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									                       Illinois                              AMVETS                        Springfield, Illinois 62703
                                                                                                       September 2005
                                                                                                            Volume 29
                      Call to action: Volunteer and help our veterans today!                                Number 5

                             AMVETS praised by Kenneth List, Chief of Community
In this issue:               Affairs at the North Chicago VA Medical Center
•USOs and VAVS                                           “ When it comes             out daily through the Guest Services Programs
                                                                                     and may be reserved in advance. As our Veter-
issue! Find out who                                        to the veterans at North an population continues to be challenged with
                                                           Chicago VA Medical mobility, the carts are thoroughly appreciated.
they are and what they                                     Center, the AMVETS           Throughout the year, Illinois AMVETS ac-
do! (Pages 2, 5, 9 & 11)                                   know no bounds. That tively participates in patient activities and
                                                           ole saying, “Be care- special events for our annual patient carnival,
•On the cover: Illinois                                    ful what you wish for, summer picnics and cookouts, catered dinners,
                                                           you just might get it” is holiday parties, pizza parties, monthly bingos
AMVETS are praised                                         so true when the AM- and other social events. The patients especial-
for their volunteer ac-                                    VETS get involved. ly look forward to “Because We Care Day” in
                                                           They continually en- April, where members visit each ward to dis-
tions                         Kenneth L. List, Chief of
                              Community Affairs            hance the quality of tribute personal care kits and fresh fruits. To
                                                           care for our hospitalized add an element of fun, they bring in clowns
•Commanders Corner           patients through the kind donations to delight the patients with smiles and humor.
(Page 3)                     and         strong         volunteer     opportunities. Routinely, volunteers drop off cakes, cookies,
                                Much enjoyment has been added for our vet- pastries and other goodies on the wards and
•Freedom Riders visit        erans though the generos-                                                 pass out canteen books. The
Paris (Page 4)               ity of the Illinois AMVETS.
                             Over the past two years,
                                                                        “D��������� ���                Illinois AMVETS have logged
                                                                                                       nearly 2,000 volunteer hours
• Check out what our         contributions and dona-                     ���������� ���                this year serving our Veter-
AMVETS have been up
                             tions from Illinois AMVETS              �������� ����� �� ��� ans in Substance Abuse, the
                             and Post 66 total more
                                                                    I������� AMVETS, ��� Domiciliary, Mental Health
to (Page 6)                  than $40,000. These gener-
                             ous gi�s have been used                ��� ������ ����� �� ��
                                                                                                       and the Nursing Home.
                                                                                                            Dedication and commit-
•See pictures of the         to build a miniature golf ���� ���� �������� ��� ment are familiar words to
                             course and landscape the                                                  the Illinois AMVETS who
new WWII Monument            surrounding area, buy two �������� �� ������� ��� are always ready to do more
in DC (Page 7)               oversized grills with ac-                      ���� ����.”                than expected and continue
                             cessories for cookouts and                   —K������ L. L���,            to fulfill our wish list. We
•Hear from our Ladies        barbeques, a large outdoor              C���� �� C�������� A������        couldn’t do what we do with-
                             storage shed, folding tables,
Auxiliary (page 10)          refurbish the recreation ac-
                                                                                                       out them! The North Chicago
                                                                                                       VA Medical Center is sin-
•Read a poem written         tivity kitchen with new appliances and upgrade cerely grateful for their devotion and loyalty.
                             the sound system in the theater. In addition, the          Call to action: Please call Community Af-
by one of your               Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation sends a fairs, North Chicago VA Medical Center at
members! (Page 12)           monthly check in support of veterans’ ceramics 224-610-3714 for volunteer opportunities.”
                             program, which is very successful and therapeu-
                             tic. The Illinois AMVETS also took immediate             —Kenneth List, Chief of Community Affairs,
                             action to meet the needs of our disabled Veter-               North Chicago VA Medical Center
                             ans by donating motorized carts for use during
                             outpatient appointments. The carts are signed
Meet our USOs and VAVS Representatives!
USO Mission Statement:                         ter has about 68,000 visitors yearly. Nearly   center welcomes Service Personnel, includ-
