guns that measure the surface          mous for late model Mustang &             raise or lower tire temperatures
comer or a so-called track dog,          temperature of the tires can now       especially Cobra performance              accordingly, based on the center
become keenly aware how impor-           be had for less than $100, making      parts) provided a tire tech seminar       temperature. For example, if the
tant tires are to their successful       it a feasible addition to the tool-    during one of the lunch breaks. I         center & inner temperatures are
experience on the track. They            box – especially considering the       had never experienced the condi-          closer together than the outer to
also quickly learn that tires are        technical return you get out of it.    tion mentioned above, until I             center temperature with the center
one of the areas they can easily         (Note, pros use the more expen-        started running the ’96 Cobra in          temperature not th e highest of the
tune between runs to adjust to           sive temp probes that measure          open track events this year. I be-        three temperatures, raising pres-
track conditions & get the most          core temperatures, which typically     gan to become puzzled in which            sures 0.5–1psi is in order. Keep
out of their track time. One of the      run 40-500 F higher than surface       way to go with my tuning. I had           doing this until you get an equal
basic tools that assists the driver      temps.) Reading temperatures           two out of three temperatures             differential across the face of the
in tuning their tires is the air pres-   across the face of the tread in        where I wanted, but not that pesky        tread. This may take several at-
sure gauge, which can help them          three locations, outer, middle, &      third one. Should I accept it (two        tempts. Once this is done, you
make sure they are in the proper         inner, can provide feedback that       out of three ain’t bad?), or if not,      can start adjusting alignment to
operating range, as well as to ad-       can indicate inflation condition &     which way do I turn? Kenny ad-            get the absolute level equal
just side- to-side & front- to-rear.     alignment accuracy. While it           dressed this by outlining his pro-        across the tread.
However, another tool that can           might be obvious that higher te m-     cedure for dialing in a cars sus-         To get an illustration of this proc-
give even more information is a          peratures on the inner & outer         pension by the tire temperatures.         ess, see the following example &
temperature reading gun.                 edges of the tread than the center                The first thing to do is to    note the baseline temperatures, &
            Once just the privilege      temperature indicate an under          get an even differential in te m-         how they responded to the adjust-
of professional race teams, the          inflation condition, or that higher    peratures from location to loca-          ments made. (Note, some varia-
cost of temperature guns has             inside temperatures likely mean        tion – in other words, the tempera-       tion from side-to-side is normal,
come down to the range of af-            too much negative camber, but          ture difference from the outer to         depending upon the track, etc.)
fordability, even for the occasional     what about conditions where two        middle temperature should also

                                                          LF                                               RF
                      Run 3:                           "Baseline"                                                        "Baseline"
                                          Outer           Center          Inner            Hot:           Inner         Center         Outer
                                           130             127             127          Temp (F)           120            121            112
                                         O-C = 3                         C -I = 0         T split        I- C = 1      C = high       C -O = 9
                                                 total spread = 3                        T range                    total sprea d = 9
                                                        44.0                               PSI                            42.9
                                                        -1.5                            Camber                            - 1.5
                           Result:       Close, but unequal T separation

                                                         LF                                                     RF
       Changes        Run 4:        Prior to run, raised cold psi 0.5                         Prior to run, lowered cold psi 0.5
                                     Outer            Center                Inner      Hot:     Inner        Center        Outer
                                      124               127                  130    Temp (F)      116          113           107
                                    O-C = 3         equal split           C -I = 3    T split  I- C = 3     C = high      C -O = 6
                                               total spread = 6                      T range             total spread = 9
                                                        44.8                           PSI                     42.3
                                                        - 1.5                       Camber                     - 1.5
                           Result: Temp separation = perfect, needs                            Could use ~0.25 less pressure,
                                     ~0.2 - 0.5 l e s s n e g a t i v e c a m b e r              then probably ~0.3 -0.5 less
                                                                                                        negative camber
         Receiving this instruction was like a revelation to me, allowing me to dial in my set- up, & hope it will help you
too get the most out of your trac k s e t -u p .
                        Page 16                                                         Shelby Life

