The “history” of the Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria was compiled by Michèle Ashmore by taking
 the information from the Club newsletters from 1997 through to October 2004 (There
 were some gaps!). The Club history has been updated since then by the Club
 Coordinators on an annual an annual basis.

The Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria cloth doll club was four years in the making. Michèle
Ashmore first met elinor peace bailey (elinor prefers to spell her name with all lower case
letters) in “Doll Life” magazine, bought her book “Mother Plays With Dolls” and began to
make cloth dolls in 1991. It was elinor’s philosophy that attracted Michèle and she started
buying elinor’s patterns. Michèle met three other women who were as interested in making
cloth dolls as she was and the “Four of Us” met weekly to play with dolls. Maria
Roxborough was one of those women and Maria and Michèle still meet weekly.

In pursuit of a silver pencil at Muriel’s Sew & Serge, Michèle met Muriel who loves dolls, and
later began teaching “Monique” and other patterns of elinor’s. Muriel invited elinor to lecture
at the Sewing Show and the Satin Moon Quilt Shop sponsored elinor to teach classes in
1995. The “Four of Us” displayed their dolls at the Sewing Show and Satin Moon Quilting
Shop. More and more people were interested in cloth dolls and Michèle held two “cloth doll
gatherings” at her home hoping that someone else would start a club!

In September 1997 Maria and Michèle went to “Doll U’97” in Oakland, California and
discovered that there were only three cloth doll makers from Canada out of 250 registrants!
Victoria really needed a club! Elinor taught more classes at Satin Moon and over dinner one
night elinor said, “Just do it, Michèle”. Michèle asked Maria to “do it” with her and asked
Clare of Bobbins & Bears Studio if the club could meet at her shop on Banks Street.

The first meeting of the Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria was held on Wednesday, October 8th 1997
with 28 members and 4 out-of-town Associate members. Membership fees were a “toonie”
paid to Clare for coffee, tea, biscuits and hydro.

Club goals were established –
 Foster cloth doll making by sharing ideas, expertise and a passion with fellow
   dollmaking enthusiasts;
 Hold an annual doll show, beginning October ’98 – Members will make and
   exhibit at least one doll;
 Sponsor doll artists to teach workshops from time to time;
 Pursue opportunity of attending Doll U in California.

The first newsletter was published in December 1997 and was to be printed bi-monthly
which changed to quarterly. There was a club name challenge and members of the club
chose the name of the Club at the Christmas Potluck and Jack Cooper designed and gave
the club a logo. Michèle talked to some shops and we started the list of “supporting shops”
who give us 10% discounts. In March Michèle contacted other cloth doll clubs and it was
agreed that newsletters would be exchanged. Membership was up to 32 members. Michèle
and Maria compiled a binder of doll designers’ pattern catalogues and ordered patterns in
bulk at wholesale prices for the club members. A wonderful Christmas potluck and gift
exchange was held at the home of Connie Knots.

