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									      W I R R A L
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      A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys
                                                                           S C H O O L

C r o s s L a n e , B e b i n g t o n , W i r r a l , C H 6 3 3 A Q | Te l : 0 1 5 1 6 4 4     0908           D E C E M B E R        2 0 0 7

  WELL DONE to everyone for raising £8204.06 last
  year for Cancer Research UK. This fantastic amount
  will go directly to helping scientists understand and
  fight this dreadful disease.

  After a landslide majority vote, this year’s school
  charity is St John’s Hospice. The Wirral hospice
  provides specialist care and support for patients with
  severe and progressive disease, and I’m confident
  the school community will show equal support for this
  extremely worthwhile cause.

  In fact, the fundraising has already begun! The ever
  popular non-uniform day brought in over £900, and
  eight brave members of staff took to the firing line in
  a special staff edition of ‘The Weakest Link’. Hosted by
  “Anne” Kahn, the staff proved their general knowledge (or lack of it in some cases!) in front a supportive student audience. In addition to
  crowning Mrs Razbully as the strongest link, we raised over £300 for St John’s Hospice.

  At the time of writing, each form should also be planning their form event. These accounted for nearly 40% of the fundraising last year,
  and to reward students’ efforts there is a new award system this year. By the time of publication I’m sure that many events will have
  already been completed and I look forward to writing in the Spring Term about many of these successes.

  Robert Woodward, Head Boy/Charity Coordinator

 Healthy Schools Award                                                      The impact of our programme, orchestrated by Mrs Oonagh Kahn,
                                                                            our Head of PSHE, is based on a whole-school approach to physical
                                                                            and emotional well-being focused on four core themes:
 In October 2007 Wirral Grammar School for Boys achieved
 National Healthy School Status following our commitment and
 dedication to the National Healthy Schools Programme, an exciting          * Personal, Social & Health Education
 long-term initiative which is making a significant difference to the
 health and achievement of children and young people in the UK.             * Healthy Eating

 The Government has set a target, that all schools will be participating    * Physical Activity
 in the National Healthy Schools Programme by 2009, so we are               * Emotional Health & Well-Being
 particularly pleased to have achieved Healthy School Status this year.
                                                                            The whole school approach involves working with our students,
 Boys in our school tell us that they feel healthier, happier and safer     parents, school staff and the whole community to provide a solid
 because our school is a Healthy School. Their parents tell us that they    foundation from which developments and improvement are
 feel more involved in their child's health and learning and often, as a    embedded in a systematic way. These processes contribute to the
 result, feel better themselves. The impact of the programme has not        physical and emotional development of all members of our school
 only helped to improve health and well-being, but has brought              community
 sustained improvement in behaviour, standards of work and school

                                             w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
        W I R R A L               G R A M M A R                     S C H O O L                          D E C E M B E R       2 0 0 7
        A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

Welcome                                                                                  Outstanding
Dear all,

The Autumn Term is now drawing to a close and as this issue of Nuntius shows, it         Achievement
has been exceptionally busy and productive.
                                                                                         Our academic year began with excellent
The term started with news of outstanding examination success at both GCSE and           examination results having been published in
A Level. At GCSE we were delighted that students had built upon the exceptional
attainment of the previous year, producing another record set of results, with
notable increases in the percentage of results at A*/A and a 20 point increase in
                                                                                         At GCSE 99.4% of students gained five GCSE
the overall point score. At A Level, our school's performance was recognised in
                                                                                         passes at grades A* to C and this figure is the
the national media with several analyses ranking Wirral Grammar amongst the
highest attaining schools across the country. According to national analyses of          same when Mathematics and English are
Specialist School performance, our school has maintained its position as the             included. Last year the nationally reported
highest attaining Business and Enterprise Specialist School in the country.              figure was 98.6%.

An outstanding feature of our school is the quality and breadth of extra-curricular      44.57% of results were at grades A*/A
entitlement, made possible by staff who are willing to 'go the extra mile' and boys      (43.6% last year) and 61.15% of students
who are keen to participate. During the Autumn Term, as you will read in this            gained three or more A*/A grades (55.41%
issue of Nuntius, there has been a wide variety of activities, including another         last year). The overall average point score this
successful Year 8 out-door residential course in Yorkshire, musical events with a        year was 480.25 (453.78 last year).
Chamber Concert and Autumn Concert, a variety of new Business and Enterprise
projects and a host of Department based extra-curricular activities. A notable new       At A Level, the overall pass rate was 96.8%.
development is our participation in the BBC News 'School Report' project involving       25% of all students gained three or more A
Year 8 pupils who are busy gathering reports on school activities for their very         grades. 53% of all entries were at grades A
own news broadcast.                                                                      and B and 73% of all entries were at grades A
                                                                                         to C.
This is the first issue of Nuntius produced since the very successful overseas tours
that took place in the Summer Term. Fifty seven boys and seven staff participated
                                                                                         Over one quarter of all grades were A’s and
in "The Walk in the Black Forest" tour to Germany and sixty seven boys and seven
                                                                                         over a half were grades A and B. The
staff went away on a 12,000 mile trip to Australia for the Senior Rugby and
Hockey Tour. Full reports of these visits are contained in this issue.                   average number of passes per student this year
                                                                                         was 3.7.
The work of our Anti-bullying committee is worthy of particular mention; this body
of students takes an active and innovative lead in ensuring that our school is a safe    The Sunday Times 'Good Schools Guide'
environment for all. A survey organised by the students has indicated areas for          places Wirral Grammar School in the highest
future development. These include: the extension of the Peer Support Programme           achieving 100 state schools nationally.
into Years 8 and 9, with sixth form students linking to each tutor group and the
creation of a 'virtual' peer support system providing access to peer advice and
support through the medium of ICT.

The Autumn Term is always a busy one in the area of sport. Saturday fixtures,
both at home and away, are a long established tradition. This issue contains team
reports with accounts of both successes and defeats. Above all, there is always a
strong sense of team spirit and enjoyment.                                              BBC NEWS SCHOOL REPORT
                                                                                        Year 8 pupils have begun learning all about
Towards the end of November the Parents’ Association held a very successful             broadcast news in preparation for our
Christmas Fair that raised in excess of £5,500. The PA Committee wishes me to           participation in the BBC School Report project in
thank all parents who supported this event and who provided tombola prizes for          which schools produce and broadcast their own
our non-uniform day prior to the Fair itself.
                                                                                        news reports with the help of expert mentors from
                                                                                        the BBC. In the run-up to the News Day on March
At the end of this term we say farewell to Mrs Griffiths, our Head of ICT who is
                                                                                        13th we’ll be producing video and radio news
emigrating to join her family in Australia. We wish her every success and
                                                                                        reports and putting them onto the English
happiness in her new venture.
                                                                                        department’s website. If you have any good
Finally, very best wishes to all pupils and their families for the festive period. We   ideas about news stories of interest to the school
look forward to another year of wide-ranging opportunities and achievements.            or local community we want to hear them.

Yours sincerely                                                                         To find out more go to or
                                                                                        speak to Dr Warren or Mr O’Gorman.

David Hazeldine, Headteacher

                                            w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

Anti-Bullying Week @ Wirral Grammar School
Anti-Bullying Week is a nationally organised event held                   On Tuesday, members of 7L
between 19 and 23 November, in which schools, work                        performed a play to the rest of
                                                                          the year group called ‘Bully’,
places and the community can take part in taking a                        which is all about ‘whistle
stand against bullying. This year’s theme was ‘cyber                      blowing’ and taking a stand.
bullying’ and ‘bullying within the community’. Here at                    The short play, produced by the
Wirral Grammar School, we actively took part.                             Anti-Bullying Alliance, which can be
                                                                          found at www.anti-
                                           In the run up to Anti- was excellently
                                           Bullying Week, all Year        performed by 7L. It was enjoyed by all, but included a whole-felt
                                           7 boys had the                 message too. Year 8 students performed Anti-Bullying poems in their
                                           opportunity to enter a         assembly and 9L boys performed a short play to their year group in
                                           competition through            assembly. Well done boys!
                                           their art lessons to
                                           design an Anti-Bullying        ‘Blue Friday’ took place on Friday 23 November. All students were
                                           pin-badge, to be worn,         encouraged to wear blue clothing for the day to recognise Anti-
                                           to promote Anti-Bullying       Bullying Week. Instead of a donation, students taking part were
                                           Week. We had over              asked to donate an item (or a tin of beans!) for the Christmas Fair
                                           130 entries, but there         tombola held on Saturday.
                                         was only one winner:
Alex Woods (7H). Congratulations to those boys whose entries              Thanks to all boys taking part – watch this space for Anti-Bullying
were shortlisted by Mr Hazeldine and congratulations to Alex who          Week 2008!
won himself a HMV voucher. The badges can be worn up until
Christmas, and 42p from each sale went to St. John’s Hospice, our         If you wish to see our full Anti-Bullying report, please visit our website:
main school charity for this year.                              

   The Parents' Association Christmas Fair took place on
   Saturday 24 November. A wide range of stalls had been
   set up around the school selling toys, books, cakes,
   Christmas decorations and cards etc.

   Enterprising Year 8 pupils had organised their own fund raising
   activities for the afternoon. Our Young Enterprise group were
   selling Wirral Grammar School USB pen-drives and sixth formers,
   led by Head Boy, Robert Woodward, set up a car washing
   service at the front of the school and raised over £100. In the
   main hall there were a number of 'themed' tombola stalls that
   proved to be a big attraction. A new venture this year was the
   non-uniform day tombola stall donations from each pupil in school;     Christmas fair games room
   within fifteen minutes of the start of school, over 1000 items had     Hundreds of pupils, parents and staff came out in force to support
   been handed to parent helpers.                                         the Christmas event of the year.

   Income this year was significantly higher than last year. In excess    The games room saw the introduction of the successful ‘Nail in a
   of £3,550 had been raised by close of trading and, when this is        Bale’, Bowling, Xbox 360 and maths games. We are proud to
   added to the donations and income from raffle tickets, the figure is   say that the games room alone raised an impressive sum of
   more likely to be in the region of £5,600.                             £166.80, a whole £70 more than last year!

   Many thanks to Angela Booth and the work of the Parents’               Thanks go to all those boys who gave up
   Association Christmas Fair Committee who put in many hours over        their free time to help at the fair. Their hard
   the last three months to make the event such a great success.          work and commitment was really
   Thanks to the boys and parents of Wirral Grammar School who            appreciated.
   supported the event with tombola prizes, donations and assistance
   on the day.                                                            Harry Wilson 7L.

   All proceeds from PA events are invested in resources for the boys
   at Wirral Grammar School.

