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                                 Terry Allen Perl                 Martin S. Lampner                    Patrick J. Bagley
                             Chief Executive Officer                  President                          Chairperson

                                                                               Dear Friends

        his year we have worked diligently to assure you that Chimes is well positioned to build on
        its strong foundation in order to move forward in response to the ever increasing needs of thou-
        sands of people who turn to us each day for education, support and employment. Our theme
– honoring the past, embracing the present, investing boldly in the future – highlights the fact that we
remain ready to meet the challenges before us. The board of directors and senior management have
successfully completed a major transition in leadership that will assure services are available to chil-
dren, adults and senior citizens who need them now and in the years to come.

Throughout the years, we stressed the importance of measuring performance in order to enhance out-
comes for the people with disabilities we serve. We strongly believe in the adage, “you can't manage what
you don't measure.” Over time we have been able to identify trends and relationships that have helped
us improve outcomes for people with disabilities, their families, our staff, and the communities we serve.
This year's annual report clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach.

As we say goodbye to retiring chief executive officer Terry Allen Perl, we express the appreciation of all
the people served, their families, staff and volunteers for four decades of commitment and service.
Fiscal year 2010 is a stellar example of the positive outcomes Chimes has created for people with dis-
abilities under his leadership. We are pleased and excited that long time Chimes executive Martin
Lampner will succeed Terry as president and CEO. The board unanimously voted for and believes that
Marty is the right choice to build on Chimes past accomplishments and to write the next chapter of our
organization's history.

More than 3,500 professionals from all disciplines successfully helped 17,000 people with a wide
range of needs. These efforts are augmented by scores of volunteer leaders and supporters who are
recognized in this report. To all who have contributed to our most successful year ever, we express our
sincere thanks. Your continued investment in Chimes is essential to assure a positive future for those
who need our assistance.


Terry Allen Perl       Martin S. Lampner           Patrick J. Bagley
                          ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT
                                Fiscal Year 2010 (July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010)

At Chimes we believe you cannot manage what you don’t measure. To help assure results, Chimes utilizes a performance
management system which imports metric measures to monitor organizational performance. Goals are assigned to
one of the three domains: finance, services and workforce; and examined according to three criteria: efficiency,
effectiveness and satisfaction.

Many of the goals are interdependent within and across domains. For example, to successfully operate within budg-
et demands that the entity meet its income projection by assuring that targets for the utilization of services are met.
In order to meet utilization targets, the entity must have sufficient referrals to fill vacancies. The entity must also track
its admissions and discharges to monitor utilization.

This report will highlight some of the key goals and the progress we have achieved.

Finance Metrics
As was the case for many other not for profits,
Chimes Family of Services was challenged two
years ago (FY 2009) and did not meet all of our fis-
cal targets. Through a coordinated effort and hard
work of the staff, Chimes negated that loss and
emerged with the strongest position ever in FY
2010. The old adage, “no margin, no mission” con-
tinues to ring true for all not for profit organizations
including Chimes Family of Services. The 2% margin
this year exceeded the target of 1.5% by 0.5%. This
is exceptional performance in light of the fact that
last year's margin was 0.06%!

Operating within budget is a key responsibility for          % variance of actual / budgeted revenue / expenses
each manager and is tracked at all levels. This data
is then consolidated for Chimes Family of Services.
Fiscal years FY 2008 and FY 2009 were volatile due
to the economy as well as federal, state and local
funding reductions. There was significant improve-
ment in FY 2010 with the organization exceeding
the target by 1%. Successfully operating within
budget assures that Chimes will have the resources
necessary to sustain the organization in the future.

                                                                      The supports we provide are labor intensive.
     % OT and temp labor cost / total labor cost
                                                                      Personnel costs represent 75-80% of the overall
                                                                      budget. Effectively managing our workforce is a criti-
                                                                      cal competency throughout Chimes Family of
                                                                      Services. Though the organization did not meet the
                                                                      aggressive target set for the year, there has been sig-
                                                                      nificant improvement throughout the past three
                                                                      years. (See graph to the left)

                                                                # of Referrals

    We track the number of referrals as one gauge of
    funder satisfaction as well as predict demand for
    services. An increase in referrals correlates with an
    increase in admissions to the various programs,
    which drives revenue. (Graph to the right)


                                                                       As a whole, Chimes Family of Services revenue
                                                                       increased in FY 2010 as compared to FY 2009, but
                                                                       did not meet target due to funding reductions at the
                                                                       federal, state and local levels and the closure of
                                                                       DSNJ in New Jersey. Holcomb’s revenue increased
                                                                       by 8% compared to the prior year.

                             Holcomb received several grants
                                to expand services in Chester
                                  County, PA during FY 2010.

                                                                                          Services Metrics

              e believe maintaining the health and safety of those we serve is a prerequisite of providing quality services.
             The frequency of medication errors, injuries, behavioral incidents and emergency room visits is compared
            to the number of client days for each physical location where services are offered.

Consideration of the needs of the individual receiving services must be taken into consideration as we analyze the
data. For example, individuals at Curtis Hall, a licensed senior assisted living center, have a greater frequency of emer-
gency room visits due to medical conditions associated with aging.

“Deeds not Words” is more than a motto at Chimes.
We track the timely completion of various services to       # Services completed / # Services Due
help those we support develop to their maximum
potential. There has been considerable progress
with this metric during the past year due to better

Contract work provides opportunities for people par-
ticipating in facility based work centers to earn their
paychecks. Our contracts range from packaging and
fabrication to recycling sugar and assembling bulk
mailings. The downturn in the economy in FY 2009
resulted in fewer contracts for the work centers. In
FY 2010, there was a significant increase in the
quantity and variety of contracts.

Also of note: Across Chimes Family of Services,             Contract Revenue
admissions exceeded discharges during FY 2010
(10,087 admissions compared to 9,402 discharges.)

Chimes DC continues to exceed the target of 75% of
hours worked by people with disabilities year after year.

                                                                                   Workforce Metrics

            ecause what we do is so labor intensive, the
            quality of services offered through Chimes         # DSP Employed > yr / # DSP Positions
            heavily depends on the commitment and train-
    ing of our direct support professionals. Chimes strives
    to recruit and retain the best workforce possible every-
    where we work. We worked hard to increase the tenure
    of direct support professionals during FY 2010.
    Chimes Delaware had the highest percentage of staff
    with 83% of the staff employed for a year or more.

    In FY 2008, we noted an increase in turnover among
    mid-level managers. Responses from our employee
    satisfaction survey identified opportunities to miti-
    gate this issue by providing additional training and
    resources for middle managers. The intervention
    worked and turnover was significantly reduced the
    following year which enhanced the quality of servic-       % Turnover Exempt Staff
    es. The amount of turnover has continued to improve
    during FY 2010.

    Chimes tracks the number of employees who com-
    pleted mandatory trainings on time. During FY 2010,
    nearly 100% of staff were trained on time. The num-
    ber of internal promotions and the number of profes-
    sional development plans implemented are tracked
    as measures of effectiveness of staff development

    Additionally, Chimes Family of Services successfully
    initiated the Succession and Talent Management
    Plan across all subsidiaries. Multiple training ses-
    sions and discussions were held with staff to review
    the elements of the Succession and Talent
    Management Plans. Each Chief Operating Officer
    developed an initial emergency continuity plan which
    is revised annually. Key positions were identified and
    plans to create bench strength were instituted. Staff
    members with high potential and an interest in grow-
    ing and learning were involved in developing their
    own professional development plans. Talent
    Management Plans are reviewed quarterly at the sub-
    sidiary level and annually across Chimes Family of

Despite the economic challenges,
Chimes Family of Services has touched      Number of People Served: FY 2006 - FY2010
more lives than ever before. Holcomb
Behavioral Health Services was award-
ed multiple contracts for expansion of
services in Chester County and opened
two new offices for drug and alcohol
addiction services.

Chimes Delaware acquired eight new
single family homes to provide more
appropriate and comfortable environ-
ments for people who were living in
some older apartments. Barbara Rash,
a board member and one of the individ-
uals who moved from one of those
apartments to a new home, shared with
the Chimes Delaware Board of Directors
how happy she was with the move.

              “I feel safe now and the home is just
               beautiful. There are more choices
               of activities and friends to
               share good times.”
                                         — Barbara Rash

    Chimes Maryland engaged in a major realignment of residential services to
    assure that people receiving services were most effectively supported within the
    fiscal resources available.

    Chimes Maryland has also expanded the work opportunities for people served in
    vocational services with the opening of the Saw Mill Café in September 2010 and
    Three Bells Café in November 2010. Denny Moody, the new Chief Operating
    Officer for Chimes Maryland, assumed his responsibilities on September 1,

                                Chimes Virginia collaborated with the Knights of
                                Columbus to purchase an eighth home and opened
                                it during the fall of 2010. Chimes Virginia continues
                                to promote its services through the lecture series on
                                various issues related to community services and
                                supports for people with disabilities.