The mission of the USO of Illinois, in         5,500 volunteer hours make up each year.       ing Retired Personnel and their families,
                                               Arthur Szydlowski has contributed to USO       and visiting Naval ships that dock at Navy
times of peace and conflict, is to en-          since 1989. He has been a representative       Pier. Coastguard cu�ers are also stationed
hance the quality of life of the active        for the past five years. Between AMVETS         there during the summertime.
duty men and women of the Armed                Post 18 and Post 34, there are 19 people         For the last three years, William Scheffel
Forces and their families through              that donate their time.                        has been a rep for Division I. The center
social, recreational, entertainment              Midway handles traveling Service Per-        has approximately 20,000 visitors a year
and educational programs and ser-              sonnel everyday of the year. Noel Grening      and 2,000 volunteer hours.
                                                                                                              The mission of the USO of
vices.                                                                                                        Illinois is to enhance the
                                                                                                              quality of life for men and
VAVS Mission                                                                                                  women in the Armed Forc-
                                                                                                              es, including their families.
Statement:                                                                                                    This is met through recre-
To provide a                                                                                                  ational entertainment and
structured Vol-                                                                                               educational services.
unteer Program                                                                                                So, become a STAR spon-
under the man-                                                                                                sor with the USO of Illinois!
                                                                                                              They are proud to offer this
agement of VA
                                                                                                              special opportunity to those
compensated em-                                                                                               who would like to sup-
ployees in coop-                                                                                                        port the defenders
eration with com-                                                                                                       of our freedom.
munity resources                                                                                                        Each star will be
to serve America’s vet-                                                                                                 engraved with the
                                                                                                                        name and message
eran and their families
                                                                                                                        of your choice.
with dignity and com-                                                                                                   Your star can com-
passion.                                                                                                                memorate service
                                                                                                                        in the Armed
                                                                                                                        Forces, credit any
USO Centers at                                                                                                          form of celebra-
Midway, O’Hare &                                                                                                        tion, or honor the
Navy Pier                                      has been a Division I rep for                                            memory of a fallen
                                               the last nine years. Since it is                                         hero, friend or fam-
Written by: Bill Scheffel                      busy around the holidays, cots                                           ily member. As a
Three USO centers that are in Division I       are set up for Service Person-                                           sponsor, your star
are staffed by Posts, Auxiliaries, and other    nel to rest while they wait                                              will be on the per-
volunteers. Every month $800 is allo�ed        for a connecting flight. This                                             manent display in
for each one. Mr. Noel Grening cares for       center has almost 13,000 visi-                                           the USO center. A
Midway, while Mr. Arthur Szydlowski            tors a year and 7,000 volunteer                                          donation of $250.00
tends O’Hare and Mr. William Scheffel           hours.                                                                   will provide pro-
takes care of Navy Pier. They respond to       Navy Pier reopened its doors                                             grams to increase
these centers with supplies as needed.         in June 2002 to a new loca-                                              the morale of those
     Each center is unique in itself. O’Hare   tion on Lake Michigan. It is                                             who serve.
greets all the new recruits going to Great     the main office for the USO
Lakes Naval Center, including Service Per-     of Illinois under the leader-
sonal that travel through O’Hare. This cen-    ship of Mrs. Lisa Moeller. The                                         CONTINUED PAGE 5