                                            w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
         W I R R A L               G R A M M A R                   S C H O O L                          D E C E M B E R         2 0 0 7
         A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

English Book Clubs                                                                 Spanish Enrichment:
If boys want to broaden their range of reading and find new authors and books
that they might not otherwise have read, they can do no better than get involved
                                                                                   What’s it all about?
in the English book clubs. These exist for Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Sixth
Form students. They select books that everyone in their group reads and then       At Spanish Enrichment, our aim is to make a short
meet to talk about them.                                                           drama (telenovela), in Spanish, full of twists and
                                                                                   laughs, and to have a good time making our own
The most recent meeting was of the Sixth Form group, where the novel               show, ‘Funky Dominga’. It has shown some exciting
“Atonement” by Ian McEwan, which was recently released as a film starring          prospects, with hopes of a possible green screen (a
Keira Knightley, was discussed. There was a wide range of opinions voiced,         special piece of equipment that gives us a whole
from those who loved the book to those who were not convinced (or worse!).         new range of possibilities and special effects) to be
By the end of the meeting, opinions were still divided, but hopefully group        introduced later on! A great set of actors,
members had some new ideas about it and appreciated it a bit more!                 scriptwriters and other hard workers behind the
                                                                                   scenes have made this possible and hopefully we
                                                                                   should have a short episode of ‘Funky Dominga’
  Matthew and Dan overjoyed at discussing “Atonement”                              ready for you by Christmas. We hope you enjoy it
                                                                                   as much as we have making it!
                                                                                   !Hasta la Proxima!

                                                                                   By Sean Goodchild (Camera-man)

Mr A Davies

The “Dead Poets Society”                                                            History trip to Russia 2008
The “Dead Poets Society” is a relatively new English society this year organised    Boys are currently paying and planning
by Mrs Campbell, in which its members have to read a certain novel chosen by        towards their History trip to Moscow in May
the group over a few weeks. The first book nominated was “Chart Throb” by           2008. The organisation of the tour is going
Ben Elton, a novel based around the lives involved in a TV show like X-Factor,      smoothly at the moment and I am sure that
suggested by Michael Hinchliffe (10L).                                              the 41 boys going, with four staff, are
                                                                                    excited about going on this possibly once in
Late October saw the first organised meeting of the Dead Poets Society with         a lifetime opportunity. The trip will take in
quite a reasonable attendance. Throughout the meeting we each gave our
                                                                                    the sights and sounds of the capital city of
opinion of the novel informally, we each ate the free lunch provided and
                                                                                    the biggest country on the earth. It will also
unfortunately came to the conclusion that the novel was a relatively poor book
compared to other Ben Elton novels. However, that was only our opinion!             have some significance to their History
                                                                                    curriculum in year 9, GCSE and for those
The meeting was an enjoyable experience of listening to each others’ thoughts       intending to do History at AS and A2 level,
and ideas about the novel and it was a good opportunity to read books. It is        as Russian history will be part of the new
definitely something to be recommended to those interested in expanding their       syllabus materials on offer from 2008. I
understanding of literature.                                                        would like to thank all parents for their help
                                                                                    in preparing for this trip and I am sure that
The next novel to be read is “Brave New World”, a book based upon the
                                                                                    come the time, the trip will follow on from
interpreted future existence of Earth from the 1930’s by Aldous Huxley. So, if
                                                                                    the successful ones that have been recently
you are interested in this recently formed English society, contact Mrs Campbell
who will give information. Furthermore, once the society has read a novel, its      undertaken to Berlin (twice), Auschwitz and
members get to own the books and do whatever they want with them ie keep            Normandy and be equally as informative
them, donate them etc. The next meeting will occur later this half-term.            and enjoyable.
                                                                                    Report by Mr McKibbin
Andrew Rich 10L

                                           w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

A big welcome to all new musicians in the School! The                   Some examination results from the Associated Board were not with
Music Department now has 19 instrumental, vocal and                     us in time for the last summer edition of Nuntius. Congratulations
                                                                        and recognition should therefore go to the following successful
ensemble teachers, together with 323 boys having                        candidates:
lessons each week, over 30 of whom have lessons on
more than one instrument. There are now eighteen                        Name                           Form   Instrument   Grade   Result
instrumental and vocal ensembles which are                              Thomas        Preston Cahill   9L     Clarinet     1       Pass
                                                                        Matthew       Dobson           8W     Clarinet     2       Pass
represented by a Music Forum.
                                                                        Christopher   Wiles            8B     Viola        1       Pass
                                                                        Alex          Cummings         11D    Trumpet      7       Pass
This year’s representatives are:
                                                                        Kieran        France           8L     Cornet       3       Pass
                                                                        Tommy         Ridges           8W     Saxophone    1       Merit
President                          Tom Jones                                                                  (Jazz)
Vice President                     Matthew Mellor                       Matthew       Jones            10H    Saxophone    2       Pass
Secretary                          Kenny Wiles                                                                (Jazz)
Concert Band                       Ben Cooke                            Tom           Salisbury        11B    Saxophone    2       Pass
Choir                              Danny Tilling
                                                                        Wiliam        Fenna            9W     Saxophone    1       Pass
Treble Choir                       Marcus Miller                                                              (Jazz)
Guitar Group                       Ryan Irwin                           Rowan         Patel            11L    Trumpet      3       Pass
String Group                       Edward Kenny                         Benjamin      Sharrock         10W    Trombone     5       Pass
Orchestra                          James Tolley                         James         Owens            10D    Trombone     4       Pass
                                                                        Luke          Wilding-Steele   8D     Cornet       1       Pass
Woodwind Group                     Charlie Lloyd
                                                                        Matthew       Austin           11H    Saxophone    4       Pass
Brass Group                        Alex Cummings                        Sean          Lymn             9B     Saxophone    1       Merit
Junior Brass Group                 Robert Kophamel                      Callum        Peters           11W    Violin       3       Pass
                                                                        Thomas        Keningley        11W    Violin       4       Pass
A true and accurate likeness of each of these important people is       Christopher   Salvidge         11L    Violin       4       Pass
displayed in the Music Department for ease of identification. There     Colin         Salters          L6     Violin       5       Pass
is a Forum meeting once every half-term and the minutes of these        Michael       Carr             U6     Violin       7       Pass
meetings are displayed on the Music Society notice board. Every         George        Turner           10W    Flute        2       Pass
boy who plays in an ensemble is automatically a member of the           Jack          Griffith         8D     Flute        3       Pass
Music Society, so if you have any questions regarding your              Adam          James            9L     Piano        1       Pass
ensemble, speak to your Forum representative!                           Christopher   Wiles            8B     Piano        2       Merit

The first few concerts of the new school year have now taken place,     The "Walk in the Black Forest" Tour to Germany in July proved to be
including the Chamber Concert on Wednesday 17 October                   just as successful as everyone had hoped. 57 boys and 7 staff (Mr
involving 31 boys, five of whom are in the new year 7, which is         Snowdon, Mr Thomas, Mr & Mrs Peters, Mr Hinde, Mr Hughes and
already looking like a particularly good musical year (Oliver           Ms Razbully), travelled to venues across the Black Forest region and
Wedgewood 7B, James Everington 7D, Robert Hannah 7L, Sam                some very enthusiastic audiences greatly appreciated some excellent
Molyneux 7L, Nathan Thompson 7L). The Autumn concert involved           music performed by the Choir and Concert Band. There were some
a staggering eighteen different ensembles which rehearse each           truly spectacular venues, with the Choir singing Sunday morning
week, with successful performances by both two newcomers, the           Mass in Strasbourg Cathedral to a congregation approaching
Keyboard Ensemble and the Samba Band, who certainly made                1000, and the scenery was just as impressive of course, including
themselves heard! The Carol Service, with the traditional nine          visits to Schauinsland by cable-car, with great views all the way
lessons and carols, provided an opportunity for the Choir with          across the Black Forest and even to the Alps. Trips to Freiburg and
accompanying brass group to provide a fitting musical setting for       Heidelberg were also possible, where the world’s largest wine
this joyous time of year and was enjoyed by parents and friends in      barrel is to be found. Perhaps unsurprisingly though, it was the trip
the evening service and, at the very least, tolerated by years 7-9 in   to Europa Park, Germany’s biggest theme park, that proved to be
the afternoon!                                                          the most popular! Our ‘home town’ of Lahr boasted a great hotel
                                                                        for us and many of the older boys enjoyed evenings on the beach
Mr Seaman, our keyboard/guitar teacher, was recently invited to         (just don’t ask!) The boys behaved themselves very well throughout,
record one of his composition pieces in a studio in Liverpool and       proving to be a credit to the school and thanks must go to them, as
chose to use boys from this school. More can be read about their        well as to all the staff and parents, particularly our hard working
exploits elsewhere in Nuntius, but the local paper was impressed as     fundraisers, who made the tour possible.
                                                                        In the meantime, if you want to get the most out of music at Wirral
                                                                        Grammar School, get involved and get practising!
                                                                        Mr P Thomas

                                          w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
         W I R R A L              G R A M M A R               S C H O O L                                D E C E M B E R         2 0 0 7
         A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

Physics Olympics                                               Salters’ Festival of Chemistry
2007                                                                                                       On Tuesday 15th May we
                                                                                                           went to John Moores University
On Saturday 13th October, four Upper Sixth Physicists                                                      in Liverpool to represent the
took part in the 2007 Physics Olympics at the University of                                                school at the regional chemistry
Liverpool. We were pitted against teams from across the                                                    competition.
north-west and, as every year, competition was tough.
We had to complete a series of five tasks and a quiz, the
results being pooled at the end of the day to determine the                                               We competed against nearly
winner.                                                        20 other schools. “This is hard!” said Elliot, as we attempted to solve a
                                                               very complicated forensic science problem by carrying out a series of
                                                               analytical chemical tests. But, as Tom said, we learnt something as “now I
                                                               know how to identify metals using their flame colours.”