                                Chimes DC continues to offer more jobs for people with disabilities at Aberdeen Proving
                                Ground with the expansion of its contract to provide base-wide services. The number of
                                people with disabilities who are employed through Chimes DC increased reversing a two
                                year decline. Despite the numerous federal and state cutbacks, Chimes DC has expand-
                                ed the number of jobs and increased its revenue by securing additional work through the
                                expansion of current contracts.

                                                                Chimes DC crews worked around the
                                                                clock to clear the M&T Bank Stadium
                                                                after a surprise snowstorm in December
                                                                to have the stadium ready for the game!
Chimes Family of Services FY 10 Metrics Report

          The Board of Directors receives regular metrics reports to provide information about performance.
          Chimes Family of Services identified eight organizational drivers. Metrics are aligned with five or
          more of those drivers.

                Philanthropic support in FY 2010 had declined when compared to the prior year. However,
                once adjusted for the School Capital Campaign, support was in line with prior years.

     Tribute to Chimes Israel

         n 1990, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs invited Chimes to visit Israel to identify opportunities for a part-
         nership to serve people with intellectual disabilities. The following year, Chimes Israel began providing services in
         Tel Aviv.

     Today, Chimes Israel supports more than 800 people with disabilities with annual revenue of more than $6.8 million.

     Chimes Israel’s accomplishments include:
     • Operating the first day program for adults in the Tel       • Introduction of formal vocational diagnostic systems
       Aviv area using a habilitation model. This has become         to Israel.
       the standard for the whole country.
                                                                   • Fostered legislation allowing people with mental retar-
     • Opening the first comprehensive full day program for          dation the right to live in group homes in communities
       infants with developmental disabilities in the Tel Aviv       without special permits or variances.
       area. This model has been replicated throughout
       Israel by Chimes and others.                                • Chimes Israel is the first program for people with
                                                                     mental retardation to receive ISO certification.
     • Introduction of the interdisciplinary team model and
       individual habilitation planning system to Israel.          • Chimes Israel is serving Jewish, Muslim, and Christian
       Individual Program Plans are now required throughout          clients in integrated programs.
       the country.

$152,891,356                                   Administrative: 13%       Mental Health
                                                                         Services: 12%

                                               Employment                Developmental
                                               Contractual               Disabilities
                                               Services: 37%             Services: 37%

Administrative Expenses: $19,782,472           Grants: <1%               Fund Raising: <1%
Fund Raising Expenses: $166,871

                                               Management Fees,
$156,096,390                                   Grants & Other: 2%
                                                                         Mental Health
                                                                         Services: 14%

                                               Services: 41%

                                                                         Services: 42%
                                               Fund Raising,
                                               Investment Income: <1%

BY SOURCE                              Chimes International: <1%        Chimes D.C.
                                       Chimes Virginia: 3%              Government
                                                                        Contracts: 42%
                                       Chimes Delaware: 13%

                                       Holcomb: 14%

                                                                        Chimes Maryland: 27%
                                       Chimes Foundation: 1%

NET ASSETS: $21,254,800

           C                    himes and its subsidiaries thank the many individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations
                                that generously support our work. Because our fiscal year runs July thru June, the listing on the
                                following pages includes only those who contributed between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

                                                           MOTORCYCLE MANIACS – GOLD                       THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL
     PSG – Pace Setting Gift                               SPONSOR ($15,000 - $24,999)                     The Executive Council honors supporters of
     CC – Chairman’s Circle                                America’s Pride, CC                             Chimes Family of Services who have made
     HFS – Hall of Fame Sponsor                            PNC Bank, CC                                    substantial personal commitments by joining
                                                           PSA Financial Center, Inc., CC                  the President’s Council with their gifts of
                                                                                                           $1,500 - $4,999 or the Chairman’s Circle with
     PACE SETTING GIFTS                                    RCM&D with Human Services Benefits
                                                                                                           their gifts of $5,000 or more. Each spring
     We gratefully recognize the following individuals,        Company & Philadelphia Insurance            members of the Executive Council gather
     businesses, organizations, and foundations for            Company, CC                                 together for a reception and special briefing
     their outstanding contributions that will ensure                                                      from the Chairman of the Board and the
                                                           ACROBATS – COPPER SPONSORS                      President. (Contributions made by individuals
     the viability of our mission now and in the future.
                                                                                                           qualifying for President’s Council or Chairman’s
                                                           ($7,500 - $14,999)                              Circle DO NOT INCLUDE Hall of Fame ticket
     $50,000 and above                                     Abeshouse Partners, CC                          purchasers.)
     AmSan, HFS, CC                                        Richard J. Princinsky & Associates, Inc., CC
     Mrs. Alice L. Hall                                    Sysco Food Services of Baltimore, CC            CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE
     Mr. Gordon Stark                                      TBC Software, CC                                ($5,000 - $24,999)
                                                           Renée and Barry Gordon, M.D., CC                Abeshouse Partners, HFS
     $25,000 - $49,999                                                                                     America’s Pride, HFS
     Anonymous, HFS, CC                                    LION TAMERS – BRONZE SPONSORS                   Art Ward Services
     Benefits Consulting Group, HFS, CC                    ($5,000 - $7,499)                               Ascend One Corporation, HFS
     Offit Kurman, HFS, CC                                 Ascend One Corporation, CC                      B.W.W.S., HFS
                                                           B.W.W.S., Inc., CC                              Bay City Pest Management Co., HFS
     SPECIAL FUNDS                                         Bay City Pest Management Co., CC                Belfast Valley Contactors, HFS
     The Woodruff T. George Memorial Fund                  Belfast Valley Contractors, CC                  Mr. and Mrs. Marc P. Blum
     The Ina and Norman Lampner Memorial Fund              Lee Anne and Al Bussone, CC                     J. Darby Bowman, Esq.
     Tamyse B. Parnella Fund                               Catalyst IT Services, CC                        Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bussone, HFS
     The Mildred and Samuel Perl Memorial Fund             Mary T. Collard, CC                             Catalyst IT Services, HFS
     The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Future Fund           Eagle Coffee Company, Inc. , CC                 Ms. Mary T. Collard, HFS
                                                           Kathryn and Arthur C. George                    Eagle Coffee Company, Inc., HFS
     THE HALL OF FAME                                      First Financial Resources, CC                   First Financial Resources, HFS
                                                           Cecil Fox, CC                                   Ms. Cecil S. Fox, HFS
     The following individuals, businesses, organiza-
     tions, and foundations contributed to Chimes          Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A., CC            Dr. Kathryn and Mr. Arthur C. George, HFS
     19th Annual Hall of Fame event as we honored          Elanore and Martin S. Lampner, CPA, CC          Dr. and Mrs. Barry Gordon, HFS
     Theodore A. Offit, Esq., Managing Principal,          McCormick and Company, Inc., CC                 Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A., HFS
     Offit Kurman, for his contributions to the com-       Mustang Construction, CC                        Human Services Benefits Company, HFS
     munity on Saturday, November 14, 2009 at              Martha and Terry Allen Perl, CC
     the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore.                                                                       Senator and Mrs. Francis X. Kelly, Jr., HFS
                                                           Permanent Solution Industries, Inc., CC         Mrs. Doris T. Klapp
     RING MASTER -                                         Diane and John Pettinelli, CC                   Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Lampner, HFS
     PRESENTING SPONSOR                                    Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC, CC   Ms. Phyllis M. Levin
     Offit Kurman, PSG, CC                                 Strategic Wealth Management, CC                 McCormick & Company, Inc., HFS
                                                           Three’s Company Carpet & Upholstery             Mustang Construction, HFS
     BIG TOPS - DIAMOND SPONSOR                                  Cleaner, Inc., CC                         Mr. and Mrs. Terry Allen Perl, HFS
     ($50,000 ABOVE)                                       Verizon Foundation, CC                          Permanent Solution Industries, Inc., HFS
     AmSan, PSG, CC                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. John Pettinelli, HFS
                                                           MEDIA SPONSORS                                  PNC Bank, HFS
     BIG CATS – PLATINUM SPONSOR                           The Daily Record                                Richard Princinsky & Associates, Inc., HFS
     ($25,000 - $49,999)                                   The Ed Norris Show                              PSA Financial Center, Inc., HFS
     Anonymous, PSG, CC                                    SmartCEO                                        Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC, HFS
     Benefits Consulting Group, PSG, CC                                                                    Arthur D. Smith, Ph.D.
                                                                                                           Strategic Wealth Management Group, HFS

