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									                                The S.A.G.E. Pages
                                                         Senior Adults for
                                                        Greater Education ™
                                          “generations educating generations”                                   Winter 2010
                          Senior Adults for Greater Education • 203 Anselm Road, Richboro, PA 18954

FOUNDER-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                 S.A.G.E. Welcomes New Board President
Beryl Katz
                                                Dear Friends of S.A.G.E.:
Christine Moran, Ph.D - Board President         2009 was an amazing year for S.A.G.E. We are honored to have served our
Stephanie Cayne-Meiskin, Ed.D
                                                community for 10 years, realizing our goals of supporting seniors and youth, while
Mayor Joseph DiGirolomo, Bensalem Twsp.
Ed Doherty
                                                building a bridge to the future. This year we have added new schools and districts to
Richard A. Fragale, CPA, MT                     our family, and are proud to announce a new President to our board of directors! We
Richard A. Hopkins                              want to thank our past President Ed Doherty for his guidance and enthusiasm for our
Sue Hulings                                     mission. He will continue to serve S.A.G.E as a board member. We wish him much
Reid King                                       success with his new restaurant, Union Trust.
Kathia D. Monard-Weissman, Ph.D
Steve Rodos, Esq.                               Dr. Christine Moran was recently elected to chair the Board of Directors of S.A.G.E.
Brian Serfass                                   Christine has served on the board for 2 years and has been integral in setting policy,
Lorri Snyder
                                                creating the operational guidelines, and keeping S.A.G.E in line with Pennsylvania
Lauren Taylor, Esq.
Peter Waitze
                                                educational standards. Dr. Moran currently holds the position of full-time Assistant
                                                Professor of Education at Immaculata University where she teaches both graduate
HONORARY-ADVISORY BOARD                         and undergraduate courses. Christine’s other responsibilities at Immaculata include
                                                serving on the Teacher Education Committee, Research Ethics Review Board and
• Governor Edward G. Rendell ::                 Service Learning Task Force Team. Her passion to share her knowledge beyond the
  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
                                                classroom includes serving as an Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Research
• Mr. Dick Goldberg :: Director of the
                                                and the Dissertation Chair for Doctoral students. Christine was instrumental in
  Coming of Age Initiative, Temple University
                                                obtaining a $2000 grant from the Office of Sponsored Research to work with
• Mr. Gregory Wozniak :: President and
  CEO St Mary Medical Center,
                                                Undergraduate Students on the Development and Implementation of a Research-
  Langhorne, Pennsylvania                       Based Intergenerational Book Club which will benefit S.A.G.E.
• Congressman Patrick Murphy :: 8th district
                                                Christine began her teaching career at Abington Senior High School where she
                                                taught World Civilizations, American Studies, Psychology and Sociology. While
• State Representative John Galloway :: 140th
                                                raising a young family and teaching at the university level, Christine pursued her
  district Pennsylvania
                                                doctoral degree at Temple University and obtained a Ph.D in Educational
• State Senator Charles McIllhinney :: 10th
  district Pennsylvania
                                                Psychology. Her doctoral research examined the impact and effects of service-
• Former State Representative David Steil ::
                                                learning on high school students. Her dedication to service learning leads her to
  31st district Pennsylvania                    S.A.G.E where her expertise will translate into new initiatives and programs to better
• Mr. James DiDio :: Chairman/CEO, Radnor
                                                serve our community.
  Trust Company
                                                In Christine’s spare time (when she has any) she spends it with her four young
• Dr. Rob Danoff :: Program Director
                                                children and her husband, Ken. Welcome, Christine!
  Frankfort Family Practice; Medical
  Correspondent CN8 Comcast Network
                                                Lorri Snyder
• Dr. Beth Dupree :: CEO/Medical Director,      Vice-President, S.A.G.E. Board of Directors
  Comprehensive Breast Care Institute,
  Bensalem, Pennsylvania
• Ms. Jill Carr :: President, The Give
  Something Back Foundation
                                                                            You Can Help S.A.G.E.!
• Mr. Randy Hulings :: Retired Teacher,           S.A.G.E. is seeking volunteers to help the organization grow and flourish. We
  Council Rock School District                    would value your expertise in finance, publishing, journalism, web design,
• Ms. Sheryll Poris :: Human Resource             business, fundraising, etc.
  Manager, International ReSearch                                               Please contact:
  Pharmaceutical Services                                Kathi at or Beryl at 215-357-2332

                                                        The S.A.G.E. Pages
PAGE 2          S.A.G.E. Newsletter

                                                We're Listening....
 What would you find interesting and fun to do with students and other members of S.A.G.E.?
 If you have any ideas or suggestions for an intergenerational activity, we would love to hear from you. Previous
 intergenerational activities have included: bingo, spelling bee, cooking, book chats and choir.
 Please let us know if there are any activities that you feel seniors and students could share which would allow them to
 learn from one another, meet other members of their community, while having a great time! We value your ideas and
 hope to hear from you!
 Recently at our first intergenerational book club at Hillcrest Elementary, a few people expressed the desire to have a
 book club on a regular basis. Would you be interested in joining this group to help shape this event?
 Please contact Kathi or call 215-357-2332.