                                                               In the afternoon we were set a challenge by the University. “We had to
                                                               control the speed of the reaction
                                                               to exactly 30 seconds,” said
                                                               Usman. And we did… our
                                                               team won the University
                                                               challenge with a time of 31

                                                               We all agree - “It was fun –
                                                               especially tricking Dr Bromley
                                                               into thinking we hadn’t won!” “The
                                                               prizes were good” - in addition to personal fun prizes we earned the
                                                               school a prize of £100. “Can we do it again?”
Our first task was to throw a Frisbee closest to a cone a
short distance away. Fortunately, David Walsh is a             Luke Cartwight, Tom Cheung, Usman Hayat and Elliot Jones – 8H
member of the Wirral Ultimate Frisbee team, giving us the
distinct edge over the opposition when it came to
precision throwing. Duly, we emerged victorious from our       Chemistry Club
group, landing within a metre of the cone. The second          Over the past few weeks in chemistry club, activities have included hot
task was the dubiously titled Doppler Donkey, where we         air balloons, fruit batteries, paper helicopters, rainbow fizz and spaghetti
had to determine the speed that a donkey on a turntable        towers. Students have definitely enjoyed the optional club and I am
was moving. Through a combined team effort, we were            certain, speaking on behalf of everybody
able to quickly establish an answer. We then moved onto        involved, that the club helps year 7’s
a distance calculation task, where we had to calculate the     enjoy science much more than they
height of a mountain on the Moon. Although we started          used to.
strongly, we were beaten by the clock and so were forced
to a less than perfect answer.                                 For example one of the excellent
                                                               activities that the members participated
After pondering the quiz over lunch, we were given a           in was the creation and inflation of hot
mapping task. We had to give the precise location of a         air balloons. The procedure was as
tree on the University grounds as a longitude and latitude,    follows: Bin bags were handed out
given only the location of a bench in such terms and the       and the handles cut off. A piece of
radius of the Earth. Evidently mapping was not our strong      cotton wool was attached to a short
point, as our result placed the tree firmly in the River       length of wire and bound to the bag.
Mersey. After this we were on to another distance judging      Alcohol was then poured onto the
task, this time to place the location of a star. Again, we     cotton wool and ignited. As hot air is
began strongly, our method correct, but the answer was         lighter than cold air, the bag rose, before tilting and slowly drifting down.
just that bit beyond our grasp, the clock forcing us to
submit again.                                                  For all year 7’s reading, I hope that you consider joining the chemistry
                                                               club which takes place on Tuesday lunchtimes in SL1 at 12.30 pm. I
Overall, the day was a fun and exciting experience,            guarantee that it is amazing, interesting, enjoyable and will teach you
providing a few laughs and a lot of knowledge to take          more about science.
away with us.
                                                               Henry Noble 7D

                                           w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

                                            Chemistry Camp July 2007
                                             The aim of the Salters’ Chemistry Camps is to enable young
                                             people to explore the fun of chemistry and help motivate them
                                             into developing a long term interest in the subject and its
                                             applications in modern life. Three Wirral Grammar Boys’ pupils
                                             had the opportunity to experience practical chemistry at
                                            Imperial College London and Bristol University in July 2007.

At Bristol the experiments included making the chemicals to create their own blueprint
images, preparing aspirin and benzocaine and extracting a carvone from caraway
seeds. A considerable amount of analytical chemistry was coupled with the experiments.
Students had the opportunity to use thin layer chromatography (TLC), melting point
apparatus, diamond infrared spectroscopy as well as the more usual test tube based
analytical tests.

“The variety of chemical principles explored throughout the camp was indeed a
significant indication as to the advanced level of science that I would study, should I
choose to continue chemistry to degree level. One of the many areas that were
introduced to us was the diazonium complexation reaction, which provided a means of
                                                                                                              Tom Outram 11B
creating aesthetically pleasing and multifarious solutions of differing spectral properties. I
would most definitely recommend this opportunity to anyone in Year 10; there is no
doubt in my mind that your knowledge of chemistry will be enhanced to a level beyond
your highest expectations.”

                                          “For me, the social aspects to the chemistry camp were integral to the course as a
                                          whole. There were students participating from all across the country, all of whom
                                          took an interest in the subject, which was the primary factor rendering it possible
                                          for us to be trusted with the responsibility of using such potentially dangerous
                                          chemicals as 16-molar hydrochloric acid!

                                          As well as this, the camp provided an excellent opportunity to get a feel for student
                                          life; we stayed in halls of residence and did chemistry in the colleges themselves,
                                          which really helped to prepare us for studying in later life, as well as providing us
                                          with an insight into which universities would be right for us.”
Michael Cearns 11B

“The prestige of the universities Bristol and Imperial College London is unparalleled. I
feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to learn things I otherwise may not
have and furthermore at such a historic and renowned university as Bristol.

Every aspect about the camps was enthralling and well organised, making the stay a
whole lot more interesting and with our own rooms it made us all feel more
independent and we got an insight in the life of a student studying there which has
opened our eyes to university life and the possible areas in chemistry we would study if
we carried on this inspiring subject to a whole new and exciting level.”
                                                                                                          Kristoffer Bruun 11D
I will be advertising the places on next summers Salters’ Chemistry Camps in January
2008. Any interested pupil in year 10 can apply. They do not need to be able to write
long and complicated sentences for articles in Nuntius – they just need some enthusiasm
for chemistry!

Dr Bromley

                                       w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
       W I R R A L               G R A M M A R                    S C H O O L                            D E C E M B E R          2 0 0 7
       A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

                                    Community Development
Community activity continues to expand as we enter our second year as a Business & Enterprise Specialist School. Local businesses are
providing support to the school in numerous ways including agreeing to accept Year 10 boys on work experience and providing
sponsorship for projects such as the Shares4Schools initiative and the Engineering Education Scheme.

Partner primary schools are also benefitting from help we have provided with ICT (including staff training and the purchase of new
software) and the projects we are currently looking to develop include the introduction of Mediateams in each of the schools, an exciting
proposal to grow organic fruit and vegetables at Higher Bebington Junior School and the introduction of a Year 5 After- School Science
Club, which began in November. We have also offered to help other Wirral primary schools with our Healthy Tuck Shop scheme and
currently a further 8 schools have requested our help, including St Peter’s primary school in Heswall and Christchurch primary school in

The appointment of a new Extended Schools Area Co-ordinator for Bebington & Clatterbridge (Lucy Flint) has meant that we are now
looking closely at how we can help to offer a core set of extended services by 2010, working with a number of partners providing
access to health services, adult learning and other community activities.

Finally we are looking at introducing a range of Lifelong Learning programmes in the New Year, with one eye firmly on the National Adult
Learning Week which is scheduled to take place next May.

Thank you for your continued support.
Tony Boustead (Community Manager)

Year 5 After-School Science Club
                                        Miss Woods (Chemistry) and Miss
                                        Clements (Biology-pictured opposite)
                                        have embarked upon an enterprising      
                                        Year 5 Science Club this year with
                                        our local partner primary schools.         We would like to thank the following local businesses
                                                                                   who have kindly agreed to sponsor this real investment
                                        We have set up and organised the           opportunity. With their help, some of our boys are now
                                        club, which will run throughout the        learning about business and finance in the real world.
                                       year, in ten week blocks, providing a
fantastic enrichment opportunity for Year 5 pupils of all abilities.
                                                                                           Mitchell North West Ltd (Ellesmere Port)
Whilst the club has been devised to complement the KS2 curriculum, it also
                                                                                            Mrs LJ Tanner Chiropodist (Bebington)
serves to strengthen the community link and will hopefully make the transition
between primary and secondary education somewhat easier for all those                          R&M Motorcycles (Birkenhead)
involved. It also gives pupils a chance to experience a realistic laboratory
                                                                                          The Clive Watkin Partnership (Bebington)
                                                                                            Joints & Points Healthcare (Bebington)
So far, pupils have participated in a team building exercise in which pupils
                                                                                         The Ellis McComb Partnership (Birkenhead)
had to build a tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows! They have
also constructed model lungs using balloons, straws, a plastic cup and a             Buckle & McGrath Dental Practice (Thornton Hough)
piece of rubber!
                                                                                               Peel Ports Group Ltd (Liverpool)
Upcoming activities include making a periscope, using microscopes and                       Woman/More than Nails (Bebington)
building their own lighthouse. Pupils are also able to develop their ICT skills
                                                                                                   Unichema Chemicals Ltd
through research activity and power point presentations.
                                                                                                     (Bromborough Pool)
The project could not continue without help from some of our own students
during the sessions, so a big thank you goes out to Matthew Siddorn (8L),                               THANK YOU!
Graeme Blair and Richard Crompton ( both L6) and Calum Evans (U6).

                                           w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

Business and Enterprise                                                                      TA R G E T                 Target Two Point Zero
                                                                                                                        invites teams of 16-18
At Wirral Grammar School for Boys we are proud of our Specialist Status in Business                                     year old students to take
and Enterprise. The status provides resources that help to fulfil our aims as a specialist                              on the role of the Bank
school. These aims are, to:                                                                                             of England's Monetary
                                                                                                                        Policy Committee. Each
•     Improve the environment;                                                                                          team will assess the
•     Change the curriculum;                                                                 TWO POINT ZERO             state of the economy
•     Engage the students;                                                                                              and the outlook for
•     Invest in resources;
                                                                                                                        inflation and then set the
•     Afford time for professional development;
                                                                                             interest rate to meet the Government's inflation
•     Create a pervasive culture of Business and Enterprise.

We have made progress with all of our aims and it is particularly pleasing to see such
a range of Business and Enterprise Enrichment activities taking place his term. Many
activities are mentioned in this issue of Nuntius.

Investment club: shares4schools
Wirral Grammar School for Boys is one of only 85 school teams taking part in
this exciting national stock market challenge. The idea is simple but very
innovative. The competition gives students a chance to invest real money in the
stock market. The money, all £1500, comes from a combination of school funds
                                                                                             target. It will present its analysis and its decision to
and sponsorship received from some of our business friends in the community (see
                                                                                             a panel of Bank of England judges.
community section). The competition will give our students the opportunity to
                                                                                             As of the 28th of November, four boys from
develop their analytical, team-working and business skills whilst bringing a ‘real-
                                                                                             Wirral Grammar did just that. Our team
world’ approach to learning.
                                                                                             comprised of three Economics students and one
                                                                                             Business student. The task was set and a
It's an ideal support for
                                                                                             presentation was created.
many subjects across the
curriculum and, what's                                                                       Many lunchtimes and afternoons of practice gone,
more, all the proceeds are                                                                   the time had come. We travelled to EA technology
retained by our school.                                                                      park, Capenhurst with a rather nervous Mr.
The Wirral Grammar                                                                           Harrison, where the Target 2.0 Interest Rate
School Investment Club                                                                       Challenge awaited us. After watching several
currently consists of 4 AS                                                                   presentations from various schools around the
Economists: Matthew                                                                          Wirral and indulging in a delightful buffet courtesy
Robinson, Matthew Halliday,                                                                  of the Bank of England, our task came ever closer.
Christopher Lloyd and Dean O’Brien and 1 AS Mathematician Matthew Smith.                     One presentation and a practise session later,
(Updates on progress will appear in the next issue of Nuntius)                               Wirral Grammar School for Boys stood at the front
                                                                                             of the room to present their interest rate
                                                                                             recommendations. Each of the students presented
                                                                                             their section with confidence and finesse and,
                                                                                             once a gruelling question and answers session
                                                                                             had passed, the boys stepped off stage.

