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									                                        Summer Edition 2009

                                         Message from Our Leader

LAE4-HA President Renee Castro’s Acceptance Speech

       On behalf of the association, I would like to offer Charles our appreciation and thanks for
serving as President. He has been very helpful to me this entire year in answering all of my
questions and truly guiding me for the year that I have ahead.

       I would also like to thank this year’s planning committee for putting on a conference that
was informative and entertaining. If the conference committee can please stand, let’s give them a
round of applause.

       A special note to our conference co-chairs, Amy Long-Pierre and Christy Sorenson. I
would like to present each of you with a little token of my appreciation for all that you have done
for the convention.

I would like to begin with a quote from John Homer Miller

       Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to
life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

       We all know that it has not been an easy year for the Ag Center. We have been through
many challenges, with still more to come. As an association, we all need to face this challenge with
a positive attitude and accept the changes that will come with it. As individuals we need to become
involved and help to move our organization in a positive direction. We need to be open as
individuals to try new things and offer different approaches that can make a difference. As Dr.

Coreil stated yesterday, there will be many times that you don’t like it, but you have to accept it
and work with it.

       As 4-H professionals, we have a very unique opportunity to touch the lives of youth.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said,

“in all of the youth that we reach, it is probably the sense of being really needed and wanted
which gives us the greatest satisfaction and creates the most lasting bond.”

We all know that we are needed and wanted by the youth that we serve, that is why it is so
important for us to tell the AgCenter story and let people know how important we are in making a
difference in the lives of youth. Don’t ever underestimate the power that you have as a 4-H agent.

When I was in 4th grade I decided that I wanted to be a 4-H agent. I actually spent the next 10
years or so preparing for that. After completing my B.S. Degree I began working on my master’s
degree because I thought it would give me a better chance to be hired. Some of the classes I took
were with 4-H agents. One of the things I remember most about my classes with the agents was
something that they would always say “when talking about working for extension, they would
always say “I’m just a 4-H agent”. To me, the 4-H profession is one of the most rewarding
experiences of my life, and I never considered myself just a 4-H agent, because I knew that I could
make a difference, just like all of you sitting in this room. We have celebrated quite an
accomplishment in celebrating our 100 year anniversary, but I want everyone to think about the
next 100 years: what will 4-H look like and what are you going to do as an individual to leave a
legacy for the next 100 years of 4-H.

       Throughout my years as a 4-H agent, I have been given the opportunity to meet wonderful,
exceptional people who are true leaders. As your president, I will do my best to model what I have
learned from them. I will work hard to do what I think is best for our profession as well as our
association. I will take on this role with a positive attitude and always strive to listen to what you
need, be open to change and be quick to respond.

       Many thanks again to the southeast/crescent region for working together as a team to put
on a great convention. The conference truly did offer a taste for all, by providing a variety of

professional development opportunities. Wednesday, when we started our opening luncheon, State
Representative Scott Simon told us an analogy of a sinking ship that made me think about our
current situation. I in no means think that the AgCenter is a sinking ship, but I do believe that in
every organization there are leaks or holes that can be fixed, and as he said, we have to work
together as a team to bring our ship back up and make sure it doesn’t sink. I truly believe that if
we work together as a team, our ship will never sink, it will only get stronger.

       Several of our members were recognized throughout the conference for their
accomplishments, and I would like to congratulate all of you. I would also like to welcome any new
members that are new to our association. I would like to invite all of our members, old and new to
join us at our National meeting in New York to be held in October. I would like everyone to
seriously consider this great professional development opportunity.

              In closing tonight I would like to end with something that a good friend of mine sent
me that I look at often. It is entitled: CHOICES, the author is unknown:

              Some people sit - some people try.
              Some people laugh - some people cry.
              Some people will - some people won't.
              Some people do - some people don't.
              Some people believe and develop a plan.
              Some people doubt - never think that they can.
              Some people face hurdles and give it their best.
              Some people back down when faced with a test.
              Some people complain of their miserable lot.
              Some people are thankful for all that they've got.
              And when it's all over - when it comes to an end
              Some people lose out and some people win.
              We all have a choice - we all have a say.
              We are spectators in life or we get in and play.
              Whichever we choose - how we handle life's game.
              The choices are ours - no one else is to blame.

I have made the choice to face the hurdles with a positive attitude and give it my best. I challenge
all of you to make choices that lead us in a positive direction for what lies ahead. Don’t be a
spectator in life, choose to get in and play. Be part of the team, and let’s make a difference.

It is my honor to accept the position of your LAE4-HA President. I am very eager to work with
our leadership team to “Make the Best Better”.