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007
Needing more space desperately as the membership increased, the Club moved to the
basement of the Hope Lutheran Church at the corner of Dean and Carrick Streets in June
1998. Membership fees were established at $10.00 a year. Member biographies were
introduced and printed in each issue of the newsletter.
Fifteen members participated in the Dolls for Bosnia/Husqvarna Contest. Maria and Michèle
taught everyone how to soft sculpt heads and make Fairy Faedra by Beth Schwartz; Nicole
taught silk ribbon embroidery.
Jeannie Bates gave the first workshop (2-1/2 days) in August 1998 at Maria’s home. It was
a tremendous success. Participants learned a variation of Lisa Lichtenfels technique (cloth
over styrofoam and wire skull) with great results. The Club’s first doll challenge was “Tea
Grannies” and these dolls were displayed on October 17th & 18th at the first Cloth Doll
Display held in conjunction with Muriel’s Sew & Serge’s First Annual Sewing Fun Festival at
the Days Inn on Gorge Road. The club raffle (International Dolls) netted $110.50 which
covered the room rental expense. Our second challenge “Pinkie Fairies by Patti Medaris
Culea pattern shown in Soft Dolls and Animals was also displayed. A lot of these dolls
carried on to be the Halloween Display at Muriel’s Sew & Serge. The “Button Boutique”
opened and became another supporting shop. Nicole Dempsey, a regular club member,
taught the members how to make a beaded amulet bag. The Cloth-A-Dollics’ annual
potluck and gift exchange took place in December at the church.
Fees increased to $24.00 per year and $12.00 for Associate Members and a donation would
be given to the church. In February a Brown Bag Challenge started with a different body
part pattern shown in each newsletter and Michèle took over as Editor of the newsletter. A
“Sale Table” was introduced to be utilized by any and all members each month. The Club
reconfirmed the Club Goals. Robin Whitbread of Satin Moon asked the Club to display their
dolls at the Mothers’ Day Quilt Display in Market Square on May 2nd, 1999. The “fairy” raffle
earned $123.00. The Club had a “bad hair day” presentation by Charlotte and Jeannie
Bates came back in September and taught “Hats and Shoes” at Maria’s again. Another
challenge of the “Fisherman” by Julie McCullough was unveiled in September and displayed
at Muriel’s Sew & Serge. The Club welcomed back Clare Markey, a Club member and also a
Supporting Shop, Bobbins and Bears. Clare started bringing in doll supplies and patterns to
the club meetings. Maria was the only Club member to attend Doll U’99 this year. (She
was on her honeymoon!) Fancyworks Needlecrafts joined the Supporting Shops giving a
10% discount to members. Kim & Mike Stremel of the Button Boutique gave a talk on
buttons at the October meeting. Everyone enjoyed the annual Christmas Potluck and gift
The “Sales Table” continued to be well attended. Carol Williams started the year off with a
wonderful display and talk on First Nations’s dolls. Thea Wapola gave a demonstration of
Robert McKinley’s techniques. The Brown Bag dolls were unveiled in March. A “telephone
tree” was drawn up in case members needed to be contacted between meetings. The Club
sponsored Rebecca Holloway from Alberta who came in May to teach “Ivy”. Charlotte
McFarlane organized the Club display of dragons, fishermen and fantasy dolls at the Y2 Quilt
Millennium Quilt Show “Three In One” presented by the Victoria Quilters” Guild at the
Saanich Fair Grounds in May. In June Val Lechner replaced Michèle as Editor of the
newsletter. The membership was increasing and a ballot was taken with the results being
that the maximum number of members in the Club would be 60 with an unlimited number
of Associate Members. Once the membership reached 60 if a member missed three
consecutive meetings she was contacted to see if she wished to remain a member and if not
she could become an Associate and a new member could join. There was another display at
Muriel’s Sew & Serge in October. Some Clubs in the Pacific Northwest of the States started
hosting cloth doll club luncheons. Several members of the Club visited Bellingham,
Washington in November and enjoyed a “dolly” luncheon. The year ended with the annual
Christmas Potluck and gift exchange. There were 59 members and 8 Associates at the end
of 2000.

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007
The year started out with a Circus Challenge to be unveiled in May. Another NorthWest
Luncheon was held in Stanwood, Washington in April. Another Brown Bag Challenge was
started with each member picking each body part out of a brown paper bag to take home
and put together into one doll and presented to the membership in June. In March the club
all worked on pin dolls to be exchanged amongst the members. Sharman Martin
demonstrated a new technique to attach arms and the head on dolls. The Cloth-A-Dollics of
Victoria agreed to host the NorthWest Luncheon in Victoria in April 2002. Thea gave an
excellent workshop on different “Paint Finishes on Fabric”. “Feature Dolls” were introduced.
A member brings a special doll and tells members about the doll. To encourage new
members, Beverly (who was the Program Committee) introduced an “in Club workshop”.
Members chose a pattern and everyone worked on the same doll and took the doll to the
meeting to work on and get assistance. Everyone enjoyed a Summer Potluck Garden Party
at Val Lechner’s in August. The Club needed a new logo so a contest was held and Beverly’s
sister, Lorraine Elliott drew the chosen one. Bobbins & Bears hosted Melinda Small Paterson
to teach Baba Yaga in October. Several members visited LaConner and enjoyed the
NorthWest Luncheon in October. It was agreed that we should produce a “new members’
booklet. The “Mood Doll” challenge dolls were unveiled in November. Six members made it
Doll U 2001 and had a marvelous time. The year finished off with the Annual Christmas
Potluck and gift exchange at the church.