Abridged Goodwood Report by Mike                                                              “ No
L. Drew, Abridged by Mike Nyberg, Images by Tom Greene                                        and T-
The Goodwood Revival is a very unique          control.                                       shirts,
event. Rather than a simple exhibition of                                                     unless
old cars, this is an attempt to recreate the   The track saw its final race in 1966, as       you’re
sights, sounds, and most importantly, the      the speeds had simply become too great         a
“feel” of the old Goodwood race track,         for the track to safely support. It was for-   Rocker
which was in operation from 1948 to            mally retired, and lay in disuse until         astride
1964.                                          Freddie March’s grandson decided to
                                               reopen it for a revival.
To that end, the even organizers have                                                         BSA…
issued an extraordinary edict that specta-     Unlike vintage races as we known them          ”
tors won’t be allowed inside the circuit       (i.e. the Monterey Historic Races), which
unless they are attired in dress appropri-     are modern, glitzy events which just hap-
ate to some point during that period. No       pen to feature old cars (with varying rac-     The “dress” for the event was “period
jeans and T-shirts, unless you’re a            ing provenance), the revival was from the      piece” from any of racing periods al-
Rocker astride a BSA café racer and            outset designed to be a nostalgic affair,      lowed on- track
wearing a period biker jacket and puddin’      spiritually more akin to a Renaissance
bowl helmet and goggles.                       Faire. To that end, strict rules were laid     Ladies: voluminous dress clinched with
                                               down to help restore a properly nostalgic      wide belt, slender high heels, glamorous
Lord March’s estate is a very sizable          feel to the event.                             hat, sleek gloves, seamed nylon stock-
piece of land, which stretches to the hori-                                                   ings, liberal make-up with polished ‘de
zon, known as Goodwood. It has a gi-        Simply put, anything manufa ctured after          rigeur’ look, dark eyeliner and false
gantic manor house, whose driveway is       1966 is banned from view. This includes           lashes, bright red lipstick. Think Grace
the scene of the Goodwood Festival of       clothing, and therefore ALL participants,         Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.
Speed each summer. But it also has an       and spectators, are required to be
absolutely wonderful, and extremely fast    dressed in period attire if they are to be
racetrack.                                  allowed into the confines of the circuit
                                            proper. No modern vehicles are allowed
The facility has a storied history dating   to be in view either; modern cars are
back to W.W.II, where Lord March (widely parked in fields blocked by large hedges.
known as Freddie) allowed a portion of      The original grandstands, pits and mar-
his sizable estate to be used as an aero- shaling stands have all been restored,
drome to defend the homeland. A grass and the result is a very convincing ap-
strip housed several RAF squadrons, and proximation of what the track would have
Spitfires were launched to defend London looked like in its heyday.
during the Battle of Britain and beyond.
                                            The first qualifying session I saw was for
While the runways themselves were           the cars racing for the Sussex Trophy, for
grass, a paved road circled the field, and World Championship Sports Cars from                Vintage BSA motorcycles where present
shortly after the war it was suggested that the period 1955-1960. During this period,         at the Goodwood Revival
this pavement would make for a fine mo- the World Sportscar Championship was a
tor racing circuit. Lord March had been     series for thoroughbreds--cars from such
an apprentice at Bentley Motors and had storied makers as Ferrari, Jaguar and
been a works driver for MG, so he was       Aston Martin. These beautifully curva-
amenable to the idea, and the first race    ceous two-seat sports cars, Dinos, D-
was held in 1948. (The winner of that       types and DBRs, attracted the worlds
race was a young Stirling Moss, driving a best drivers, then and now. For the grid
500cc single-seater.)                       was filled with names from racing’s past,
                                            with numerous well-known period grand
The circuit saw continuous use, with the prix and sports car drivers lined up on the
only modification being the introduction of grid, in many cases occupying the same
a rather formidable chicane on the front    seats that they sat in back in the ‘50s.          A couple of WWII P-51 Mustangs flown
straight in an effort to keep speeds under                                                    in from Duxford. Spectators were enter-
                                                                     (Continued on page 17)
                                                                                              tained by the incredible capabilities of
                                                                                              these machines
                                           Volume 30, Issue 1                                                    Page 17