Renee Castro

                                               LAE 4-HA Leadership Team
President------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Renee Castro
President Elect-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kori Myers
Vice President-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Troy Menard
Secretary------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jan Morgan
Treasurer-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cherie Roger
Reporter-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ken Spoto
Past President---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charles Hebert

                                                   District Representatives
District 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ashley Pitre
District 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kayla Haydel
District 3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Joanna Strong
District 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nikki Mouch
District 5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elizabeth Lynn
District 6--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lois Brister
State Office------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tanya Walker Giror

                                                    Committee Chairs
Policy& Resolution---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Karol Osborne
Public Relations & Information-----------------------------------------------------------------Nancy Cronan
Professional Improvement---------------------------------------------------------------------Laura Brumaugh
Programs------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Betsy Crigler
News & Views---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ken Spoto
Membership--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Troy Menard
Member Recognition---------------------------------------------------------------------------Amanda Simmons
Ways & Means---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Angie Arnould
Nominating-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Charles Hebert
Annual Meeting------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kori Myers

                                            Charles Farewell

         As I think about the songs…“We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You”, I think about
our profession and this association that I‟ve been fortunate to be a part of and to serve as president. But,
the champions I‟m talking about are each one of you. When you study the word “Champion” you
realize it has many meanings.

       I truly believe that this association and each of you, youth development professionals are
champions – Advocates and warriors for youth that help them to achieve and to dream. During this
most challenging year, we were also asked to be strong advocates for our profession and our

         "Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep
inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a
little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill."
-Muhammad Ali

        My experience this year serving as your president, has truly been a humbling experience and has
helped me to develop with a true team of “Champions”. I hope that I was able to enhance the
association and its efforts to better reach each of you! Only you possess the strength within ourselves to
be triumphant and as a unified group we are!

       First, I would like to acknowledge God because I truly believe through him all things are
possible and I appreciate his continued guiding hand in my life. Second, I would like to thank my
family. My wife, Lanette and son, Griffin has supported my decision, even when it took me away from

        Third, I would like to thank our administration for being so very supportive of the 4-H program
and for their dedication to our professional development. I would also like to thank my co-workers in
Lafayette Parish as well each one of you for entrusting me with this role and responsibility. I‟ve enjoyed
the learning, networking and getting to know more of you as we worked together. I will conclude with a
quote from Vince Lombardi

"A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the
determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little
things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done."

Anything is possible, if we believe in ourselves and possess the inner drive to accomplish all of our
desires. If we commit entirely to the things you want and maintain the strength to follow through, we
can and will succeed in reaching our goals.
        Thank you!

                              LAE 4-HA Announces Award Winners

 The 2009 award winners were announced during the Louisiana Association of Extension 4-H Agents
Annual State Convention, which was Aug. 18-21 in Convention, La. Agents honored for Communicator
  Awards included: Promotional Package Individual – Laura Brumbaugh; Personal Column – Kenneth
Spoto; Educational Piece – Laura Brumbaugh; and Periodic Publication Individual – Julia Campbell. In
 addition, a team of 14 won the Promotional Package Team award, the Specialty Award for Interactive
  Website, the Educational Technology Team award and the Southern Region Communicator Award.
 They are Mark Tassin, Katina Hester, Sandy Fiser, Carol Remy, Karol Osborne, Andre Brock, Shawn
Fox, Randy LaBauve, Elma Sue McCallum, Frankie Gould, Fred Piazza, Megan Smith, Elizabeth Lynn
 and Ashley Reddicks. The LCAA Team Award was presented to Sheean Cecil and Louann McKeiver
   for Circle of 4-H Day. Agents honored for 25 years of service were Bobby King, Ada Palermo and
 Robin Bridges. Markaye Russell received the Granger-Arton Award. Cecil McCrory Scholarship was
       presented to Laura Brumbaugh, and Paul Seihan Scholarship was presented to Kayla Haydel.
 Excellences in Teamwork Awards were presented to 21st Learning Collaboration, Elizabeth Lynn and
    the Healthy Living Intiative, Josh Fredieu and Monique Sanchez. These agents will also present a
     session on their work at the 2010 LAE 4-HA Convention. Achievements in Service awards were
   presented to Kori Myers, Hope Guidry and Laura Brumbaugh. Distinguished Service Awards were
presented to Kim Jones, Teresa Price and Katherine Pace. Meritorious Service Award Winner was Janet
Fox. ASA, DSA and Meritorious service awards winners will be recognized at NAE 4-HA in Rochester,

                                     LAE 4-HA Elects Officers

The Louisiana Association of Extension 4-H Agents convened in Covington last week for their Annual
    State Convention. Officers elected to serve the association in leadership roles during the State
  Convention included President Elect-Kori Myers, Secretary-Jan Morgan and Reporter-Ken Spoto.
 Officers were elected to serve the association for a 2 year term and will hold their respective office
   serving the association till 2011. Officers continuing their leadership for the association include
 President- Renee Castro, Vice President-Troy Menard, Treasurer-Cherie Roger and Past President-
Charles Hebert. The Leadership Team of LAE 4-HA is thankful to the membership of our association
                                 for electing us to serve as their leaders.