The Club designed and purchased black and gold lapel pins showing the new logo. Every
member received a pin and a supply was purchased for new members. The year started off
with some members taking Karen Shiften’s Gypsy Fairy Class sponsored by Bobbins & Bears
and at the Satin Moon Studio Space in Market Square. Charlotte was in charge of the Club’s
participation in the Victoria Quilter’s Guild show in May. The challenge was “Milestones” and
the Club purchased the same fabric as the Quilters with everyone incorporating that fabric
into her doll. In February Sheila Beach gave a Felting Demonstration. In April eighty-eight
doll makers attended the NorthWest Luncheon held at the Princess Mary Restaurant.
Applause went to Barb Swain for her organization of this event. Sawyer’s Sewing Centre
joined our Supporting Shops in giving Club members a 10% discount. In June there was a
Book and Odds and Ends Sale which filled the Club coffers again. Several members
attended the Doll Symposium in Fife Washington. Thea organized making and collecting
dolls for Transition House. Val Lechner hosted another wonderful Garden Party at her home
on the Gorge in August. Michèle and Maria and the Club each agreed to sponsor a table at
the Houston Quilt Show for elinor peace bailey. This meant 30 pin dolls and 3 centrepiece
dolls were mailed in September. The September challenge was a doll relating to “Time”.
Maria, Michèle and Barb gave demonstrations on beading and embellishing. Irene Conroy is
learning to build websites and offered to start up a website for the Cloth-A-Dollics.

After six years as coordinators, Michèle and Maria announced that they would be stepping
down at the end of December. Position descriptions were written for the Executive Positions
and distributed to the members. By the end of October Beverly Brown and Val Lechner had
agreed to take over as coordinators beginning in January 2003. Jacquie Corrigan was
Treasurer; Jeannine St.Pierre & Betty Manning were Librarians; Mary Nixon was in charge of
Membership and Mary Brownscombe, Jan Wiebe, Sharman Martin and Maureen McIntosh
took over as the Program Committee. Michèle continued as the Newsletter
Circulation/Networking Person, Linda Danielson took over as the Social Person and Pat
Toronitz as photographer. That left Biographies and the Newsletter Editor/Publisher vacant.

Lisa Risler of Cloth Doll Heaven joined our Supporting Shops list to give member a 10%
discount. The Club enjoyed the annual Pot Luck Christmas Dinner and gift exchange.
Thea was in charge of collecting dolls for Transition House.

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007
This year began with all Executive positions starting a fresh 2 year term. Some members
attended the workshops of Patti Culea and made Kessa, a highly embellished doll. In
February Barb Swain gave a wonderful demonstration on “making shoes” which followed
with Barb teaching three different classes in her home on shoe making. Irene Conroy
agreed to publish the newsletter and Gail Arsenault took over as backup Librarian. In March
the Program Committee organized a Club Field Trip to Beadworld in Market Square and
Maria presented a program on Embellishing With Beads. Maureen and Angie presented a
program on the use of Tyvek for making beads and embellishing dolls in April. In May four
members attended the Spring NorthWest Luncheon hosted by the Stanwood Doll Club.
Linda Danielson presented an interesting Feature Doll – a Nora Wellings’ doll found in a
Thrift Shop and Lynda MacGregor brought an old doll given to her 30 years ago. June
brought a different kind of program – Lasting Impressions (who joined our Supporting
Shops list) gave an exciting presentation on the use of stamping materials for embellishing
our dolls. Victoria Davis offered to help Irene and be Editor of the newsletter. The Secret
Village Bead Shop joined the list of Supporting Shops. Doll U that was run by Judy Waters
for years was taken over by Two Friends in Washington and the first Camp Doll U 2003 was
held in October at the Lutheran College in Issaquah, Washington. Barb, Angie, Maria,
Terry, Mary and Michèle gave a presentation of everything they created at Doll U. Libby, a
dollmaker from Australia contacted the Club and Beverly and Val toured her around and
several more members met and had lunch together with them. Newsletters were agreed to
be exchanged. Eight members plus Libby attended the NorthWest Doll Luncheon in
Anacortes. In November several members attended Bobbins Studio “Sew ’N’ Sew
Getaway” at Lake Cowichan. The “Black and White” Challenge in November was wonderful
and the year finished up with our Annual Christmas Potluck and gift exchange.