                                                                                             A nerve-wracking hour later, the judges returned
                                                                                             with their verdict. Unfortunately, Wirral faced some
    Enterprise Week this year began with a National Competition called the “Make             stiff competition and were pipped to the post for
    Your Mark Challenge”. This involved 60 Year 10 Business Students who                     second place. Disappointment ran high, but the
    gathered in the hall with their laptops and eagerly awaited the challenge for
                                                                                             three Economists and one Businessman held their
    the day which was set online and was released at 9.00 am. The challenge this
    year was to ‘Make it Pay in a Globalocal Way’ and with that as their full                heads high and congratulated the winner.
    guidance the boys had to design and market a product, service or event that
    fulfilled the criteria. The day was very enjoyable and ended with a ‘Dragons             All in all, the challenge was an experience never
    Den’ style pitch, where each team had to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges          to be forgotten and an experience which four
    including local businessmen and women. The winning idea was the Eco-Gym,                 future economists will undoubtedly embark upon
    a gym that generates electricity as you work out! Genius!
                                                                                             next year. Many thanks to Mr Harrison for his
    The winning team then went forward to the next stage held in Liverpool Football          efforts, along with the four participants: Robert
    Club. There the boys had to give a 5 minute presentation to a panel of local             Anson, Sam Lewtas, Peter Van Berkum and Alex
    entrepreneurs, who then questioned the boys about their product. Again, a                Shipman.
    very enjoyable morning, once the boys got over their nerves. The boys
    involved were Tom Gooding, Edward Kenny, Scott Watson, Peter Kayley, Marc                Alex Shipman – U6
    Lewis and Patrick O’Rourke, so well done to them.

    Ms Kennah

                                               w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
       W I R R A L               G R A M M A R                    S C H O O L                                    D E C E M B E R             2 0 0 7
       A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

                                        NUFFIELD BURSARIES
Three U6 students, Robert Woodward, Jordan O’Reilly and Daniel Marks, took part in the Nuffield
Bursary Scheme this year, working on a four week scientific project over the summer. The scheme
offers industrial placements to students across the country, offering the chance to work with
professional scientists and engineers to solve a real-life problem.

Daniel worked at the University of Liverpool, helping a student with his PhD-level research looking at the effects of human
impact on the Central Californian coast, which can be seen in the sediment records found in the local area. Robert worked
with Bentley Motors, studying how the colour of LEDs changes with current, and how this could affect the interior illumination
of the cars. Jordan worked at Chester Zoo for the summer, co-writing a report on the new Realm of the Red Ape enclosure
(which has now been officially published) as well as a report into visitor behaviour throughout the zoo.

The Bursary Scheme provided a fascinating insight into the three industries and should prove invaluable in choosing an
eventual career. All three students were awarded BA Gold Awards for their work in a field of science, 3 of only 800
awards given out in the entire country.

Special thanks go to the institutions and staff involved and to Greater Merseyside SETPOINT, who administer the bursaries

Robert Woodward awaits the judges                   Daniel felt the sediments of Californian               Jordan worked at Chester Zoo in the
knowing that his ideas may find their way           beaches between his fingers,                           summer studying the real animals – the
into a real Bentley, even if he may not!            unfortunately not between his toes!                    visitors!

Careers Convention                                             Engineering Education Scheme 2007-8
                                                               This year we are continuing to work with Vauxhall Motors. Lower sixth form pupils
This year’s Careers Convention saw over 50 delegates           studying Physics and Mathematics, with an interest in Engineering as a possible career,
                                                               endured a gruelling selection process and were whittled down to an elite team of four.
from all walks of life visit the school and give advice on
their particular career. I was very pleased with the way       They have been assigned a problem that has had senior engineers at the plant pulling
the evening went and the reports received from the visitors    their hair out for some time. At Ellesmere Port they assemble just Astras, which sounds
were extremely positive in many ways. A number of them         simple. However there are many different types of car, all with different levels of
drew attention to how well behaved the pupils were and         specification. These are all made to order so at any one time you might get a blue base
also how responsive they were to questioning.                  level Astra, followed by a white Astra van, followed by a red top spec. Astra….
There was an excellent range of delegates and most
pupils were happy at the spread of advisors. However,          They all need different bits – from colour coded wing mirrors to different engine hoses.
                                                               The challenge when assembling them is to get the right bits to the right part of the
as always, some pupils could not get the advice they
                                                               production line at exactly the right time.
wanted. To this end, if there are any parents out there
who could help with the next convention, please do not         So far the team have had a tour of the production line, seeing how the cars are
hesitate to contact me. Your help would be greatly             assembled from start to finish. They have come up with a number of possible solutions to
appreciated. We can only rely on the goodwill of               this thorny issue and are considering which one to adopt.
people for this type of event and I am very grateful to the
advisors who have attended for a number of years and           Later on this month they will be working for three days at Liverpool University to develop
would love to see some fresh faces as well next time.          their prototype and will have to put up with staying at the Britannia Adelphi in Liverpool,
                                                               including their famous cooked breakfast buffets.
I F Davies                                                     Mr Braunston.

                                          w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

Duke of Edinburgh Award
Congratulations to the following boys who have successfully
                                                                       THE ROMANS COME TO WIRRAL
completed the service, skill, sport and expedition sections of
their award and received their Duke of Edinburgh award                 GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR BOYS
certificate and badge.                                                 On Tuesday 16th October we entered the hall to find a Roman soldier
                                                                       talking Latin. He was very good at speaking this language. When all of
Sean Harris                            Bronze & Silver                 Year 7 were in the hall he started by asking us questions about what we
Michael Carr                           Bronze & Silver                 knew about the Romans and then he told us about how people were
Craig Dolan                            Bronze & Silver                 recruited to the Roman army. He chose a pupil and dressed him up like a
Joe Wilding-Steele                     Silver                          Roman soldier.
Sam Bligh                              Bronze
Robert Price                           Bronze                          Overall, the experience was really good and we learned a lot of facts; for
Michael Ashton                         Bronze                          example, farm boys were recruited because they were not afraid of killing
Ben Dolman                             Bronze                          and were strong.
Ali Foroozani                          Bronze
                                                                       Thanks to Mrs. Campbell and Mr. C.C. Cooper for organising this great
Paul Gawith                            Bronze
Sean Jefferson                         Bronze
Tom Rudnick                            Bronze
                                                                                             What it was like to wear the armour?
Tom Shingler                           Bronze
Adam Liu                               Bronze                                                  When I volunteered to dress up as a Roman soldier
Josh Griffiths                         Bronze                                                I had no idea what to expect. Firstly, I put on
Matthew Richardson                     Bronze                                                Roman underpants which were just a piece of cloth
Marc Smethurst                         Bronze                                                tied with string around my waist. Then it was the
Matthew Sweeney                        Bronze                                                tunic which was like a long dress tied with a belt. I
Tom Williams                           Bronze                                                then had a neck scarf pinned on with a brooch to
James Lawson                           Bronze                                                protect my neck from the armour rubbing.
Daniel Lockhart                        Bronze
Kristoffer Bruun                       Bronze                                                  Then came the armour, which covered my toga and
                                                                                               there was a separate, smaller piece for around my
Congratulations also to Chris Thelwall, an old boy, who will be                                neck. It felt heavy and cold. I then had a belt tied
receiving his Gold award from the Duke of Edinburgh in London          very tightly around my waist and a sword was placed in my right arm and
in December.                                                           a shield in the other.. A “tea cosy like hat” was placed on my head just
                                                                       before the helmet went on. Once I had the full gear on I tried to walk and
                                                                       it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!
Carol Bradford
D of E Award Leader.
                                                                       Articles by Year Seven pupils.

  Remembrance Day                                                UK Maths Senior Challenge – 8 Nov 2007
  Service                                                        There were 87,380 entries for this year’s UK SMC from 1,932 centres around
                                                                 the UK. This year’s paper proved to be a bit harder than last year but 18
                                                                 candidates did manage to achieve full marks!
  A Remembrance Service took place on Friday 9th                 Our school results were again very good with an entry of 30 students across
  November dedicated to the memory of the 46 former              years 10,11,12 and 13. The boundaries for certificates this year were
  pupils of Wirral Grammar School who lost their lives in        GOLD – 75           SILVER – 61       BRONZE - 52
  the Second World War. All pupils in Years 7 and 8
  attended the service in the School Hall. Former pupils         The pick of our results were:
  of the school were in attendance, some of whom knew
                                                                 Christopher Kayley   Year 12    Score 80 (best in school)
  or were related to those boys who fell in the service of
                                                                 Simon Malam          Year 12    Score 80 (best in school)
  their country.
                                                                 Gareth Madeley       Year 13    Score 72
  After the service, wreaths were laid at the base of the        Thomas Keningley     Year 11    Score 67
  Memorial Plaque in the main entrance hall. One                 Keith Hill           Year 10    Score 55
  wreath was laid on behalf of the school and the
  second on behalf of the Old Boys’ Association.                 Well done to all boys who entered and we now look forward to the UKIMC
                                                                 for boys in year 11 and below next term.
  As a mark of respect, all members of the school                SMC 2007 questions and solutions are now available on the website
  community paused for reflective thought during a 2    (see links and supporters page).
  minute silence.                                                J D HOUGH (MATHS DEPT )

                                             w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
         W I R R A L                 G R A M M A R                      S C H O O L                                 D E C E M B E R          2 0 0 7
         A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

  Composing For The Competition:                                                Recording of “Most Lovely”
  Claire Hamilton’s Show offered the chance for local musicians to              On the evening of 30 October a small group of musicians and
  write a song. I composed ‘Most Lovely’ and recorded the backing               composer extraordinaire/music teacher, Mr Peter Seaman, were
  tracks for piano, guitar, bass guitar, strings and drums at Starlight         invited to record his award winning song, “Most Lovely” for BBC
  Studio in Heswall.                                                            Radio Merseyside.