Sysco Food Services of Baltimore, HFS   Ms. Tammy Simpson                                  Mr. Gordan Hogard
TBC Software, Inc., HFS                 Sylvan/Laureate Foundation                         Mr. Colin Howard
Three's Company Carpet & Upholstery     Mr. Martin Waldbaum                                Mr. Timothy Hudak
     Cleaner, Inc., HFS                 Mr. Fred Wright                                    Mr. Matthew Kaplowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Turnbaugh                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Alvin D. Katz
Verizon Foundation, HFS                 BENEFACTOR ($500 - $1,499)                         Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Knoedler
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., HFS             Frances Bacon, founder of Chimes in 1947,          Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kolodkin
                                        dedicated her life to the education and
                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Kramer
                                        development of children with intellectual
EXECUTIVE COUNCIL                       disabilities. Her spirit continues on through      Kramon & Graham, P.A.
($1,500 - $4,999)                       the generosity of the individuals, corporations,   Howard Kurman, Esq.
AAA Mid-Atlantic                        organizations, and foundations that support        Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kurman
Mr. Michael Allenbaugh                  Chimes and its Family of Services.                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levin
Alliance Bernstein                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Allan Levine
Anonymous                               Acme Paper & Supply Co., Inc.                      Sol Levinson & Bros., Inc.
Mr. Owen Aronov                         Advance Business Systems                           Ms. Margaret Lumley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Bagley          Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Akman                           Mr. and Mrs. Joel Margolis
Biegel Waller                           Ms. Karen Angel                                    Michael P. May, Esq.
Boardwalk Buddy Walk                    Berman Goldman & Ribakow LLP                       Ms. Barbara A. Meinecke
Mr. Jason L. Bowser                     Mr. James Blum                                     Mr. John A. Mezzullo
Ms. Bridget Boyle                       Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Brooks                      Mrs. Jennifer Mintzer
Camp Virginia Jaycee, Inc.              Mr. Raymond Brusca                                 Miriam Lodge, K.S.B., Inc.
Ms. Suzanne Christie                    Mr. John Campagna                                  Mr. Bernie Muth
Mrs. Jane Cohen                         Capital Produce                                    Offit & Roth, P.A.
Mr. Peter D. Dakunchak                  Certified Title Corporation                        Ms. Joanne Ormrod
Ms. Patricia A. Davis                   Mr. William N. Chalfant, Jr.                       Persia Carpets
The Debbie Beiner Trust Fund            Mr. Burnet Chalmers                                Ms. Elizabeth S. Phillips
Mrs. Jane Drumm                         Mr. James W. Cohen and                             John J. Phillips, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dupwe                  Ms. Sarah J. Talalay                         Precision Performance, Inc.
Express Scripts                         Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage              Quality Technology, Inc.
Mr. William J. Fanning                        Cares Foundation                             Mr. Kevin Reynolds
Ms. Rita Feher                          The Columbia Bank                                  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ring
Fischbach Foundation                    Dr. Huell E. Connor, Jr.                           Mr. Eric M. Roeder
Mr. Richard Flickinger                  Corbyn Investment Management                       Ms. Ann R. Rollins
Dr. Ramon and Mrs. Nancy Garcia         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Crone III                   Ruth Shaw Inc.
Mrs. Karen Gonsman                      Ms. Diana Daly                                     Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Mr. Richard Gonsman                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison                       S & S Control Systems, Inc.
Ms. Shawna Gottlieb                     Mr. Mark Debinski                                  Mrs. Dianne L. Salama
Mrs. Barbara Hilb                       Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Dederer, Jr.                  Paul D. Savanuck/Shaarei Zion Post 888
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hillman               Diamond Comics                                     Schluderberg Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Karen Holcomb                       Diversified Insurance Industries, Inc.             Mr. Herbert Sheppard
Mr. Orrick Jones                        Mr. William Drake                                  Silberstein Insurance Group
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kollman           Drucker & Scaccetti, P.C.                          Smith & Downey, P.A.
Mr. Henry B. Latimer and                E. Whitlock, Inc.                                  Mr. Adam M. Smolen
      Mrs. Marjorie C. Latimer          Ellin & Tucker, Chartered                          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Snyder
Mrs. Pamela Ledsome                     EMCOR Government Services                          Mr. and Mrs. Guntis Sraders
Mr. Elliot N. Lewis
                                        Ms. Susan A. Filipiak                              System Source Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Alan A. Manheim
                                        Mr. Leonard I. Frenkil                             The April and Jerry Weiner Family
Ms. Judith I. Martinak
                                        Ms. Sheila F. Friedman                                   Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Imoh Matthews
                                        G & R Maple Lawn, Inc.                             The Horowitz Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Fernando L. Medina
                                        Mr. Fred Gatlin                                    Valley Dental Associates
Alexis M. Melin, LCSW
                                        Gensler                                            Ms. Karen D. Weatherholtz
Lois M. Meszaros, Ph.D.
                                        Glass, Jacobson & Associates, P.A.                 Ms. Laurie Jean Weil
Millicare by EBC
                                        Goodman-Gable-Gould Co                             Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Weitzman
Mrs. Sandra Mock Myers
                                        Mr. Ralph Gray                                     Mr. C. Thomas Williamson
Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Grossman                    Wilmington Blue Rocks, L.P.
Mr. George H. Rineer
                                        Estate of Margaret B. Harrington                   Ms. Margaret Wisnom and Mr. Robert
Mr. Arthur Rothman
                                        Ms. Carol L. Hart                                        Cleary
Mr. Curtis Salter
                                        Mr. Christopher Helmrath                           Mr. and Mrs. Darren Wolberg
The Hon. William Donald Schaefer
                                        Mr. Martin S. Himeles, Jr.                         Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Yumkas
Mr. Douglas Schmidt and
      Ms. Allegra Hamman                Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hoffman
     PARTNERS ($250-$499)                             SPONSORS ($100 - $249)                              Ms. Carol G. Head
     Partners are unique in that their giving         Many new supporters to Chimes and its Family of     Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Herget
     indicates that they believe in Chimes and its    Services enter at the sponsor giving level. These   Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hess
     Family of Services missions and demonstrate      individuals help Chimes continue to be able to      Dr. Norman Highstein
     their support through their charitable giving.   provide quality education, services, supports and
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. James Hoehn
                                                      employment for people with disabilities.
                                                                                                          Mrs. Irene Hrycushko
     Mr. and Mrs. Vartan Aghazadian                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Huether
     Ahavath Achim Congregation                       Abelson Legal Group
                                                                                                          Mr. Richard E. Hug
     Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Alms                      Ms. Jeanette G. Abramson
                                                                                                          Mr. Jerrold R. Humphrey
     American Legion Post #194                        AdvoServ
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Laymon T. Hunter
     Dr. Michael Baum                                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Albert
                                                                                                          Mr. Richard Hynson, Jr.
     Ms. Joyce Bowlsbey                               Aquarius Water, LLC
                                                                                                          Independent Resources, Inc.
     Ann W. Breihan, Ph.D.                            Mr. Leonard Attman
                                                                                                          Stanley M. Irzinski, Ed.D.
     Ms. Renee Carl                                   Bank of America
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Jessup
     Ms. Bonnie Cohn                                  Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Berkowitz
                                                                                                          Mr. Irwin H. Kantrowitz
     Mr. and Mrs. Atwood Collins III                  Susan Berryman, Esq.
                                                                                                          Mr. P. L. Kaplan
     Columbia Benefits Consultants, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. John Bevilacqua
                                                                                                          Ms. Sally C. Kaplan
     Mr. and Mrs. G. Philip Feldman                   Ms. Kathy Bibo
                                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Felix Kaufman
     Mrs. Jo Fleischaker                              Bormel, Grice & Huyett, P.A.
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Dale P. Kelberman
     Mr. Robert Frankel                               Mr. J. William Bowlsbey
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Sydney S. Kemper
     Ms. Molly Gertz                                  Mr. and Mrs. William W. Boyk, Jr.
                                                                                                          Mr. Jon Kleinberg
     Mr. Samuel A. Ginsburg                           Ms. Sheila S. Burstein
                                                                                                          Walter B. Koppel, M.D.
     Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Goldberg                     Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Caplan
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Levin
     Harford Refrigeration Co, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Cardall
                                                                                                          Mr. Kenneth L. Levy
                                                      Mr. Paul B. Carter, Jr.
     Ms. Patricia Heather                                                                                 Liberty Resources, Inc.
                                                      Mr. Paul Chernick
     Nancy Kapp & Company                                                                                 Mr. James Loeb
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chieffo
     Mr. William K. Kessler                                                                               Ms. Lisa M. Lucido
                                                      Ms. Lisa Chieffo
     Ms. Fern L. Knight                                                                                   Mr. Lawrence Macklin
                                                      City Pharmacy of Elkton
     Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kropff                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. John Margolis
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Inocencio Claud
     Mrs. Betty G. Loveman                                                                                Marvin & Palmer Associates, Inc.
                                                      Mr. Charles Cohn
     Mr. Joel S. Luber, Esq.                                                                              Ms. Anne J. McCloskey