Abridged Goodwood
Report (Continued from page 16)
Next up were the saloons of        It would be a mistake to think
the St. Mary’s trophy. I consid-   that this event focused strictly on
ered this The Highly Improb-       the racing heritage of Good-
able Class, as besides well-       wood. For this place was origi-
known racing saloons of the        nally a W.W.II aerodrome, and to
day (such as the Jaguar Mk II      that end, a formidable collection
3.8), there were some seri-        of W.W.II fighter planes was
ously weird cars on-track, in-     flown in from nearby Duxford
cluding diminutive Austin A-       aerodrome. Throughout the day,        Out of control. Many cars crashed at the 2004 Good-
35s, barge-like Jaguar Mk VIIs     in between races pilots would         wood Revival. Look at the size of the crowd in the
(one driven by well-known ac-      strap into these incredible ma-       background.
tor and comedian Rowan At-         chines and give displays which
kinson), and even a Czech          demonstrated not only their per-
Tatra!                             sonal flying prowess, but also
                                   the incredible capabilities of
One of the more entertaining       these machines which fought to
groups was the Brooklands          keep Britain free. Four or five
class, made up of cars which       varieties of the Supermarine
raced at the legendary Brook-      Spitfire were joined by the
lands racetrack prior to 1939.     Hawker Hurricane, and the
This track predated the Indian-    American effort was represented
apolis oval by some four years,    by a P-51 Mustang and an
and was the world’s first pur-     ama zing P-47 Thunderbolt.
pose-built automobile racing
track, opening in 1907. The        Of all the classes which took to
high banked oval saw a variety     the track, by far my favorite was
of enterprising racers and en-     the Royal Auto Club Tourist Tro-
gineers attempting to set ever-    phy class, which celebrated the
higher speed records, often in     RAC TT races for closed-cockpit
four-wheeled leviathans pow-       sports cars which took place          A Ford GT40 and the car below tangled with each
ered by monstrous aero en-         between 1960 and 1964. Here           other and a tire wall. What do you think it will cost to
gines. Several of these Bent-      were the legendary Ferrari 250        repair that damage?
ley-based specials could be        SWBs and GTOs and Jaguar E-
seen here, with the Napier-        types, combating against Shelby
Bentley being a particular         Cobras (both roadsters fitted
crowd favorite.                    with hard tops and a pair of Day-
                                   tona Coupes) and Corvettes.
Cars weren’t the only vehicles     Here, too, was Belgian Shelby
on track. The Barry Sheene         and De Tomaso distributor
Memorial Trophy consisted of       Claude Dubois, again taking to
1963 to 1966 Grand Prix mo-        the track behind the wheel of the
torcycles of 350 to 500 cc’s,      Sunbeam Lister Tiger Le Mans
celebrating a sort of golden       coupe that he raced back in
age of motorcycle roadracing.      1964.
The field of almost 50 cycles
was populated by numerous          The Shelby Daytona coupes
well-known riders including        were at a distinct and artificial
writer Alan Cathcart and for-      disadvantage here. Apparently
mer world champion Wayne           when this event first started,
Gardner.                                                                 This ‘64 Brabham BRM BT8 and the car above collided
                                               (Continued on page 22)    before they hit the tire wall
              Page 18                                                        Shelby Life