  I then invited Alastair Knights, (the magical voice from Fame) to             The band recorded in Radio Merseyside’s Recording Space near
  sing the vocals. Finally the song was mixed down and duly                     Paradise Street in Liverpool and after a few hiccups in getting there
  entered into the competition and I anxiously waited for the                   (Mr Metcalf returning the minibus late and the drummer getting lost)
  announcement of the results.                                                  we recorded for about two hours in front of a select audience and
                                                                                The Claire Hamilton Show’s producer, Angela Heslop, who was
  That day came and the winner had his song played (it was                      overwhelmed with the talented pupils of Wirral Grammar School
  rubbish) but then “and the runner up – Most Lovely by Peter                   for Boys and even requested an interview that will be aired live
  Seaman” WOW!!!                                                                before the premiere of the song on the radio.
  I need a better nom de plume; I’ve been told that ‘Pierre Marin’
  attracts a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’! Just kidding folks!                     After four takes we finally got it right and the finished product will
                                                                                hit the airwaves very soon. It was a fantastic experience for all
  I received an e-mail from Angela Heslop who produces Claire’s                 involved, both professionally and personally, and we will always
  show inviting me to re-record the song at their studios and have it           remember our evening spent at Radio Merseyside as being “Most
  played on air with an interview. Oh dear, one massive problem,                Lovely”!
  how do I play six instruments at once? You’re right, I can’t!
  An idea sprung to mind after a semibreve or two; didn’t our music             Knights and
  department boast some fine young players? Of course, and                      James Tolley
  although totally spoilt for choice, the final line-up came out as –

  •   Piano            Louis Kinsella
  •   Guitar           Andy Pritchard
  •   Bass             Guitar Daniel Marks
  •   Drums            James Tolley
  •   1st violin       Tom Jones
  •   2nd Violin       Michael Cearns
  •   Vocals           Alastair Knights
  •   Director         Peter Seaman

                                  Je vous présente le                                             Fantasy Share League
                                  nouveau assistant                                               The fantasy share league started this November.
                                  français…                                                       There are 40 teams from this school that have
                                                                                                  entered. Each team has been given £100,000
                                     Salut, je m’appelle Odhran Frappin, j’ai 21 ans depuis
                                                                                                  to invest in stock and shares to see if they can
                                     le 10 octobre dernier, et je suis français. Je suis né à
                                     Nantes, en Loire-Atlantique, au nord-ouest de la
                                                                                                  make a profit on it. Overall there are 4,600
                                    France. J’ai vécu toute ma vie à Basse-Goulaine, une          teams in the whole of Britain and two teams from
petite ville d’environ dix mille habitants tout près de Nantes, avec mes parents, mon             this school are in the top sixty. The prize for the
frère et ma soeur. Après avoir obtenu le bac spécialité Economie et Social, j’ai passé 3          winning team is a trip to New York. There is
ans à étudier l’anglais à l’Université de Nantes. J’ai finalement obtenu une licence LLCE         also a prize for the winning team in Wirral
(Langues, Littérature et Civilisation Etrangère) en juin dernier. J’ai alors décidé de venir      Grammar School for Boys. The team that are
passer une année en Angleterre, afin d’améliorer mon anglais et de découvrir le métier            top of the league at the moment is MAWL
de professeur que j’aimerais exercer dans le futur. Dans la vie, j’adore le foot, je suis         consisting of Luke Summers, Andrew Gill, Will
supporteur du FC Nantes Atlantique en France, et de Liverpool en Angleterre. Mon                  Barzu and Mike Parsons.
autre passion est la musique, j’adore des artistes comme Sufjan Stevens, Devendra
Banhart ou Jeff Buckley, et des groupes comme Arcade Fire, The Hives, The Go! Team                Luke Summers 10B
ou Queens Of The Stone Age. J’aime par-dessus tout assister à des concerts, j’espère
d’ailleurs en voir le plus possible ici, et pendant mon temps libre j’aime lire, regarder
des films et jouer de la guitare.

                                               w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

 SAM Learning – a web based                                        Charity Spotlight:
 revision resource                                                 Bebington Rotary Club
 From the start of this academic year, all pupils at Wirral
 Grammar School have had access to this revision resource.         For many years, a Wirral Grammar School pupil has
 “SAM” (Self Assessment Method) learning is available              walked on stage at the annual awards night to receive the Bebington
 through . Pupils log in with their            Rotary Club prize. But how many of the school’s population or proud
 password and username which has been set as their dates           parents among the audience know much, or anything, about the Rotary
 of birth. The advantage that “SAM Learning” has over              movement or the part their local club plays in the town, country or world?
 other internet revision resources like BBC Bitesize is that
 pupil’s individual progress is recorded. Teachers are able        Do you see only middle aged men rattling cans outside Asda or selling
 to monitor pupils’ progress and set homework tasks. As this       second-hand books on a stall at the local fair?
 resource is web-based, pupils can make use of it whenever
 and wherever they have access to the internet. The revision       Well, the other side of the coin is that even as you read this article,
 materials available are suitable for all years and especially     victims of the Bangladesh cyclone will be drinking clean water treated in
 useful for Key Stage 3 SAT and GCSE preparation.                  specially-made equipment provided, with other supplies, by the Rotarians
                                                                   of Bebington and their colleagues throughout Britain.
 So far over 1,300 hours of revision have been logged.
 During the Spring and Summer Term students in Years 9 and         In Nepal, where many children work every day for eight months of the
 11 should be making effective use of these revision               year making bricks for building, a Rotarian founded a school for the
 materials. So far, 128 pupils in Year 9 and 108 pupils in         education they so desperately need, and Bebington Rotarians funded a
 Year 11 have made use of this resource.                           teacher.

Building Programme Up-date                                         In Romania, a bright and welcoming orphanage room carries a plaque
                                                                   stating “This room was furnished by the members of the Rotary Club of
The latest news is that the expected handover of our new £3.7      Bebington”.
million teaching block will take place prior to Easter term. The
occupation of the building will take place on a gradual,           In Malawi, youth leaders ride motor cycles provided by Bebington
phased basis to allow refurbishment work to get underway in        Rotarians between villages, taking education to teenage girls about
other parts of the school.                                         motherhood, the danger of AIDS and self-reliance.

During the second half of the Spring Term and the whole of the     The main objective of Rotary is service — in the community and
Summer Term, refurbishment work will be taking place and           throughout the world. Rotarians build goodwill and peace, provide
boys will be informed of changes to movement routes around         humanitarian service and encourage high ethical standards in all
the school.                                                        vocations – all under the original motto "Service Above Self” and true to
                                                                   the spirit of the movement’s founder, American lawyer Paul Harris.
The final stage of the project will involve an extension to the
playground and the landscaping of external areas.                  The world's first club was formed in Chicago in 1905 by Harris and three
                                                                   friends — a merchant, a coal dealer, and a mining engineer. Harris
                                                                   wished to recapture the friendly spirit he had felt in the small town where
Timetable Changes for                                              he had grown up. The name "Rotary" was derived from the early practice
                                                                   of rotating meetings among members' offices.
September 2008
                                                                   Today, the Rotary Club of Bebington is one of a global network of
During the Autumn Term discussions have been taking place          32,000 clubs - the world's largest service organisation for business and
with teachers and pupils concerning proposed timetable             professional people - with 1.2 million members operating in over 200
changes that would take effect from September 2008. At             countries. Rotary members in Great Britain and Ireland number 58,000
present our timetable is comprised of 40 periods each week,        in 1,845 clubs.
with 8 periods each day. Single lessons vary in length from
35 minutes to 40 minutes and some lessons are taught as            The Bebington club was formed in 1950 and since then has played a full
double lessons. The proposal is to move to a timetable that        part in the life of the borough and the movement. Meeting weekly
has 50 periods over a two week cycle with 5 one hour lessons       (currently at The Village Hotel, Bromborough) allows members to build firm
each day. The total amount of lesson time will remain              friendships.
unchanged. A review of assembly times and the length of the
lunch break is also under review. More details relating to the     At times, this all sounds so serious, but the Rotarians of Bebington will tell
proposed timetable changes can be viewed through the               you, without exception, of the pleasure and joy that comes with
“timetable proposals” link on our school website:                  membership. Ask them about the smiles of the young people they took . All pupils have been able to           recently on a canal cruise or the gratitude of visitors to the garden they
express their opinions through a survey conducted in the           have created for the visually impaired.
Pastoral Period and discussed at the School Council meeting in
                                              w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
      W I R R A L          G R A M M A R               S C H O O L                               D E C E M B E R         2 0 0 7
      A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

Parents’                                     New Bus Routes: Neston, Heswall, Ellesmere Port
                                             New bus routes are being planned for September 2008. The new Neston Service
Association                                  will start at Neston Cross and follow the A540 and B5136 and left onto Chester
                                             High Road to Gayton roundabout, Heswall. The route will be along Brimstage Road
The Parents’ Association                     to school. Pick up points will be at any bus stop along the route.
                                             A second new extended service is being arranged from and through Overpool,
organises activities to raise                Rivacre, Whitby and Stanney Oaks.
                                             These services will run subject to sufficient parent demand. It currently looks as though
funds to support all the boys at             these new services will be viable.
school.                                      Enquiries relating to bus transport should be directed to Mr E Riley (Business Manager)
                                             on 0151 644 0908 or by email:

Future Committee Meetings:
All are welcome to come along to any        Prize Draw 1 – Winners – 2007-2008
of our committee meetings which are         This is an incentive to encourage our boys to work hard and earn commendations. The
held in the school library at 7pm on the    boys can use five commendations to buy a prize Draw Ticket. The more
following dates.                            commendations they get the more tickets they can buy and the higher their chance of
                                            winning. A new draw takes place every five school weeks. There is now a separate
                                            draw for each form in years 7, 8, 9 and 10. There is one prize of a £5 gift voucher
Thursday 17th January
                                            for each form.

Tuesday 26th February                       Winners of Prize Draw 1 are:
                                            7B      Jonathan Fitch                          8B       Reid Spain
Thursday 17th April                         7D      Adam Hitchcock                          8D       Marcus Miller
                                            7H      Edward Hall                             8H       Thomas Yeyha
                                            7L      William Kenny                           8L       Daniel Siddorn
Tuesday 6th May                             7W      Ryan Oliver                             8W       Bradley Taylor
                                            9B      Jordan Perkins                          10B      Jan Greenshaw
Monday 23rd June.                           9D      Matthew Barnes                          10D      Lloyd Jackson
                                            9H      Jamie Davies                            10H      Ryan Boocock
                                            9L      Adam James                              10L      Ben Langton
Please contact Andrew Booth PA Chair,       9W      William Ekuban                          10W      Edward Kenny
0151 334 2174 if you require any
further information.                        Congratulations from Mr Hynes

                                               100 Club
Challenge Target                               Month                   £100             £50                    £25
                                                                       winner           winner                 winner
All parents of boys in Years 10                July ‘07                K.N. Evans N. Harris                    J.Compton
and 11 should have received a
copy of their son’s Challenge                  August ‘07              P.Crowley S. Irons                      J. Frank
Grade Statements. These
statements indicate the grades that
                                               September ‘07 J. Teanby                  H.S. Leathers S.P. Adamson
each boy can achieve in each of
his subjects. Progress towards the
achievement of Challenge Grades                If you are not already a member why not join the 100 Club? It raises lots of
                                               money for the school. You can pay £2.00 a month or go for the minimum hassle
will be monitored and reported                 option and set up a standing order which would only cost £24.00 for the year.
through termly monitoring and                  Send a note into the school for the attention of Tony Cearns, Parents’ Association
Parents’ Evenings.