                                                      Ms. Peggy Cohn
     Mr. Julius B. Margolis                                                                               Ms. Pat McCloskey
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Dackman
     Mrs. Mary Anna Marley                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMillan
                                                      Ms. Theresa C. Dale
     MECU                                                                                                 Mr. Eric McNatt
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Jon J. Davis
     Merrill Lynch                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Meagher
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Samuel DellaVecchia
     MMR Cleaning Services                                                                                Mondre Energy, Inc.
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. John C. Desmond
     Ms. Ann Mondell                                                                                      Moores Lake Pharmacy
                                                      Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Diamond
     Ms. Dianne Mruk                                                                                      The Honorable Stephen G. Moxley
                                                      Ms. Carol Donahue
     Mr. Sylvan Offit                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Morton Offit
                                                      Ms. Megan Donahue
     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Ogens                                                                         Mr. Paul A. Offit
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Drazin
     Dilip Paliath, Esq.                                                                                  Mr. Peter Opatut
                                                      Mr. Peter Ducoffe
     Philadelphia Insurance Group                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Erich Oppenheim
                                                      Mr. Nicholas J. Eppinger
     proClean systems, inc.                           Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Erler                          Mr. and Mrs. David J. Orange
     Radcliffe Jewelers                               Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Esterson                     Dr. Roger Osmun
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert Renehan                      Eyes on Inspection                                  Mr. David Paige, Jr.
     Mrs. Celia Roady                                 Ms. Dorothy Fay                                     Pat & Jack Wilensky Family Foundation, Inc.
     Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Rothman                      Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fish                              Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Patterson
     Mr. Ed Sannini and Ms. Coni Frezzo               Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Fox                         Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
     Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Schweizer, Jr.              Frank Foundation                                    Mrs. Judith Pond
     Mr. Sanford M. Shapiro                           Mr. and Mrs. Howard Friedel                         Ms. Shirley Posey
     Mr. Alan R. Silverman                            Mr. Neil I. Galanti                                 Mr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth Prettyman
     The Honorable Rochelle “Rikki” Spector           General Exterminating Co. & Termite Control         Pro-Lock & Safe, LLC
     Superior Refreshment Service                     Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Gertz                          Mr. Sean Quinn
     Mr. Stuart Tenhoor                               Mrs. Helen M. Goldberg                              Ms. Florence Raimondi
     Ms. Sally Thorner and Dr. Brian Rosenfeld        Goodyear Car Care Center                            Ms. Deborah Rogers
     Towne Pride Interiors, Inc.                      Mr. Alan C. Granath                                 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rosenberg
     Ward & Talyor, LLC                               Ms. Anat D. Granath                                 Ms. Rachel Salem
     Mr. and Mrs. Martin Waxman                       Mr. Bruce D. Greenblatt                             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Salter
     Ms. Sherri Weaver                                Ms. Carol Grodin                                    Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Sandler
     Ms. Robin Wexler                                 Ms. Ann M. Grunert                                  Ms. Linda A. Satlof
     Mr. Richard Witte                                Ms. Mary L. Hart                                    Ms. Regina Satlof
     Mr. and Mrs. M. Richard Wyman                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Schindelar
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Schmeiser                Ms. Kathleen Brady                        Expense Redution Analysts
Mrs. Doris Scott                                Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Brandt             Mr. Andrew V. Fass
Mrs. Gloria Seidel                              Frona Brown, Ph.D.                        Ms. Edith A. Fedoroff
Sentrillion                                     Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bue, Jr.             Ms. Anita L. Feith
Ms. Barbara Shenson                             Ms. Louise M. Bue                         Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fish
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Slank, Jr.                 Ms. Margaret C. Bue                       Ms. Maureen Fisher
Mrs. Anne L. Slater                             Ms. Joyce Burman                          Mr. Mikey Fisher
Mrs. Mildred G. Smeallie                        Mr. and Mrs. Bertram M. Butler            Ms. Susan C. Fortuna
Mr. and Mrs. Woodward R. Smith                  Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Byrnes            Ms. Carla Foster
Ms. Melinda South                               Ms. Francine L. Callahan                  Ms. Deandra B. Francis
Staz Food Services, Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Campione           Ms. Joan Y. French
Mrs. Dorothy Stronsky                           Mr. Bruno A. Caputo                       Mr. and Mrs. Elliott A. Fribush
Ms. Jean Thomas                                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Caramanico         Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Furr
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Treger                     Mr. and Mrs. A. Temple Carter             Mrs. Hazel A. Garland
Dr. Alan Udoff                                  Ms. Paula E. Cavanaugh                    George Carson Boyd, Inc.
Mr. C. David Ward                               Mr. Corey Chapman                         Ms. Elette George
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Weinrib                    Ms. Rebecca Chapman                       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Weitzman                 Ms. Robin Chernick                        Mr. Donald Gilmartin
Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Wellborn                    Ms. Adele Cherry                          Ms. Deborah Goerlich
Weso’s Sunoco                                   Mr. and Mrs. George A. Chiarello          Ms. Audrey P. Goldberg
Ms. Helen W. Will                               Ms. Geraldine M. Chieffo                  Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Goldberg
Mrs. Christine M. Winmill                       Mrs. Martha B. Chieffo                    Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Goldheim
Ms. Lois Witte                                  Mr. and Mrs. William D. Clark             Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Goldstein
Mr. C. Kenneth Wooden                           Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Clark                Ms. Donna L. Gomer
Yerman Witman Gaines & Conklin Realty           Ms. Maureen A. Cohen                      Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Gotlieb
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Yerman                      Mr. Raymond E. Cohen                      Mr. James Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L Yost                        Ms. Susan Cohen                           Mr. Robert H. Greene
Ms. Harriet J. Zoller                           Ms. Pauline B. Collier                    Ms. Susan H. Greif
                                                Ms. Susan Colvin                          Ms. Inez Grimaldi
DONORS ($1 - $99)                               Mr. Joseph T. Conahan                     Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Grosberg
Every contribution to Chimes is equally         Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Connolly           Ms. Sabrina C. Guasp
important and aids in supporting our mission.   Ms. Nancy A. Cook                         Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gyant
Donors are individuals, corporations,           Ms. Mary Cooper                           Mr. Emil Hahn
organizations and foundations supporting
Chimes and its Family of Services annually
                                                Mr. Edward W. Corcoran                    Mr. James Hainer
with contributions less than $100.              Ms. Kim Corcoran                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hankin
                                                Dr. Thomas D. Cox                         Ms. Mary Harper
Able Hands Mobile Massage, Inc.                 Ms. Teresa A. Crews                       Mr. and Mrs. David M. Harris
Mr. John P. Abosch                              Mrs. Gloria Cruciano                      Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Harris
Ms. Ashley Allen                                Ms. Nicole K. Daliessio-Zehnder           Ms. Susan D. Harris
Ms. Taylor Allen                                Mr. L. Patrick Deering                    Mr. Jerry Hart
Ms. Sandra K. Pinkner                           Ms. Concetta C. Dennis                    Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Helfer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Goldstein                     Ms. Karen S. Dennis                       Mr. and Mrs. Edwin N. Henson
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Argentino                  Ms. Mary Lynn Devlin                      Mr. Richard Heyman
Ms. Roberta B. Aronson                          Ms. Mary Didonato                         Ms. Dahlia R. Hirsch
AVF Consulting, Inc.                            Mr. William DiFabio                       Ms. Jan Hirshberg
Baltimore County Police Office of Budget        Diggs! Marketing & Communications, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Elvin R. Hold
     Management                                 Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon D. Diskin            Ms. Meredith Hopper
Ms. Angela V. Bands                             Mr. and Mrs. William T. Dolbow            Mr. and Mrs. W. Carl Hossfeld, Jr.
Bank Of America United Way Campaign             Mrs. Sandra Donahue                       Mr. and Mrs. Mervyn W. Hurwitz
Ms. Judith Bannett                              The Honorable Paul A. Dorf                Ms. Robyn Hurwitz
Mr. Linwood L. Bartee                           Mr. Eddie Drake                           Ms. Martha M. Hyson
Ms. Joan Beaudry                                Mr. Bobby G. Edmondson                    J.M. Stephens Plumbing & Heating
Ms. Shirley B. Beringer                         Ms. Alberta R. Eidman                     Ms. Dorothy M. Jackson
Mrs. Batzion Berman                             Ms. Dana Elliott                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Jankiewicz
Mr. Stanley Bethea                              Ms. Angela P. Ellis                       Mr. Joseph Jerome
Mr. Tom Bitting                                 Ms. Greta Engle                           Mr. and Mrs. Divyanshu Jha
Ms. Sherral Blake                               Ms. Colleen M. Eppinger                   Ms. Mamie Johnson
Ms. Deborah E. Blankman                         Ms. Fran Eppinger                         Ms. Marilyn P. Johnson
Ms. Melinda Blohm                               Ms. Katie Eppinger                        Mr. Richard A. Johnson
Albert L. Blumberg, M.D.                        Ms. Rosemarie Eppinger                    Ms. Ann H. Kahan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Bolton              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Erlandson             Ms. Jennifer Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bond                       Mr. Morton M. Esterson                    Ms. Marybeth Karaszkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bradford                    Mr. Timothy Ewert                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Karey
     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Katafiasz   National Analysts Worldwide                  Ms. Lorraine Sheldon
     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Katz             Ms. Mary D. Newcott                          Ms. Betty J. Shields
     Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kavka           Mary T. Nixon, Esq.                          Shofer's Furniture, Inc.