2004 Frankenmuth Car Show
by Ed Ludtke
It all began at the Woodward          beer tent next to the Zender’s park
Dream Cruise. I had heard about       and they had a great 50’s/60’s Oldies
the Frankenmuth Auto/Oldies           band. I saw many old friends and
Fest for many years and I was         made many new ones on Friday.
told it was one of the premier        Saturday was the big day for the
shows in the state of Michigan.       show and Lori and I went and tried to
Well in my opinion, this show is      look at all the lines and lines of cars in
number one! I was approached          the huge show area. It was wall to
on 9 mile, Saturday of the Dream      wall cars and just about anything you        Mustangs lined up to get the German Stein
Cruise about attending the Fran-      wanted to see, you found. Customs,           Award, a very proud moment. The second car in
kenmuth show in September. I          Street rods, Classics, Sport scars and       line is Ed Ludtke’s 1970 Boss 302.
called Gary Strappazon for more       my favorite, Muscle Cars. They all
information; he wanted my Boss        were wonderful and even a few for
302 to represent the 1970 model       sale. Saturday evening after a nice
year. His goal was to have one        dinner, we sat on main drag and
of every year Mustang to honor        watched all the cars cruise up and
the 40th Anniversary. He ended        down all night. This was nothing like
up only missing two years of          the stop and go of a Woodward
Mustangs. Gary Strappazon is          event, just loud pipes and shining
president of the Mustang Club of      cars moving all night. There were no
Mid-Michigan and he is super          incidents and the local police said
guy and a true Mustang enthusi-       latter it was the safest Auto-Fest to
ast. He and the rest of the club      date. So that says a lot for the partici-
members made Lori and I feel          pants and law enforcement, they got
right at home, they were very         along with no problems. It was an-
helpful all weekend with tips on      other perfect evening and we sure
where to park, what to see and        enjoyed watching the cars and the
where to dine. Frankenmuth            crowds.                                      This Thunderbird was an award winner at the
knows how to throw a party and        Sunday was another perfect fall day          Frankenmuth Car Show
these Mustang enthusiasts were        and I was just about ready to head for
also well up to the task. We got      home when Gary informed me I was
to use Zender’s Park right in         to get an award and need to be in line
Downtown and we were in the           by 12:30pm. So much to my surprise
heart of the city and right across    I got one of the Authentic German
the river from the River Place. It    Steins that this show is so famous for
was great as I was able to talk       and I could not be any more proud of
Mustangs for hours, while the         it. It is the nicest award I have ever
girls went shopping in all the        won in all my years of doing car
shops downtown. For those of          events and I was just very fortunate to
you who have never been to the        get one. They only give 25 awards
Auto Fest, they close Downtown        with 3,000 plus entrants and as
to traffic @ 5:00pm and let every-    someone stated, “I’ve been coming to
one park there rides all on up        this event for 21 years and I still don’t
and down for the Pre-Fest Party.      have a Stein”! So that really put
They have bands every 300 feet        things in perspective for me. My
or so with different types of music   thanks again go out to Gary Strappa-
and everyone can walk and             zon, his wife and all those members          This 1969 Mustang Mach I was, also, an award
check out the wonderful cars. It      of the Mustang Club of Mid-Michigan          winner at the Frankenmuth Car Show
was a perfect night and many,         for making this one of the best shows
many fantastic cars to see. We        I have ever attended. Their hospitality      muth. I would recommend          want to miss. Go to www.
were lucky enough to have a           and made it a great time in Franken-         everyone put it on their calen- for info on
                                                                                   dars for 2005, it is not one you 2005.
                                            Volume 30, Issue 1                                                    Page 19

New Arrivals                            by Mike Nyberg

Rich Vander Heides’ car is 6S285,        Emily Reagan Darby, is a new
owned in the past by Jeff Burgy. It     arrival. She is the daughter of
is as early ‘66 with overrides. He      Sean Foltz and Stefanie Darby.
bought the car in September from        Emily was born September 7,
Bill Plank in Maryland. The car has     2004 at 11:11pm. She weighed
been photographed for many              8lbs 13oz and was 19 1/2" in
Speed Vision events/ads including       length.
the t- shirt showing a Shelby 350. I
bought the car because I wanted an
"original" Shelby and one that I        Another new arrival at Sean
could take to the track events.         Foltz’s house is a 1992 Mustang
                                        LX that has been built for racing in   Rich Vander Heides’ 1966 GT 350 once owned by
                                        the SCCA American Sedan se-            charter club member Jeff Burgy
                                        ries. The car was built by Andrew
                                        McDermid (who also races in A-
Bill Cook purchased a 2001 Mus-         Sedan and is a very good driver)
tang Bullitt, this September in Tren-   and has been raced by Scott
ton, Michigan. It is 1 of 3,041 in      Schweitzer for the past 4-5 years,
Dark Highland Green and had             in the Central Division of A-
7,300 miles on the clock. Modifica-     Sedan. Sean purchased the car
tions Include:                          from Scott along with all the
      • H&R Super Sport Springs         spares he had, but without the
      • 17 x 8 Fronts - BF Good-        motor and trans. He plans on
           rich g-Force 245/45          building the A-Sedan spec motor
           KDWs                         next year along with getting the
      • 17 x 10 Rears - BF Good-        car cleaned up and ready for a
           rich g-Force 285/40          few open tack events near the
           KDWs                         end of 2005. In 2006 he is going
      • Maximum Motorsports 1           to the driver's school at Waterford
           inch rear spacers            Hills so he can get his Regional
      • Pro 5.0 Shifter                 License to race at Waterford, that
      • Cold Air Intake                 year in A-Sedan. His future plans
      • OEM Fog Lamps                   are to get a SCCA Regional and
                                        National License and hopefully         Emily with her parents, Sean Foltz and Stefanie
      • Mach 1 Front Spoiler                                                   Darby
                                        make it to the Runoffs at Mid-Ohio

