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									                                         HIGHLANDS SCHOOL BULLETIN
                                                           June 9, 2011 Edition
                                                              Office & Attendance 294-5320
                                                       District Emergency Information 294-5354
                                                      School website:

                                                   IMPORTANT DATES:
    • JUNE  9 (Thurs): 6 grade picnic and swim celebration, Valencia Glen Park, 9am-2pm
    • JUNE  10 (Fri): 6th grade culmination, 8:15am
    • JUNE  10 (Fri): Kindergarten culmination, 11am…PLEASE NOTE CORRECTED TIME!!
    • JUNE  10 (Fri): Minimum Day, Grades K-6 dismissal 12:05pm
    • JUNE  10 (Fri): LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
    • JUNE  13 (Mon): 6th grade Disneyland trip, 6:30am-9pm
    • JUNE 13 (Mon): All unclaimed lost & found items go to charity (details below)
    • AUGUST 15 (Mon): Student class assignments posted in front of school, 4pm
    • AUGUST 17 (Wed): First day of school, 7:50am!!
    • AUGUST 17 (Wed): Informative meeting for new kindergarten parents in student’s
     classroom during school hours (informative letter will be mailed to homes)
    • AUGUST 19 (Fri): Family picnic at Highlands, 6pm (details below)
    • AUGUST 23 (Tues): 6th grade Back to School Night
    • AUGUST 25 (Thurs): Back to School Night for grades 1-5
                  To all the Highlands and Emblem families, I wish you a happy, healthy, and relaxing summer break. I wish a safe
trip for all who have travel plans. Enjoy your travel experiences, which can be so rewarding and educational. The two months will
pass very quickly and those much-anticipated plans will soon be behind you. I hope you enjoy the summer moments you get to spend
with your children. As a parent myself I know time seems to fly by and I never get a second chance at a day.
          My family and I will spend the summer in Southern California. We are planning mostly day trips and a few days in San
Diego to visit Sea World and Legoland, but the rest of the summer will be spent in the Santa Clarita Valley and on the beach in
Carpentaria. My parents are coming in from Florida at the end of June. I always look forward to their visits which usually happen
once a year.
          I am already looking forward to August 17th. I am looking forward to welcoming the students back to Highlands and
Emblem. I am looking forward to hearing about their summer travels, trips, and events. Students are always so eager to share their
experiences when they return to school. It is great seeing their face light up as they tell their stories. I can’t wait!
          I imagine that many of you are looking forward to August 17th also. When it rolls around you will be ready for action.
There will be many things happening during that first week next year. It starts with posting the student placements on the 15th, continues
with our Kindergarten Back-to-School on the 17th and ends with our Back-to-School Picnic on the 19th. And that is just the beginning
of the year.
                        FAIRNESS & CITIZENSHIP HIGHLANDS HEROES, Month of June
For the month of June, we will be recognizing students who exemplify the two Pillars of Good Character, known as “Fairness” and
“Citizenship.” Fair people always play by the rules. They have an open mind and do not take advantage of others. Fair people work
to change things that are unfair. Good citizens are people who cooperate with others. Good citizens contribute to their (school)
community through their care and consideration for others. Good citizens obey rules and laws.
                                Here is our list of fair and good citizen students:
Bague—Dani Moore                                 Coghlan—Aly Bartolovich                          Lee—Cara Hartung
Bague—Grace Tuttle                               Coghlan—Emilie Diekmann                          Schoenberger—Brandy Gil
Benz—Remy Ortega                                 Coghlan—Lindsey Hunter                           Schoenberger—Holly Winter
Benz—Emily Anderson                              Cohn—Sarah Elaebrak                              Schoenberger—Tim Dunn
Boyle—Raul Martinez                              Cohn—Molly Black                                 Worona—Aiden Estes
Brauer—Cassie Eckelman                           Elvington—Catie Pone                             Worona—Barbara Hull
Brink—Megan Hartung                              Elvington—Xander Aguilar                         Worona—Connor Styers
Brink—Cedar Fourstar                             Kavanagh—Calla Coulter
Brink—Nick Starkey                               Kavanagh—Imudiase Aimiuwu II
Brink—Ryleigh Bermea                             Lee—Angela Ortega

Parents please remember to pick up your child’s medication by the last day of school. Medications left after the last day of school will
be disposed of.
On Monday, August 15, parents may begin dropping off medications for the 2011/2012 school year. Please remember to include all
appropriate paperwork.

Our lost and found is overflowing with unclaimed items!! Come and check out it out. All unclaimed items will be taken to a
charitable organization after the last day of school.

