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					                                                            LivePerson and Lithium
                                                                       Extending Live Chat to Social CRM

Enhanced Customer
Community Interactions
As consumers become more discerning, businesses are making
significant investment in the resources and infrastructure
essential to delivering exceptional customer service. The ability
to deliver alternative channels for customer care can drive
incremental revenue, reduce service costs and increase customer
satisfaction. Intelligently engaging website visitors with live chat
has consistently delivered against these goals. With the growth
of online customer communities powered by Lithium Social CRM,
the ability to extend live support to community participants
has increasing relevance.

Social CRM is the next generation in customer
engagement – it delivers the Customer Network. The Customer
                                                                       advocates cannot respond to every question. For those queries
Network allows you to unlock millions of dollars in untapped
                                                                       that require real-time interaction with your company, e.g,.
value by empowering your customers to support each other
                                                                       questions on a customer order or credit, or postings that have
for you; to promote and sell for you; and to innovate for you.
                                                                       gone unanswered for a period of time – business rules once
By extending the power of Social CRM with live support, you
                                                                       again drive the appearance of an invitation to chat within the
can assure your customer interactions will be optimized for
                                                                       page. Customers whose problems are resolved via live support
the task at hand. Your customers will appreciate your ability
                                                                       have the option to post transcripts of their interactions back to
to respond to their needs with contextual assistance. The end
                                                                       the Lithium community. This allows others to benefit from the
result is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty that can
                                                                       collective wisdom of the community, and ultimately maximizes
drive new revenues, reduce costs and unlock millions of dollars
                                                                       customer satisfaction.
in value.

Lithium Connect                                                             Community Chat Features
Community Solution                                                             	     Extends live support to Lithium
The combination of LivePerson and Lithium customer                                   community members
community solutions can influence prospects during the
                                                                               	     Right community member, right agent,
product consideration phase of the consumer buying process.
                                                                                     right time

A consumer may search for a new smartphone model within                        	     Provides agent visibility to
Google, and one of the search results links to a manufacturer’s
                                                                                     community interactions
user forum where peers have been discussing key comparison                     	     Optionally post chat transcript
points between smartphone models. The consumer may add                               to customer community
some questions to the thread, including key words or phrases
triggering business rules that drive the appearance of an
invitation to chat within the page. Business rules could also
be driven by time on page or other variables – indicators of
a propensity to purchase if engaged by a live agent.                          LivePerson                                Lithium
Similarly, customer support forums can be enhanced through
the combination of LivePerson and Lithium to improve time
to issue resolution, minimize brand exposure and boost
customer satisfaction. While customer support communities are
remarkably self-sufficient, even superusers and customer

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