                                                                                Sean Foltz’s 1992 Mustang A-Sedan
Bill Cook’s 2001 Mustang Bullitt
                Page 20                                                   Shelby Life

Gary Roys Attends the
2004 SEMA Show
by Mike Nyberg, Images by Mike Drew
Gary Roys attended the 2004         Also, featured in traditional blue
Specialty Equipment Manufa c-       and white American racing colors
tures Association (SEMA) show       is Ford’s road-racing spec ’05
at the Las Vegas Convention         Mustang, powered by a 5.0-liter
Center. Gary was impressed by       “Cammer” V-8 good for esti-
the amount of space dedicated       mated 420hp. Gary liked the
to customized Mustangs and          yellow and black color combina-
new after market products for the   tion on the Number 15 car and        Ford Racing paid tribute to Parnelli Jones with a
’05 Mustang. Modified Mustangs      the blue and white Ford road-        commemorative “Boy Racer” 2005 Mustang painted
occupied a large space on a         racing spec car reminded him of      and striped to match Parnelli’s 1970 Boss 302
mezzanine just inside the main      the original Shelby Mustang
entrance.                           GT350R. He also liked the Yel-
                                    low and black Steeda Q.

The all new ’05 Mustang won the
SMEA Design Award for Best          Gary also witnessed the Tuetul’s
Redesigned vehicle, the Ford F-     Shelby Super Snake Theme
150 won for Best Truck and          Chopper from Unique Perform-
Chevrolet Tahoe won Best SUV.       ance traded to Carroll Shelby for
Two out of three isn’t bad!         a yellow Eleanor GT500E. The
                                    two vehicles were displayed to-
                                    gether and attracted a lot of at-
Ford Motor Company showed           tention.
Fifteen different customized ver-
sions of the all new ’05 Mustang
                                    Gary spent 1-1/2 days at the
to show attendees. Parnelli
                                    SEMA Show. “There is so much
Jones wheeled out in an ’05
                                    to see at the show you need to
Mustang inspired by the Number                                           The yellow Eleanor GT500E Carroll Shelby traded for
                                    spend a week to see it all.”
15 Boss 302 Jones drove to vic-                                          the Shelby Super Snake Theme Chopper created by
tory at Luguna Seca in 1970.                                             Tuetul’s Unique Performance. Notice the people
                                                                         gathered around the chopper in the background.

Ford Racing Performance Products’ blue and white                           Yellow Steeda Q has many suspension, brake, ex-
road-racing spec ‘05 Mustang powered by a 5.0                              haust and engine modifications all wrapped in an
“Cammer” V-8 producing an estimated 420hp                                  attractive package. It is street compliant, but,
                                                                           ready to do battle on the track.
                                             Volume 30, Issue 1                                                                Page 21