     Ms. Galen Keene                     Mr. Randy A. Nordin                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Siley
     Mr. and Mrs. William M. Kellert     Mrs. Elizabeth Noyes-Palmer                  Ms. Elizabeth A. Silverman
     Ms. Jo Ansley Kendig                Ms. Jane G. O'Donnell                        Dr. Marc and Mrs. Jody Singer
     Kenny Family Foundation             Ms. Betty Oglesby                            Mrs. and Mr. Lisa Singer
     Mrs. Marvin Kivitz                  Ms. Elizabeth A. Osha                        Mr. and Mrs. Marc Singer
     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kodeck          Ms. Helen M. Otell                           Mrs. Dorothy Smith
     Mrs. Irene Kols                     Ms. Beth Oybkhan                             Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Smith
     Mr. John Kotrla                     Mr. and Mrs. Sam Panella                     Mr. and Mrs. Louis Solomon
     Ms. Debra Krome                     Mr. and Mrs. John E. Parks                   Southern Sunshine Committee
     Ms. Nancy Kubiak                    Ms. Annette M. Pashkoff                      Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Starrantino
     Mrs. Beatrice Kuff                  Ms. Janki Patel                              Mr. Thomas Steinmetz
     Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kuntz         Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Perry                     Ms. Anna Straznicka
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lagas           Ms. Laura M. Perry                           Ms. Hazel B. Talbot
     Ms. Marjorie Lambert                Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Petrucci                Ms. Diane Thanner
     Ms. Anna M. Lamm                    Ms. Iris H. Phillips                         The John Weber Senior Bowling League
     Ms. Carolyn K. Lampo                Mr. Jose Claudio Pires                       Ms. Betty B. Thompson
     Mr. Charles Land                    Mr. Pete Pittas                              Mr. and Mrs. Chris Thompson
     Mr. Richard M. Lansburgh            Ms. Mary Plaine                              Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thorp
     Ms. Rosemary Lassiter               Ms. Debra A. Pollak                          Mr. Jack Toulan
     Ms. Jamie Lebersfeld                Ms. Patricia Poppert                         Mr. and Mrs. John Tracy
     Mr. Stewart C. Lee                  Ms. Janice F. Potts                          Travis Research
     Dr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Lenet        Mr. Tony Pourghassem                         Ms. Gloria Treco
     Ms. Margaret Letter                 Promo Victory, Inc.                          Ms. Mary E. Tully
     Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Levie       Jacqueline Ransom, R.Ph.                     Ms. Shannon Turner
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levin           Mr. Steven Rappaport and                     Mrs. Catherine Tyndall
     Ms. Phyllis R. Levine                    Ms. Sandra Laden                        Mr. and Mrs. George F. Vaeth, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Levy         Ms. Barbara Rash                             Ms. Ginger and the Valentine Family
     Ms. Nancy Little                    Ms. Florence Reihms                          Ms. Lilian M. Vassallo
     Ms. Carolyn S. Lubow                Ms. Sheryl Reinstrom
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Herman Venick
     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Lucey, Jr.   Russell R. Reno, Jr., Esq.
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Voss
     Andi Lyons and Janka Bialek         Mr. E. Carey Ries
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Julius A. Waltzer
     Ms. Courtney MacDonald              Ms. Alicia Rodgers
                                                                                      Ms. Elizabeth M. Warner
     Ms. Jane B. Mace                    Ms. Alwyn Rogers
                                                                                      Ms. Stephanie M. Washington
     Mr. Nicholas J. Mancini             Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy A. Rogers
                                                                                      Ms. Diane Weil
     Mr. Dominic Marazita                Mr. Daniel Rooney
                                                                                      Mr. Ronald Weinberg
     Mr. Edward Marians                  Mr. William Roper
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Stevan Weinberg
     Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Marschall        Ms. Phyllis S. Rosenthal
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weinman
     Ms. Patricia Matherly               Ms. Rita Rosenthal
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Aaron I. Weinstein
     Mr. and Mrs. Howard Max             Mrs. Rosalie Rosenzwog
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weitzman
     Ms. Linda Mayer                     Mrs. Marian Rosner
                                                                                      Ms. Beth Wells
     Ms. Jean McConville                 Ms. Mariella Ross
     Ms. Blanche L. McFall               Ms. Laura Rubin                              Mrs. Patricia White-Johnson
     Mr. and Mrs. Leroy D. McFalls       Ms. Judith M. Ruff                           Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Whittington
     Ms. Debbie McGuire                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ruff                  Larry Wilder, D.D.S.
     Mr. and Mrs. James Mellbye          Ms. Rosemarie S. Russell                     Mrs. Jacqueline Wilen
     Mr. Martin Meyers                   Mr. Donald I. Saltzman                       Ms. Jane Wilkie
     Ms. Diane L. Mick                   Ms. Delores D. Sands                         Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Williamson
     Mr. Barry Miller                    Mrs. Roslyn Schnaper                         Ms. Ashley Willis
     Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Miller        Schneider Trailer & Container Rental, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wisher
     Ms. Paige Miller                    Schoenfeld Insurance                         Mr. George Wooden
     Ms. Saurabh Mittal                  Ms. Elaine M. Scholz                         Mr. Wayne Wooden
     Ms. Deborah Montgomery              Mr. William Schultz                          Mr. Joe Zeberewski
     Ms. Audrey D. Moose                 Mrs. Faye Schwab                             Nicole Zehnder
     The Honorable Dan Morhaim           Ms. Edythe M. Schwartz                       Mrs. Ethel Zimmerman
     Ms. Freida Morton                   Dr. and Mrs. Harry B. Schwartz               George Zumbano, Esq.
     Mr. Getinet Mulat                   Ms. Karen A. Schwartzman
     Mr. Michael Murphy                  Mr. Henry V. Sciortino                       GIFTS IN-KIND
     Mr. Patrick Murphy, III             Ms. Helen Scotese                            Art Ward Services
     Mrs. Lisa Myers                     Mr. Charles E. Scott                         Chimes Information and Technology
     Ms. M. Yvonne Nass                  Ms. Theresa Sgro                                  Department
Chimes Development and Corporate                   101-500 HOURS           April Thompson
     Communications Department                     Penny Glover            Ruth Ann Tucker
Ms. Mary T. Collard                                Richard Heyman          Jean Wehr
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Gordon                          Adrienne Joffe
Mrs. Barbara Hilb                                  Elly Lampner            CHIMES 2009 HALL OF FAME
Mr. David L. Hill
Liberatore’s Ristorante                            1-100 HOURS             CHAIRPERSON
Linwood’s                                          Brian Fish              Howard K. Kurman, Esq., Chair
Office Max                                         Ellen Gootzit
Morton’s                                           Ariel Jones             VICE CHAIRPERSONS
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Allen Perl                      Debby Koman             Renée A. Gordon, Vice Chair
Mr. Stephen Plummer                                Jill Molofosky          Dianne L. Salama, Vice Chair
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Quinn                            Jacqueline Ransom
H.G. Roebuck & Son, Inc.                           Laura Rubenstein        STEERING COMMITTEE
S & S Control Systems                              Bryant Washington       Al Bussone
Mrs. Dianne Salama                                 Janice Whitlock         Mary T. Collard
Mr. James Spies                                                            Jane D. Drumm
Mr. Doug Turnbaugh and the Facilities              PEN PALS                Greta L. Engle
     Department                                    Stephen Babcock         Cecil S. Fox
                                                   Richelle Bartosevich    Arthur C. George
CHARITABLE CAMPAIGNS                               Susan Binick            Barbara E. Hilb
Chimes acknowledges the following campaigns        Patricia Boeckman
for supporting the Chimes Family of Services                               Monica T. Jackson
with gifts through their workplace campaigns.      Joyce Carter            Stephen S. Kramer, Esq.
                                                   Scott Cochran           Martin S. Lampner
Combined Charity for Baltimore City                Sandra Collins          Judith I. Martinak
     Employees and Retirees                        Sylvia Cooper           Michael May, Esq.
Local Independent Charities of America             Helen Davidson          Terry Allen Perl
Maryland Charity Campaign for Retirees and         Rose Dougherty          Stephanie M. Washington
     Employees                                     Christine Edison
United Way of Central Maryland                     Kate Glorioso           CHIMES ISRAEL VOLUNTEERS
United Way of Delaware                             Florence Goldfarb       Micha Adar
                                                   Eric Goldman            Ayelet Havkin
                                                   Connie Goldstein        Dalia Cohen
VOLUNTEER HOURS                                    Jack Goldstein          Shimon Cohen
Chimes gratefully acknowledges contributions of    Millie Harris           Hen Manzur
precious time from the following individuals who   Marie Hempton
have volunteered from the period of July 1, 2009                           Pnina Ben Nun
through June 30, 2010. Volunteer hours are         Barbara Hilb            Raya Pingerman
cumulative since becoming a Chimes Maryland        Mary Johnson            Rotem Shalit
volunteer. Other Agency volunteers are listed by   Ann Klingaman           Maoz Chimcer
their names only. In addition to the individuals   Debra Koman             Rana Hoda
for whom hours of service are recorded, there
                                                   Joan Latham             Anat Hendler
are many individuals or organizations that
volunteer services in other ways. They may         Michael Leaderman       Efrat Mordehy
correspond with our program participants as        Michele Marseilles      Batye Hever
Pen Pals, work on special projects, serve as       Dareen McGloin          Yoav Agrok
committee members or work at special events,       Mary McIntire           Shiri Terner
or participate as a member of one of our govern-
                                                   Martin Meyers           Ledor Tamir
ing boards. Their contributions of time, talent
and expertise are very much appreciated.           Catherine Miller        Daniel Lenk
                                                   Sydney Mock Myers       Becha Goldman
OVER 4,500 HOURS                                   Nancy Myers             Ester Hazhz
Charlotte Smith                                    Dawn Nemec              Marva Margalit
                                                   Doris O’Meara           Hana Avenu
OVER 2,000 HOURS                                   Melissa Parker          Eaty Galu
Mary Anna Marley                                   John Phillips           Moshe Dhari
                                                   Joan Pickens            Shoshy Samet
OVER 1,500 HOURS                                   Florence Raimondi       Ner Mezarhy
Christine Edison                                   Edythe Schwartz         Dovrat Rayby
Elliot Lehem                                       Ira Seidel              Eysa Abdalah
Martin Meyers                                      Gloria Seidel           Royee Negrye
                                                   Louis Seidel            Yaeir Netzani
OVER 1,000 HOURS                                   Debbie Shifflett
Jack Goldstein                                     Treina Siegel-Tingley   Every effort has been made to assure the
                                                   Charlotte Smith         accuracy of the above recognized donors and
                                                                           volunteers. We regret any errors or omissions
                                                   Mindi Smith             that may inadvertently occur.
                                           Chimes Family of Services
                                                 DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS
                                                      July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

