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If you have a fear of the dentist, the Houston Dentists to take advantage of their sedation dentistry methods. Sedation dentistry is wonderful for patients who experience high anxiety when going to the dentist. Come relieve your fears and anxiety at our Houston dental office!

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									                      Ease Your Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

Wouldn’t you love to have the option to sleep throughout your entire dental appointment?
Well, at our Houston office, we perform sedation dentistry to ease your anxiety and
dental fears. Actually, some of our patients had traumatic experiences in the past at other
dental offices, some had bad experiences when they were children, and others when they
were adults. We understand your concerns.

When you choose our Houston dentists, you won’t have to worry about any negative
experiences. In fact, you’ll receive the exact opposite—professional, top-notch dental
services within a spa-like, serene office atmosphere. In addition, you will get the
opportunity to sleep throughout your entire dental appointment!

At our Houston dental office, we offer the following three forms of sedation dentistry:
        IV sedation
        Oral conscious sedation
        Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Both of these sedation dentistry methods are completely safe and effective. During your
entire procedure, we will monitor your vital signs, and make sure that you are being
effectively and safely sedated. This means that we will regulate the amount and
frequency of sedation medication to make sure you remain in a relaxed state.

If we decide that IV sedation is the best option for you, you can expect:
        A safe and effective amount of sedatives delivered directly into your blood
           system via an IV
        Complete relaxation (and maybe even a nap!) throughout your entire dental
        You won’t be fearful or anxious anymore
        A thorough examination of your medical history, dental needs, and current
           medications before we recommend IV sedation for you

Also, we offer other forms of oral sedation for your dental appointment, such as:
        Oral conscious sedation—This refers to the anti-anxiety pills that we prescribe
           to you. You would take them approximately one hour before your scheduled
        Nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas)—This method can be used alone to
           decrease anxiety, or we sometimes use it in combination with the other oral
           sedation methods.

These oral sedation dentistry methods are safe and effective. Our dentists are trained and
skilled at delivering an effective and safe amount of sedative medicine so we can perform
our job, while keeping you comfortable and relaxed.
If you suffer from high anxiety or fears of the dentist, call us today to ask about sedation
dentistry! Our dentists will determine if you are a suitable candidate for sedation
dentistry. So call us today to experience a peaceful, relaxed office visit!

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