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					                               ADT Featured Trail:
                      River to River Trail                                                      People on the Trail
The River to River Trail in southern         Society was organized, the trail was            Peter and Joyce Cottrell, the back-
Illinois has been in existence since the     marked, and people began hiking from            packers featured in the Autumn 2002
beginning of the Shawnee National            Battery Rock on the Ohio River to               edition of this newsletter have now com-
Forest.But nothing really happened to        Devil's Backbone on the Mississippi.            pleted over 4,100 miles of the ADT.
develop this into a usable trail until the                                                   Starting in March 2002 at Cape
American Discovery Trail launched its        Today the River to River Trail is a             Henlopen, the Cottrells hauled their
scouting team to find a route across the     well-established 175-mile trail, maps           packs through the eastern United States
country in 1990. For over 40 years           and a guidebook are available, and a            past forests and prairies before stopping
there had been hit and miss efforts to       support organization of over 1,000              in Pueblo, Colo., for four months wait-
develop this trail between the               members is active. There is shuttle             ing for winter to pass. They spent their
Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Parts of it     availability and access to information          time working at the local Wal-Mart to
were there, parts were on maps but not       on its web site as well as by direct tele-      earn money for the rest of their trip.
there, and some parts did not exist at       phone contact. People, from not only            Eager to start, they began hiking again
all. User groups could not get along         the Midwest but also from across the            on March 1. They made it through
                                                                                             Colorado and past Canyonlands
and the state and federal agencies were      country and even an occasional foreign
                                                                                             National Park in Utah before being halt-
taking a hands-off approach. Nothing         visitor, come to hike its path.
                                                                                             ed by snow again at the higher eleva-
was getting done. Because of the pub-        Backpacker magazine identified it as
                                                                                             tions. Skipping ahead to Nevada, the
licity of the ADT joining with the           the best trail in Illinois in 1997. Recently,
                                                                                             Cottrells still encountered snow on the
River to River Trail, people began to        USA Today reported on the ten most
                                                                                             mountain passes so they skipped on to
talk, meetings were held, and the eco-       photogenic places in the United                 Ione, Nev., crossed the desert lands of
nomic and recreational benefits were                                                         western Nevada, and went back to work
identified. The River to River Trail                             (Continued on page 4)
                                                                                             at Wal-Mart in Carson City. On June 3,
                                                                                             they put on their packs once again and
                                                                                             returned to Canyonlands NP to make up
                                                                                             the parts they had missed. The Cottrells’
                                                                                             journey has recently been featured in
                                                                                    and the New York Times. Go
                                                                                             to for updates
                                                                                             on their progress.

                                                                                             Matt Parker, 23, wants to be the first
                                                                                             person to ride across the United States
                                                                                             on the ADT on a horse. He left Antioch,
                                                                                             Calif., on May 30 on his Tennessee
                                                                                             walking horse, Smokey. Matt has hiked
                                                                                             and camped extensively through Europe,
                                                                                             Australia, New Zealand, and India. As
                                                                                             of press time, Matt had completed
                                                                                             California and was entering Nevada.
                                                                                             Dick Bratton, VP of Public Relations for
                                                                                             the ADTS reports, "From Carson City,
                                                                                             Matt will ride eastward on a portion of
                                                                                             the American Discovery Trail that fol-
                                                                                             lows the famous Pony Express Route."
                                                                                             Follow Matt on his journey on his website
               Garden of the Gods, River to River Trail, Illinois                            at s
Documenting the ADT:                           as waypoints for an extended trip. Both
                                               topographical and street map presenta-
                                                                                              site offers opportunity to present their
                                                                                              assets in the best light.