     CHIMES INTERNATIONAL, LIMITED               Albert Bussone                              Albert Bussone
                                                 Assistant Secretary                         Assistant Secretary
     Patrick J. Bagley
     Chairperson                                                                             Mary T. Collard
                                                 Shawna M. Gottlieb*
                                                 Assistant Treasurer                         Assistant Secretary
     Joel M. Levy, DSW
     Vice Chairperson / Audit Committee                                                      Shawna M. Gottlieb*
                                                 Patrick J. Bagley                           Assistant Treasurer
     Bobby G. Edmondson                          Jane D. Drumm
     Vice Chairperson / Governance Committee     Bobby G. Edmondson                          Patrick J. Bagley
                                                 Greta L. Engle                              Edward Feete
     Karen D. Weatherholtz
                                                 Renee A. Gordon                             Arthur C. George
     Vice Chairperson / Compensation Committee
                                                 Judith I. Martinak                          Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D.
     Arthur C. George                            Dilip Paliath, Esq.                         Stephen S. Kramer, Esq.
     Vice Chairperson / Nominating Committee     Sean P. Quinn                               Joel Margolis, Esq. ∞
     Terry Allen Perl                            Douglas M. Schmidt
                                                                                             James N. Phillips, Esq. ∞
     Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)   The Honorable Rochelle “Rikki” Spector
                                                                                             Alan Udoff, Ph.D.
                                                 Alan Udoff, Ph.D.
     Martin S. Lampner, CPA*                                                                 C. David Ward
     President (thru 12/31/2010)                 * Officer Only, Not Board Member
     President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)                                                           * Officer Only, Not Board Member
                                                                                             ∞ Life Member
                                                 CHIMES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA
     Michael May, Esq.
     Treasurer                                   Joel M. Levy, DSW
                                                                                             CHIMES DELAWARE
     Albert Bussone*                                                                         Irvin Levin
     Assistant Secretary                         Terry Allen Perl                            Chairperson
                                                 Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)
     Shawna M. Gottlieb*                                                                     Nicholas J. Eppinger
     Assistant Treasurer                         Martin S. Lampner, CPA                      Vice Chairperson
                                                 President (thru 12/31/2010)
     Matthew Kaplowitz                           President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)               Terry Allen Perl
                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)
     Stephen S. Kramer, Esq.                     Albert Bussone
     Julius B. Margolis                          Secretary / Treasurer                       Martin S. Lampner, CPA
     Arthur D. Smith, Ph.D.                                                                  President (thru 12/31/2010)
     Alan Udoff, Ph.D.                           Patrick J. Bagley                           President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)
                                                 Bobby G. Edmondson
     * Officer Only, Not Board Member            Arthur C. George                            Joyce Bowlsbey
                                                 Michael May, Esq.
     CHIMES FOUNDATION,                          Alan Udoff, Ph.D.                           William Drake
     INCORPORATED                                                                            Treasurer
     Arthur C. George                            CHIMES MARYLAND
     Chairperson                                                                             Albert Bussone
                                                 Bobby G. Edmondson                          Assistant Secretary
     Michael May, Esq.                           Chairperson
     1st Vice Chairperson                        Michael May, Esq.                           Shawna M. Gottlieb*
                                                 Vice Chairperson                            Assistant Treasurer
     Dianne L. Salama
     Vice Chairperson                            Terry Allen Perl                            Patrick J. Bagley
                                                 Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)   S. Charles Bean, M.D.
     Terry Allen Perl
     Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)                                               Bobby G. Edmondson
                                                 Martin S. Lampner, CPA
                                                 President (thru 12/31/2010)                 Arthur C. George
     Martin S. Lampner, CPA                      President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)
     President (thru 12/31/2010)
                                                                                             Michael May, Esq.
     President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)               Cecil S. Fox                                Barbara Rash
                                                 Secretary                                   Alan Udoff, Ph.D.
     Linda Reynolds Wise
     Secretary / Treasurer                       Julius B. Margolis
CHIMES VIRGINIA                             FAMILY SERVICES ASSOCIATION                 Alan Udoff, Ph.D.
Robert Dupwe                                Christine M. Winmill                        Wendy Wait
Chairperson                                 Chairperson
                                                                                        CHIMES ISRAEL
Donald Gilmartin                            Joyce Bowlsbey
Vice Chairperson                            Vice Chairperson                            Shulamit Gildner
Terry Allen Perl                            Terry Allen Perl
Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)   Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)   Avi Ramot, Ph.D.
                                                                                        Chair / Personnel Committee
Martin S. Lampner, CPA                      Martin S. Lampner, CPA
President (thru 12/31/2010)                 Chief Executive Officer (eff. 1/1/2011)     Gilada Avissar, Ph.D.
President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)                                                           Chair, Programs & Services Committee
                                            William DiFabio
Henry B. Latimer                            President                                   Nimrod Cinnamon*
Secretary / Treasurer                                                                   Chair, Internal Audit Committee
                                            Susan Berryman, Esq.
Albert Bussone                              Secretary                                   Mary T. Collard *
Assistant Secretary                                                                     Asher Elhayany, MD
                                            Stewart C. Lee                              Cecil S. Fox*
Shawna M. Gottlieb*                         Treasurer
Assistant Treasurer                                                                     Shawna M. Gottlieb *
                                            Albert Bussone                              Meir Hovav, Ph.D.
Patrick J. Bagley                           Assistant Secretary                         Martin S. Lampner, CPA
Bobby G. Edmondson                                                                      Joel M. Levy, DSW*
Arthur C. George                            Shawna M. Gottlieb*
                                            Assistant Treasurer                         Alan A. Manheim, Ph.D.
Michael May, Esq.                                                                       Joel Margolis, Esq.*
Alan Udoff, Ph.D.                           Patrick J. Bagley                           Yechiel Narkis
John J. Villani (eff. 9/15/2010)            Mary Lynn Devlin                            Terry Allen Perl, thru 12/31/2010*
* Officer Only, Not Board Member            Bobby G. Edmondson                          Yehuda Weiler
                                            Arthur C. George                            Ronen Zadok
HOLCOMB BEHAVIORAL                          Michael May, Esq.                           * General Assembly Member Only
HEALTH SYSTEMS                              Doris Scott, Esq.
Henry V. Sciortino                          Alan Udoff, Ph.D.                           EXECUTIVE STAFF
Chairperson                                 Wendy Wait                                  Terry Allen Perl
Susanna C. Jessup, CPA                      * Officer Only, Not Board Member            Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)
Vice Chairperson
                                                                                        Martin S. Lampner, CPA
Terry Allen Perl                            OPEN DOOR                                   President (thru 12/31/2010)
Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)   Shirley Posey                               President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)
Martin S. Lampner, CPA                                                                  CHIMES INTERNATIONAL, LIMITED
President (thru 12/31/2010)                 Terry Allen Perl
President/CEO (eff. 1/1/2011)               Chief Executive Officer (thru 12/31/2010)   Albert Bussone
                                                                                        Executive Vice President /
Albert Bussone                              Martin S. Lampner, CPA                      Chief Operating Officer
Vice President / Assistant Secretary        Chief Executive Officer (eff. 1/1/2011)     Martha Loveman Perl
                                                                                        Vice President, Human Resource Management
Karen Holcomb                               William DiFabio
Secretary                                                                               (thru 12/31/2010)
                                                                                        Mary T. Collard
Stewart C. Lee                              Roger Osmun, Ph.D.                          Executive Vice President, Core Services
Treasurer                                   Secretary
                                                                                        Shawna M. Gottlieb
Shawna M. Gottlieb*                         Susanna Jessup, CPA                         Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Treasurer                         Treasurer
                                                                                        Cecil S. Fox
George Zumbano, Esq.                                                                    Special Assistant to the CEO
                                            Albert Bussone
Immediate Past Chairperson                  Assistant Secretary                         Alexis M. Melin, MSW, LCSW
Patrick J. Bagley                                                                       Special Assistant to the President
                                            Shawna M. Gottlieb*
Bobby G. Edmondson                          Assistant Treasurer                         Suzanne Christie
Arthur C. George                                                                        Director, Human Resources
Michael May, Esq.                           Patrick J. Bagley
                                                                                        Patricia A. Davis
Mary Therese Nixon, Esq.                    Bobby G. Edmondson                          Director, Information Systems Training
Alan Udoff, Ph.D.                           Arthur C. George
                                                                                        Richard Gonsman
Christine M. Winmill                        Joseph J. Jerome                            Director, Information Systems
                                            Michael May, Esq.
* Officer Only, Not Board Member
     Robert H. Imhoff III                       Afreka Dickerson                                Patricia M. Poppert
     Chief Development & External               Deputy Director, Community Support              Director, Developmental Disabilities Services
     Communications Officer                     & Behavior Support
                                                                                                Robert R. Ruth
     Douglas Turnbaugh                                                                          Vice President of Finance
     Director, Facilities                       CHIMES DELAWARE
                                                                                                Libby Stipcevich
                                                Pete Dakunchak
                                                                                                Director, Human Resources
     CHIMES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA                Chief Operating Officer
     Curtis Salter                                                                              Betsy Warner
                                                Sheila F. Friedman                              Director, Clinical Support Services
     Chief Operating Officer                    Director, Human Resources and Training
     Imoh Matthews                              Richele Lawson, R.N.                            CHIMES ISRAEL
     Assistant Chief Operating Officer          Director, Health Services
                                                                                                Jorge Zimmermann
     Lee Anne Bussone                           John Mahon                                      Executive Director
     Director, Human Resources, Training        Director, Vocational Services
     and Compliance                                                                             Michael Salem
                                                Lois Meszaros, Ph.D.                            Director, Administration
     Jane Gallaher                              Director, Behavioral/Case Management
     Director, Finance                                                                          Vered Carsenti
                                                Ivy Boardley                                    Director of Programs
     Fernando Medina                            Acting Director, Residential Services
     Director of Special Operations
                                                Kirk Smith                                      Havatzelet Amrami
     Patrick T. McAleer                         Director, Quality Enhancement                   Director, Vocational Services
     Director of Operations / Quality Control
                                                                                                Ravit Ashkenazi
     Bridgette Boyle                            CHIMES VIRGINIA &                               Director, Shiluv Vocational Program
     Contracts Administrator
                                                POTOMAC REGION
     Sharon Florey                                                                              Orly Balasha-Ilan
                                                Edward M. Hartman, Ed.D.
                                                                                                Director, Tel Aviv Enoch Extended
     Accountant / Costing Manager               Chief Operating Officer
                                                                                                School Day Clubs
     Anthony Garza                              Cyndi Belshaw
     Contracts Administrator                    Assistant Residential Director, Potomac         Yael Grouer
                                                                                                Director, The Holland Center for
     Orrick Jones                               Holly Rhodenhizer                               Babies and Infants
     Contracts Administrator                    Assistant Residential Director, Virginia
                                                                                                Nadia Imbinadrov
     Sharon Pardo                               Angela Young                                    Director, Tel Aviv Hatzori Extended
     Contracts Administrator                    Quality Assurance, Potomac                      School Day Clubs
     George Rineer
     Contracts Administrator                    HOLCOMB BEHAVIORAL                              Alexandra Horenstein
                                                                                                Social Worker, Community Support Services
     Tammy Simpson                              HEALTH SYSTEMS
     Contracts Administrator                    William DiFabio                                 Limor Ben Ishai
                                                Chief Operating Officer                         Director, Tel Aviv Kalisher Extended
                                                                                                School Day Clubs
     CHIMES MARYLAND                            Wendy Wait
     Dennis Moody                               Chief Financial Officer                         Gila Krohn
     Chief Operating Officer                                                                    Director, The Aliza Begin
                                                Roger Osmun, Ph.D.
                                                Chief Clinical Officer                          Day Habilitation Center
     Michael R. Baum, Ph.D.
     Director, Clinical Services
                                                Susan Berryman, Esq.                            Limor Meltzer
     Scott D. Cochran, R.N.                     Chief Compliance Officer                        Director, Rosh Ha’ayin Center
     Director, Nursing & Health Care Services
                                                Gerry Clark                                     Lina Nasirath
     Marlene Hall                               Regional Director, Delaware &                   Director, Taibeh Day Habilitation and
     Acting Director, Residential Services      Philadelphia Counties                           Vocational Center
     Andrea Jones                               Kelly Colfer                                    Sophie Passok
     Director, Quality Assurance                Director, Lehigh and Northampton Counties       Director, Ariel Vocational Center
     Pamela Ledsome                             Karen DiFabio
     Director, Vocational Services              Director, Facilities and Purchasing             David Shavlev
                                                                                                Director, Kfar Saba Work Activity Center
     Sandra Mock Myers                          John Markey, Psy.D.
     Director, Human Resource Management        Regional Director, Berks and Chester Counties   Chava Weingarten
                                                                                                Director, Sharon Region Day Habilitation
     Valerie Petty                              Howard Isenberg
     Director, Individualized Family Services   Director, Open Door & Family Services           Paula Malki
                                                Association                                     Director, Shaked Center for Babies and Infants
     Mary B. Schaefer
     Principal, Chimes School                   Leslie Lipson
                                                                                                Ruth Shimoni
                                                Director, Crisis Services
     Lolitta Weaver, R.N.                                                                       Director, Modi’in Center for Babies and Infants
     Director, Curtis Hall Senior Assisted      Beth Mingey
     Living Services                            Director, Prevention & Education Services
FACILITIES AND                           Human Resource Management                Millsboro
LOCATIONS                                4814 Seton Drive                         26582 John J. Williams Highway
                                         Baltimore, Maryland 21215                Millsboro, Delaware 19966
                                         410.358.6677                             302.945.6844
CHIMES INTERNATIONAL, LIMITED            Fax 410.358.6165                         Fax 302.945.6845
CORPORATE OFFICES                        Vocational Services                      CHIMES VIRGINIA &
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus   Work Services, Liberty Club – West,      POTOMAC REGION
4815 Seton Drive                         Supported Employment                     3951 Pender Drive, Suite 120
Baltimore, Maryland 21215                The Terry Allen Perl Center              Fairfax, Virginia 22030
410.358.6400                             3630 Milford Mill Road                   703.267.6558
1.800.CHIMES1                            Baltimore, Maryland 21244                1.888.CHIMES4
Fax 410.358.8546                         410.521.1555                             Fax 703.267.9684                           Fax 410.521.1505
                                                                                  HOLCOMB BEHAVIORAL
CHIMES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA              Liberty Club - East                      HEALTH SYSTEMS
Corporate Office / Maryland              8515 Kelso Drive
                                                                                  Administrative Offices and
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus   Baltimore, Maryland 21221
                                                                                  Chester County
4815 Seton Drive                         410.358.8932
                                                                                  835 Springdale Drive, Suite 100
Baltimore, Maryland 21215                Fax 410.686.6435
                                                                                  Exton, Pennsylvania 19341
410.358.8843                                                                      610.363.1488
1.800.CHIMES1                            Intervals Day Services
Fax 410.358.0031                         The Cecil S. Fox Center
                                                                                  Fax 610.363.8273
                                         The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus
                                         4814 Seton Drive
District of Columbia                                                              Valley Creek Crisis Center
                                         Baltimore, Maryland 21215
Ariel Rios Federal Building                                                       469 Creamery Way
Chimes B-351 (North Court)                                                        Exton, Pennsylvania 19341
                                         Fax 410.358.1803
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.                                                    610.918.2100
Washington, D.C. 20407                   Clinical Services                        1.877.918.2100
202.408.0821                             The Terry Allen Perl Center              Fax 610.594.1664
Fax 202.408.0761                         3630 Milford Mill Road
                                         Baltimore, Maryland 21244                Berks County
Pennsylvania                             410.521.1555                             Rockland Professional Building
Naval Support Activity                   Fax 410.521.1505                         1940 North 13th Street, Suite 248
700 Robbins Avenue                                                                Reading, Pennsylvania 19604
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111         Curtis Hall Senior Assisted              610.939.9999
215.722.6325                             Living Center                            Fax 610.939.9996
Fax 215.722.6086                         1803 Thornbury Road
                                         Baltimore, Maryland 21209                Cornerstone Clubhouse
CHIMES MARYLAND                          410.466.4407                             224 Hall Street
Residential & Support Services           Fax 410.466.4406                         Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus                                            610.935.2290
4814 Seton Drive                         CHIMES DELAWARE                          Fax 610.935.2393
Baltimore, Maryland 21215
                                         Administrative Offices
                                         512 Interchange Boulevard
410.358.6677                                                                      Delaware County
                                         Newark, Delaware 19711
1.800.CHIMES.1                                                                    225 South 69th Street
Fax 410.358.1747                                                                  Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 19082
                                         Fax 302.452.3407
Chimes School                                                                     Fax 610.352.8880 or 610.352.5452
4810 Seton Drive                         Dover
Baltimore, Maryland 21215                165 Commerce Way
                                                                                  Holcomb Prevention Services
410.358.8270                                                                      126 E. Baltimore Pike
                                         Dover, Delaware 19904
Fax 410.358.8271                                                                  Gayley Square
                                                                                  Media, Pennsylvania 19063
                                         Fax 302.730.4345
                                                                                  Fax 484.444.0421