                                           Where is S.A.G.E. Now?
S.A.G.E. is now in Archangels Academy in Bristol.
In Bensalem we are in all the elementary schools.
In Council Rock we are in all schools, including Sloan School, an alternative school.
In Neshaminy we are in: Heckman Elementary, Albert Schweitzer Elementary, Walter Miller Elementary, Joseph
Federbar Elementary, Poquessing Middle, Carl Sandburg Middle, Maple Point and Tawanka Learning Center.
In Pennsbury: Fallsington Elementary, Penn Valley Elementary and Quarry Hill Elementary.

Additionally, we are excited to be starting at The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush.

                       NEWS ABOUT S.A.G.E. IN BENSALEM

      Struble Staff Welcomes Back                               Benjamin Rush Elementary Welcomes
            Four Volunteers                                             S.A.G.E. Volunteers
Carol Lowry and Joan Dilella work in kindergarten tutoring      Benjamin Rush Elementary School in the Bensalem
and working with students on sounds and writing. Mrs.           Township School District is very pleased to welcome
                                Dilella also works in 1st       S.A.G.E. volunteers Sam Goodman & Peter Waitze, two
                                grade helping students          gentlemen with considerable background and experience
                                with counting money and         in mathematics.
                                telling time.
                                                                Mr. Goodman and Mr. Waitze are our resident math
                               Marty Perl works in the          experts in 5th and 6th grade respectively. Mr. Goodman is
                               library and edits 5th and        encouraging his students in 5th grade to learn their
                               6th grade students'              multiplication tables by sharing pencils, erasers, blank
                               writing pieces. Sandra           books, and wonderful stories. Mr. Waitze, who is partnered
                               Sloane works in the 3rd          with teacher Zachery Vile in 6th grade, will be tutoring
grade with small groups of students focusing on                 geometry and algebra concepts on an as needed basis
comprehension skills, fluency, and decoding and word            with individual students as well as with groups, and even
recognition.                                                    the whole class.

We are very lucky to have such great volunteers who             The teachers at Rush look forward to hosting more
come into our school to help our students succeed!              S.A.G.E.-ly volunteers in the near future!

Submitted by: Jessica Szyszko and                               Submitted by: Dr. June Hodge Davis
              Marcella Reppenhagen

                                                 The S.A.G.E. Pages
                                                                                   S.A.G.E. Newsletter                 Page 3

                                   District Hosts Luncheon for Seniors
Last year, S.A.G.E. volunteers were actively involved in            After lunch, Dr. Gretzula shared the historical partnership
three of our six elementary schools. This year, the three           of S.A.G.E. and the school district and showed the
additional elementary schools are partnering with                   S.A.G.E. video. Dora Cueto and Peter Waitze, two
S.A.G.E. On November 5, the Bensalem Township                       longtime volunteers shared their positive personal
School District hosted a recruitment luncheon in the                experiences. Mrs. Cueto told the group how fulfilling it is
Board Room at the Dorothy D. Call Administrative Center             for her, how much she loves working with the students
for prospective senior adult volunteers.                            and how the students look forward to her being there. Mr.
                                                                    Waitze said "When I see a sparkle in a little kid's eye, it
District Superintendent, Dr. William Gretzula welcomed              means that something I did registered, and that's a great
everyone and provided an introduction to the school                 payback for me.”
district, explaining our mission statement, goals, and
strategies. After introducing our elementary school                 We are excited to welcome our new volunteers this year
principals and school liaisons, everyone enjoyed a                  and look forward to continuing our partnership with
delicious Italian lunch catered by La Cena Italian                  S.A.G.E.
                                                                    Submitted by: Susan Phy, School/Community Relations