Looking to the Future                          tions are available. Currently, there are
Part three of three articles                   high-quality, high-resolution topographic      The Society is currently gathering the
                                               maps of the ADT route complete with            information to make available by state
By Harry Cyphers and Reese Lukei               GPS coordinates through two states,            and region the web addresses for the
                                               California and Colorado. Others will           parks, affiliated trails, and points of
The ADT currently boasts a completely          soon be available.                             interest along the ADT corridor. Many of
documented 6800 mile trail across the                                                         these facilities are currently listed by
breadth of the United States It provides a     Availability of GPS data to trail travelers    name on the states’ home pages.
link to: five of the eight National Scenic     is especially important for safety and
Trails, ten of the 13 National Historic        possible rescue contingencies. The ADT         Several states (Delaware, West Virginia,
Trails, 23 National Recreation Trails, and     promises a travel experience like no           Colorado, and Maryland) are currently
seven of the 16 recently designated            other, the trail is a true reflection of our   integrating the ADT into their visitor
National Millenium Trails. The American        country, containing something for every-       information systems. When queries about
Discovery Trail is truly a trail of national   one. At the same time, to safely experi-       specific outdoor recreation opportunities
significance.                                  ence these varied and sometimes unique         in a particular area are requested, links to
                                               and challenging trail conditions, from         relevant websites will provide a seamless
The advent of the completed ADT web-           city streets to remote desert and moun-        transition to the information about the
site has brought a wave of new viewers         tain reaches, requires good planning,          desired activity. An inquiry to the West
with a heightened interest in outdoor          common sense, and taking advantage of          Virginia Trails Coalition at
activities. Viewers and users of the web-      all the available resources. Modern tech- for hiking and biking
site continue to offer suggestions for         nology in the form of the Internet, GPS        opportunities in West Virginia, for exam-
improvements to the documentation. In          receivers, cell phones, and things not yet     ple, brings forth a host of hiking and bik-
addition, technological improvements           invented will be an integral part of the       ing activities throughout the state,
such as digital mapping techniques and         American Discovery Trail.                      including the ADT.
the availability of compact, highly accu-
rate, inexpensive, global positioning          The ADT Society plans to add to the dis-       A frequent request of trail users is a list-
satellite (GPS) receivers are being incor-     covery aspect of the ADT so that people        ing of trail facilities and accommoda-
porated into the trail descriptions.           can experience the trail without being         tions along their planned route. The
                                               there. A demonstration CD was made             abbreviated website descriptions can pro-
Just as the Internet provided a means to       presenting some of the many educational        vide some of this information. Additional
overcome logistical hurdles in providing       opportunities a multi-faceted trail such as    information is being prepared in the
an accessible description of the ADT           the ADT can offer. The ADTS Discovery          form of a tabular listing, by state, of
route, the GPS revolution will change the      and Education Committee is continuing          approximately 30 types of facilities rang-
way we map, describe, and navigate the         to pursue these possibilities for class-       ing from campgrounds to shoe repair
trails that make up the ADT. The comple-       room and home use. School classes,             keyed to cities and towns conveniently
tion of the digitization of U.S. Geological    physically disadvantaged persons, and          spaced across a state. Separate lists of
Survey quadrandle maps for the entire          families planning a trail experience will,     housing accommodations are also in
United States makes available the latest       in the future, be able to take a virtual       preparation, some by commercial entities
information in a more versatile form.          hike along the ADT and learn about             such as B&B organizations. This type of
                                               the natural, historic, and scenic features     information is also finding its way onto
Private industry is utilizing this treasure    of a segment of interest to them. This         the Internet.
trove in numerous ways, including auto-        would be an ideal precursor to actually
mobile and ship on-board navigation sys-       traveling the trail.                           The American Discovery Trail Society
tems. This form of data makes it relative-                                                    has truly created a nationwide system of
ly easy to superimpose on a map of a           By the end of 2002, qualified ADTS             trails that ihtie this country together with
specific area any desired feature such as      members will be able to update the web-        threads of greenls not by building trails
a trail. We see this capability almost         site in their areas of interest and expert-    but by bringing together the efforts of
every day in newspaper articles that con-      ise. Already states are taking ownership       many individuals that have preceded us.