Page 2                                                      Illinois AMVETS                                                     Sept 2005
Commander’s Corner • Commander’s Corner
 Michael Dawson:                            Bob Grieve: Senior                         Ed Wright: Senior
 State Commander                            Vice-Commander of                          Vice-Commander of
                                            Member-                                    Programs
 Hope everyone
 that went to the                           ship’s
 National AMVETS                                                                       I’ve been given
 Convention in Kan-                                                                    the honor of being
                                            This will be a short                       appointed by the
 sas City, Missouri
                                            report do to the fact                      National Com-
 had a wonderful
                                            that the new year                          mander to serve
 time. Take the in-
                                            has just started and                       on the AMVETS
 formation that you
                                            I have just begun                          Diversity Commit-
 gained at the con-
                                            to visit Divisions                         tee. The Diversity
 vention and pass
                                            throughout the                             Commi�ee’s mis-
 it on to our members at your Post, so
                                            department. First, I want to thank all     sion will be to expand representation
 they can work in a more efficient man-
                                            of our divisions for their support to be   to all Veterans. This commi�ee also
 ner. If you had no one from your Post
                                            elected your SR Vice Commander of          works to promote a culture within
 that went to the convention, don’t feel
                                            Membership. I promise to do my best        AMVETS organization that recognizes
 le� out. We will get information out
                                            for the Department and membership.         all who served, young and old, with
 to your Post, so we can all work in a
                                            On Sunday July the 24th it was my          backgrounds from around the world.
 more efficient way.
                                            pleasure to visit Division 4’s meeting     There will be more media information
                                            in Fisher (Post 52) along with Dept.       about this commi�ee within the year.
 Let’s get ready for the School of In-
                                            Provost Marshal Bill Scheffel.
 struction this September. Is your Post
 sending two members to the School
                                             While at this meeting the Honor &
 of Instruction? Remember to call the
                                            Awards Chairman Bill Scheffel pre-
 State Headquarters for your reserva-
                                            sented the awards for Division 4. As
 tions. For the Posts that send members
                                            for the Division meeting, it went quite
 to this school, listen carefully to what
                                            well as there was a lot that had to be
 they have to say because changes are
                                            addressed. On Sunday the 31st of July,
 always happening. The information
                                            it was my pleasure along with Vice
 that they give you will help your Post
                                            Commander Ed Wright to a�end the
 in being more efficient in membership
                                            installation party for Division 1’s of-
 and programs reporting.
                                            ficers at Post 192 in Chicago; this was
                                            a very nice event. In closing, it was my
 Your annual members have started to
                                            pleasure to have been able to celebrate
 get their renewal notices. Get those
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Burrhead Lamkin’s 50th
 members renewed and send that in-
                                            anniversary at Post 52.
 formation back to Keith at State Head-
 quarters as soon as possible, so those
 members do not receive second and                                                         Check out our website!
 third notices. Keeping your members
 happy will always keep them renew-                                           Find out who we are, what we do and
 ing. Let’s all work together and get all                                       what’s going on in Illinois with your
 of your members renewed and make                                                                   fellow AMVETS!
 Illinois number one.
Sept 2005                                               Illinois AMVETS                                                Page 3
The Freedom Riders visit Paris, IL. and dedicate a plaque
Stuart Brandt , Post 133 Paris, posted these     Stuie to get into uniform for the ceremony.    time I’ve fired an M1 was in 1958! While
comments on The Old Farmer’s Almanac               What a scene the Legion Grounds were.        we were waiting for our part, I was look-
Discussion Forum May 22. Excerpts have been      In Paris, the Legion Post Home is a large      ing around the crowd a�ending, “bikers”
chosen at the editor’s discretion and with Mr.   mansion on 14 acres of ground, most            amongst our local folk. Some of those
Brandt’s permis-                                                                 of which       “bikers” were a rough looking
sion.                                                                            contains 5     first. As things progressed, I noticed these
                                                                                 So�/Baseball   “rough guys” wiping away a tear or two...
  A magnificent                                                                   diamonds,      or three...or more.
day for Paris!                                                                   a soccer         Photos were taken, lessons about “bik-
That was Satur-                                                                  field and a     ers” and “country folk” were learned, re-
day, 21 May!                                                                     large front    spect was gathered, veterans were clasped,
  The Freedom                                                                    lawn. The      from sun up to almost the next, it was a
Riders are a                                                                     area near      magnificent day for Paris, Illinois!
group of motor-                                                                  the build-
cyclists, Chicago                                                                ing was the
based, and seem                                                                  parking area
to have done
this sort of thing
                                                                                 for “Lord
                                                                                                 Ladies Auxiliary
before. We knew                                                                  how many        Scholarship Report
that they were                                                                   bikes”! Peo-
arriving here in                                                                 ple, many          I would like to start off by saying
Paris, but no one                                                                in leathers,    THANK YOU to all the Divisions and
was really sure                                                                  EVERY-          Local Auxiliaries for all your hard work
as to what time.                                                                 WHERE!          and generous support. Without you, this
The unveiling                                                                    If anyone       year’s scholarship program could not
ceremony was                                                                     feared a        have been a great success. The AMVETS
set for 1415, but                                                                “biker”,        Ladies Auxiliary was able to award 3
we were sure that                                                                this was        Memorial Scholarships and 3 Worchid
they’d be arriv-                                                                 the place to    Scholarships. The winners are as fol-
ing for lunch,                                                                   be cured.       lows:
before that.                                                                     I’ve seldom            •Sarah England Division III
Soon, here they                                                                  met a more             •Kerry Reek Division II
came, escorted                                                                   respectful             •Janet Barcarse Division II
by a Sheriff’s car,                                                               bunch than             •Michael Winegardner Division
lights a-blaz-                                                                   these guys               IV
ing! I snapped a                                                                 and guyes-             •Kiley Dix Division III
couple of shots,                                                                 ses.                   •Rachel La Porte Division I
then stood there,                                                                  Then came
street-side wav-                                                                 the ceremo-       I would like to thank Madam Presi-
ing to them. This                                                               ny, proper.      dent Sharon Kelly for having the faith in
was replied to by horn-honking, returned         It was for the dedication of the Monu-          me, again this year to be your Scholar-
waves and many, many smiles.                     ment donated by the Freedom Riders, this        ship Chairman.
  They kept coming....and coming, still          is a beautifully engraved stone, a newly          If you have any questions or concerns,
more way on down the road....and more....        planted oak tree in the memory of Paris’        feel free to contact me at any time.
and more again! I was wondering to my-           SGT Shawna Morrison and the laying of
self if they weren’t just going around the       wreaths for the 1544th’s five who died in                            Diane Karcz-Fischer
block and coming back again! Finally,            service to America.                                                                Diane
they were past me and arrived “Up at the           My task was to serve in the Firing Squad,                       Scholarship Chairman
Legion” (familiar words here). Time for ol’      actually, something new to me, the last