                                            S.A.G.E. needs your help
We are so appreciative of the time and talent you share             volunteer base as well as applying for federal and private
with us throughout the school year as a volunteer. Thank            grant funds to support our program. We are asking that
you! Please know that your volunteer contribution is of             each volunteer take a minute or two to fill out the
great value in many ways. Volunteers ensure that we can             enclosed Volunteer Update Form. Thank you in advance
spend every dollar we have on needed services in the                for your help!
local public school system and still do more. We also
know that giving us your time comes with various                    SUPPORT S.A.G.E. BY MAKING A CAR DONATION
costs/expenses to you personally. But because you are               S.A.G.E. has recently registered with,
so familiar with our work, you know that it takes both              a vehicle donation center. DonationLine will accept any
participation and money to accomplish our mission. Like             car donation, anywhere in the United States, running or
the rest of the country, S.A.G.E. is feeling the impact of          not. By choosing SAGE to benefit from your car donation,
the down-turned economy. As a result, we are ramping up             you receive a tax deduction for your vehicle donation.
its fundraising efforts by applying for grants and seeking          Visit for more information.
private donations. How can we ask strangers to
contribute funds and not give you the chance to decide if
you want to add a check to the ways in which you already
help us? Of course, contributions are not at all required.               S.A.G.E. Newsletter Trivia Quiz
If you would like to contribute, please visit our website                         Submitted by Mitchell Halista
( and click on the "Donate Now" button              1. What invention, which is still used today, was first
or mail a check made out to S.A.G.E. to 203 Anselm                     used on the Union ironclads USS Monitor?
Road, Richboro PA 18954.                                            2. Who was the only U.S. President from
S.A.G.E. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.
Contributions to S.A.G.E. are deductible to the extent              3. What was the name of the O'Hara homestead in
allowed by law. Tax ID #75-3110110                                     "Gone with the Wind?"
                                                                    4. How long is the Aurelian wall around the Vatican?
                                                                    5. When and where was the first night baseball game?
SAGE is beginning to update its volunteer records. This
process will allow us to obtain important demographic               6. Which game bans left-handed players?
information from our volunteers that will be immensely                                                    (Answers on Page 7)
helpful in providing us with an accurate picture of our

   If you would like to contribute an article to the next edition of the S.A.G.E. Newsletter, please email it to Kathi at by March 15, 2010.
   If you have had a change of home address, phone number or email, please let us know.

                                                   The S.A.G.E. Pages
PAGE 4          S.A.G.E. Newsletter

                 NEWS ABOUT S.A.G.E. IN COUNCIL ROCK
      S.A.G.E. Thanksgiving Dinner                                     Veterans Day Observance
Seventy S.A.G.E. members were treated to a delicious          The Holland Middle School held a Veterans Day
turkey dinner at Richboro Middle School on Nov. 19, 2009.     observance on November 11, 2009, the fifth consecutive
After being welcomed by school principal Mr. Bill Bell, and   year the school has shown appreciation to the veterans.
student council president Mia Serafine, we enjoyed three      Beginning with greetings and refreshments for the 72
lively numbers by the school band, followed by a beautiful    veterans in attendance, the formal program was initiated
musical selection performed by the orchestra.                 by teacher Katie Quinn who led everyone in the Pledge of
After that, a really wonderful Thanksgiving dinner was        Allegiance, followed by the school choir, singing the
served in the cafeteria, much to the enjoyment of             National Anthem. Mr. Michael Lecker, school principal and
everyone. Our sincere thanks go to the talented chefs who     Marine Corp's veteran, followed with a welcome and
prepared this feast, as well as the cheerful student          opening comments.
volunteers who served it so capably. It was a wonderful
precursor to the Thanksgiving holiday.                        The students then participated in the agenda. Amanda
                                                              Besselman gave a student reading of "The History of the
Ruth Hauler, S.A.G.E. Volunteer                               Poppies". Student poems were then read by author Taryn
                                                              Wilson, "Moonlit Soldier", and Emily D'Aoust, "Because of
   S.A.G.E Veterans Speak to Fourth                           You".
        Graders at Rolling Hills
                                                              Guest speaker and Iraq veteran, Congressman Patrick J.
                  On Monday, November 9th, the fourth         Murphy then spoke to the group. Students Joe Johnston,
                  grade students at Rolling Hills             Steve Hanna and Gabi Rosenfield followed by introducing
                  Elementary School were treated to a         each veteran and presenting him with a personalized
                  special presentation by veterans Harry      Certificate of Appreciation for his service.
                  Niemann and Ernie One. These two
                  fine S.A.G.E. volunteers spoke with         The Holland Band then played, ending with the students
                  students about the draft, various jobs in   and veterans singing together, "God Bless America".
                  the military, and specific battles fought   Closing remarks were handled by teacher Daniel
                  in WWII. Mr. Niemann and Mr. One            Greenland. The program ended with a student/staff-
                  were also kind enough to share
                                                              created patriotic video, and all veterans were presented
                  personal artifacts such as medals,
                                                              with a keepsake copy. It was a very moving and
                  pictures, and a uniform with the
                                                              memorable day for this veteran, and a great example of a
                  children. The students seemed to find
                                                              combined effort by students and staff.
                  the presentation stimulating, and it was
                                                              Special thanks must go to the following:
                  a great way to
                                                              Principal Mike Lecker - originator and planner of event.
communicate the purpose of
Veterans Day to elementary school                             The Student Council
children. The presentation ended                              Carl Albrecht and Maureen Flynn - Student Council
with these words of wisdom, "Next                             Advisors and Coordinators
time you see a veteran, just go up                            Dan Greenland and Nancy Caplan - Video preparation
to them and say thank you."                                   Mitch Frank and Linda Deis - Music preparation
                                                              Robin Eichelberger - Flowers and decorations
                                                              Robin Hunt and Barbara Tiger - Photos and video of
   Upcoming Council Rock Events 2010 –                        Darlene Bello - Administration
         Mark Your Calendars!!!                               Debbie Mackey - Refreshments
 Intergenerational Spelling Bee - Newtown Middle
 School, January 14, 2010 - 1:30-3:00 pm                      It was a day that made me proud - proud to be an
 Holland Middle School Dinner Theater - March 17,             American, proud to be a veteran and proud of the fine
 2010, Dinner 5:30, Musical 7 pm. This year's musical         young men and women that the Council Rock School
 is Willy Wonka.                                              District is producing.
 Seniors 4 Seniors Prom - CRHS South, March 18,
 2010 - 6:00-8:30 pm                                          Harry Niemann, Marine Veteran and S.A.G.E. Volunteer
 Intergenerational Bingo - Holland Elementary
 School, May 13, 2010 - 9:30-10:45 am