 Pictured left to right: President-Renee Castro, President Elect-Kori Myers, Past President-Charles
Hebert, Vice President-Troy Menard, Secretary-Jan Morgan and Reporter-Ken Spoto. Not pictured is
                                       Treasurer-Cherie Roger.

                                    Constitutional Amendment #1
                                          Proposed Change

Constitutional Amendment #1 – Would allow program assistants and other professionals to become
members of the association with full membership.

During our Annual Meeting in Covington, Louisiana a report was given from the Program Assistant
Committee. The recommendation was to allow program assistants and other professionals working with
youth development programs to join the association. A motion was made by the board and seconded as
well as the general membership. It would include that the program assistants and other professionals
working with youth development would have the same membership dues and benefits as the current

The change would be made to the ARTICLE IV – MEMBERSHIP, Section I from ~
 Membership in this association is open to all Extension professionals interested in promoting and/or
working with youth development programs, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, handicapped or
national origin.

Proposed changes to read ARTICLE IV – MEMBERSHIP, Section I to ~ Membership in this
association is open to all Extension professionals, paraprofessionals, program assistant and associates
interested in promoting and/or working with youth development programs. Membership dues are equal
for all members and membership is available regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, handicapped or
national origin.

Ballets will be submitted to the list serve of members thirty days after the notice is sent to the
membership. Each member will receive a notice through email with a link to the zoomerang survey to
vote “for” or “against” on the proposed change within seven days.

                                     You’re Leadership Team

 The Leadership Team of LAE 4-HA is very proud to be serving our state association. Please contact us
                         if you have any questions concerning our association.
President                                                  Secretary
Renee Castro, 4-H Coordinator                             Jan Morgan, Agent
E-mail:                                                   E-mail:
4-H Youth Development                                     Plaquemines Parish
Knapp Hall, P. O. Box 25100                               479 F Edward Hebert Blvd., Suite 201
 Baton Rouge, LA 70894 – 5100                             Belle Chasse, LA 70037
Phone Number: (225) 578-2196                              Phone Number: (504) 433-3664
Fax Number: (225) 578-7847                                Fax Number: (504) 392-2448
President Elect                                           Treasurer
Kori Myers, Asst. Extension Agent                         Cherie Roger, Asst. Extension Agent
E-mail:                                                   E-mail:
Jefferson Davis Parish                                    Terrebonne Parish
 1006 Lake Arthur Avenue                                  511 Roussell Street (70360)
 Jennings, LA 70546 – 1407                                Houma, LA 70361
Phone Number: (337) 824-1773                              Phone Number: (985) 873-6495
Fax Number: (337) 824-0748                                Fax Number: (985) 850-4620
Past President                                            Reporter
Charles Hebert, Agent                                     Ken Spoto, Agent
E-mail:                                                   E-mail:
Lafayette Parish                                          East Feliciana Parish
 Parish Government Bldg., 1010 Lafayette St #325          4419 Idlewild Road
Lafayette, LA 70501 – 6884                                Clinton, LA 70722
Phone Number: (337) 291-7090                              Phone Number: (225) 683-3101
Fax Number: (337) 291-7099                                Fax Number: (225) 683-3281
Vice President
Troy Menard, Associate Agent
Bossier Parish
 Courthouse Building, 204 Burt Blvd., 4th Floor
 Benton, LA 71006
Phone Number: (318) 965-2326
Fax Number: (318) 965-3712

                                     Membership Drive Underway!!

        The Louisiana Association of Extension 4-H Agents (LAE4-HA) 2010 Membership Drive is
now underway. The association is looking forward to your support and to you joining for the first time,
or rejoining again this year. Membership in LAE4-HA offers extension agents the opportunity to grow
both personally and professionally through association meetings and activities. Your membership and
support also provide the opportunity for co-workers to be recognized for their outstanding
accomplishments in working with Louisiana‟s youth and their families. To continue offering these
opportunities, LAE4-HA needs you as a member in 2010.