tain maps showing parade routes or other       of the portions of the site that describe      The ADT endeavors to provide a recrea-
events.                                        the assets, interesting features, and          tional experience to all people, young or
                                               events occurring in their state. In            old, rural or urban, from the physically
Outdoor recreation stores are beginning        Colorado, state coordinator Dick Bratton       challenged to the extreme athlete using a
to offer kiosks that have equipment capa-      has incorporated several innovative ideas      walking stick or a global positioning sys-
ble of producing selected maps of recre-       into the state’s trail descriptions, making    tem. Look around, the ADT or one of its
ation areas overlaid with the trail of         it the precursor of things to come. These      tentacles may be in your backyard. s
interest. These sequential maps are avail-     individuals are the best persons to keep
able in various scales along with a tabu-      the site current with upcoming events,         Harry Cyphers is ADT Coordinator for
lation of GPS coordinates that can serve       trail openings, etc. The capability to easi-   Maryland and Reese Lukei is ADT VP of
                                               ly insert pictures, maps, and text on the      Legislative Affairs.
                                                                                          Illinois. The interest was already there
                                            During his tenure, Reese traveled along       but the ADT's ability to link trails and-
                                            the length of the ADT two times meeting       communities together encouraged them
                                            with various state officials, agency repre-   and gave them the credibility they need-
                                            sentatives, and interested citizens in all    ed.
                                            states along the route to make sure it had
                                            the support and endorsement of the local      Another significant achievement that
                                            population. Reese recruited volunteer         Reese accomplished was in helping to
                                            state coordinators for each state the trail   shepherd the feasibility study that was
                                            passes through to oversee the trail's         done by the National Park Service
                                            development in their area. He explained,      though to completion. With this ground-
                                            "This local participation was key to the      work laid, the trail was able to gain
                                            ADT's success and we were fortunate to        recognition.
                                            find really good people in each state."
                                                                                          Reese's efforts have been a big reason
Lukei Retires as                            "One of the most rewarding aspects of         behind the American Discovery Trail's
National Coordinator                        being the National Coordinator," Reese
                                            stated, "was seeing how the American
                                                                                          progress from idea to reality. While we
                                                                                          are happy to thank him for a job well
                                            Discovery Trail was able to take the local    done, we are grateful that he has agreed
Reese Lukei has recently retired as the
                                            interest in trails and provide an incentive   to stay on the board of the ADTS and has
ADTS National Coordinator, a position
                                            for the communities to move forward           accepted the position of Vice President
he has held since the original scouting
                                            with their plans." Prime examples of this     of Legislative Affairs. s
team completed their efforts in 1991.
                                            were in Delaware, West Virginia, and

New ADT Route                               The Eads Bridge was renovated with            New State Park
                                            than $30,000,000 in public invest-
into St. Louis                              ments. Additionally, Trailnet, a St.          Named for Pat Jones
                                            Louis area trails organization, raised
The ADT route across the Mississippi        $1,000,000 privately to provide railings      The Missouri Department of Natural
River has long been the use of the          and lighting for the protected lane. The      Resources has named its new state
Metro train from East St. Louis into St.    ADTS would like to congratulate them          park at the confluence of the
Louis. With the renovation of the Eads      on a job well done. s                         Mississippi and Missouri rivers for Pat
Bridge, a dedicated, protected lane                                                       Jones and her late husband. The new
along the south edge of the bridge is                                                     Edward "Ted" and Pat Jones-
now available for pedestrians and bicy-                                                   Confluence Point State Park recognizes
clists. The ADT will use this route to                                                    their leadership in conservation efforts.