Page 4                                                        Illinois AMVETS                                                   Sept 2005
Meet our USOs and VAVS Representatives!
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2                           makes the arrangements as she has
                                                contacts for such activities. Receipts are
All three centers would not be possible         furnished to me for these activities and
without the dedication of the AMVETS            the Service Foundation receives copies
Service Foundation, Posts, Auxiliaries and      and a thank you as well.
Private firms. Our hats go off to them!             During the past few years, these
For more information about the USO you          items were supplied: electronic games,
can go to their website at                      videos, DVDs, drum set, guitar, key-                                          board, cue sticks, support-
                                                               ed pool tournament and
USO Center for                                                 a jumbo flag for parades
                                                               as well as small flags to
Great Lakes                                                    distribute.
Written by: Nita Cor-                                            This USO has a large
nell                                                           room containing pool
The USO Great Lakes is                                         tables, ping pong tables,
very unique. To begin with,                                    foosball games and sev-
it is larger than the other                                    eral televisions utilized
                                                               for electronic games, a mu-       At this time we conduct walking tours
services by Illinois AM-
                                                               sic room, an art room, quiet    covering almost the entire medical center.
VETS and Auxiliaries. The
                                                               rooms for study, a library, a   The residents receive bananas, comfort
need is different as well,
                                                               room with lounges to watch      kits, phone cards and canteen books. Items
since the service personnel
                                                               movies, a computer room         vary from year to year.
receive a diversified variety
                                                               with Internet access and a        The Auxiliary participates in the annual
of programs and needs.
                                                               room for dancing and variety    June Carnival, sponsoring a booth where
   In addition to the $800
                                                of entertainment.                              prizes are awarded for games played.
monthly grant from the Service Founda-
                                                  Call to action: Donations of hard-cover        The third big party of the year is, of
tion, I receive regular donations from Aux-
                                                and paperback books are welcome for the        course, Christmas. Canteen books are
iliaries 64 and 84, plus other occasional
                                                library. The books need not be returned by     placed in Christmas cards and distributed
                                                users, so they use quite a few. Snack foods    to each resident. Refreshments are also
   My hours vary as I spend considerable
                                                are always welcome as well.                                                   served.
time shopping for various items from a list
                                                Anyone wishing to volunteer                                                     Other ongo-
provided by the director. Most of the in-
                                                may call 847-688-5591 and                                                     ing projects
house volunteers come from other service
                                                speak with Carol.                                                             are monthly
personnel based here and their family
                                                                                                                              parties in the
members.                                        North Chicago VA                                                              wards for
   In this past year, the largest project was
                                                Medical Center Writ-                                                          birthdays.
to convert a room into an art room com-
                                                ten by: Nita Cornell                                                          Clothing,
plete with easels, dra�ing tables, canvases
                                                   This past year has been one                                                comfort items
and all the supplies needed for well-
                                                of the most productive in                                                     and canteen
rounded supply of art materials.
                                                many years. Volunteers increased, causing                                    books are
   Parties are held for each holiday, as well
                                                the hours and projects to raise also.          passed out during the year. I would be
as cook-outs in the summer, bus trips
                                                  Each year I receive a $1500 grant from       remiss to omit there are monthly bingo
to Chicago, baseball games and various
                                                the AMVETS Service Foundation to ben-          parties.
sports events.
                                                efit the residents of North Chicago. Also,        This year I held a special party for the
   “No Dough Dinners” are held prior to
                                                I receive a special $300 grant just for the    twenty women in residence, providing
paydays for the young families that live
                                                “Because We Care Day.” “Because We Care        feminine products such as cologne, body
on base and struggle payday-to-payday.
                                                Day” is our biggest project, as it is just     lotion, hats, scarves and canteen books for
The director is responsible for the dinners
                                                AMVETS and Auxiliary that participate.         July 4th.
and parties. We discuss each one and she
                                                                                                                    CONTINUED PAGE 9

