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									“Flake, the Missing
When you let
others know you
are sorry they
feel bad, you are
The cats Boo Boo and Neo showed
       sympathy to Justin.

If my friend is crying and I give her a
    hug, I am showing sympathy.

If friends laughed when you fell and
   got hurt, would they be showing
Would you feel sympathy for a friend
 who got a bike for his birthday?

   Would you have sympathy for a
  friend who had a sick cat? Why?

 What things could you do to show
If you are sensitive, you care about people’s feelings.
  The cats were sensitive to Justin’s

 I can be a sensitive person and look
for clues that tell how someone feels.
 A laugh tells me someone is happy.

 Are you sensitive if you ignore how
  other people are feeling? Why?
Do you think you are sensitive? How
           do you know?

Would a sensitive person laugh when
      you are crying? Why?

  What are some ways a sensitive
person knows how others are feeling.
If you are
devoted to
someone, you
love and want to
take care of that
 Bianca the bison showed that she
      was devoted to Caitlyn.

I am devoted to my dog. I feed him
      and walk him every day.

Do you feel devoted to your family,
or do you feel devoted to your bike?
 How can you tell when someone is
         devoted to you?

Would a friend who is devoted to you
forget to invite you to a party? Why?

How do you show your family you are
        devoted to them?
If you are
alarmed you feel
scared or
 The children were alarmed when
  Flake the hamster was missing.

 I sometimes feel alarmed when I
    hear a strange noise at night.

Would you be more alarmed if you
heard a loud crash or a soft meow?
 I will name some things and if you think they are
  things that might alarm people, you should say
                  “I’m alarmed.”

a police siren        a big dog growling
a kitten purring      thunder on a stormy night
a scary mask          a mother singing a lullaby
If something is mysterious, it is
      strange or puzzling.
Flake’s disappearance was mysterious
  because the children did not know
          where he had gone.
  I think magic tricks are mysterious
 because I can’t figure out how they
              are done.
 Would it be more mysterious to find
a unicorn or a tree in your backyard?
I will name some things and if you think they
are things people would find mysterious, you
        should say “That is mysterious”.
 You hear a knock at your door. When you open the
                door, no one is there.
You receive a package in the mail but there is no card
                       with it.
         You watch your friend play a game.
    You watch your friend perform a magic trick.
           You take your dog to the park.
When you are overjoyed you are
      very, very happy.
 The children were overjoyed to see
 When my friends threw a surprise
  party for me, I was overjoyed.

Would you be overjoyed if you had to
        do chores? Why?
I will name some things and if you think they would
  make people feel overjoyed, you should say “I’m
winning one million dollars       walking to school
winning ten cents           tripping over a rock
cleaning your room          bringing home a pet
going on summer vacation
 Let’s recap…
and review what we learned.
Fill in the blanks with the correct word.
      alarmed devoted sensitive

  She was __________ when she saw
  the door was open and realized her
  dog was missing.

  Her friend is ___________ to others
  who are sad or worried.
 overjoyed sensitive mysterious

The children thought it was ____________
when they heard the music playing but no
one turned it on.

We were _______________ when my mother
said we will be going to Disney for vacation
this year.
devoted sympathy alarmed

I do everything I can to make my
family happy because I am
______________ to them.

My friend was crying, so I showed
her ___________ to help her feel

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