Swap and Sell
                                                                           cars – his name is Keith Duren
FOR SALE :                                                        has photos of both these cars
New 428 CJ Service Carb (C9AF-U) $380                                      available to you by Email
Rebuilt 428 CJ carb (C9AF-U) $180
500 cfm 2 barrel carbs $80 to $90                               1989 Fleetwood Bounder 40 foot Motor Home – John
Will rebuild your Holley or Ford 4 barrel carbs $100 to $180    Deere Chassis, Ford 460 engine and C6 auto trans. This
Mike Riemenschneider (734) 459-1348                             motor home has only 29,xxx miles and is in absolutely
                                                                outstanding condition. Full "check up" just performed and
1962 Lincoln 4-door has been stored since 1984. I am is ready to take you anywhere you want to go. Current
the second owner, L.E. Robertson purchased it new, & I Blue Book value is $20k wholesale and $24k retail. Our
bought it in 1983 from his widow. Has four (4) new tires price is $17,500 – get it and take it somewhere warm you
and a new battery. I started it last month, runs good, but can enjoy it, before I cover it up for the winter
has the freeze plug out of the rear, very little rust. Interior
is in good shape, but needs paint. Will sell for $1,750.00 (248) 449-7374 evenings
or $2,000.00 if I have the freeze plug installed.               (313) 806-0855 (cell)
                                                                Tom Greene
1972 Torino Ranchero is a California car, has a 429 mo-
tor with racing cam and C6 auto trans. Red paint is                        WANTED :
good, but left side doesn't match as was hit at an inter-
section about 2 years ago and re-painted. I'd like to have 17x9 (5) lug racing wheels for Mustang with 24mm setback
$5,000.00 for the Ranchero. It also has a transmission          Mike Nyberg (248) 969-1157
leak. The motor was overhauled by the former owner    
and I have all the records as to what he did.
                                                                    • Winfield Carbs – prefer downdraft model SR; size A or A/
Both these cars are in central Missouri – and photos are                 A – will take updrafts
available via Email                                                 • Goodyear Rally GT Tires D60-13 or equivalent
Contact For information on these               Randy Betki         734 692-3390

LLLillie (Continued from page 14)
                                                                          my parents! They live just down house, LLLillie looks at him and
                                                                          the street!" So we hop back in       the two began to laugh.
                                                                          and off we go.
                                                                                                               Well, it's time to leave while things
Even though there is a negative      Rotunda and head back to the         On the way, I'm wondering, "What are looking good so I yell goodbye.
camber on this side of the road,     school.                              are her parents going to think of    LLLillie waves and with tears still
it doesn't matter when using all                                          this old man with their young        rolling down her face, gives me a
five wide lanes. I shift to third,   The ride is over but the story is    daughter? Their daughter that I      big smile.
go full throttle and head to the     about to begin. On the way back      injured!" The picture of a lawyer
middle of road past Edsel Ford       LLLillie wipes the hair out of her   with my money sticking out of his Two days later we have an aero-
High School. LLLillie, with her      face and is hysterically crying      pockets crosses my mind!             bics class. There is LLLillie with a
hair covering her eyes is scream-    with joy. We get back to her car,                                         big white bandage on her calf,
ing in exuberant joy, almost         she jumps out and guess what?        While we drive up their driveway, proudly telling a small gathering of
drowning out the chirp of the        She gets her calf against the        her father rushes from the back-     students all about the great ride
tires and bark of the side pipes!    side pipe and lets out a yell. I     yard and says, "Wow a Cobra!         she had and describing the history
Now it's decision time. The light    shut the engine off, run around      What a car!" I'm thinking, “He       and importance of a "Classic Co-
at Pelham Road is red. Will I        and sure enough there is a red       doesn’t look threatening. I don't    bra Burn". As time went on, the
have to go into a panic stop or      silver dollar size burn on her leg   see a gun”. LLLillie gets out of the bandage and scabbing came off.
will it turn green? Yea, it turns    just above her sagging sock.         car crying, "Dad I need help, and I LLLillie’s beautifully tanned leg
green so I don't let up. As I pass   Now what do I do? I stand there      need mother. Look at my leg." He now has a perfect scar shaped like
through Pelham I shift to fourth,    for a few seconds trying to calm     gives her a quick, admiring look     a crescent, or is it a new moon, or
again at 5800 rpm. Now Oak-          her down. Should I take her to       and says, "A real Cobra burn! I maybe it's a "C" for Cobra! She is
wood is coming up fast so it's       an emergency room? Should I          haven't seen one of those on a girl more proud of the scar and its sig-
time to end this solo race. There    take her home to her "wimpy"         since high school!" As he puts his nificance than any stupid tattoo.
still are no cars and no cops in     boyfriend? I hope he's "wimpy.       arm around her to help her into the
sight so I make a "U" turn on        Suddenly she yells, "Take me to
          Page 22                                                            Shelby Life

SAAC-MCR Abridged Financial Report by Craig Shefferly

  Item Description                                                                                Sep.         Oct.          Nov.