Camp Ocean Pines Outdoor School offers hands-on, standards based environmental education for a reasonable price of $425.00 for
five days and four nights of a great outdoor educational experience for 5th grade students. This exceptional camp is tucked away on
thirteen forested acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Cambria, CA. Students, start saving your money for this wonderful week
experience. You can recycle bottles and cans, or ask parents to wash their car for a few bucks. Mark your calendar for next
April 9-13, 2011…it will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime! More information will follow next year!

The Santa Clarita Public Library will launch ‘‘One World, Many Stories,’’ the 2011 Summer Reading Program, beginning July 1, at the
Valencia, Canyon Country, and Newhall Libraries. This year’s theme will encourage children to explore the wonders of the
world and its many cultures through books and an exciting series of library programs. Kick-off events will be held at the Canyon Country
and Newhall Libraries on Friday, July 1, and at the Valencia Library on Tuesday, July 5. Children enrolling in the program will receive a
reading log. As they read books during the year, they will get stamps and prizes along their reading journey. At the end of the program, the
library will hold an end-of-summer party to celebrate all readers with prizes for those who completed their logs.
Each week of the Summer Reading Program will explore a different continent:
                                                      Week 1 -- ‘‘G’Day, Australia’’
                                                      Week 2 -- ‘‘Escape to Europe’’
                                                        Week 3 -- ‘‘African Safari’’
                                                     Week 4 -- ‘‘Adventures in Asia’’
                                          Week 5 -- ‘‘Cruising to North and South America’’
                                                    Week 6 -- ‘‘Chillin’ in Antarctica’’

Bring your own picnic dinner and get to know other Highlands and Emblem families! There will be fun games for all! Bring your
family a picnic dinner and join in the celebration!

                                                            PFO NEWS
It is hard to believe that the 2010-2011 school year is over. The PFO would like to thank everyone who volunteered for the numerous
PFO events that were hosted throughout the year. These events would not have been as successful if it weren't for all of your ideas,
creativity, donations and time! THANK YOU!!!
 I would like to thank the PFO and all of its Board Members and Chair Persons for all of your hard work. Women in History was
fabulous! Health Week was awesome! Spring Book fair was so much fun for the kids! Carnival absolutely ROCKED!! Staff
Appreciation truly let our teachers and staff know how important they are to us. Talent Show brought down the house. A special
thank you to our Library Volunteer and our Office Volunteer Coordinators, you made things so much easier for the library and office
staff. A huge thank you to our Room Parent Coordinator! This year's Yearbook is FANTASTIC!! Let's hear it for our amazing Spirt
Wear!! 6th Grade Graduation is going to be perfect!
You are all amazing and we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you!! It has truly been an AWESOME year! ~April
Sanders, PFO President
                                                       Highlands PFO Executive Board 2011-2012
President................................Kim Thanaet                   Parliamentarian.....................April Sanders
1st VP PAC Rep................... Noli Wiesen                          2nd VP Spirit Pack................Joelle Danahy & Alison Ferrante
3rd VP Ways & Means.........April Sanders                              4th VP
5th VP After School Enrich...Lorraine Bishop                           6th VP Disaster Prep.............Keith Moore
Secretary.................................LeeAnn Morrell                Treasurer................................Pamela Nilsen
Treasurer Assistant................Elsa Montez                          Auditor....................................Alisa Doucette

ESCRIP (Vons), SCREAMIN DAILY DEALS, TARGET, RALPHS -- What do they all have in common?
They are all electronic fundraising partners with HIGHLANDS PFO, and as long as our families are still signed up with them, they
will keep giving money throughout the summer! Sweet! How great will it be to find a few checks in the mail when we come back
from a long summer?! So please take a few minutes to log on to these companies and make sure you are signed up with them so our
school can start the next school year off strong! Even if you think you're signed up, please just log on to double check that your
subscription is current. Thanks very much and have a great summer!!! Any questions, call Susan Reynolds: 297-0805 or email , , , ,
                                                 FLYERS IN THE OFFICE
     • Saugus Youth Volleyball League (USYVL), girls & boys ages 7-15. Register online at or call 888-988-7985 or
                     at Central Park on Tues, September 13th at 5:30-6:30pm and Sat, September 17th from 10-11am
                                                • LEGO ROBOTICES CAMP DATES
Last week it was announced that the A.S.E. Enrichment Lego Robotics Summer Camp (Session 2) was full. The dates for the Lego
Robotics camps opened for the waiting list and new enrollment are Sessions 3 & 4 (7/11-7/22 and 7/25-8/5). Other 2 week themed
enrichment camps still available are: Spy Camp, Chef Camp, and Art Camp! Go to to register; questions
can be answered at 661 310-3330 or
      • Canyon Theatre Guild summer camp for ages 6-17. Various sessions available (June 13-July 22). Tuition ranges from $299-
      $499 depending on age group and length of session. Reserve a spot now by calling 799-2702. For more information, get a flyer
                                                         from the front office.
…See you August 17th!

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