                                                  The S.A.G.E. Pages
                                     Longevity Solutions

S.A.G.E. is a member of Longevity Solutions, which educates seniors and their families on all core
components needed to successfully age with grace. Members of this group include:

Susan Apollon, Psychologist, Author and Motivational/Keynote Speaker. Susan brings her
twenty-plus years as a psychologist in Yardley to help seniors manifest their hopes and dreams
and to live comfortably with peace, joy and good health .
Brian Fitzpatrick, Owner of BrightStar Healthcare Home care and medical staffing agency
that provides experienced and reliable companions and skilled nursing care to individuals and
health care facilities.
Brian Horan, licensed Insurance Sales Representative with Bankers Life and Casualty. Brian assists
and educates seniors with regard to their choices and options about Medicare supplemental
coverage, Long Term Care and Life Insurance.
Stacey Hord, Eldercare Advisor at A Place for Mom. A Place for Mom is a free eldercare
referral service assisting families in finding resources of every kind.
Beryl Katz, Founder of S.A.G.E., a non-profit group that invites seniors into the schools to enrich
the educational experience for students. Senior Adults for Greater Education also runs free
intergenerational events in local schools so that stereotypes about generations can be dispelled.
Richard Newman, Owner of Newman Elder Law. Richard has focused his practice on Elder
Law, after seeing the need that seniors have for knowledgeable and compassionate
Marlene Stocks, Owner of Senior Transition Services. Marlene is committed to providing her
clients with the traditional downsizing, relocating and organizing services they need with the
compassion, respect, patience and dignity they deserve.
Jessica Strom, CSA, Care Manager for Aging Advisors, LLC, a geriatric care management company.
Jessica helps seniors and their loved ones make decisions about their present and future needs
and care.
Peter Wechsler, Co-Founder of Franklin Retirement Solutions- an organization that
specializes in meeting the financial, estate, and legacy needs of area retirees making certain all
the pieces of your retirement plan fit together by coordinating the work of your attorney,
accountant, broker, and banker.
Wendy Whitaker, Director of Reverse Mortgages at 1st Senior Home Protection. Specializes
in Reverse Mortgages and seniors being able to age in place.