bring users into the downtown St.                                                         Involved in many trail projects, Ted
Louis area near the Gateway Arch.                                                         and Pat Jones were two of the founding
Although a footpath across the                                                            forces behind the Katy Trail, a key
Mississippi River was always a goal of                                                    152- mile link for the ADT. s
the American Discovery Trail Society,
previous money that had been appro-                                                       New Buckeye
priated for a pedestrian route was used                                                   Trail Guide
for flood repair after the 1993 floods in
that area so that effort was delayed.                                                     A new trail guide for the Buckeye
                                                                                          Trail has been published. The ADT is
The grand reopening of the Eads                                                           prominently mentioned in it. "Follow
Bridge will be held on Friday, July 4,                                                    the Blue Blazes" A Guide to Hiking
2003, as part of the opening activities                                                   Ohio's Buckeye Trail by Robert J.
for Fair St. Louis. This reopening date                                                   Pond is published by Ohio University
commemorates the original opening                                                         Press. It is available online at
date in 1874. A mass bike ride will                                              or by mail at
start at the East St. Louis entrance at                                                   Buckeye Trail Association, PO Box
8:30 that morning. Marching bands                                                         254, Worthington, OH 43085 s
will lead a 9 a.m. procession from each
side of the bridge to the center stage.       Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri
American Discovery Trail Society
                                                                                                                   NON PROFIT
PO Box 20155                                                                                                      ORGANIZATION
Washington, DC 20041-2155                                                                                          US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                    PERMIT # 1
                                                                                                                   DULLES, VA

River to River Trail                       The trail is marked with white wooden
Continued from Page 1                      diamonds with "blue i's" painted on
                                           them. It is a shared trail, accessible to
                                           both hikers and horses.
States and listed Garden of the Gods in
the Shawnee National Forest, at the
                                           The River to River Trail is a prime
foot of which is the River to River                                                     Do you have a used vehicle you were
                                           example of how the ADT brought
Trail and the American Discovery                                                        planning to get rid of? The American
                                           organizations, agencies, user groups,
Trail. The River to River Trail also                                                    Discovery Trail Society is now part of V-
                                           and citizens together to provide a first-
winds through Lusk Creek Canyon                                                         DAC, a vehicle donation program that
                                           class trail in a region. Now that both
National Scenic Area, Giant City and                                                    can convert your car, truck, or RV into a
                                           the ADT and the River to River Trail
                                                                                        donation to the ADTS. The service is
                                           are complete, the ADT continues to           totally free and includes a free vehicle
                                           bring people to the River to River Trail     pick-up service to anywhere in the U. S.
                                           because of its inclusion in a national       It's a win-win situation. The donor is eli-
                                           trail.                                       gible for a tax deduction at the vehi-
                                                                                        cle™s Retail Fair Market Value and the
                                           For more information on the River to         ADTS receives a cash donation.
                                           River Trail, check out www.river-
                                 , call 618-252-6789, or      For more information, go to the ADT
                                           write River to River Trail Society, 1142     website at and
                                           Winkleman Road, Harrisburg, IL               click on the V-DAC icon on our home
                                           62946 s                                      page. It looks like the logo above. Or
                                                                                        call 1-866-332-1778. s
                                           John O'Dell named
                                                                                        Another Way to Give!
                                           Volunteer of the Year
                                                                                        Remember the ADT when making work-
                                           John O’Dell, ADT state coordinator for       place donations through United Way or
                                           Southern Illinois, has been selected as      the Combined Federal Campaign. Use
                                           American Hiking Society’s Volunteer of       the American Discovery Trail Society
                                           the Year for Illinois. John was instrumen-   number, #2350, under Conservation and
                                           tal in the formation of the River to River   Preservation Charities to designate a por-
      Giant City State Park                Trail Society and serves as its president.   tion of your contributions directly to us.
                                           He also serves as Vice President of          s
Ferne Clyffe State Parks, and many         Development for the ADT Society.
other scenic areas along its way
through the plains, rocky wilderness,      Congratulations on your well deserved
and wetland bayous of southern Illinois.   recognition, John! s

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