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									                                  PSYCHOTIC BREAKS

A psychotic break is a break with reality, caused by a dopamine imbalance in the brain,
resulting in delusions and/or hallucinations, usually auditory. This happens to one out of
every 33 people in the world at some time or another. Most of them are very nice people,
but anyone could potentially harm or even kill loved ones during a psychotic break. Many,
if not most assassinations and mass shootings, are done by people who have had a
psychotic break.

Five A’s list of symptoms that commonly occur before a psychotic break:

      Affective disorder – Blank stare. Flat affect or mood.
      Associative disorder – Losing train of thought repeatedly.
      Ambivalence – Short-tempered or explosive outbursts for no reason.
      Anhedonia – Has difficulty laughing or crying, or laughs or cries inappropriately.
       Blunted emotions.
      Autism – In a world of his own. May not notice someone calling his name.

After the break:

      Delusions of grandiosity or paranoid delusions of persecution
      Hallucinations—usually thinking he hears audible voices outside himself telling him
       what to do or saying negative things about him, but can’t see where the voices are
       coming from. This is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

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