                                  The S.A.G.E. Pages
The following article appeared in the Bucks County Courier Times on
December 21, 2009

Seniors back in school
By: KATE FRATTI, Bucks County Courier Times

Pennsbury's Fallsington Elementary School has a pulse. I can feel it from where I'm sitting in the lobby outside
the main office.
That's where Principal David Hughes and three fifth-graders are at a counter busily affixing glue and glitter to
paper cutouts bound for the winter showcase that Hughes wants ready in time for the next PTO meeting.
His building hums with children's voices, the strain of violins and piano. There are books dropping, doors
opening and closing and the sound of flushing from the lavatory, where a steady stream of kids, and the
occasional big person, ducks in to empty and then wash up.
I'm enjoying the vibe and patiently waiting for Iris Goldberg. Iris is 80. She'll stand out around here, I'm
Turns out, Iris isn't the one who's late; I am. She's already signed in and at her post in Terri Jacob's
kindergarten while I'm lollygagging in the lobby.
Kindergarten is where Iris volunteers every week to help with reading, writing and stabbing straws into juice
boxes at snack time. The extra pair of grownup hands allows Mrs. Jacobs to spend more one-on-one time with
the kids.
Iris is one of 40 volunteers with S.A.G.E., Senior Adults for Greater Education, a nonprofit founded 10 years
ago in Council Rock. She said she gets as good as she gives in this volunteer gig.
S.A.G.E. founder Beryl Katz got to thinking the best way to unify a community often divided over the cost of
education was to familiarize the community with what really goes on inside a classroom. The district agreed,
since the volunteer hours generated turned out to be darned valuable.
Iris signed on this fall with the Pennsbury pilot. So far, just Fallsington, Penn Valley and Quarry Hill are
included. Pennsbury, like Council Rock and now Bensalem and Neshaminy, pays a fee to cover the cost of
S.A.G.E. administration so it can recruit, train, schedule and monitor seniors such as Iris.
It can be a painstaking process. Even once a senior is matched to a teacher, there can be hitches. Beryl's
assistant Kathi Sherzer, whose son attended Pennsbury, recently reassigned a senior who said he wanted to
help in a special needs classroom. He called her to say, "You know what? I've learned something about me. I
have no patience." Kathi found him a better fit.
Volunteers are asked to list their talents and life experiences when they apply for the program. Some travel;
some know languages; some are retired teachers; some are veterans; some have interesting hobbies they'll
share with the kids.
"I'm having the time of my life," says Iris, who's lived in the Birch Valley section of Falls since 1968. She raised
two children and made her living as an executive secretary. Her husband was a psychologist and adjunct
college professor.
As we talk, Iris is perched on a little chair helping a pencil-wielding kindergartner sound out the letters in
"snowman" as she scribbles them onto lined paper. Iris has an easier time getting up from the chair than I do.
She confides there's no way she could get up from the rug.
When the writing assignment is done, the child comes back to Iris for help putting her belongings away. She's
anxious to sit down for a snack. "You know what my book bag looks like, right?" the girl asks as she hands off
her stuff to Iris.
Iris is amazed by the kids' sophistication. "I can't believe what they know," she says. When she was their age
at PS219 in Brooklyn, she was supposed to know her colors and refrain from eating paste. It was that easy.
Not now. There's a curriculum to master.
"It's like being a grandma," Iris says of her work here. She raised a son and daughter, neither of whom
provided her the opportunity to play the role.
She was "so thrilled" to be placed with kindergartners. I make a face when she says that and Iris laughs. "And
then I can go home," she says. After about an hour, she's ready to put her feet up for a while. But not for long.
In addition to Pennsbury, she volunteers at the firehouse and with the Boy Scouts.
"You have to feel you're worth something," Iris says. "Sit back and watch TV? That's crazy."
Crazier, even, than voluntarily spending your time with kindergartners. And that's pretty nutty.

                                          The S.A.G.E. Pages
                                     203 Anselm Rd. Richboro PA 18954

  Senior Adults for Greater Education is devoted to uniting youth and seniors in their quest to enrich
  education and leave a legacy for future generations.

  Yes! I want to make an impact in my community! Please send me more information about
  volunteering through Senior Adults for Greater Education!

  Please Print Clearly.

  Name_____________________________________ Phone Number____________________________
  Address ___________________________________ School District_____________________________
  City_______________________State _____ Zip___________ Date of Birth____________________
  Email address________________________________________________________________________

  Please indicate the type of volunteer work you would be interested in (check all that apply):

          Reading with students                                    Sharing a talent or skill
          Helping with student written work                        Sharing an experience
          Helping in the library                                   (history,travel,culture,etc)
          Tutoring                                                 Helping with community service projects
          Practicing math facts with students                      Other (please describe) ______________
          Helping with computers                                   _________________________________

                           THANK YOU for helping to shape the future!

You will receive further information from Senior Adults for Greater Education.
Please mail to Senior Adults for Greater Education at the address above.