                Beginning Balance                       Checkbook                               10,884.95     7,989.48      8,859.29
                                                        Cash on Hand                                45.00        45.00         45.00

                Total Beginning Balance                                                         10,929.95     8,034.48      8,904.29

  Annual Memberships                                                                                               225.00
  Waterford Event                                                                                3,615.00
  Events (Refund from K&K Insurance)                                                                            675.54
  Paypal                                                                                         1,500.00     1,496.88

                Total Income                                                                     5,115.00     2,397.42           0.00

  Hot Line Phone                                                                                     26.07          24.56       24.56
  Office Supplies
  Program Expenses                                                                                 293.50          143.20     124.60
  Member Reimbursements                                                                            479.90
  GingerMan                                                                                      1,830.00
  Waterford Open Track Event                                                                     3,800.00          373.45
  Newsletter                                                                                                       286.40
  EMS Ambulance Service (2)                                                                        700.00          700.00
  K&K Insurance                                                                                    881.00

                Total Expenses                                                                   8,010.47     1,527.61        149.16

                Income Over/(Under) Expenses                                                    -2,895.47          869.81    -149.16

                Ending Balance                                                                   8,034.48     8,904.29      8,755.13

Abridged Goodwood Report                                                         (Continued from page 17)
Carroll Shelby sent over a Day-                                              being driven hard, but terrible be-   their sides caved in, a Cobra road-
tona Coupe that had a seriously,        The last session of the day was      cause once again, European vin-       ster got its boot lid rearranged,
seriously illegal engine, and it sim-   the Whitsun Trophy for sports pro-   tage racers showed absolutely no      and so on and so forth.
ply drove away from the rest of         totypes from 1963-1966. Racing       respect for their machinery or that
the field and won going away.           underwent a mighty change            of their fellow competitors, and      The racing (and wrecking) was
The organizers decided to fix           around 1964, with sports cars be-    wrecks were commonplace, as           followed by parade laps, including
Shelby’s wagon, so now the              ing replaced by dedicated sports     belligerent drivers used NASCAR       one by one of the six Bugatti
coupes are restricted and must          prototypes for the World Chal-       techniques to muscle other cars       Royales (the only one running),
run with tires that are much            lenge. Early Lola T-70s were spy-    out of the way. A good 25% of the     and Sir Stirling Moss driving the
smaller than when it raced in pe-       ders, but then the Ford GT40         cars in the race suffered body        now-completed car with a thrilled
riod--in fact, the rear tires are ac-   burst upon the scene, and the        damage, in some cases very sig-       nine-year-old passenger seated
tually narrower than the front          class featured no less than nine     nificant damage. A Ferrari 330        alongside……...
ones! So all the power in the           original GT40s.                      LM/B, the John Williment Cobra
world can’t let the cars move up to                                          Coupe, and the Aston Martin Pro-
the sharp end of the grid, despite      The TT cars ran a one-hour race,     ject 212 (Aston’s one-off answer
the fact that they were being           which was both wonderful and         to the Ferrari 250 GTO, recently
driven here by John Morton and          terrible at the same time. It was    valued at 2.5 million pounds, or
Bob Bondurant.                          wonderful seeing all these cars      about 4.25 million dollars) all had
                              Volume 30, Issue 1                                                       Page 23

    SAAC-MCR Abridged Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7:58 by Tom Greene
Competition Dir: Darius Rudis…. Bill Rowe did some investigating and discovered we were over charged by K&K
insurance so refund is coming. Also, at the last track event, Tom Greene had a Yellow Ford GT, doing some 1:20
lap times.
Treasurer: Craig Shefferly… The club has $8,000.00 approx.
Editors Report: Mike Nyberg.,, Passed out list of proposed articles for the next newsletter.
Show Dir: Gary Roys… Has list of names that signed up to work the show and planned tasks.
Membership Dir: Rich Tweedle… This month we have 138 members.
National News: Jeff Burgy …. Ford is going to paint the 2005 Mustang Race Cars School Bus Yellow, just like the
‘70 Trans-am Mustangs.
This & That: Bill Cook bought a ‘01 Bullitt Mustang.