Sept 2005                                                   Illinois AMVETS                                                         Page 5
Check out what our AMVETS have been up to!

Mt. Vernon Sad Sacks present the 30th Nurses Scholardship
award. This year’s award was made to Joanna Shaw, who is pur-
suing a course of study leading to becoming a registered nurse.
Shaw’s husband is currently serving in Iraq. Pictured le� to right:
                                                                                 it   !      Past State Commander Bill Quick presented a check for $15,300
Pat Mitchell, CEO of Rend Lake College Foundation; Shaw; Sad
                                                                               qu r
                                                                          er u
Sacks members Penny Bagby, Bill Palmer and Bob Schalter.                                     to the Illinois Veterans Home in Anna on March 31. The funds

                                                                      n evMacarth            will be used for a canopy over the fishing dock to protect vet-
                                                            s                                erans from the weather, while allowing them to enjoy time

                                                      c an ouglas                            outdoors and with their families. Pictured le� to right: Connie

                                                  eri eral D                                 Duncan, veterans home administrator; Quick; Ray Vaughn,

                                                Am Gen
                                                                                             commander of Metropolis Post 132; and Robert English, senior
                                                                                             vice-commander of Post 132.

                                                               Sad Sack Unit 126 (AMVETS Post
                                                                 66) is proud to announce that
                                                                we gave out one Phillip Kanoles
                                                                 Memorial Scholarship of $750
                                                                to Vincent R. Donlon. Addition-
                                                               ally, four $500 scholarships were
                                                                given to Jean A. Johnson, Kathy
                                                               Jo Northcu�, Erica E. Nenni and
                                                                Brandi Jo Gustafson on July 23,
                                                                       (No picture available.)

(Above) Bob Stevens of Post 35 presented
                                                                                                              Pictured le� to right: Mark Kern, St. Claire
a medal for Americanism to a deserving
                                                                                                              County Board Chairman; Ma� Riester, Post 161
student on May 13.
                                                                                                              Belleville and his wife, Becky. Ma� and Becky
                                                                                                              represented Post 161 in the “Spring Break for
(Le�) In the same medals ceremony,
                                                                                                              the Troops” by contributing various needed
John Van Geem of Post 35 presented the
                                                                                                              items for wounded service members on June
AMVETS Medals to eight students from
Waukegan High School.

Medals were provided by Chuck Han-
son, AMVETS ROTC Chairman.

Page 6                                                                 Illinois AMVETS                                                          Sept 2005
                                                                                     World War II Monument
                                                                                           Washington, D.C.
                                                        Call To Action: Visit Our Veterans Monuments

                                                                 They fought together as
                                                                  brothers-in-arms. They
                                                                  died together and now
                                                                they sleep side by side. To
                                                                     them we have an
                                                                  —Admiral Chester W.

     For more information and directions, please visit h�p:// or call 1-800-639-4WW2

Sept 2005                                                    Illinois AMVETS                                Page 7
                          REMINDER                                                             Editor’s Note:
                                                                                                 Greetings all! I hope by now
                          (ELECTED AND APPOINTED)                                              everyone has had time to look
                          The School of Instruction is September 9-11                          over the August edition of the
                          Location: Hilton Hotel     $65/night                                 newspaper. I would like to
                                                                                               inform you all that our printer
                                     700 E. Adams                                              had several techical difficulties
                                     Springfield, Illinois 62701                                during the Illinois AMVETS
                                     (217) 789-1530                                            newspaper printing process.
                                                                                               That is why some of the pic-
                                    Have any questions? Call Sara @ (217) 528-4713
                                                                                               tures were too dark and there
                                                                                               were color issues throughout

W��� S�����                                  WWII Navy Submarine Losses
                                                                                               the page. They have been
                                                                                               working very hard to correct
                                                                                               the mechanical complications.
                                                                                               Despite this, I would like to
                                                                                               know what you think of the
                                                                                               new layout! You can contact me
                                                                                               at or call
                                                                                               (217) 528-4713. The technical er-
                                                                                               rors will soon be fixed, making
                                                                                               the newspaper be�er than ever!
                                                                                               If you’d like to see a full-color
                                                                                               version, visit our website www.
                                                                                      and proceed to the
                                                                                               Public Relations tab. There is a
                                                                                               heading just for the newspaper!
                                                                                               Thank you!

                                                                                                                  Ashley Walz
                                                                                                   Public Relations Director &

                                                                                                 It’s never too early to start
                                                                                                thinking about scholarships
                                                                                                    and honors & awards!

Can’t find one? Email for an answer key, or contact Headquarters at (217)        REMEMBER THE
528-4713 to request a copy mailed right to your door!