                        VOLUNTEER RECORD UPDATE FORM 2010
Please complete this form and return to:

                             Senior Adults for Greater Education (S.A.G.E.)
                                           203 Anselm Road
                                          Richboro, PA 18954

S.A.G.E. is in the process of applying for federal and private grant awards to support the work that you
are doing in the public school system. We need the following information so that we can provide
potential funders with a detailed and accurate picture of our volunteer base. Your personal
information will never be given out and will remain confidential.

GENDER (Circle one): Male Female

RACE: ________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH (MM/DD/YY): _________________

      Less than high school  2-Yr college degree (Associate’s)                Doctoral degree
      High school/GED        4-Yr college degree (Bachelor’s)                 Professional degree (MD, JD)
      Some college           Master’s degree


RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION (Optional - Circle one):
       Protestant Christian  Protestant Evangelical       Muslim        Buddhist          None
       Roman Catholic        Jewish                       Hindu         Other

                                            THANK YOU!!!
                                                                            S.A.G.E. Newsletter                  Page 5

  Breakfast at Holland Middle School                         the adults. How nice that a small picture book could bring
                                                             so many people together…generations educating
                         Did you notice that the sale and    generations.
                         consumption of eggs has
                         increased     in     the    area    Submitted by Nancy Korecki, S.A.G.E. Volunteer
                         supermarkets? On Monday,
                                                             One Participant's Comments on the Event:
                         November 30, 2009, several
                         7th grade students, along with      What a neat experience! Thanks to Beryl and Kathi for
                         teacher, Mrs. Deborah Mackey        arranging this.
                         and members of S.A.G.E.             Very well run on both sides - S.A.G.E. and the school. I
                         prepared and consumed a             definitely think this is a project worth continuing if the
delicious breakfast of specialized omelets, toast, juice,    interest is there on the part of the teachers and kids. I was
coffee and coffee cake. Even though most of the adults       fortunate to read and chat with 3 girls who had a lot to offer
consider cooking an omelet                                   along with intelligent questions and one had even
"second nature", we all                                      experienced the death of her father, so that was
learned some tips to make                                    interesting!
them even better. The best
part, also, was that the                                     Diana Nagy, S.A.G.E. Member
students washed and dried
the dishes - "Less Work For
Mother".                                                          S.A.G.E. Members Speak About
Sylvia Rosenberg, S.A.G.E. Volunteer                                Great Depression and WWII
                                                                                 A very special thanks goes out to
                                                                                 S.A.G.E. volunteers; Mr. Charles Bates,
          Intergenerational Books                                                Mrs. Vivian Braubitz, Mr. Charles
            and Brownies Event                                                   Fulton and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Tafel,
                                                                                 parents of S.A.G.E. volunteer Cindy
                          We would like to give a special
                                                                                 Rohland. On November 24th and
                          thank     you    to   Hillcrest
                                                                                 December 1st the volunteers took time
                          Elementary School, Nakia
                                                             to visit two 10th grade American Civics classes at Council
                          Jones-Tate, Principal, Library
                                                             Rock High School South. Students in the classes had
                          Personnel, Anne Lenicky and
                                                             spent the past three weeks learning about life during The
                          all the other third grade
                                                             Great Depression and things that led to WWII. Having
                          teachers for inviting S.A.G.E.
                                                             S.A.G.E. guests come into the classroom allowed the
                          members to join them in their
                                                             students to hear what the world was like from those who
                          first Intergenerational Books
                                                             experienced it first hand. The S.A.G.E. visitors spent the
                          and Brownies Event.
                                                             class period telling the students many stories about what
                          We all read the book, "Nana        they dealt with during the depression and what it was like
                          Upstairs and Nana Downstairs"      fighting in the war. Topics
                          written by Tomie dePaola. It       included; what young adults did
                          was a tale of a 4 year old boy's   for fun, the kinds of jobs people
                          close relationship with his        held, joining the military, active
                          grandmother        and     great   combat, life on the home front
grandmother. A group of students met us at the office and    and how these experiences
after introducing themselves and shaking hands with us       have shaped their lives and
proceeded to escort us to the library to meet with all the   relationships.
other third graders. We separated into groups of 3 or 4
                                                                                After telling their stories the guests
students with one adult and discussed the book and
                                                                                answered many questions presented by
exchanged thoughts and memories of loved ones in our
                                                                                the students. Through these question
lives. The children were very insightful in their thoughts
                                                                                and answer sessions the sophomores
and I think they learned a few
                                                                                were able to make many connections
things from the adults as well.
                                                                                between their lives and the lives of
When we were done discussing the
                                                                                teenagers in the 1940s.
book everyone was invited to enjoy
the snacks and juices provided.                              Thanks again to the volunteers who were so generous with
                                                             their time and experience. The students hope to see you
The whole event was very
                                                             again soon and learn more from the words you have to
charming and the students seemed
to enjoy the interaction as much as