                                  w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

 2007 Wirral Youth Conference and Youth
 On Tuesday 16 October Ronan Duffey, George Turner, Lloyd Jackson, Luke Neil and I,
 Jan Greenshaw, represented Wirral Grammar School for Boys at the 2007 Wirral                 Young Enterprise is a charity with the aim of encouraging
 Youth Conference and Youth Parliament. The event took place in Wallasey Town Hall            more young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills
 throughout the day and was an opportunity for a great number of students from all
                                                                                              and perhaps consider enterprise as a career path. It
 corners of the Wirral to have their opinions heard. We were dropped off at the Town
 Hall by Mr Cooper, who had organised our participation, and entered, note pads at-           gives young people the opportunity to set up and
 the-ready, in anticipation of the day’s events.                                              manage their own business, complete with shareholders
                                                                                              and a board of directors. I decided to undertake the
 The day was opened by a theatre group who performed their play ‘Stupidism’. The              Young Enterprise initiative because Business and
 play aimed to tackle the issue of diversity in the community and did this by showing us      Enterprise is a field that interests me; however I have
 how diversification could enrich rather than divide society. ‘Stupidism’ proved to be a      never studied any related subjects. Therefore I was
 resounding success and its end was met by rapturous applause.                                interested in gaining some experience and skills.
 Next, we were divided into a number of groups and directed to workshops which took
                                                                                              Our Young Enterprise team is composed of 8 people, all of
 place throughout the Town Hall. I found the ‘Connexions Higher Education Workshop’
                                                                                              whom occupy different roles in the company (Finance Manager,
 particularly helpful yet we learnt some startling facts in the ‘Age Concern Workshop’;
                                                                                              Operations Manager, Head of Marketing etc.). The roles are
 of the Wirral’s 311,200 inhabitants 73,000 are above the age of 60; a huge 23%.
                                                                                              decided by a vote – I was voted Managing Director. As with
 This figure was used to demonstrate the need for cohesion between young and old.
                                                                                              any business those that don’t put the effort in can be replaced,
                                                                                              which can sometimes be a very useful threat, if not action.
 During the afternoon, ‘hotseating’ took place. This consisted of 5 minute question and
 answer sessions with various senior figures who were very pleased to answer questions
                                                                                              We chose to call our company (UN)Ltd, pronounced ‘unlimited’.
 on issues which affect youths in the Wirral area.
                                                                                              After great discussion we decided on two main products –
                                                                                              Wirral Grammar Pendrives (which I’m sure you have already
 The conference finished after a note of thanks from its organisers. However, the Youth
                                                                                              heard about), and TopTeachers (Top Trumps cards for teachers).
 Parliament was yet to begin and I decided to stay on to take part in this, unable to
                                                                                              At the moment our main venture is the Wirral Grammar
 miss the opportunity of a discussion in the Town Hall’s Council Chambers.
                                                                                              Pendrives, however look out for the TopTeachers which should
                                                                                              be coming soon!
 Following dinner with all of the Councillors, who had now joined us, we moved off
 into small groups to discuss the issues of respect, access and participation which were
                                                                                              So far I have thoroughly enjoyed undertaking the Young
 to be debated during the parliament.
                                                                                              Enterprise initiative. I have found it stimulating, demanding, yet
                                                                                              good fun. It is a great opportunity to pick up and develop skills
 Finally, we moved into the Council Chambers to discuss these issues both with other
                                                                                              that are invaluable for later life. Even if you do not go into
 young people and the councillors themselves, with the Mayor as arbitrator of the
                                                                                              enterprise you will learn management, marketing, accountancy
 proceedings. The parliament proved to be an invaluable experience and I certainly
                                                                                              and much more. And then there is the added incentive of the
 recommend it to anyone with an interest in politics or those who would like to find out
                                                                                              profits (provided there are some!) at the end of the year.
 a little of how our area is governed.
                                                                                              Up to now we have been very successful. Let’s hope the rest of
 Lastly, on behalf of all those who attended the conference I would like to thank Mr
                                                                                              the year is just as productive!
 Cooper for organising our participation in the event and dropping us off on the day.
 We all had a great time not to mention a day off school!
                                                                                              Max Gopfert, Managing Director of (UN)Ltd and L6th student
 Jan Greenshaw 10B

A Walk in the Black Forest
We departed from the school just after noon on         performed on the
Thursday 19 July 2007 and settled ourselves in for     ‘konzertpavillon’ by
the 19 hour coach journey to Germany. The              Lake Titisee, as well
cramped and uncomfortable seating, caused              as in the market
mainly by the most senior members of the group         square just outside
taking over the rear seats, resulted in a general      our hotel. On the
lack of sleep. However, this did not weaken our        Monday, the group
joy when we arrived at the Hotel Sonne Post. If        went to the
anything, we were glad just to stop moving!            internationally
                                                       renowned Europa
The hotel consisted of a reception desk next to a      Theme Park for a
large dining room and many small rooms for two         day filled with thrills,                                oldest members bid farewell to friends, teachers
to five people to sleep. Most evenings and every       spills and a bit of time away from the staff! The       and the school (not necessarily in that order of
morning, we received surprisingly good quality         penultimate concert of the tour included the Choir      preference!) for one last time and we all dispersed.
meals from the hotel. During excursions we were        and Concert Band both performing and we were            I, for one, was glad to return home after a
let loose on Germany, left to roam the streets for     provided with a meal afterwards, in which I was         thoroughly enjoyable, if slightly tiring, tour and I
food, not causing too much trouble                     introduced to the joys of Schnitzel!                    thank all the staff and my fellow musicians for the
We visited some places of historical interest such     The journey back was just as uncomfortable and
as Heidelberg Castle and Muenster Tower and the        lacking in space as the voyage to Germany,              Matthew Mellor L61
choir were privileged to perform in Strasbourg         although spirits seemed higher due to the roaring
Cathedral during Mass. The Concert Band                success of the tour. Back at school, many of the

                                                 w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
       W I R R A L           G R A M M A R                   S C H O O L                            D E C E M B E R          2 0 0 7
       A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

Corals, Limestone and                                                   Year Skipton Residential 2007
Igneous Intrusions: Anglesey                                            In September 2007, 2 groups of Year 8 boys enjoyed a
                                                                        visit to the High Adventure Outdoor Education Centre at
                                                                        Cowling, near Skipton.

                                                                        The centre is owned and run by outdoor enthusiasts
                                                                        providing enjoyment, achievement and adventure in an
                                                                        exciting yet controlled environment.

                                                                        The boys enjoyed a range of activities including high rope
                                                                        courses, archery, abseiling, rock climbing and other
                                                                        activities aimed at developing teamwork and promoting

                                                                        Cheshire Champions!
                                                                        Congratulations to the Year
                                                                        7 cricket team, which won
                                                                        the Under 12 Campey
                                                                        Cup. This is the first time
                      Studying fossils in the Carboniferous limestone   the school has won this
                                                                        competition with a fantastic
                                                                        cup campaign. Excellent
At the beginning of November, Geology GCSE students took part           performances throughout
                                                                        the season came from Alex
in a field work visit to Traeth Bychan, approximately two miles         Harris and Christopher
north of Benllech on the Anglesey coast. The first study location       Crowley ensured the team performed well. A fantastic performance
involved an investigation of the Carboniferous limestone. Fossil        from Alex Harris scoring 42 with the bat and then coming on to
remains of brachiopods and colonial and solitary corals were            bowl and take 4 crucial wicket for only 15 runs, saw off a very
                                                                        strong Birkenhead School side.
identified. At the second location we observed an igneous
intrusion in the form of feature called a dyke. This feature is of      Well done to all the boys involved.
volcanic origin, formed when molten rock forced its way vertically
through the joints in the limestone. A range of field study             Mr S Clarke, Master i/c Cricket

techniques were used including sketching, fossil and rock type
identification and measurements of mineral grain size. Additional
excitement was provided by the rapidly incoming tide that forced        Orienteering Race 1 Report
Mr Youd to lead us on an alternative route back to the coach.
                                                                        – Eastham Country Park
                                                                        There was a poor turnout at the first race of the year due
                                                                        to other commitments (Duke of Edinburgh, regional squad
                                                                        training and driving lessons mainly) which reduced the
                                                                        school’s team to five runners, four of whom finished.
                                                                        Many found it tough on the day but all enjoyed it.
                                                                        However, with so few runners the school could only come
                                                                        13th overall.

                                                                        There has been a large take-up with orienteering with
                                                                        seven new members. Many of the older, more
                                                                        experienced, boys are available to run in the second
                                                                        race, so we should be challenging for the first place
                                                                        again at Sherdley Park in St Helens.

                                                                        The results of the race can be found on the internet at:
                                         Examining the volcanic dyke
                                                                        Thank you for your support