     Kennett Square - Clinical Home                Seaford                                   The Holland Center for
     920 E. Baltimore Pike, Suite 200              107 Pennsylvania Ave.                     Babies and Infants
     Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348            Seaford, DE 19973                         16 Aristo Street
     610.388.7400                                  302.629.7900                              Jaffa, Israel 68069
     Fax 610.388.7407                              Fax 302.629.7954                          011.972.3.657.1374
                                                                                             Fax 011.972.3.657.1375
     Lehigh County                                 Wilmington
     1405 North Cedar Crest Boulevard, Suite 105   2400 W. 4th Street                        Kfar Saba Work Services Center
     Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104                 Wilmington, Delaware 19805                7 Homovil Street
     610.435.4151                                  302.654.1816                              Kfar Saba, Israel 44424
     Fax 610.435.3044                              Fax 302.654.4130                          011.972.9.765.6500
                                                                                             Fax 011.972.9.765.5997
     Developmental Disabilities Services           CHIMES ISRAEL
     835 Springdale Drive, Suite 100               Executive Offices                         Or Modi’in Center for Babies and Infants
     Exton, Pennsylvania 19341                     Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus         49 Nahal Zohar Street
     610.363.1488                                  13 Ha’arad Street                         Modi’in, Israel 71704
     Fax 610.363.8273                              Tel Aviv, Israel 69710                    011.972.8.975.1522
                                                   011.972.3.644.2427                        Fax 011.972.8.926.4098
     Northampton County                            Fax 011.972.3.647.4047
     929 Northampton Street                                                                  Rosh Ha’ayin Center for People
     Easton, Pennsylvania 18042                    Achikam                                   with Disabilities
     610.330.9862                                  Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus         9 Hamelacha Street
     Fax 610.330.2853                              13 Ha’arad Street                         Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel 48091
                                                   Tel Aviv, Israel 69710                    011.972.77.200.6527
     SHIP Program                                  011.972.3.644.5227 or 5228                Fax: 011.972.77.200.6529
     540 Collings Avenue, Apt. A-119               Fax 011.972.3.644.5229
     Collingswood, New Jersey 08107                                                          The Shaked Center for
     856.858.2616                                  After School Clubs                        Babies and Infants
     Fax 856.858.1289                              Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus         21 Haplugot Street
                                                   13 Ha’arad Street                         Ashkelon, Israel 78669
     FAMILY SERVICES ASSOCIATION                   Tel Aviv, Israel 69710                    011.972.77.300.2698
     718 Bridge Street                             011.972.3.644.5227 or 5228                Fax 011.972.77.757.0539
     Elkton, Maryland 21921                        Fax 011.972.3.647.4047
     410.398.4060                                                                            Sharon Region Day Habilitation
     Fax 410.398.8893                              The Aliza Begin Day Habilitation Center   Rehov Bar Ilan 1
                                                   Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus         Herzliya, Israel 46787
                                                   13 Ha’arad Street                         011.972.9.950.0934
     OPEN DOOR                                     Tel Aviv, Israel 69710                    Fax 011.972.9.950.0934
     Claymont                                      011.972.3.647.3988
     3301 Green Street                             Fax 011.972.3.644.5229                    Shiluv Vocational Program
     Claymont, Delaware 19703                                                                Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus
     302.798.9555                                  Ariel Vocational Center                   13 Ha’arad Street
     Fax 302.798.9550                              7 Mishol Hazayit                          Tel Aviv, Israel 69710
                                                   Ariel, Israel 44837                       011.972.3.644.2427
     Dover                                         011.972.3.906.1674                        Fax 011.972.3.647.4047
     884B Walker Road                              Fax 011.972.3.906.0624
     Dover, Delaware 19904                                                                   Taybeh Work Services Center
     302.678.4911                                  Community Support Services                P.O. Box 5469
     Fax 302.678.4948                              Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus         Taybeh, Israel 40400
                                                   13 Ha’arad Street                         011.972.9.799.6295
     Newark                                        Tel Aviv, Israel 69710                    Fax 011.972.9.799.6293
     254 E. Main Street                            011.972.3.644.2427
     Newark, Delaware 19711                        Fax 011.972.3.647.4047                    Chimes Family of Services utilizes state relay
                                                                                             services for communication with individuals
                                                                                             with hearing impairments. Please dial 711.
     Fax 302.731.2720