The following are guidelines for membership:

1.     Dues for the year are $80.00 which enrolls you as a member of LAE4-HA and NAE4-HA, and
provides a subscription of News & Views magazine. That‟s just $5.00 a month or four cents a day. With
the opportunities members are offered, the benefits far outweigh the cost. New member dues are only
$40 for the first year.

2.      You will need to complete a personal data sheet. Please return the data sheet along with your
check made payable to LAE4-HA. (You may post date your check for October 31, 2009. Checks
will be deposited in November) to your district representative.

3.      The deadline for turning in dues and forms is October 1, 2009. I encourage you to mail your
dues to me at the above address as soon as possible. Keep in mind that members who join after the
deadline will not be eligible for awards and will not count toward DSA‟s.

        I look forward to you joining LAE4-HA. I believe we can have a better association with your
ideas, input, and support. Please don‟t hesitate. . . JOIN NOW!!! If you have any questions or
concerns, please contact your district representative.


                                   You’re Regional Representatives
Your District Representative is your direct contact about LAE 4-HA Membership in your district. Please
            call them if you have any questions concerning membership for our association.
Region 1                                                      Region 4
Lacey Urick                                                   Nicole Mouch
Assistant Extension Agent                                     Assistant 4H Agent
Washington Parish                                             Lafayette Parish
1104 Bene Street, STE B                                       1010 Lafayette Street, Suite 325
Franklinton, LA 70438                                         Lafayette, LA 70501 - 6884
Phone Number: (985) 839-7855                                  Phone Number: (337) 291-7090
Fax Number: (985) 839-6286                                    Fax Number: (337) 291-7099
E-mail:                                                       E-mail: nmouch@agcenter.lsu.edu

Region 2                                                      Region 5
Kayla Haydel                                                   Elizabeth Lynn
Assistant Extension Agent                                      Associate Extension Agent
Ascension Parish                                              Bienville Parish
9039 St. Landry Road, Bldg G, Suite 2                         2710 Maple St
Gonzales, LA 70737                                            Arcadia, LA 71001
Phone Number: (225) 621-5799                                  Phone Number: (318) 263-7400
Fax Number: (225) 621-5794                                    Fax Number: (318) 263-7427
                                                              E-mail: elynn@agcenter.lsu.edu

 Region 3                                                     Region 6
 Joanna Strong                                                Lois Brister
 4-H Youth Development                                        Associate Extension Agent (4-H)
 Richland Parish                                              Rapides Parish
 P.O. Box 179                                                 300 Grady Britt Drive
 Rayville, LA 71269                                           Alexandria, LA 71302
 Phone: (318)-728-3216                                        Phone Number: (318) 767-3968
 Fax :(318)-728-7014                                          Fax Number: (318) 767-3971
 jstrong@agcenter.lsu.edu                                     Email: LBrister@agcenter.lsu.edu

                                           State Office
                                        Tanya Walker Giroir
                                      4-H Youth Development
                                            PO Box 25100
                                    Baton Rouge, LA 70894-5100
                                   Phone Number: (225) 578-2196
                                    Fax Number: (225) 578-7847
                                   Email: twalker@agcenter.lsu.edu

                                     News from Our State Office

Team work builds a winning web site!

It takes a team to build something truly great. This past year members from LAE4-HA, the LSU
AgCenter Information Technology department and the LSU AgCenter Communications department
worked together to build an interactive, online educational website for Louisiana 4-H youth. This
website brings education and information about the 4-H program to new youth through fun games and
activities. The content provided by agents from LAE4-HA helped take our website to the next level.
Because of the hard teamwork and group effort the Louisiana 4-H Clubhouse Web site won 3 state
awards for Promotional Package – Team, Educational Technology – Team and Interactive Web site. The
web site also won 2 awards at the regional level for Educational Technology – Team and Interactive
Web site. Thank you to everyone who helped make this website possible. Congratulations to the
following team members on their award: Katina Hester, Andre Brock, Sandy Fiser, Janet Fox, Frankie
Gould, Randy Labauve, Elizabeth Lynn, Elma Sue McCallum, Karol Osborne, Fred Piazza, Carol B.
Remy, Megan Smith, and Dr. Mark Tassin. A special thanks to our youth helpers Ashley Reddicks and
Shawn Fox.

If you have content you would like to contribute to the Clubhouse Web site, please email Katina Hester
at khester@agcenter.lsu.edu.