                                                                        Chris Kayley

                                      w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

Junior Bantams Rugby Report November 2007                                                                Colts Rugby
This term has seen the Junior Bantams Year 8 rugby squad compete well in all the games they
                                                                                                         Played: 13              Won: 7            Lost: 6
have played. There has been some success in terms of victories, but both A and B teams have
performed well and developed their rugby skills as the term has progressed. The boys have
                                                                                                         What’s that song by Sean Kingston? Something about
shown that they are willing to learn and, I am sure that they enjoy what they are doing.
                                                                                                         being suicidal? I must confess it has a certain
The season got off to a good start with a good win away to Arnold School. A fine win against
                                                                                                         resonance as I sit here in a rain drenched Warrington
local rivals Calday GS was well deserved. Probably their finest performance came in a big win
                                                                                                         (the posh bit south of the ship canal, I hasten to add),
at Stockport and the back play was a pleasure to see. Some tougher games against physically
                                                                                                         reflecting on the season thus far and on our fourth
bigger sides came after half term. However they have not flinched once and they can be proud
                                                                                                         consecutive defeat. Pre-season training started so well
of their performances. A 15-5 victory against Wilmslow was mainly achieved thanks to a solid
                                                                                                         with enthusiasm and hope in abundance, as the boys
defence. The B team has obtained fine wins against Wilmslow and Kirkham and I have to say
                                                                                                         set about the task in hand without inhibition or fear of
that the squad has shown a good attitude to training and there is a lot of talent in this squad. I
                                                                                                         failure, indeed with veritable gay abandon. With only
would like to thank Mr Andy McKinney for all his help with the squad this term; he has been both
                                                                                                         two blemishes (one of which was away to Kirkham with
committed and enthusiastic in his approach. I would like to thank the boys for their efforts this term
                                                                                                         nine regulars on a D of E expedition with Sherpa
and hope that next term will see the boys progress further in their rugby development. I wish them
                                                                                                         Kelly!!!) on our record in the first nine games, as the
all a merry Christmas, and a happy and successful new year!
                                                                                                         likes of Merchant Taylor’s and Hutton were put to the
                                                                                                         sword, it seemed that this hope was becoming
The squad is…
                                                                                                         something more real, more tangible … success. We
Christopher Crowley (Captain), Daniel Adkins, Adam Lewin,
                                                                                                         were living the dream.
Jonathan Greenall, Kurits Christian, Khalid Wahbi, Frank
Richards, Ben Parsons, Daniel Phillips, Ethan Bolderston,
                                                                                                         Then … crash, bang, wallop! We hit the wall. A
Luke Harris, James Graham, Jack Portbury, Max Hunt, Will
                                                                                                         crushing cup defeat to a talented but beatable
Callanan, Alex Jardine, Jack Walker, Ed Kinsella, Ben
                                                                                                         Birkenhead side not only knocked but seemed to shatter
McGilloway, David Lewis, Rom Rowan, Adam Knott, Louis
                                                                                                         our confidence. Further defeats to a sizeable King’s
Oulton, Sandy Davidson, George Wilkinson, Alex Griffiths, Mark Griffiths, David Neil, Cameron
                                                                                                         Macc side and St Ambrose (threw away a 10 point half
Hibbert-Jones, Louis Hudson, Tom Arthur, Sam Mooney ,Michael Concannon, Jamie Berry, Harry
                                                                                                         time lead) and a sound thrashing from an outstanding
Camp, James Dennis, Simon Flavell, Sam Lamen, Brad Taylor, Oliver Jackson, Adam Letts, and
                                                                                                         MGS team followed. With Lymm and Bradford our next
Alex Harris.
                                                                                                         two opponents, the target of a 70% success rate for the
                                                                                                         season would
Report by Mr L McKibbin
                                                                                                         appear a

  WIRRAL CLUB ltd.                                                                                       But, to
                                                                                                         quote the
  As a result of an EGM recently, Wirral Rugby Club and Wirral                                           great Martin
  Cricket Club are now one entity. The name of the Club is                                               Luther King,
  officially The Wirral Club and for those who wish to join either                                       “I believe!”
  section, there is a website with all the necessary information on                                      We haven’t                                                                         become a
                                                                                                         poor team over night. Attendance and commitment at
  Details of Senior and Junior rugby and cricket teams can be                                            training are still very pleasing and the lads are clearly
  found on there.                                                                                        enjoying themselves, but losing, like winning, is a habit
                                                                                                         and we need to break that habit. Defensive frailties,
  Report by Mr L McKibbin                                                                                physicality at the ruck and a lack of communication in
                                                                                                         all phases of play are areas that need addressing if we
                                                                                                         are to return to winning ways.

  Wirral Cricket Club report                                                                             Traditionally, I prefer not to single people out, but Jan
                                                                                                         Greenshaw’s leadership skills, Jack Yarker’s improving
                                                                                                         fitness and bullocking forward play and Max Power’s
  For those not aware, Wirral CC was formerly the Old Boys cricket Club (Wirralians CC) until            innate skill, have all been of note in the first part of the
  its name changed in the 1980s. Wirral CC, based at Clatterbridge, is now part of the                   season. They have, of course, had a commendable
  Wirral Club Limited that includes Wirral Rugby Club. Wirral CC runs four senior teams on a             supporting cast, so well done to you all. Liam Smith
  Saturday, a Sunday mid week team, and Junior teams that play on a Sunday, at Under 9s,                 must also be mentioned as he has worked tirelessly as B
  11s, 13s, 15s and 17s level. Last season, the Under 13s team performed well in the Wirral              team skipper.
  League, finishing either first or second, as final standings have yet to be decided. Many
  boys play at the Club and winter nets will begin in the new year. For Senior players and the           Finally, mea culpa! Like a certain England football
  Under 17s, nets start at Birkenhead Park CC on Monday February 4th, from 7-8pm. Junior                 manager, I must shoulder some if not all the blame for
  nets for Under 13s begin on January 15th from 6pm to 7pm and, for the Under 15s, on the                this recent down turn in good fortunes. With that in
  same night from 7pm to 9pm. All old players are encouraged to attend and if anyone would               mind, I sent a text to Mr Crowley following the MGS
  like to join the Club, they can contact me at the school, or phone the Junior Cricket organiser        debacle tendering my resignation. He replied that
  Roger Lambourne on 077836 769977 or look at the website on                                             although this might be warranted he had nobody to fill                                                                         the void, so I better just pull my finger out. No £2
                                                                                                         million pay off either! So, I’m sorry lads, you’re stuck
  Summer net practices start around April time and will be outdoors at Wirral CC’s ground in             with me.
                                                                                                         Mr S Beeley

                                                  w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
         W I R R A L                   G R A M M A R                       S C H O O L                                    D E C E M B E R            2 0 0 7
         A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

                                                                    2nd XV rugby report
1ST XV REPORT                                                       What an interesting start to the year! We have the old guard and the new mixing happily in
The First XV playing record currently stands at: P : 14 W : 5       the 2nd team ‘family’. A new skipper in the form of Jack Dyas and the fitness from the
L : 9 For : 248 A : 233. On the face of it, it would                summer tour - surely we would be annihilating teams as we did last year?
appear to be a very mediocre season, but a closer
examination of results reveals a much different picture.            In our first game against a small Arnold
                                                                    team, all our predictions were thrown
Early defeats against Arnold (12 – 13), Merchant Taylors (17        out of the window! One try and a last
– 18), Kirkham GS (16 – 19), Stockport GS (13 – 15) and             minute conversion by James Annetts
Hutton GS (10 – 15) were all very tight affairs that could          and we sneaked a win. The only
have easily gone our way but for the bounce of a ball or a          person less pleased than Mr White
late penalty goal. Further reversals against Sandbach (7 –          was the Arnold coach. James clearly
20), Wilmslow (15 – 26) and St Ambrose college (21 – 33)            made an impact as he hasn’t been
were games in which we were very much in contention right           allowed to play for the 2nd XV since.
up to the last quarter of the game. Incredible though it may
seem, it is feasible that we could have won ALL our games!          The next challenge came from an under-strength Calday side and they were put to the sword
                                                                    by a six try demolition, with a brace from Dyas and Tom Williams. This was followed by
Our problem lies in the fact that we cannot perform                 wins against Merchants and Kirkham. The latter was pleasing despite the referee (some old
consistently throughout the game. We often play very well in        science teacher going by the name of White). A scrappy midweek encounter against
fifty out of the seventy minutes; but in the other twenty, we are   Wallasey was followed by more pleasing performances against Stockport and Hutton.
sometimes sloppy, make silly mistakes and leak tries. At the        Half-term came at the wrong time and the 100% record was broken by a disorganised and
level we play at, you are punished severely for lapses in           limited Wilmslow team. What a shame! Really poor, boys. Disappointment inspired a more
concentration and poor decision making – and this has cost          vigorous performance against Kings Macc and that leaves us with 8 out of 9 with 26 tries
us dear!                                                            scored, 182 points scored with 80 against.

On the whole, the forwards have given a good account of             How does this bode for the near future? This time last year we had 283 points for and only
themselves when they have eventually started to play, but the       70 against, with 56 tries scored. However we had two defeats and it is this final statistic
backs have yet to really fire on all cylinders, despite good        that really counts. Still there is certainly more to come. Consistently good performances from
form from Craig Dolan in the centre and Josh Heywood on             all areas of the pitch are required and a level of determination and aggression that we are
the wing. James Annetts has also had some good moments              not yet seeing. If this can happen then we can start piling the tries on and playing with more
at Full Back, but again, has lacked consistency.                    confidence.

Matty Brown, at Tight Head, has been the pick of the                Mr White says thank you to the 30 players who have already had some 2nd XV love. Top
forwards with some very impressive displays both in the tight       try scorer is Jack Dyas with 8 (because he never passes to the wingers!) and the highest
and in the loose where he has turned over the opposition            points go to Chris Speed (who HAS to do every type of kick, pass and move in EVERY
ball on a regular basis, smuggled balls out of mauls, and           game).
carried some hard yards!

Our victories against Calday (twice – 36 – 5 and 33 – 12             Under 12’s Rugby
in the Daily Mail Cup), Rydal (22 – 18), Kings, Macclesfield
                                                                     The under 12’s have continued to demonstrate a
(17 – 15) and Manchester GS (22 – 5) have been very
                                                                     committed and determined start to their rugby careers
pleasing and little more than we deserve for our great effort
                                                                     at Wirral Grammar School for Boys with professional
and commitment.
                                                                     performances throughout the season so far.

Rugby Captain this season is Benjamin Marsh, and his Vice-
                                                                     Excellent performances throughout the season came from Captain Joshua Poole, Kerion
Captain is Matty Mullen. I am sure they will continue to be
                                                                     Ivers, Joshua Edgar and Ben Thompson. These boys as well as others have worked hard
well supported by a keen and enthusiastic squad. It has
                                                                     to ensure the team consistently performs well.
been a tough season so far, but with continued hard work
and endeavour I am sure we will turn things around!
                                                                     The squad has a mature approach to the game and their willingness to learn has certainly
                                                                     been a major contribution to their performances so far. Most boys have arrived into Year 7
                                                                     having never played rugby before. Their ability to apply themselves during training
Mr P Crowley
                                                                     sessions and games is extremely rewarding.
Master i/c 1st XV
                                                                     The boys started the season with an excellent performance against Kirkham Grammar
                                                                     School, Wilmslow H.S., Kings Macc and St Ambrose.

                                                                     The boys have been training hard recently, with Cross County on a Tuesday and training
                                                                     on Monday, and Thursday. All boys need to attend these sessions to ensure they are
                                                                     aware of what is happening within the team.

                                                                     As master in charge of Year 7 rugby I have thoroughly enjoyed the season to date and
                                                                     wish all the boys that have been involved in school rugby all the very best for the
                                                                     forthcoming season. Well done boys.

                                                                     A big thank you must go to all the parents that turn out on the touch line every Saturday
                                                                     morning to support their sons’ playing rugby. It really does make a difference.

                                                                     Well Done Boys!!!!!