Mission Statement                                                Philosophy
CHIMES FAMILY OF SERVICES                                        The philosophy which guides Chimes is based on the
Chimes Family of Services are models of excellence with          belief that every person has the right to develop to his
innovative, flexible, and responsive solutions that are          or her fullest potential. Chimes provides the skills and
customer focused and results oriented.                           support to assist each person with disabilities toward
                                                                 achievement of his or her aspirations and goals. The
Chimes, its affiliates, and related organizations are            Agency recognizes the uniqueness of each person and
acknowledged as international leaders in providing               promotes feelings of human dignity, a sense of self
services, supports, and employment for people with               worth, and the right to make informed choices.
disabilities. Basic to Chimes system of service is the
active involvement of the people served, their families,         Programs and services are developed and provided for
and advocates. Equally critical is a well-trained, dedicat-      each person with special needs utilizing an interdisciplinary
ed staff and responsive Boards of Directors who are              approach. Individualized supports and services are
committed to excellence in providing Chimes services.            implemented in a manner which is culturally normative,
Fundamental to all of Chimes activities is the maintenance       age appropriate, and which focuses on individual
of the highest quality and integrity.                            strengths, needs, abilities, interests and desires. To
                                                                 facilitate implementation, services are provided to each
Chimes organizations are as follows: Chimes                      person in the most integrated setting that is available
International, Limited; Chimes District of Columbia;             which is appropriate to his or her needs.
Chimes Maryland; Intervals; Chimes Delaware; Chimes
Virginia; Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems; Chimes
Developmental Services of New Jersey; Family Services
Association; Open Door; Chimes Israel; and Chimes                Vision
                                                                 People with disabilities will have the opportunities and
                                                                 resources, regardless of disability, to pursue their choices,
CHIMES INTERNATIONAL, LIMITED                                    desires, and dreams. As respected and valued members
                                                                 of society, each individual is supported in realizing his or
Chimes International, Limited will lead, coordinate, and
                                                                 her personal goals, becoming an active participant in his
support the efforts of each affiliate, individually and
                                                                 or her community, and having a social network that
collectively, to adapt to constantly changing customer
                                                                 extends beyond the organization providing services.
needs while maintaining high quality, cost-effective services
and supports in order to access all available professional,
                                                                 Chimes will be the employer of choice in our industry.
public and private resources, and funding streams.
                                                                 The staff is the single most important factor in achieving
                                                                 models of excellence for people with disabilities. Staff
                                                                 are provided the necessary resources—financial,
                                                                 educational, and emotional—to encourage their personal
Chimes Foundation will provide ongoing financial support         development as future leaders in the field.
for programs and services which enhance the quality of
life for people with disabilities. In addition, the efforts of   Technology will be incorporated to maximize efficiency,
the Chimes Foundation will enhance the image of                  effectiveness, and operational performance in all
Chimes Family of Services by strategically positioning           aspects of our organization.
these organizations among their various publics for the
purpose of securing on-going support.

                                                               Corporate Offices
                                                   The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Campus
                                                               4815 Seton Drive
                                                         Baltimore, Maryland 21215
                                                       410.358.6400 • 1.800.CHIMES1
                                                              Fax: 410.358.8546
                                                          TTY users please call 711


Past recipient of U.S. Senate Productivity Award                                                  Chimes International, Ltd.
    Maryland’s Most Prestigious Award for                                                   Meets Extensive Standards of America’s
    Organizational Performance Excellence                                                    Most Experienced Charity Evaluator


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