Meeting was called to order at 7:56 by Tom Greene.
New Faces were Emily who is one month old and brought by parents, Sean and Steffanie Foltz. Rick Vander
Heide’s sons Ben and Sam.
Competition Dir: Darius Rudis… everything is done for this year.
Treasurer: Craig Shefferly… The club has $8,800.
Editors Report: Mike Nyberg… passed out list of proposed Articles for the Jan. 2005 issue. Membership Dir:
Rich Tweedle… We have 136 members.
Tech Page: Jerry Helfman is looking for an engine builder to build up a 302 for his Tiger with the vintage fuel
This & That: Tom Greene’s wife now has a new Jaguar X -Type to drive around.
Erin Lindsay has offered her house for the spring chili cook-off, Saturday, March 5, 2005.
March 13, 2005 is the official Late Winter swap meet at Gorno Ford.


Meeting was called to order at 7:59 by Tom Greene
New Faces were Brian Greene’s friend Barb
Financial Dir: Craig Shefferly…The club has $8,710
Editors Report: Mike Nyberg…Passed out the status list of proposed articles for the Jan. 2005 newsletter.
Show Dir: Gary Roys…Inviting other Ford Car clubs to Show& Go 2005, our 30th Anniversary. MOCSEM, the
Fairlane club, the Falcon club, etc.
Membership Dir: Rich Tweedle…We have 34 members for 2005: “this is a new year”
Tech Question : Don’t use Scotch-brite pads to clean engine parts; the inside of your engine, heads, valve covers,
etc. It will leave abrasives that will wreak havoc inside of your motor.
New Vehicles: Sean Foltz just bought a ‘92 A-sedan Mustang for track events.
Club Holiday Party is January 15th and cost is $40.00 per person if a club worker and $90.00 if not. Contact
Randy Betki at kbetki@
          Shelby American Automotive
            Club – Motor City Region

                                                           Mailing Address Line 1
                                                           Mailing Address Line 2
Dedicated to the preservation, care, history               Mailing Address Line 3
and enjoyment of the automobiles produced
 by Shelby America and/or Ford Motor Co.

 Monthly Meeting, First Thursday of ea. Month
     7:00 pm at Mama Mia’s Restaurant
      27770 Plymouth Rd., Livonia, MI
            West of Inkster Rd.

       Newsletter editor; Mike Nyberg
             Phone: 248-969-1157
               Fax: 248-969-1157

      We’re on the Web!

                   2005 Events Calendar
Jan. 15      Holiday Dinner at Fair-
lane, the Henry Ford Estate, Dear-      July 1-3 SAAC 30 National Convention,
born, MI                                Fontana, CA
                                        July “Early” GingerMan Open Track
Jan. 15-23 North American Inter-        Event-“Hot Laps at GingerMan”, South
national Auto Show, Cobo Hall, De-      Haven, MI
troit, MI
Mar. 4-6     Detroit AutoRama,          Aug. 20       11 th Annual Woodward
Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI                  Dream Cruise, Pontiac to Ferndale, MI

Mar. 5        Chili Cook-Off,           Sept. “Early” Waterford Hills Open
at Erin Jessica Lindsay’s house         Track Event-“Labor Day Classic”, Wa-
                                        ter ford, MI
Mar. 13    SAAC-MCR Winter
Swap Meet, at Gorno Ford, Wood-         Sept. “Late” Waterford Hills Open
haven MI                                Track Event-“Harvest Happening”, Wa-
                                        terford, MI
May 13-15 Carlisle Kit Car Show,
Fairgrounds, Carlisle, PA

June 3-5 All Ford and BOSS Na-                                                  ’05 Mustangs eat Hondas
tionals, Fairgrounds, Carlisle, PA
                                                                                for lunch!
June 5-6 SAAC-MCR Show & Go
30, Ford WHQ, June 5 & Waterford
Hills, June 6

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