New Member of the State Office

•        We‟d like to congratulate Jaye Guerin who has been selected as the State 4-H Youth
Development Administrative Program Specialist. You‟ve probably talked to or met Jaye throughout the
last six months as she assumed the temporary position vacated by Robin Green. 4-H has been a part of
her life as a 4-H member, parent and volunteer. Jaye has been involved in 4-H for the last 15 years as a
4-H volunteer. On a parish level, Jaye served in a wide variety of roles from 4-H middle manager to
activity coordinator to 4-H parent volunteer. On the state level, Jaye served on the Volunteer Initiative
Team and ALS Service Project Volunteer Coordinator. On the regional level, Jaye served as Volunteer
Chair of the Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Planning Committee. Her involvement and association
with 4-H will be invaluable to the State 4-H Office as we strive to meet the 4-H Parish Programs‟ needs.

                                      2009 NAE4-HA Conference

2009 NAE4-HA Conference will be held in Rochester New York on October 25 - 29, 2009

Special Events - Evening Programs and Other Activities
Hope you are having a great summer and looking forward to the 2009 NAE4-HA Conference in
Rochester, New York. We are certainly looking forward to having you here!

Haven't checked the conference website lately? Do check it out!
http://media.cce.cornell.edu/hosts/nae4ha2009/index.html More details are added regularly.

We have so much in store for you including:

Evening Programs:
    Sunday Opening Event Northeast Trek featuring NE states food, Nik and the Nice Guys band,
       flavor & fun and craft fair/vendors as part of NE Trek
    Monday State‟s Night Out details (Note: we will distribute a list of restaurants to State Assn.
       presidents by June 1 of the conference year and put list on website and in the registration
       packet). DJ and Jazznik afterwards.
    Tuesday Dinner Theatre – Italian Dinner and Downstairs Cabaret Theatre "The Water Cooler" in
       the Convention Center (based in Rochester)
    Wednesday NYC Street Fair – In convention center, sit down family style dinner featuring some
       diverse ethnic food including simple fare. After dinner will be special NYC Street Fair with
       desserts available at stations as part of the Street Fair with vendors, street dancers, caricatures,
       etc. including a DJ and a dance
    Thursday for Awards Dinner - strings/piano-from Eastman School of Music,
    after Awards Dinner - DJ/dancing
    Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday will also include non-dance entertainment in the
Other Events:
    "Imagine a Healthier You" – fitness options for our conference...
           o pedometers for the first 800 registered
           o morning walks or runs ( run map for the more serious runners) Walking routes from the
               hotels map (optional - you can walk anywhere of course)
           o Early Morning Water Aerobics. Just bring a bathing suit and a desire to stay fit while
               having lots of fun before eating breakfast. You need not be a swimmer to benefit from
               water aerobics! Great for folks with “joint issues”! Joan Lewis teaches Water Aerobics
               through the Cornell Wellness Program and will be offering this class every morning at
               7:00AM at the Hyatt Regency Rochester.
    Community Service opportunities (Operation Military Kids)

Thank you! 2009 NAE4-HA Conference Planning Team

                                          Museum News
4-H Museum Grand Opening and 2009 HOF Inductees
The grand opening of the Louisiana 4-H Museum and the induction of 12 new honorees into the
Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame took place on Saturday July 18, 2009 at the museum facility in Mansura.
More than 300 people crowded into the building that also houses the extension offices of the LSU
AgCenter and Southern University Ag Center and the Avoyelles Commission of Tourism. The museum
includes vintage images and documents combined with high-tech exhibits. The Hall of Fame area
features a touch-sensitive screen with information and photos about inductees. An animatronic
presentation features a talking fox, called “Frankie the 4-H Fox,” and the LSU AgCenter‟s Character
Critters. The museum is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. but special arrangements can be
made for tour groups on evenings and weekends. Admission is $3.00 per person with children under 3
admitted free. A 10% discount is offered to groups of 25 or more.
Hall of Fame inductees for 2009 are: Denise Turner of Lafayette Parish, Lafayette Fearn Swoope Jr. of
Calcasieu Parish, John Stamper of Bossier Parish, Mansell Slaughter of East Baton Rouge Parish,
Virginia Shehee of Caddo Parish, Billy Nutt of Bienville Parish, Marleen Mayfield of St. Bernard
Parish, Nancy Marceaux of Vermilion Parish, Mable Lorenz of Beauregard Parish, Loretta Guidry of
Lafourche Parish, C.L. Flowers of East Baton Rouge Parish and Diane Duhe of St. John Parish.
For more information, please contact: Rose Anne St. Romain, Museum Coordinator
Rose Anne St. Romain, 4-H Museum Coordinator.