                                                                                                   March 1st
                                                                                               Honors & Awards—
                                                                                                    April 1st

Page 8                                                  Illinois AMVETS                                              Sept 2005
Meet our USOs and VAVS Representatives!
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5                         food, because it is different from what they      I do not have, but many of the places we
                                              would be eating at home.                         went reduced the price by half when the
Call to action: Anyone wishing to volun-        We have a pizza party in every unit. We        people running them found out we were
teer should call 847-688-1900 and speak to    have pizza brought into the dining room          bringing patients from the VA hospital. I
Donna or Georgia in the                                            where we serve them         would go on all these outings, and usually
Community Affairs Of-                                               with non-alcoholic          one or two others would also a�end.
fice, or you may contact                                            beer and pop (some-           We currently serve Christmas dinner in
me at 847-623-8928.                                                times real beer). They      December at the N.C.V.A. every year. We
                                                                   all enjoy this, espe-       play bingo every other month at the hospi-
VAVS Chairman                                                      cially the social aspect.   tal, with canteen books given at the prizes.
                                                                   I also try to have a        In May, another AMVETS member and I
Manteno                                                            hot dog roast in each       took several patients, some in wheelchairs
Veterans Home                                                      unit.                       and very disabled, to the Olive Garden res-
Written by: Fred                                                     Twice a year I have a     taurant. We allowed them to pick right off
                                                                   cookout for the veter-      the menu. We also participate in a carnival
                                                                   ans, along with bingo.      at the VA hospital every year where we
  I receive $1,500 from
                                                                   Students from a local       run a game. If the wheel stops on the num-
the Service Foundation
                                                                   school help the vet-        ber a contestant picked, they win a prize.
to spend at Manteno
                                                                   erans play bingo and        We also have a watermelon give-away. We,
Veterans Home. I volun-
                                                                   serve them.                 of course, participate in “Because We Care
teer there at least once a
                                                                     I also pass out phone     Day” in April every year.
week. I volunteer in the
                                                                   cards to veterans who         We deal with almost every kind of pa-
woodshop with the
                                                                            need them.         tient there is—physically and mentally
veterans, where we
                                                                               Call to ac-     disabled, drug and alcohol abuse and ones
make cra� items to
                                                                            tion: To be a      that have no other place to live and will
sell at Christmas
                                                                            volunteer all      die at the hospital. It is sad but also very
and Easter. We
                                                                            you have to        rewarding to be able to bring a li�le enjoy-
build birdhouses,
                                                                            do is come in      ment to these patients.
santas, plant stands
                                                                            and sign up.         As far as how to volunteer, ask any VAVS
and toys. I use some
                                                                            There’s always     Representative, check with the VA hospital
of the money to
                                                                            something that     or ask what your post does.
buy fresh rolls and
doughnuts, so they                                                          needs to be
can have a treat.                                                           done!
                                                                                               VAVS, AMVETS Auxiliary,
  The veterans sand
the wood and do                                                            VAVS                Hines VA Hospital
some paint. I have                                                                             Written by: Marge Greene
                                                                           North               •     Member of the Auxiliary since 1961
two veterans that
are blind and some                                                         Chicago             •     Department President 83-4
that can only use                                                          Medical             •     Deputies at Hines: Mary Janka,
one hand. Despite that, they do a good job.                                                          Aux. 34; Jean Brennan, Aux. 13;
                                              Center Written By: Bob Stevens                         Joann Wallace, Aux. 192
All the money from the woodshop sales
                                                I have been volunteering at the North          •     Supervise 40 regularly scheduled
goes to the veterans.
                                              Chicago Med Center for over 40 years. I                volunteers
  We have five different units at Manteno,
                                              have been a National VAVS Representa-            •     Total hours donated in past 2 years:
so I try to do something for each unit. We
                                              tive for the past 10 years. In that time, we           5,574
take the veterans to Old Country Buffet
                                              have had many projects, including: base-         •     Total cash donations: $15, 352; Total
for lunch sometimes. My wife and I meet
                                              ball games and boat rides in Lake Geneva.              non-cash donations: $31,381
them there, and we wait on the veterans.
                                              These are some of what we have done in           •     Volunteers work in various places
They tell us what they would like, and
                                              the last 40 plus years. The cost of all this           in the hospital. CONTINUED PAGE 11
we go get it for them. They all enjoy the