                                                 The S.A.G.E. Pages
PAGE 6           S.A.G.E. Newsletter

       Hillcrest Elementary School                              Invitations from Council Rock North
               Science Fair                                    We would love for S.A.G.E. volunteers to join our
On Wed. October 14, I attended Hillcrest                       students in the CR North Cooking Club held at CR North,
Elementary School's Science Fair                               62 Swamp Road, Newtown. Our theme this year is
through S.A.GE. I enjoyed presentations                        International Cuisine. We also regularly cook meals for
from students on:      iron in cereal;                         the Aid for Friends organization. If S.A.G.E. members e-
                           absorption;                         mail me, I will place you on our member list and send you
                           going green                         updates about our upcoming meetings. The students
                           (a few on                           would also love to have members share their own
                           this topic).                        recipes.
                           The most                            We also have a Quilting Club, which members are more
                           interesting                         than welcome to participate in. The quilts and pillow
                           was on turtles. As I asked          cases created in the club are given to sick children. The
                           pre-suggested questions,            Quilting Club meets every Thursday in Room 110 B from
                           this budding biologist really       2:30 until 4 pm.
                           shared with me much of her
                           information and knowledge           Thanks!!
                           on the subject. I could tell        Cathy Perkins, CRHS North
                           she         enjoyed      her        Family & Consumer Sciences Department Coordinator
                           project.....and was very well       215-944-1350
                           informed!                           The link for the dates of the above is:
Libby Katz, S.A.G.E. Volunteer                                 p?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=76526.

                      NEWS ABOUT S.A.G.E. IN PENNSBURY
    Fallsington Elementary School     addition to the classroom.
   Welcomes 13 S.A.G.E. Volunteers    Mike Zizzo is a S.A.G.E. volunteer in Mr. O'Donnell's fifth
                                                               grade classroom. Individual
One of the first pilot schools, partnering with the S.A.G.E.   students have the opportunity
program in the Pennsbury School District, Fallsington          to read to him or review work
Elementary is honored to have thirteen S.A.G.E.                they have completed. He
volunteers this year. Volunteers are helping students          reinforces        the    teacher's
weekly in math clubs, reading groups, and speech               message that reading is a
lessons. Some volunteers work with small groups, large         critical life skill. Mike has also
groups or one-on-one. They bring so much background            been able to participate in the
and history into our classrooms. For example, students in      DARE program with the children. He is very friendly
fifth level learned about Veteran's Day from a S.A.G.E.        towards all of the staff members and students with which
veteran. We consider all of our S.A.GE. Volunteers part        he comes in contact. It is a pleasure to have him come to
of our extended Fallsington Family.                            Penn Valley each week.
Sheila Miley, Liaison, Fallsington Elementary                  Arlene Johnson, Liaison, Penn Valley Elementary
  A Great Addition to the Classroom                                     Hats Off to Norm Idleberg
Kathleen Stramara was the first S.A.G.E. volunteer at
                                                               S.A.G.E. volunteer Norm Idleberg recently shared his
Penn Valley Elementary School this year. She is working
                                                               extensive hat collection with the second grade students
with Ms. Jennifer Kochersperger and her fourth grade
                                                               at Penn Valley Elementary School as an introduction to
students two to three times a week. Ms. Kochersperger
                                                               their social studies unit on Cultures and Traditions. Norm
says that having a S.A.G.E .volunteer for math has been
                                                               is a 30-year veteran of the United States Navy. The
very helpful. She is grateful for the work that Kathy does
                                                               retired captain and Vietnam Veteran, collected the hats
with the students. Kathy is very independent and keeps
                                                               during his years of service to this country. The children
accurate records of the progress the students are
                                                               enjoyed trying on the hats and learning about the many
making. Every child gets the opportunity to review their
                                                               parts of the world that Norm has visited.
skills with Kathy. They have been able to work on time,
decimals, math facts and problem solving. Having a             Submitted by: Kimberly D'Emilio, Jennifer McCormac &
S.A.G.E. volunteer in the classroom has been a great           Mary Johnston

                                                   The S.A.G.E. Pages
                                                                                          S.A.G.E. Newsletter                         Page 7