                                   Policy and Resolution Update

Revisions as of August 2009:

   · References made to “area” or “Area” now read as “region” or “Region.”
   · References made to “district” or “District” now read as “region” or “Region.”
   · The term “District Agent” is replaced with “Regional Director.”
   · The term “District Director” is replaced with “Regional Representative.”
   · In Section II, By-Laws, under provision II „OFFICERS - ELECTIONS AND NOMINATIONS‟
        (page 13), previous regional distributions have been updated to include number assignment,
        NAME, and parishes as follows:
              1. Region I – SOUTHEAST: East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston,
                  Point Coupee, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, West Baton
                  Rouge, West Feliciana.

              2. Region II – SOUTH CENTRAL/CRESCENT: Ascension, Assumption, Jefferson,
                  Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. John,

              3.   Region III – NORTHEAST: Caldwell, East Carroll, Franklin, Madison, Morehouse,
                   Ouachita, Richland, Tensas, West Carroll.

              4. Region IV- SOUTHWEST: Acadia, Calcasieu, Cameron, Evangeline, Iberia,

                  Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, St. Landry, St Martin, St. Mary, Vermillion.

              5    Region V- NORTHWEST/NORTH CENTRAL: Bienville, Bossier, Caddo,
                  Claiborne, Desoto, Jackson, Lincoln, Natchitoches, Red River, Sabine, Webster,
                  Winn, Union.

              6. Region VI – CENTRAL: Allen, Avoyelles, Beauregard, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant,
                 LaSalle, Rapides, Vernon.

              7. Region VII – STATE OFFICE
   · All other references to the regions as a total number now reads as “7.”
   · In Section III, Policies, under LAE4-HA Awards (page 26), reference to the “Young Agent” award
        is replaced with “Achievement in Service” award.
   · In the same section, previously #8, which read “Achievement In-Service Award winner will be the
        Young Agent Award recipient receiving the highest number of votes” has been deleted.
   · In Section IV, Policy and Procedure for Committees, under “Duties of Standing Committees –
        Member Recognition Committee,” (page 36), reference to “Young Agent” award is replaced
        with “Achievement in Service” award.
   · In the same section, previously #10, which read “Achievement In Service Award winner is the
        Young Agent Award recipient having the highest score in that category” has been deleted.
   · All other references referring to “Young Agent” now reads “Achievement in Service” or “ASA.”
   · Correction made to LAE4-HA Officers 2002-2003: Treasurer position vacancy left by resignation
       of Pam Gautreaux was assumed by Charles Hebert for the remainder of the first term, and then
       assumed for the remainder of term of office by Blair Hebert.
   · Other updates to records to present day include:
           · Achievement in Service, Distinguished Service, and Meritorious Service Award winners
           · 25-year Service Award Winners
           · LAE4-HA Officers.
           · Paid delegates to national meeting
           · Annual meeting locations
           · Life Membership (in progress)
                                           Foundation News

Papa John‟s Pizza is teaming up with Louisiana 4-H. On Thursday, October 8, they are hosting
"Louisiana 4-H Pizza Day" across the state. Present your 4-H Pizza Coupon to any of the 41 locations of
Papa John‟s Pizza in Louisiana and 4-H will receive 20% of your total order! You can carry-out or get it
delivered. Coupons will be accepted for lunch and dinner on October 8 only. Please make sure you use
the coupon. If not, 4-H cannot get credit for that order. Pass the word; tell your family and friends to
order Papa John‟s Pizza on Thursday, October 8!!! Coupons and store locations can be printed at
www.la4Hfoundation.org. For questions about this 4-H fundraiser, contact 225-578-2972.

                                             Region News
Region 1 – Amy Long-Pierre, Spot Lighter
     Thanks to all agents who help host a successful LAE 4-HA Convention 2009
     Bobby King was honored for 25 years of service.
     Our Regional 4-H Coordinator, Renee Castro is serving as the President of LAE 4-HA.
Region 2 – Jaime Templet, Spot Lighter
     Congratulations to Jan Morgan who is going to be a proud grandmother for the sixth time. Her
         son and his wife are expecting their fourth child in April.
     Jan Morgan was also elected LAE4-HA secretary at the 2009 LAE4-HA Convention and she is
         honored to serve our 4-H Agent's association.
     Congratulations also to Chantel Williams who was recognized for 10 years of service at the 2009
         LAE4-HA Convention.
Region 3 –Markaye Russell, Spot Lighter
Richland Parish
In Richland Parish, we have many teen youth who are not very interested in the “traditional” 4-H project
books. In fact, they don‟t want a project book at all. They choose one because they have to, or tell me
just to send something and we both know they will not be using it.