Sept 2005                                                   Illinois AMVETS                                                        Page 9
A final word from 2004-2005 Ladies                                                                     “Veterans: The
Auxiliary President                                                                                    Heart of America,”
Norma Studebaker                                                                                       the new Ladies
Dear Officers, Members and                                                 Tour and the hospitality
Guests,                                                                  shown to them.
                                                                            We especially need to
                                                                                                       Auxiliary slogan
  It is so hard to believe that an
                                                                         work on membership this
                                                                                                       I would
entire year has gone by since
you elected me President of                                              coming year. The Depart-
the Auxiliary in June of 2004. I                                         ment has lost four auxil-     like to
have had a fabulous year trav-                                           iaries and three are now      begin by
eling around the State. It was                                           disbanding. Some of these     saying
a pleasure meeting a lot of the                                          members were able to trans-   thank you
local members that don’t have                                            fer into auxiliaries close    for electing
the opportunity to come to                                               to them. The reasoning        me to this
our S.E.C.s. I have visited four                                         for most of these closures    position
of our VA hospitals, two VA                                              is age. Our members are       and for
Homes, all the Divisions, some                                           ge�ing older and just can’t   your con-
of the Locals and all five of the                                         volunteer like they used to   fidence, I
USOs we support. Everywhere                                              or they have become snow-     assure you
I have traveled, everyone has                                            birds. Younger members,       that I will
made me feel so welcome. The                                             if there are any, are o�en    do all I can
Veterans in the hospitals and                                            too busy with their family    to reflect
homes are so well cared for                                              schedules to take an office,    honor upon this position and organization.
and love it when you can sit with them and           so these auxiliaries have no recourse but to      With that being said, let’s get to business!
talk. They can’t thank us enough for what we         disband. We must never give up on tying to re-      My aim this year is to serve our Vets. At
do for them. I always remind them how impor-         cruit new members if our Department is going      each SEC we collect various needs for our
tant they are to us, because they are the ones       to continue to exist.                             Vets in the nursing homes. September is T
who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.             Division a�endance is ge�ing less and less      shirts. Please no smalls!!!
  My theme this year is “Catch the Spirit” for       each year. I think each local President should      My slogan for the year is “Veterans the
volunteering. When I listen to the local and         be called before each Division meeting and        Heart of America”!!!! I also want to help
Division reports being read, it’s clear you all      asked to please some or send someone in her       raise our a�endance at our SEC’s
are working very hard. The profits from my            place to the Division meeting. Maybe if we          Based on a survey (that was sent out in
pins, shirts, donations and afghan raffle will be      take a more personal approach to the local        2005), you want our SEC meetings to be:
divided among the five USOs. I also can’t say         auxiliaries they will respond. As far as the      one day and start before noon. Well, our
enough about the dedicated Staff and volun-           S.E.C. a�endance is concerned, we are working     first SEC is at the Hilton, September 10, 2005
teers who work in the USOs. They do every-           on that for next year. The most important thing   @ 10:00 A.M. Each SEC will also have an
thing in their power to make the servicemen          that we must all remember is to be courteous      informational section; this will be a chance
and women’s lives easier as they pass through        with each other at all times. We still are and    for us to share, enlighten, and update our
their facilities. Thank you, too, to the auxiliary   always will be an AMVET family.                   members on projects, laws, and various
reps for being the go between from the auxil-          I want to thank my officers and chairmen for      other information to help our VETS and our
iary to the USO you serve. Always remember           the great job you have done this year. I also     troops.
to keep the Troops in your prayers. May they         want to thank those of you who have encour-         Don’t forget to fly your flags, this month
come home soon.                                      aged, supported and guided me through the         September 5th & 11th, 5th is Labor Day and
  National Commander Boe�cher and Nation-            years. Without you I wouldn’t be here today. I    the 11th is Patriot Day!
al President King visited in November for our        have so enjoyed my year as President and have       One last word before I go. I want to say
S.E.C. and Tour. We visited in Divisions I, II,      many wonderful memories and experiences I         THANK-YOU!! for the many cards and
III and IV. Everywhere we went, the red carpet       will always cherish.                              phone calls during my recent surgery and
was rolled out for us. The highlight of this                                                           recovery, it’s great knowing that there are so
Tour was a�ending the Graduation at Great               Yours in AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Service,      many of you who really do care.
Lakes Navel Station. Commander Boe�cher
and President King were very impressed with                                                Norma                                      Sharon Kelley
the ceremony. Even though they both had jet                         Norma J. Studebaker, President                                          Sharon
lag from their Taiwan trip, the Commander                              AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary                           Ladies Auxiliary President
and President thoroughly enjoyed the Illinois