                                      LOOKING FOR LEADERS
Dear Senior Adults for Greater Education Supporters and Friends,
The Board of Directors of S.A.G.E. is reorganizing and wants to add several new members to the team. Please look to see
if you, or someone you know, should be invited to join the Board of our organization.
Senior Adults for Greater Education is a young, fast-growing organization. This is our 10th year of operation. Those who
have been supporters can see the growth, expansion and improvement of our programs! This requires active participation
by our board members. Our board provides oversight to the organization, but in addition, many of our activities are
organized by board members. We have a working board - not just an oversight body! We are seeking a board comprised
of enthusiastic people who are hands-on in every way to make this organization a thriving success.
We are looking for people with a variety of talents - including:

    •   Evaluation                             •   Finance                                             •       Gerontologist
    •   Technology                             •   Non-Profit Administrator                            •       Child Psychologist
    •   Administrative (ret. Principal or      •   Celebrity Spokesperson for                          •       Media Publicity and Public
        Superintendent)                            visibility                                                  Relations
    •   Business                               •   Special Events/Fundraising
If you enjoy being part of a team, working with other dynamic people and are skilled or experienced in any of these areas,
please contact us and let's discuss how you can become part of the team!
Process for joining the Board: If you're interested in joining or you know of someone we should consider, please call or
email the Executive Director, Beryl Katz at 215-357-2332 or email at We'll tell you more about the
organization and the functioning of our board, the tasks and expectations, and how we run Senior Adults for Greater
Education. Candidates will tell us about their interests, skills and talents, and motivation to join the board. After we share
information both ways, we'll jointly decide if it's a good fit and take it from there.
So please let us know if you're interested - we're a good team working on a great mission, and we would welcome you "On
Board!" We're looking forward to hearing from you!
Beryl Katz, Founder

                                                                                          2009-10 Philadelphia 76ers
                                                                                              S.A.G.E. Night
                                                                                         Senior Adults for Greater Education

                                                                                               Philadelphia 76ers
                                                                                              vs. Dallas Mavericks

                                                                   Senior Adults for Greater Education and the Philadelphia 76ers have teamed up
                                                                    for another special evening to help raise money and awareness to unite youth
                                                                      and seniors to enrich education and create a legacy for future generations.

                                                                          Proceeds from each ticket purchased will go towards supporting
                                                                             S.A.G.E. and your school district in their amazing efforts.

                                                                                         Box Office   Your
                                                                                           Price      Price

                                                                          Upper Level
                                                                                           $45.00     $35.00
                                                                          Center Court

                                                                                  Call Josh Hermann at 215-952-5628 or E-Mail
                                                                       for information
                      Trivia Answers
                                                                                To purchase tickets contact Kal Katz 215-357-6898
1. Rotatable gun turret     4. 12 miles                                               or E-Mail
                                                                                                 203 Anselm Dr.
2. President Buchanan       5. 1909, Cincinnati Baseball Park                                  Richboro, PA 18954
3. Tara                     6. Polo

                                                   The S.A.G.E. Pages
             You Are Cordially Invited...                      S.A.G.E. Funding Comes from
          To a night of DINING and DANCING
                 with the senior class of                         Donations and Grants
           Council Rock High School South!                            YOU can help!
     Who: The Senior Citizen Community of Council
             Rock School District and the 12th grade                         To make a donation
                 Philosophy classes at Council Rock                 By credit card (Visa and MasterCard)*
                          High School South.                   Online: (click on “Donate Now”)
                   What: A 1930’s-1940’s Big Band                          or Call: 215-357-2332
                     Themed Senior Prom for You!                                    By check*
               When: Thursday, March 18th, 2010                               Send check payable to:
        Where: Council Rock High School South                           Senior Adults for Greater Education
          2002 Rock Way, Holland, PA 18966                           to: 203 Anselm Rd., Richboro PA 18954

 I                                     will be attending,          Memorial and Honorary contributions*
 My Address is:                                                Please specify name of person being honored and
 My Phone Number is:                                             name/address of person to receive notification
 My Email Address is:
     I would like to be contacted with more information
     about transportation.
 Please return to: R. Moore, Philosophy Department
   c/o CRHS South, 2002 Rock Way, Holland, PA 18966

     The Newsletter Editorial Staff   S.A.G.E. wishes to thank the following people for their continued support of our
     Nancy Korecki • Bea Langman      program: Representative Gene DiGirolamo, Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo, Representative
             Ruth Hauler              Anthony J. Melio, Representative Dennis O'Brien, Senator Robert M.Tomlinson

                                                                                                            Nonprofit Org
                                                                                                             US Postage
                                                                                                            Langhorne, PA
                                                                                                             Permit #81

 Senior Adults for Greater Education
203 Anselm Road, Richboro, PA 18954

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