Because of the changes in how we purchase record books, I certainly don‟t want to pass out project
books that will just be thrown away. This year Richland 4-H will be implementing for those students an
alternative to project books.

It will be called 4 Leaf Clover. Each leaf of the clover has been assigned a valuable learning experience.
They are Service Learning/Community Service, Leadership, Contest, and Public

In order to be named a “4 Leaf Clover,” the 4-H‟er must complete five hours of Service
Learning/Community Service. They must show growth in Leadership, by running for or holding a local,
parish or state office, be a member of the Jr. Leader Club or attend Jr. Leadership Camp. They could
also assist with various contest and workshops held throughout the year. They must compete in at least
four different contests. (not four dishes in the cookery or four pictures in the photography contest.) For
the Public Speaking/Communications leaf they must show at least three examples of work done during
the year. This could be pictures of them presenting at club meetings, news articles written for the paper
or letters written on behalf of their club.

The form that the information will be recorded on is still being developed, but the idea is that they will
turn in their form in place of project books. Hopefully this will fill a void for those students who don‟t
want a project book, but are active 4-H‟ers. It could also lead to more students completing records.
Ouachita Parish
Ouachita Parish 4-H Agent, Brittany Napper, is enjoying her new baby girl, Emory Olivia. Emory was
born on June 3rd weighing 6 lbs 5 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.
Franklin Parish
Franklin Parish 4-H Agent, Laura Bradley, is enjoying her new baby boy, Keller Jake. Keller was born
on May 17th weighing 6 lbs 10 ounces and 21 inches long.

Region 4 –Alison Muller, Spot Lighter
    Award Winners – Young Agents: Kori Myers, Laura Brumbaugh and Hope Guidry, LCAAA
      Teamwork Award: Sheena Cecil & LouAnn McKeiver, Excellence in Teamwork Award: Josh
      Fredieu, Monique Sanchez and Amy Juneau
    Officers Elected – President Elect-KoriMyers, District 4 Representative-Nikki Mouch, Parle
      Spotligher-Alison Muller
    Outgoing officers – Tina Guillory-Secretary and Charles Hebert-President
    Congratulations to grant recipients School Gardens -Calcasieu, Lafayette, Evangeline and
      Healthy Living -Iberia, Acadia, Cameron)
    Best Wishes to Nancy Cronan with her new job assignment in Allen
Region 5-Teresa Price, Spot Lighter.
    Carol Remy‟s daughter Laura built a house this summer in Galvez. She is a 1st grade teacher at
      Praireville Primary in Ascension Parish. She is the 4-H leader at her school. Last year they had
      99 members. Her sister, Melinda has moved down there also and is paying her sister rent for her
      half of the house. Way to go Laura!
    Congratulations to Jennifer Norris, daughter of Teresa Price (Claiborne Parish) on her new job!
      Jennifer will be employed with Robert W. Raley, Attorney At Law, in Bossier City where she
      will be assisting in Commercial and Personal Bankruptcy Law. Move over Alley McBeal!
    “Hannah Crnkovic, daughter of Jeannie Crnkovic (agent in Bossier Parish), was selected to serve
      on the 2009-10 State 4-H Fashion Board and placed third in the Casual Wear Category at 4-H U
      this summer.Congratulations to Hannah for being chosen to be on the cheerleading squad for
      Byrd High School in Shreveport! “

Region 6-Lois Brister, Spot Lighter
    Best Wishes to Laurie Lafoulette as she left extenison to return to teaching
    60 plus Jr Leaders attended the Central Region Jr Leader Retreat
    Welcome Nancy Cronan to Allen Parish!!
    Rodney Johnson is now assigned 75% to Grant and will still do livestock and shooting sports in
      Rapides Parish. Good Luck to Rodney with his new role.
    Congratulations to Avoyelles Parish for being the receipent of a Robotics Grant
    Congratulations to Concordia and Catahoula for getting part of the Healthy Living grant

State Office-Dr. Janet Fox, Spot Lighter
            Congratulations to Ms. Tanya Walker Giroir who got married in May to Neil Giroir in
              Port Allen. Some of you may know Neil as Logistics Chair from Southern Region 4-H
              Leader Forum. Please join us in wishing the happy couple well!