In January Lynda Williams took over as Editor and Publisher of our newsletter, Linda
Danielson took on Biographies and Meri Stewart took over as Librarian. The Club was
treated to a program presented by ArtChix Studio, an online company in Victoria who has
wonderful creations to “unleash creativity”. In February the challenge, “ Dolls Living in
Purses” was unveiled. What a wonderful display that was! A time slot for “Please Help Me”
will be introduced at each meeting for those who need assistance on techniques. In March,
a felting artist, Pamela Eberhardt, presented a Felting Demonstration and demonstrated
how to make ‘goddess’ dolls. It was agreed to try printing a newsletter every two months
instead of quarterly. The unveiling of the “Land, Sea & Sky” challenge happened in April
and these dolls were on show at the Quilt Show in May. In May Linda Danielson gave a
presentation introducing herself from her sewing room (fabulous) and in June Sandra Gillis
gave a demonstration on how she makes her fabulous dolls’ hands in polymer clay.
Maureen MacKintosh gave a terrific Saturday workshop on making needle felted dolls from
raw wool. It was agreed in July that “Seaside” would be the theme of the NorthWest Doll
Luncheon the club is hosting next April. In July Beverly and Val gave an excellent talk on
making faces. Members enjoyed Val’s Annual Garden party at her home by the Gorge.
Skanda Designs and She Said Gallery (formerly the Secret Garden) joined our Supporting
Shops list.

2005 was a very interesting year in the Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria Doll Club beginning with
the Sea Side Challenge of February. Winners were:
   Peoples Choice ... "Fish Juggler" by Barb Swain,
     Random Draw ... "Water Goddess" by Victoria Davis
  "Something that Warms My Heart" category ... "Walter Walrus" by Sandi Reid.
Sandi also had the honour of accompanying the members of our program committee to the
Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners Guild to show how we use fibres in doll making.

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007
March: Betty Caskey of Olds, Alberta gave a talk at our meeting. We then became
involved in the activities of preparing for the Spring Luncheon for Northwest Cloth Doll
Makers which was held April 16th at the Princess Mary Restaurant.
We spent the first months of 2005 making centerpieces, pin dolls and raffle dolls. We had
92 attendees including doll makers from Canada and the U.S., as well as several owners
and representatives of various business who took a break to see what we do with all the
materials we purchase from their shops. Barb Swain did an amazing job of organization!!
Our second challenge of the year was in May when the amazing "Cirque Du Soleil" dolls
performed for the club. Winners were:
   People's Choice - "The Old Bird" by Marion
   "Most Number of Colors Award" - "Rack Man" by Val Lechner
     Random Draw won by Angie Miller.
elinor peace bailey gave a wonderful trunk show and classes June 2, 3, and 4th. We all
worked on different patterns which were helped along by elinor. Each doll was wonderfully
September saw more creativity when Judith Smith taught her dragon puppets. We had
loads of fun with the boxes of felt and dragon "bits". September meeting was also the due
date for the same pattern challenge . We all used an epb pattern called "lilly-lou". Winners
    "People's Choice" by Bev Brown,
    "Most Creative Hair" by Meri Stewart,
       Random Draw won by Michèle Ashmore.
We celebrated our 8th birthday as a Club in October . Club members were invited to
participate in the Christmas Show at Heritage Acres in Saanich and presented a show of
about 100 dolls. The display was very successful and drew thousands of visitors.
We finished the year with a great Christmas pot luck and gift exchange.

We had many speakers and shows and teachers at Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria doll club in
2006. Our Club had been asked to make pin dolls to be given away at Quilt Canada in
Ottawa in May and in January sent in 29 pin dolls. Excellent work!
We learned how to photograph our dolls when photographer Marina McKenzie gave a talk
and demo during the January meeting.
Members of the club participated in a display at Victoria City Hall during February.
February 4th and 5th; members joined Joan Ott, of Vancouver, Washington, in a beading
class held in Jan Wiebe's living room.
March meeting, Jackie Medland took over as the Membership Person and we decided to
create a special ribbon in the doll making category for children at the Saanich Fair.
Our February challenge was "Secret Pockets" and the following awards were given
   People's Choice award went to Marion for "Sucho, Mongolian Shepherd";
    Most Creative Hair Award to Charlotte McFarland for "Voodoo Doll";
      Random Draw went to Mary Brownscombe for "Where the Wild Things Are";
    Joann Ott Special Award to Marian Sahota for "Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"; 
      special Junior Dollmaker Award to Courtenay Stewart, age 10, for "Ariel, Little
         Mermaid", pattern by Sue Niven.
We were invited by the Quilt's Guild of Victoria to participate in the May Quilt Show at
Saanich Fairgrounds and presented a wonderful, and colourful display of dolls, each with the
number 8 somewhere on their bodies to signify the number of years the doll club has been
in existence.