                                                                     Mr S A Clarke, Year 7 Rugby

                                                  w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m

 U16 Rugby Report                                                             Senior Rugby and Hockey
 The season started very well for
 the U16 this year with two
 good wins against Arnold                                                     Tour to Australia
 school and also Merchant
                                                                              On 15 July, 67 boys and 7 staff set off on
 Taylors. Both are good quality
                                                                              a 12,000 mile, 18 day trip to Australia –
 Rugby Schools who should not
                                                                              the Senior Rugby and Hockey Tour 2007!
 be taken lightly. Unfortunately
 since then results have not gone                                             It proved to be a fantastic experience for all
 our way. The defeats started on                                              concerned – both on and off the field. The
 a filthy night in Preston in the floodlit cup against Manchester Grammar     behaviour of the players on the tour was
 School who had a huge pack and some very good backs. The team                exemplary! It was important that everyone
 tried very hard and produced some good rugby but everything seemed           recognised that although this was to be ‘the trip of a lifetime’, first and foremost it
 to go against us just when we needed a little luck. In the end               was a rugby and hockey tour, and that results mattered! Winning was not the
 Manchester won convincingly but it was good to see that the team             be-all and end-all, but performances had to be good if the tour was to be a
 never gave up even though the match was a lost cause.                        success! To that end, the players had to be disciplined! “Work hard, Play hard”
                                                                              and “Everything in Moderation” were the mottos.
 Next up was Kirkham, who were a very good side and beat us easily.
 Yet again on the positive side, the team gave of their best throughout       The results were excellent: the First XV won five out of five fixtures, the Second XV
 and never let their heads drop.                                              won three out of four, and the U16 XV equalled the First Team’s one hundred per
                                                                              cent record.
 The worst defeat of the year was against local team St Anselms. The
 boys simply did not play at all well and the result and performance          The Hockey XI won two out of five and went down by only a single goal in two
 can only be described as embarrassing.                                       others, and generally performed really well with only a small squad.

                                                                              The first half of the tour was based in Sydney where we were blessed with
 The last match against Kings School Macclesfield was much better.
                                                                              wonderful weather to view this fantastic city. Views of the Opera House and the
 Even though we ultimately lost, the result was in question up to the very
                                                                              Harbour Bridge in brilliant sunshine and azure blue skies on that first morning will
 end. Add to this that the referee, me, disallowed a good try because
                                                                              live with the boys forever as will the trip to Bondi Beach and the guided tour of
 he was unsighted as captain Sam Edgar grounded the ball. This                the magnificent Telstra Stadium, the centrepoint of the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
 would have made a difference with about ten minutes to go. The final         The rugby lads will also remember their three victories at the famous ‘St Joey’s’
 score of 31- 22 flattered the opposition greatly and I was very, very        College, a magnificent venue to play schoolboy rugby and the establishment
 pleased with the way we played. It was an excellent performance by           where nearly a hundred Senior Wallaby rugby players were educated!
 the forwards who dominated most aspects of play against a team that
 destroyed them last year. This shows that progress is being made.            After sampling the delights of Darling Harbour and Manley Beach, the party
                                                                              moved overland up the East Coast to stop overnight at the luxurious Opal Cove
 Even though the results show two wins and four losses, the players           Resort at Coffs Harbour, before a two night stay in Alstonville. Some physically
 have shown great resolve and commitment to the cause and are                 tough rugby matches under lights were followed by a wonderful day at Byron
 always trying to improve themselves and their performances. They are         Bay, the most easterly point of Australia! Some fantastic views of dolphins
 to be congratulated for their positive attitude towards their Rugby.         playing in the surf and whales ‘spouting’ just off shore were a real treat. The
                                                                              hockey match that afternoon was livened up considerably by the ‘Barmy Army’
 I would like to thank them all for their efforts so far this year and hope   led by Matty Mullen.
 they continue in the same vein next term.
                                                                              Onwards again for the three night stay at the Gold Coast International Hotel in
 I F Davies                                                                   Surfers Paradise, a really fabulous resort for any 16 – 18 year old on tour! A
                                                                              day at Sea World, some fine victories and a celebration dinner at a Chinese
                                                                              Restaurant will long be remembered, as will dozens of Wirralians playing in the
                                                                              huge breakers under cloudless skies, whilst the local Queenslanders shivered in
RUGBY - REPRESENTATIVE HONOURS                                                the 24º winter sunshine!

Congratulations to First XV Captain, Benjamin Marsh, who                      The last stop was a three night billet just outside Brisbane, a beautiful city and a
along with Danny Beamish, Ben Winstanley and Chris Speed                      lovely ‘winter’ climate. Great hospitality and a day on the ‘South Bank’ were
have been included in the Cheshire U18 Squad for this season.                 enjoyed before our final day in the Southern Hemisphere, spent at the famous
                                                                              ‘Australia Zoo’ immortalised by the late Steve Irwin. What a great way to enjoy
                                                                              the last day of what was a truly memorable trip!
Other representative honours have been gained by the following:
West Cheshire U15s:
                                                                              Thanks to my colleagues Andy White, Graham Money, Stuart Clarke, Andy
Ronan Duffey, Danny Gibbs, Jan Greenshaw and Jack Yarker
                                                                              McKinney, Anthony Metcalf and Clive Cooper for all their help and hard work in
                                                                              making the trip such a success. To Nigel Wood, Chairman, Helen Gawith,
West Cheshire U14 Development Squad:                                          Secretary, Kay Wilson, Treasurer and the rest of the BOOST Committee for their
Chris Burrows and Tom Sweeney                                                 fund-raising effort. But most of all a
                                                                              big thank you to the boys who
West Cheshire U13 Development Squad:                                          made the trip – for their magnificent
Chris Crowley, Sandy Davidson, Simon Flavell, Alex Griffiths, Mark            performances on the pitch and their
Griffiths, Cameron Hibbert-Jones and Danny Phillips                           excellent behaviour, great spirit and
                                                                              good humour off it. It was a great
Congratulations to all these players. We wish them Good                       pleasure to take you. Finally,
Luck in the County and District games this season.                            remember ……………. ‘what goes
                                                                              on tour, stays on tour!’
Mr P Crowley
Head of Physical Education                                                    Mr P Crowley
                                                                              Head of Physical Education

                                                   w w w. w i r r a l g r a m m a r b o y s . c o m
        W I R R A L               G R A M M A R                    S C H O O L                              D E C E M B E R         2 0 0 7
        A Foundation Business & Enterprise School for Boys

Hockey – November 2007                                                       Year 9 Rugby
The hockey this term has been                                                Captain Christopher Burrows 9H
massively affected by the complete                                           Vice captain Ryan Higginson 9D
refurbishment of the Oval sports centre;
this has made it very difficult to play                                      This has been a long and hard set of fixtures for this year group
hockey on a regular basis on Astroturf.                                      with the majority of games having to be played away from home.
With only using the girl’s tennis courts                                     Subsequently the results have been mixed with few opportunities to
                                                                             win games.
and the sports hall to practise, we
have found our results have reflected
                                                                             The overall progress of this team has been extremely pleasing. The
this problem. Despite this, the boys have
                                                                             progress all players have made over the last few months has been
adapted very well to the alternatives and there is again an excellent
                                                                             a key feature of this side. Results are important but player
approach, attitude and level of effort from the boys in each squad.
                                                                             development is the key to future success and this team has a core
                                                                             of quality players who will only get better as they mature.
This year the first team have made steady progress with a team that is
learning, competing and working hard in each game. The final third of
                                                                             The margin of improvement is sometimes not measured in losses to
the pitch is the area that needs improving to ensure that we get the
                                                                             wins but the narrowing of some considerable score lines from last
results that our efforts deserve. The squad has been affected by injuries
                                                                             year. A 30 points to 14 defeat to arch rivals Calday may not look
to different players, notably Bradley Cook. Yet on a more positive           that good on paper but the improvement was massive and was a
note, debuts from Harry Bush, Matthew Walker, Kieran Riddiough and           sign of much progress. A win against Merchant Taylor’s the
Alex Smith, from the under 16’s has brought fresh hopes for next             following week was a clear sign that this team can certainly play
season.                                                                      when they want to. A super performance in the States Schools
                                                                             Area finals with a 5/5 draw against Lymm was yet another
The under 16’s have found their matches difficult this season. Despite       highlight.
their obvious effort, their technical skills and understanding of the game
need significant improvement. This is only possible through playing          Lack of consistency was this team’s area of development and good
more and more hockey and joining a local hockey club outside of              wins were followed by under par performances, especially away
school. This is applicable for all of the boys at school aspiring to         from the comfort of our home ground. Confidence is also a vital
become good hockey players. The under 15’s have shown an                     component for achieving consistency and this side, at times, lacks
excellent approach to the game by regularly training twice a week and        the self belief to push home an advantage when it gets one.
this enthusiasm will help them as a squad as they get older.
                                                                             What this team do not lack is effort. They train with enthusiasm and
The year 9 team have just started playing hockey this year. There have       commitment and have done so all season. That will at some point
been lots of boys that have wanted to play hockey and played a part          begin to pay off. For effort and consistent quality performance,
in the school matches so far. We had an excellent victory against St.        Captain Chris Burrows leads by example every week. Short on
Anselm’s with Ben Crane scoring the winning goal. This was a great           words but big on heart he leads from the front. Not short on words
achievement and I feel that this set of boys has got huge potential if       and a few steps behind is Vice Captain Ryan Higginson, a quality
they continue to try hard.                                                   team player.

Since October half term I have taken squads of year 7 and 8 boys and         There have been many key performances; all players have
year 9 boys to the emerging schools hockey league at Oldershaw               impressed at some time. Players that caught my attention week after

                                                                                                                                                    Design & Production by Marketing for Education 01282 612222 (ref 34940 - 12/07). Produced on site in the UK.
School. This has been a great opportunity for the lads who have              week and have worked hard to improve their game are Alfie
trained on Tuesday lunchtimes and Friday evenings to play in school          Heywood, top try scorer, Mark Triggs, Gary Edwards, Michael
matches.                                                                     Stewart, the most improved player without a doubt, Tom Sweeny
                                                                             asked to play out of position and doing a fine job, learning fast
Results below:                                                               and a true team player.
Wallasey Yr 7/8           2-11     Wirral   Grammar   Yr   7/8
Oldershaw Yr 7/8          2-8      Wirral   Grammar   Yr   7/8               Finally congratulations to Chris Burrows and Tom Sweeney for their
Oldershaw Yr 9            0-2      Wirral   Grammar   Yr   9                 selection to the West Cheshire squad. Good luck and be sure to
Wallasey Yr 10            5-0      Wirral   Grammar   Yr   9                 train and play well.

Finally, congratulations to Adam Liu and Phil Taylor who                     Well done to all the players and a big thank you to the fine group
                                                                             of very supportive parents that follows this team to many a far off
were selected for the Wirral U17’s.
                                                                             place. Your continued support is vital and very much appreciated
                                                                             by all.
Anthony Metcalf
Master i/c Hockey
                                                                             All the very best
                                                                             Graham Money

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