                                         Meet Your Neighbor

Our neighbor for this summer edition is Elizabeth Ann Lynn, Associate Extension Agent, assigned to
100% 4-H Youth Development in Bienville Parish. Liz joined the LSU AgCenter on January 1, 2005.
Prior to joining the AgCenter, Liz worked for the University of Arkansas as a 4-H Agent in Pulaski
County (Little Rock). After her daughter was born, she moved back to LA to work for the AgCenter in
Livingston Parish, as the FNP Regional Contact, which then lead her to Bienville Parish as the FNP
Regional Contact and eventually worked her way back into 4-H in May of 2008. When asked: Why did
you choose extension as a profession? Liz responded: It was my dream job, being a 4-H Agent has been
my career goal. I had wonderful agents when I was in 4-H and hope that I am a wonderful agent to my
kids. I was devastated when I left 4-H but am glad that I have found my way back.Liz has tried out
many of the universities this state has to offer! She attended ULM, La Tech, SLU and LSU, she finally
graduated because she had enough credits in one area, and she studied all subjects and received her
Bachelors from SLU in Family Studies and her Masters from La Tech in Guidance Counseling. She says
if it wasn‟t for my parents she probably wouldn‟t have made it through my 5 years of undergrad and
most definitely not through a masters program. They gave her inspiration, guidance and free reign to
make her own mistakes. Her birthday is December 2, 1980 (but she still claims being 22)!! Liz is from
Choudrant Louisiana, it‟s still only a village, but she calls it her hometown. Liz was a 4-Her in Lincoln
Parish. And yes, Gary Stockton was her 4-H Agent, but so were Mike Burns & Cathy Judd. Her fondest
memories of 4-H was the many Marsh Maneuvers she was able to attend. Liz resides in

Choudrant….still, but she did move across the street recently.The grass is greener on the other side!!
Liz will be married for a year on September 13 to Donnie and Valerie is their 4 year old Princess.They
have two dogs, Stewie & Scooter-roo, both are small.Liz enjoys Jeep riding of course! Liz and her
husband are in the process of building a rock crawler so they can hit the Superlift off Road Park in Hot
Springs with the family. They counted the Jeeps that are located on her parent‟s farm, and they are up to
10! Her Favorites include: Color: Aqua & Brown, Aroma: Toss-up between Fresh Cut Grass, and Sugar
Cookies Baking, Food: Mexican, Music: All types, Song: Alright by Darius Rucker, TV Show: TV
Show: Diners, Drive-ins & Dives and Movie: Pretty Woman. Liz can be reached at (318) 263-7400 or
elynn@agcenter.lsu.edu .

                                           Kori’s Korner Finale

It has been my honor to serve as your reporter from 2007-2009. I have truly enjoyed delivering the news
to you and keeping our website up to date. I hope you have enjoyed Kori‟s Korner and I know you will
now enjoy Ken‟s Korner. I hope you will support Ken in his new role as reporter. I know he will do a
great job delivering the news to us. When asked in 2007 to run for your reporter 10 minutes prior to the
business session, my response was “What do I have to do?” Then when given an answer I said “Sure
Why Not I can do that”. We only have one life to live so never be afraid of taking on something new and
challenging. So the next time someone ask you to do something or taken on a new role let your response
be “Sure Why Not I can do that”.
                                              Ken’s Korner

I am truly proud to serve as reporter for your association. I will try to fill Kori‟s footsteps, but it may be
hard (especially since I have a size 14 foot). However, I sincerely urge every member to submit an item
to Pelican Parle‟; just think how large the next issue would be if everyone did. And, individually, please
 know that you can, even in the midst of these uncertain economic times. Can‟t wait to hear from all of
       “Even in the coldest of times, freedom rings warm”…………….Neil Diamond variant lyric

                                             Upcoming Dates

 -NAE 4-HA will be held in Rochester, New York from October 25-29, 2009.
-Our next board meeting and general meeting will be in December.
-LAE 4-HA 2010 will be held August 17-20, 2010 in Shreveport, LA

                                   LAE 4-HA Pelican Parle Deadlines

The Louisiana Pelican Parle‟ will be published quarterly. Please submit articles that you would like to
have published in the newsletter by the appropriate deadline.
Articles Due                                                        Publication Dates
November 11 2009              (fall edition)                       November 18, 2009
February 18, 2010            (winter edition)                       February 25, 2010
May 13, 2010                  (spring edition)                     May 20, 2010
August 24, 2010               (summer edition)                     August 31, 2010

                                             Final thoughts

 Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
                                           John F. Kennedy

             You really can change the world if you care enough. Marian Wright Edelman.

                                            Until Next Time,
Kori Myers                                                                          Ken Spoto
LAE 4-HA Past Reporter                                                              LAE 4-HA Reporter


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