Page 10                                                            Illinois AMVETS                                                        Sept 2005
Meet our USOs and VAVS Representatives!
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9                                year: 7,350
                                               •     Total cash donations: $64, 731.76
        Local auxiliaries and posts hold             This is $28,000 more than the
       monthly Bingo parties and special             previous year.
       parties.                                •     Total non-cash donations: $99,327.76
•      The Department sponsors special               This is $30,000 more than the
       nutrition days twice a year. We               previous year
       participate in the annual “Because
       We Care Day”                              Call to action: AMVETS will continue to
•      With funds donated by the Illinois      recruit both outside and inside for mem-
       Service Foundation, we conduct a        bership to support of our effort at Hines.
       plant therapy program with the          Members, ask your friends and family to
       pa�ients in ECC, Vegetables and         help veterans! If you would like to volun-
       flowers are grown by the patients.       teer, please call
•      We furnish flowers for the chapel        Hines Hospital
       on Veteran’s Day, Christmas,            at (708) 202-
       Thanksgiving, and Memorial Day          2523 and ask to
       and for the patients on Valentine’s     speak to Bonnie
       Day and the 4th of July.                Gunter.
•      Our goal is to provide patients with
       the small things the hospital cannot
       provide—even if it is only a kind
•      We can tailor the volunteer job to
       your skills. We are always looking
       for help in this program. You can
       contact me at (708) 447-3849 for
       more information, or contact Bonnie
       Gunter at Hines at (708) 202-2523

VAVS, Hines VA Hospital
Information from: Russ Tarver
  Russ Tarver has been volunteering for 46
years at the Hines VA Hospital in Hines,
Ill. In that time, he has volunteered 57,343
  The AMVETS Reactivation Center at
Hines VA Hospital has had several suc-
cessful “Because We Care Days”, and look                                                               All the pictures
forward to continuing their success. They                                                        seen alongside USO/VAVS
hope to gain more regularly scheduled                                                           stories were provided by the
volunteers, as well.                                                                            participants. Because of the
  AMVETS contnues to provide financial                                                       number of pictures, names and dates
support for the Blind Center, ECC, RCF,                                                      could not be provided. Enjoy seeing
SCI, Bingo socials and the Feeder program                                                          what your members are
for spinal cord patients.                                                                          doing to help veterans
  Here are some of the numbers:                                                                       around the state!
•        Number of all volunteer hours this

Sept 2005                                                   Illinois AMVETS                                                 Page 11
Annual Service Foundation                                               WAR
                                                             Off to war they sail, they fly
Meeting–July 17                                            protected by the makers hand
                                                            their job is not to reason why
                                                         but protect our country an our land

                                                           In far off places, foreign sands
                                                           simple souls, our nations best
                                                            execute those well laid plans
                                                         bad food, hot drink, no decent rest

                                                             Many think of how this war
                                                             could have ever even started
                                                        their sons and daughters safe thus far
                                                               for others life’s departed

                                                             Volunteers come to the aid
                                                            nations tumult of the masses
ABOVE: PDC Bill Quick takes over as the Service Foun-     by dark and cunning is their raid          Let us know 8
dation President from PDC Tony Altieri at the annual      while storm and bombing passes
Service Foundation meeting, which took place July 17.                                             weeks before you
                                                         God fearing most who shall return
                                                            for He has been their buddy
                                                         a purple heart or bronze you earn       New address:
                                                               in ba�les oh so bloody
                                                                                                 Post #:
                                                          Back at home our pride is great
                                                          yet disgruntled with our actions
                                                           our fallen dead they lie in state
                                                          while cowards cause distractions
                                                          Veterans promised oh so much
                                                          then here and there they take it       Address:
                                                         most politicians never been to war
                                                            for they could never make it

                                                              Lies, deceit, dishonesty
                                                           are what the enemy possesses
                                                               while we deal reality
                                                            they show us their two faces         State:
                                                              God bless America, I say
                About the poem’s author:
  Nathan “Nate’ Ruppert is a retired U.S. Navy, Chief
                                                              I trust in God my Savior
                                                                 freedom for the USA
                                                                                                 Zip Code:
  Pe�y Officer and is a life member of AMVETS post            our prayer and our endeavor
  44 of Pana, IL. Nate began writing poetry in 1988
                                                         copyright Oct. 2002 Nathan G. Ruppert
  and has had over thirty poems copyrighted.                                                     Put your current address
                                                                                                  in the gray box below

                           AMVETS Headquarters
                           2200 S. 6th St.                                                             and mail to:
                           Springfield, IL 62703
                                                                                                      2200 S. 6th St.
                                                                                                  Springfield, IL 62703

Page 12                                                          Illinois AMVETS                                   Sept 2005

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