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007
Our April challenge for the Quilt show was "Vested Interests" and the winners were:
   Angie Miller for "Most Intriguing Shoes" using "Tired Out Fairy" pattern by Tricia
      Robbins; People's Choice Award was Maria Roxborough for "Who Says We Can't!";
      Random Draw was won by Linda Danielson for "Bella".
June 18, Terry Sproule gave a great class on moulds, clays and cloth over clay faces.
Cloth-A-Dollics’ members took top prizes at DollU. The winners were
   Angie Miller (Board Member's Choice),
      Barb Swain (People's Choice)
   Maria Roxborough (Teacher's Choice)
 Beautiful, beautiful dolls!!!!
September September Challenge –Theme “Sewphie the Stitcher” pattern by Julie
   People’s Choice – Angie Miller; Random Draw - won by Jan Wiebe
   Other Submissions:
   “Jill” by Jeannine St.Pierre,
   “Rita Rick-A-Rack” by Mary Brownscombe,
   “So Free” by Lynda Williams
   `Charlotte McFarland
Sherry Goshon gave a fabulous class with a choice of Rabbit or Cat in October. The three
day class taught new techniques and was enjoyed by all who attended.
December meeting celebrated Christmas with the members exchanging gifts and enjoying
a wonderful pot luck supper. This was a very good doll making year!!!!!!!

Our Club membership remains strong, starting off with 46 full time members and two
associate members and ending the year with 50 full time members and 1 associate. We are
still having fun!

Outside Club Events
January started off with an invitation from the Gallery Of Artists (GOA), in Victoria, to
present a featured Cloth Doll exhibit at their store on Fort Street. Michèle coordinated the
exhibit and members were offered the opportunity to sell for the month of January through
the gallery. We were proud also to have our club member Maureen MacKintosh exhibit some
of her mixed media doll creations as well.
March: Guest teacher instructor, Betts Vidal, presented a three-day class out at the
Heritage Acres School House. She taught a one day class on “The Princess of
Procrastination” and a two day class on either “The Frog Prince”, or” The Sandman”.
Fabulous teacher ending with great dolls.
August: Five of our members attended Doll U in Issaquah Washington including our
associate member from Nanaimo. They experienced wonderful teachers, great
accommodation and an opportunity to share with other doll makers. The Canadians took all
the awards for the Challenge Doll Competition and there was even rumours on a Canadian
Sweat Shop existing on the second floor. It was such fun!
October: Guest Teacher Pam Grose presented two three-day classes on “The Basic Female
Body” at the Heritage Acres School house in Saanich. It was a very intense class and
everyone learned a lot. Pam is an excellent hands-on teacher and it was great to learn
more about her home in Australia. Fabulous dolls were created and amazingly life-like.
December: Our Club participated in a cloth doll exhibit at Heritage Acres Christmas in the
Village light up. This is the second time we have been asked to participate. It is a well
attended exhibit and enjoyed by many.

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007
Club Events
January: Our program involved everyone making a jointed paper doll and sharing
embellishments to costume it. It was a great exercise in spontaneous creativity and a good
program to pull the membership together on a common project. Beverly Brown and Gail
Arsenault volunteered to be Club coordinators for two years. Sandi Reid has volunteered to
be our Social Convener and provide coffee and cookies for our break times. Carole
Brammer took on the duties of Treasurer. The other positions chose to continue with their
club tasks. We decided that our next challenge would be to make a doll using “Purple” due
for our March meeting. Plans for having Betts Vidal come and teach in March is proceeding.
Discussion took place on offering an award for doll making in Saanich Fair.
February: Our program was presented by Michèle and Angie and consisted of an example
of transferring images onto packing tape. Very interesting and fun was had by all.
Members were encouraged to display their dolls & crafts in the Saanich Fair. The Club
would again offer a prize in the Junior Doll Making category coordinated by Marion Whalley
and Terry Sproule. Terry contacted Pam Grose, who was on a teaching tour and visiting in
Vancouver, to explore possibilities of her teaching a class for us at the end of September.
The Club voted to participate in a Doll challenge and display with the Victoria Quilters Guild
in May of 2008.
March: Our program was primarily taken up with Show and Tell of our “Purple” Club
Challenge Doll.
Winners: Peoples Choice – Maureen MacKintosh
         Smallest Doll – Anna Clyburn
           Lucky Draw – Angie Miller
Four Guests attended. Membership is now 45 full members and 2 associates. A New DVD
for Dolls United has arrived along with copy of Art Doll Quarterly. Information is now
available for classes for DollU. Linda Danielson is involved in an annual 3 day exhibit
called “Consider the Lilies”. Pam Grose agreed to teach the Basic Female Body at the end of
September. Heritage Acres requested that our Club present a Doll exhibit again at their
Christmas in the Village Light-up.
April: All the dolls that were made in the three day class with Betts Vidal were brought for
show and tell. Very impressive! Membership is now 47 full members and 1 associate
member. Donations to the Church for our facilities are to be paid in August and Dec. We
have a new supporting shop (Treenway Silks). Linda Williams is keeping our website
current. It was confirmed that Pam Grose will teach two three day classes on the “Basic
Female Body” in October 2007. Angie made name tags for all members which will stay at
the church and will be worn at all meetings. Our next Club challenge, “Winged Creations”
will be due in September. The Club agreed to sponsor a prize for “Encouraging Creativity” in
the junior category at the Saanich Fai with the criteria to be defined.
May: Our program committee pulled together a little mini challenge for us this month by
requesting idea’s on costuming by taking a circle, square and/or rectangle and show what
you would make with it. Very interesting results. We now have 48 members and 2
associate members. Criteria was established for judging the Saanich Fair awards. Heritage
Acres Doll display is back on the Agenda as Sandi Reid and Karen Adams agreed to
coordinate this exhibit.
June: Our program consisted of constructing a wire armature similar to the Princess of
Procrastination armature. We had two new guests and have 47 full members and 1
associate member. Carole has stepped down as Treasurer and Del Rosario has agreed to
take over. Library is to pick up a copy of “Doll Crafter and Costuming” for viewing.
Charlotte presented a paper/fabric flat doll challenge for our July meeting. Details were
finalized for the Pam Grose Class in Oct. Rosettes were confirmed with the Saanich Fair for
awards presentation.
July: Linda Danielson gave a demonstration on new way to attach hair to a doll and “show
and tell” of our challenge to create a paper or fabric flat doll. We were also requested to
bring those UFO projects to work on and share but I think we mostly visited. New

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007
membership lists were distributed. We have ordered the new e.p.b. video on dollmaking.
Linda Danielson has been accepted for publication in the new 500 Handmade Dolls book.
August: The program for the night was a Button Exchange. Terry Sproule and Marion
Whalley will judge the awards for the Saanich Fair on behalf of our Club, “creativity” being
the criteria. There are three categories and three age groups and rosettes for all first place
September: The program tonight was mainly the presentation of our Club challenge
“Winged Creations”. Very busy night ! Awards:
   Peoples Choice - Mary Brownscombe;
   2nd Peoples Choice - Maureen MacKintosh;
    Lucky Draw - Charlotte McFarland.
We now have 50 members and 1 associate. The Doll Crafter & Costuming Magazine is now
available for take out from the library. Michèle was voted in as our new Club Treasurer.
Maria collected forms to initiate our personalized Christmas gift exchange. Beverly sent a
confirmation letter to the Bee Hive Wool Shop who is a new supporting shop offering a 10%
discount to our members. Lynda requested new photos and URL’s if links were requested
from our web page. Michèle brought in some dolls that she had acquired that could be
completed by members as Charity dolls. Charlotte distributed information for our
participation in the Quilt show challenge and display in May 2008 and will have the criteria
ready before the new year. The Club also voted to participate in the “Judy Skeel” challenge
in the hopes of winning a free two-day class. Due in November. Nancy Gawron has been
contacted about coming to Victoria next year and teaching her doll “Flap”.
October: Our program was the celebration of our 10th Birthday Party. We drew names for
our Xmas Gift exchange. Charlotte donated a doll on behalf of our Club to the Victoria
Quilters Guild to be raffled off at their luncheon. Charlotte handed out the criteria for
participating in the challenge for the Quilt show in May 2008 It was voted that Michèle pay
our contribution to the Church for our accommodation.
November: The program consisted of Show and tell and the Judy Skeel Challenge dolls.
Our Club made a total of 28 dolls. The dolls from the Pam Grose class were brought in for
Show and tell in their various stages of undress.
December: We had our annual Christmas Pot Luck dinner where we enjoyed a wonderful
dinner, great friendships and a fun gift exchange. Our gifts are made specifically for a
person whose name had been drawn, making it very personal. Short meeting took place
during the munching of food.

Community Service Work
    •   Collecting knitted dishcloths for Canada Comforts for the Third World Mothers and
    •   Dolls for the Battered Women’s Shelter work continues
    •   Collecting flannelette for making TLC cloths and mitts for the Neo Natal Intensive
        Care Unit which is collected by Phyllis Hollinger and taken to her group for sewing.

Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria History 1997 to 2007

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